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S.N. Farber

"The Great Dormitory Mystery" (1976)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Space (Isaac Asimov, Martin Harry Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh)
Story Type:
Detective: The Great Detective
Other Characters:
Students; Campus Security Chief; Nagawa
A Dormitory
Story: There have been a series of student deaths, each body found crushed and covered with tyre marks. The Great Detective is interested in the behaviour of a Japanese student on the nights of the full moon.

Philip José Farmer

The Adventure of the Three Madmen (1984)
(Originally published in 1974 as The Adventure of the Peerless Peer with Tarzan in the role filled here by Mowgli)
Included in:
The Grand Adventure (Philip José Farmer); The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sebastian Wolfe)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Von Bork; (Duke of Greyminster)
Fictional Characters: Dr Gideon Fell; Sir Henry Merrivale; Richard Wentworth (G-8 / The Spider); Colonel Kentov (Kent Allard / The Shadow); Mowgli; (Lord Greyminster (Tarzan); Lieutenant John Drummond (Korak); Allan Quatermain; Sir Henry Curtis; John Good; Umslopogaas; Nylepthah)
Other Characters: Messenger; Chauffeur; Commodore; Mechanics; Lt Nelson; French Commander; British Medical Officer; French Officers; British Officers; General Chatson-Dawes-Overleigh; Lt Obrenov; Ivan; Kentov's Crew; Zeppelin Crew; Petty Officer; Oberleutnant zur See Heinrich Tring; Countess Mary Anne Liza Murdstone-Malcon / Liza Borden; Villagers; Priestesses; Priests; Nylepthah; Watson's Son
Date: 2 February, 1916 - November 11, 1919
Locations: Watson's Quarters; Foreign Office; Secret Airstrip; Wentworth's Plane; France; Military Aerodrome outside Marseilles; Kentov's Plane; Zeppelin; Africa; Zu-Vendis
Story: Watson is sharing a drink with Fell when he receives a summons from Mycroft. At the Foreign Office he finds Merrivale and Holmes with Mycroft. Von Bork has stolen a mutated sauerkraut-eating bacillus, which must be retrieved, and is hiding out in Cairo.

Watson and Holmes are flown out of England by Wentworth, but discover a German spy aboard their plane, and are later attacked by Fokkers before landing in France, by which time they are convinced that Wentworth is insane. They are flown out of France by Kentov, and learn that Von Bork is waiting in the desert to be picked up by a Zeppelin. Off course and running out of fuel, they are forced to land on a Zeppelin. A gun battle ends with Holmes and Watson captives of the Germans who also have Von Bork aboard.

With the airship damaged they are forced to abandon it in the African jungle, and Holmes and Watson escape. Holmes is recued from a cobra by Mowgli, who is in Africa making a movie about himself with Countess Murdstone-Malcon. Holmes and Watson are captured by natives, and Von Bork and Stein arrive in the village where they are being held, also as captives. Holmes doesn't recognise the language spoken in the village, nor the species of bee from which the villagers obtain honey.

They learn of the queen, who is kept inside a hut away from human eyes. They escape their cage and spy on the woman. Mowgli arrives and reveals that they are in Zu-Vendis, and that the woman is Nylepthah, grand-daughter of the Nylepthah encountered by Allan Quatermain. They flee the village, taking the Germans and Nylepthah with them, pursued by the Zu-Vendis. Holmes's knowledge gets them through a swarm of deadly bees, they recover the bacillus formula and Watson marries Nylepthah.

