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Marcel D'Agneau

The Curse of the Nibelung (1981)
Story Type:
Gentle Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Professor Moriarty
Historical Figures: Winston Churchill; Edith Piaf; Lord Haw Haw
Other Characters: Calthorpe; Sir Charles Hainsley; Dr. Otto Laubscher; Third Officer Thomas; Captain Terence Howard; Sullivan; Commander Felix Mannion; Cook; HMS Mazarin Crewmen; Lt. Shand / Cornelia Hainsley; Coastguard; Sir Oswald Partington; Mr. Bartley; Admiralty Messenger; Grant Talford; French Peasants; M. Reynaud; Cab Driver; Waiters; Heinric Döre; Karl Flohn; Train Passengers; Lucy Trishant; Adle Trishant; Flohn's Servants; Frau Flohn; Musicians; Onslow Wilson; Betty Wilson; Selwyn Meyer; Judith Meyer; General Buchnort; SS Officer; Otto Von Hipplestar; Girls; Ditta Smit; The Brigade of Radio Bicycles; Sean McCully; Café Proprietor; Flohn's Driver; Max Millhapt; Customs Officer; Richard Moorehaus; Porter; Herr Schoeck; Mechanic; Margot; Matilde; Carl; Hotel Maid; Guard; SS Guards; Conductor; Boy; Kitchen Staff; Herman the Butler; Ferret-faced Man; Herr Melnick; Piano Craftsmen; Klaus Muller; Factory Workers; Factory Guards; Berliners; Usher; Audience; Hotel Manager; Frederick the Cat; German Doctor; Hilde; Eva; Firemen; Farm Worker; Truck Driver; SS Driver; Colonel Mundt; Captain Ansbach; The Madrid 16; Lt. Hartheim; General Offenbröeder; Marshal Baumann; Young Soldier; German Pilot; Michel; Gaston; 2 Nuns; Businessman; Child; Patrick O'Reilly; Intelligence Officer; Château Guards; Dog Handlers; Driver; Doktor Hoffnung; 2 Spies; Messenger; Forbes
Date: December, 1939
Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; Aboard HMS Mazarin; The English Channel; Hastings; Ambler & Brown's; The Three Bears Pub; An Avro Plane over France; Paris; The Hotel Paix; La Cuillre Engraissé Restaurant; Train; Strasbourg; Château Vernet; Café Zola; A Horch 12 Automobile; Another Train; Nürnberg; The Hauptbahnhof; Oesterlein's Opel Garage; Der Deutsche Hof Hotel; Kaffeehaus; The Kaiserhof; The Marktplatz; Blintz's Piano Manufacturer's; Flohn's Mercedes Benz; Flohn's Chocolate Factory; Concert Hall; River Pegnitz; An Opel Car; Odenwald; A Farm; A Renault Car; A Mercedes-Benz; Karlsruhe; Der Schloss Hotel; Château Schwaften; German Plane; French Airfield; French Farm; Citröen Car; A Train; Lyon Station; A DKW Car; Cowshed; Churchill's Office; St James's Park; Piccadilly
Story: Churchill calls on Holmes and Watson to investigate the disappearances of British agents in Nazi Germany, and to try to obtain a secret scientific formula. Their ship is sunk in the English Channel, and returning to England, they find themselves assigned a female assistant, Lt. Cornelia Shand. Flying to France, their plane is shot at. En route to a Wagner Festival in Nürnberg, Holmes solves a murder at a château in Strasbourg. His investigations lead him to the home of a German chocolate manufacturer, and the factory that produces Hitler's personal chocolate. Is the secret formula just a new recipe for chocolate, or does it hide something more sinister? Fleeing Germany with top secret information, Holmes is captured by the SS, and it is left to Watson to return to London with the information they have gathered. While imprisoned, Holmes learns of an old rival's involvement in the Nazi war effort, and sets off on another quest.

NOTE: In the cover illustration Holmes and Watson are portrayed as Nicholas Lyndhurst and David Jason, stars of the TV series Only Fools and Horses.

S.E. Dahlinger

"The Adventure of the Aluminum Crutch" (1969)
Included in:
Baker Street Journal, March 1969
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars
Historical Figures: (Marie Antoinette)
Other Characters: Beggar; Cabby; Man in Grey; Charing Cross Crowds; Old Woman
Date: February, 1881
221B, Baker Street; Charing Cross Station; (Pall Mall)
Story: Wiggins tells Watson that he has seen Holmes knocked unconscious and bundled into a hansom outside the Diogenes Club. A note attached to a rock is thrown through the Baker Street window telling Watson to bring the aluminum crutch to Charing Cross Station, where he is met by an old woman. A search of the place where he was told he could find Holmes reveals nothing, but his return to Baker Street leads to a revelation.

Andrew Darlington

"The Strange Death of Sherlock Holmes" (2015)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson
Fictional Characters: Cavor / The Time Traveller; The Time Traveller's Manservant; The Time Machine
Historical Figures: (H.G. Wells)
Other Characters: Lamplighter; Tom Norman; Venice Hotel Desk Clerk; Monkey Boy; Neanderthal Tribe; Cavor's Maidservant; (Mrs Hudson's Sister)
221B, Baker Street; Cavor's Home; France; Paris; Left-Bank Rooming-House; Gare de l'Est; Italy; Lake Garda; Venice; Piazza San Marco; Hotel; Baker Street
Holmes travel around Europe in search of Cavor and the monkey boy, whom the freak show owner, Tom Norman, claims he has contracted with Cavor to make a part of his show. The case leads to the death of Holmes and to Watson taing a journey on Cavor's invention.

Robert D'Artagnan

Sherlock Holmes' Last Case (2001)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Colonel Moriarty; Professor Moriarty; (Colonel Moran; Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: Martha (Bernays) Freud; Sigmund Freud; Adolf Hitler; (Wilhelm Fliess; Carl Jung; Arthur Schnitzler)
Other Characters: Vienna Taxi Driver; Car Dealer; Wolfgang Kreyenhagen; Coffeehouse Waiter; Opera Usher; Helen Vogel; Herr Rothberg; Newspaper Seller; Cab Drivers; Uniformed Doorman; Servant; Prostitute; Monk; The Wednesday Psychological Society; Frau Wechsberg; Little Girl; Car Driver; Policeman; Girl's Mother; Axel; Agreeable-looking Man; Ditch-diggers; A.B. Turnbull; Farmer; Swiss Magistrate; Jury; Telephone Operator; Waiter; Orcheatra; Dancers; Priest; Postman
Date: October, 1908 - May, 1909
Locations: Holmes & Watson's West End Townhouse; Austria; Vienna; Berggasse; Flat on Kolingasse; Kreyenhagen Fencing Academy; Coffeehouse; Royal Opera; Kroehler's Publishing House; Rothberg's Tailors Shop; Beatrixgasse; 235 Prinz Eugen Strasse; The Stadtpark; St Stephen's Cathedral; 221B, Baker Street; Stonehenge; Salisbury; The Rose and Crown; Switzerland; Reichenbach Falls; Mountain Village; Stumpergasse 29; The Westbahnhof; Paris; Hospital; Lichfield; Market Place; Cathedral Close; Swan Inn; Turnbull's Office; The Vienna Woods; Meiringen; The Englischer Hof; Magistrate's Court; The Prater; Constantinhugel; A Train; South of France
Story: Holmes and Watson have moved out of 221B, needing more space and security. Martha Bernays, from Vienna, calls at their new West End house. She believes that her husband, Freud, is under the influence of an evil spirit - his behaviour has changed and he does not remember his actions. Holmes is challenged to a duel at Stonehenge by Colonel Moriarty, and suffers recurring nightmares about Professor Moriarty's death.

In Vienna Holmes and Watson set watch on Freud. Holmes takes fencing lessons from Kreyenhagen to prepare for the duel. Freud appears to have overcome whatever was plaguing him. Holmes appears to Watson to know more about Vienna than he ought to. Watson resolves to have Holmes consult with Freud, and to find himself a publisher in Vienna. He also decides to solve the mystery of what happened to Holmes during the hiatus. Freud's absences from home begin again. They follow him, but are unable to gain admission to the buildings he enters. They learn that one is a casino, and Holmes, believing Freud to have been hypnotised, puts a plan in motion to make him unwelcome there in the future. When Holmes and Freud finally meet, Freud seems to recognise him, but calls him Hosmel. Watson is scared by an unseen pursuer at St Stephen's Church, and attends a meeting of Freud's Wednesday Psychological Society in disguise.

