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"The Adventure of the Christmas Bauble" (2008)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson Inspector Lestrade; (Mrs Hudson; Billy)
Other Characters: Mrs Dunwoody; Freddie Dunwoody; Mrs Dunwoody's Cook; Lady at Number 42; Maid; Mrs Trumbull; Bertie; Mr Butterworth; Lestrade's Man; Jewellery Salesman; Customers; (Foreign Noblewoman; Jeweller; Hatton Garden Diamond Merchant; Winter; Constables; Store Manager; Morton & Jason Staff)
Date: A Week to Christmas
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Morton & Jason's Department Store; Numbers 35 and 42 in a Fashionable Street; The East End Mission To Underprivileged Children; The West End
Story: A huge diamond, about to be purchased by a foreign noblewoman, is inadvertantly stolen by a pickpocket from the jeweller outside the lady's hotel. A constable recognised the thief as Winter, and saw him enter a department store, but when he was cornered, there was no trace of the stone. The police have searched among the glitter and baubles of the store's Christmas displays but have not found it there. Lestrade brings Christmas puddings and Christmas crackers to 221B, believing the jewel might be hidden in them. When the search proves unsuccessful, they call on the known purchaser of another Christmas pudding, only to find it has been stolen, as has one from a neighbour's kitchen. The trail takes them to an East End mission, then back to the department store, and some Christmas shopping, before the jewel is recovered.

"The Adventure of the Slipshod Charlady" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part I: 1881-1889 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Slipshod Elderly Woman (Mrs Bradley / Miss Skeffington / Miss Wells / Lamont); Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Naylor; Police Matron; Train Passengers; Policemen; Carriage Driver; Victoria Station Men; (Colonel Fanshawe; Workman; Colonel's Young Friend; T. Dudley; Russian Prince; American Heiress; Earl; Heiress's Father; Barney Granato; Granato's Bodyguards; Russian Lady; Russian Lady's Husband)
Date: Late Spring, Several weeks after STUD
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Fanshawe's House; Dudley's Shop; Scotland Yard; Victoria Station
Story: Holmes is working on the case brought to him by Mrs Bradley, the "slipshod elderly woman" Watson mentions in A Study in Scarlet.
She works for Colonel Fanshawe and is concerned that his manservant, Naylor, spends all day in the cellar. After examining the cellar while Naylor is out, Holmes deduces that what he has seen there may not be as straightforward as it appears.

"The Disappearance of the Cutter Alicia" (2008)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; (The Cutter Alicia)
Other Characters: Captain Mott; Skipper; Mate; Station Master; Violet Blake; Josiah Merritt / Josiah Blake; (Fishermen; Coastguards; Allinson; Toby Allinson; Mrs Allinson; Mrs Allinson's Sister; Mrs Blake's Mother; Mrs Allinson's Mother)
Date: Spring
Locations: Northumberland; Mott's Cottage; Fishing Village; A Boat; Harbour; Station; Yorkshire; Manufacturing Town; Lodging House
Story: Holmes and Watson are in Northumberland, near the site of the disappearance of the cutter Alicia ten or twelve years previously. Holmes wishes to investigate and they visit Mott, who saw her sail into a small patch of mist, from which she vanished. They hire a boat and attempt to follow the Alicia's course, finding themselves back ashore and following a trail to Yorkshire where the truth is uncovered in a lodging house.