The Other Log of Phileas Fogg (1973)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Homage
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Colonel James Moriarty; Colonel (Captain) Sebastian Moran; (Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; The Moriarty Gang)
Fictional Characters: Phileas Fogg; James Forster; Jean Passepartout; Captain Nemo; Reform Club Flunkey; Andrew Stuart; John Sullivan; Samuel Fallantin; Thomas Flanagan; Gauthier Ralph; Mr Rowan; Mr Fix; British Consul at Suez; Tax-collector; Rev. Decimus Smith; Sir Francis Cromarty; Bombay Restaurant Proprietor; Malabar Hill Priests; Indian Train Conductor; Elephant Owner; Kiouni; Parsi Guide; Rajah Dakkar of Bundelcund; Rajah's Funeral Procession; Aouda Jejeebhoy; Pillaji Temple Guards; Calcutta Policeman; Carnatic Ticket Office Clerk; Montgomery Street Crowd; Colonel Stamp Proctor; Engineer Forster; Conductor; Signalman; Passengers; Proctor's Second; Sioux Warriors; Fireman; Fort Kearney Troops; Fort Kearney Captain; Mr Mudge; Captain Andrew Speedy; Henrietta Crew; Henrietta Engineer; Liverpool Policemen; John Vandeleur; Doctor Caber; Tall Man with a Stoop (from "The Suicide Club"); (Professor Arronaxe; Ned Land; Conseil; James Strand; Bank of England Principal Cashier; Detectives; Lord Longferry; Lord Windermere; Sir William Clayton; Lady Jane Brandon; Beggar-woman & Child; Passepartout's Great-grandfather; Sir Jametsee Jejeebhoy; Jeejeeh; Mr Camerfield; Mr Mandiboy; Duc de Val d'Orge; Sir Samuel Levi)
Historical Figures: Edward W. Head; (Jules Verne; Captain Benjamin Briggs; Sarah Briggs; Sophia Matilda Briggs; Andrew Gilling; Arthur Conan Doyle; Richard Francis Burton; Philip José Farmer)
Other Characters: Rajah's Guards; General Grant Officer; Sailor; Doctor; Captain; Telegraph Clerk; Savile Row Neighbours; Telegram Boy; Chimney Sweep; Young Neighbour; Sir Hector Osbaldistone; Street Urchin; Stretcher Bearers; Nemo's Men; (Fogg's Foster-Father; Maelstrom Survivors; Eridanean Agent; Lady Martha Clayton; Clayton's Maid, Cook & Gardener; Martha Clayton; William Clayton; Phileas Clayton; Lady Martha's Missionary Friend; Phileas Clayton; Roxana Clayton; Phileas Longferry; Beautiful Woman Card-dealer; Sir Heraclitus Fogg; Fogg's Tutors; Lofoten Fisherman; Fix's Capellean Superiors; Eridaneans; Capelleans; Fix's Wife & Children; Annie Fix; Chief Capellean; General Grant Nurse; General Grant Passengers; Eridanean Chief; Patrick M'Guire; Chinese Agent; Duchesse de Val d'Orge; Fogg's Children; Passepartout's Wife)
Date: Wednesday, October 2nd - December 21st, 1872
Locations: 7, Savile Row; The Reform Club; Charing Cross Station; Train; Aboard the Mongolia; Suez; British Consulate; Passport Office; Bombay; Passport Office; Malabar Hill; Indian Train; Kholby; Ruined Bungalow; Bundelcund; Pillaji Temple; Allahabad; Benares; Calcutta; Aboard the Rangoon; Singapore; Hong Kong; The Exchange; The Club Hotel; Ticket Office; Opium Den; Aboard the General Grant; Aboard the Mary Celeste; San Francisco; Montgomery Street; Train; Green River Station; Plum Creek; Fort Kearney; Omaha; Chicago; New York; Broadway; St Nicholas Hotel; Aboard the Henrietta; Ireland; Queenstown; Liverpool; Custom House; Liverpool Station; Telegraph Office
Story: The Eridaneans and Capelleans are alien races living secretly on Earth. Eridanean agent Fogg, at the instigation of his superior, Stuart, takes on a bet to travel round the world in 80 days, taking his new servant, Passepartout, holder of the only Eridanean distorter (a teleport device), with him. He sees an old enemy outside the Athaeneum club, and learns that the Capelleans have found a distorter in China, the second of the pair needed for transmission, the other being in the possession of the Rajah of Bundelcund. Fogg is accused of the bank robbery, and detective Fix sets off in pursuit.

