A title in bold indicates that the story is set in whole or part during the Great Hiatus. Titles in italics indicate that the Hiatus is merely mentioned.
Page numbers indicate the page on which the case is mentioned. Where no page numbers are given it should be assumed that the case is referred to frequently throughout the story, or that the entire story is a reworking of the case in question.

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Sherlock Holmes and the Man Who Lost Himself (Val Andrews) 36-43

Sherlock Holmes: The Breath of God (Guy Adams) 21
Sherlock Holmes at the Varieties (Val Andrews) 103
"The Varsity Letter" (Anonymous) 15


"The Fairy Thieves" (Dana Martin Batory) 154
Mr. Sigerson (Peter Beagle) 58-86
"The Case of the Detective's Smile" (Mark Bourne)
19, 22
"The Case of the Lugubrious Manservant" (Rhys Bowen) 106-130
"The Strange Case of the Voodoo Princess" (Carole Buggé) 254-301

"The Ripe Moment" (John Ball) 135; "Exalted are the Forces of Darkness" (Leigh Blackmore) 192, 200; "The Vanishing of the Atkinsons" (Eric Brown) 161; Sherlock Holmes and the Mysterious Friend of Oscar Wilde (Russell A. Brown) 1, 56, 58


"The Riddle of the Rideau Rifles" (Peter Calamai)
"The Adventure of the Captive Forger" (Philip J. Carraher)

The Adventure of the Dead Rabbits Society (Philip J. Carraher)
"The Adventure of the Glass Room" (Philip J.Carraher)
"The Adventure of the Magic Alibi" (Philip J. Carraher)
The Adventure of the New York Ripper (Philip J. Carraher)
"The Adventure of the Talking Ghost" (Philip J. Carraher)
"Recalled To Life" (Paula Cohen)
"Cross of Gold" (Michael Collins) 336-352
"The Executioner" (Lawrence C. Connolly)
Chronicles of the Lost Years (Tracy Cooper-Posey) 37-38, 41-42, 47-109, 114, 199
"The Case of the Anarchist’s Bomb" (Bill Crider)

"The Steamship Friesland" (Peter Calamai) 195; The Case of the Reluctant Agent (Tracy Cooper-Posey) 28-29; "Dr Watson and Mr Holmes, or The Worm That Turned" (J.W. Courtney) 252; A Slight Trick of the Mind (Mitch Cullin) 141, 195


Sherlock Holmes' Last Case (Robert D'Artagnan) 63-66, 69-70, 169, 221-243, 245-246, 265, 299-301, 303, 330
"The Reichenbach Secret" (David Stuart Davies) 392-399
The Last Sherlock Holmes Story (Michael Dibdin) 138-139, 146, 149, 156
Time for Sherlock Holmes (David Dvorkin)

The Ripper Legacy (David Stuart Davies) 8; The Shadow of the Rat (David Stuart Davies) 9; The Veiled Detective (David Stuart Davies) 196, 222; Sherlock Holmes and the Alice in Wonderland Murders (Barry Day) 5, 43, 74; Sherlock Holmes and the Apocalypse Murders (Barry Day) 35, 105, 122; Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Globe Murders (Barry Day) 19, 28, 121, 149; Good Night, Mr Holmes (Carole Nelson Douglas) 1; "The Adventure of the Coptic Patriarch" (Séamus Duffy) 129


"The Jamesian Conundrum" (Jan Edwards)
"The Adventure of the Highest Beast"
(Frank J. Eustace)
"A Commission to the Sultan of Turkey" (Frank J. Eustace)

"The Adventure of the Extraordinary Lodger" (M.J. Elliott) 22; "The Adventure of the Hanging Tyrant" (M.J. Elliott) 52, 56-57; "The Deadly Sin of Sherlock Holmes" (Tom English) 73; "The Adventure of the Plated Spoon" (Loren D. Estleman) 240


"A Christmas Episode" (Charles Fisher) 64
San Francisco Kills (Denny Martin Flinn) 26-28, 37
The Holmes Inheritance (Brian Freemantle) 4, 14-15, 17-18

"The Adventure of the Willow Basket" (Lyndsay Faye) 215


"Murder Beyond The Mountains" (Ken Greenwald)

"The Politician, the Lighthouse, and the Trained Cormorant" (Craig Shaw Gardner) 100, 117; "The Abernetty Mystery" (Paul D. Gilbert) 123; "The Adventure of the Reluctant Spirit" (Paul D. Gilbert) 165; Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra (Paul D. Gilbert) 16-17, 147-148


The Travels of Sherlock Holmes (John Hall) 16, 22-24, 66-304
The Adamantine Sherlock Holmes (Hapi) 5-20, 36, 39, 41, 100-101, 110-111
Sherlock Holmes: My Life and Crimes (Michael Hardwick) 41, 45, 94-95; 99-202, 208
The Final Solution (Walter Harmidarow)
Sherlock Holmes and the Fall River Tragedy (Owen Haskell)
"The Adventure of the Sleeping Cardinal" (Jeremy Branton Holstein) 150-151, 166
"The Giant Rat of Sumatra" (Orville Horwitz & H.A. Schroeder) 17, 19-30