They return to London for the duel with Moriarty at Stonehenge. In London they discover that Mrs Hudson is planning to open 221B as a Sherlock Holmes museum. After the duel they return to Vienna and Watson manipulates Holmes into consulting with Freud as a patient. They learn that Freud has now apparently been hypnotised into making anti-semitic statements in public. Holmes believes that Freud's migraines might have a bearing on the case. Moriarty challenges Holmes to a further duel, at Reichenbach on the anniversary of his brother's death. Holmes's sessions with Freud unlock his memories of the events of the Great Hiatus and his former visit to Vienna. Holmes's suspicions turn to Freud's young artist patient, the anti-semitic Axel. Returning to England, Holmes visits his parents' grave in Lichfield and learns that he was adopted. He accepts Moriarty's challenge and after the duel learns the secret of Moriarty's identity and of his own past. Back in Vienna they learn that Freud's problems have been brought to an end by his wife. They also learn Axel's true name.

David Stewart Davies

"The Adventure of the Whitrow Inheritance" (2008)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: Matthew Whitrow; Godfrey Whitrow; Walker; Police; (Godfrey's Mother; Godfrey's Father)
Date: February, 1889
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; Pinner; Whitrow Brewery; The Grange; Pinner Station; A Train
Story: Brewery heir, Matthew Whitrow, is two months short of becoming a partner in the family business with his uncle, and guardian, Godfrey, and a number of attempts have been made on his life. Although the circumstances clearly implicate his uncle, he does not believe him to be guilty, and he asks Holmes to find the true culprit. Holmes uncovers the truth of the murder plot, and indulges in gunplay with a spurious burglar, to bring the culprit to justice.

"A Certain Notoriety" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Canonical Re-visioning
Canonical Characters: Colonel Moran; Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Patterson; Professor Moriarty; Dr Watson; (Moriarty Gang; English Woman)
Other Characters: Alfred Coombs; Actors; Violet Carmichael; Rat & Raven Clientele; Percy Snaggles; Wally; Scotland Yard Constable; (Barney Southwell; Cartwright)
Date: 1891
Locations: Theatre; Scotland Yard; Violet's House; 221B, Baker Street; The East End; The Rat and Raven; Watson's House; Switzerland; Reichenbach Falls
Moran and Violet Carmichael hire the actor Alfred Coombs to play a professor of mathematics. Holmes identifies an organising force at work behind the criminals of London. A plan is put in place to lure Holmes to Switzerland.

"The Darlington Substitution Scandal" (1997)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (Mike Ashley); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Billy
Other Characters: Lord Hector Darlington; Lady Sarah Darlington; Rupert; Hillary Stallybrass; Lord Arthur Beacham; Butler; Alfredo Fellini; Joshua Jones; cabbie; street urchins
221B, Baker Street; Mayfair; Lord Darlington's home; the Pandora Club; Commercial Street; Jones's home
Story: Returning from a Wagner night, Holmes and Watson find Lord Darlington waiting for them. He has returned unexpectedly from a trip to France to find a painting, Louis de Granville's Adoration of the Magi, has been stolen from his private gallery, to which he had the only key. Visiting his house the following morning, Holmes learns that the painting has now been returned. A visit from art expert, Hillary Stallybrass, reveals that the painting is the genuine one, but others in the collection are fakes. Holmes visits Darlington's step-son Rupert's club, The Pandora, in disguise, and, while there, sees the disreputable Lord Arthur Beacham, and New York gangster, Alfredo Fellini.

The Devil's Promise (2014)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Billy; (Joe) Thurston; Colonel (Sir James) Warburton; Mycroft Holmes; (Mrs Watson)
Characters Based on Historical Figures: Bartholomew Blackwood (Aleister Crowley)
Folkloric Figures: The Devil
Other Characters: Reverend Simon Dickens; Jacob Henshaw; Enoch Blackwood; Arabella Blackwood; Jacob Weatherall; Mrs Weatherall; Chivers
Howden Villagers; Baker Street Pedestrians; Cabbies; Houndsditch Passers-by; Houndsditch Assailants; Old Man; Scottish Doctor; Man in Grey Ulster; Train Waiter; Train Passengers; Tea Shop Girl; Cult Members; Simpson's Diners
(Mrs Watson's Sister; Edric Cawthorne; Thurston's Secretary; Totnes Farrier; Mrs Laidlaw; Professor Julius Krasinski; Professor Martin Scowcroft)
Date: July, 1899 - February, 1900
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Devonshire; Beach; Samphire Cottage; Howden; The Dark Man Inn; Blackwood's House; Church; Baker Street; Bishopsgate; Houndsditch; Thurston's Office; Pall Mall; Army & Navy Club; Paddington; Balfour Mews; Richmond; Nursing Home; Paddington Station; A Train; A Woo; Weatherall's House; Tansy Halt Station; Totnes Station; Totnes; Mrs Laidlaw's Tea Room; Mycroft's Rooms; Simpson's-in-the-Strand
Story: On holiday in Devonshire, Holmes takes Watson to view a corpse he has found on the beach, only to discover that it has vanished along with any evidence that it was ever there. After the body has been found, and disappears for a second time, they visit Howden village, where they encounter Enoch Blackwood, son of the Satanist Bartholomew Blackwood, and his sister Arabella.

Some months later, back in Baker Street, Watson is recovering from a period of illness that has left a gap in his memory. Holmes is acting strangely, and Watson enlists Thurston to help him investigate. He returns, alone to Devon, where he must work to prevent a Satanic ritual from taking place.

The Instrument of Death (2019)
Story Type: 
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson;
Inspector Lestrade; Constable John Rance; Wiggins; Mrs Hudson; Thurston
Fictional Characters: Dr (Gustav) Caligari; (Cesare)
Other Characters: Emeric Caligari; Rosa Placzek; Hans Bruner; Miss Stein
; Godfrey Forbes; Mrs Clements; Robert; Lady Sarah Damury; Sir Jeffrey Damury; Freda; Agatha; Ruth Marshall; Alan Firbank; Gammy Alf; Blanche Andrews; Dr Standish; Enid Beaumont; Professor Christopher Clark; Jenkins; Margaret; Carruthers; Sylvester Spedding; Arthur Brough; Father Francis Smyth; Gustav's Schoolmates; Gustav's Headmaster; Gustav's Tutors; Bruner's Doctor; Miss Stein's Neighbour; Undertakers; Prague Constable; Euston Crowds; Cabbies; Scotland Yard Constable; Caligari's Patients; Bermondsey Derelicts; Society Party Guests; Uniformed Policemen; Theatre Admirers; Actors; Strand Crowds; Firbank's Neighbours; Bedlam Orderly; Bedlam Patients; Nursing Home Maid; Spedding's Receptionist; (Gustav's Mother; Sir Basil Damury; Caliph of Ranjapur; Thomas Cook's Clerk; Damury's Doctor; Bowes; Damury's Fellow Club Member's; Damury's Servants; Sarah's Tea Circle Friend; Mr Sanders; Dr Andrew Dodd; Dr Alexander Rubenstein)
Date: Spring, 1896
Locations: Prague; Caligari's Home; School; Bruner's Cottage; Tavern; Singer's Apartment; London; Euston Station; 221B, Baker Street; Fleet Street; Thomas Cook's; Kensington
; 34, Sedgwick Street; King Henry's Walk; Scotland Yard; Bermondsey; Carisbroke House; Savoy Theatre; The Strand; Chiswick; 14, St Alban's Avenue; Chiswick High Road; St James's Park; Camberwell; Nursing Home; St George's Fields; St Mary Bethlehem Hospital / Bedlam; Knightsbridge; Paddington; 47, Robin Terrace; Marylebone; Cedar Court; Watson's Club; Chelsea; Pentonville Prison
Story: In Prague, the young Gustav Caligari learns mesmerism with his tutor, Hans Bruner, before turning to murder.

Watson returns from a holiday to find that Holmes is investigating the theft of a ruby belonging to Sir Jeffrey Damury. As they return the ruby to Lestrade, word comes that Damury's wife has been murdered. In London, Caligari searches for a lone down and out to carry out his bidding. Alan Firbank consults Holmes after his lover, actress Ruth Marshall, is attacked in his home after he has been lured away. Caligari and Holmes begin a game of cat and mouse against each other.

