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Stanley M. Bierman, M.D., F.A.C.P.

"The Mystery of the Department of State Cardboard Invert Proofs" (1978)
Included in:
The Essay-Proof Journal, Volume 35 Number 4 (Fall 1978)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: (Dr James A. Petrie; Earl of Crawford; Ernest Ackerman; John Klemann; Raymond Weill; Josiah K. Lilly; Rae Ehrenberg; Erwin Griswold; Mr Demain)
Date: 1978
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Holmes and Watson discuss the provenance and number of the Department of State $2, $5 and $20 inverted cardboard stamp proofs.

Earl Derr Biggers

"Mr Dooley Discusses College Athletics" (1905)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches II: 1905-1909 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Fictional Characters: Mr Dooley; Mr Hennessy; Scanlon; (Terrence Hennessy)
Locations: USA
Story: Mr Dooley and Mr Hennessy discuss the sporting requirements for entry to Yale.
Mr Dooley explains how Sherlock Holmes recruits Scanlon.

Rose Biggin

"The Modjeska Waltz" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Irene Adler
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler; Professor Moriarty; (Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Colonel Moran)
Other Characters: Theatre Boy; Tea House Maître d'Hôtel; Serving Boy; Musicians; Waiters; Porter; Minor Peer; Ball Guests; George Frederick St Clare, The King of B-----; Prince of B-----; Conductor; Writer; Brigadier; Duke; Dowager Duchess of Croome; Dragoon; (Theatre Manager)
Locations: Opera House; Tea House; Ballroom
Moriarty recruits Irene Adler to help him steal a brooch, made from a fragment of asteroid, being presented to the Dowager Duchess of Croome by the Prince of B---- at a ball given by the Prince's father. A requirement of attendance is that all guests must be able to dance the Modjeska waltz, a newly invented dance. Irene must teach the Professor to dance before they can put their plan into action.

Lloyd Biggle, Jr

The Quallsford Inheritance (1986)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Edward Porter Jones
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Baker Street Irregulars; Mrs Hudson; Stanley Hopkins; (Shinwell Johnson; [Charlie] Mercer; Mrs Watson)
Other Characters: Edward Porter Jones; Radbert / Rabby; Joshua Wirt; Spitalfields Stallholders; Market Boys; Emmeline Quallsford; Draper's Clerk; Mr Ginter; Ginter's Servant; Ralph; Sam Bates; Farmer; Doctor; Larissa Quallsford; Doris Fowler; Mr Werner; Joe; Mrs Werner; Nat Whyte; Harry Herks; Sergeant Donley; George Adams; Wilbert Harman; William Prince / Price; Charles Walker; Thomas Strickney; Richard Lyster; David Wyatt; Ben Paine; Grudge Bearers; Derwin Smith; Jack Brown; Taff Harris; Victoria Inn Publican; Quallsford's Stable Boy; Quallsford's Maid; Mr Sims; Gerald Russell; Mrs Andrews; Green Dragon Customers; Looker; Mrs Donley; Milkman; Milkman's Boy; Housewife; Sam Jenks; Mrs Herks; Alvin Pringle; Browne's Mother; Quallsford Servants; Richard Cole; Dead Pig Martley; Mr Cole; Emmeline's Friend in Rye; Mr Hutchings; A.H. Smith; George Newton; Meg Newton; Smugglers; Newton's Children; Paine's Apprentices; Bicycle Boy; Police Officers; Customs Officers; Constables; (Bertha Jones; Boatmen; Mullens; Mrs Mullens; Gentleman at Rules; French Porter; Watson's Colleague; Colleague's Wife; Mr Pettigrew; Gentleman with Goat; Goat Crowds; Hotel Metropole Porter; Hotel Staff; Millingford; Bartlett; Edmund Quallsford; Police; Edmund's Solicitor; Coroner; Oswald Quallsford; Foreign Actress; Charles Monier; Vicar of Mengerton; Charles Jeffery; Joe's Uncle; Schoolmaster; Ned Paine; Tom Barling; Tuggy; Hughes; Emmeline's Friend's Brother; Lara Quallsford; Edbert Quallsford; Alfred Mitchell; Wallace Dickens; Evan Banks; William Allen; Mrs Dickens; Mrs Allen; The Romney Marsh Irregulars; William Lander; Charles Jordan; Browne's Men; Emma)
Date: Late August, 1900
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Wirt's Shop near Great Portland Street; Spitalfields Market; Regent Street Draper's; The Temple; A Train; Isle of Graesney; Havenchurch; Sea Cliffs; The Royal Swan; Quallsford's Office; Herks's Shop; Adams's Drapers Shop; Victoria Inn; Canal Bank; The Tower; Vicarage; Churchyard; Church of St John; Green Dragon Inn; The Marsh; Looker's Hut; Donley's Cottage; Herks's House; Brookland; Stone; East Guldeford; Oast House; Cole's Cottage; Rye; George Hotel; Mermaid Inn; Watchbell Street; Lydd; Hutchings' Shop; New Romney; Smith's Shop; Newton's Cottage; More's Office; Train
Story: Former Irregular Jones has become Holmes's assistant and biographer. Another Irregular, Rabby, tells Holmes that he has heard an old woman in Spitalfields market asking for Pitahayas, which Holmes discovers is a Mexican cactus. He also deduces that she was in disguise, and Rabby says that she obviously didn't expect to find what she was looking for. Jones goes to the market the following day to make enquiries, but a farmer selling pitahayas turns out not to be the lead he hoped for. Two weeks later an advertisement in the Times brings Emmeline Quallsford to 221B. She tells Holmes that her brother Edmund, who frequently used the word in a nonsensical way, was murdered two days previously. He had recently taken to spending large amounts of time in a tower in the grounds of his home and turned against his family. The police believe he committed suicide.

Holmes sets Porter to follow Emmeline, and then to accompany her back to Kent, where, in the family home he sees the old woman from Spitalfields. The dead man's wife refuses him entry to the house, so he stays in the impoverished village, where he learns about the Quallsford's export business. He hears only good said about the dead man, and finds signs of a one-legged man everywhere he goes. Holmes arrives in disguise. He and Porter visit the tower, track down the one-legged man and learn of an exorcism. Emmeline's sister-in-law turns her out of the house. Holmes and Porter discover a stable that has had manure shovelled into, rather than out of, it. Porter discovers that Quallsford had been seen in neighbouring towns when he was supposed to be in London. Holmes announces that there is a massive smuggling operation under way in the area and sets out to bring down a criminal with the genius of a Moriarty, but there are more murders before the case is over. Hopkins is in at the end to help with the arrests.

The Glendower Conspiracy (1990)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Edward Porter Jones
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Baker Street Irregulars; Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Maid; (Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Stanley Hopkins; Baker Street Cook)
Historical Figures: Humphrey "the Bear" Thomas; H.E. Breese; The Roberts Brothers; Arthur Balfour; David Lloyd George; (Robert Owen; George Borrow; Colonel Edward Pryce-Jones; Sir Pryce Pryce-Jones; Owen Glendower)
Other Characters: Edward Porter Jones; Radbert / Rabby; Mrs Hudson's Kitchen Helper; Arthur Saunders; Bryn Huws; George; Hansom Driver; Householders; Three Nuns Porter; Three
Nuns Clerk; Evan Evans; Market Hawkers; Acrobat; Alban Griffiths / Bertie Smith; Gramophone Man; Black Lion Passerby; Sturdy Man; Dick; Ffred Jones; Black Lion Landlord; Black Lion Customers; Harpist; Marylebone Station Telegraph Clerk; Dafydd Madryn; Humphrey the Bear; Benton Tromblay; Unicorn Hotel Proprietor; Unicorn Waiter; Lecture Audience; Lecture Chairman; Wain Welling / Harry Smith; Market Crowds; John Davies; Farm Women & Children; Farm Workers; Mairwen Madryn; Dafi Madryn; Megan Madryn; Gwenda Madryn; Meleri Huws; Kyle Connor; Connor's Servants; Ifan Vaughan; Evan Jones; David Bevan; Arthur Pritchard; Mrs Adwen Edwards; Lloyd Hughes; Iola Williams; Emeric Tromblay; Browne's Housekeeper; Letty Howell; The Rebeccas; Uncle Tomos; Mrs Pugh; Farm-Hand; Reverend Ezekiel Browne; Haggart Batt; Gerwyn Pugh; Rhys Parry; Old Tavern Customers; Charles Evans; Temperance House Patrons; Tromblay's Groom/ Tromblay's Butler; Dr Davis Morrow; Cedric Hodson; Langdon Ellward; Nolan Ivatt; George Masset; Ernest Lumbard; Keith Brady; Randolph Bargh; Henry Armstead; Meredith; Aberystwyth Tourists; University Students; Garat Sibley; Boarding House Landlady; Tavern Waiter; Boarding House Boy; Dylan Williams; Aberystwyth Lecture Audience; Lecture Chairman; Farm-hands; Constable; Carl Prowse; Hugh Thomas; Menna Thomas; Lewys Beddard; Blodwen Beddard; Con Davey; Elen Edwards; Saunders' Messenger; Devil's Bridge Tourists; Gareth Vaughan; Olwen Vaughan; Devil's Bridge Tavern Patrons; Farmers; Liza Williams; Devil's Bridge Meeting Audience; Major-General; (Scottish Solicitor; Mr Mullens; Dr Tilbury; Mrs Tilbury; Mr Onslow; Onslow's Customer; Cabbie; Dorset Street Gentleman; Glyn Huws; Eleanor Tromblay; Euston Hotel Clerk; Draper; Draper's Brother-in-Law; Griffiths; Pall Mall Gazette Seller; Chair-Mender; Cobbler Poet; Maida Vale Chemist; Fish-Monger; Benton's Scottish Friend; Shepherd; Pregnant Girl & Husband; Children; Baby; Cadan Morgan; Aunt Hafina; Gwen Parry; Eira Evans; Jac Parry; Evans's Farmhands; Edwyn Thomas; Retired School Teacher; Einir Jones; Gwynora Powell; Elgan Bowen; Robyn Williams; Wyn Davies)
Date: Early June, 1904
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Dorset Street; Aldgate High Street; Three Nuns Hotel; Middlesex Street; Petticoat Lane Market; Y Llew Du / Black Lion Pub; George & Dragon Pub; Drummond Street; Euston Hotel; Paddington Station; Marylebone Station; Wales; Montgomery; Newtown; Broad Street; The Bear Hotel; Old Church Street; St Mary's Church; Unicorn Hotel; Checkers Inn; The Cross; Newtown Free Library; Park & Son's; High Street; Ladywell Street; New Church Street; Club Factory Building; Market Street; Newtown Coffee and Cocoa House; Post Office; The Long Bridge; Market Hall; County Intermediate School; Goesffordd Halt; Pentrederwydd; Madryn's House; Church of St Peter; Llangelyn; Vaughan's Shop; Ceffyl-y-dwr Tavern; Tynewydd; Yr Hen Dafarn / The Old Tavern; Y Fuwch Frech / The Temperance House; Tromblay Hall; Aberystwyth; Lion Rooyal Hotel; Great Darkgate Street; North Parade; Esplanade; Marine Terrace; Terrace Road; Tavern; Cardigan Bay; Constitution Hill; Luna Park; Camera Obscura; Alexandra Street; King Street Tavern; Cliff-Railway; Promenade Pier; University College of Wales; Aberystwyth Station; Thomas's Farm; Beddard's Farm; Devil's Bridge; Gareth's Farm; Tavern; Strata Florida Abbey; Ponterwyd; Ysbyty Cynfyn; Parson's Bridge; Hafod Arms Hotel
Story: Holmes returns unexpectedly from a holiday in Scotland. Radbert brings him news of watchers in Baker Street. Saunders and Huws call on Holmes, wishing to engage Jones's services, believing him to be Welsh. They tell of Emeric Tromblay who is planning to marry Huws' young niece, Meleri, to gain control of her father's land. They claim that he has already murdered his wife and Meleri's father. Holmes decides to send Porter to Wales under the ruse of researching his family background. He follows one of the watchers, identifying him as Evan Evans, witnessing him swapping his cane for an umbrella in Petticoat Lane, and realising that Evans himself is being watched. His pursuit leads to a Welsh pub, where a meeting is taking place. The people leaving the meeting are discussing Robert Owen.

In Wales, Jones stays with the poet Dafydd Madryn in Pentrederwydd. He is given a tour of sites connected with Owen in Newtown, and meets Tromblay's son, Benton, who invites him to a lecture he is giving on Owen. The pass he is given bears the same symbol as those he saw used in the pub in London. He learns about Owen Glendower. Evans's pursuer is spotted at Tromblay's lecture. Jones travels on to Pentrederwydd, visiting the site of Huws's death where he meets Meleri and discovers two sets of clog-prints. He learns of a corpse-candle, a ghostly light, seen prior to Huws's death. He meets Tromblay, and hears of a possible revival of the Rebeccas, and of the arrival of a horse dealer and a boy in the village. That night he sees the Rebeccas himself, apparently keeping watch on the invalid Connor, whom he visits the following day.

Holmes appears in disguise. Connor is seen climbing out of a window and walking on his hands, and he disappears after an attempt is made on his life. After a dinner given by Tromblay, Holmes sends Jones and Madryn to Aberystwyth, where they encounter Benton again, and realise they are being followed. When Holmes arrives they visit the Camera Obscura in Luna Park, and are surprised to find the identity of the man who is observing them. With the help of a waiter they identify the coracle from which Connor was shot. Benton's lecture is disrupted by dart-throwing farmhands. Holmes sends Porter back to Pentrederwydd with a geologist, who discovers evidence of salting.

Jones and Madryn travel to Devil's Bridge, where another Owen lecture is being given, and hear talk of another sighting of the Rebeccas there. They attend the meeting and with a surprise witness, Holmes overthrows a plot against the monarchy. Later, Jones learns who Holmes's real clients were.

Marc Bilgrey

"The Tatooed Arm" (2011)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #5 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Constable Dunbar; Katherine Collier; Barkeep; Fishermen; Trap Driver; Paxton's Butler; Dr Phillip Paxton; Paxton's Assistant; Portly Man; Gregory; Sarah; the Giant Squid; Policemen; (Alvar Harris; Millicent Stokes; Edmund Collier; Fisherman)
Date: February
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Paddington Station; A Train; Cornwall; Harbourton; Collins's House; Harris's House; The Harborview Inn; Paxton's Manor House; Harbouton Station
Story: Holmes and Watson are summoned to Cornwall by Lestrade to investigate the murder of Alvar Harris, a farmer, whose severed arm has been washed up by the sea. Edmund Collier, an amateur sculptor, who had a gripe with Harris has been accused of the murder. An examination of Collier's cart and tools sets Holmes on the path to an explanation, and a glass phial found in the bushes adds new evidence. Cattle rustlers and an unorthodox marine biologist enter the mix before the case reaches its dénouement.

Frank Bill

"The Modern Hawkshaw" (1917)
Included in:
The Jewelers' Circular, Vol. LXXV, No. 13, 24 October, 1917
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detective: Shamrock Poems
Historical Figures: (Woodrow Wilson)
Other Characters: Itsky; (Phoney Pearl; Six-Fingered Mike; Tony; Bill Patterson)
Unnamed Characters: Jewelers; Poems' Chauffeur; (Fitz-Marlton Bouncer; Gink; Swell Dame; House Cop; Pennsylvania Guy)
Date: Mid-1910s
Locations: USA; New York; Eugenic Building; Battery Park
Story: New York detective meets his trusty lieutenant, Itsky, in Battery Park. Itsky has a lead on Six-Fingered Mike, the perpetrator of the Kiffany jewel robbery.

NOTE: Bill Patterson may be a historical figure, but I have been unable to find any likely candidate.

Michelle Birkby

The House at Baker Street (2016)
Story Type:
Extra-Canonical Adventure of Mary Morstan & Mrs Hudson
Canonical Characters: Mrs Hudson (Martha Grey); Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mary Morstan; Baker Street Irregulars; Wiggins; Billy; Irene Adler; Sir George Burnwell; Inspector Lestrade; Mycroft Holmes; (Grice Paterson; Captain Morstan; Langdale Pike; Mercer; Godfrey Norton; Mrs Cecil Forrester; Jonathan Small; Major Sholto; Dost Akbar; Mahomet Singh; Abdullah Khan; Achmet; Bartholomew Sholto; Thaddeus Sholto; Mary's Mother; Tobias Gregson; Watson's Maid; Professor Moriarty)
Historical Figures: (Mary Kelly; Jack the Ripper; Elizabeth Stride; Catherine Eddowes; Polly Nichols)
Other Characters: Laura Shirley; Adam Ballant; Jake; Richard Halifax / John Kirkby / Sir Jacob Kettlewell / Skipton / Overblow / Sir Peter York; Lillian Rose; Minnie; Ruby; Robert Sheldon; Butcher; Whitechapel Residents; Whitechapel Lady; Prostitute; Ordinary Man; Baker Street Passers-by; Londoners; St John's Wood Policeman; Knife-grinders; Fruit Sellers; Grocery Boys; War Veteran; Irene's Maid; Fruit Vendor; Hansom Cab Drivers; Old Woman in Grey; Ballant's Butler; Ballant's Servants; Lestrade's Constable; Police Officers; (Hector Hudson; Mrs Hudson's Son; Holmes's Landlady; Mr Shirley; Laura's Friends; Grocer; Dressmaker; Solicitor; Mr Shirley's Colleagues; Laura's Servants; Orphanage Staff; Drunken Sailor; Mrs Hudson's Mother; River Police; Jack Ripon; Richard; Whitechapel Lady's First Love; Hyde Park Strollers; Patrick West; Irene's Solicitor; Kensal Rise Policeman; West's Apprentices; Burnwell's Ladies; Burnwell's Servants; Burnwell's Solicitor; Burnwell's Tailor; Mrs Hudson's Daily Help; Young Diogenes Club Man; Diogenes Club Doorman; Minister; Mary's Ayah; Lillian's Room; Murder Victims; Mrs Hudson's Mother's Scottish Friend; )
Date: After 1888
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Docks; Whitechapel; Clinic; Hyde Park; St John's Wood; Serpentine Avenue; Briony Lodge; Twickenham; Burnwell's House; Railway Station; Whitechapel Road, Lemon Street; Ballant's West London House; Diogenes Club; Miller's Court; Dorset Street; Commercial Road; Sheldon's Warehouse; Oxford Street; Marylebone Road; Richmond
Story: When Holmes turns down a potential client, Laura Shirley, who is being blackmailed, Mrs Hudson and Mary Watson take on the case. They set the Irregulars to keep watch on Laura and her husband, but Wiggins is assaulted. While he is recuperating, he and Billy tell them about a veiled lady who runs a clinic in Whitechapel, and who was also the victim of a blackmailer. With the help of Langdale Pike they are able to uncover the names of other possible past victims, many of whom have links with Sir George Burnwell, and enlist the aid of Irene Adler to help acquire evidence against him. Blackmail turns to murder and Lestrade is assigned to investigate by Mycroft. The case reaches its conclusion when Mary is abducted.