Failing to stop them in Suez, Fix follows on to Bombay. When their train across India is stopped, Fogg and Passepartout proceed by elephant, encountering Nemo (Moriarty) while attempting to destroy the rajah's distorter, killing the rajah in the process. Before leaving India, they rescue Aouda, the rajah's widow, from burning. Fix's plan to imprison them in Calcutta fails and they sail on to Hong Kong via Singapore. Fogg learns from Passepartout that Fix is a detective. Fix allies himself with Passepartout to get Fogg back to England on time. Nemo crashes in on Fogg's party listening to a message from his chief over their distorter, but the tables are turned on him, and using the distorter. Fogg, Passepartout and Nemo are transported aboard the Mary Celeste.

Back on the General Grant, Fogg tells his companions of his time aboard the Nautilus. After being involved in a political brawl in San Francisco, Fogg travels across America by train, facing a dangerous bridge, fighting a duel, dealling with Sioux Warriors and a runaway train, and continues the journey by ice-sled. In New York, he is forced to charter a ship home. In Liverpool, Fix makes his arrest, but Fogg is able to get to London when Fix learns the real thief has been arrested. In London Nemo / Moriarty makes his final move, with his Colonel brother, Moran and Vandeleur, holding Fogg and his companions captive, but a telegram delivered by Fix alters his plans, allowing Fogg to win his bet.

"The Problem of the Sore Bridge - Among Others" (1975)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Space (Isaac Asimov, Martin Harry Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Parody
Canonical Characters: James Phillimore; Isadora Persano; Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Fictional Characters: A.J. Raffles; Harry "Bunny" Manders; Inspector Mackenzie
Other Characters: Cab Drivers; Policemen; Phillimore's Housekeeper; Porters; Railway Personnel; Hotel Clerk; Boat Owner; Old Sailor
Date: May, 1895
Locations: Bunny's Rooms, Mount Street; Willesden Juction; Trains; Kensal Rise; Phillimore's House; Maida Vale; Praed Street; Persano's Apartment; The Albany; Raffles' Rooms; Charing Cross Station; Dover; King's Head Hotel; The Cutter Alicia; Straits of Dover
Story: Attempting to steal sapphires from James Phillimore, Raffles and Bunny come across Isadora Persano, unconscious in Phillimore's garden, with one of the sapphires in a matchbox. They are interrupted before they can complete their escapade. The next day they read that Phillimore has disappeared after stepping back into his house to fetch his umbrella. Inspector Mackenzie & Holmes have been called in to investigate.

Raffles & Bunny call on Persano, but find him lying mad on the floor, and in the matchbox is a remarkable worm which seems to have hatched from the sapphire. They break into Phillimore's house and notice an extra armchair has appeared in one of the bedrooms, yet when they return it has disappeared. Chasing a fleeing figure, they rest on a bridge, which groans and disappears, leading them to the realisation that they are chasing something capable of changing its shape.

Deducing that it is an alien arrived on a "falling star" seen landing in the Straits of Dover, they set off to Dover in pursuit, as do Holmes, Watson and Mackenzie. They eventually track the creature down aboard the cutter Alicia, which sails into a patch of mist and disappears.

"A Scarletin Study " (1975)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Space (Isaac Asimov, Martin Harry Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Parody
Detectives: Ralph Von Wau Wau & Dr. Johann H. Weisstein
Characters Based On Canonical Characters: Lisa Scarletin / Lisa Maria Mohrstein {Mary Morstan}; Detective-Lieutenant Strasse {Inspector Lestrade}; Morgen {Murray}; Stampfert {Stamford}
Other Characters: Alfred Scarletin; Hilda Speck; Albert Speck - Das Flusspferd; Police office; Police Driver; Policemen; William Erlesohn - Die Giraffe
Date: Events begin in 1978
Locations: A Hamburg Police Station; A Bus; The Kennzeichen Bar; 2K, 12 Bellener Street; A Taxi; A Police Limousine; The Schindeler House
Story: Wounded at the Battle of the Emmerich off-Ramp, Dr. Johann H. Weisstein finds himself invalided out of the Fifth North-Rhine Westphalia Anti-Oiljackers. A chance meeting with an old colleague, Stampfert, leads to him sharing rooms at 2K, 12 Bellener Strasse, with Ralph Von Wau Wau, a hyper-intelligent German Shepherd dog with an artificial Humphrey Bogart voice. Their first client together is Lisa Scarletin, whose husband, an artist, has been missing for two months. A new painting by Scarletin has recently turned up in the collection of a dead collector. Von Wau Wau believes that the painting contains clues to the location of the kidnapped artist, and manages to track him down, through the German countryside, from clues in the painting, including images of Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, the Wizard of Oz, Scarlett O'Hara, and Hengist and Horsa.

Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert

The Evil in Pemberley House (2009)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Duchess of Holdernesse / Milverton's Murderess; Sherlock Holmes; Moran's Air-gun; (Edith, Duchess of Greystoke); James Wilder (James Clarke Wildman, Sr); Duke of Holdernesse / Greyminster (William Cecil Fitzwilliam Clayton, 6th Duke of Greystoke); Ruben Hays; Arthur, Lord Saltire; Heidegger; Dr Watson; Sir Charles Appledore; Colonel Sebastian Moran; Charles Augustus Milverton; Professor Moriarty)
Fictional Characters: Sir Denis Nayland Smith; Fu Manchu; Sexton Blake (J. Saxon Blake); Tinker (Topper); Mrs Bardell; Mary Russell; Doc Savage / Doc Ardan; Charles Peter Parker / Peter Parker (from Knight Errant Limited); Clarke Savage, Sr; (William Clayton; Tarzan; Jane Porter; Jane Bennet; Mrs Bennet; Fitzwilliam Darcy; Elizabeth Bennet; Basil Hallward; Mr Gardiner; Mrs Gardiner; Mrs Reynolds; Mrs Wylie (Agatha Jansenius); John Clayton II; Sidney Trefusis (John Clayton I, 5th Duke of Greystoke); Phileas Fogg; Professor Craig Kennedy; Arsène Lupin; Richard Benson / The Avenger; Ellen Patrick / The Domino Lady; Ned Land; Pierre Arronax; Ludvig Prinn; Victor von Frankenstein; Campion Bond; Catherine Tilney; Professor Challenger;
Nelson Lee; Sir Eric Palmer; Erast Fandorin; Thomas Carnacki; Harry Dickson; Georgiana Darcy; Cathy Gale; Hareton Ironcastle; Lord John Roxton; Johnny Littlejohn; Carl Peterson; UNCLE; Napoleon Solo; Ilya Kuryakin; Cato; The Green Hornet; Kent Allard; Charles Parker; Lord Peter Wimsey; Solar Pons; Dr Lyndon B. Parker; Baron St John-Orsini)
Characters from Tarzan Alive & Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life & other works by Farmer: Edith, Duchess of Greystoke / Edith Jansenius; Dr James Clarke 'Doc' Wildman, Jr; James Clarke Wildman, Sr; (Arronaxe Larsen; William Cecil Fitzwilliam Clayton, 6th Duke of Greystoke; Sir Gawain Darcy; Baron de Musard; John Gribardsun; Scarletin; Fitzwilliam Bennet Darcy; Ursula d'Arcy; Ralph Arthur Caldwell-Grebson; Athena Darcy; James D. Stonecraft; Marquess Blackwater; Jelke Helmson; Hendrik Van Helsing; Captain John Caldwell-Grebson; Joane Clayton; Jesse Clayton, 4th Duke of Greystoke)
Historical Figures: (Edward VII; Arthur Conan Doyle)
Other Characters: Patricia Clarke Lupin Wildman; Ernestine 'Ernie' Belville; Jack Hare; Doctor Denis Verner; Robert Simmons; Doctor Leonard Miller; Henry MacArthur; Roberta Macelhiney; Mr Newell; Train Conductor; Old Couple on Train; Richard Deguy; Castle Hill Station Master; Rosamond Aylward; Police; Dr Augustus Moran; Miss Neston; Carla Deguy; Austin; Mrs Abingdon; Jenkins; Bess d'Arcy; (Adelaide Lupin; Denis's Patient; Clinic Patients; Carlo Deguy; William d'Arcy; Jane d'Arcy; Captain Philip Fermier; Christopher d'Arcy; Delhi Darcy; Helen Benson; Violet Holmes; Charles Reston; Baby; Penelope Gray Smith; Police; Coroner)
Date: 1973
Locations: Doc Wildman's Clinic; London; Roberta's House; Charing Cross Station; A Train; Derbyshire; Matlock; Castle Hill Station; Fighting Cock Inn; Mary's Tower; Pemberley House; Upper Baker Street; Blake's Rooms; Lambton; Croydon Aerodrome
Patricia Wildman recalls her parents' death, her marriage to Denis Verner and his death at the hands of a patient, the closure of her father's clinic, and the news that she has inherited Pemberley Hall in Derbyshire. As they drive to Pemberley, Richard Deguy, her cousin, tells her about Bess d'Arcy's ghost and the curse of Pemberley. The car is stopped by two motorcyclists and Patricia is captured, bound and assaulted. She escapes and is taken to Pemberley, where she is tended to by Dr Moran, and meets her cousin Carla. A tour of the property includes a briefing on her ancestry as she visits the portrait gallery. She becomes increasingly aware of a disturbing air of sexuality pervading the house and its occupants.