"The Monkton House Mystery" (2019)
Included in:
The Sign of Seven (Martin Rosenstock)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Stanley Hopkins; Mrs Hudson; (Langdale Pike)
Other Characters:
Alfred Langton; Sir Ronald Martin; Alan; Celia Martin; Alan Sanderson; Cora Langton; Dr Samuel Peters; Captain Henry Carmichael; Simon Martin; (Hugo Carrington; Sergeant Amos Wilkins)
Unnamed Characters:
Caped Constable; Cavalier Club Commissionaire; Cavalier Club Waiter; Club Members; Simon's Landlady; (Hopkins's Sergeant; Doctor; Cora's Sister; Carrington's Solicitors; Sam Rawlins)

Date: 15-16 December, 1899
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Brougham; Chelsea; Monkton House; Soho; The Artichoke Restaurant; Old Mitre Court; The Cavalier Club; Wandsworth; 13, Southwick Street; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; Morgue; Carmichael's House
Story: Hopkins asks Holmes for help in solving the murder of Alfred Langton, the butler of Sir Ronald Martin, an Egyptologist. Sir Ronald has disappeared. A search of Martin's House reveals that they are investigating a double murder. An estranged son and a disgruntled former expeditionary partner both have motive for the murder. Enquiries at a gambling club, a third murder and information from Langdale Pike lead the investigation along a different path.
"Murder at Tregere House" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part IV: 2016 Annual (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Thurston)
Other Characters:
Andrew Sinclair; Rogers; Dr Eustace Pavlow; Victoria Pavlow; Morag Cameron; (Alan Cameron; Anne Cameron; Smithson a & Wylie; Sinclair's Father; Inspector Crabtree)
Date: Autumn, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Scotland; Ayrshire; Tregere House; A Train
Story: Ho
lmes an Watson accompany Andrew Sinclair to Tregere House in Ayrshire where his prospective father-in-law, Alan Cameron, the Laird of Tregere, has been stabbed to death during a dinner party, and his wife, found standing over the body, holding a knife, has been arrested.
"The Reichenbach Secret" (2008)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies)
Story Type:
Canonical Re-visioning
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Holmes's Sussex Housekeeper;(Mrs Towers); Professor Moriarty / False Moriartys; Colonel Sebastian Moran; (Von Bork; Martha / Mrs Hudson; Moriarty Gang; Swiss Lad; Englishwoman)
Other Characters: Artists; Hilda Courtney; Thugs; Santo Spirito Waiters; (Holmes's Sussex Neighbour; Count Mario Bava)
Date: Summer, 1916 / May - June, 1891
Locations: Watson's House; Holmes's Sussex Cottage; Switzerland; Reichenbach Falls; Italy; Florence; Ponte S. Trinità; Via Michelangelo; Santo Spirito Restaurant; Via Matteo di Giovanni; Holmes's Lodgings
Watson travels down to Sussex after hearing of Holmes's failing health. Holmes reveals to him that the man he thought was Moriarty who visited him in Baker Street was an impostor, and that it was he himself who had arranged for the Swiss boy to lure Watson back to Meiringen. After battling another impostor at Reichenbach, Holmes makes his way to Florence, where he lives as an artist. He rescues Hilda Courtney, a courier, delivering a diamond, the Belvedere Stone, from a pair of bagsnatchers. After dining with her, Holmes is attacked by three thugs, but he has already realised that all is not as it seems and he uses Hilda to save himself. The following day he has his first encounter with the real Moriarty.
The Ripper Legacy (2016)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Baker Street Irregulars; Inspector [Giles] Lestrade; Professor Moriarty; Colonel Sebastian Moran; (Mary Morstan; Thurston; John)
Historical Figures: The Prime Minister (Earl of Rosebery); The Home Secretary (H.H. Asquith); (Jack the Ripper; Mary Kelly; Duke of Clarence; Sir Charles Warren; Inspector Abberline)
Other Characters: Ronald Temple
; Hilda Bennett; Annie Grimes; Percy Grimes; William Temple; Charlotte Temple; Susan Gordon; Dark Gentleman; Gertrude Chandler; Inspector Dominic Gaunt; Alice Sunderland; Henshaw; Taylor; Barrow; Sir Jasper Coates; Samuel McCafferty; Beaumont; Dr Graham Murray; Crowther; Dr Maxwell; Sergeant Arthur Moxon; Cab Drivers; Chandler's Housemaid; Camberwell Guard; Whitechapel Pedestrians; Blind Beggar; Street Singer; Street Girls; Saracen's Head Customers; Barman; Piano Player; Old Woman; Lord Nelson Customers; Gaunt's Carriage Driver; Liveried Servant; Tall Man; Nurse; Diogenes Members; Diogenes Servant; Firemen; Fire Onlookers; Mortimer's Assistant; Murray's Receptionist; Nurses; Orderlies; Doctors; Police Officers (Kidnapper; Kensington Gardens Crowds; Scotland Yard Surveillance Officer; Smithers; Duke of Dartington; Mr Mortimer; Ralph Harbottle; Lady Emilia Forsythe)
Date: March, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Watson's Club; Kensington Gardens; Cricklewood; Cedar Lodge; Grimes's House; Camberwell; John Ruskin Street; Whitechapel; Bat Street; The Saracen's Head; Whitehall; Mycroft's Office; Christopher Docks; Lord Nelson Tavern; Bayswater; Greenway, Prince's Square; Scotland Yard; Streatham; Diogenes Club; Surrey; Richmond; Galworth Hall; Coates's Townhouse; Chelsea; Mortimer's Invalid Conveyances; Baker Street; 5, Angel Court; 10, Downing Street; Reading Gaol; Moriarty's Underground Headquarters; Murray's Surgery; Iron Gate; Tower Bridge; The Embankment; St Katharine's Way; Leonine Chambers; Bart's Hospital
Stockbroker Ronald temple consults Holmes when his eight-year-old son William is abducted by two men in Kensington Gardens. The trail leads Holmes to a baby farm in Camberwell and reveals a connection to the Ripper murders and a familiar conspiracy. Watson is held captive, and Holmes uncovers links to the government and faces old enemies again. The situation becomes more complicated for the abductors when the child falls ill.

The Scroll of the Dead (1998)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Baker Street Irregulars; (Mycroft Holmes; Thurston)
Other Characters: Cabby; Manservant; Uriah Hawkshaw; Sir Robert Hythe; Mrs. Hawkshaw; Sebastian Melmoth; Black Cloud; Nigel Hawkshaw; Inspector Amos Hardcastle; Sir Chales Pargetter; Museum Security Man; Queen Henntawy; Jenkins; Tobias Felshaw; Catriona Andrews; Late-night Revellers; Brandon; Julia; Blacksmith's Arms Landlord; Blacksmith's Arms Clientele; Nathan; Gamekeeper; Gamekeeper's Partner; Skoyles; Watson's Cab Driver; Prince Regent Clientele; Prince Regent Barman; Conway Hotel Clientele Conway Desk Clerk; Sir Alistair Andrews; Prison Nurse; Prison Officer; Dawson; Stationmaster; Penrith Market Crowds; Joseph A. Cooper; Flinty O'Toole; Sergeant Porter; Priest; John Phillips; Sir George Faversham; Aunt Emilia; Archie Woodcock; Club Porter; Cabbi
e; Constables
(Sammy Daventry; King Pinneedjem; Setaph; Alfred Briggs)
Date: May, 1895 & May, 1896
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Kensington; Frontier Lodge; British Museum; Melmoth's House in Curzon Street; Baker Street; A Train to Norwich; Norfolk; Holden Parva; The Blacksmith's Arms; Holden Hall; Alfred's Cottage; A Train to London; A Cab (Oxford Street); The Prince Regent on Salisbury Street; The Conway Hotel; Scotland Yard; Kent; Lee; The Elms; A Sleeper Train to Penrith; A Railway Station; Penrith; A Suburban Churchyard; Ullswater; Grebe Island; Grebe House; Aunt Emilia's House; Woodcock's Shop; Watson's Club; (Egypt)
Story: When Mycroft sends Holmes and Watson to a séance to expose a false medium, they encounter the Wildean Melmoth, who believes he can conquer death. The following year Holmes is called on to investigate the theft of an Egyptian scroll from the British Museum. The scroll is believed to contain directions to the tomb of the priest Setaph, who was buried with a scroll containing instructions for overcoming death. Holmes believes that Melmoth is behind the theft, but soon learns that he has died in a shooting accident. Returning to Baker Street Holmes and Watson find Catriona Andrews waiting for them; her father, one of the archaeologists who discovered the stolen scroll, has disappeared, and his partner, Faversham, has been murdered and his house ransacked. They break into Melmoth's house to view the body, then journey to Norfolk to view the scene of his death. Further investigations lead to unexpected revelations about some of the principals in the case. A visit to Faversham's homes in Kent and in the Lake District brings matters to a head.

NOTE: "Sebastian Melmoth" was the alias adopted by Oscar Wilde during the latter years of his life. It is made clear in the novel, however, that this Melmoth is not Wilde.