Cara Black

"Cabaret Aux Assassins" (2003)
Included in:
My Sherlock Holmes (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Irene Adler
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler; Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: Comte Esterhazy; (Alfred Dreyfus)
Other Characters: Neige Adler; Nurse; Stagehand; Organ Grinder; Organ Grinder's Son; Meslay; Charcoal Seller; Anton; Léonie Guérard; Bijou; Chat Noir Performers; Chat Noir Clientele; Czechs; Emil Cavour; Alimentaire Proprietaire; Madame Lusard; Pre Angelo; Soup Kitchen Clientele; Vartan; Concierge; Bijou's Sister; Card Players; Child; Child's Mother
Date: 1914 & February, 1896
Locations: Nice; A Hospital; Paris; Théâtre Anglais; Montmartre; Place Goudeau; A Café; Irene's Garret; Le Chat Noir; Pigalle; Cabaret Aux Assassins; Alimentaire; Rue Lepic; Bouillon de Pres; Rue Androuët
Story: Irene Adler dies in Nice in 1914, but leaves her daughter Neige an account of her past. In February 1896 she was performing in Paris when Holmes approached her and asked her to use her contacts to investigate Comte Esterhazy, the real traitor in the Dreyfus Affair. She is later also approached by her brother-in-law, Meslay, to do the same on behalf of the French government. As her enquiries progress she realises that she is being followed, and is warned off the case. When Holmes comes to her rooms she is faced with a choice between helping England or France. Neige finally learns the true identity of her father.

Leigh Blackmore

"Exalted are the Forces of Darkness" (2009)
Included in:
Gaslight Grotesque (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Tobias Gregson; (Head Lama)
Folkloric Characters: Asmoday
Historical Figures: Florence Farr / Mary Lester; Allan Bennett; Aleister Crowley; (Sidney Paget; Henrietta Farr; Henry Marriott Paget)
Other Characters: Constables; Lillian Adams; Todhunter's Servants; Daniel Todhunter; Perkins; Richard Felkin; Fiona Sharp; Arnold Underhill; Mrs Underhill; (Lady Althea Adams; Marquis of Trowbridge)
Date: November, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Chancery; 13, Gower Street; Chancery Lane; Tottenham Court Road
Gregson calls on Holmes after the crushed and burned body of Lillian Adams, daughter of a Marquis, is found near the Chancery. After examining the site of her death, they learn that since her parents' death, she had been brought up by a series of guardians, all of whom were members of the Golden Dawn. Among the members of the society he has interviewed is Sidney Paget. A few weeks later one of Lillian's guardians is also murdered, and Holmes sets about warning the others that their lives might be in danger. Watson learns that Lillian's parents' will was divided into pieces and distributed among the five guardians. They are called on by a Golden Dawn member, actress Farr, who suggests that Crowley may be involved in the killings. They visit Crowley, who is sharing a house with Bennett, one of Lillian's guardians, and learn from him that he has accidentally unleashed the demon Asmoday, and believes someone else is controlling it. Holmes still believes that a human agency is responsible for the murders. He lays a trap and Crowley faces his demon.

Gary Blackwood

"Ethan Unbound" (1992)
Included in:
Short Circuits (Donald R. Gallo)
Story Type:
Supernatural Homage
Canonical Characters:
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Folkloric Characters: Merlin; Morgan le Fay
Fictional Characters: Dracula; Long John Silver
Historical Figures: Bruce Lee
Other Characters: Ms Morgan; Ethan; (Mr Wise; Stephen Shelton)
Unnamed Characters: Librarian; (Ethan's Mother; Ethan's Friends; Ethan's Father)

Locations: USA; School Library
Story: Teenage bookworm Ethan finds himself locked in the library with the evil librarian Ms Morgan, who threatens to turn him into a book. When he runs from her, she conjures the Hound of the Baskervilles and other fictional characters to pursue him. Bruce Lee and Merlin appear to help him, and he learns the librarian's true identity.

E.S. Blair

"Sheerluck Jones, or The Encyclopaedia Britannica" (1907)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches II: 1905-1909 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Sheerluck Jones; Dr Spitzen
Other Characters: Schoolmaster; Schoolboys; School Staff; Youth; (Prince Fitzbooble of Patagonia)
Locations: Jones's Rooms; School; Chapel; Library
Story: Sheerluck Jones is called in when an Encyclopaedia Britannica is stolen from a school library. He lays a trail of books to catch the culprit.

Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell)

"The Adventure of the Lost Meat-Card" (1918)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches II: 1915-1919 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector ("Darkey Ted") Lestrade
Other Characters: Policemen;
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Inn
Story: Holmes wakes Watson, examines an inn, and captures Lestrade.

Robert Bloch

"The Dynamics of an Asteroid" (1953)
Included in:
The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty
Historical Figures: (Albert Einstein)
Other Characters: Miss Hawes; Dr. Cooper
Locations: Moriarty's Apartment
Story: Miss Hawes is nursemaid to an old man who tells her that he was once a master criminal, until a detective brought an end to his career and left him for dead at a waterfall in Europe. He survived the fall and reformed, and contributed much to the development of humanity's ventures into space travel, communicating with Einstein on the subject. When he hears that the Government is finally launching a satellite he feels he can die in peace. Miss Hawes decides to look up his book: The Dynamics of An Asteroid.

Ruskin Bond

"The Stolen Daffodils" (2004)
Included in:
Rusty Goes to London (Ruskin Bond); Chandamama (April 2004)
Story Type:
Children's Story
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Dr Watson; Mrs Watson)
Historical Figures: Ruskin 'Rusty' Bond
Other Characters: Large Elderly Woman with Pomeranian; Gardener
Date: March
Locations: Baker Street; Regent's Park; Greenhouse
Story: Having come to London from India, Rusty is taking a day off work and strays from his walk along Baker Street into Regent's Park. There he encounters Holmes who has been called on to investigate a series of daffodil thefts. Together they lie in wait and capture the culprit, but when Rusty returns with a gardener, both Holmes and the thief have disappeared. Rusty later believes he sees the detective in Baker Street, but a passing bus blocks his view, and Holmes disappears again.

Matthew Booth

"The Dragon of Lea Lane" (2008)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Policeman; Lawton Fields; John Carlton / Juan Carlos Diego; Victoria Carlton; Sarah Harte; Maclachlan Hamer; (Jose Roderigo Diego; Diego's Wife; Rebels; Diego's Supporters)
Date: Latter Part of the Second Week in October, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Norwood; Lea Lane; Whytedale; Hamer's House; A Train; South America; Los Kernos
Story: A telegram from Lestrade takes Holmes and Watson to Whytedale, a Norwood Villa, where Lawton Fields, employed as a researcher by art historian John Carlton, has died in convulsions, stabbed in the chest, and talking of a dragon. The handle of the knife used to kill him is carved into such a shape, but Holmes believes Fields was referring to something else. Carlton accuses Hamer, a rival art collector, but Holmes discovers that the truth lies buried in the circumstances of a South American rebellion thirty years previously.

"The Tragedy of Saxon's Gate" (2008)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Dr Moore Agar; Stanley Hopkins
Other Characters: Chambers; Stanislaus Merrison; Elias Merrison; Dennis Walcombe; (Elizabeth Merrison; Lady Henrietta Forsythe; Lord Falmouth; Lucy Ketteridge; Elias's Son)
Date: Latter Half of 1896
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Norwood; Saxon's Gate; A Train
Story: Dr Moore Agar bursts into 221B, in fear that he is about to be arrested for the murder of his fiancée, Elizabeth. Hopkins arrives and tells them that Elizabeth died of morphine poisoning the day after a dinner at which Agar accused her of having an affair with family friend, Walcombe. Morphine is missing from Agar's medical bag, and he had administered her a sedative shortly before her death. Holmes, Watson and Hopkins visit Saxon's Gate, the family home, and question Walcombe and Elizabeth's father and brother. Holmes's enquiries at the registry office lead to him inviting the true murderer to Baker Street.

"The Verse of Death" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part II: 1890-1895 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Mary Morstan
Other Characters: Jacobs; Dr James Lomax; Agatha Wyke; (Edmund Wyke / Vincent Usher; Sebastian Wyke; Kent Police; Lestrade's Constable; Violet Usher; Finlay Meade; Lomax's Mother; Harry Coombes)
Date: Towards the end of September, 1890
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Kent; Railway Station; Cawthorne Towers
Story: Lestrade brings Holmes the case of Edmund Wyke the financier, found dead in his locked bedroom in his isolated house in Kent after receiving a series of poems in the post in the week leading up to his death. Holmes and Watson arrive in kent to find that Lestrade has arrested Wyle's gambler son, Sebastian. At Cawthorne Towers, Holmes examines the murder weapon: a carved dagger of the Egyptian El-Khalikan assassin cult. His investigations uncover a tale of deception, miscarried justice and revenge.

"The Wargrave Resurrection" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part IV: 2016 Annual (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Henry Collins; Police Constable; Sir Benjamin Galsworthy; Sophia Wargrave / Lady Sophia Galsworthy; Scotland Yard Archive Constable; Merchant Road Residents; Merchant Road Landlord; Mr Chappell / Theodore Wargrave; (Labourers; Doctors)
Date: Spring, 1888
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Whitechapel; Merchant Road; Kensington Park Gate; Galsworthy's House; Scotland Yard; Telegraph Office; 38, Merchant Road
Story: Henry Collins, a labourer, consults Holmes after seeing the publisher Theodore Wargrave entering a Whitechapel lodging house, three years after he supposedly shot himself in the head. Holmes and Watson visit Wargrave's widow, now remarried, only to find that her new husband has been murdered.

NOTE: Perhaps the author of the memoirs of the surgeon of a whaling ship (p.167) in Galsworthy's library was Arthur Conan Doyle.

Gary F. Boothe

The Secret of Sherlock Holmes (1997)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated in the third-person
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Birdy Edwards; Mrs. Watson; Dr. Watson; (Dubuque)
Historical Figures: Theodore Roosevelt; Marie Curie; Irene Curie; (Pierre Curie)
Other Characters: Baron Heindrick von Hoffman; Elsa; Hans Stihl; Donald Swanson; Mrs. McPhearson; Ambassador Greason; Embassy Staff & Visitors; Queensland Passengers; Alice 'Boomer' LaGraine; Redcap; Restaurant Car Diners; Jim Simpson; White House Guard; White House Butler; Roosevelt's Bodyguards; Colonel Goodman; Mr. Stanton; Mr. Parrott; John Weissman; Mr. Strong; Cliffton Sawyer; Roosevelt's Guests; Gertrude Swanson; Cab Driver; Bellhop; Schiller's Landlord; Wally Reisenweiver; Kyle Dreison; Von Hoffman's Men; Gate Guard; Footman; Butler; Staff; Policemen; Carriage Driver; Molly; (Vivian LaGraine; Charlie Thompson; John Gorensky; Mrs. Gorensky; Tiddleman's Proprietor; Sandra Castleman; Printer's Clerk; Jean Perrin; Professor Hans Schilling; Michelle; Professor Chaves)
Date: January 16th, 1906 (prologue); April 7th, 1907 - May, 1907; (1894 - LaGraine flashback)
Locations: Germany; Baron's Castle; Holmes's Sussex Villa; McPhearson's House; Grover's Inn; American Embassy; The Queensland; New York; Pier 19; A Trolleycar; Grand Central Station; A Train; Washington D.C.; Westin Hotel; The White House; Treasury Department; Bethesda; Applegate Street; Sawyer's House; The Evening Star; France; Paris; Boulevard Kellerman; Curie's House; 16, Rue Flatters; Café Mouserante; French Train; Frankfurt; Police Station; Guest House; Karlstadt; The Koener Inn; Sceaux; 6, Rue Chemin; Harley Street; Watson's Home; (The Mediterranean; Barcelona; Shadle Park)
Story: The Baron sends his colleague off on a job, while he plans the theft of the century. Secret Service man Swanson, arrives in Sussex with a letter from Roosevelt asking Holmes to take on a case in America. Arriving in New York, he is met by Boomer, who Swanson soon learns, is Holmes's daughter, and who accompanies them to Washington. Holmes tells Boomer of his relationship with her mother, and of a previous love, killed by Moriarty. Their meeting with the President is also attended by Birdy Edwards. They learn that the plates for the $20 bill have been stolen, in a seemingly impossible crime, from its place in one of two thousand security boxes that had been randomly chosen for its keeping.

The secret service clearly believes that a murdered security guard was responsible for the theft, aided by treasury man Sawyer's carelessness over security precautions. Pinkerton's have been unable to come up with anything against the murdered man. Burns on the victim's hands, tape marks on the security boxes, and string marks in the dust on top of them provide clues, but it is a chance remark by Sawyer's wife that finally enables Holmes to deduce how the plates were stolen. Holmes contacts Dubuque in Paris, because he believes the theft is connected to the death of Pierre Curie and the scandal surrounding Marie Curie. Holmes, Boomer and Swanson visit Curie in Paris, then travel to Germany in pursuit of a radium thief. In Frankfurt, Reisenweiver, a former Irregular, now a police detective, is able to set him onto his man. They set out to retrieve the radium and the plates.

Don Bosco

The Immortal Nightingale (2012)
Story Type:
Children's Homage
Canonical Figures: (Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Hong's Mentor))
Sherlockian Detective: Sherlock Hong
Historical Figures: (Henry Ridley)
Other Characters: Madam Hong; Chan Mei; Aisha; Miss Priya; Young Chinatown Men; Pui; William Fong; Ah Chye; Chan Mansion Crowd; Su Mei; Chan Suk; Constable Richard Flint; Scottish Man; Coolies; Quay Workers; Masked Ninja; (Master Hong; Mr Narayanan; Ah Mah; Uncle Chan; Pirate Chief; Aisha's Father; Veteran Seeker; Aisha's Aunt; Arabian Sheikh; Sumatran Headman's Daughter; Pui's Uncle; The Grandmaster)
Date: April, 1891
Locations: Singapore; River Valley Road; Sherlock's Bungalow; Aisha's Mansion; Chan Mansion; Chinatown; Pui's Father's Shophouse; Mount Emily; Fong's Bungalow; Boat Quay
Story: Having been expelled from his boarding school in England, Sherlock Hong, a member of the International Order of Young Seekers, is back with his parents in Singapore. His father hires a tutor, Miss Priya for him. Auntie Mei comes to the house to tell them that her father's nightingale, which a Cantonese merchant had sold him, telling him that it would make its owner immortal, has died. Her brother, Suk, has announced that the necromancer William Fong will bring the bird back to life, and the public are being charged a dollar to witness the event. Sherlock enlists his friends Aisha and Pui to help him investigate. He is rescued by a masked ninja and warned about the Grandmaster.

The Peranakan Princess (2012)
Story Type:
Children's Homage
Canonical Figures: (Sherlock Holmes)
Sherlockian Detective: Sherlock Hong
Historical Figures: (John Dee; Cheng Ho; Hang Li Po; Sultan Mansur Shah of Malacca)
Legendary Characters:
(Radin Mas Ayu)
Other Characters: Miss Priya; Chinese Women; Master Hong; Tan Yah Yah; Madam Hong; Ah Mah; Yat Seng; Aish; Jayathr; Idris White; Johor Plantation Workers; Johor Librarian; Chinese Man; Chandra; Old Lady; Lim Ying; Baba Lim Kok Lye; Women; Aisha's Parents; Peranakan Elders; (William Fong; Miss Priya's Father; Aisha's Aunt; Jayathri's Father; Jayathri's Mother; Sherlock's Schoolmates; Headmaster; Sherlock's Mentor)
Date: Second Tuesday in March, 1891
Locations: Singapore; Mount Faber; Tomb of Radin Mas Ayu; River Valley Road; Sherlock's House; Aisha's House; Malaya; Johor; Library; Malacca; China Hill; Lim Mansion
Story: Miss Priya takes Sherlock up Mount Ayu to see the tomb of the legendary princess Radin Mas Ayu. When he returns home, he sees his father arguing with a man with a goldfish tattoo on his forehead. That night, their house is broken into. Idris White, a high-ranking member of the International Order of Young Seekers arrives from London. he has been sent by their mentor (who lives in a house in London whose digits add up to five), to find a descendant of Princess Hang Li Po, who is being sought by a gang of warlords from Hong Kong because she is able to recite the entire text of the lost alchemical Book of Secrets. Together they travel across the Strait of Johor to Johor Library, where they face a magician and receive help from an unexpected source, before travelling on to Malacca to save a princess.

