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Brett Spencer & Dorian David

Sherlock Holmes: Draco, Draconis (1996)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Mary Morstan; Professor Moriarty; The Moriarty Gang; Colonel Moriarty; Stationmaster Moriarty; Colonel Moran; The Hound of the Baskervilles)
Folkloric Characters: (Dragon)
Other Characters: John McGregor; Shepherds; Wigner; Mrs Felton; Sir James Moriarty; Sarah Toler; Delia McGregor; Robert Seymour; Villagers; Father Finley; Duncan Piggot; Mrs Piggot; Piggot Baby; Thorburn; Pusey; The Beadle; (Watson's Locum; Police Sergeant; Lady Irene Aldhelm; Shepherd; Rebecca Harden; John Tickell; Old Madman; Jacob Newbury; Old Tom; Transport Firm Owner; Delivery Boy; Indian; Policemen)
Date: September, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Moriarty Residence; The Moor; The Village; Parsonage; Piggot's Farm; A Cavern
Story: Holmes is called on by a masked man whom he quickly recognises, and taken to the home of Sir James Moriarty, the Professor's young nephew and heir, who is in fear of his life after his accountant, Seymour, has been slaughtered, reawakening rumours of the return of the legendary dragon that is said to have once lived in the area. An arson attack is made on the house, and Holmes discovers a hidden room and documents that reveal that Seymour was on a treasure hunt connected to the monoliths on the moor outside.

An examination of a slaughtered sheep gives Holmes a picture of the creature they are facing, but they are driven away by hostile villagers. From the insane ravings of the local priest they learn something of the history of the village: witch-burnings, devil worship, disappearances of men and sheep, and the two dragons that have been seen. After interviewing a farmer, Holmes tests out a theory about the meaning of the menhirs, and Watson is attacked by the dragon.

After a village boy is killed, a lynch mob attacks the Moriarty residence and are only prevented from hanging Moriarty by an appearance by the beast. After fleeing the house, Holmes decides that Moriarty must be used as bait for the creature, which the three of them battle on the moor. Moriarty's reputation is restored in the village, a celebration takes place, and Holmes sets about finding the treasure, which is not what they expect it to be.

NOTE: John McGregor was the driver of the two-horse van that attempted to run Holmes down in The Final Problem.

Lawrence R. Spencer

Sherlock Holmes: My Life (2010)
Story Type: Canonical Re-visioning
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; Dr Watson; Wiggins; Mrs Hudson; Constable Barrett / Constable MacPherson; Baker Street Irregulars; Head Lama; (Stamford; Murray; King of Bohemia; Mary Sutherland; Inspector Lestrade; Lord Bellinger; Trelawney Hope; Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope; Percy 'Tadpole' Phelps; Mary Morstan; Stanley Hopkins; Professor Moriarty; Grandmother Vernet)
Fictional Characters: Dr John Seward; Abraham Van Helsing; Arthur Holmwood; Mina Harker; Jonathan Harker; Quincey Morris; G.J. Utterson; (Alice; White Rabbit; Cheshire Cat; Siger Holmes; Violet Sherrinford; Captain of the Demeter; Coastguard; Old Fisherman; Count Dracula; Reporter; Chief Boatman; J.M. Caffyn; S.F. Billington; Russian Consul; Lucy Westenra; Dracula's Brides; Richard Enfield; Edward Hyde; Dr Henry Jekyll; Young Girl; Dr Hastie Lanyon; Servant Girl; Sir Danvers Carew; Victor Frankenstein; Charles Le Sorcier; Count Antoine)
Historical Figures: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson / Lewis Carroll; George Turnavine Budd; Thubten Gyatso, The 13th Dalai Lama; Mark Twain; (Alice Liddell; Robinson Duckworth; Lorina Liddell; Edith Liddell; Henry Liddell; Mrs Liddell; Isaac Newton; Arthur Conan Doyle; Joseph Bell; J.M. Barrie; Robert Louis Stevenson; Jerome K. Jerome; Sir George Newnes; Harry Houdini; Cottingley Fairies; Frances Griffiths; Elsie Wright; Charles Darwin; Piltdown Man; Charles Dawson; Arthur Smith Woodward; Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; Sir Grafton Elliot Smith; W.J. Sollas; Charles Waterton; Cecil Wray; Jessie Fowler; Joseph Whitaker; Jean Leckie; Norman Douglas; Sir Roger Casement; Sir Edwin Ray Lankester; George Meredith; George Bernard Shaw; H.G. Wells; Thomas Hardy; hugh Clifford; G.K. Chesterton; A.A. Milne; Walter Raleigh; A.E.W. Mason; E.V. Lucas; Maurice Hewlett; E.W. Hornung; P.G. Wodehouse; Owen Seaman; Bernard Partridge; Augustine Birrell; Paul du Chaillu; George VI; Elizabeth II: Princess Margaret; John Haig; Mary Foley Doyle; Sir John Hawkshaw; Jack the Ripper; Bram Stoker; Gilbert & Sullivan; Mary Shelley; Gatteschi; Thomas Paine; W.T. Stead; H.P. Lovecraft)
Other Characters: Paper Boy; Hansom Drivers; Diogenes Club Doorman; Mycroft's Messenger; Diogenes Club Servants; Mycroft's Agent; (Oxford Police; Editor of the Times; Reporter; Matronly Passerby; Mycroft's Agents; Diogenes Club Chefs)
Date: see Note 2
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Marylebone Road; Oxford; Christ Church College; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; Diogenes Club; Exeter; Whitby; Seward's Study; Transylvania; Savoy Theatre; Tibet; Lhasa; Jokhang Temple; Sussex
Story: After recapping his first meeting with Watson, his views on Watson's writings and the lack of interesting features in current crimes, Holmes is shown a story in the papers about the brief disappearance of Alice Liddell, while on a boating trip, after chasing a white rabbit down a hole. He travels to Oxford, where he interviews Dodgson to learn more about the events of the day. Their conversation ranges from Dodgson's poem Jabberwocky to Isaac Newton, the origins of life, and the existence of God. A few days later Dodgson visits Baker Street, at Holmes's invitation, but arrives in a state of confusion after having visited Conan Doyle in Southsea. Holmes seeks to prove his own existence. Matters become more complex when Holmes receives a cryptic portmanteau poem, and Watson's stories begin appearing in the Strand under Doyle's name.

A consultation with Mycroft points Holmes towards a literary cricket club, and the realisation that he knows little of Watson's life. Watson is banished from Baker Street while Holmes and Mycroft work to unravel the plot. Their investigations lead them through Doyle's life into his association with Houdini, Spiritualist beliefs and the intrigues of the Cottingley Fairies and the Piltdown Man. At the same time, Holmes encounters cases involving Count Dracula and Dr Jekyll, and attends a performance of The Mikado. Then it all goes a bit philosophical and meaning of lifey, and huge chunks of other people's books get dropped into the story.

NOTE: Constable Barrett here claims to be the constable who was guarding the body of Eduardo Lucas in The Second Stain. In Watson's account of the case, this was actually Constable MacPherson, and Barrett was the officer who discovered the body.

NOTE 2: It is impossible to judge the date of this case - Queen Victoria is on the throne (1837-1901), but Mycroft refers to J.M. Barrie telling stories to the future Queen Elizabeth II (born 1926), and Conan Doyle's marriage to Jean Leckie (1907), along with the deaths of Innes (1919), Kingsley (1918) and Mary Doyle (1921), and the Piltdown Man (1912) and Cottingley Fairies (1917-1920) incidents as already having taken place.

Keith Spore

Death of a Scavenger (1980)
Story Type: Homage
Detectives: Dr Hugo Enclave & Watson (Henry Schneider)
Characters based on Historical Figures: (Bob Woodward & Karl Bernstein ["Post Reporters"]; John McCone; Richard Nixon [Thomas Posten])
Other Characters: Sergeant James Foot; Fred Smith; Norvel Kochs; Paul Slane; Lisa Slane; Jane Kochs; Dora Rockmore; Conrad Moriarity; John Lincoln; Patricia Lincoln; Girl & Her Date; Man with Dog; Commissioner Phelps; Houston Detective; Gerald Jefferson; Rodney Carroll; George McCaulker; McCaulker's Aide; Detective Harris Horagan; Caddie; Patrolmen; FBI Agents; Slane's Butler; Billy Alessi; Cindy Wagner; Miami Cabby; Beach Buoy Doorman; Desk Clerk; Cabana Attendant; Peter; Ralph; Millie; Daughter; Miami Beach Police Officers; Police Artist; Kevin Blaine; Hearings Crowd; Attorney General Elton Nichols; Aquadoor Committee; Senator Erving Samuels; Marshals; Officious Man; Stretcher Bearers; Doctor; Airport Patrolman; Waitress; Hospital Patrolmen; Secret Service Agents; Hospital Staff; Hospital Visitors; Patients; Police Lieutenant; Peter; Hilda; Reporters; Forrest Zank; (Harland Rockmore; Children; Medical Examiner; Secretary; GeAnne Moriarity; Commissioner Constant; Mrs Enclave; Moriarity's Friends & Associates; Renard Garcia; Garcia's Companions; Justice Department Source; Justice Department Investigators; Pilot; Co-pilot; Posten's Press Secretary; Pelicant; Police Spokesman; Humphrey O'Malley; Gallup Spokesman; O'Malley Campaigner; GOP Senator; Posten Administration Official; Television Announcers; Robert Coddle; Television Newsmen; Jerry Stewart; Telephone Operator; Stewart's Attorneys; Stenographers; Aquadoor Security Guard; Ernesto; Donald Teeg; Dr Heinrich Frost; Radio Commentator; Hearing Guard; Coast Guard)
Date: September - December, 1974
Locations: United States of America; Maryland; Enclave's House; Washington, D.C.; Detective Bureau; The Lincoln Home; Paine Parkway; Houston; Moriarity's Home; Atlanta; Jefferson's Office; Washington National Airport; Federal Aviation Administration; McCaulker's Office; Blazing Tree Country Club; Slane's Home; New York Police Headquarters; Miami Airport; Miami Beach; Beach Buoy Hotel; Senate Hearing Room; Rochambeau Memorial Bridge; Riverside Hospital
Story: Foot consults Sherlockian enthusiast and emulator, and amateur sleuth, Enclave, (who refers to his secretary, Schneider, as Watson) over the murder of Harland Rockmore during a scavenger hunt. Rockland's body was found, strangled, in a muddy, wooded area, yet the only footprints present were his own and those of the children who found him. A series of rectangular marks, however, were found near the body. After seeing the evidence, Enclave announces that he has some insight into the case and asks for the principals to be gathered together, whereupon he describes how the marks in the mud were made, and photographs everyone's feet.