"The Secret of the Dead" (2014)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 11 (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Mycroft Holmes)
Fictional Characters: Sergeant (Richard) Cuff
; (The Moonstone)
Other Characters: Reuben Flowers; Annie Lincoln
; Dr Joshua Randle; Buckley; Albert Dawson; Emilia Barrett; (Mrs Dryfield; Holmes's Parents; Mrs Matthews; Parson Phillips; Andrew Barrett)
Unnamed Characters: Gammidge & Brown Clerk
Locations: Yorkshire; Village Pond; Cuff's Cottage; Village Green; Randle's Surgery; Botham Lodge; The Leg of Mutton; York; Gammidge & Brown's Offices
Story: After Annie Lincoln's body has been discovered floating in the village pond, Sergeant Cuff, now retired, is offered assistance in his garden by the young Sherlock Holmes, who is visiting his aunt, Mrs Dryfield. Cuff tells Holmes that he believes Annie, a local gossip, was murdered, and that her death was the second in the village within a month.

The Shadow of the Rat (1999)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Stamford; Inspector Lestrade; The Giant Rat of Sumatra; Mrs Hudson; The Matilda Briggs; Mycroft Holmes; (Mary Morstan)
Other Characters: Simpson's Waiter; Diners; Mrs Sanderson; Scotland Yard Constable; Dead Man; Miss Sanderson; Cab Driver; Alice (Mellor) Callaghan; Dr Simeon Karswell; Baldwin; George; Bridge of Dreams Members; Eric; The Captain; Tom Herrick; Josiah Barton; Abe Chapman; Rat Handlers; Three Assailants; Cabman; Bart's Nurses & Doctors; Old Man in Morgue; Bill; Dock Watchman; Sailors; Gunson; Fraser; Baroness Emmuska Dubeyk; Baroness's Men; Parker; Stableman; Empire Stage Doorman; The Great Salvini; Diogenes Club Doorman; Diogenes Clerk; Diogenes Members; Adelphi Clerk; Tramp; Marcini's Waiter; Companies House Clerk; Cab Drivers; Rat Guard; George; Inspector Lanyon; Lestrade's Men; Solomon Street Man; Welsh Sergeant; Sailors; Cabbie; Actress; (Professor Lindstrom; Birdie Evans; Mr Duddridge; Coules; Dr Alec Callaghan; Bella Callaghan; Sir Randolph Dowson; Katarina; Captain Rogan; Robin; Dead Sailor)
Date: Early Autumn, 1895
Simpson's; Chiswick, 32, Tunnacliffe Road; 221B, Baker Street; Scotland Yard; Victoria Embankment; Bart's; Mayfair; The Bridge of Dreams; Cooper Street; Muswell Road; Blackwall; Christopher Dock; The Matilda Briggs; A Coach; Crescent Lodge; Buddington; The Cross Keys; Courtfield Gardens; Wood Green Empire; Diogenes Club; Enfield; Adelphi Hotel; Park; Marcini's; Companies House; Baker Street; Rotherhithe; Solomon Road; Eagle Printing Co; Oxford Street
Story: Holmes and Watson encounter a drunken Stamford at Simpson's, and, after taking him home, they notice needle marks on his arms. The following day Lestrade summons them to Scotland Yard to view a body pulled from the Thames. Watson identifies it as showing symptoms of bubonic plague. A clue leads them back to Stamford, but they find his room deserted, and his landlady's daughter denies that he ever lived there. At Bart's, Watson meets an old acquaintance, and they learn of Stamford's recent erratic behaviour. Investigations lead them to the Bridge of Dreams Club where the preferred sport is rat-baiting, but on the way home they are attacked and Holmes disappears. The following day Watson receives a visit from Matron Callaghan, who has found Stamford in the old morgue at Bart's, but once again he has disappeared by the time Watson arrives. His quest for Holmes takes him aboard the Matilda Briggs where he discovers the Giant Rat. When he and Holmes are finally reunited, Watson finds himself being held prisoner by his friend. Before the affair is over he faces a Hungarian Baroness and a black panther, employs the services of a hypnotist, and overcomes a plot to blackmail the British Government.

"Sherlock Holmes and the Ghost of Christmas Past" (2008)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: Caroline Harrison; (Septimus Harrison; Caroline's Friends; Oscar Leyland; Harrison's Servants; Sheridan; Police; Doctor)
Date: 22nd-24th December, 1899
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Kensington; Harrison's House
Story: Caroline Harrison has returned from a visit to friends to find that a coarse Australian, Leyland, has moved into the home she shares with her father. He is a friend from her father's youth. Just before Christmas she is woken by gunshots, and finds her father wounded and Leyland dead, victims of a burglary. The following Christmas she consults Holmes when her father claims he is being haunted by Leyland's ghost which appears in the mirror of his room. Holmes arranges to spend the evening, disguised as Leyland, in Harrison's room to reveal the truth of the matter.
Sherlock Holmes and the Hentzau Affair (1991)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Tobias Gregson; King of Bohemia; (Sir Jasper Meek)
Fictional Characters: Colonel Sapt; Rupert of Hentzau; Fritz von Tarlenheim; Princess Flavia; (Rudolf V; Rudolf Rassendyll; Josef; Black Michael; Lord Burlesdon)
Other Characters: Cobb; Cab Driver; 'Checked Cap'; Cab Driver; Baker Street Pedestrians; Second Cab Driver; Oxford Street Crowds; Sapt's Driver; Charing Cross Lobby Crowds; Gregson's Men; Woman at Burdett Road; Nicholas Bulesdon; Man at Burdett Road; Pall Mall Passers-by; Diogenes Members; Diogenes Porter; Two Diogenes Servants; Waiter on Train; Dining Car Occupants; Cologne Crowds; Thief; Four Louts; Border Guards; Stephan; Alexander Beauchamp; Gustav; Beauchamp's Driver; Baron Heinrich Holstein; The Blue Bugles; Embassy Lackey; Sir Roger Johnson; Captain Salberg; Rassendyll's Cook; Horseman; Palace Kitchen Maid; King's Doctor; Archbishop of Strelsau;Dead Palace Servant; Blue Bugles Officer; Strelsau Crowds; King's Soldiers; Commander of the Ruritanian Border Forces; Station Guard; Two Bohemian Halbardiers; Boris Gasanov; Bohemian Servant; Captain of the Bohemian Guard; (Roberts)
Date: September, 1895
Hyde Park; Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; Oxford Street; Oxford Circus; Regent Street; Charing Cross Hotel; 104, Burdett Road; Pall Mall; The Diogenes Club; The South Eastern Continental Express; A Ferry; Belgium; Ostende; A Train; Germany; Cologne Station; The Golden Lion Train; Ruritania; A Coach; The Boar's Head; Strelsau; Liver Stable; British Embassy; The King's Hunting Lodge; The Royal Palace; The Forest of Zenda; The King's Fishing Lodge; Customs House; Steinbach Station; The Royal Train; A Train
Story: Holmes and Watson return from a walk to find Sapt awaiting them. He tells them the recent history of Ruritania, of the King's madness in the wake of a recent illness, of Rupert of Hentzau's plans to take over the throne, of the upcoming visit of the King of Bohemia, and the need to find Rudolf Rassendyll, who has disappeared, to take the King's place again. While Holmes is following a man who has been following Sapt, Sapt is murdered in his hotel room. A raid on the man's house leaves Gregson wounded, but results in the rescue of a young boy. With Mycroft's assistance, Holmes and Watson travel to Ruritania to rescue Rassendyll from Hentzau. In Cologne they are attacked by a group of roughs, and a further attempt is made on their arrival in Ruritania. Having survived both, they soon find themselves prisoners of Hentzau. After being rescued, they learn that the situation has become more desperate, with the death of the King making Hentzau's path to the throne easier, and putting Rassendyll's life in more jeopardy. Holmes makes contact with Rassendyll and a plan is put into operation to save the monarchy, in which Holmes must pull off a double imposture.
"The Spirit of Death" (2018)
Included in:
Gaslight Gothic (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Tobias Gregson; (Inspector Lestrade; Stanley Hopkins)
Historical Figures: (Sigmund Freud)
Other Characters: Joseph Bradshaw; Bradshaw's Friends; Bradshaw's Doctor; Sir Eustace Carabine; Lecture Audience; Morgue Constable; Alexander Karswell
Locations: Bradshaw's House; Bart's; 221B, Baker Street; Scotland Yard Morgue; Islington; Karswell's House
Story: Gregson consults Holmes after two men die after suffering an unexplained palsy-like fit. Both men have lectured or written on the theories of Freud, and challenged the views of Alexander Karswell on the untapped potential of the mind. Holmes devises a plan to turn the attack back on its source.