She thinks she sees Carla in her room, but the woman disappears, and she spots her abductors breaking into the house during a thunderstorm, then pursuing the chauffeur out again. The following day she reads about the family's more recent history in Doyle's "The Priory School" and a Saxon Blake story "The Shades of Pemberley". That night she is visited by the ghost of Bess d'Arcy. The Blake magazine disappears before she can finish the story, and Bess continues to visit, accompanied by feelings of disorientation on Patricia's part. She finds herself a captive again, and then part of a murder plot. A dead baby and the loot from the Great Train Robbery complicate matters, and a shoot-out and pursuit through Pemberley Woods ensue. Patricia survives, learns about her relationship to her rescuer, finishes the Blake story and moves in to Pemberley before receiving an unexpected phone call.

Quinn Fawcett

Against the Brotherhood (1997)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Mycroft Holmes
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; (Sherlock Holmes)
Other Characters: Paterson Erskine Guthrie; Philip Tyers; Mrs Tyers; Dr J.; Edmund Sutton; Holt; Cap & Balls Customers; Secondhand Clothing Dealer; Justin Vickers; Vickers' Companions; Devon Man; Pierson James; Beak-nosed Man; Minister; Academic on Train; Red Lion Landlord; Servants; Guilem; Chambermaid; Penelope Gatspy; Train Conductor; Paris Telegraph Clerk; Paris Waiter; Chambermaid; Landlord; Luxembourg Attackers; Host; Nuremberg Parlormaid; Augsburg Telegraph Agent; Military Men; Herr Dortmunder; Dortmunder's Coachman; Schloss Guards; Thin Man; Luther von Metz; Harold Worthing; Arthur Upton; Warehouse Guards; The Brotherhood; Angus; Inspector Cornell; Felix; Servants; Madame Isolde / Lottelisa Spanner; Zimmerman; Elizabeth Roedale; Cameron MacMillian; Hannes; Françoise; Ernst; Constables; Isolde's Porter; Munich Stationmaster; Senior Guard; Conductor; Kreutzer; MacMillian's Guard; Phaeton Driver; Karlsruhe Officers; Guards; Corporal Pfosten; Corporal Hirsch; Strasbourg Porters; Conductors; Conductors' Assistants; Passengers; Physician; Dieterich; Engineer; Senior Conductor; Cook; Undercook; Dieuze Ostler; Madame Thillot; Abbé; Château Guards; Elizabeth's Uncle; Poacher; (Admiralty Clerks; Drowned Woman; Remi des Langres; Sanglot; Countess Erezebeta Nagy; Gretchen; Von Schallensee; Pall Mall Ruffians; Milkman; Mr Watkins)
Date: October - December 26, 1887
Locations: Mycroft's Rooms in Pall Mall; Cap & Balls Pub; Gray's Inn; Train; Dover; France; Calais; The Red Lion; Train; Paris; Hotel; Luxembourg; Hotel; Station; Germany; Mannheim; Nuremberg; Tavern; Augsburg; Country Inn; Schloss; Freising; Munich; Ortenburg Strasse Warehouse; Madame Isolde's; Station; Train; Karlsruhe; Strasbourg; Hotel; Station; Train; Dieuze; Le Chat Pêcheur; A Church; Von Metz's Château
Story: Guthrie begins working as secretary to Mycroft who receives a package of coded documents from an unknown woman. He believes the codes are derived from the Kabbalah and point towards a dangerous Brotherhood with occult leanings and a political agenda. Guthrie is sent in disguise to attempt to infiltrate the Brotherhood, and falls in with Vickers. Mycroft learns that an attempt will be made to steal the Freising Treaty, and is stabbed for his pains.