They set up a stakeout at the murder site, during which Watson is killed in a karate fight. His attacker is identified as Moriarity, a partner in the firm of attorneys that Rockmore worked for. Moriarity disappears, Foot is assigned fulltime to the case, Enclave continues to be interested in the break-in at the Democratic Party headquarters at the Aquadoor hotel, and suggests that Foot move into his house. A story in the Washington Post links Moriarity to the Aquadoor affair, and Foot and Enclave begin questioning his friends and colleagues, and looking deeper into the death of his wife in a plane crash, while Enclave teaches Foot yoga.

Another of the guests who was at the scavenger hunt party is shot in an apparently impossible golf course murder on the day before he is to give testimony at the Aquadoor hearings. Rockmore's wife, Moriarity's lover, also goes missing. Foot's girlfriend, Cindy, is sent to Mexico City to trace the source of the money that Mrs Moriarty had in the plane with her. President Posten is re-elected. They trace another party guest, in hiding, in Miami, but he is murdered before they can talk to him, giving them a locked-room mystery to solve.

Enclave and Foot attend the Aquadoor hearings. The President agrees to take a polygraph test, but Enclave, knowing his yogic abilities, doubts that it has any worth as evidence. The last of Moriarity's business partners is shot in the Senate Hearing Room, as is Rockland's wife. Enclave reveals to Foot that they are really working to find those who are responsible for a plot against the President, and they lie in wait at a hospital for Moriarity.

NOTE: Aquadoor = Watergate. Geddit? Thomas Posten = Richard Nixon.

Nancy Springer

The Case of the Missing Marquess (2006)
Story Type: Children's Homage Detective Story
Detective: Enola Holmes
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Stranger Woman; Eastenders; Mrs Holmes; Lane; Mrs Lane; Cooper; Kineford Constables; Vicar's Wife; Villagers; Telegraph Boy; Chaucerlea Crowds; Station Boy; Seamstress; Dick Lane; Cyclist; Gypsies; Peddler; Belvidere Townspeople; Gentleman; Constables; Detectives; Tea-Shop Hostess; Railway Porter; Lodge-Keeper; Lady Basilwether; Maids; Madame Laelia Sibyl de Papaver; Train Conductor; Passengers; Mrs Culhane; Cutter; Squeaky; Viscount Tewksbury, Marquess of Basilwether; Newsboy; Cab Driver; Desk Sergeant; Constable; Four-Wheeler Driver; (Lady Eudoria Vernet Holmes; Apothecary; Harley Street Physician; Old Pickering; Basilwether Under-Gardener; Upstairs Maids; Lord Basilwether)
Date: July-November, 1888
Locations: The East End; Ferndell Hall; Kineford Village; Chaucerlea; Belvidere; Tea-Shop; Basilwether Park; A Train; London; Aldersgate; A Boat; Culhane's Used Clothing Emporium; A Park; Scotland Yard
Story: Enola Holmes, younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, is left alone at the family home, Ferndell Hall, on her fourteenth birthday, when her mother sets off with her sketch-book and fails to return. She searches the estate and village, before her brothers arrive. Seeing the Hall, Mycroft realises that the money he has been sending his mother has not been used for the puposes he believed. They suggest that the disappearance is part of a long-term plan which began in an argument over inheritance after the death of their father.

Mycroft arranges to send Enola to finishing school, but after following clues in a book left by her mother, she sets off for London, disguised as a grieving widow. In the town of Belvidere she hears of the kidnapping of Viscount Tewksbury, and visits Basilwether Park where she believes she knows where to find him. There, she encounters the spiritualist Madame Laelia and Inspector Lestrade. She tells the latter where she believes he will find the missing boy, and journeys on to London, where she is immediately taken captive along with the Viscount.

The Case of the Left-Handed Lady (2007)
Story Type: Children's Homage Detective Story
Detective: Enola Holmes
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Watson's Maid; (Inspector Lestrade; Irene Adler)
Other Characters: Joddy; Old Woman; East End Men; Mrs Tupper; Mrs Bailey; Mrs Fitzsimmons; Two Gentlemen; Lamplighter; Workmen; Cleaning-Women; Broom Girl; Alistair's Maids; Alistair's Butler; Lady Theodora Alistair; Lily; Alistair Children; Governess; Clerks; Loiterer; Finch's Clerks; Ebenezer Finch; Alexander Finch / Cameron Shaw; Bookshop Clerk; Watson's Page; Watson's Patients; Cabbies; Newsboys; Fishmongers; Poor Woman; Scullion-Boy; Grooms; Dosses; Constables; Finch's Crowd; (Lady Eudoria Vernet Holmes; Sir Eustace Alistair; Lady Cecily Alistair; Mesmerist; Lady Cecily's Friends)
Date: January, 1889
Locations: Diogenes Club; Rogostin's Office; Enola's Rooms; The East End; Alistair's House; St Pancras Station; Ebenezer Finch & Son Emporium; Bookshop; Watson's Practice; Baker Street; Greengrocer's; 221B, Baker Street; British Museum; Workhouse
Story: Enola has set herself up as Dr Ragostin, Scientific Perditorian - a finder of lost things. Watson, married and living away from Baker Street, consults her, not knowing who she is, over her own disappearance and that of her mother. He also tells her of the disappearance of Lady Cecily Alistair, a case she decides to pursue.

Disguised as a nun, she is attacked in the East End and almost strangled with a corset lace. She visits the Alistair house, and finds drawings by Lady Cecily that suggest an intimate knowledge of the poorer quarters of London, and diaries full of mirror writing. From Alexander Finch, a department store owner's son suspected of involvement, she learns that Lady Cecily has been influenced by her reading of Das Kapital. She visits Baker Street while Holmes is out. Her quest for the missing girl draws her closer to identifying her East End attacker.

The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets (2008)
Story Type: Children's Homage Detective Story
Detective: Enola Holmes
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Watson's Maid (Rose); Mary Morstan; Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; (Inspector Lestrade)
Other Characters: Asylum Matron; East End Crowds; Mrs Tupper; Pieman; Constable; District Nurse; London Crowds; Card Seller; Mrs Pertelote / Mrs Kippersalt / Frances Harris; Milkmaid; Delivery Van Driver; Brougham Driver & Occupants; Boy; Fleet Street Clerks; Cab-Drivers; Landlady; Churchgoers; Violet Seller; Nanny & Children; Street Urchin; Girl-Of-All-Work; Newsboy; Daily Telegraph Clerk; Supervisor; Flora Harris; Constables; Kippersalt's Neighbours; Police Sergeant; Rookery Inhabitants; Pall Mall Gazette Night-Clerk; Pinafore Girl; Used-Clothing Storekeeper; Ice-Man; (Asylum Keepers; Asylum Director; Asylum Doctor; Lady Eudoria Vernet Holmes; Police; Chaunticleer / Augustus Kippersalt; Constable)
Date: March - April, 1889
Locations: Colney Hatch Asylum; Enola's Lodgings; The East End; The City; Holywell Street; Chaunticleer's; Watson's House; Fleet Street; Telegraph Offices; Aldersgate; The Strand; Rookery; Pall Mall Gazette Offices; Oxford Street; Simpson's-in-the-Strand
Story: A new patient, Kippersalt, is admitted to an asylum claiming to be Dr Watson. Enola reads in the Telegraph that Watson has disappeared. She calls on Mary Watson in disguise, where she sees a strange bouquet, including asparagus fronds, has been delivered, the flowers of which symbolise misfortune. She rents a room opposite Watson's house and follows a street urchin who delivers a similar bouquet. He tells her of a man whose nose fell off. She receives a coded message which might be from her mother. Her enquiries anger the owner of a shop specialising in make-up and disguises. After discovering the bouquet sender's identity, Enola makes a rooftop escape, ending up in a hothouse. She lures Mycroft and Lestrade into providing an ending to the case.
The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan (2008)
Story Type: Children's Homage Detective Story
Detective: Enola Holmes / Dr Ragostin / Ivy Meshle
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; (Dr Watson; Mary Morstan; Mrs Hudson)
Other Characters: Lavatory Maidservant; Lady Cecily Alistair; Lady Otelia Thoroughfinch, Viscountess of Inglethorpe; Lady Aquilla, Baroness Merganser; Lady Otelia's Sister; Oxford Street Bystanders; Alistair's Butler; Mrs Tupper; East End Residents; Night Soil Men; West London Constable; Lucifer the Mastiff; Baron Dagobert Merganser; Joddy; Enola’s Building’s Kitchen-Maid; Mrs Bailey; Mrs Fitzsimmons; Caterers’ Clerks; Mrs Tupper; Mrs Tupper’s Girl-of-all-work; Jacobs; Dawson; Orphan Girls; Orphanage Matron; Inglethorpe’s Maid; Four-Wheeler Driver; Bramwell Merganser; Oxford Street Crowds; Blind Beggar & Child; Cab-Driver; Pet; Paddy Murphy; Mudlarks; Commissionaire; Witherspoon Matron; Orphanage Staff; Organist; Jenkins; Vicar; Towheedle; (Marquess of Basilwether; Elderly Widow; Army General; Whitechapel Dog Dealer; Lady Theodora Alistair; Sir Eustace Alistair; Viscount of Inglethorpe; Countess of Woodcrock; Lady Dinah Woodcrock; Count Thaddeus; Earl of Throstlebine; Ermengarde Crowe; Ermentrude Crowe; Ermenine Crowe; Bridget; Lane; Mrs Lane; Dick Lane; Reginald; Watermen; General's Upstairs Housemaid)
Date: May, 1889
Locations: Mycroft's Rooms; Enola's Office; Alistair's House; The East End; Enola's Lodgings; West London; Regent Street; Gillyglade Court; Inglethorpe’s House; Oakley Street; Merganser's House; Covent Garden; Underground Station; Pier on the Thames; Witherspoon Home for Waifs and Strays
Story: Holmes and Mycroft discuss Enola's future over dinner. Enola encounters Lady Cecily Alistair in the Ladies' Lavatory in Oxford Street. She seems to be under the reluctant guard of two elderly sisters and communicates with Enola, asking for help, with the secret language of fans, and leaves her pink fan behind. Visiting the Alistair house, she is told that Cecily's mother is not receiving, and that Cecily has moved away. After reading about fashionable Pink Tea Parties, Enola visits a caterer’s, which leads to her discovery of a coded message on Cecily’s fan, and the deduction that Lady Cecily is being held captive to be married off against her will. Having discovered the identity of Cecily's captors and set out on a rescue mission, she unexpectedly encounters Holmes. The trail leads her from the homes of the aristocracy to a Thames-side orphanage.