The Tangled Skein (1998)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Sir Henry Baskerville; Dr Mortimer; Mrs Hudson; Jack Stapleton; Inspector Lestrade; Baker Street Irregulars; (The Hound of the Baskervilles; Barrymore; Mrs Barrymore; Sir Charles Baskerville; Beryl Stapleton)
Fictional Characters: Abraham Van Helsing; Dracula; (The Bloofer Lady; Hampstead Child; Dracula's Brides; The Demeter)
Historical Figures: Vlad Tepes; (De Reszke Brothers)
Other Characters: Celia Lydgate; Matthew Boulton; Watkins; Violet Markham; Silas Gardner; Dr Collins; Meinster
Down-and-Out; Hansom Drivers; London Gardens C; Mary Gardner; Catherine Hunterrowd; Cab Driver; Mission Paupers; Celia's Landlady; Mortuary Desk Sergeants; Dracula's Bride; Northumberland Hotel Diners; Northumberland Hotel Waiters; Grey Goose Landlord; Gardner's Maid; Carol Singers; (John Grenfell; Aubrey Lydgate; Mrs Lydgate; Hampstead Constable; Police Surgeon; Katherine Elliot; Varna Port Officials; Sir Ralph Markham; Donald Fraser; Lady Markham; Medical Specialist; Coombe Tracey Tradesmen; Academy Teachers; Academy Students; Academy Parents; Mrs Gardner; Catherine's Parents; Milly White; Gabriel White; Lady Rowena Durband; Lady Durband's Footman's Twin Brother; Coombe Tracey Blacksmith)
Date: November - 25th December, 1888
221B, Baker Street; Charing Cross Road; Kentish Town; London Gardens; 1, London Gardens; Marylebone Road; Shooter's Hill Mission; McCauley Street; Scotland Yard Mortuary; Hampstead Heath; Northumberland Hotel; Bellmount Private Cemetery; Baker Street; Paddington Station; The Devon Express; Devonshire; Coombe Tracey; The Grey Goose Inn; The Gardner Academy for Young Ladies; Post Office; Dartmoor; Black Tor; Neolithic Hut; Vixen Heights; White's Farm; Grimpen; Mortimer's Surgery; Baskerville Hall; Grimpen Mire
Story: After concluding the Baskerville case, Holmes and Watson see Sir Henry and Dr Mortimer off on a world cruise. Holmes pooh-poohs a talk given by Van Helsing on vampires, and receives a deadly package from a mysterious caller. A coded telegram lures Holmes into a trap in Kentish Town, and Celia Lydgate arrives at Baker Street with a warning. With the assailant identified, Watson sets out on a single-handed mission to rescue Celia from his clutches. Lestrade arrives at Baker Street with news of a body, drained of blood, found on Hampstead Heath, where appearances of a "Phantom Lady" are also being reported.

During their vigil on the Heath, Holmes and Watson encounter the Phantom Lady and Van Helsing, who reveals to them the history of Dracula. After dealing with their first vampires, Holmes and Watson follow Dracula's trail to Dartmoor, where they attempt to save his latest victim, a student at a finishing school for young ladies. Ultimately, their quest takes them back to Baskerville Hall.

NOTE: Meinster, Dracula's dwarfish, one-eyed assistant, is named after Dracula's disciple Baron Meinster, from the Hammer film, The Brides of Dracula.

The Veiled Detective (2004)
Story Type:
Canonical Revisioning
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson (John Walker); Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moran; Mrs (Kitty) Hudson; (Henry) Stamford; Jefferson Hope; Enoch Drebber; Joseph Stangerson; Arthur Charpentier; Tobias Gregson; Cab Driver; Lauriston Gardens Constable; Loafers; Stretcher Bearers; Mrs Rance; John Rance; Mary Morstan; Mrs Cecil Forrester; Mycroft Holmes; The Moriarty Gang; St Monica's Clergyman; Peter Steiler; Swiss Lad; (Young Girl; White-Haired Gentleman; Lucy Ferrier; John Ferrier; Mr Melas; Inspector Patterson; English Lady)
Other Characters: Wounded Soldiers; Captain Alastair Thornton; Soldiers; Arthur Sims; Badger Johnson; Harry Jordan; Night-Watchman; Jonas Abercrombie / Ernest Brand; Disreputable-looking Fellow; Bank Teller; Old Sunburned Gentleman; Harry; Moriarty's Men; Fat Northern Businessman; Alexander Reed; Businessman's Wife; Orontes Barman; Purser; Lincoln Scoular; Club Lackey; Ambrose Jones; Torquay Terrace Cab Driver; Alehouse Landlord; Diogenes Members; Loafer; Patrick Graves; Carriage Driver; Maxwell; Jenson; Victoria Porters; (Hawkins; Amelia Abercrombie; Abercrombie's Maid; Harry Drysdale; Raja of Kalipaur; Mellors; Bentham)
Date: 27 June, 1880 - May, 1891
Afghanistan; Candahar; London; Meredith & Co. Offices; Scotland Yard; Moriarty's Residence; 14, Montague Street; City Bank; Portland Street; Water Street; The Orontes; London Dock; Reed's Club; Holborn; 221B Baker Street; Bart's; Watson's Hotel in the Strand; Criterion Bar; Wigmore Street; Hope's Lodgings; Regent's Park; Torquay Terrace; Euston Station; Brixton; 3, Lauriston Gardens; Halliday's Private Hotel; Audley Court; The Turk's Head; Mrs Forrester's House; The Butcher's Arms, Marylebone High Street; Diogenes Club; Church of St Monica, Edgware Road; Watson's Paddington Home; Graves's Chiswick Home; West India Docks; Hyde Park Corner; Paddington Station; Victoria Station; Canterbury; Strasburg; Meiringen; The Englischer Hof; Reichenbach
Story: Surgeon John Walker is court-martialled for getting drunk the night after the battle of Maiwand. Holmes's activities come to the attention of Moriarty. Holmes investigates the kidnapping of a banker's daughter, but is attacked while carrying out a bank robbery and learns his client is not who he claims to be. On board the Orontes Walker meets Reed, who introduces him to the Moriarty Gang. Holmes's Montague Street landlord finds himself abducted and threatened. Moriarty gives Walker the new identity of Watson, sets up an establishment in Baker Street, with an ex-actress as landlady, and contrives to have Watson introduced to Holmes, take up residence at 221B and report on his activities. Hope carries out his revenge on Drebber & Stangerson, but Holmes plays a very different role in the final events to that previously reported by Watson, and Walker decides to keep some of the details concealed from Moriarty. He falls easily into his new identity assisting Holmes and recording his adventures in various versions for the public, and less easily for Moriarty, and eventually meets and falls in love with Mary Morstan. Mycroft provides counsel to Moriarty on how to deal with the situation. Moriarty sets Watson up in practice in Paddington, but instructs him to stay involved in Holmes's work, but Holmes's response to his marriage leads to estrangement. When Holmes starts to investigate the Moriarty Gang, Watson is ordered to stop him. Holmes attempts to prevent the theft of the Elephant's Egg ruby, Watson's allegiances are put to the test and he discovers that Holmes knows his past. Events reach their head at the Reichenbach Falls.

Martin Davies

Mrs. Hudson and the Spirits' Curse (2004)
Story Type:
Extra-Canonical Adventure of Mrs Hudson narrated by Flosam, the maid
Canonical Characters: Baker Street Maid (Flottie/Flotsam); Mrs. Hudson; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Morrison, Morrison & Dodd; Inspector Gregory; (The Giant Rat of Sumatra; The Matilda Briggs; Wiggins; Billy)
Fictional Characters: A.J. Raffles
Other Characters: Scraggs; Mrs Siskin; Swordsmith; Mr Rumbelow; Penge; Nathaniel Moran; Maurice Orlando Fogarty; Smale; Boy at Fogarty's; Cold-Faced Woman; The Honourable Rupert Spencer; Betty Trent; Gregory's Messenger Boy; St James's Policemen; French Hotel Official; Carruthers; Cabbie; Brown's Doorman; Brown's Manager; Brown's Staff; Desk Clerk; Fish Seller; St Pancras Policemen; Elderly Gentleman; St Pancras Woman; Gentlemen in Tails; Neale; Woman at Neale's Lodgings; Reynolds; Hetty Peters; Rumbelow's Maid; Gladys; Neale's Footman; Neale's Cook; Melmoth's Messenger Boy; Jenkins; O'Donnell; Spencer's Housemaid; James; Mrs Gresham's House; Carrington; Fogarty's Girl; Flynn; Mrs Flegg; The Earl of Brabham; Smale's Driver; Hansom Drivers; Piccadilly Policeman; Small Boy
(Lurantong; Whitfield; Postgate; Pagi Hunters; White Settler; Old Pagi; Pagi Elders; Chinaman; James Winterton; Mr Norman; Matilda Briggs Captain; Matilda Briggs Crew; Lord Ponsonby; Monsieur Bertillon; Lord Plinlimmon; Jeb Trent; Jeb's Captain; Moran's Father; Belgian Hotel Guest; St James's Hotel Night Porter; Hotel Manager; Flower Seller; Lad with Parcel; Police Officers; Shipping Company Caretaker; Mr Whitley; Michaels; Mathers; Portman Street Policeman; Holmes's Boy; Boy Lurker; Philpotts; Fotheringays' Footmen; Melmoth; Lewis Monk; Red Lion Landlord; Gay Girls; Fotheringay's Maid; Mr Fotheringay; Holmes's Driver; Sir George Farnborough)
Locations: Scraggs's Barrow; Mrs Hudson's Previous Home; Holmes & Watson's Residence; The Fotheringay Household; Limehouse; Mrs Trent's Home; St James's Hotel, Knightsbridge; Brown's Hotel, Mayfair; Exeter Market; St Pancras; Neale's Lodgings; Bloomsbury Square; Spencer's Residence; Kensington; Rumbelow's Residence; 84, Cavendish Street; Portman Street; Moran's Rooms; Oxford Street; Piccadilly; Cable Wharf
(Sumatra; Port Mary; Singapore; Paris; Rangoon & Occident Shipping Line Offices; The Red Lion)
Story: Caught stealing a cabbage, young orphan girl Flottie is taken to Mrs Hudson who gives her a job as an apprentice cook. When their employer dies they are taken on as housekeeper and maid by Sherlock Holmes. A one-eyed caller leaves a silver dagger and a note bearing a seal depicting a giant rat announcing that Nathaniel Moran will call on Holmes the following day. Mrs Hudson does not agree with Holmes's deductions regarding Moran, who tells them of the company he established in Sumatra, the shooting of a sacred giant rat and the subsequent blinding and death of his colleague and other local residents, and the curse put on himself and his colleagues by a local priest. Mrs Hudson does not believe that all is as straightforward as it appears.