Sherlock Holmes and the Boulevard Assassin (John Hall) 22, 24; Exit Sherlock Holmes (Robert Lee Hall) 46, 98; "Sherlock Holmes and the Indelicate Widow" (Mags L. Halliday) 37; "The Lost Boy" (Barbara Hambly) 20, 27-28; The Whitechapel Horrors (Edward B. Hanna) 335; Prisoner of the Devil (Michael Hardwick) 14, 179; The Revenge of the Hound (Michael Hardwick) 9, 20; "The Adventure of the Dying Ship" (Edward D. Hoch) 116; Holmes on the Range (Steve Hockensmith) 202; "The Lady on the Bridge" (Mike Hogan) 356; Moriarty (Anthony Horowitz) 270


Inspector Ginkgo Tips His Hat To Sherlock Holmes (Alex Jack) 42-44, 74, 115, 141, 147, 180-184, 227
"Adventure of the Opera Ghost" (Steven Philip Jones & Aldin Baroza) 39

An Opened Grave (L. Frank James) 51; The Secret Diary of Dr. Watson (Anita Janda) 246-248, 278; "Moriarty’s Return" (T. Arnold Johnston) 86, 88


Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell (Paul Kane) 19, 23-25, 69-70, 149-152, 154, 224
The Incredible Umbrella (Marvin Kaye) 192-197, 201-202
"Too Many Stains" (Marvin Kaye) 295-329
Night Watch (Stephen Kendrick)
19, 45, 106-107, 138, 186-187, 230-233, 236, 244
The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls (John R. King)
The Game (Laurie R. King) 8-9, 13, 19-20, 23-29, 82, 87, 99
The Language of Bees (Laurie R. King) 27-28, 79, 115
"Reichenbach" (Michael Kurland) 220-253

"The Adventure of the Patient Adversary" (George Kaplan) 27; "The Grantchester Grimoire" (Chico Kidd & Rick Kennett) 161; The Art of Detection (Laurie R. King) 244; The Beekeeper's Apprentice (Laurie R. King) 242, 274, 290, 377; A Letter of Mary (Laurie R. King) 25-26; O Jerusalem (Laurie R. King) 36; “The Bride and the Bachelors” (Vincent Kovar) 157, 160, 181


Dead Man’s Confession (Cass Lewis) 22-23
"The Secret Marriage of Sherlock Holmes" (Shariann Lewitt)
"The Adventure of the Missing Detective" (Gary Lovisi) 302-335
"Mycroft's Great Game" (Gary Lovisi) 119-120

Betrayal in Blood (Mark A. Latham) 9, 12, 60, 70; "The Curious Case of the Vanished Youth" (Mark A. Latham) 181; Rasputin's Revenge (John T. Lescroart) 236; Son of Holmes (John T. Lescroart) 13; "The Adventure of the Illegal Alien" (Anthony R. Lewis) 331; Copper Beeches (Arthur H. Lewis) 63; Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows (James Lovegrove) 424; The Stuff of Nightmares (James Lovegrove) 110; The Thinking Engine (James Lovegrove) 28, 36, 175-176, 197, 218, 226, 279; "God of the Naked Unicorn" (Richard Lupoff) 304


"The Adventure of the Haunted Wager" (Michael Mallory) 164
"The Beast of Guangming Peak" (Michael Mallory) 6-35
The Canary Trainer (Nicholas Meyer) 12, 28-217, 219-221
Sherlock Holmes on the Roof of the World (Thos. Kent Miller)
Sherlock Holmes and the Rune Stone Mystery (Larry Millett) 4, 7, 48
The Bughouse Affair (Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini)
Sherlock Holmes in Japan (Vasudev Murthy)

Sherlock Holmes and the Skull of Death (Robert E. McClellan) 135; "The Adventure of the Red Barrow Horror" (Daniel McGachey) 145; "The Adventure of the Voice in the Smoke" (Daniel McGachey) 95, 102, 114; "The Enigma of the Warwickshire Vortex" (F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre) 466; The Final Meeting (Tracy Mack & Michael Citrin) 231-234; "The Adventure of the Bramley Court Devil" (Michael Mallory) 97; The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (Nicholas Meyer) 17, 219-220; Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders (Larry Millett) 34; Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon (Larry Millett) xii, xiv; "The Adventure of the Dorset Street Lodger" (Michael Moorcock) 200, 212; The Holmes Affair (Graham Moore) 18, 33, 83, 163-164, 230, 297; "The Case of the Ups and Downs" (Douglas Moreton) 86; "The Crimson Devil" (Mark Morris) 416


The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes (Jamyang Norbu)
"Commonplaces" (Naomi Novik)


"The Adventure of the Deadly Interlude" (James O’Keefe) 162-175


Sherlock Holmes and the Story For Which The World Is Not Yet Prepared (Stephen E. Pierce)
"The Final Problem" (Rohase Piercy) 107-142
"Journal of A Ghurka Physician" (Captain Daniel M. Pinkwater)
"The Bughouse Caper" (Bill Pronzini) 131-203