The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline (2009)
Story Type: Children's Homage Detective Story
Detective: Enola Holmes / Dr Ragostin / Ivy Meshle
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Mycroft Holmes; Baker Street Irregulars)
Historical Figures: William Ewart Gladstone; Florence Nightingale; (William Cruikshank; Dr John Hall; Matthew Wreford; Lord Raglan; Queen Victoria)
Other Characters: Thomas Tupper; Dinah Tupper; Higgins; O'Reilly; Walters; Joddy; Florrie; Mrs Crowley; Lord Rodney Whimbrel; Geoffrey Whimbrel; Billings
British Soldiers; Scutari Nurse; "Blind" Beggar; Chandler; Chandler's Wife; Greengrocer; Pudding-Vendor; Lady of the Night; Street Urchins; East Enders; Cab-Drivers; Nursng Students; Nursing School Matron; Classic Profile; Young Man; Florence Nightingale's Guests; Young Lady; Flower Girl; Club Members; Whimbrel's Maid; Footmen
(Scutari Beggars; Mrs Tupper's Baby; Bearded Abductors; Florrie's Mother; Carriage Driver; Florrie's Aunt Flo; The Honourable Sidney Whimbrel; Lady Eudoria Vernet Holmes)
Date: 1855 / May, 1889
Locations: Turkey; Scutari; Hospital; The East End; Enola's Lodgings; Enola's Office; Fleet Street; Lambeth; Florence Nightingale School of Nursing; Mayfair; 35, South Street; Park Lane; An Underground Train; Professional Women's Club; Whimbrel Hall
Story: Mrs Tupper shows Enola an anonymous note she has received, and tells how how she accompanied her husband to Scutari during the Crimean War. After Enola places an advert in the papers, the house is ransacked and Mrs Tupper abducted. The abductors were shouting that she was a spy for the Bird. As Enola searches the house, an old-fashioned crinoline among Mrs Tupper's clothes, seems out of place. Enola calls on Florence Nightingale, who was instrumental in Mrs Tupper's return from the Crimea, but she denies knowing Mrs Tupper and refuses to see Enola. Enola realises that she is being followed.

Having discovered the secret of the message Mrs Tupper carried back from the Crimea, Enola finally gains an audience with Florence Nightingale, who reveals that she has engaged Sherlock Holmes. The trail leads to a member of the nobility.

Dana Stabenow

"The Eyak Interpreter" (2011)
Included in:
A Study in Sherlock (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type:
Fictional Characters: Kate Shugak; Mutt; Johnny Morgan (Park Rat); Bobby Clark; Ruthe Bauman; Vanessa Cox; Katya Clark; Mrs Doogan; Max; Auntie Balasha; Bernie Koslowski; Auntie Vi; Dan O'Brian; Brendan McCord; George Perry; Jim Chopin
Other Characters: Brenda; Gilbert Totemoff; Christopher Mason; Frederick Berdoll; Chris's Friend; Herman Gordaoff; Stevens Staff; Matthew Liedholm; Louise; Myra Gordaoff; Jim Kemper; Mike Moonin; (Dr Dorman; Philip; Hank; Annie)
Date: October 25th - 28th, 21st Century
Locations: USA; Alaska; Anchorage; Fifth Avenue; Club Paris; The Bush Company; Stevens International Airport; Cordova
Story: Blogger Park Rat is taken to Anchorage for dental treatment by P.I. Kate Shugak. Max introduces them to Totemoff, who tells them how he was kidnapped outside a strip club and taken to a cabin where he had to interpret for a very old man, not realising he doesn't speak Eyak. Later he wakes up back in Anchorage. The old man has given him a message for "Myra". Kate and Johnny track down the plane and Myra with the help of friends online.

Brian Stableford

"Art in the Blood" (2003)
Included in: Shadows Over Baker Street (Michael Reaves & John Pelan)
Story Type: Third Person Fantasy Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes; (Dr. Watson)
Other Characters: Diogenes Secretary; John Chevaucheux; (Dan Pye; Pearsall; Fotherington: Sam Rockaby; Mrs. Pye; Doctor; Mycroft's Men)
Locations: The Diogenes Club; (S.S. Goshen)
Story: Watson refers the sailor, Chevaucheux, to Holmes, who takes him to Mycroft at the Diogenes Club. The sailor shows them a small figurine, and tells them of the last voyage of the S.S. Goshen, how one of the sailors, Rockaby, appeared to go mad, and the Captain, Pye (an agent of the Diogenes Club), was stricken with a mysterious illness, which turned his flesh to something like grey fish scales, a disease which Cheaucheux himself has now contracted. Mycroft sends them to look for Rockaby, and the rest of the figurines which he is known to have, for research at the Diogenes' lab. When Holmes returns he tells Mycroft of Cheveaucheux's fate.

The Hunger and Ecstasy of Vampires (1996)
(Originally appeared in a shorter form in Interzone)
Story Type: Fantasy
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes (A Consulting Detective); Dr. Watson (A Stout and Stolid Doctor)
Fictional Characters: Dracula (Count Lugard)
Historical Figures: Jean Lorrain; Octave Uzanne; Lorrain's Mother; Oscar Wilde; M.P. Shiel; H.G. Wells; Sir William Crookes; Nikola Tesla; (Guy de Maupassant; Arminius Vambery; Bram Stoker; William Henley; Count Stenbock; Florence Stoker; Constance Wilde; Lord Alfred Douglas; Drumlanrig; Marquess of Queensberry; John Lane)
Other Characters: Mourier; Mourier's Seconds; Lugard's Coachman; Professor Edward Copplestone; Copplestone's Manservant; Townspeople; Overmen; Satyrs; Centaur; Mechanical Golem; Disembodied Head; Piccadilly Girl / "Laura"; (Laura Vambery; Russian Vampire)
Date: 1895 / The Future
Locations: Paris; Rue de Courty; London; Soho; Roche's; Copplestone's House; Hillside; Town; House; Barn; Underworld; Valley; Waterfall; Flying Machine; Mountainside; Lugard's Carriage; Baker Street; Piccadilly; Lugard's House off the Edgware Road
Story: Paris: Lorrain and Uzanne act as seconds to a foreign count in a duel against Mourier who has accused him of being a vampire.

London: Wilde takes his new friend Lugard to Copplestone's house where a group of men have gathered, at Copplestone's invitation. The group is comprised of Shiel, Wells, Crookes, Tesla, Watson, and his friend on whom he based the character of Holmes, a situation which led the friend to believe that he really is a consulting detective. Copplestone tells them that using a compound of shamanic drugs, and overseen by Watson, he has made three spiritual journeys into the future.

On his first trip he finds himself in a town where the people live simplistic, disinterested lives. At night, he follows them to a barn-like building full of machinery and learns the purpose they serve. During a break in the story, Wells tells Lugard of the similarities between Copplestone's account and his own story, The Time Machine. Copplestone tells of his capture by the future world's vampire masters. On his second trip, further into the future, he encounters a race of satyr and centaur-like creatures. He is bothered by a swarm of insects which coalesce into a metallic human figure, which knows his name. It takes him to a flying machine, where he is questioned on his origins by a disembodied head. He learns the fate of the human race and the origin of the creatures he has seen, and of the advances made by the overmen.