The Scroll of Greatness (2014)
Story Type:
Children's Fantasy Homage
Canonical Figures: (Sherlock Holmes)
Sherlockian Detective: Sherlock Hong
Historical Figures: (Sir Cecil Clementi Smith)
Other Characters: Chinatown Residents; Coolies; Madam Bao; Dr Woo; Constable Richard Flint; Master Hong; Miss Priya; Madam Hong; Aisha; Thugs; Indian Patrolmen; Riverbank Crowd; Mangosteen Man; Indian Military Man; European Woman; Chinese Monks; (Master Chun; Jayathri; Amelia Graham; Lady Jane Graham; Ram Joshi; K.K. Joshi; Abdullah Ali Hazan; Fatma Ali Hazan; Snake Charmer; Great Master Fu; Master Fu's Disciples; Master Hong's Parents)
Date: 1891
Locations: Singapore; Chinatown; Mansion; Police Station; River Valley Road; Sherlock's House; Riverside
Story: When he is too late to gain entry to the exhibition of the Scroll of Greatness in Singapore's Chinatown, Ali climbs over the back wall of the mansion it is being displayed in. He is caught by the mansion's owner, Dr Woo, and taken to the police station, where he is accused of stealing the Scroll. Sherlock sets out to find the real thief.
The Legend of Lady Yue (2014)
Story Type:
Children's Fantasy Homage
Sherlockian Detective: Sherlock Hong
Historical Figures: (Lady Yue; King Guojian)
Other Characters: Aisha; Riverside Crowds; William Fong; Constable Richard Flint; Pickpocket; Procession; Coolies; Master Hong; Madam Hong; Ah Mah; Patrolmen; Edward James; Pui; Jayathri; Hamish Morty; Miss Priya; Old Master Foo; Robert Foo
(Aisha's Sister; William Fong; Aisha's Mother; John Chung; Receptionist; Hanlin Academy Library Master; Pui's Grandfather; Pui's Brothers; Master Foo's Servants; Jayathri's Uncle; Master Hong's Friends; Guojian's Guards)
Date: 1891
Locations: Singapore; Singapore River; Pier; River Valley Road; Sherlock's House; Coleman Street; Adelphi Hotel; Jayathri's House; Celestial Reasoning Association's Villa
Story: Sherlock and Aisha go to the waterfront to watch Harmston's Circus arrive in Singapore. An explosion occurs at the Adephi Hotel, and Miss Priya is abducted by a ghost. A valuable book she was translating, The Sword of Lady Yue, has also disappeared.

Rolfe Boswell

"Colonel Warburton's Madness" (1962)
Included in:
The Baker Street Journal, June 1962
Story Type:
Science-Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Colonel (Robert) Warburton; Colonel (Major) Sebastian Moran; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lanner; Mary Morstan; (Victor Hatherley; Mycroft Holmes; Langdale Pike; Dr Percy Trevelyan; Dr Moore Agar; Allardyce)
Fictional Characters: (A.J. Raffles)
Historical Figures: (Giovanni Schiaperelli; Percival Lowell)
Other Characters: Anglo-Indian Club Steward; Diogenes Club Secretary; Peshawar Officers; Afridi Head Bearer; Bearers; Venutian; (Watson's Patient; Astronomer Royal; Heir; Heir's Uncle; Distant Cousin; Home Office Experts)
Date: A decade after Watson left Afghanistan / December, 1882 - January, 1883
Locations: Anglo-Indian Club; Pall Mall; Diogenes Club; India; Peshawar; Headquarters Mess; The Hindu Kush; Chitral Village; Tirach Mir; 221B, Baker Street; Euston Station
Story: Watson encounters his old army colleague Colonel Robert Warburton in the Anglo-India Club. He is in a state of distress, so Watson takes him to see Holmes at the Diogenes Club. Holmes invites Mycroft to join them.

Warburton tells them how, while he was stationed in Peshawar, Moran arrived in his headquarters mess, claiming to be in the region hunting Asiatic lions. Warburton agreed to accompany him on his hunt, ending up, by misfortune, on his own, he spotted a saucer-shaped flying object in the sky. The vehicle landed, and a creature came out of it.

Mycroft reassures him that there have been many such encounters. Holmes visits the Astronomer Royal at Greenwich, and the next day Lanner arrives to consult him over a suspected poisoning related to an inheritance. The following day, back at the Diogenes Club, the Holmes brothers reveal their deductions about the origins of the visitor.

Anthony Boucher

"The Adventure of the Bogle Wolf" (1949)
Included in:
The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mary Morstan; Kate Whitney; (Mycroft Holmes)
Fictional Characters: (Little Red Riding Hood; The Wolf; Granny; The Woodcutter)
Other Characters: Elias Whitney; Isa Whitney, Jr.
Date: January, 1889
Locations: Watson's Paddington Home
Story: Holmes visits Watson while he is baby-sitting young Elias Whitney. After listening to Watson tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood, Holmes reduces Elias to tears by deducing the truth about Granny and the Wolf.

"The Adventure of the Illustrious Impostor" (1944)
Included in:
The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes (Ellery Queen)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Fictional Characters: (Roderick Alleyn; Inspector French; Supt. Wilson)
Historical Figures: (The Duke of Hamilton; Rudolf Hess)
Date: May 1941
Story: In conversation at his bee-farm in Sussex, Holmes suggests to Watson that the Rudolf Hess held prisoner by the British is an impostor, and that the real Hess has been murdered in Germany.
"The Anomaly of the Empty Man" (1952)
Included in:
The Science-Fictional Sherlock Holmes (Robert C. Peterson); The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sebastian Wolfe)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr Verner; Carina; Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Lamb; Inspector Abrahams; Slavko Catenich; Irma Borigian; Fencers; Carina's Dresser; (James Stambaugh; Kaguchi; Ronny Furbish-Darnley; Major MacIvers; Sir Frederick Paynter; Two Young Aristocrats; Moishe Lipkowitz; Bishop of Cloisterham; Captain Clutsam; Clutsam's Family; Messenger)
Date: 1952 / 1901
Locations: San Francisco; Stambaugh's Apartment; The Montgomery Block; Verner's Studio; London; Clutsam's House; Verner's Kensington Practice
Story: Lamb is called to opera fanatic Stambaugh's apartment by Inspector Abrahams, where an unfinished drink, a burned-out cigarette, a revolving record player turntable and a complete set of clothes (and eyeglasses) laid out on the floor exactly as if the body had dissolved from inside them, are evidence of a bizarre incident. Lamb calls on Verner whose studio resembles that of his French near-namesake, and who plays him a recording of "the greatest dramatic soprano of this century" and tells him of an incident in 1901 after he had taken over his Kensington practice and his encounter with the soprano Carina, over whom many men took their own lives. After her death, rumours of black magic began to spread, and a series of disappearances began, identical to Stambaugh's. One of the men was Verner's patient, and he and his cousin (Holmes) were called in to investigate. Holmes discovers that they had all purchased a recording of Carina singing Pergolesi's Pater Noster, which had also disappeared. Verner tells of his experiment with and near death over the recording, and his attempts to destroy all remaining copies. Abrahams believes that a vacuum cleaner holds the solution to the mystery and Lamb is left with the Carina recording.

The Case of the Baker Street Irregulars (1940)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Dr Watson; Ricoletti; Altamont)
Characters Based on Canonical Characters: Belle Craven (Sarah or Susan Cushing); Peter Black (Jim Browner); Teddy Fircombe (Bob Ferguson); Dr Royal Farncroft (Grimesby Roylott); Anna Trepovna (The Old Russian Woman)
Alice Craven (Mary Cushing); Mrs Fircombe (Mrs Ferguson); The First Mrs Fircombe (The First Mrs Ferguson); Master Fircombe (Jacky Ferguson); Baby Fircombe (Baby Ferguson); Amy Gray (Julia Stoner); Florence Gray (Helen Stoner))
Fictional Characters: (Max Farrington)
Historical Figures: The Baker Street Irregulars; (Christopher Morley; Alexander Woolcott; Vincent Starrett; Elmer Davis; Larry Wagner & His Rhythmasters; Tuskegee Quartet)
Other Characters:
Maureen O'Breen; F.X. Weinberg; Miss Blankenship; Stephen Worth; Professor Drew Furness; Harrison Ridgly III; Miss Purvis; John O'Dab / Jonadab Evans; Fred; Aminta Frowley; Dr Rufus Bottomley; Dr Gordon Withers; Otto Federhut; Talipes Ricoletti; Mrs Hudson; Lieutenant A. "Andy" Jackson; Lieutenant Herman Finch; Sergeant Hinkle; Sergeant Watson; Mr Feinstein; Grossmann; Joe; Captain Fairdale Agar; Larry Gargan; Judith; Captain Norris; Gomez; Miss Freese; A.K.; Vernon Crews; Ann Larsen; German Man; Caterers; Reception Servants; Decorator's Men; Cameramen; Messenger Boy; Newspaper Columnists; Reporters; Crutch Man; Masked Guard; Masked Chess-Players; Patrolman; Sailors; Police Sergeant; Police Chauffeur; Withers' Nurses; Russian Priest; Rathskeller Waiters; Rathskeller Orchestra; Rathskeller Headwaiter; Record Store Clerks; Cab Driver; Salvation Army Man; Arbuthnot's Secretary; Nurse; (G.G.; Phillida Ridgly; Harrison Ridgly II; Harold Swathmore; Paul Jackson; Miss Loring; Denny; Rita La Marr; Doktor Friedrich Vronnagel; False English Major; Professor Giancarelli; Beat Policeman; Agar's Crew; Alice's Sisters; Alice's Brother-in-law; Anna Sosoyeva; Fircombe's Wives; Fircombe's Children; Children's Nurse; Young; Architect; Anna's Customer; Speeding Driver; Gangster's Toughs; Dr Vladimir Radin; Sergeant Levine; John Zed; Ambulance Men; Taxi Driver; Mr Arbuthnot; Commisar V.N. Plotnikov; Gwendolyn Abercrombie)
Date: June - July, 1939
Locations: USA; California; Los Angeles; Hollywood; Metropolis Pictures; 221B Romualdo Drive; 1233 Berendo Street; Withers' Sanatorium; Anna's Apartment; The Rathskeller; Sunset Boulevard; Police Headquarters; Hollywood Boulevard; Record Store; Bank; Hotel Elite, 232 South Main Street; New York; Sirrah Magazine Offices; Algonquin Hotel; Prater Restaurant; Missouri; Columbia; Aminta Frowley's Select Coaching School for Young Ladies
Story: When Metropolis Pictures announce that they are filming "The Speckled Band", to be scripted by ex-private detective Stephen Worth, the Baker Street Irregulars organise a letter-writing campaign, targeted at producer F.X. Weinberg. Unable to fire the writer, Weinberg invites a group of Irregulars to Hollywood, where they stay at 221B Romualdo Drive with a housekeeper named Mrs Hudson.

A series of odd visitors and messages to and from Worth arrive at 221B, and the press reception is disrupted by the drunken arrival of Worth himself. That same night Worth is shot dead and Maureen O'Breen, in charge of organising the Irregulars' visit, is knocked unconscious. Police Lieutenant Jackson, who was a guest at the reception, finds that the body has vanished, and that he is a suspect. Nonetheless, Lieutenant Finch asks for his assistance in the investigation.

A series of Sherlockian clues begin to appear, and one by one, the following day, the Irregulars are drawn into incidents involving an aluminium crutch, a tired captain, Colonel Warburton, a venomous lizard, and an old Russian woman, each of which seems to have a Sherlockian theme, and to implicate one of the other Irregulars in the game which is afoot. Each escapade brings an Irregular to the attention of the police, and sows further seeds of suspicion among them.

NOTE: Drew Furness's psychologist friend at UCLA, Professor Giancarelli (P.117), is probably based on Joseph A. Gengerelli, who was associated with the Psychology Department from 1929.
"The Greatest Tertian" (1952)
Included in:
The Science-Fictional Sherlock Holmes (Robert C. Peterson)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Parody of Sherlockian Scholarship
Detectives: Sherk Oms & Wa Tsn
Historical Figures: Sherk Sper (Shakespeare)
Date: The Future
Story: An extract from a Martian document on the history of their neighbouring planet that asserts that two of the Earth's greatest figures "Sherk Oms" and "Sherk Sper" were actually the same person.
"Jack El Destripador" (Translated by Boucher)

Radio Plays by Boucher and Denis Green

Adapted by Ken Greenwald, H. Paul Jeffers and Carla Coupe

A. Boukhov

"The End of Sherlock Holmes" (1918)
Included in:
The Crimson Smile (Maurice Dekobra)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Tobias Gregson; Inspector Lestrade (Lestard); Professor Moriarty
Other Characters: James Kenner; Jack Sprint; Bridgers; Policemen; Cabby; Servants; Assassin; Hyde Park Crowd; Pressmen; Unemployed Men; (Old Lady in Reginald Park; Father; Son; Illegitimate Children; William Strod; Red-Headed Salesman; Jim the Green Rat; Samuel Brighton; Master Baker; Professional Footballer; Lady Graham; Count Pashberry; Duke of Rococo; Countess of Ampire; Old Farmer)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Whitechapel; Darling Hall; Reginald Park; Bridger's House
Story: Holmes becomes aware that Moriarty is hatching a new plot against him. The solutions to a series of murders lead Holmes closer and closer to his final fate in the unemployment line.

Fabrice Bourland

The Baker Street Phantom (2010)
Story Type:
Supernatural Homage
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moran
Fictional Characters: Griffin; Mr Hyde; Dracula; Dorian Gray; Dr Moreau; Carmilla
Historical Figures: Thomas Glendenning Hamilton; Mary "Dawn" Marshall; Susan "Mercedes" Marshall; Ewan; W.B. Cooper; H.A. Reed; James Archibald Hamilton; Dr Bruce Chown; Lillian Hamilton; John D. MacDonald; Walter; Arthur Conan Doyle; Lady Jean (Leckie) Conan Doyle; Mary Louise Doyle; Jack the Ripper; (Professor Allison; Elizabeth Poole; Robert Louis Stevenson; David Livingstone; Camille Flammarion; Adrian Conan Doyle; Denis Conan Doyle)
Other Characters: James Trelawney; Andrew Singleton; Miss Sigwarth; Major Henry Hipwood; Dr John Dryden; Newspaper Boy; Oxford Street Crowd, Taxi Drivers; Thomas Blunden; Horace Lang; Elena Lang; Reverend Jerome Stanford; Clive Randall; Blanche; Bookshop Customer; Newspaper Seller; Butler; Innkeeper; Drunkard; Sailors; Prostitute; Ripper's Victim; Dr Ashley Kirkby / Dr Brown; (Doyle's Servant; Doyle's Doctor; Janet Hipwood; John Dryden; Inspector Edward Constance; Mary Daniels; Cornelia Bancroft; Suzann Richardson; Margaret Palmer; Anna Leigh; Leonor Singleton; Doctor; Thaddeus Jenkin)
Date: March - December, 1932
Locations: Canada; Winnipeg; The Hamilton Home; London; Montague Street; Singleton & Trelawney's Rooms; Baker Street; 221, Baker Street; Oxford Street; Great Russell Street; Victoria Street; Abbey House; The Psychic Bookshop; Millbank; British Museum Reading Room; Commercial Road; Ratcliffe Street; Narrow Street; Russell Square; Meredith's Restaurant; Piccadilly; Highgate Cemetery
Story: The Toronto Daily News reports that a spiritualist group has made contact with, and photographed, the spirit of Arthur Conan Doyle.

Singleton and Trelawney are visited by Lady Jean in their Montague Street rooms. She tells them that Major and Mrs Hipwood, the current residents of 221, Baker Street, are experiencing strange phenomena, which she believes are spiritual in origin and connected to her husband's last message and a series of murders, similar to those of Jack the Ripper, taking place in London. Singleton realises that the sites of the murders are important locations in Dracula and The Picture of Dorian Gray. He and Trelawney visit 221, where a spirit photograph taken of them by Dryden, the Hipwoods' nephew, appears to show the spirit of Sherlock Holmes. Further murders occur, replicating those of the Ripper and Mr Hyde.

Singleton and Trelawney attend a seance at 221B. The spirit of Holmes materialises and advises them to go to Narrow Street to stop another murder. Before doing so, they visit the Psychic Bookshop and talk to Doyle's daughter Mary. In Narrow Street they are rescued from the ghost of Jack the Ripper by Doyle's former neighbour, Dr Ashley Kirkby.

The following day, Singleton puts forward his theory that London is being haunted by the ghosts of literary villains from Victorian literature. Kirkby confirms his idea, and states that fictional characters can be given spirit by the intellectual energy of readers, and that so much has been written speculatively about the Ripper that he has been revived in the same way. They decide that they must call on the spirit of Holmes once more to help them track down and quell the murderous phantoms.

Mark Bourne

"The Case of the Detective's Smile" (1995)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson
Fictional Characters: The Cheshire Cat
Historical Figures: Alice Liddell; (Lewis Carroll)
Date: January, 1898
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; (Wonderland)
Story: Alice Liddell comes to Baker Street after the death of Lewis Carroll, having just returned from a visit to Wonderland. She brings with her a glass box containing a gift in tribute to Holmes for a case he solved there during the hiatus.