Vickers sends Guthrie to Bavaria to murder a servant and learn the contents of the document being carried by the unreliable courier Cameron MacMillian. Mycroft's rooms are searched and Guthrie is drugged and questioned in a bath in Calais. On the train out of Calais, he encounters Penelope Gatspy, and is attacked in Luxembourg. The woman who sent the documents is found and so is the traitor at the Admiralty. Mycroft leaves for the Continent, and Guthrie is take to a schloss where he meets von Metz, learns his plans, and first hears of the Golden Lodge, adversaries of the Brotherhood. His carriage is shot at in Freising, and he witnesses a Brotherhood ritual in Munich that leads to his appointment as MacMillian's valet.

He meets Mycroft in an unlikely disguise in a brothel, and further murderous attempts are made on Guthrie and others around him. Mycroft's stand-in, the actor Sutton, is attacked in Pall Mall. Mycroft in a variety of disguises accompanies Guthrie and MacMillian back to England, but their train is derailed and MacMillian abducted. Guthrie re-encounters Miss Gatspy in his bedroom, finds himself wanted for murder, teams up with Golden Lodge agents to rescue MacMillian and ensure the safe delivery of the treaty, and loses his fiancée.

Embassy Row (1998)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Mycroft Holmes
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes; Baker Street Irregulars; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: Sir Richard King; Admiral Edward Seymour; Charles Stewart Parnell; Sir Garnet Wolseley; Admiral Sir William Hewett; Marquess of Salisbury; (Sir Henry Evelyn Wood; James Dewar; Emperor Meiji; Emperor Franz Josef)
Other Characters: Paterson Erskine Guthrie; Diogenes Club Receptionist; Redfern; Messenger; Elderly Gentleman; Pall Mall Crowd; Missus Moss; Philip Tyers; Edmund Sutton; Sid Hastings; The Butcher; Admiralty Messenger; Men in Wagon; Wagon Driver; Sir Charles's Housekeeper; Admiralty Driver; Andermatt; Ambassador Hisoka Tochigi; Mr Minato; Mr Banadaichi; Omnibus Driver; Remover's Van Driver; Omnibus Passengers; Cab Attackers; Lord Edward Brackenheath; Prince Jiro; Enzo; Penelope Gatspy; Mrs Coopersmith; Embassy Servants; Eugene Wright; Jeremiah Hackett; Valet; Barber; Charles Shotley; Embassy Guests' Servants; Lady Edith Francesca Brackenheath / Edith Francesca Bell; Thomas; Sir George Tyrell; Embassy Guests; Lajos Pecs; Embassy Guards; Inspector Marcus FitzGerald; Orchestra; Wilcox; Haggard; Gregory; FitzGerald's Men; Florian Gravesend; Russian Embassy Guards; Yegbeny Tschersky; Brotherhood Jarvey; Brackenheath's Chambermaid; Swiss Guards; Swiss Captain; Japanese Servant; Carters; Ancient Jarvey; (High-Ranking Officers; Butcher's Delivery Man; Delivery Man's Nephew; Seamstress' Girl; Dairy Carter; Sir Charles; Sir Edgar; Sir Charles's Manservant; Old Reg; Pall Mall Servants; Delivery Men; Mrs Hastings; Hastings's Children; Casino Owner; French Academy Girls; Cameron MacMillian; Reginald; Elizabeth Roedale; Mrs Roedale; Mr Coldene; Brackenheath's Valet; Herbert Bell; Pall Mall Watchers; Inspector Cornell; Swiss Ambassador; Lavinia Collington; Brackenheath's Children; Guthrie's Grandmother; Justin Oliver Beauchamp Vickers; The Golden Lodge; Deputy Ambassador Chavornay; Lady Brackenheath's Cousin; Edith Bell; Virgil Anthony Eneas Lucie; Brackenheath's Companions; Tschersky's Messenger; Hastings' Daughter)
Date: May, 1888