Lugard takes home Holmes, who has been observing him closely, and Watson, from whom he steals Copplestone's formula. The following evening the men gather to hear of Copplestone's third visit to the still more distant future, but learn on their arrival that he has died during the night, and the last vial of his formula has been stolen. He has left a written account of his third voyage, which Watson reads out: Copplestone finds a world full of machines which infect him with artificial germs which give him visions of the entire universe. Having discussed the veracity, provenance and interpretation of Copplestone's visions, the men depart, but three days later Holmes confronts Lugard, who tells him of Vambery's crusade against him. Lugard and his new love, Laura, take the drug, and await the return of Holmes.

T.P. Stafford

"Misadventures of Sheerluck Gnomes: Misadventure XXCIVL. The Bars of Soap, or The Jew Au Jus" (1898)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Victorian Parodies and Pastiches: 1888-1899 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives:
Sheerluck Gnomes & Potson
Historical Figures: (Czar of Russia)
Other Characters: Sing Sing Sam; Horse-faced Harry
(Mammarajah of Bummaloe; Countess Cemiseoff; The Shah; Isaac; Old Issacs; Aarons)
Locations: 331A, Baker Street
Story: Sh
eerluck Gnomes is consulted by Limehouse boarding-house keepers Sam and Horse-faced Harry. They are being kept awake at night by the marching of three natives of Okey-te-Pokey in Africa who are guarding a couple of hundredweight of soap. When Gnomes goes off, disguised as Harry, to investigate, Potso discovers the duo's true purpose in calling at Baker Street.

Richard Stannoy

"The Wealden Pullman Blackmailer" (1997)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Colonel Holman Stevens; Stevens' Secretary; Railway Company Director; Pullman Steward; Frederick von Heissen; Maria Zinden; Franck Zinden; Dr Dietler; Train Driver; Fireman; (King Ludwig of Urania)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Railway Station; Stevens's Office; Aboard a Train
Story: Railway owner Colonel Holman Stevens summons Holmesto his office because his customers are being blackmailed by Dr Dietler. He has commissioned a special on which he will be collecting money from his victims. Stevens has arranged for Holmes and Watson to be aboard. After Dietler has seen his two victims, Watson hears a shot and hurries to the dining car where he finds Dietler dead, surrounded by his victims and Holmes. The train stops to pick up Stevens and Lestrade, and as the people aboard are questioned, it becomes clear that Holmes is a suspect.

Robert V. Stapleton

"Larceny in the Sky with Diamonds" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part II: 1890-1895 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Mycroft Holmes; (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: (Clement Ader)
Other Characters: Waiter; String Quartet; Hostess; Guests; Lady Jacinta Pulmorton; Harold Grimdale; Sir Henry Pulmorton; Moriarty's Runner; Diplomats; Lamplighter; Jeremiah Silt; German Government Official; Pulmorton's Butler; Countess of Felixburg; Wine Waiter; Chambermaid; Estate Workers; Moriarty's Coachman; (Train Guard; German Ambassador; Newspaper-Seller; Road Sweeper; Road Workmen; Countess's Maid)
Date: Early Spring, 1891
Locations: Thames Valley; Oakenby Hall; A Train; Mayfair; Century Hotel; Belgravia; Outside the German Embassy
Story: Attending a society gathering, Moriarty singles out Lady Jacinta Pulmorton for his attentions.
She is worried about her husband who has invented a powered flying machine, but has twice been injured in crashes. The engineer he has been working with has now disappeared, taking the aircraft plans with him. Lady Jacinta has tried to hire Holmes, but he is away on the Continent, so Moriarty agrees to investigate. After viewing the plane, and meeting with Mycroft, he sets watch on the German Embassy. Returning to Pulmorton's home, he sets his sights on the jewels of a visiting Russian Countess. He flees by air.

H.W. Starr & Orville Horwitz

"The Adventure of the Barnegat Burglaries" (1976)
Included in: More Leaves from the Copper Beeches (The Sons of the Copper Beeches)
Story Type: Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Sir James Damery; The Politician (Alfred Mugg); The Trained Cormorant; (Wilson Hargreave; J. Neil Gibson)
Fictional Characters: (Dr John Thorndyke)
Other Characters: Lady Damery; Renifleurette Natis; Bathers; Duverney; Hotel Manager; Swingin' Sammy Sarcocele; (Mrs Van Bullet; Mrs Rossbach; British Agent; Mrs Ructus; Pinkerton Agent)
Date: May
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; TheVariola-Verruca; United States; Philadelphia; Camden; Barnegat; Oceanic Hotel; Damery's Summer House; Hotel; (New York)
Story: Holmes and Watson sail to America at the request of Damery, now attached to the Washington Embassy, who takes them to his island summer house. On the island they meet Mugg, a politician, who shows them the Barnegat lighthouse, where they encounter his trained cormorant. Lady Damery tells them of a series of jewel robberies in the area. Plans for a submarine stealth device, concealed in Damery's gold pen, are stolen. Holmes finds no trace of entry to the room. He and Watson meet Duverney, a detective investigating the crimes, who shows them the scenes of some of the thefts, his prime suspect: an acrobat, and the chemical analysis of a substance found in one of the burgled rooms. Holmes travels to New York and returns with a plan to trap the thief.

Richard Dean Starr & E.R. Bower

"Sherlock Holmes and the Other Eye" (2012)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook (Howard Hopkins)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Inspector Lestrade; (Mary Morstan; Mrs Hudson)
Historical Figures: Aleister Crowley; William Pinkerton; (Adam Worth)
Other Characters: Sergeant Litster; Constable Powers; Lloyds Watchman; Peter Curtis; Dr Ian Gallagher; Lloyds Servant; Pack; Street Arabs; Witnesses; Georgina Rusnak; Pinkerton Agents; (Sir Francis Fallowgrove; Shipping Company Owner; Grave Robber; Gemologists; Lloyds Board)
Date: May 3rd - 4th, between SIGN and Watson's marriage
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Threadneedle Street; Lloyds Exchange; Belgravia; Fallowgrove's House
Story: Crowley visits Baker Street after being accused of the death of Sir Francis Fallowgrove and the theft of the Other Eye diamond. Lestrade arrives, with Pinkerton, who had been employed by Fallowgrove, to arrest Crowley. Holmes and Watson visit Lloyds, and meet the police surgeon who says that no obvious signs of the cause of death could be found on the body, although there were poison ivy rashes on his arms and scarring in his lungs caused by smoke inhalation at the site of a recent coach house fire. Curtis tells them of the curse associated with the diamond. They go on to Fallowgrove's house where they hear about the ritual to Kali carried out there by Crowley, and Holmes reveals the fate of the diamond.

Vincent Starrett

"The Unique Hamlet" (1920)
(also published as "The Adventure of the Unique Hamlet")

Included in: The Adventure of the Plated Spoon and Other Tales of Sherlock Holmes (Loren D. Estleman); The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Richard Lancelyn Green); I Believe in Sherlock Holmes (Douglas G. Greene); ; The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler); The Misadventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Ellery Queen); 221B: Studies In Sherlock Holmes (Vincent Starrett)
Story Type: Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson
Historical Figures: (William Shakespeare)
Other Characters: Harrington Edwards; Sir Nathaniel Brooke-Bannerman; Miles; Tall Servant; Villagers; Edwards's Maid
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Train; Walton-on-Walton; Railway Station; Poke Stogis Manor; (Brooke-Bannerman's House)
Story: Harrington Edwards, the greatest Shakespearean commentator in the world, asks Holmes to retrieve a stolen copy of a 1602 copy of Hamlet, inscribed and signed by Shakespeare, and on loan from his neighbour, Sir Nathaniel Brooke-Bannerman. The book was stolen by Sir Nathaniel's own servants while they were accompanying Edwards home with it. Visiting the village, Holmes traces the assailants' footprints to Edwards's own back door, and is able to solve the mystery, and locate the remains of the missing folio.

Daniel Stashower

Frederic Dorr Steele

"The Case of the Murdered Art Editor" (1933)
Included in: The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes (Ellery Queen); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)
Story Type: Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: Frederic Dorr Steele
Date: March 1933
Story: The partially dismembered body of art editor, Elijah J. Grootenheimer is found in the East River. Holmes and Watson travel to New York to investigate. They track down their suspect, Steele, to the coast of Maine, where he keeps a cavern full of dynamite.

James R. Stefanie

"The Case of Vamberry, the Wine Merchant" (2002)
Included in: Curious Incidents (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Vamberry; Mrs. Hudson
Other Characters: Donnelly; Printer; Donald Jameson; Ross / Anatoly Rossokovsky; Constable Parkins; Inspector Dougherty; Police Driver; Hotel Clerk; Ross's Companion
Date: Mid-March 1903 (framing action only)
Locations: Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; Donnelly's Pub; Cab; Kilreddy Street; Vamberry's Warehouse; Charing Cross Hotel
Story: Watson visits Holmes during a quiet spell and learns from him of one of his early Montague Street cases:

Drinking and deducing in his local pub, Holmes is interrupted by the arrival of Jameson, whose employer, Vamberry, has disappeared. The landlord, Donnelly, suggests that Holmes tackles the case. Vamberry disappeared after recieving a letter, delivered by hand from a stranger. Holmes searches Vamberry's warehouse and a crowd of wine flies, where there shouldn't be wine flies, leads to a discovery in the cellar. He realises that events in the warehouse are linked to recent events in Europe and an anarchist group.