Nicholas Boving

"The Elphberg Red" (2012)
Included in:
Tales of the Shadowmen 8: Agents Provocateurs (J.-M. & Randy Lofficier)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Dr Watson
Canonical Characters: Mrs Hudson; Dr. Watson; Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars; (Sherlock Holmes)
Fictional Characters: Rudolf Rassendyl; Colonel Sapt; Rupert of Hentzau; Josephine Balsamo, Countess Cagliostro; Inspector Mackenzie; A.J. Raffles; Bunny Manders; Queen Flavia; Sir Edward Lytton; The Pink Panther Diamond; (Black Michael; Baird; Crowley; Rudolf V; Sir Charles Lytton)
Other Characters: Cabbies; Sir Edward Lytton; (Sir Osbert Geld; Mackenzie's Men)
Date: 1897
Locations: Hyde Park Square; Blackheath; 221B, Baker Street; Lucknow Lane; Ruritania
Story: When Rupert of Hentzau steals the Elphberg Red diamond, Rudolf Rassendyl travels to Baker Street. Holmes is away on a case, but Watson offers his assistance, and invites Inspector Mackenzie to assist him. Hentzau, who is in league with the Countess Cagliostro, attempts to sell the diamond to Baird, and Raffles plans to steal it from Hentzau.

"The Evil Among Us" (2015)
Included in:
Tales of the Shadowmen 12: Carte Blanche (J-M & Randy Lofficier)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical supernatural adventure of Dr Watson
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson
Fictional Characters:
Jules Maigret; Comte de Saint-Germain (Comte d'Ingraville); Abbé Jules Dervelle; Mr Mocata; Father Brown; (Madame Maigret)
Folkloric Characters:
Other Characters: Waiter; Farmer's Daughter; Gendarmes; Comte's Steward; (Mme Maigret's Relations; Farmer; Abdul el Hazid; Curate)
Date: December, 1929
Locations: France; The Ardennes; Inn; d'Ingraville's Chateau; Chapel; Dervelle's House; Mocata's House; Railway Station
Story: Holidaying in the Ardennes, Watson is asked by Maigret to help investigate the murder of the Comte d'Ingraville, rumoured to actually be Saint-Germain. The Comte has been dismembered in a windowless chapel, the doors of which were ripped from their hinges. Hidden in a corner of the chapel, they find a girl, driven mad by what she has witnessed. After visiting Dervelle and Mocata, both of whom had grievances with the Comte, they are joined in their investigation by Father Brown, who finds a demonic book in the chapel.

Rhys Bowen

"The Case of the Lugubrious Manservant" (2004)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Third Person Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes (Fritzi)
Historical Figures: Sigmund Freud; Edward VII
Other Characters: Frau Muller; Outriders; Footman; Baron Rudi Vizkelety; Hansi Muller; Hunting Lodge Servants; Baroness Vizkelety; Prince Ruprecht von Saxe-Coburg; Princess Gisela; Count Von Strezl; Countess Von Strezl; Major Johnny Watling-Smythe; Gun Bearer; Hans; Chambermaid; (Frau Muller's Sister; Frau Muller's Brother-in-law)
Date: Autumn, 1891
Locations: Switzerland; White Horse Inn
Story: Freud is staying at an inn in Switzerland where he encounters the simpleton servant Fritzi, pulled from a mountain torrent six months earlier by the landlady's brother-in-law. Baron Vizkelety and his hunting party stop at the inn on their way to the Baron's hunting lodge. The following day Fritzi drives Freud to the hunting lodge where the royal guests include the Prince of Wales. His encounter with the English members of the party begins to restore some of Fritzi's memory. An accident occurs during the shoot and Freud is called to tend to the victim, but Count Von Strezl is already dead. Fritzi points out signs on the body that indicate that the death was more than a simple shooting accident. He procedes to reveal the solution to the case and to uncover his own identity.

"Cutting for Sign" (2010)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The American Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Third Person Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Dorothy Williams; Reverend Claybourne Williams; Miss Buckley; Big Man; Cowboy; Coach Driver; Bandits; Shadow Wolf; Tucker; Mrs Tucker; Willard Jensen; Tyler Jensen; Lynch Mob; Hank; Deputies; Judge; Carter Cleveland; Chuck Hawkins; Man in Red; (Ronald Fletcher)
Locations: USA; Arizona; Tucker's Ranch; Tucson
Story: Holmes is travelling by stagecoach to Tucson when the coach is held up by bandits. He is knocked out and left in the desert. He is helped on his journey out of the desert by Shadow Wolf, a Native American, who teaches him how to read the signs of the desert and takes him to Tucker's ranch. Arriving in Tucson, he recognises one of the men who held up the coach, but learns that his father is one of Tucson's leading citizens. He also discovers that Shadow Wolf has been accused of murder. Holmes uses the skills he has learned from Shadow Wolf and Tucker to find the real murderer.
"Sherlocked" (2018)
Included in:
For the Sake of the Game (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type:

Other Characters:
Detective Constable Clare Patterson; Thames Valley Police Officers; Other Police Officers; Forensics teams; Reporters; Chief Superintendent Barclay; Charlie Tanner; DI Hammond; College Porter; Groundsman; Professor Theodor Orville; Ada Johnson; Dr Heathcliff; Orville's Sister; (Dr Tanner; Professor Treadwell; Dr Ransom; Professor Tweedie)
Date: May
Thames Valley; Hotel; Police HQ; Oxford; St Clement's College; Orville's Sister's House; Clare's House
Story: The Thames Valley police introduce their new crime scene robot, Sherlock. Constable Patterson's boss is keen to prove that a human investigator will prove superior. They have a chance to take on Sherlock, when an Oxford professor is found dead inside a locked room.

Rick (Richard L.) Boyer

"The Adventure of Bell Rock Light" (1998)
Included in:
A Sherlockian Quartet (Rick Boyer)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson
Other Characters: Clive Wallace; Carriage Driver; Robert Ross; John Cormack; George Hay; Captain of the Petrel; Engineer; Fireman; Hutchenson; Phil Mitchell; Evans; Hayne Edwards; Edwards' Housekeeper; Douglas Burnham; McPhereson; Inspector Drummond; Bagpipers; (Lucille Maccarg)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Scotch Express; Dundee; A Carriage; Arbroath; Wallace's Cottage; The Petrel; Bell Rock Lighthouse; A Golf Course; Arbroath Jail; Edwards' House; The Three Caltrops Pub
Story: Visiting a friend, Wallace, in Scotland, Holmes learns of the death of a keeper, Robert Ross, in the Bell Rock lighthouse. The other keepers both claim to have been asleep when the man died, but a scrawled note, "Killed by Corm" seems to implicate one of them, Cormack. The murdered man was killed by cyanide gas released from a glass capsule found in the room with him.

Holmes and Watson travel out to the lighthouse where they must spend the night after high seas force their ship to leave without them. Holmes examines the remains of the capsule and learns of the death of Ross's wife three years before, and of his rivalry with Hayne Edwards over her. Holmes later interviews Edwards, learns of his time spent living in China, and admires a picture of Chinese fishermen on his wall. When he hears of Edwards' recent holiday, a telegram to the keepers of the Skerryvore Light brings a solution to the problem.

"The Adventure of the Eyrie Cliff" (1998)
Included in:
A Sherlockian Quartet (Rick Boyer)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mycroft Holmes
Historical Figures: Winston Churchill; David Lloyd George; King George V
Other Characters: Davies; Woman at 221B; Telegram Delivery Boy; Stretcher Bearers; Wounded Soldiers; Train Passengers; Geoffery Cardwell; Miss Simmons; Stanley Gaines; Mr. Helgeson; Abercrombie; Howarth; Tinker, the Airedale; Clyde Witherspoon; Arrowsmith the Butcher; Colonel House; Two Police Guards; Allistair; The Special Detachment; Logan, the Lion of Leeds; Crusher Calahan; Fandango; Mad Mike Higgins; Captain Henry Ainsley; Derrick Fleming, the Death Dealer; Steve; Weasel Williams; Billie; Yacht Crew; 'Legs' Thomkins' U-Boat crew; Hugo Von Luckner; American Sailors; Soldiers
Date: March - April, 1917
Locations: A Military Hospital; A Cab; 221B, Baker Street; Watson's Lodgings; Waterloo Station; A Train; Eastbourne; A Douglas Motorcycle; The South Downs; Finisterre, Holmes's Villa; An Inn; Cardwell's Cottage; Ballow's Wash / the Eyrie Cliff; Birling Gap; the Fox & Hounds Inn; Smuggler's Rest; A Cave; A Smugglers' Tunnel; Railway station; Spithead
Story: Ordered to take two weeks off from his military hospital duties, Watson is summoned to Sussex by Holmes who is now a member of the Home Guard keeping watch on the English Channel for German submarines. He is also investigating the deaths and disappearances of a number of important war time figures, and the possible presence of a German spy in Eastbourne. The most recent disappearance was of a young naval strategist, Cardwell, and occurred within a few miles of Holmes's villa.

They visit Cardwell's cottage, meeting his housekeeper and his friend, Gaines, and are able to follow the tracks of his last walk to a bay known as "The Eyrie Cliff". In the sea they find the body of Cardwell's dog. As they are searching the bay, an elderly birdwatcher, Helgeson, arrives. He has lived in the area for about four years and has recently heard what sounds like whales spouting at night.

Mycroft arrives in Sussex, but Holmes and Watson become trapped in a submerged cave and follow a smugglers' tunnel, which eventually brings them into the presence of the missing man. It is revealed that there is a traitor among Mycroft's closest aides. With the aid of a crack, though unpredictable, military unit, Holmes and Watson must face both the traitor and the crew of a German U-Boat in a final shootout in Ballow's Wash.

"The Adventure of Zolnay the Aerialist" (1998)
Included in:
A Sherlockian Quartet (Rick Boyer); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Inspector Lestrade
Historical Figures: Sir Frederick Treves; John Merrick
Other Characters: Gregor Zolnay; Anna Tontriva; Vladimir Vayenko; Circus Crowds; Bruno Baldi; 'Black Jack' Houlihan; Clowns; Sidney Larkin; Panelli; Panelli's wife & Five Children; Jocko the Monkey; Hannibal the Elephant; Rocco the Clown; Head Nurse; Orderly; Lamar Chipperfield; A Cabbie; Circus Watchman
Date: May, 1890
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Wimbledon; Chipperfield's Circus; The London Hospital; Morley's Chop House; A Hansom Cab
Story: Gregor Zolnay, a trapeze artiste with Chipperfield's Circus, visits Baker Street after Holmes has deduced his identity from a pair of gloves left on a previous visit. His trapeze partner fiancée has fallen during a performance and is unconscious in hospital. Before she fell she cried out "the elephant man", a phrase she has repeated in a brief moment of consciousness. Visiting the circus grounds, Holmes interviews Panelli, the elephant trainer, who seems to have a solid alibi for the time of the accident. Before they leave, one of the elephants kills Panelli's monkey. The circus performers believe this to be a sign of bad luck - three people will die.

Holmes and Watson travel next to the London Hospital, where Anna is warded. Watson runs into his old colleague, Frederick Treves, but Anna dies without regaining consciousness. Back at the circus, Holmes shows interest in the run-in, through which the animals enter the tent, and discovers strange tracks and an even stranger canvas slipper outside. The solution to the mystery is finally learned from Treves' patient, John Merrick, who has been used as a dupe by one of the circus performers. Holmes, disguised as Merrick, carefully lays a trap to get the murderer to reveal his guilt.

NOTE: One wonders if the reference to "Morley's Chop House", where Holmes and Watson have dinner (P.28), is in homage to Christopher Morley, one of whose stories (in Tales from a Rolltop Desk) was titled "The Commutation Chophouse".

The Giant Rat of Sumatra (1976)
Included in:
A Sherlockian Quartet (Rick Boyer) and as a novel in its own right
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs. Hudson; Tobias Gregson; Jack Stapleton
Other Characters: Baker Street Strollers; Murder Crowd; Raymond Jenard; Ambulance Attendants; Reporters; Constables; Mulvaney; Fire Crowds; Police Wagon Driver; Firemen; Fire Victims; Abbie; Abbie's Mother; Josiah Griggs; John Sampson; Jennings; Captain James McGuinness; Customs Inspectors; Detectives; Binnacle Waitress; Sailors; Alf; Red Scanlon; Scotty; Winkler; Thomas; Binnacle Waiter; Beryl Haskins; Mrs. Redding; Mortimer; Blacksmith; Blackwall Onlookers; Nip & Tuck; Allistair's Butler; Lord Peter Allistair; Lady Allistair; Paddington Crowds; Brundage; Farm Labourers; Gypsy; White Hart Innkeeper; White Hart Guests; Ian Farthway; Wiscomb; Betsy; Telegraph Operator; Julia; Charles Compson; Reverend Ripley; Mr. Jones; Wangi; Alice Allistair; Servants
(Ambulance Driver; Constable Roberts; Matilda Briggs Crew; Dhow Crew; Mason-Jones; Meg Brundage; King Zoltan; Harun Sarouk; Peter Allistair)
Date: September 15th - October, 1894
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; The Docks; The Isle of Dogs; Preston Street; East Commercial Street; Limehouse; Blackwall Reach; Customs Launch; The Matilda Briggs; Robin Hood Lane; The Binnacle Public House; Whitechapel Road; Balfour Lane; Ballantine's Livery & Smith Shop; Portman Square; 13, Bayswater Road; Paddington Station; A Train; Shropshire; Shrewsbury; Rutlidge; The White Hart Inn; Strathcombe; The Clun Forest; Henry's Hollow; Farthway's Cottage
(Batavia; The Straits of Sunda; Sumatra; Bombay; Madras; Kutaradja)
Story: Holmes and Watson follow an ambulance to the site of the murder of a sailor on Baker Street. From there they accompany Lestrade to a fire on the docks. Holmes suggests that the murdered sailor had been coming to see him, and discovers that he had arrived in London aboard the Matilda Briggs from Batavia. Sampson, another member of the crew, visits Holmes in Baker Street and tells him of the Matilda Briggs' latest voyage. Three passengers were taken aboard, and off the coast of Sumatra oversaw the loading of a crate, which Jenard, the murdered man, had discovered to contain a giant rat, as big as a calf

When Holmes, Watson and Lestrade board the Matilda Briggs, they find it deserted except for the body of the Captain, mauled by a huge animal. With the aid of bloodhounds, they learn how the creature was removed from the ship, and discover that Ripley, responsible for bringing it to England, had been following them during their investigations. Lord and Lady Allistair receive a ransom note for their daughter, whose disappearance in Bombay Holmes has been investigating. He sends Watson to their country home where the payment is to be made, while he continues investigations in London.

In Shropshire, Watson becomes aware of a pair of gypsies, who seem to be interested in the house, and a spy is uncovered on the staff. He also hears of a large wild boar which has appeared, leaving traces in the surrounding forest. A message arrives from Alice Allistair, with a second pin-pricked secret message, which Watson is unable to decode. Later he and Farthway, the gamekeeper, find the body of the boyfriend of one of the maids, with injuries identical to those of the Captain of the Matilda Briggs. Holmes arrives at Strathcombe, and Watson is selected by the kidnappers to deliver the ransom with Lord Allistair. In the forest he is forced to face both the giant rat and an old adversary.

NOTE: Holmes recalls his fight with Bully Boy Rasher (p.71-72). This fight was first mentioned in The Adventure of the Wax Gamblers by Adrian Conan Doyle & John Dickson Carr.

A. Comyn Boyle

"The Mystery of the Chewed Pencil" (1912)
Included in:
McGill Daily, Volume 1 Number 61 (3 February 1912)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Picklock Holes & Dr Hotson
Characters Based on Canonical Characters: (Inspector Messtrade)
Characters Based on Fictional Characters: (Baffles [Raffles])
Characters Based on Historical Figures: (Leakin Steamcock [Stephen Leacock])
Other Characters: Jonathan Chapman; Mrs Chapman; Mary Martin; (Mr Pikestaff)
Unnamed Characters: Asylum Employee; (Chapman's Son)
Date: February
Locations: Shaker Street; Holes's Rooms; Hatherley; Chapman's Farm
Story: Holes and Hotson return to their Shaker Street rooms to find Chapman, a gentleman farmer waiting for them. His wife's tiara, a family heirloom has been stolen. Holes believes that Baffles, the amateur cracksman is behind the theft. Holes and Hotson travel to Chapman's farm in Hatherley, and finds a chewed, broken pencil in the bedroom.
"The Mystery of the Missing Master" (1912)
Included in:
McGill Daily, Volume 1 Number 43 (16 December 1911)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Picklock Holes & Dr Hotson
Other Characters: Mr Yonsen; Mr Killmore; Slim Shimmins; Zink McParvenue; (Chief Scampeau; Charles W. Sweldon; Riddertons; Pip Pastry)
Unnamed Characters: Messenger Boy; Swindler Hotel Clerk; Students; Rugby Spectators; Newsboy
Locations: Shaker Street; Holes's Rooms; Canada; Montreal; Swindler Hotel; Swindler Street; McHell University; The Onion Club; Mount Boyal; Rugby Field; The Aljoy; Pumpkins
Story: Holes fails to turn sawdust into diamonds, and receives a mysterious summons to Montreal. On their arrival, he and Hotson learn that members of McHell University's rugby team have disappeared. Holes investigates, disguised as a college boy, infiltrates the team's changing rooms, and recovers the missing players.