Locations: Diogenes Club; Pall Mall; Regent Street; Saint Albans Mews; Butcher's Shop; Baker Street; Swiss Embassy; Brompton Road; Curzon Street; Guthrie's Rooms; Charles II Street; Brackenheath's House; Piccadilly; Half Moon Street; Gravesend's Offices; Russian Embassy; Standish Mews
Story: Guthrie arrives at the Diogenes Club with an urgent message from the Austro-Hungarian Embassy. This is followed up by a package containing a bomb.
Mycroft attends negotiations with the Japanese at the Swiss Embassy, while Tyers suspects that Mycroft's rooms are being watched. Sutton is almost run down by a cart when a plan to expose the watchers goes wrong. The Japanese Emperor 's second son Prince Jiro's relationship with an English woman is adding complications to the negotiations. Mycroft and Guthrie are attacked in their cab on the way home from the Embassy.

Later, back at the Embassy, Guthrie encounters Penelope Gatspy, who tells him that the Brotherhood have designs to disrupt the Japanese negotiations. A cat is released into Guthrie's flat. Lord Brackenheath is murdered at an Embassy function, and when Guthrie escorts Lady Brackenheath home, he is attacked by men ransacking the house. From Gatspy, he learns the identity of Jiro's paramour, and that his old adversary Vickers is back in London. Sutton is shot, and tended to by Watson, and Miss Gatspy comes to Guthrie's aid, before the case is resolved.

The Flying Scotsman (1999)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Mycroft Holmes
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; Mrs Hudson; (Sherlock Holmes; Baker Street Irregulars)
Historical Figures: Edward VII; Prince Oscar Bernadotte ;Archbishop of Canterbury; Marquess of Salisbury; Walter Mackersie Smith; Henry Tennant; (Queen Victoria; Henry Irving; Charles Rous-Marten)
Characters Based on Historical Figures:(Grand Duke Karl Gustave (Prince Carl of Sweden and Norway))
Other Characters: Paterson Erskine Guthrie; Sir Cameron MacMillian; Grand Duke of Cracow; George Albert Oliver, Duke of Marlborough; Sophia Augustina of Hannover; Chief Inspector Calvin Somerford; Philip Tyers; Edmund Sutton; Police Commander George Winslowe; Constable Daniel; Constable Childes; Constable Desmond Bernard; Superintendent Roland Spencer; Sid Hastings; Constable Mossleigh; Thomas Wordswell; Darwin Bromley; Major D. Angus Potter; Kerwin Heath; Angus Dunmuir; Camus Jardine; James Loughlan; Mrs Loughlan; Penelope Evangeline Gatspy; Cecil Whitfield; Mr Olwin; Mr Wrougtham; Fitzwilliam Carstairs; Inspector Jasper Carew; Norton Rollins; Albert Whipple; Constable Washbourne; Constable Snow; Arthur Burley; Quest; Yvgeny Tschersky; Lieutenant-Commander Thomas Ames; Captain James Hollyrood; Loki; Wedding Guests; Coldstream Guards; Wedding Crowds; Wedding Police Officers; Journalists; Wedding Choir; Footman; Oscar's Coachman; Guards Major; Eastern European Man; Subaltern of the Guard; Soldiers; Pall Mall Police; Pall Mall Resident; Admiralty Driver; Diogenes Club Members; King's Cross Crowds; Flying Scotsman Passengers; King's Cross Bobbies; Pickpocket; Conductors; MacMillian's Valet; Porters; Sergeant; Dining Car Waiter; Bedford Station Vendors; Maître d'; Irish Labourers; Salesman from Harrogate; Sheffield Telegraph Operator; Flying Scotsman Engineer; Leeds Policemen; Leeds Telegraph Operator; Leeds Stationmaster; Carlisle Porters; Carlisle Telegraph Operator; Melrose Stationmaster; Irish Porter; Melrose Constable; Melrose Doctor; Edinburgh Porters; Royal Scots Major; (Otto of Hannover; Guthrie's Mother; Hatley; Mustached Man; Vickers' Man; Justin Oliver Beauchamp Vickers; Royal Doubles; Amoud; King's Cross Telegraph Operator; Jockey; The Butcher; Tyers' Friend at the Admiralty; Russian; Percy Caldecott; Elizabeth Roedale; Miss Vickers / Mrs Spencer; Edinburgh Constable)
April, 1896
Locations: St Paul's Cathedral; Pall Mall; Mycroft's Rooms; Diogenes Club; King's Cross Station; Aboard the Flying Scotsman; St Albans; Bedford Station; Kettering Station; Leicester Station; Sheffield Station; Leeds Station; Carlisle Station; Scotland; Melrose Station; Edinburgh; Portabello Curve; Waverley Station; Abercromby Place; Royal Scots Club
Story: An attempt is made on the life of Prince Oscar of Sweden-and-Norway during a royal wedding at St Paul's Cathedral.
Mycroft plans to smuggle the Prince out of the country by train via Scotland on board the Flying Scotsman. Meanwhile, it becomes apparent that there is a bent copper on the force.