"Mrs. Farintosh and the Opal Tiara" (2003)
Included in: Curious Incidents 2 (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs. Farintosh
Other Characters: Hotchkiss; Cab Driver; Kinsley; Marguerite; Reynolds; (Mrs. Carrolton; Miller; Demos Karakataous)
Date: 2 days after SPEC (framing action only)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Holmes' Montague Street Rooms; A Train; Surrey; Kinsley's Dogcart; Kendallwood Manor
Story: Holmes tells Watson of a case from his Montague Street days when the private enquiry-agent, Hotchkiss, told him of the theft of an opal tiara belonging to Mrs. Farintosh, from a locked and sealed room, a brick-built conservatory, in which Farnitosh grows orchids and keeps three caged monkeys. Holmes learns that although no other thefts have been reported in the area, a silver trowel has previously gone missing from the conservatory workbench. Holmes lays bait and sets up a vigil on the conservatory roof to trap the thief.

Lincoln Steffens

"Mickey Sweeney, Detective of Detectives" (1908)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches II: 1905-1909 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detective: Inspector Foley
Other Characters: Mickey Sweeney;
Reporters; Bowery Policeman; Passers-by; Wagon Driver; Burglar; (Detective-Sergeants; Yaller Sal; Sam Dunlap; Sadie Carroll)
USA; New York; Police Headquarters; The Bowery; Tiger Restaurant; Houston Street
Story: Reporter Sweeney finds his adversary, Chief of Detectives Foley, reading a Sherlock Holmes book, and suggests that Doyle was guying the police in the stories. Foley takes Sweeney out for dinner to demonstrate his Sherlockian method of deduction in solving a silver robbery.

Lauren Steinhauer

Sherlock Holmes' Lost Adventure: The True Story of the Giant Rats of Sumatra (2004)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Baker Street Irregulars; The Giant Rat of Sumatra; The Matilda Briggs; (Inspector Lestrade; Mycroft Holmes; Tobias Gregson)
Historical Figures: Gregor Mendel; Emma Darwin; Charles Darwin; (Queen Victoria)
Other Characters: Laura's Mother; Lucy Gates; American Client; Dr Bell; Cab Driver; Tommy; Chef de Brigade; Ernst Klauske; Tav Customer; Tav Waiter; Chef de Brigade 2; Waiter; Young Man in Buttons; Monastery Intruder; Catherine de Quincey; Four-Wheeler Driver; Darwin's Gardener; Darwin's Maid; Servants; News-Boy; Nurse; Laura; James; Dead Sailor; Street Arab; Police Inspector; Detective; Constables; Alice Fair Crew; Captain A.R. Paulsen; Helmsman; Stamford; Smithers; O'Brien; Prestwick; Bo'sun; First Mate; Passengers; Matilda Briggs Crew; Captain; Lofcadio Hearseborne III; Creatures; Guards; Brigid O'Shaugnessy; (Costermonger; Lucy's Servant; Watson's Official Registry Acquaintance; De Quincey's Husband; Sergeant or Constable; Luther Squibb; Peter)
Date: 1882
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; District Messenger Office; 32, Campton Lane; Watson's Club; Victoria Station; A Train; A Ferry; France; Paris; L'étoile Restaurant; Hotel; Train; Austria; Vienna; Hotel; Pastry Shop; The Tav Tavern; Train; Brünn; Mendel's Monastery; Hotel; Train; Kent; Sydenham; Down; Down House; Sydenham Station; Bart's; Old Badley; The Sewers; Liverpool; Aboard the Alice Fair; Sumatra; Teluk Semangka; Aboard the Matilda Briggs; Hearseborne's Lair
Story: Returning home, Watson encounters a woman whom Holmes has refused to help find her missing daughter, while upstairs Holmes is with another client, Lucy, whose servant has been murdered and a typewriter stolen, whom he also refuses to help. Another client arrives with another tale of a stolen typewriter, Holmes again sends him away. Watson has become infatuated with Lucy and begins trying to track her down, while Holmes suggests a European holiday. Holmes sends the Irregulars out in search of the typewriters, and Lucy disappears.

Holmes and Watson travel through Paris, and in Vienna encounter the metaphysician, Klauske, who warns them of danger. On the train to Prague they meet Mendel and accept an invitation to his monastery where they interrupt the theft of his papers on heredity. Mendel tells them of other notes that have gone missing. They return to London where they rescue de Quincey who has collapsed in the street and after hearing her story they employ her as a secretary. The three travel to Kent to meet with Charles Darwin who has been in communication with Holmes. He believes he is being poisoned, and tells them of the Nine Unknown Men, a secret society sworn to protect mankind from itself.

On their return they read in the Times that the Irregulars have been attacked by some kind of beast. From a drunkard, Holmes hears tales of giant rats in the sewers. A dead man clutching a coded note is found on the doorstep of 221B. The note leads Holmes and Watson to Sumatra but their ship is sunk and their quarry escapes, leaving them marooned on an island until their pre-arranged pickup ship, the Matilda Briggs, arrives, to face wild beasts and a volcanic eruption. Back in London Holmes suspects a traitor in their household, Watson receives a summons from Lucy, and he and Holmes come face to face with their opponent and the creatures he has created. Rescue comes from an unexpected source.

R.L. Stevens

"Five Rings in Reno" (1976)
Included in: The Mammoth Book Of Historical Whodunnits (Mike Ashley); Ellery Queen's A Multitude Of Sins (Ellery Queen)
Story Type: Homage
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle; Jack London; Jack Johnson; Jim Jeffries
Other Characters: Charlie Summons; Monica Malone; Colonel Raff Grayson; Nevada Wade; Tom Andrews; Draco; Police detectives
Date: July 2nd-4th, 1910
Locations: Reno, Nevada
Story: Doyle arrives in Reno to referee a boxing match between Jack Johnson and Jim Jeffries. He is approached by Monica Malone, whose fiancé, reporter Tom Andrews has been murdered, leaving her a note referring to the fifth day of Christmas. Draco, a race-course racketeer about who Tom had written an exposé, is seen in town. Doyle decides to investigate.

Regina Stinson

"Art in the Blood Revealed" (2003)
Included in: Curious Incidents 2 (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs. Hudson; (Head Lama; Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moriarty; Station Master Moriarty; Colonel Moran; Victor Lynch)
Other Characters: (Florentine Artist)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; (Italy; Florence; Tibet; France; Montpelier)
Date: Some weeks after CREE & during the hiatus
Story: Watson visits Holmes who reveals an unexpected talent as an artist and shows him some of his sketches and paintings. He also tells him how, while in Montpelier during the hiatus he was able to use his research into coal-tar derivatives to show that Moriarty's Greuze, on display there, having been sold by his brothers after his death, is a fake, although the one he had seen in the Professor's study was undoubtedly genuine. He is able to deduce the identities of both the forger and the man who arranged the forgery.

Alan Stockwell

John Stoessel

"The Yuletide Affair" (1996)
Included in: Holmes for the Holidays (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Carol-Lynn Waugh)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Inspector MacDonald; Inspector Lestrade; Tobias Gregson; Athelney Jones; John Rance
Other Characters: Vinny Shadwell; Dr. Eden
Date: 1923 (introduction only); December 23rd
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Cab; Bart's
Story: MacDonald takes Watson to Bart's (where the staff are overloaded with work because of an influenza epidemic) to tend to Lestrade, who is unconscious after being stabbed in the chest. All attempts to revive him have failed. The police are holding petty crook Vinny Shadwell, who was caught running from the scene by Constable Rance. Shadwell says he was running for help, Rance says he stabbed Lestrade. It takes Watson's medical and deductive skills to prove the truth of the matter, which leads to Shadwell's eventual rehabilitation.

P.M. Stone

"Sussex Interview" (1940)
Included in: The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye); 221B: Studies In Sherlock Holmes (Vincent Starrett)
Story Type: Account of an Interview with Holmes
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Mr. Godfrey; Retainer; Telford; Housekeeper
Locations: Faraway, Holmes's Sussex Farmhouse; Crown Lydgate
Story: Godfrey travels to Sussex to interview Holmes, who still has many relics of Baker Street in his farmhouse, Faraway, and who tells him of the ultimate fates of Watson, Mycroft and Mrs Hudson; of his plans to write up several of his old cases; and clarifies the facts of Moriarty's end and true name.

Sam Stone

"The Curse of Guangxu" (2015)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Third Person Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: Guangxu Emperor; Consort Jin; Consort Zhen; Dowager Empress Cixi; (Empress Xiaodingjing)
Other Characters: Inn Bellboy; Chang Li; Sedan Chair Runners; Palace Guards; Eunuchs; Zhen's Womanservants; Dr Samuel Danby; Hui Sen; (Royal Physician; Inn Owner)
Date: 1897 (although the narrative states that this is towards the end of the Great Hiatus)
China; Beijing; The Inn of Double Happiness; Imperial Palace
Holmes is in Beijing after the death of Moriarty, and contemplating returning to London. He receives a telegram from his old univesity friend Danby, now physician to the Guangxu Emperor, asking him to look into the case of the Emperor's consort, Zhen, who has been stricken by an unknown malady. Holmes arrives at the Palace to discover that his friend is dead.