Paul Braczyk

"Fort-ifications" (Part 1) (1974)
Included in:
Caveat Emptor, No.12, March-April 1974
Story Type:
Science-Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Unnamed Characters: Hansom Driver; Yin Fu
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; UFO Landing Site
Story: Holmes spots a UFO in sky, and he and Watson follow it to its landing site in the country.
"Fort-ifications" (Part 2) (1974)
Included in:
Caveat Emptor, No.13, May-June 1974
Story Type:
Science-Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; (Inspector Lestrade)
Unnamed Characters: Hansom Driver; Yin Fu
Locations: Regency Park; 221B, Baker Street
Story: Holmes takes Watson to the Regency Park Botanical Exhibit, where they encounter the UFO again and effect an arrest.

"Fort-ifications" (Part 3) (1974)
Included in:
Caveat Emptor, No.14, July-August 1974
Story Type:
Science-Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Inspector Lestrade; Professor Moriarty)
Other Characters: (Yin Fu; Yin Fu's Mother)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Holmes reveals to Watson the origins of the UFO, and the involvement of Professor Moriarty.

Jill Braden

"The Caribbean Treaty Affair" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Dr Watson
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moran; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Mycroft Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Moriarty Gang; Baker Strret Page)
Historical Figures: (Albert Marth; Edward Agar; William Pierce; Fanny Kay; Newgate Prison Governor)
Other Characters: Moriarty's Landlord's Boy; Ministry Man; (Moriarty's Servant Girl; Hocking; Chimney Sweeps; Diplomat; Maids; Bankers; Professor; Moriarty's Colleagues; Countess R-; Collier; Black; Ministry Man's Uncle)
Date: April
Locations: Moriarty's Chambers; 221B, Baker Street
As they wait in Moriarty's chambers to commence a crime in Whitehall, Moran asks Moriarty to tell him about his earliest criminal consultation. Moriarty tells him about the disappearance of the Crimean payroll from a locked railcar that occurred during his time working for Albert Marth at Durham University, and how his solution of the case led to his career in crime. The current job does not go according to plan.

Alan Bradley

"Nothing of Value" (1976)
Included in:
Beyond Baker Street (Michael Harrison)
Story Type:
Other Characters: Parker; University of London Representative; Hotel Clerk; Military Looking Bystander; Estate Agent; (Frank)
Date: March 4th - 7th
Locations: London; Airport; Hotel; Estate Agent's Office; Baker Street; Parker's Rooms; Shop
Story: In a series of letters to Frank, Parker tells how he arrived in England from Canada, to give a lecture at the University of London. He takes up rooms in Baker Street, and while in pursuit of mice in the empty rooms above his apartment, he discovers an old tin trunk containing scrapbooks of crime and old manuscripts, including one titled "The Singular Affair of the Aluminium Crutch", along with other mildewed relics. The state of the weather helps him decide what to do with his finds.

"You'd Better Go In Disguise" (2011)
Included in:
A Study in Sherlock (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by De Voors
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Tobias Gregson)
Historical Figures: (Evelyn Laye)
Other Characters: De Voors; Hyde Park Children & Nannies; Samuel Montague; Park Keeper; Frieda Barnett; Heinrich Barnett; Police Constables; (Welland Barnett; Ellen Dimity; Barnett's Neighbours; Tea Broker)
Date: After LAST?
Locations: Hyde Park; The Serpentine
Story: De Voors senses he is being watched in Hyde Park. He finds himself talking to the watcher, Samuel Montague, who goes on to make a series of deductions about him. De Voors makes some deductions of his own. One of the people they observe is the wife of Welland Barnett, whose murder is on the front page of that day's papers. After more deductions, several truths are revealed and arrests made.

NOTE: At the end of the story, Holmes announces that he will retire to St Mary Mead.

Worthen Bradley

"Bad Day on Baker Street" (1959)
Included in:
Baker Street Journal, July 1959
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; (Grimesby Roylott; Mrs. Hudson; The Giant Rat of Sumatra)
Other Characters: (Ryckerjak)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Watson returns to Baker Street and is able to deduce how long Holmes has been asleep. He reminds Holmes of an embarrassing incident with Roylott, and another with a victim of the Giant Rat. Holmes is unsuccessful in deducing Watson's doings or thoughts.

Kathleen Brady

"The Adventure of the Boulevard Assassin" (1998)
Included in:
The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson
Historical Figures: Ida Tarbell; Sam McClure
Other Characters: Policeman; Hotel Concierge; Police Clerk; Inspector; Sergeant; Policemen; Henri Troutout; Martin Kaspi; Georges Jacquot; Charles Coman; Edouard Knodler; Gilbert Daziell; Basil Pontell; Picot; Door Guard; Clerk; Tarbell's Assistant; (Luc; Ernst; Night Watchman)
Date: 3rd October, 1894
Locations: Paris; 221B, Baker Street; Hotel; Boulevard des Italiens Police Station; Avenue de l'Opéra; Compagnie de Darmaux Offices; New York; McClure's Offices
Story: Holmes and Watson are in Paris, being interviewed by Tarbell, when a police station is blown up as part of the anarchist campaign anticipated by Holmes. Tarbell accompanies them to the scene of the explosion. A man's dying words take them to the offices of an industrial firm where, they learn, the bomb had initially been delivered. Tarbell does some investigating of her own and leads Holmes to his man. As a result of the case Watson gains a contract with McClure's magazine.

Berton Braley

"The Mystery of the Stolen Pet" (1917)
Included in:
The Seattle Star, 29 September 1917; and on this site
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Fictional Characters: Tom the Piper's Son (Tom Noyse); The Pig
Other Characters: Sandy Noyse
Locations: Holmes's Rooms
Story: Holmes is called upon by an old man whose pig has been stolen. Knowing that Sandy Noyse the bagpiper is sick, Holmes quickly deduces the pig's location.

Giles Brandreth

Oscar Wilde and a Death of No Importance (2007)
Story Type:
Historical Figures: Robert Sherard; Oscar Wilde; Arthur Conan Doyle; Constance Wilde; Vyvyan Wilde; Cyril Wilde; Sir John Millais; John Gray; Willie Wilde; Lady Wilde; Louisa Doyle; Cesari; Rigo and his Gypsy Orchestra; (J.M. Stoddart; Marthe Lipska; Marie Aguétant; William Butler Yeats; Isola Francesca Wilde; William Wordsworth; Mary Conan Doyle; Catherine Doyle; Emily Thursfield; Lord Henry Somerset; Harry Smith; Lord Arthur Somerset; Albert Edward Victor, Duke of Clarence; Charles Swinscow; Dr Joseph Bell; Sophie Gray; Henry Irving)
Other Characters: Cowley Street Housekeeper; Billy Wood; Hubbard; Langham Waiters; Langham Guests; Mrs O'Keefe; Cabbies; Tito; Simpson's Diners; Inspector Aidan Edmund Fettes Fraser; Annie Marchant; Gerard Bellotti; Skaters; Bellotti's Son; Broadstairs Citizens; Edward O'Donnell; Susannah Wood; Piccadilly Policeman; Albemarle Hotel Night Porter; Chimney Sweep; Veronica Sutherland; Mrs Ryan; Jimmy; Lucy; Canon Sutton Courteney; Aston Upthorpe; Harry; Fred; Aston Tirrold, Berrick Prior; Stoke Talmage; Ashford Station Attendant; Inspector Archy Gilmour; Kettner's Waiter; Victoria Station Porters; Hôtel Charing Cross Bell-boy; Grand Café Sommelier; Waiters; Diners; Charing Cross Guests; Victoria Cab Driver; Brougham Driver; Bow Street Constable; Sergeant Ritter; Savoy Theatregoers; West End Revellers; Telegraph Boy; Whitehall Strollers; Lower Sloane Street Constables; Sergeant Atkins; Aston Upthorpe; Odile / Isola O'Flahertie; Bertrand Ramier; (Kaitlyn; Foxton; Thomas Wood; Joseph Skipwith; Mary Skipwith; William O'Donnell; Wilde's Spies; Mr & Mrs Sutherland; Veronica's Father's Clergyman Cousin; Veronica's Great-Aunt)
Date: 31st August, 1889 - 30th January, 1890
Locations: 23, Cowley Street; Albemarle Club; Piccadilly; Soho Square; Langham Hotel; The Embankment; Abingdon Street; Parliament Square; Westminster Bridge; Waterloo Station; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; Scotland Yard; 16, Tite Street; Tite Street; Christchurch Street; Knightsbridge; Dungannon Cottage Marble Rink; A Train; Kent; Broadstairs; Railway Station; Harbour Street; The Castle; Albemarle Street; Shaftesbury Avenue; Frith Street; Oxford Street; Bond Street; Albemarle Hotel; Sloane Square; 75, Lower Sloane Street; Chelsea Embankment; Cadogan Hotel; Kensington; Palace Gate; Gower Street; Kempton Park; King's Road; Baker Street; Regent's Park; London Zoo; The Strand; Westminster Green; Great College Street; 22, Little College Street; Cowley Street; Savoy Hotel; Godstone Station; Ashford Station; Kettner's; Victoria Station; Cross-Channel Ferry; France; Paris; Rue Pasquier; Hôtel Charing Cross; Grand Café; Gare du Nord; Aboard SS Dover Castle; Bow Street Police Station; Whitehall; Charing Cross Station; Albert Memorial; Bedford Square
Story: On the day of his dinner with Stoddart and Conan Doyle, Wilde discovers the murdered body of a young male prostitute, Billy Wood, in a room where he is expecting to meet a pupil. With his friend, Sherard, he calls on Doyle, and takes both of them to the room where the body was found, but it has been removed and the room thoroughly cleaned. Doyle, however, notices blood traces and advises Wilde to contact his friend Fraser at Scotland Yard. Fraser agrees to send a man to view the room, but sends word that no evidence of murder has been found there. Wilde, however learns that the police have not been to the house, and resolves to solve the case himself. He and Sherard visit Billy's mother in Broadstairs and learn his family history. They are followed as they leave the Albemarle Club, and Sherard himself follows Wilde and witnesses his encounters with a disfigured girl. A few weeks later Fraser tells them of the about-to-break Cleveland Street Scandal, and explains why he did not investigate Billy's murder.

Wilde begins visiting the city's morgues and dissecting rooms in search of Billy's corpse, and is attacked by Billy's uncle. Sherard pursues Fraser's fiancée, Veronica. A grisly gift arrives on Constance Wilde's birthday and Fraser takes over the case. Wilde and Sherard visit an unusual Gentlemen's Club. They visit the scene of Billy's murder, and his mother, again, and learn of her real relationship with Billy's uncle, O'Donnell, and the other loss she suffered on the day of Billy's murder. Sherard becomes increasingly suspicious of Wilde's friendship with John Gray. Fraser makes an arrest. Wilde and Sherard accompany Fraser and Veronica on a trip to Paris, but they return upon learning of the death of a key witness, and on their return find that Fraser's suspect is also dead. Wilde hands two murderers over to the police and reveals the truth about his deformed acquaintance.

Jack the Ripper: Case Closed (2017)
Story Type:
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle; Jack the Ripper; Oscar Wilde; Melville Macnaghten; Willie Wilde; Constance Wilde; Cyril Wilde; Vyvyan Wilde; Michael Ostrog; Richard Mansfield; Sophie Lily Lees; Moina Mathers; Marquess of Queensberry; Tom Norman; Aaron Kosminski; George R. Sims; Bram Stoker; Florence Balcombe; Alec Shand; Lewis Carroll; Walter Sickert; James Barrie; Henry Labouchere; Elizabeth Robins; Tommy Loates; (Louisa Doyle; Mary Doyle; Kingsley Doyle; Lord Alfred Douglas; Lord Cromer; Sir Alfred Wills; John Singer-Sargent; Ellen Terry; Percy Florence Shelley; James Whistler; Jane Wilde; Emma Smith; Martha Tabram; Mary Ann Nichols; Annie Chapman; Elizabeth Stride; Catherine Eddowes; Mary Kelly; Duke of Clarence; Edward VII; Dr Thomas Bond; Montague Druitt; John Pizer; PC William Thick; Isola Wilde; Mary Wilde; Emily Wilde; John Chapman; Harry the Hawker; Ted Stanley; Lord Rosebery; Albert Cadosch; John Davis; PC William Pennett; Lydia Hart; Jumbo; Joseph Merrick; Frederick Treves; John Chambers; Mlle Electra; Mary Anne Bevan; John Wilkes Booth; Sir Hudson Lowe; Princess Alexandra; John Neale Dalton; James Kenneth Stephen; Lily Langtry; Georgiana Druitt; Anne Druitt; William Druitt; Rose Mylett; Martial Bourdin; Jean Leckie; Joseph Conrad)
Other Characters: Jimmy; Olga; Ivan the Terrible Salazkin; Martin; Dr Gabriel; Walter Wellbeloved; Stella; Mamat; John; Dr Rogerson; Bill; Freddie Bunbury; Jonah; Haziq; Mary; Majjor Ridout; Lady Bunbury; Coachman; Tite Street Onlookers; Tite Street Policemen; Langham Waiters; Acrobats; Stiltwalker; Circus Performers; Circus Audience; Asylum Patients; Strand Crowd; Second Victim; Scotland Yard Sergeant; Nevill's Attendant; Nevill's Customers; Cabmen; Beggar Woman; Whitechapel Residents; Whitechapel Policemen; Abortionist; Old Soldier; Opium Smokers; Old Man; Boy; Surly-looking Man; Clergyman; Langham Residents; Colney Hatch Patients; Scottish Family; Langham Chambermaid; Sims' Butler; Sims' Guests; Footman; Mermaid Barman; Mermaid Clientele; Sicilian Barman; Anarchists' Club Members; Postman; Telegraph Boy; Langham Manager; (Langham Chef; Langham Porter; Knife-grinder; Festing Fitzmaurice; Police Doctor; Mrs Stocks; Mary; Magistrate; Tax Collector; Dickinson)
Date: 31st December, 1893 - January, 1894 / 1924
Locations: Langham Hotel; Regent Street; Piccadilly Circus; Trafalgar Square; Thames Embankment; Chelsea; Tite Street; Shelley Alley; 16, Tite Street; Macnaghten's House; Olympia; Tooting; Springfield Park; Surrey County Lunatic Asylum; The Strand; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; Regent Circus; New Scotland Yard; Nevill's Turkish Bath; Whitechapel; Bucks Row; Hanbury Street; Commercial Road; Berner Street; Dutfield's Yard; Back Church Street; Opium Den; Whitechapel Road; Tom Norman's Exotic Emporium; Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum; Hammersmith; Teashop; 12, Clarence Gate; Marylebone Lane; The Mermaid; Windmill Street; The Anarchists' Club; Theatre; Chelsea; Paradise Walk; London Bridge Station; Norwood; Tennison Road
Story: Wilde takes Doyle to meet Mcnacghten to discuss the Ripper murders, but they arrive at Tite Street to find that a woman has been murdered in an alley behind Macnaghten's and Wilde's houses.Wilde realises that he knows personally all five of Macnaghten's suggested Ripper suspects.

They visit Ostrog in the Surrey Lunatic Asylum, only to have their doubts raised about his true identity, and miss a meeting with the actor Richard Mansfield, who was appearing in Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde at the time of the Ripper murders. Catherine Eddowes's apron is taken to a seance. Wilde becomes aware that he is being followed, and another body turns up in Tite Street. They interview a freak show proprietor, and visit a second asylum to see Kosminski, before attending a society Twelfth Night party, receiving a severed head, and attending a birthday party for the late Duke of Clarence. Wilde gathers the suspects together at the Langham Hotel for his final revelation.

Michael Braunstein

"The Adventures of Sherlock Homes" (1980)
Included in:
House Fever (Michael Braunstein)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Sherlock Homes; Watson
Other Characters: (House Owner)
Locations: A House
Story: Sherlock Homes explains to Watson why he shouldn't buy the house they are looking at.

J.H. Brearley

"Should a Public Monument Be Erected to Sherlock Holmes?" (1894)
Included in:
My Evening with Sherlock Holmes (John Gibson & Richard Green); Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; The Boy in Buttons
Other Characters: Manchester Ruby Case Gentleman
Date: August (After CARD / Before FINA)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Watson calls at Baker Street some weeks after the Cardboard Box case. When talk drifts on to public monuments, Holmes instructs Watson on his wishes should a monument to him be suggested by the British Public after his death.

Michéal & Clare Breathnach

"The Coole Park Problem" (2006)
Included in:
Ghosts in Baker Street (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson
Historical Figures: Lady Gregory; William Butler Yeats; George Bernard Shaw; Biddy Early
Other Characters: Lady Gregory's Man; Undershaft; Mrs Warren; Mary Sheridan; (Dr Connelly)
Date: 20th June, 1897
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Ireland; Gort; Coole Park; Kilbarron
Story: After receiving a letter from Lady Gregory, Holmes and Watson travel to Ireland, where, at Coole House, they meet Yeats and Shaw, and a servant girl who is seeing visions in the night. After a gathering of ravens, and an outburst from the girl, Lady Gregory disappears. Local superstition suggests she has been abducted by fairies. Their search takes them on a visit to a legendary figure, whose counsel changes all their lives.