Sherlock Holmes and the Adler Papers (2001)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Irene Adler; Inspector Lestrade; Mary Morstan; King of Bohemia; Godfrey Norton
Other Characters: Northumberland Hotel Clerk; Northumberland Hotel Doorman; Bill; Mr. White; Tommy Maunby; Cab Driver; Mayfair Loungers; Little William Mews Crowd; Karl-Heinz Siebald / Ormstein; Farmer on Train; Farmer's Wife; Herr Mueller; Passers-by; Lancers; Palace Guards; Palace Vistors; Palace Footman; Freiherr von Kirchoff; Second Footmen; Bertram von Gratz; Six Footmen; Commercial Travellers; Hotel Royal St. Georges Proprietor; Luigi Valentini; Tommaso Valentini; Butler; Tall Fellow in a Greasy Apron; Castle Footman; Marienburg Station Ticket Collector; Albion Hotel Manager; Captain Markus; Albion Concierge; Fiacre Driver; Gottfried Baldur von Ormstein; Gottfried's Butler; Hans; Fritz; Café Florian Customers; Pickup Man; Cab Driver; Maurice's Footman; Count Maurice von Ormstein; Dopzhe Station Master; Saltzenbach Cab Driver; Jakob; Norton's Captors; Funeral Attendant
Date: February, 1889
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Northumberland Hotel; White's Cab Yard; A Cab; Mayfair; 18, Little William Mews; A Cab; Watson's Paddington House; A German Train; The Schwarzwald; Vienna; A Second Train; Bohemia; Dopzhe; A Fiacre; The Albion Hotel; The Palace; Palace Dungeon; A Bohemian Train; Marienburg; The Grand-Hôtel Royal St. Georges; Valentini's Shop; Climbers' & Walkers' Shop; Second-Hand Clothes Shop; Valentini's Customers' Houses; Kleinwald; Schloss Württemburg; The Forest; Marienburg Railway Station; A Train; Von Gratz's Carriage; Von Gratz's Apartment; Gottfried's Town House; A Fiacre; The Café Florian; A Cab; Dopzhe Railway Station; The Royal Train; Saltzenbach; A Cab; Maurice's Hunting Lodge; A Cemetery
Story: Holmes receives a telegram from Irene Adler requesting a consultation. When she does not arrive at the scheduled time, he visits her hotel, and follows a trail of clues, eventually finding her tied up in a house in Mayfair. Irene tells Holmes and Watson of her abduction by Karl-Heinz Siebald, the King of Bohema's half-brother, and his theft of the photo of her and the King, which he will use to force the King to abdicate. She asks Holmes to go to Bohemia to stop him.

Arriving in Dopzhe, Holmes and Watson visit the palace, and after being locked in the dungeon, finally gain audience with the King. They decide that Karl and the photograph will be at the castle of the King's cousin, Gottfried. Along with the King's friend Von Gratz, they enter the castle in disguise, but are quickly imprisoned in a tower room. They manage to escape, thanks to Watson's forethought, and returning to the city, learn that Gottfried is there. They plan a second foray, this time into his town house.

They retrieve the photo and letters from the King to Irene, but Irene arrives in Dopzhe and attempts to take them at gunpoint. After subduing her, they learn the truth about the theft of the photo, and her real reasons for setting Holmes on its trail: her husband has been kidnapped. The photographic plate is smashed. Watson returns to Gottfried's house to steal a fake plate they have left there, but is caught in the act. Holmes decides to create his own. Their investigations reveal another claimant to the throne, but the affair ultimately ends in tragedy.

Sherlock Holmes and the Boulevard Assassin (1998)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Dubuque; Professor Moriarty; The Moriarty Gang
Fictional Characters: Arsne Lupin (as Arsne Jupin)
Historical Figures: (Sadi Carnot)
Other Characters: Auguste Vauban; Banque de France Assistant Manager; Bank Director; Carriage Driver; Senior Clerk; Train Passengers; Gendarmes; Lefevre; Cab Drivers; Sightseers; Waiters; Bistro Customers; Doorman; Steward; Anarchist Speakers; Constantine Duclos; Duclos' Coachman; Georges; Gang Members; Jean Paul; Jupin's Ladyfriend; Maurice The Knife; Denis The Dip; Fifi The Hellcat; Jean Paul's Cabbie; Jupin's Men; Jeweler's Assistant; Jeweler; Bistro Proprietor; Huret's Butler; St. Petersburg Doorman; Manager; Receptionist; Minister of Justice
Date: February, 1891 & June, 1894
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Dieppe; A Train; Paris; Banque de France; St. Lazare Station; Rue d'Amsterdam; A Hotel; The Prefecture of Police; Collége de France; Rue St Jacques; Rue Mouffetard; Lefevre's Lodgings; Anarchists' Meeting Hall; Duclos' Carriage; Duclos' House; Halle aux Vins; A Bistro; A Post office; Place de l'Etoile; Avenue du Bois de Boulogne; Bois de Boulogne; Place Vendôme; Jewelers Shop; Jean Paul's Cab; Dubuque's Apartment; Huret's House; Hôtel St. Petersburg
Story: Holmes tells Watson of an attempt made by Moriarty, before Reichenbach, to rob a Paris bank with confederates impersonating Holmes and the jewel thief Arsne Jupin. In 1894, with the assassination of President Sadi Carnot, Holmes believes that Moriarty's lieutenant, who impersonated him in the bank affair, is back at work. He and Watson travel to Paris, and with Dubuque's aid infiltrate an anarchist cell. Holmes and Watson are invited to join Moriarty's lieutenant's gang, and take part in robberies at a post office and a jewellers, before finally learning the identity of the gang leader, and preventing a murder at the highest level of government.