"The Curse of the Blue Diamond" (2017)
Included in:
Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Urchin; Samuel; Joe Anders; Mrs Anders; Jeremy Richmond; Hope Ballentine; Footman; Mrs Ballentine; Policemen; (Hope's Friend; Hope's Doctor; Hope's Father; John Ballentine; Jeremy's Maid; Mr Ballentine; Rani)
Date: Winter
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Brighton Station; Ballentine Estate
Story: After receiving a letter from Hope Ballentine, linking the death of her mother and sickness of her fiancé Jeremy to a blue diamond inherited by her father from his brother, Watson travels to Brighton to look into the matter. He examines Jeremy, who is almost blind, and whose skin burns on exposure to light, and discovers that Holmes is already on the scene.

M.C. Stretch

"A Study in Fiction" (1901)
Included in:
The Daily Chieftain, 13 April 1901; and on this site
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Fictional Characters: Lucile; Rip Van Winkle; Uncle Remus; Jan Vedder's Wife; Little Lord Fauntleroy; Lilian; Armazinda; Tommy; Evangeline Bellefontaine; Samantha Allen; Glory Quayle; John Storm; Black Beauty; Becky Sharp; Rupert of Hentzau; Count of Monte Cristo; The Tiger; David Harum; David Copperfield; Pactolus Prime; (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde)
Other Characters: Marcella
Locations: Thrums; Sleepy Hollow; Wayside Inn; Uncle Tom's Cabin; Treasure Island; Bleak House; House of Seven Gables
Story: Holmes's niece points out three men landing their boat on Treasure Island. Holmes decides to investigate. After observing a group of young people playing, he rows across to the island, and is present when Rupert of Hentzau attempts to murder the Count of Monte Cristo.


"The Return of Donan Coyle" (1927)
Included in:
The Belshill Speaker, 18 March 1927; and on this site
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Heddlock Phones & Dr Swotson
Other Characters:
Locations: Phones' Chambers
Story: Heddlock Phones bemoans the excessive verbiage of the age, and suggests that a newspaper story needs no more than a headline to be understood. He deduces the content of a story headlined "A Private Still" in Swotson's paper to prove his point.

John Sutherland

"The Struldbrugg Reaction" (1964)
Included in: The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type: Science Fiction Parody
Detectives: Haricot Bones & Dr. Dawson
Other Characters: George; Anthony; Rose-Albertine's Grandmother; Rose-Albertine Chandler; Mickey O'Reilly; Street Urchins; Cassius "Cash" O'Toole; Lefty Spaghanini; Bones's Contacts; Bones's Leftenant [sic]; Crime Bosses; Police Detectives
Date: August, Late 20th Century
Locations: New York; Bones' Hotel Suite; A Cab; O'Reilly's Office; Toilet
Story: The wheelchair-bound, 95 year old detective, Bones, is visiting New York, when he is called on by a woman, who asks him to assist her grand-daughter's employer, private detective O'Reilly. O'Reilly's partner, O'Toole, has been killed and he sets out for revenge. Bones tells Dawson that their state of agile minds in decaying bodies is the result of a formula put in their tea some years ago by Dr. O'Shaunessy, and that O'Toole and O'Reilly are related to him. He believes that O'Shaunessy sent them documents relating to the "Struldbrugg Reaction", from which he could discover the secret of eternal youth. O'Reilly goes on a killing spree before Bones is able to finally lure him back to the office, where he is able to finally get his man while, ironically, bringing about his own death at the same time. Bones tells the full story, while his man, Anthony, retrieves the secret of the Struldbrugg Formula, with the assistance of Rose-Albertine.

R.E. Swartwout

"The Omnibus Murder " (1929)
Included in: As It Might Have Been (Robert C.S. Adey)
Story Type: Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Fictional Characters: Dr John Thorndyke; Nathaniel Polton; (Inspector Gabriel Hanaud; Father Brown)
Historical Figures: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Edgar Wallace; A.E.W. Mason; Agatha Christie; R. Austin Freeman; Ronald Knox; (Bernard Courtois; Torquemada (Crossword Compiler))
Other Characters: Editor; Sid "the Soaker" Blibbers; Inspector Holmes; Poirolmes; Narrator; Father Thorndyke; Inspector Sims; Bert the Biffer; (Corregio; Major McMurdo Bilson; The Red-Nosed League; Bald-Headed Liberal; Superintendent Watts)
Date: October, 1892
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Silchester Police Station; Tottenham Court Road; Euston Station
Story: Dirty Work at the Crossroads by Sir A. Conan Doyle: Watson calls on Holmes who is writing a new monograph. He deduces the identity of a morning visitor from a pair of braces left behind. The doorbell rings. The Adjourned Inquest by Edgar Wallace: Doyle argues with Wallace over the interpretation of "ring". Blibbers arrives with a message for Inspector Holmes: "Beware of the Crimson Arrer". Superintendent Watts is Puzzled by Agatha Christie: Blibbers is shot with a crimson arrow. Mason accuses Christie of stealing his character. The Verdict by R. Austin Freeman: The arrow is taken to Thorndyke who passes it on to Polton. The Inspector Makes a Discovery by Ronald Knox: Freeman argues with Knox for having turned Thorndyke into a priest. Thorndyke gets a clue from a railway timetable and a crossword puzzle. The Beginning of the End by J.S. Fletcher: Bert the Biffer arrives with information. Murder Most Foul! by Freeman Wills Croft: The inspector sets off in pursuit.

Larry D. Sweazy

"The Adventure of the Rounded Ocelot" (2014)
Included in:
The Adventure of the Plated Spoon and Other Tales of Sherlock Holmes (Loren D. Estleman)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: Madame Taru / Susheena; Carriage Driver; Pierre; Gothic Crewmen; Cricketers; Susheena's Brother; (Governor Parker)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; The Docks; Aboard the Gothic; Atlantic Ocean; The Caribbean; The Bahamas; Nassau; Victoria Hotel
Story: When a cast of the rounded ocelot sculpture is stolen from Governor Parker, Madame Taru comes to Baker Street to invite Holmes to the Bahamas to investigate. When they arrive in Nassau, Holmes tells Watson that he fears for Madame Taru's safety, but is quick to reveal the truth when she arrives at their hotel.

Duane Swierczynski

The Crimes of Dr Watson (2007)
Story Type: Pastiche / Puzzle
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Mary Morstan; Sherlock Holmes; Baker Street Irregulars; Inspector Lestrade; (Professor Moriarty; Inspector Patterson; Moriarty Gang; Peter Steiler)
Historical Figures: Duane Swierczynski; Jason Rekulak; (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Characters Based on real People: Louis Boxer
Other Characters: Selway; Firemen; Ernest Thornton; Pearce; Prison Guards; Colonel Harry Kelsh Resmo; Richard (Dick); (Construction Worker; Raymond K Banks; Baker Street Residents; Mary's Cousin; Florence Thornton; Maurice; Raymond)
Date: Late Summer - December 13th, 1895
Locations:USA; Philadelphia; Philadelphia City Paper Office; Seventeenth Street; Davio's; Quirk Books Offices; Coldbath Fields Prison; 221B Baker Street; South Norwood; 12, Tennyson Road; Trafalgar Square; Kensington; Watson's Kensington Practice; Switzerland; Reichenbach Falls; Meiringen; Englischer Hof; Baker Street; Hospital
Story: Swierczynski receives a package from lawyer Boxer, containing a letter from Watson to Colonel Harry Kelsh Resmo, a Philadelphia Civil war veteran who considered himself an American Sherlock Holmes. At a meeting, Boxer hands over a case of documents discovered when Resmo's old offices were demolished, relating to an unsolved case.

Watson writes to Resmo from his cell in Coldbath Fields Prison. He returns to Baker Steet after Reichenbach to find that pigeonhole M is empty, and sets about looking for the evidence Holmes left against Moriarty. He receives a ticket to a Cleveland production of Hedda Gabler, sent from America. The following week he receives a copy of an American Newspaper, and then a catalogue of marital aids. Watson begins to suspect that Holmes is alive. A fourth mailing includes a postcard of Bridal Falls, and a fifth contains a train timetable. He is summoned to Baker Street by Selway to find the door smashed in. He finds an old man, claiming to be Peter Steiler, in the sitting room, pleading for help. Watson is knocked out and 221B set on fire. He is arrested by Lestrade for arson and murder, a body with its leg sawn off having been found in the building. From prison, he sends Mary to search the ruins of 221B. She finds a torn up page from The Time Machine and a drawing of a strange beast. An attempt is made on Watson's life. Selway delivers him a diagram showing a wooden leg.

The reader is invited to solve the crime, the solution of which is in a sealed folder at the end of the book.

Tim Symonds

"A Most Diabolical Plot" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part III: 1896-1929 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Irregulars; Simpson; Inspector Lestrade; Tobias Gregson; Colonel Sebastian Moran; (Mrs Watson)
Historical Figures: Surgeon-Major Alexander Preston
Other Characters: Diligence Passengers; Simpson's Head Waiter; Adelphi Audience; Simpson's Chef; Waiter; Policemen; Police Marksmen; Army Flame-thrower Platoon; (Moran's Housekeeper; Postman; Skepper; Village Doctor; Hikers; Farmer)
Date: Autumn, 1903
221B, Baker Street; Regents Park; The Strand; Simpson's; Junior United Service Club; Sussex; Old Roar Waterfall; South Downs; Hodcombe Farm
Story: Watson read of the disappearance of Colonel Moran. Lestrade sends word that he has been spotted living in the Haddiscoe Marshes where he has been receiving deliveries of east African honey bees. Dining at Simpson's they receive a challenge to meet with Moran at Old Roar waterfall near Hastings. A story told at Watson's Club helps avert Moran's deadly revenge.