Jon L. Breen

"The Adventure of the Canine Ventriloquist" (1996)
Included in:
Holmes for the Holidays (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Carol-Lynn Waugh)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson
Other Characters: Oliver Marplethorpe; Elspeth Hawley; Charles Vickery; Colin Ragsdale; Coachman; Vickery's Guests; Miss Cavendish; Madame Larousse
Date: 24th - 25th December (and references to events over the previous year)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Vickery's Country House; Marplethorpe's Kensington Rooms; Marplethorpe's Club
Story: Holmes is consulted by Marplethorpe, a writer, who after writing an article on ventriloquism, was presented with a painting of a life-size ventriloquist's dummy and a dog. Within the next few months he is given a terrier identical to the one in the picture, and which he believes talks to him in the night. The dummy's face comes to more and more resemble his own, and items disappear from the painting and appear in his rooms. As a result of the distress caused he has lost his job and his fiancée. Events come to a conclusion at a Christmas Day Séance in a country house.

"The Adventure of the Cheshire Cheese" (2001)
Included in:
Murder in Baker Street (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; (Wilson Hargreave)
Other Characters: Calvin Broadbent; (Algernon Fordyce; Mrs. Fordyce; Doctors; 1456 Club Members)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; (The Cheshire Cheese; New York; Broadbent's House)
Story: The American, Calvin Broadbent, tells how the Fleet Street writer Fordyce lectured to his club, The Ichabod Crane Club, and later died while staying in his house. Before his death he told Broadbent of his membersip of the 1456 Club which met at the Cheshire Cheese in London. He gives Broadbent a sonnet to read to the club, and asks him to collect debts from its members for his widow. On reading the sonnet to the club he was denounced as an impostor and driven from the building. Holmes explains the club members' attitudes and sends a cable to Wilson Hargreave.
"The Adventure of the Librarian's Ghost" (2006)
Included in:
Ghosts in Baker Street (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Watson
Historical Figures: (Emily Davison; Herbert Jones)
Other Characters: Preservation Club Servant; Sir Richard Bootcrafter; Priam; Mrs Crandall; Reggie Bootcrafter; Gilbert Bootcrafter; Caroline Bootcrafter; Daphne Bootcrafter; (Chauncey Stocker; Sir Edgar Bootcrafter; Sir William Bootcrafter; Sir Gavin Bootcrafter; Clarissa Helmsworth)
Date: Late Autumn, 1909
Locations: Watson's Home; The Preservation Club; Bootcrafter Hall; A Train; Victoria Station
Story: Holmes is drawn out of retirement by Sir Richard Bootcrafter's story of a ghost in the library of his family home. Legend has it that the first librarian returns to mark passages in books, in red, in times of political turmoil within the country, to give guidance to the serving parliamentary members of the family. Holmes's investigations reveal unsuspected political inclinations within the household, and a mysterious discovery in a secret stairway.
"The Adventure of the Missing Three Quarters" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes In America (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Clive Armitage
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: Amos Alonzo Stagg; Glenn "Pop" Warner; Pete Hauser; Albert Exendine
Other Characters: Clive Armitage; Perry Garth; Chad Armbruster; Cabby; Clayton "Saucy" Cumberland; Football Crowd; Football Players; (James "Oscar" Gustavson; Brian O'Hara)
Date: Autumn, 1907
USA; Chicago; Grand Central Station; University of Chicago; Stagg's Office; Cumberland's Room; A Cab; Marshall Field
Story: British journalist Armitage, now living in America, encounters Holmes in Chicago. Armitage introduces Holmes to Stagg, athletics director at the University. He tells Holmes that the day before a big American football game, a new student, Cumberland, who was to be unveiled as his secret weapon, has disappeared. He has received a letter suggesting Cumberland may have joined his rival Warner's team at the Carlisle Indian School. His roommate, Armbruster, says Cumberland had been worried and that he heard him referring to "the missing three quarters". Holmes removes a letter from their room, puzzlingly addressed to James Gustavson, but beginning "Dear Oscar". He tracks down the missing player and explains what has happened, then joins Armitage and Stagg to watch the game.
"The Adventure of the Mooning Sentry" (2002)
Included in: Murder, My Dear Watson (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: D.W. Griffith
Other Characters: Sir Eldridge Masters; Sir Eldridge's Butler; Lady Miranda Masters; Conrad Barrows; Lady Veronica Travers; Ernest Wheeler; Servants; Lady Miranda's Maid
Date: October, 1917
Locations: Sir Eldridge's House
Story: Holmes and Watson attend a special screening of Birth of A Nation at a country house, attended by the director, Griffith. Mycroft believes there is a German spy among the guests, who may attempt to kill Griffith. During the screening, Lady Miranda screams, and claims that one of the actors in the film has appeared in her bedroom and other locations several times over the last few days. Holmes and Watson must investigate both mysteries.
"The Adventure of the Naturalist's Stock Pin" (1999)
Included in:
More Holmes for the Holidays (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Carol-Lynn Waugh)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson
Historical Figures: Charles Darwin; (Thomas Henry Huxley; Erasmus Darwin; Jean Lamarck; Sir Charles Lyell; Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker; Alfred Russel Wallace; George Romanes; Romanes's Butler)
Other Characters: Ecuadorian Guide; Cab Driver; Edgar Gamble / Lamburt LeSue / Merwin A. Drauss / Mark Caljane; (Professor Isaiah Corcoran)
Date: Christmas 1881
Locations: Galapagos Islands; 221B, Baker Street; The Highwayman's Rest, Fleet Street
Story: The author is given a manuscript while on holiday in the Galapagos Islands.
Holmes is visited by Darwin, calling himself Mr Beagle, who has received a series of messages from individuals with unlikely names, the latest inviting him to a social event, where he fears an attempt will be made upon his life, but at which he hopes to regain possession of a stolen stock pin. Holmes advises Darwin to accept the invitation, but attends the rendezvous at the Highwayman's Rest himself, disguised as the naturalist, faces a charge of plagiarism in Darwin's stead, and retrieves the pin.

"The Adventure of the Unique Holmes" (1987)
Included in:
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Martin H. Greenberg, Carol-Lynn Rössel Waugh & Jon L. Lellenberg)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Watson
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Other Characters: Mrs Fenner; Anthony Croydon; (Albert Fenner)
Date: Early 1900s & after Holmes's retirement.
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Cinema
Story: Holmes shows Watson two letters from clients which he believes are connected to each other, one dealing with a make-up wearing husband, the other with an accident involving a glycerine and water mixture. He deduces that both cases are linked to cinematography, but when his clients call on him, his behaviour shocks Watson. He suggests that both clients were part of a plot to lure him into the business. Years later, after Holmes has retired to Sussex, Watson is astonished when he sees the star of the film Sherlock Holmes Triumphs.

Gregory Breitman

"The Marriage of Sherlock Holmes" (1926)
Included in: The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)
Story Type: Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Baker Street Maid; Watson's Maid)
Other Characters: Mary Holmes; (Cab Driver; Mary's Father)
Date: After the death of Queen Victoria
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Holmes recognises Watson when he arrives at Baker Street, and Watson deduces that Holmes is married. Holmes has discovered that Watson is also involved with a woman, but his sweetheart has disappeared.

Grendel Briarton

"Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot" (1967)
Included in: Best Detective Stories of the Year: 23rd Annual Collection (Anthony Boucher)
Story Type: Homage
Historical Figures: Baker Street Irregulars; (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Other Characters: Picasso Corstone-Corby, M.D.; Ferdinand Feghoot
Unnamed Characters: Guards
Date: July, 2133
Locations: Baker Street; Conan Doyle Memorial Hall
Story: In 2133, the Baker Street have become a vast corporation. Ferdinand Feghoot arrives at the opening ceremony for the Conan Doyle Memorial Hall and unleashes a torrent of puns.

Poppy Z. Brite & David Ferguson

"The Curious Case of Miss Violet Stone" (2003)
Included in:
Shadows Over Baker Street (Michael Reaves & John Pelan)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: Thomas Stone; Anna; Mrs. Stone; Violet Stone
Date: 1894
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; A Cab; Highgate; 10, Percy Lane; (Greece; Knoxos)
Story: Stone asks Holmes to help his sister, Violet, who was taken ill after swimming in a pool in Greece, and who has not eaten for three years, yet is still alive. She has recently asked her brother to bring her a copy of the Necronomicon. A visit to the girl's house, and a reading of her diary, leads Holmes back to cocaine and the building of a machine.

Tony Broadbent

"As To 'An Exact Knowledge of London'" (2011)
Included in:
A Study in Sherlock (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty; (Colonel Sebastian Moran)
Historical Figures: (William Gillette; Eille Norwood; John Barrymore; Clive Brook; Arthur Wontner; Basil Rathbone; Orson Welles; Carlton Hobbs; Douglas Wilmer; Peter Cushing; Robert Stephens; Colin Blakely; Christopher Plummer; James Mason; Jeremy Brett; David Burke; Edward Hardwicke; Michael Caine; Ben Kingsley; Robert Downey Jr; Jude Law; Benedict Cumberbatch)
Other Characters: Sebastian Moran; Passerby; (Moran's Great-Great-Grandfather; Great-Grandfather; Grandfather; Father)
Date: Winter, 2011
Locations: Railway Station; Bart's; Tower of London; George Street; Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street
Story: The narrator takes a taxi tour around London locations from the Sherlock Holmes stories. The driver talks about cloning, the Sherlockian actors who have ridden in his family's cabs through the years, his thoughts on the BBC's Sherlock and his knowledge of the canon. Returning to his lodgings, the narrator and his companion listen to the cab driver's conversation with his employer over a bug planted in the cab.

Darryl Brock

"My Silk Umbrella" (2010)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The American Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Mark Twain
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: Mark Twain; Olivia 'Livy' Clemens
Other Characters: Passersby; Street Boys; Fly-Cops; Hawker; Baseball Crowd; Baseball Players; Ashcroft; Mrs Ashcroft; Vendors; Girl; Girl's Brother; (Reporter; Girl's Father; Horse-Handlers)
Date: Tuesday 18th - 24th May 1875 / 18th May, 1897
Locations: USA; Connecticut; Hartford; The Twain House; Willys Avenue Ball Grounds; London; Twain's Rooms; Chelsea Embankment
Story: Twain attends a baseball game between the Hartford Dark Blues and the Boston Red Stockings, taking his umbrella with him. He finds himself sitting next to the young Holmes. After losing his umbrella, and failing to negotiate its return, he makes a bet with Holmes that he will have it returned within three days. When his plan fails, Holmes strikes a deal for him.

Helen Brooke

Mystery in London (2000)
Story Type:
Children's Choose-your-own-adventure Homage
Detective: Mycroft Pound
Other Characters: Inspector Freewell; Annie; The Whitechapel Killer; Annie; Woman at Annie's House; Rosy; Three Jacks; Old Man in The Rose & Crown; Sailors; Old Fisherman; Young Man in The Rose & Crown; Captain of the Californian; Young Woman in The Rose & Crown; ; Old Woman in The Rose & Crown; Old Man in Limehouse Street; Russian Sailor; Cable Street Residents
Date: November, 1898
Locations: Pound's House; Whitechapel; The Rose & Crown; Cable Street; Annie's House; East India Dock
Story: Inspector Freewell consults Mycroft Pound when the Whitechapel Killer's seventh victim, Annie, survives his attack. The trail leads from the Rose and Crown pub to a ship called the Californian.

Barry S. Brown

The Unpleasantness at Parkerton Manor (2010)
Story Type:
Non-canonical re-invention
Canonical Characters: Mrs Hudson; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; (Michael) Wiggins; Mycroft Holmes; (Baker Street Irregulars)
Historical Figures: Sir Charles Brooke; (Sir James Brooke; Reuben G. Walker; Captain John Brooke Johnson; Margaret Brooke; Vyner of Sarawak)
Other Characters: Lady Parkerton; Hansom Driver; Hansom Passenger; Christian Peters; Dr Walter Frisman; Earnest Caldwell; Patience; Constance Wolverton; Emily Frisman; Stanley Parkerton, Jr; Sara Parkerton; Dorothy Caldwell; Mrs Compton; Eleanor Arnold; Summers; Businessman; Swan Hotel Guests; Mrs Berson; Jane; Henry; Micah; Richard; Sergeant Atkins; Primrose Waitress; Station Hotel Manager; Raven's Beak Patrons; Geoffrey Blankenship; Margaret Arnold; Constable Smathers; Martin Futterman; Jones's Clerk; Sara's Malay Guards; Trainmaster; Patrick McIntyre; Brooke's Servants; Abdul; Lokhman; Dayaks; Telegraph Clerk; Omnibus Driver; Conductor; Young Clerk; Blind Flower Seller; Cathcart Jones; Mrs Dewhurst
(Sir Stanley Parkerton; Parkerton's Tenant; Parkerton's Solicitor; Parkerton's Assistant; 'Bernie' Swinburne; Lord Prendergast; Minister; Stanley & Sara's Daughters; Mr Compton; Mrs Lestrade; Reporter; Mrs Berson's Sister; Mrs Berson's Nephew; Mrs Compton's Friend; Richard Arnold; Zookeeper; Pengiran anak Fatima; Tom Frobisher; Mrs Frobisher; Frobisher's Friend; Dutch Freighter Captain; Ship's Surgeon; Sara's Aunt & Uncle; Edinburgh Solicitor; Jones's Classmate; Brooke's Investigator; Frobisher's Friend; Stone Mason; Mrs Dewhurst; Doc Pearson)
Date: 27th January - February, 1890
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Tunbridge Wells; Parkerton Manor; Swan Hotel; Primrose Tearoom; Station Hotel; St John's Road; Raven's Beak Pub; Mycroft's Pall Mall Rooms; The Foreign Office; 12, Wimpole Street; British Museum Reading Room; Sarawak; Plymouth; Scotland; Cambridge; Cheltenham; Pub; The Cotswolds; Cirencester; Charles Brooke's Estate; Baker Street Post Office; Marylebone Road; Gloucester Road; St Marylebone Cemetery; Waterloo Station
Story: When Lady Parkerton arrives at Baker Street, concerned about her husband's death, Mrs Hudson prepares Holmes with the deductions he should make and the questions he should ask. While the interview takes place, she reflects on how she recruited Holmes and Watson as assistants and surrogates in the detective business, which would not have been open to her as a woman.

After hearing that Sir Stanley had died after becoming ill at the end of a family Boxing Day dinner, Holmes and Watson travel to Parkerton Manor in the guise of insurance company officials. Mrs Hudson travels to Kent on a different train. After the murder of the family coachman, Lestrade also arrives. Lady Parkerton's son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren disappear in a coach driven by two foreign-looking men. A trip to Regent's Park Zoo moves the case forwards, as does a stamp from Sarawak bearing the likeness of Sir James Brooke, the White Rajah. Eventually they learn of Sara Parkerton's links to that country, and the trail takes Holmes and Watson to Sir Charles Brooke's estate near Cirencester. Mrs Hudson finally arrives at a solution to the murders, Holmes and Watson return to Parkerton Manor, but it is the local constable who captures the culprit.

Mrs Hudson and the Irish Invincibles (2010)
Story Type:
Non-canonical re-invention
Canonical Characters: Mrs Hudson; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Wiggins; Inspector Lestrade; Baker Street Irregulars; (Martha; Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: Irish Republican Brotherhood; Captain Henry Harrison; Charles Parnell; Charles Frederic Moberly Bell; Katherine "Kitty" O'Shea; Claire O'Shea; Katie O'Shea; Norah O'Shea; Carmen O'Shea; (Irish National Invincibles; James Carey; Michael Kavanaugh; Frederick Egerton; Captain William O'Shea; Gerard O'Shea)
Other Characters: Moira Keegan; Inspector Peter Lassiter; Wapping Lane Thieves; Hansom Driver; Fat Mermaid Patrons; Prostitute; Beggar; Fat Mermaid Landlord; Landlord's Son; Winston Parkhurst; Elijah Forster; Lord Selkirk Patrons; Michael Peacock; Cab Driver; Seamus Keegan; Mourners; Patricia Keegan; Father Kilpatrick; Cornelius Keegan; Parkhurst's Messenger; Reverend Llewellyn Farnsworth; National Society for Christian Union Members; Baker Street Crowd; Sir Arthur Tripp; Ebenezer Desmond; The Honourable Stafford Michaelson; Sir Carter Bullingsworth; Brotherhood Members; Mrs Hogan; Liam Keegan Junior; Shannon's Mother; Coach Driver; Jack; Brandon Cavanaugh; Four-Wheeler Driver; Winking Duck Patrons; Michael Caffey; Mr Fogarty; Fogarty's Brother; Harrison's Coachman; Times Copy Boy; Omnibus Conductor; Blacksmith's Family; Bus Passengers; Student; Old Man; Omnibus Driver; Blind Flower Seller; Parnell's Coachman; Eltham Lodge Servants; Carruthers; Mrs Grafton; Eltham Lodge Parlour Maid; Footman; Street Sweeper Boys; Four-Wheeler Driver; Matron; Liam Keegan / Liam Coogan / John Davies; Sister Mary Margaret; Officer Carpenter; Dock Crowds; Ludgate Hill Officer; Passengers; Special Branch Officers; Constable O'Mahoney; Constable Quinlan; Constable Grimes; Constable Foley; Ludgate Hill Crew; (Lady Cynthia Stanhope; Mrs Cavitt; Tobius Hudson; Earl of Norwich; Earl's Representative; Earl's Youngest Son; Actress; Prince of Montenegro; Prince's Daughter; Prince's Head Groom; Nuns; Shannon; Moira's School Friends; Matthew MacMurchison; Joshua Hobbes; Special Branch Chief Inspector; Snowden; Lord Selkirk Inn Staff; Inn Guests; Alice; Inn Owner; Felcher; Wapping Constable; Arthur; Caleb Sanderson; Mr Barnhouse; Caffey's Potboy; Rose O'Connor; Mr Franklin; Mrs Ebert; Graveyard Attendant; Seamus's Lady Friend)
Date: 1890
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Wapping; Wapping Lane; The Fat Mermaid Pub; Waterman's Way; Lord Selkirk Inn; The Highway; Kilburn; Kilburn High Road; 68, Princess Street; Keegan's House; The Winking Duck Pub; Fogarty's House; Fleet Street; Times Offices; The Strand; Aldwyd Omnibus Station; St Marylebone Cemetery; Eltham; Wonersh Lodge; North Park; Eltham Lodge; Scotland Yard; Royal Albert Docks
Story: Two weeks after the events at Parkerton Manor, Wiggins brings twelve-year-old Moira Keegan to see Holmes. She has heard her father telling her mother that he is going away, and that she will need to stay strong when she hears that he has passed over. Several days later, Liam Keegan's murder, in an inn in Wapping, is reported in the papers, along with the fact that his real name was Coogan. Mrs Hudson suggests calling on Special Branch, and Inspector Lassiter informs them that Coogan was a former member of the Irish Invincibles, the group responsible for the Phoenix Park murders in Dublin, and his belief that he was killed by the Irish Brotherhood who believed him to be an informer. Holmes is sent, in disguise, to examine the inn in which the murder took place, and has a run-in with some street thugs on the way. In disguise again, he attends Keegan's wake. A delegation from the National Society for Christian Union petitions Holmes at Baker Street.