Holmes receives a letter from Morrison, Morrison & Dodd concerning rumours that the Matilda Briggs is possessed by evil spirits. From a figure from her past Flottie learns that her long-lost brother has been found. His sorry condition is used in an attempt to blackmail her into giving up Holmes's conclusions over the Moran case, but she comes to a realisation which defeats the plan. Mrs Hudson learns of other disturbing events aboard the Matilda Briggs and one of Moran's associates in London is killed by a snake. Mrs Hudson, Flottie & Scraggs set up a watch on the surviving members of the company and are forced to deal with a poisonous spider.

Raffles brings Mrs Hudson some purloined documents and a tale of a scorpion in a jewel box and Spencer reveals the provenance of the other creatures used in the attacks. From Neale she learns the true events in Sumatra and later in London, but he is killed before he can reveal the true identity of the criminal mastermind known as Melmoth. Watson is sent to guard Moran, but when Moran is shot it appears that Watson is the killer. A raid is made to rescue the boy who was presented as Flottie's brother, but Holmes fails to return from it and Flottie is abducted. Mrs Hudson leads the rescue party, reveals the truth and helps shape Watson's writings.

Mrs. Hudson and the Malabar Rose (2005)
Story Type:
Extra-Canonical Adventure of Mrs Hudson narrated by Flotsam, the maid
Canonical Characters: Baker Street Maid (Flottie / Flotsam / Flot); Mrs. Hudson; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; James Phillimore
Other Characters: Newsboy; Blue; Scraggs; Home Office Messenger; Mr Hicks; Mrs Smithers; Godwin Branchester; Baker Street Constable; Docks Overseer; Randolph Place Man; Sir John's Butler; Sir John's Maid; Major General Sir John Plaskett; Policeman; Reynolds; Hetty Peters; The Right Honourable Rupert Spencer; Earl of Brabham; Lavinia "Vinnie" Phillimore; Boy with Wreath; Salmanazar's Servant; The Great Salmanazar; Blenheim Policemen; Bert; Blenheim Doorman; Old Perch; Perch's Customer; Mr Herbert; Mrs Williamson; Mr Rumbelow; Lola del Fuego; Mr Prescott; Carrington; Vicar of St Margaret's; Mr Bushy; Mr Choudrey; Royal Jeweller; Regal Audience; Salmanazar's Assistants; Carpenters; Plainclothesmen; Strongmen; Archdeacon; Dowager Duchess of Marne; Blenheim Guests; Blenheim Staff; Dentist; Cab Driver; Mermaid Doorman; Ticket Seller; Mermaid Audience; Performers; Dancer; Fidelma Fontaine / Maud Phillimore; Cyclist; Mrs Griffiths; Woman Dressed as Britannia; Monkey Crowd; Pantomime Actors; Scotland Yard Sergeant; Mills; Chief Inspector; Savoy Guests; Butler; Sir Marcus Stewart; Constable Andrews; Clerical Gentleman; Tavern Crowd; Fred; Charing Cross Boy; Trafalgar Square Crowds; Trafalgar Square Boy; Pantomime Horse
(John; John's Mother; Maharajah of Majoudh; Princess Alicia Karageorgevich; Simkins; Lord Shastonbury; Jennings; Mr Rumbelow; Lord Clyde; Monk; Simpson; Lola's Fiancé; Sir Phillip Westacott; Lord Boothroyd; Urchin; Irish Navvies; McAdam)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; The Docks; Randolph Place; Bloomsbury Square; The Spencer Residence; Ealing; Sefton Avenue; The Smithers House; Piccadilly; Brown's Hotel; Blenheim Hotel; Islington; Kimber Street; Toyshop; Holborn; Rumbelow's Office; Regal Theatre; Stepney; Mermaid Theatre; Tearoom off Paul Street; The Tudor Rose off the Haymarket; Trafalgar Square; Scotland Yard; The Savoy; Public House; Covent Garden; The Strand; Charing Cross; An Alley
Date: Late December
Story: After an encounter with a pickpocket reminds her of her days in the orphanage, Flottie reads of the arrival of the Malabar Rose, a ruby sent as a gift to the Crown by the Maharajah of Majoudh. Holmes receives a visitor from the Home Office in connection with the ruby, and a Mrs Smithers asks him to find her son-in-law, Phillimore, who disappeared after going back indoors for his umbrella. Holmes learns that a magician, the Great Salmanazar, is suspected of planning to steal the jewel, that 11 decoy jewels have been made to protect it, and attempts have already been made on three of them. He dismisses Mrs Smithers lightly, but Mrs Hudson believes there may be more to her case and decides to follow it up, learning of Phillimore's recurring illness, and his wife's recent surprise gift.

Flottie accompanies Watson to confront Salmanazar. Holmes and Lestrade oversee the preparations for display of the ruby. Meanwhile, the Earl of Brabham begins to act strangely and Flottie sees more of the pickpocket. On Boxing Day, Salmanazar's final trick goes wrong, and the ruby disappears from a sealed room, seemingly transformed into a butterfly. Mrs Hudson has the Blenheim Hotel set on fire, Dr Watson witnesses a striptease, a threatening note arrives at Baker Street, and a toymaker disappears. Another fire threatens Mrs Hudson and Flottie's lives, and Holmes helps a criminal escape, while the ruby is stolen a second time and a trap is laid for the thief.

C. Edward Davis

"The Adventure of The White Bird" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part III: 1896-1929 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: Charles Lindbergh; Consuelo Hatmaker Nungesser; Robert Nungesser; (Jimmy Walker; Joseph A. Warren; Charles Nungesser; François Coli; James R. Hatmaker)
Characters Derived from Historical Figures: Gordon Page
Other Characters: Battery Park Crowds; Roosevelt Field Spectators; Hotel Guests; Young Girl; Miss Cannella; Cab Driver; Monson's Security Guard; Ralph; Mr Sutton; Detective Raymond Detmer; Carter; Commander Belanger; Canadian Witnesses; Andrew Berryman; Mrs Woodhouse; Mr Feliciano; William R. Monson; (Watson's Publisher; H.G. Woodhouse)
Date: 4th May - 14th June, 1927
USA; New York; Park Avenue; Hotel; Battery Park; Long Island; Roosevelt Field; New York Public Library; Orteig's Offices; Kingston; Monson's Factory; Kingston Station; Mineola; Police Station; Canada; Newfoundland; Harbor Grace; Saint Pierre Island; Nova Scotia; Halifax; Maine; Lubec; South Jamesport
Story: Holmes and Watson are in New York when the French aviators Nungesser and Coli disappear during their attempt to be the first to cross the Atlantic by plane. After watching Lindbergh begin his Trans-Atlantic flight, they are approached by Nungesser's ex-wife and his half-brother. She suspects that her father, James R. Hatmaker may be behind Nungesser's disappearance. Holmes's attention, however turns towards aviation entrepreneur, William R. Monson, who had designs on winning the Orteig Prize for crossing the Atlantic himself.

NOTE: The aeronautical expert Gordon Page is named after Gordon Page, one of the founders of the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame.