Sherlock Holmes at the Raffles Hotel (2008)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Watson's Maid; Martha; Anstruther; (Mrs Watson)
Historical Figures: Arshak Sarkies; Tigran Sarkies
Other Characters: Messenger Boy; Gables Boys; Rugby Master; Russian Count / Card Sharp; Lady Who Was Not the Wife of the Man She was Travelling With; Superintendent Ingham; Dr Oong; Constables; Sergeant; Margaret Earnshaw; Singapore Crowds; Long Bar Patrons; Harry Ellis; Raffles Waiter; Gerard's Landlady; Traffic Policeman; Suspicious Characters in Alley; Fisher; Derek Masterton / Derek Masters; Anya Masterton; Anya's Chinese Maid; Ingham's Driver; Bar Patrons; (Watson's Patients; Abigail Oldwhistle; Man with Chickens; Schoolboy; Emily Gerard; Charles Gerard; Masterton's Children; Masterton's Doctor; Oong's Assistants; Herbert Everard; Ellis's Lad; Cedric Masters; Old Masters; Australian Swindler; Suspect; Witnesses; Australian Police; Landlady's Maids; Tommy Wharton; Mrs Wharton; Wharton Children; Masterton's Maids; Masterton's Cook; Masterton's Kitchen Boy; Masterton's Nursemaid; Nursemaid's Young Man)
Date: Early 1905
Locations: Watson's Practice; A Train; Fulworth; Holmes's Sussex Villa; The Gables; Brighton; A Ship; Singapore; Tanjong Pagar Wharf; Raffles Hotel; Police Station; Gerard's Lodgings; Masterton's House; Bar
Story: A telegram from Martha takes Watson to Sussex. He finds Holmes not ill, but bored. In Brighton he meets Arshak Sarkies who invites him and Holmes to Raffles Hotel in Singapore. He tempts Holmes by hinting at a case there.

They are met in Singapore by Arshak's brother, Tigran, who tells them there has been a murder. Mrs Gerard, sister-in-law of Masterton, an export agent and former resident of the hotel, has been poisoned with arsenic filled sugarplums. Her husband, who was hoping for employment in Masterton's firm, has been arrested. Holmes finds it interesting that the visiting Gerards did not stay at Raffles or with the Mastertons. Gerard says that the sweets were given to him to give to his wife by her sister Anya, and Oong the police doctor reveals that only some of them were poisoned, the walnut whirls that were her favourites, but also the violet cremes, which she loathed. In her bag they find a letter telling her to bring £50 to Raffles, leading them to suspect blackmail. They discover that she had hired a private detective to investigate Masterton's background. Holmes rummages through dustbins and questions Gerard and the Mastertons to learn if the death was murder, suicide, or a mistake. There is another poisoning before the case is closed.