Holmes and Watson are taken captive by the Brotherhood and rescued by Mrs Hudson and Wiggins. They question Lassiter and the Times reporter Parkhurst, after Mrs Hudson turns up close links between them and Coogan. Harrison visits them, representing Parnell and Kitty O'Shea. Kitty's four daughters have gone missing along with their maid, Rose O'Connor. A visit to the editor of the Times by Mrs Hudson turns up further connections between Lassiter and Parkhurst. Holmes and Watson accompany Parnell and Kitty to Eltham Lodge to resolve the case of the missing children. Mrs Hudson gathers the interested parties together at Baker Street to reveal the truth about Liam's death. Her plan for the family's continuing safety is disrupted before the case is closed.

Eric Brown

"The Tragic Affair of the Martian Ambassador" (2013)
Included in:
Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Inspector Lestrade)
Fictional Characters: Martians
Historical Figures: H.G. Wells; Rebecca West
Other Characters: Gruvlax-Xenxa-Schmee; Yerkell-Jheer-Carral; Martian Attachés; Madam Rochelle's Doorman; Madam Rochelle's Girls; Madam Rochelle's Clients; Madam Rochelle; Martian Underling; Taxi Driver; (Ambassador's Life-Mate)
Date: Spring, 1915
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Inside a Martian Tripod; Grosvenor Square; Martian Embassy; Madam Rochelle's; The Strand; Hampstead Heath
Story: Ten years after the Martian invasion of Earth, Holmes and Watson are called upon by the deputy Martian ambassador to the British Empire. He takes them by tripod to the Martian Embassy where the Martian ambassador has been stabbed to death in his locked bedroom. Holmes interviews the embassy staff, among whom are Wells, working as a scientific advisor, and Rebecca West, the Ambassador's secretary. The trail takes them to Madam Rochelle's brothel, where a final piece of information leads to a solution, and a meeting with Wells and West on Hampstead Heath.

"The Vanishing of the Atkinsons" (1997)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (Mike Ashley)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Victor Trevor; The Atkinson Brothers
Other Characters: The Atkinsons' House-Boy; Sergeant Mortimer; Plantation Under-Managers; Plantation Workers; Kitchen Boys; Anya Amala; Doctor; Planters; Planters' Wives; Madras Line Clerk; Tamil Ex-Shipping office Manager; Boy; Anya's Son; (Young Sinhalese)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Eastern Empress; Ceylon; Jaffna; The Atkinsons' Plantation; The Hospital Bungalow; Trincomalee; Police Headquarters; Madras Line offices; Bicycle Repair Shop; Post office; Trevor's Trap; Bungalow on MacPherson's Hill; Storage Shed
Date: August, 1888
Story: Watson visits Holmes who tells him of an incident in Ceylon, where he was summoned by Victor Trevor, now an estate manager for the Royal Ceylonese Tea Company, to investigate the disappearance of two tea-planters, Bruce and William Atkinson. In the Atkinsons' house a table and lamp have been knocked over. Holmes tours the plantation, learning that the crop has been affected by blight, and visits the brothers' pregnant housekeeper. He also learns that they had considerable gambling debts. The estate workers claim to have heard the brothers' wailing spirits, but other planters believe they have fled the island to avoid their debts. When Holmes learns of an estate worker buying tickets to Madras, and sees Anya's newborn son, he is able to see an end to the problem. A letter about a kidnapping brings about the final discovery of the brothers' whereabouts.

Russell A. Brown

Sherlock Holmes and the Mysterious Friend of Oscar Wilde (1988)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson / Martha; Billy; Stanley Hopkins; Langdale Pike; Stamford; Baker Street Irregulars; Wiggins; Murray; (Mary Morstan; Mrs Turner; Inspector Lestrade; Watson's Brother; Cartwright; Mycroft Holmes; Dr Mortimer; Shinwell Johnson; Von Bork; Count Von und Zu Grafenstein; Tobias Gregson)
Historical Figures: Oscar Wilde; Constance Wilde; Cyril Wilde; Alfred Nobel; Lady Queensberry; Charles Brookfield; Harry Baskerville; (Edward VIII; Winston Churchill; Lord Alfred Douglas; E.F. Benson; George Bernard Shaw; Sir William Wilde; Joseph Stoddart; Marquess of Queensberry; W.T. Stead; Henry Labouchere; Arthur Conan Doyle; Alfred Taylor; Charles Parker; Fred Atkins; Walter Granger; Edgar Allan Poe; General Gordon; General Kitchener)
Other Characters: Wilde's Butler; Protestors; Soldiers; Jackie; Landau Driver; Lady Queensberry's Butler; Charlie; Kiosk Boy; Emma; Men from the Baths; Constable; Jarvey; Doctors; St James's Clientele; Violette du Bois; Sally; Constable; Loafers; Cab Driver; (Sir Frederick Mackintosh; Mrs Turner's Children; Constable Turner; Watson's Mother; The Guv'nor; Young Man's Uncle; Nobel's Former Secretaries; Blackmailers; Captain Galbraith; Messenger-Manager Wilson; Sidney Cartwright; Roughs with Bludgeons; Margerie Rogers; Beryl Kornet; Murray's Sister; Murray's Father; Murray's Mother; Murray's Stepfather; Man from London; Cleveland Street Man; Captain Bruce; Noble Lord; Jackie's Brother; Constables; Sussex Bicyclist; Randolph; Susan Hudson)
Date: Spring 1988 / Spring 1895 / 5th April, 1928
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Tite Street; Wilde's House; Buckingham Palace Hotel; Cadogan Place; Lady Queensberry's House; Sloane Square; Pall Mall; Watson's Club; Nevill's Turkish Baths; Northumberland Avenue; Trafalgar Square; Charing Cross Hospital; St James's Bar; Regent Street; Charles Second Street; The Private House; Holmes's Sussex Villa
Story: 1988: Workers in a house formerly owned by Sir Frederick Mackintosh discover a safe containing a Watsonian manuscript.

1895: Wilde calls on Holmes on behalf of a friend who is being blackmailed. Billy arrives, pursued by Hopkins, having been arrested leaving a house "like that on Cleveland Street". Holmes and Watson set out to the house on Charles Second Street to "defend the Family", but call on Wilde instead, where they find the family very much defended. Wilde offers to look into Billy's case if Holmes will take on Wilde's friends. They visit the friend, who is ill and masked, at his hotel, and hear how he was taken by a young man to the house in Charles Second Street, of the ensuing blackmail, and how he has faked his own death to escape it, but to no avail. (Watson's attempts to have Holmes write a portion of the story result in a blazing row, and Watson's departure from Baker Street is only prevented by the intervention of Mrs Hudson).

Holmes tells Wilde that the blackmail of his friend is only a step towards a larger crime. He is warned by Lady Queensberry that the Marquess, is seeking revenge for Holmes's role in their divorce. Watson returns to Baker Street after seeing Wilde being propositioned in Trafalgar Square to discover that Holmes is in hospital after being attacked on Charles Second Street. Watson rushes to the hospital, getting a lift from Pike, where Holmes is being tended by Stamford. He takes him home in Baskerville's cab. Wilde learns more about Billy's visit to the house, from his half-brother, Wilson, and also learns of the Guv'nor's blackmailing schemes. Holmes beleves the Guv'nor is in league with Queensberry. Watson and Wiggins are sent undercover to lure out the Guv'nor's assistant, Jackie. Separated from Holmes, Watson finds himself in Charles Second Street, where he comes face to face with an old acquaintance. Holmes arrives, but the place is overrun with constables as he and Watson escape, with the help of Hopkins, Wilde, and Wilde's friend.

1928: On Watson's death, Holmes reminisces on the fates of those involved in the case, and tells how Martha Hudson came to work for him in Sussex.

NOTE: Watson's statement that Langdale Pike "had pursued an acting career under the name Brookfield...[and] wrote an 'extravaganza' which caricatured us, with Pike playing Holmes" identifies Pike as Charles Brookfield who wrote and appeared in the Holmes burlesque Under the Clock.

NOTE 2: Wilde's "mysterious friend" is Alfred Nobel.

Colin Bruce

Jean Bryett

"The Case of the Genus Vespa" (1978)
Included in:
Blackwood's Magazine, December 1978
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson
Historical Figures: Sir Richard Page-Wattington; Nicholls; Mrs Purcer
; Dr Forrest; Sergeant Higgs; Inspector Martin; James Page-Wattington; Joe Bramble; Jason Giles; Harry; Sarel Blomsteiner / Samuel Brown; (Jack)
Unnamed Characters: Owl and Badger Landlord; Queen's Arms Desk Clerk; Higgs's Housekeeper; (Sir Richard's Father; Farm Agent; Queen's Arms Landlord; Joe's Wife; Holmes's Mother; Railway Porters)
Date: Friday in June, 1896
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Little MItchford; The Turrets; The Owl and Badger Inn; Turret Farm;
Riverdene; Police Station; Queen's Arms; Mill
Story: Sir Richard Page-Wittington consults Holmes over the murder of his brother. He believes that the death occurred shortly before he found the body, but the examining physician claims that his brother had been dead for thirty-six hours. Holmes travels to Sir Richard's home in Little Mitchford, and after interviewing some of the locals, arranges for a local pond to be dragged, which reveals the murder weapon. The solution to the case involves a misidentified wasp and a South African swindle.

Art Buchwald

"The Crime of the Century" (mid-1980s)
Included in:
I Think I Don't Remember (Art Buchwald)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: (Ronald Reagan; George Shultz; Bill Casey; Oliver North; Admiral Poindexter; Imelda Marcos; Pat Buchanan; Richard Nixon; George Bush; Bud McFarlane)
Date: mid-1980s
USA; Washington DC; Georgetown; Holmes's Apartment
Story: Holmes and Watson discuss the Iran-Contra affair.

Simon Bucher-Jones

"A Family Resemblance" (2016)
Included in:
Associates of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Mycroft Holmes
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; Colonel / Station-master James Moriarty; Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Dr Watson; (Baker Street Irregulars; Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moran)
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle; Frances Bowes-Lyon, Countess of Strathmore; Patrick Bowes-Lyon; Ernest Renshaw; William Renshaw)
Other Characters: Gunner; Margaret Athol; George Welby; Soldiers; (Jane; Sergeant Major Lewis Rourke; Rourke's Irish Relatives; Rourke's Indian Wife; Private John Benjamin Athol)
Date: c.1897
The Diogenes Club; Scotland Yard
Story: While playing chess at the Diogenes Club with Colonel Moriarty (now working as a station-master), Mycroft tells him of one of Sherlock's cases.

Lestrade asks Holmes to investigate the death of Sergeant Major Lewis Rourke, found shot in the chest, with his moustache and sideburns shaved off.

Carol Buggé

"The Curse of Edwin Booth" (2010)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The American Years (Michael Kurland); Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #10 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Edwin Booth
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: Edwin Booth; (John Wilkes Booth)
Other Characters: Stagehands; Hector; Players Club Bartender; Players Club Members; Booth's Actors; Geoffrey Simmons; Kitty Trimble; Carolyn Maloney; Joseph Jefferson; Lawrence Barrett; Nate Carlisle; Policemen; Police Sergeant; (Theatre Workmen; Stage Manager; Daisy Carlisle; Carlisle's Mother; Chemist)
Date: May, 1880
Locations: USA; New York; Theatre; The Players Club
Story: An advertisement for a private detective, placed by Booth after he has been shot at in the street, is answered by Holmes. Holmes suggests that the assailant is someone known to Booth, and is given the role of Horatio in Booth's Hamlet so that he may observe the company without raising suspicion. A dog and an actor fall victim to Booth's attacker, and the case culminates in an on-stage swordfight.

The Haunting of Torre Abbey (2000)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Sir Charles Cary; Elizabeth Cary; Sally Gubbins; William; Grayson; Lady Marion Cary; Annie; Police Sergeant; Police Wagon Driver; Father John Norton; Dr. McKinney; Lydia Norton; Madame Olenskaya; Merwyn The Magnificent; Newspaper Seller; Passers-By; Hawkers; Street Entertainers; Hansom Driver; Ticket-Taker; Musicians; Audience; Caroline Cocoran; London Constables; London Sergeant; Stagehands; Ushers; Sergeant Flannery; Master Stevens; Torquay Sergeant Victor Cary; Detective Jonathan Samuels; Torquay Constables; (William Norton; Simon Hastynges; Christopher Leganger; Hugo Cary)
Date: October, After 1882 & HOUN
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Trains; Torquay; Torre Abbey; Paddington Station; A Hansom Cab; A Theatre; Scotland Yard; Cockington; The Rectory; The Devon Moors; A Brougham; A Beach; Torquay Station
Story: Holmes receives a letter from Sir Charles Cary of Torquay saying that his family is being haunted by a headless monk, followed shortly thereafter by a telegram stating that the family is in danger. He and Watson travel immediately to Torquay, where they meet members of the Cary family and staff, including the cook and her illegitimate son, William, and learn of the ghosts of the headless monk, William Hastynges, and the cavalier, Hugo Cary, said to haunt the Abbey. Watson begins to sense that all is not as it seems at the Abbey, as everyone, from the family to the half-Indian butler (formerly servant to the last Lord Cary, who was drowned at sea, his body never found), seems to have hidden secrets. The following night the Abbey bell seems to ring by itself, and the dead body of the cook, Sally Gubbins, is found in the kitchen. Holmes and Watson learn of a secret chapel under the Abbey and a family curse, and visit the tithe barn, where 400 Spanish prisoners were kept at the time of the Spanish Armada.

The next night the household is awakened by a scream. Holmes reveals its inhuman origins. Watson follows Cary's sleepwalking sister, Elizabeth, to the tithe barn, where he is knocked unconscious. The following evening a séance is held, and Elizabeth appears to become possessed by the spirit of a Spanish girl, said to haunt the barn. After another appearance by the Cavalier, Holmes begins to suspect the involvement of a professional magician, and sends Watson to London to interview Merwyn the Magnificent, who has been performing in the area. Before he can do so, however, a trick goes wrong and Merwyn is shot dead. After his return to the Abbey, Lady Cary's dog is poisoned.

The following day Holmes and Watson take part in a fox hunt. Both Holmes' & Cary's mounts are sabotaged. Watson sees the Demon Hunter. The day after the hunt, William is found drowned in the pond. Holmes and Watson announce that they are returning to London, but go back to the house under cover of night, where Holmes is able to reveal the identity of the murderer and the accomplice within the house.

"The Madness of Colonel Warburton" (1996)
Included in:
Resurrected Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Pastiche in the style of Dashiell Hammett
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Colonel (Edward) Warburton; (Sir Leslie Oakshott)
Fictional Characters: The Maltese Falcon
Other Characters: Waiter; Elizabeth Warburton; Chin Shih; William K. Penstock; Michael Warburton; Noodle House Customers; Waiter; Chinese Goons; Dutch Launch Captain; Cops; Sergeant Mallory; Pride of Peking Captain; (Dr Upshaw)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Aboard the Barbizon Princess; United States; New York; Excelsior Hotel; Central Park; Washington Square; Michael's Townhouse; Chinatown; Doyers Street; Chinese Opera House; Mott Street; Noodle House; The Harbour; Dock Thirty-Four; Aboard the Pride of Peking
Story: Advised to relax by Oakshott after being shot, Holmes suggests a cruise to America. Aboard the Barbizon Princess they encounter Colonel Warburton, whom Holmes makes a series of deductions about, and his young wife Elizabeth, and Watson overhears them arguing in the next-door stateroom. They learn that the Colonel fears he has inherited the family madness and that his wife treats him like a child because of it. In New York they read that Warburton's business partner has been murdered and the Colonel has disappeared. Elizabeth takes them to meet the Colonel's half-brother who tells them of blackmail attempts and opium rings. After a visit to a Chinese Opera House, Holmes and Watson find themselves prisoners in Chinatown, but after escaping, they enlist New York's finest to wrap up the case, and Holmes receives an unusual gift in gratitude.
"The Revenge of the Fenian Brotherhood" (1998)
Included in:
The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Marvin Kaye); Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #15 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Professor Moriarty; Mrs Hudson; (Baker Street Irregulars; Mrs Watson)
Other Characters: Sean Moriarty; Concertina Player; O'Reilly's Customers; Waiter; Fenians; Brother Kerry; Brother O'Malley; Annie; Connors; Costermongers; Tuthill; Cab Driver; Policemen
Date: November, 1889
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Diogenes Club; Spitalfields; Paddy O'Reilly's Pub; Cannon Street; St Paul's Cathedral
Story: Holmes is visited by Moriarty, who seeks his help in rescuing his younger brother, Sean, a Catholic priest, whom he believes has been kidnapped by the Fenian Brotherhood. He and Watson visit Mycroft who tells him that the release of Fenian prisoners has been demanded for Moriarty's release, and that a bomb is going to be planted at some major London site. Holmes & Watson infiltrate a Fenian meeting, but are discovered and taken prisoner. With the aid of an Irregular and Father Moriarty they escape and attempt to avert an explosion.