Barry Day

"The Adventure of the Curious Canary" (2002)
Included in:
Murder, My Dear Watson (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)

Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; (Wilson, the Notorious Canary Trainer)
Other Characters: Mary Lucas; Sir Giles Halliford; Emily Sommersby; Robert Halliford
221B, Baker Street; Lewes; Halliford; A Pub in Halliford; Halliford Hall; A Train
Story: Holmes and Watson are visited by Mary Lucas, housekeeper, and now fiancée, to Sir Giles Halliford. Sir Giles lived alone with his ward, Emily Sommersby, until recently a man claiming to be his nephew Robert joined the household. The previous night Emily heard the sound of heavy breathing, and a bird chirping from Sir Giles's library, and there was a strange scent in the air when she entered the room. She fears his life may be in danger. Holmes and Watson travel out to Halliford Hall, but are not able to prevent Sir Giles's murder.

Sherlock Holmes and the Alice in Wonderland Murders (1998)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Wiggins; (Wilson Hargreave; Von Bork)
Fictional Characters: (Alice; Humpty Dumpty; White Rabbit; Cheshire Cat; Queen of Hearts; March Hare; Duchess; Pig Baby; Mad Hatter; King of Hearts; Red King; Frog Footmen; Walrus; Carpenter; Oysters; Knave of Hearts; Bill the Lizard; Dormouse; Mock Turtle; Caterpillar)
Folkloric Characters: (Loch Ness Monster)
Historical Figures: Winston Churchill; (Lewis Carroll)
Other Characters: Loch Ness Guests; Flunkeys; John Moxton; Professor James / Kurt Krober; James's Assistants; Royston Steel; Alicia Creighton; Tussaud's Police; Tussaud's Crowds; Attendants; Museum Officials; Lady Bullard; Constables; Foreign Secretary; Frog Footmen; Fancy Dress Party Guests; Sir Giles Broadbent QC; House of Commons Policemen; Attendants; MPs; New Home Secretary; The Speaker; Gatekeeper; Lestrade's Constables; Constable Hawkins; Four-Wheeler Driver; Passing Dignitary & Companions; Kroger's Companion
(Old Tug; Alicia's Mother; Julius Minton; Duchamps; Zuckerman; Foreign Secretary's Assistants; Mme Solange; Ilya Zokov; Moriarty's Mercenaries; Alicia's Aunt)
Date: Mid-October-November, 1898
Scotland; Loch Ness; Hotel; 221B, Baker Street; Madame Tussaud's; Chester Square; Moxton's House; Watson's Club; St James's Park; Covent Garden; Houses of Parliament; The East End; Royston Court; The Embankment
Story: Holmes summons Watson to Scotland for a fishing trip, taking him to a lochside gathering at which the American newsman, Moxton, has announced the Loch Ness Monster will make an appearance. Holmes reveals the true nature of the beast to Watson, and also tells him that he believes that Moxton is Moriarty, somehow having survived Reichenbach.

Returning to London, Holmes believes that an agony column reference to the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat, and an invasion of Parliament by white rabbits are both connected to Moriarty. Mycroft comes to Baker Street and expresses his belief that Moriarty is plotting to manipulate public opinion through the press and through control of certain Members of Parliament, including his protégé, Steel. At Madame Tussaud's an attack is made on both the Foreign Secretary and his wax effigy. Each incident is accompanied by a Carrollian quote.

Moxton invites Holmes to an Alice-themed fancy dress party, and his ward, Alicia, calls on Holmes for help. The Home Secretary is murdered at the Alice party. Holmes impersonates Steel in Parliament and has the Irregulars watch Moxton, who flees the city. Holmes discovers evidence that Moriarty has recruited small band of mercenaries. Locating his new lair, Holmes has to rescue Alicia from a booby-trapped room, and race to stop a latter-day Guy Fawkes plot, with a little help from Winston Churchill.

Sherlock Holmes and the Apocalypse Murders (2001)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs. Hudson; Irene Adler; Mycroft Holmes; Mrs. Turner; Thurston; Langdale Pike; Fred Porlock; Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars
Historical Figures: Jack The Ripper; Oscar Wilde; Lord Alfred "Bosie" Douglas; Marquess of Queensberry
Other Characters: Constable McLinsky; Simpson's Mâitre d'; Lady Adeline Hatton; Opera House Page; Lord Daintry; Café Royal Waiter; Café Royal Mâitre d'; Hansom Driver; Janus Cain; Henry Harcourt; Constables; Opera Goers; Cain's Congregation; Cain's Attendants; Nonconformist Clergyman; Archie Sennott; Raoul Sugarman; Oxford cab Driver; Magdalen College Porter; Magdalen College Bursar; Students; Cyril Overton; College Servant; Head Chef; Cooks; Theatre Audience; Cab Driver; Theatre Manager; Barman; Policemen
Date: January, 1895
Croxley Mews; 221B, Baker Street; Simpson's; A Hansom Cab; Royal Opera House, Covent Garden; Café Royal; Another Hansom Cab; Mrs. Turner's House; Maiden Lane; Rules Restaurant; Hammersmith; Croxley Hall; A Train; Oxford; Magdalen College; A Club in St. James's; Porlock's Church; Mitre Square; The Church of the New Apocalypse; A Cab; Aldgate; Whitechapel; Regent's Park; St James's Theatre; Trafalgar Square; London Sewers
Story: Holmes and Watson are called from dinner at Simpson's by Lestrade, to view the body of what appears to be a new victim of Jack the Ripper. Holmes tells Watson that he had worked on the Ripper case and uncovered the identity of the Ripper, who was of such high social standing that his identity could not be revealed, and who was banished from the country, instead of being brought to trial. It is possible that he has returned to London. Holmes and Watson receive tickets for a performance of La Traviata at Covent Garden. On arriving there, they discover that the lead is being played by Irene Adler. Mycroft is also in attendance and summons them to dinner the following day. Watson becomes aware that they are the focus of a purple-eyed, bearded stranger, who disappears before Watson can point him out to Holmes.

The next day, Irene visits Baker Street and tells Holmes of a man who stalked her in 1888, and seems to have returned, and Holmes identifies him as the Ripper. They dine at the Café Royal with Mycroft , who reveals that the victim, Lady Adeline Hatton, was a member of the "jury" that tried the Ripper. As they are leaving, they meet Oscar Wilde, who accompanies them to Covent Garden. A second member of the "jury", Henry Hatton, has been killed at a performance of the Flying Dutchman, and bloodstained roses are found in Irene's dressing room. Holmes identifies Janus Cain, head of the Church of the New Apocalypse, as the Ripper. Mycroft takes Holmes and Watson to a banquet at Magdalen College, Oxford to protect the third "jury" member, Cyril Overton. Wilde and Cain are also guests of honour at the banquet. Irene is sent to stay with Mrs. Hudson's friend, Mrs. Turner. Watson attends a meeting of Cain's church.

At the banquet in Oxford, Holmes manages to pre-empt Cain's plot, but Wilde learns that Cain has plans afoot for Valentine's Day. Back in London, Holmes receives further information about Cain from Langdale Pike and Fred Porlock: Cain has bought up a whole section of Whitechapel in the name of his Church. Irene infiltrates the church, and Holmes and Watson break in with the aid of the Baker Street Irregulars. With the help of Wilde, their investigations lead to a final showdown in the London sewers.

Sherlock Holmes and the Copycat Murders (2001)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Mycroft Holmes; Von Bork; Colonel James Moriarty; (Baker Street Irregulars)
Ficxtional Characters: Hercule Poirot (Aristide Nemo)
Historical Figures:
Sigmund Freud; Dan Leno; Marie Lloyd; John Buchan; Edward VII
Other Characters: Mr Montague; Bayswater Policeman; Mrs Cawston; Lady Guest; Impostor; Simon Pettigrew; Marge Pettigrew; Police Officers; Pettigrew's Maid; Diogenes Servant; Brown's Maitre d'; Waiters; Sir Angus McDoum; Anglo-German Solidarity Audience; Middlesex Audience; Cockney Fellow; Dowager Lady; Russian Magician; German Military Men; German M.C.; The Great Mysterioso; Mycroft's Assistant; Sergeant Micklem; Humble Wayfarer Landlord & Wife; Mrs Platt; Newsboy; Café Royal Attendant; Journalists; Harold Soper; Zuberbier; Quentin E. Dowd; Doum Servants; German Lecturers; Royal Party; Sons of Albion; Scottish Soldiers; Policemen; German Sailors; British Sailors
(Klaus Geier; William Phipps; German Tenor)
Date: Early September, 1900
221B, Baker Street; Bayswater; Watson's Club; Pettigrew's Flat; Diogenes Club; Brown's Hotel; Westminster Hall; Middlesex Music Hall; Drury Lane; The Yorkshire Express; Yorkshire; Humblethwaite; The Humble Wayfarer Inn; Brotherton's Residence; The Moor; A Train; King's Cross Station; Café Royal; Scotland; Invercrory; Hotel; Fishing Smack; Isle of Doum; Castle Doum
Story: Lestrade tells Holmes of a murder in Bayswater. A note left with the victim refers to Jabez Wilson. Visiting the murder site they discover that the body has been adorned with a red wig. The landlady claims that Holmes had been to visit the man several times over the past few days. A tobacco dottle found in the room proves to be of Holmes's own mix. Watson unknowingly encounters the impostor, and a second murder is accompanied by a note referring to Grimesby Roylott. Again, the victim's wife claims that he had had contact with Holmes.