Sherlock Holmes and the Nine-Dragon Sigil (2016)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Hiolmes's Sussex Housekeeper; (Mycroft Holmes; Mary Morstan; Young Stamford; Tobias Gregson)
Fictuonal Characters: (Fu Manchu)
Historical Figures: Henry Spencer; Sir Edward Grey; Richard Haldane; Yuan Shikai; Sir Ernest Satow; George Macartney; Hubert von Knipping; Dowager Empress Cixi; Kuang-Hsu Emperor; Li Lien-Ying; Shadza; Hailo; Kou Liancai; Florence Nightingale; Winston Churchill; Arthur Conan Doyle; Edward VII; (Guglielmo Marconi; Queen Victoria; The White Knight; Harris Brett)
Characters Based on Historical Figures: Muriel Manners (Muriel Matters); Xu Xing; (Hajime Matsubara)
Other Characters:
Lord P____; Macpherson; Mrs Macpherson; Wang Feng; Suffragists; Cravat Man; Carriage Driver; Watson's Patients; Watson's Receptionist; Chauffeur; India Office Man in Livery; Fog-Spectacles Hawker; Yuan's Bodyguards; Hawkes & Gieves Cutter; Messenger-Boy; Station Porter; Railway Guard; Mo-tao-chi Village Headman; German Archaeologist; Watson's Caravan Companions; Mule Owner; Valley Dwellers; Wheelbarrow Porter; Coolies; Soothsayer's Retainer; Train Passengers; Traveller; Kashgar Crowds; Mafoos; Mounted Men; Boy; Donkeyman; British-Indian Merchants; Soldiers; Village Dibao; Japanese Arcaeologist-Spy; Watson's Interpreter; Bannermen; Muleteers; Tibetan Boy; Japanese Topographer; Norwegian; Forbidden City Residents; Eunuchs; Widowed Man; Imperial Messenger; Foreign Dignitaries; Functionaries; Cixi's Servant; Officials; Watson's Chinese Patients; Falconer; Temple Priests; Young Prince; Dutch Sea-dog; Mandarin; Fishing Boy; Palace Messenger; Chinese Lieutenant; Mongolia Steward; (Lady P____; Russian Steamer Captain; Steamer Crew; Steamer Passengers; Krakhoja Girl; Grand Duke_____; Coffin Maker; Wagon Driver; Barry; 6th Duke of G_____; Gamekeeper; British Ambassador)
Date: 1906
Marylebone; Watson's Consulting Room; Baker Street Underground Station; Regent's Park; Sussex; Eastbourne; Beachy Head; Holmes's Farmstead; Tiger Inn; The Embankment; The India Office; St James's Park; Duck Island Cottage; Hyde Park; Serpentine Bridge; Wigmore Street Post Office; Hawkes & Gieves Tailors; Waterloo Station; Russia; Irtish River; Turkestan; Semipalatinsk; Turfan; China; Kashgar; British Consul; Fort; Hsiao-chan; Tientsin Military Academy; Peking; Ch'ien-Men Gate; The Forbidden City; Temple of the Myriad Years; The Nei Wu Fu; The Summer Palace; The Ch'ien-Men; Hall of Bathed Virtue; Aboard the Shishaquita; Peking Western Gentleman's Club; aboard the Mongolia; The Yellow Sea; Royal Geographical Society
Story: After visiting Holmes in Sussex, Watson is summoned by Sir Edward Grey, who introduces him to General Yuan Shikai. Yuan invites Watson to accompany him to China to establish an army medical corps there for the Chinese Army, and at the same time spy out the lay of the land for Grey and Haldane.

Watson describes his journey across Russia, Turkestan and China, and his unexpected encounter with Holmes, who tells him of rumoured threats to the life of the Emperor and Dowager Empress. Continuing onward, Watson observes the current state of the Chinese army, before rejoining Holmes in the Forbidden City.

There, Watson becomes privy to the confidences of the Emperor and the Dowager Empress, and deals with the death of a dog and an outbreak of ruptured eardrums. Holmes's investigation into the assassination plot comes to a Shakespearean conclusion.

Julian Symons

"Did Sherlock Holmes Meet Hercule ------" (1987)
Included in: The Man Who Hated Television...and Other Stories (Julian Symons); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Fictional Characters: Hercule Poirot; (Captain Arthur Hastings)
Other Characters: Lord Gerald Rivington; Sir Charles Mulready; Lady Ilse Mulready; Lilian Mulready; Monsieur Calamy; Maid; Hans von Brankel; (Count von Brankel; Dr Cardew; Calamy's Valet; Mulready's Housemaid; Mulready's Footman)
Date: Autumn, a couple of years before Holmes's retirement
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Mayfair; Mulready House
Story: An incomplete Watson manuscript is found among Hastings' personal papers.

Watson has spent the night at Baker Street when Holmes is called on by Rivington, the Secretary for War. Britain is negotiating an alliance with France in the event of hostilities with Germany, but information from documents only seen by Mulready, an old friend of Rivington's who is in charge of the negotiations and has a German wife, is being leaked to Berlin. More documents have gone missing and Mulready is dead from an overdose of his gout medicine. Holmes visits Mulready House, discovers that the medicine had been tampered with and the safe lock-picked. Lady Mulready tells them of her husband's concern at dinner the previous night with her son and daughter, and French diplomat Calamy, and of her son, Hans, drunkenly breaking his ankle. The daughter, Lilian, brings Holmes a warning letter, and tells them of an argument between Hans and Mulready. Holmes uncovers the spy, but discovers that he also was drugged on the night of the murder, and the papers he stole are now missing. The documents are eventually returned by Calamy's chef, who says he is "the greatest detective in Europe".

"How a Hermit was Disturbed in his Retirement" (1981)
Also published as "The Adventure of Hillerman Hall"
Included in: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Richard Lancelyn Green); The Great Detectives (Julian Symons)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Fictional Characters: Miss Marple
Other Characters: Captain Jack Rogers; Bertie; Jane's Parents; Tom Pringle; Mrs. Pringle; Inspector Beddoes; (Black Ned Silverman; Pascoe)
Date: After 1918
Locations: The Sussex Downs; Holmes's Cottage; Jane's House; Hillerman Hall, near Reigate; A Train; Beaconsfield; Maple Lodge; The Isle of Wight; Bertie's Ford
Story: Jane calls on the retired Holmes at his Sussex cottage, pretending to be a reporter. Once he has seen through the sham she tells him of her fiancé, Captain Rogers, whom she met through her brother Bertie, although they had only known each other a few days. After their engagement was formalised, they toured the countryside looking for a home; Rogers always found some reason for not choosing each place, until they discovered Hillerman Hall. Then, two weeks before the date of their wedding, he told her he had been called away on secret government business. She has not seen him since. They pay a visit to the Hall's former residents, the Pringles, and Holmes is interested in learning of periods of time when they were away from the house. After researches at the British Library and Scotland Yard, and a visit to the prison on the Isle of Wight, Holmes is able to explain how Rogers's disappearance is connected to a 1913 bank robbery, and they travel out to Hillerman Hall to bring an end to the affair.

The Kentish Manor Murders (1988)
Story Type: Homage
Detective: Sheridan Haynes
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Baron Maupertuis)
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle; Eille Norwood; D.H. Friston; William Gillette; John Wood; John Dickson Carr; Doyle's Family; Fletcher Robinson; Mad Mike Hoare; Louise Doyle; Admiral Horthy; Pal Teleki; Charles IV of Hungary; Ferenc Szalasi (Satojay); Bela Kun; Miklos Kallay; Otto von Habsburg; Matyas Rakosi; Greenhough Smith; Dave Dubinsky)
Other Characters: Exotica Patrons; Exotica Performers; Hans; Jacko; White-Haired Man; Oberkommisar Otto Müller; Exotica Waiter; Exotica Owner; Desmond O'Malley; Val Haynes; Paul Decker; Brian Watson; Waymark's Maid; Eric Malby; Gordon Hurst; Jimmy; Dr Dave Prettyman; Lavender; Warren Waymark; Polly Flinders; Bogan / Bill Hogan; Brinsley Haynes; Brinsley's Wife; Danish Photographers; Ulrich; Peter Mortensen; The Silver Blaze Society of Denmark; Rolfe; Elise; Anders; Albert (Bertie) Bailey; Politiken Reporter; Berlingske Tidende Reporter; Doctor Gottfried Langer / Schultz; Fiskaelderen Waitress; Inspector Einar Jansson; Falconer Audience; Velda Mortensen; Japanese Man; Marty Clayton; Patsy Bennett; Amsterdam Taxi Driver; Hotel Pages; Spa Attendant; Gabrielle; Alvaro Higgins / Andor Kozma / Gene Van Helder; Spa Café Customer; Waiter; German Spa Customers; Brasserie Customers; Joseph; Ilse; Girl with Spiked Hair; Plain-Clothes Officers; Chef; Harry Morley; Banner Editor; Jerry Brightside; Erica; Peregrine Prout; Anna Ridley; Mazeppa Doorman; Chauncey Rampton; Jonty Johnson; Joe; Sid Cassidy; General Duties Man; Pat Taylor; Josh Taylor; Italian Chef; Waitress; Jerry Hagen; (Inspector Ernst; Decker's Secretary; Val's Cuttings Library Friend; Abel 'The Tongue' Ekman; Nils Ekman; Waymark's Mother; William Telford; Gene Van Helder; Reporters; George Darnley; Norwood Man; American Lawyer; Moira Wilde; Griselda; Iago Actor; Bailey's Parents; Haynes's Father; David Haynes; Bailey's Friend; Hickson; Hickson's Client; Olivia Jameson; Jansson's Wife; Montana Doctors & Nurses; Roebuck; Krantz; Griffiths; Clayton's Editor; Van Helder's Ex-Nazi Drug Partner; Martine; Mafia Chieftain; Faulkner; Dealer; Julius Meissner; Ferenc Kozma; Laszlo Kozma; Eva Kozma / Eva Vass; Meissner's Family; Ferenc's Friends; Eva's First Husband; Antal Vass; Romney Marsh Fishermen; Bogan's Driver; Vince; Andy Brightside; Young Jerry Brightside; Lucinda; Lighting Technicians; Police Superintendent)
Date: May - September, after 1984
Locations: Germany; Cologne; Café Exotica; Fulham; Haynes's House; O'Malley's Office; Devon; Pub between Honiton and Exeter; Dartmoor; Castle Baskerville; Brinsley's House outside Okehampton; Denmark; Copenhagen; Kastrup Airport; Kongens Nytorv; Hotel; Hellerup; Bailey's Flat; Fiskaelderen Restaurant; 221B, Baker Street; Falconer Theatre; Hotel 3 Falk; Holland; Amsterdam; The Dam; Haynes's Hotel; Higgins's Hotel; Brasserie de Provence; Banner Offices; CCC Offices; Kentish Town; Prout's House; Anna's Flat near Regent's Park; Mazeppa Cloisters; Pub; Three Jolly Gentlemen Pub; Hospital
Story: Three men in Cologne strike a deal with a police officer. Sherlockian actor Sheridan Haynes is invited to give a private performance for Waymark, a millionaire recluse and Sherlockian collector, at Castle Baskerville on Dartmoor. As they drive to Devon for a preliminary visit, Val tells him of rumours that Waymark had died in hospital in the early 70s, rumours compounded by his reclusive nature since leaving hospital. At the castle they are briefed by Decker, and get a glimpse of the running of Waymark Enterprises. They meet Waymark in a darkened room, he is photophobic and wears dark glasses, and because of eczema and a fear of germs, he wears gloves and will not shake hands. Haynes views some of his collection of first editions, manuscripts, original illustrations and films, and wonders why Hogan, the electrician, wears a false beard. On the way home, they visit Haynes's brother, Brinsley.