"The Adventure of the Professor’s Bequest" (Philip Purser-Hallard) 10


Sherlock Holmes: The Unauthorized Biography (Nick Rennison) 137-176, 193, 225, 247, 251
"The Case of Anton Furer" (Ted Riccardi) 183-197
"The Case of Hodgson's Ghost" (Ted Riccardi) 42-90
"The Case of the French Savant" (Ted Riccardi) 94-117
"The Case of the Viceroy's Assistant" (Ted Riccardi)
"An Envoy to Lhasa" (Ted Riccardi) 121-157
"The Giant Rat of Sumatra" (Ted Riccardi) 199-216
"Murder in the Thieves' Bazaar" (Ted Riccardi) 250-263
"The Mystery of Jaisalmer" (Ted Riccardi) 264-290
"A Singular Affair at Trincomalee" (Ted Riccardi) 218, 220-221, 223-246
Sherlock Holmes’s Tibetan Adventure (John F. Rice) 8-222
"The Mystery of the Addleton Curse" (Barrie Roberts) 242-243
"The Mystery of Dr. Thorvald Sigerson" (Linda Robertson) 87-105

"The Kidnapping of Alice Braddon" (Katie Raynes) 52; "The Case of the Vermilion Face" (Ted Riccardi) 195; The Prayer of the Night Shepherd (Phil Rickman) 28, 230; Sherlock Holmes and the Crosby Murder (Barrie Roberts) 9-11; Sherlock Holmes and the King’s Governess (Barrie Roberts) 158; Sherlock Holmes and the Railway Maniac (Barrie Roberts) 148; "Of the Origin of the Hound of the Baskervilles" (Barbara Roden) 265; "The Adventure of the Pirates of Devil’s Cape" (Rob Rogers) 375; "Our American Cousins" (Roberta Rogow) 388; "The Case of the Eccentric Bequest" (Jane Rubino) 149; W.G. Grace's Last Case (William Rushton) 235; A Study in Murder (Robert Ryan) 204, 231, 241


Sherlock Holmes and the Plague of Dracula (Stephen Seitz) 133, 155-189, 203-205
The Siam Question (Timothy Francis Sheil) 4, 18-19, 22, 33-38, 41-44, 63, 68, 70-76, 79-85, 131-240, 242-308, 319-353, 361-404, 408-449, 459, 465-488, 503-522, 526, 532, 556, 562-569, 572, 574-579, 582-585, 587-589, 599-600, 602
The Angel of the Opera (Sam Siciliano)
The Fifth Heart (Dan Simmons)
Sherlock Holmes: My Life (Lawrence R. Spencer) 167, 220-232, 236, 256-257
"Art in the Blood Revealed" (Regina Stinson) 29-32
"The Curse of Guangxu" (Sam Stone)
The Crimes of Dr Watson (Duane Swierczynski)

Séance for a Vampire (Fred Saberhagen) 76, 298; "You See But You Do Not Observe" (Robert J. Sawyer) 345; Disquiet at Albany (N.M. Scott) 45; Sherlock Holmes and the Titanic Tragedy (William Seil) 253; "The Adventure of the Lost Specialist" (Christopher Sequeira) 281; Sherlock Holmes at the 1902 Fifth Test (Stanley Shaw) 142; "The Case of Vittoria the Circus Belle" (Jay Sheckley) 330; Sherlock Holmes: Draco, Draconis (Brett Spencer & Dorian David) 32; "Sussex Interview" (P.M.Stone) 413; The Kentish Manor Murders (Julian Symons) 50; A Three-Pipe Problem (Julian Symons) 111


"The Mystery of Ogham Manor" (Stan Trybulski) 13-16

"The Case of the Blood Royal" (Donald Thomas) 212; "The Blue Eyed Dog" (Frank Thomas) 62; "The Rajah's Ruby" (Frank Thomas) 74; Sherlock Holmes and the Golden Bird (Frank Thomas) 72; Sherlock Holmes and the Sacred Sword (Frank Thomas) 36, 179; Sherlock Holmes and the Treasure Train (Frank Thomas) 25-26; The Bookman (Lavie Tidhar) 289


The Seventh Bullet (Daniel D. Victor) 2-3, 9-10

"The Adventure of the Green Skull" (Mark Valentine) 44; Ten Years Beyond Baker Street (Cay Van Ash) 76, 78; Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra (Alan Vanneman) 50, 86, 104, 189, 313-314; Sherlock Holmes & the Coils of Time (Ralph E. Vaughan) 32, 78, 80, 99-100; Sherlock Holmes and the Terror Out of Time (Ralph E. Vaughan) 74


"The Shadow of the Wolf" (Ron Weighell) 30, 36-42, 45-47, 50
"The Adventure of the Parisian Gentleman" (Robert Weinberg & Lois H. Gresh) 252
"Water from the Moon" (Carolyn Wheat) 36-57
Sherlock Holmes in Tibet (Richard Wincor) 5-47

"The Song at Twilight" (Michael Walsh) 335; "The Sect of the Salamander" (Ron Weighell) 92; The Winged Wheel (Peter H. Wood) 7