The Travels of Sherlock Holmes (1997)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes / Sigerson; Swiss Lad; Professor Moriarty; (Young Stamford; Mycroft Holmes; Wiggins; Mary Morstan; Colonel Moran; Moriarty Gang; Inspector Patterson; Inspector Lestrade; Tobias Gregson; Dubuque; François Le Villard; Englishwoman; Count Negretto Sylvius; Ronald Adair)
Historical Figures: The Khalifa; (13th Dalai Lama; Regent Choekyi Gyaltsen Kundeling)
Other Characters: Dr Stamford; Major Harold Dyce; Captain Gerald Fenton; Ram Dass; Thupten Norbu; Lobsang Norbu; Prince Alexei Ilyich Igorov; Colonel Munro Stark; Major Wilberforce; Mr Brown; Captain Mortimer; Count Ulyanov; Selim Barakat; Emir of Suakin; Nursing Sister; Bus Conductor; Bus Driver; Criterion Customers; Criterion Barman; Moriarty's Henchmen; Darjeeling Station Master; Darjeeling Ladies; Tea-planters; Army Men; ICS Officials; Merchants; Travellers; Gangtok British Resident; Pilgrims; Governor's Clerk; Tibetan Soldiers; Lhasa Crowds; Merchant; Monks; Potala Guards; Village Woman; Dalai Lama's Father; Dalai Lama's Sister; Tibetan Man; Dead Bandits; Cossacks; Doctors; Tibetan Officials; Students; Darjeeling Club Secretary; Darjeeling Club Members; Arab Sailors; Persian Merchants; British Legation Guard; Turkish Ambassador; Embassy Dinner Guests; Russian Legation Door Attendant; Coffee House Girl; Persian Ruffians; Turkish Soldiers; Coffee Shop Proprietor; Beggar; Dragoman; Mule Drivers; Tribesmen; Mecca Residents; Selim's Friend; Jeddah Dow Owner; Sudanese Soldiers; Emir's Servant; Khartoum Dignitary; Dervish Teacher; Mayor's Watchman; Mayor's Neighbour; Khalifa's Retinue; Khalifa's Bodyguards; (War Recruits; Convalescent Hospital Staff; Convalescent Hospital Patients; Young Man Renting 221B; Wiggins's Children; Man in Simpson's; Japanese Nobleman; Agent in Russia; Chandra Dass; Jagdish Dass; Teheran Agent; Igorov's Dragoman; Holmes's French Acquaintance)
Date: During the First World War / 1891-1892
Locations: Whitehall; Surrey; Convalescent Hospital; The Strand; Criterion Bar; 221B, Baker Street; Switzerland; Reichenbach Falls; India; Calcutta; Fenton's Office; Darjeeling; Darjeeling Station; Fenton's Bungalow; Sikkim; Inn; Gangtok; Tibet; Chumbi; Governor's House; Inn; Shigatse; Lhasa; The Potala; Dalai Lama's Home Village; Lhasa Inn; Red Palace; Darjeeling Club; Teashop; Aboard a Dhow; Persia; Bushir; Shiraz; Isfahan; The Dasht-e-Kavir; Teheran; British Legation; Turkish Embassy; Russian Legation; Wilberforce's Apartment; Coffee House; Zagros Mountains; Baghdad; Medina; Mecca; Jeddah; Persian Gulf; Sudan; Suakin; Docks; Emir's Palace; Khartoum; Mayor's House; Old Palace; Egypt; Cairo
Story: While trying to enlist for war duties, Watson encounters Young Stamford's son, who sends him to work at a convalescent hoospital in Surrey. There he meets Major Dyce, who gives him a notebook in which he has recorded the time he spent with Holmes during the Great Hiatus. Encountering Holmes in the Criterion Bar, Watson takes him to task over his account of his escape from Reichenbach. They return to 221B, now in the charge of Wiggins's wife, where Holmes tells Watson the true story.

At Mycroft's bidding, after leaving Switzerland, Holmes travels to the Himalayas, and Dyce's journal takes up the story.

In Calcutta, Dyce is recruited for a reconnaisance party, investigating Russian activity in Tibet, led by Captain Fenton. They are joined by Sigerson, sent by the Foreign Office. Arriving in Lhasa, they learn that Moriarty is already there. They set out on a trek to protec the Dalai Lama's family, and face a band of Cossacks. Holmes faces Moriarty in hand-to-hand combat.

After leaving Tibet, Holmes and Dyce travel to Persia on the trail of Moriarty's Russian associate, Prince Igorov. They encounter Igorov at a dinner at the Turkish Embassy in Teheran, and set about shadowing his movements around the city. Dyce is taken prisoner, and after his release, he and Holmes joined forces with a Turkish secret agent and journey to Mecca, and then the Sudan in pursuit of Igorov.

NOTE: Watson's reference to his readers' questioning of the dates in his writing, "clergymen seem particularly prone to that sort of quibbling" (P.32) is a reference to Monsignor Ronald Knox.