Haynes goes to Copenhagen to give a reading for the Silver Blaze Society of Denmark, where he meets Bailey, an old schoolfriend. Bailey takes him home to meet a friend who never arrives. He becomes tearful and offers Haynes a warning to be careful. The following day Haynes is introduced to Langer, Professor of Sherlock Holmes studies at Groningen University. Langer shows him the first chapter of the manuscript of an unfinished Holmes novel, The Kentish Manor Murders, by Conan Doyle, asks for his opinion on its authenticity and tells him that it is being offered for sale. Inspector Jannson brings news that Bailey is dead. That evening, returning from his reading, he discovers that his copy of the manuscript has been stolen. Val speaks to a journalist who believes that Waymark is dead, and the man at the Castle is an impostor.

Haynes travels to Amsterdam to meet Higgins, the manuscript owner's agent, who tells him of its provenance, and asks him to show it to Waymark. He realises he is being followed, and finds himself in the middle of an armed drugs bust in a Brasserie, and his companion is killed. Back in England he and Val have the manuscript examined by experts. Reporters insinuate themselves into the Castle disguised as lighting technicians. Polly spreads word that Waymark is being drugged. Haynes arrives, and Waymark agrees to buy the manuscript if it is genuine. Decker is found dead and Waymark is missing. Haynes must race through the Dartmoor fog to save his life, but meets an old friend and gets shot for his pains. His brother, Brinsley brings the case to a close.

A Three-Pipe Problem (1975)
Story Type: Homage
Detective: Richard Sheridan Haynes
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Irene Adler; Percy Phelps; Lord Holdhurst; Joseph Harrison; Annie Harrison; Inspector Lestrade; hound of the Baskervilles)
Other Characters: Gillian Pole; Chief Superintendent Roger Devenish; Mr Mantleman; Sir Pountney Gladson; Phillips; Sarah Peters; Bert Page; Mrs Page; Sergeant Brewster; Jim Cassidy; Willie Lowinsky; Richard Spain; Ron; Basil Wainwright; Val Haynes; Adrian; Harry Claber; Dave; Jack Claber; Riverboat Jackson; Desmond O'Malley; Fritz; Joe Johnson; Sue Devenish; Sonny Halliwell; Charlie Reynolds; Detective-Inspector Morgan; Billy Halliwell; Kathie Halliwell; Freddy Williams; Arnold Dollman; Jerry; J.O. Dryne; Emmy Turner; Marjorie Billings; John Devenish; Jean Devenish; Detective-Constable Stark; Betty Brade; Val's Sister; Chrissie Drummond; Hugh Drummond; Tony Drummond; Jack; Joey Lines; Shorty; The Thing; Harry Potts; Jimmy Quade; Dickie; Joyce Lane; Detective-Constable Lovesey; Professor Porno Graff
New Year Revellers; Enquirer Reporter; Mirror Reporter; Actors; Pub Patrons; Youth Club Members; Riverboat's Students; Three Chairmen Barman; Capri Driver; Jaguar Driver; Baker Street Policeman; Director of Programmes; Assistant Director; Rover Driver; Jag Driver; Mercedes Driver; Continuity Girl; Prompt Girl; Fingerprint Men; Studio Technicians; Cameraman; Clapper Boy; Laundrette Women; Laundrette Boy; Busker; Hyde Park Dog Walkers; Horse-Riding Children; Assistant Commissioner's Deputy; Traffic Wardens; Carrousel Hat Check Girls Carrousel Waiters; Carrousel Patrons; Dealers; Croupiers; Taxi Driver; Jolly Burglar Barmaid; Duke of York Couple; Barman; Duke of York Patrons; Hamptons' Night Watchman; East London Transport Company Girl; Gallery Attendant; Woman at Rochester's House; Gallery Girl; Telephone Tipsters; Hyde Park Walkers; Willie's Secretary; Haynes's Secretary; O'Malley's Secretary; Val's Customers; Telephone Supervisor; Enquirer Features Editor; Peestrians; York Street Drunk; York Street Woman; York Street Driver; Magician's Assistant; Audience; Bald-Heade Man in Theatre; Bear & Staff Pianist; Nurse; Chester Franklin; (Charles Pole; Lancelot George; Wilmer Traven; Ferguson; The Black Beasties; Reynolds; Press Officer; Charles Haynes; CID Assistant Commissioner; Police Doctors; John Purvis; Sonny's Doctor; Sebastian Harris; Soltyk; Quinn; Evelyn Prinkish; Garage Mechanic; Gus Dollman; Mr Sunley; Mrs Johnson; Seamus O'Toole; Detective-Constable Graham; Detective-Sergeant Edwards; Colonel; Fabrina; Sammy Rochester; Dudley Kirk; Snuffy Craven; Occult Circle Member; Basil's Cleaning Woman; Manchester Actress; Banner Journalist; Jesse James; Lisa Hayward; Lisa's Parents; Pygge; Weybridge Accident Witnesses; Weybridge Coroner; Macrae; Court Martial Witnesses; Lord St Claremont; Duke of Drongan; City Financier; Women's Magazine Editress)
Date: 31st December - January
Locations: Streatham; Streatham Common; Pole's House; Mayfair; Hamborne Mews; Paddington; Sarah's Flat; Dean Street; Veglio's Restaurant; The Over and Under Club; Page's Rooms off the Marylebone Road; Baker Street; Sheridan's Rooms; St John's Wood; Rehearsal Rooms; Pub; Claber's Youth Club; Anglo-American Fitness and Athletic Club; The Three Chairmen Pub; Surrey; Weybridge; Croydon; Croydon Road; Beckenham Hill; Bromley Road; Brownhill Road; Burnt Ash Hill; Wimbledon; Devenish's House; Soho; Contemporary Books; Fulham; Reynolds's Room; Finchley; Halliwell's House; Ryder Street Gallery; TV Studio; Willie's Office; Dryne's Office; George Street; Gloucester Place; Montagu Street; New Quebec Street; Marble Arch; Hyde Park; Shepherd's Bush; Johnson's House; Battersea; Scotland Yard; Wardens' Centre; The Bear and Staff Pub; Carrousel Club; Park Lane; Knightsbridge; Brompton Road; Kensington; Fulham Road; North End Road; Dingwall Street; The Jolly Burglar Pub; 42, Dingwall Street; East India Dock Road; Duke of York Pub; Piccadilly; Banner Offices; Willie's Apartment; York Street; Marylebone Road; Theatre; Multi-Storey Car Park; The Bear & Staff Pub; Hospital
Story: An opinion poll analyst is murdered on Streatham Common on New Year's Eve. A week later, Gladson, a member of parliament, is killed in his Lamborghini. The murders appear to be related, and because of the nature of the death blows, come to be referred to by the press as the Karate Killings. Sheridan Haynes, an actor playing Sherlock Holmes on TV, who lives in a reconstruction of 221B in Baker Street, is drawn into the investigation, to which the actress playing Irene Adler is also linked. He recruits the district's traffic wardens to act as his Irregulars, and his investigation takes him into the world of London gangs, racism and art forgery, and leads to his wife walking out and himself falling under suspicion of being the murderer.

NOTE: Sir Pountney Gladson, the politician whose Union Jack Society wants immigrants sent back where they came from, is nicknamed "Pow", which seems to be a strong nod to his being derived at least in part from British MP Enoch Powell.