Mycroft brings news of a third murder, this time accompanied by five orange pips. He tells Watson that the three murdered men were involved in the design of a new submarine. Worried about Holmes's behaviour, and with Holmes having disappeared, Watson consults Freud, who is staying in London. Mycroft takes Watson to a meeting on Anglo-German Solidarity, with speeches by Von Bork and Scottish Nationalist McDoum. Holmes is at the meeting in disguise, makes reference to "the 64 steps" and arranges a rendezvous at a Music Hall performance where they see the Great Mysterioso - man of a thousand faces. Lestrade gets a warrant for Holmes's arrest.

In Yorkshire the last of the scientists is attacked by a giant hound, then by Holmes himself, but rescue comes from an unexpected source. Watson attends a Summit meeting, disguised as a journalist, at Castle Doum, at which the Prince of Wales is to be present. There, he teams up with John Buchan, and encounters the Poirot-like Aristide Nemo, but fails to penetrate Holmes's disguise. One of the other journalists meets with a tragic accident. The Prince arrives, and he and the submarine must both be saved, but all is not as it seems.

NOTE: Holmes says of Aristide Nemo (P.157): "He will end up as the hero of some cosy detective stories written by some middle-aged lady with literary pretensions in which he uses his limited English and his little grey cells...".

Sherlock Holmes and the Seven Deadly Sins Murders (2002)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Mycroft Holmes
Fictional Characters: Professor Challenger; Professor Summerlee
Other Characters: Uma; Sunil; Mr. Smith; Harry, the Innkeeper; Sergeant Drummond; Sir Simon Briggs; Blackmore, the Butler; Diogenes Club Porter; Diogenes Club Steward; Victor Pelham, MP; Pierre Pascal; Bob McKay; Evan Staunton; Pelham's Secretary; Mr. Hinckley; Woman In Museum; Tourists; Hansom Driver; Judson, Concirge; Strollers in Park; Ayub; Khali; Crowd at Pascal's; Musicians; Assistants; Passers-By; Waiters; Mâitre d'; Handmaidens; Policemen; Thorogood; Archie Sennott; Isaac Goetz; Waterloo Porters; Journalists; Messengers; Auction Crowd; Savoy Page; Lestrade's Men (Kor, Ayala)
Date: August, 1895
Scotland; An Inn; The Hall; A Train from Scotland to London; 221B, Baker Street; The Diogenes Club; The British Museum; A Hansom Cab (Shaftesbury Avenue; Piccadilly Circus; Hyde Park Corner); Eaton Square; Hyde Park; Lestrade's Carriage; Outside the Zakhistan Embassy; Chez Pascal Restaurant; Mycroft's Rooms; Watson's Club; Waterloo Station; Challenger's Home, Enmore Gardens, Kensington; The Savoy Hotel
Story: Holidaying in Scotland, Holmes & Watson are asked by the local constable to view the body of an unpopular local landowner, Sir Simon Briggs, who has been murdered, suffocated in the vacuum of his personal vault, after reporting that his house was being watched. At the scene of the murder is a photo of a group of seven young men; the face of one of them has been scratched out. They take the photo to Mycroft, who shows them an identical one and tells them of the poisoning of an MP in the House of Commons that very day. He also reveals that the two men were members of a group of Oxford students, The Seven Sinners, who took as their names the names of the Seven Deadly Sins. Other members of the group include himself and Professors Challenger and Summerlee. He also tells them of an eighth man, Staunton, who was refused membership. Back at Baker Street Holmes receives a letter which he deduces to have come from the mysterious Indian woman whom they had seen at their inn in Scotland. Lestrade has the photo enlarged, which reveals that Briggs was holding a book written in Sanskrit. Holmes deduces that it is this that the murderer is searching for.

Enquiring about the book at the British Museum, they are met by a man who, Holmes tells Watson, is an impostor. Watson follows his carriage, but at the end of the journey a different man emerges. Watson learns from the Indian woman, Uma, that the book is the holy book of the country of Zakhistan, of which she is the high priestess, and that she has been sent to retrieve it. She was being aided by a white man who calls himself Mr. Smith, who carried out the murders. Holmes suspects that Smith is Saunders. They travel to the building which Watson saw the man from the museum enter, only to find a third victim. A fourth murder, of chef Pascal, is prevented, and they manage to lure Saunders to Mycroft's rooms, but he escapes before they can capture him. When Challenger returns from his expedition, Holmes seeks his aid to lay a trap for the murderer.

Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Globe Murders (1997)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; (Mrs Watson; Watson's Maid; Billy; Mary Morstan; Grimesby Roylott; Jabez Wilson; Oscar Meunier
Historical Figures: Sigmund Freud; Queen Victoria; Marquess of Salisbury; Edward Alleyn; (George Robey; William Shakespeare; Philip Henslowe)
Other Characters: Flora Adler; Cabbies; Paperboy; Builders; Carlotta Adler / Carlotta Montevecchio / Charlotte Mencken; Florenz Adler; Edward Hamilton Fiske; Dame Ivy Fosdyke; Pauline French; Harrison Trent; Ted Allan / Henry Lowe; Simon Phipps; Marsham Square Constables; Constable Baker; Henry Tallis; Actors; Hospital Orderlies; Stage Hands; Professor Campbell Bryson; College Servant; Oxford Don; Train Passengers; Cabbies; Carruthers; Waiter; Bloomsbury Constables; Bloomsbury Crowd; Mrs Harris; Savoy Page Boy; Waiter; Lestrade's Men; Constable Ingleby; Constable Croker; Police Doctor; Club Members; St James's Park Strollers; Playgoers; Trumpeter; Brigade of Guards; Sedan Bearers; Equerries; Lady-in-waiting
(Mrs Watson's Aunt; Duchess of Albemarle; Duchess's Butler; Florenz Adler; Mycroft's Messenger; Barley Mow Landlord; Fiske's Landlady; Lawyer; Police Surgeon; Fiske's Doctor; John Summers; Carlotta's Aunt; Carlotta's Child; Iris Tallis; Joan Lithgow; Christopher Lowe; Mrs Lowe; Clay Lithgow; Lithgow's Children; Lowe's Solicitors; Savoy Chef; Watson's Army Colleagues; Chemist)
Date: September, 1899
221B, Baker Street; Pall Mall; Diogenes Club; Mycroft's Rooms; Bankside; Globe Theatre; A Hansom Cab; Marsham Square; Regent's Park; Islington; The Barley Mow; The Frog and Parrot; Fiske's Lodging House; Oxford; Balliol College; The Master's Garden; A Train; Paddington Station; Bloomsbury; Fosdyke's Hotel; Mayfair; Brown's Hotel; The Embankment; Savoy Hotel; Watson's Club; St James's Park; Southwark Bridge Road
Story: While his new wife is visiting her aunt in Harrogate, Watson calls on Holmes at Baker Street. They are visited by the Flora Adler, daughter of impresario Florenz Adler, who is building a reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, due to open with a performance attended by the Queen. Her father has received mysterious typed quotations from Shakespeare and a drawing of a rose. They are then summoned by Mycroft who tells them that the Queen has received similar messages. Visiting the Globe, they learn that Adler has no daughter.

A snake is delivered in a bunch of roses to one of the actresses. Lestrade arrives with news that another of the actors, who had suggested he had information for Holmes, is dead, his body mounted on the horse of a statue in Marsham Square. Adler is visited by Tallis, his estranged son who is representing a consortium who wish to buy out the theatre. A stabbing occurs during a rehearsal of Julius Caesar.

After learning more about the Adlers' pasts, from them and from Pinkertons, Holmes takes Watson to Oxford to brush up their Shakespeare, and Holmes notices that they are being followed by a man in disguise. Watson is pulled away from a regimental reunion when another murder occurs, this time in a bath. Holmes consults with Freud, and arranges a gathering at the Savoy of all those involved.

Holmes fails to arrive, as does one of the actresses, and dinner is interrupted by the arrival of another quotation. Rushing back to the Globe, Watson discovers the missing actress being pulled from the Thames, and Holmes's body on stage. A last note from Holmes instructs that the opening performance must go on. The performance of Hamlet becomes a real-life drama, and is interrupted by the appearance of an actor from the past, and a disguised Holmes.