The Star of India (1997)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson / Martha; Baker Street Irregulars; Inspector Lestrade; Mycroft Holmes; Professor Moriarty; The Moriarty Gang; (Mrs Watson; Mary Morstan)
Historical Figures: Queen Victoria; Edward VII: (Sarasate; Wilma Norman-Neruda)
Other Characters: Jeremiah Wiggins; Bandu the Parrot
Violet Merriweather / Sree Malthi; Jack Crompton; Flora Campbell; George Simpson; Tuthill; Wickham; Eddie; Mary; Freddie Stockton; Count de Chervaise, Earl of Huntingdon; Sergeant Morgan; Cappy; Jenny; Hazelton; Connally; William Strater; Prince Chandan Tagore Rabarrath; Fish Vendor; Cab Drivers; Albert Hall Audience; Covent Garden Vendors; Telegram Boy; Victoria Station Crowds; Man with Muttonchop Whiskers; Tintagel Stationmaster; Knights' Arms Landlord; Hansom Driver; Drowned Rat Clientele; Bartender; Rat-baiting Crowd; Lambeth Drinkers; Penny Annie's Clientele; Dancer; Concertina Player; Diogenes Club Members; Pall Mall Pedestrians; Diogenes Club Waiters; Cab Drivers; Spitalfields Drunks; Lancelot Arms Clientele; Barkeep; Queen of India Crewmen; Baker Street Policemen; Street Sweeper; Morgue Attendant; Morgue Police Officer; Halloween Revellers; Tower of London Police Officers; Rabarrath's Aides; (Mrs Hudson's Sister; Wiggins's Indian Client; Watson's Soldier Friends; Indian Girl; Dr McKinney; Billy Kimball; Indian Prince; Prince's Bride; Minister of Foreign Affairs; Belgian Diogenes Club Chef; Lestrade's Men; Stockton's Mate; Violet's Parents; Prince Bowdrinth; Pet Shop Owner; Tower Guards)
Date: October, 1894
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Royal Albert Hall; Wiggins's Perfumer's Shop; Victoria Station; A Train; Cornwall; Tintagel Station; Flora's Cottage; The Knights' Arms Pub; Tintagel Castle; Sea Cave; The East End; The Drowned Rat Tavern; Lambeth; Penny Annie's; Café Royal; Diogenes Club; Watson's Surgery; Scotland Yard; Oxford Street; Spitalfields; Bishopsgate Road; Wormwood Street; The Lancelot Arms; Cable Street; Aspen Way; West India Docks; Aboard the Queen of India; City Morgue; Bar of Gold; The Docks; Moriarty's Warehouse; Victoria Street; Cannon Street; Great Tower Street; Byward Street; Tower of London
Story: After sitting behind a woman at the Royal Albert Hall who disappears during the interval, Holmes calls on perfumer Wiggins to identify her scent. The following day the woman, Violet Merriweather, calls at Baker Street to retrieve the gloves she had left at the concert.

Holmes and Watson travel down to Cornwall after receiving a telegram from Mrs Hudson's sister, Flora Campbell. On their way down, Holmes spots a cryptic message in the Telegraph. Arriving in Tintagel, they discover that the telegram was a hoax, but that Mrs Hudson has disappeared while visiting the Castle.

Back in London they find Wiggins murdered and clues leading to old asssociates of Moriarty. Violet returns and reveals that she is being followed and blackmailed. It soon becomes apparent that all the events that have occurred are centred around the fabled Star of India sapphire and extends into the realms of royalty and international relations.

Holmes's duel with an old nemesis plays out like a chess game on the streets of London, and takes Holmes back to the Bar of Gold.

"The Strange Case of the Haunted Freighter" (2008)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, Issue #1 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Mary Morstan; Professor Moriarty)
Other Characters: Baker Street Passers-by; Street Vendors; Captain Crane; Men Outside Bank; Seidelmore's Assistant; Colonel Bloodworth; Episcopalian Nuns; Alicia Gallin; Mrs Seidelmore; Dock Workers; Sailors; Scavengers; Financiers; Servants;Andrew Crane; Samuel Snead; Gubbins; (Mary's Sister; Watson's Colleague; Elizabeth Crane; First Mate; Jock the pointer; Bip the spaniel; George Gallin; Ship's Cook)
Date: October
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Hansom Cab; Mrs Seidelmore's House; Baker Street; Docks; Aboard the Andrea Morgan on the Thames
Story: Watson is at 221B while his wife is away, and he and Holmes are planning a walking holiday in the Lake District. They are called on by Crane, captain of the Andrea Morgan, a freighter that has recently changed its route and cargo to transport spices from Asia. His wife has recently died of food poisoning, and he believes he has seen her ghost several times at the foot of his bed aboard his ship. He has also been suffering sleepless nights and headaches. Holmes and Watson attend a séance. They board the Andrea Morgan disguised as deck-hands. When he discovers the true nature of the ship's cargo, Holmes suspects that Moriarty is behind events aboard ship. He and Watson lie vigil waiting for the ghost. Watson has strange visions as he lies in the captain's bed, and sees the dead wife.

"The Strange Case of the Tongue-Tied Tenor" (1994)
Included in:
The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Sir Leslie Oakshott; Professor Moriarty
Other Characters: Gerald Huntley; Madame Olga Rayenskavya; Sir Terrance Farthingale; McPearson; Albert Hall Doorman; Stagehands; Freddie Stockton; Stockton's Companions; Cab Driver; Opera Chorus; Orchestra; Lestrade's Men; Juan Quintaros; (Sir Anthony Farthingale)
Date: Spring, 1890
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Royal Albert Hall; Simpson's; Hansom Cabs; The East End; Plummer's Court
Story: Watson visits Holmes and finds him being consulted by Huntley, the operatic tenor. Huntley, currently appearing in Carmen, has lost his voice, and attempts have been made on his life, including a sandbag dropped on him at the Royal Albert Hall. All this seems to have started when he began a liaison with co-star Rayenskaya, wife of Maestro Farthingale. At the Royal Albert Hall, Holmes finds traces of curare in the tea-making area, and recognises a description of an accomplice of Moriarty. They visit the man, and send a message to Moriarty that they are on to his game. As he is going back to Baker Street however, Holmes is shot. After being attended to by Dr. Oakshott, he has Watson check Farthingale's entry in Who's Who, and find out who will be playing Don José in Carmen that night. The two set out for the Albert Hall to prevent a murder.
"The Strange Case of the Voodoo Priestess" (2004)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Lucien Brasseaux
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes (Jean Paul Altamont)
Other Characters: Lucien Brasseaux; Madame Celeste; Frank Pierce; Lieutenant Daugherty; Waiter; Irishman; Young Lady; Esthmé; Evangeline Latille; Charles Latille; Brasseaux's Men; Ball Guests; Leprechaun; Woman in Ostrich Feathers; Cavalier; Nurse
Date: Mardi Gras, 1891
Locations: USA; New Orleans; Royal Street; Eighth District Precinct House; The French Market; Café du Monde; Royal Street; Celeste's Residence; St Charles Street; Latille Residence; Trolley Car; Brasseaux's Cabin; The Comus Ball; Hospital
Story: Police chief Brasseaux is visited by voodoo priestess Celeste who wants to report the murder of Brasseaux's friend Latille - a murder that has not yet happened but which she has foreseen. Holmes arrives shortly after, in the guise of Altamont, claiming to be looking for his aunt, but also under orders from Mycroft. When they visit Latille's house they find that he is ill, possibly under a voodoo curse, and Holmes takes an interest in a missing cat. They learn more from Madame Celeste about the source of her warning, and a message attached to a rock thrown through Latille's window suggests a Mafia connection. Two deaths are discovered in the course of their investigations and events reach their climax at the Comus Ball.

Maxwell Bukofzer

"Christmas Fun" (1934)
Included in:
The Chess Review, Volume 2 Number 12, December 1934
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: (Duke of Brantingworth)
Unnamed Characters: (Watson's Sister; Trapeze Artiste)
Date: December 25th
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: After Christmas dinner, Holmes helps Watson solve two chess problems given to him by the Duke of Brantingworth.
"The Puzzling Adventure of the Misunderstood Monkey Business" (1916)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches II: 1915-1919 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Mr Winner; (Eleanor Daw; Mr Daw)
Date: November
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Having bemoaned a lack of original chess problems, Holmes is brought one by Mr Winner, whose marriage to Miss Daw has been vetoed by his father unless he can solve it.

Anthony Burgess

"Murder to Music" (2009)
Included in:
The Devil's Mode (Anthony Burgess); The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)
Story Type:
Humorous Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Stanley Hopkins
Historical Figures: Sarasate; George Bernard Shaw; Audience; Sir Arthur Sullivan; Alfonso XIII; Maria Christina; (Mufti of Fez; 7th Duke of Northumberland; Edward VII; Abu Bakar, Maharajah of Johore; Gerard Manley Hopkins; Richard D'Oyly Carte)
Other Characters: Sir Edwin Etheridge; Etheridge's Patient; Gonzáles; St James's Hall Manager; Attendants; Simpson; Police Sergeant; Spanish Ambassador; Lady Esther Roscommon; Gondoliers Audience; Cab Driver; (Catalonian Separatist; Gonzáles's Father; Assassin)
Date: 7th-11th July, 1880s or 90s
Locations: St John's Wood Road; Marylebone Road; 221B, Baker Street; St James's Hall; Savoy Theatre; Railway Terminus
After visiting a patient, Watson calls in on Holmes, who has just read of the visit of the young King Alfonso XIII of Spain to England. They attend a Sarasate concert at St James's Hall, which Watson sleeps through. At the end, Sarasate's pianist is shot, although he continues to hammer out a repeated series of notes as he dies. The stage door commissionaire has also been killed, the rest of the staff having been diverted away by a false note alerting them to a visit by the Prince of Wales. Holmes deduces a Spanish connection from the note, and reveals that the dead pianist was a Catalonian separatist. Hopkins brings a letter from the dead man's father, found on the body, suggesting that he may have separated himself from the movement. Hopkins tells them of the security arrangements for the royal visit, and a sergeant brings news of the assassin's death. Holmes and Watson attend the royal performance of The Gondoliers. The dying pianist's final notes give Holmes a clue to what is about to ensue, and he and Watson race to the station to prevent an assassination from a very unexpected source.

Jan Burke

"The Imitator" (2011)
Included in:
A Study in Sherlock (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type:
Other Characters: Dr Max Tyndale; Boniface "Bunny" Slye; Digby; Aloysius "Wishy" Hanslow; Hanslow's Chauffeur; Rawls; Sheriff Anderson; Alice Simms; Anthony Simms; Sheriff's Deputies; Harris's Maid; Harris's Cook; Harris's Housekeeper; Carlton Wedge; Colonel Harris; (Harris's Wife; Robert Harris; Grocer's Delivery Boy; Doctor; Dr Charles Smith; Gwendolyn Hanslow; Hanslow's Father; Hanslow's Mother)
Date: 1920s
Locations: USA; Slye's House; Holder's Crossing; Harris's House
Story: "Wishy" Hanslow, who models his dress and behaviour on Holmes, arrives at First World War survivor Slye's house with news that he has been called to the scene of the disappearance of elderly Colonel Harris. When they arrive at Harris's home, they find his niece and nephew there. The Colonel's unknown son has recently appeared from Cuba, but is in hospital, having been shot at the time of the Colonel's disappearance, and his other nephew, Wedge, is also missing. Hanslow, Slye and Tynsdale are taken to the place where the Colonel's car, and son, were found. Hanslow deduces that the car is not the Colonel's, and a discovery in the barn concludes the case.

Ellis Parker Butler

"Watson, Once Epaminondas, Joins Deteckative Gubb" (1918)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in America (Bill Blackbeard);
Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches II: 1915-1919 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Philo Gubb & Epaminondas
Other Characters: Sarah Quimby / Maggie the Kid; (Orpheus Butts; Susan Dickelmeyer; Gubb's Sister; Otis Smits)
Locations: USA; Riverbank; Gubb's House; Quimby's House
Story: Having graduated from the Rising Sun Detective Bureau's Correspondence School of Detecting, and having worked late re-papering Sarah Quimby's house, Philo Gubb is having a late lie-in, when his fat nephew Epaminondas arrives, sent by his father, and expecting to be trained as a detective. Gubb decides that Epaminondas will be his Watson, and instructs him to regularly say, "Marvellous!". Their first case comes when Sarah Quimby's house is burgled. A coat button and a broken knife-blade provide the only clues, which seem to point to Gubb himself as the thief.

NOTE: This is a chapter from Butler's Philo Gubb, Correspondence School Detective

John Butler

Elementary, My Dear Watson (2012)
Included in:
Serendipity (John Butler)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: (Rodriguez)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Holmes explains to Watson how he knew that a suspect kept a pet mamba in a closet under the stairs.

Bob Byrne

"The Adventure of the Arsenic Dumplings" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part IV: 2016 Annual (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
; Dr Watson; Peter Jones; Mrs Hudson; (Baker Street Irregulars; Wiggins)
Characters Based On Historical Figures: Lisa Fanning = Elizabeth Fenning; Robert Shaw = Robert Gregson Turner; Orlibar Shaw = Orlibar Turner; Theresa Steele = Sarah Peer; Thomas Edwards = Thomas King; (Jacob Fanning = William Fenning; Mrs Fanning = Mrs Fenning; Mrs Shaw = Charlotte Turner; Jonathon Harkins = Roger Gadsden; Mrs Shaw's Mother; Harkins's Mother; Mrs Shaw = Mrs Turner; Dr Marston = Dr John Marshall)
Other Characters: Prison Guard; Prison Matron; Watson's Patient; Strous; Jones's Constables; (Lawyer; Police Constable; Mr & Mrs Hardy; Coal Merchant)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Clerkenwell Prison; Shaw's House; Newington; Lion Street
Story: Peter Jones is sceptical about Holmes chances of success when he is hired by the parents of Lisa Fanning, a cook accused
of poisoning her employer and his family with dumplings laced with arsenic. Holmes and Watson visit Lisa in prison and question her on her relationships with the other household members. Holmes carries out an experiment in Mrs Hudson's kitchen, and after interviewing the Shaws and Lisa's previous employers, brings the case to a close.

"The Adventure of the Parson's Son" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part III: 1896-1929 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes
Fictional Characters: (Dr John Thorndyke)
Historical Figures: G.A. Anson; Reverend Shapurji Edalji; Mrs Edalji; (George Edalji; Defense Counsel; Jury; Arthur Conan Doyle)
Characters Based on Historical Figures: Dr Butler (Dr John Kerr Butler); Royster Sharp (John Sharp); Rodney Sharp (Royden Sharp);
Other Characters: Police Officers; (Innkeeper; Shopkeepers; Tradesmen)
Date: 1903
Great Wyerly Colliery; Police Station; Inn; The Parsonage; 221B, Baker Street
Story: Holmes and Watson are arrested while re-enacting George Edalji's alleged attack on a horse at Great Wyerly. Despite the hostility of the local police, questioning the doctor who identified horse hairs on Edalji's coat, and interviewing Edalji's parents about a series of malicious acts carried out against the family. When his investigations fail to save Edalji from prison, he sets Conan Doyle on the case.

"The Adventure of the Tired Captain" (2002)
Included in:
Curious Incidents (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Historical Figures: William Gillette; Arthur Conan Doyle
Other Characters: Desk Sergeant; Inspector Gregory; (Captain Jonathon Grimshaw)
Date: Autumn, 1901
Locations: Doyle's Hotel; Simpson's; Police House; (The Langham Hotel)
Story: Gillette calls on Doyle, who tells him his theory regarding a captain who has been reported as having disappeared from his hotel room. Gillette believes Doyle to have hit on the correct solution, and the two impersonate Holmes and Watson to present his theory to the police, who use it to track down the man.

NOTE: This story is based on an actual case investigated by Doyle.

"The Case of the Ruby Necklace" (2016)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part V: Christmas Adventures (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Inspector Lestrade; Tobias Gregson; Enoch J. Drebber; Joseph Stangerson; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes)
Fictional Characters: (Inspector Jamison [Jamison's Son])
Historical Figures: (Sir William Gull)
Other Characters: Inspector Jamison; (Lord Wilifred Bragington; Lady Bragington; Melissa Bragington; Alice Hitchcock; Jonathan Radwell; Godfrey Stalwinn)
Unnamed Characters: (Bragington's Servants; Bragington's Butler; Jamison's Son)
Date: December 1881
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Jamison consults Holmes when a necklace, intended as a wooing present for Melissa Bragington, is stolen and found in the room of her former nurse, Alice Hitchcock, a niece of Sir William Gull. Holmes solves the case without leaving his rooms. Before Jamison leaves, he tells Holmes that he has recently had a son, whom he hopes will also become a police inspector.