As the train journey begins, Guthrie is appalled to find that Sir Cameron is aboard and drunk. Holmes takes an interest in three fellow travellers, who may not be what they appear, and Penelope Gatspy appears in the cabin next to Guthrie's. When one of the passengers is murdered, Mycroft receives conflicting accounts of the events leading up to his death.

With the train delayed there is greater opportunity for the Brotherhood to strike at the Prince. Another death and a disappearance add to the mystery, and Guthrie finds himself clinging to the outside of the speeding train.

NOTE: The railway investor Darwin Bromley is named after the co-designer, with Bill Fawcett, of the Crayon Rails railway design game.

The Scottish Ploy (2000)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Mycroft Holmes
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; Dr Watson; (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: (Edward VIII)
Other Characters: Paterson Erskine Guthrie; Edmond Sutton; Beatrice Motherwell; Sid Hastings; Philip Tyers; Halil Kerem; Sir Marmion Hazeltine; Baron von Schattenberg; Helmut Kriede / Hilarios Kosmos; Paul Farbschlagen; Egmont Eisenfeld; Yujel Kerem; Inspector Wallace; Inspector Lionel Featherstone; Sir Cameron MacMillian; Chief Inspector Vaughn Pryce; Penelope Gatspy; Missus Coopersmith; Beech; Bury; Jacobbus Braaten; Justin Oliver Beauchamp Vickers; Theatre Audience; Actors; Pall Mall Pedestrians; Pall Mall Constable; Admiralty Courier; Cab Driver; Passers-by; Mudlarks; Amsel's Butler; Amsel's Servants; Jarvy; Hospital Orderly; Hospital Attendant; Morgue Attendant; Scotland Yard Constables; Piccadilly Crowds; Brotherhood Shooter; Golden Lodge Horsemen; Deanery Mews Gunman; Carriage Drivers; Coach Footmen; Removal Van Driver; Benz Driver; Tilbury Driver; Hawtrees Gate Warden; Asylum Inmates; Stage Doorman; Stagehands; Mothrwell's Man Friend; Langford; (German Brotherhood Members; Guthrie's Landlady; German Noblewoman; Lady MacMillian; Lady MacMillian's Uncles; Mycroft's Agents; Dutch Officer; Observer; Turkish Policeman; Senior Police Officer; Admiralty Official; Hooligans; Admiralty Men; Physicians; Chief Inspector Alexander; Dietrich Amsel; Admiralty Courier; Hastings' Wife & Children; Copper; Inspector Durward Strange; Estate Agent; MacMillian's Coachman; Butcher; Berkeley Mews Constables; One-Eyed Taffy Snow; Golden Lodge Agents; Theatre Manager; Pryce's Parents; Pryce's Aunts; Journalist; Mr Coopersmith; Coopersmith's Indian Wife and Children; Missus Coopersmith's Lodgers; Angus McDonald; Missus Helmstone; Missus Helmstone's Nephew; Missus Helmstone's Nurse; Ironmonger; Madman; Judge; Prison Inmates; Guthrie's Schoolmaster; Hawtrees Inmates; Dr Humphrey Johnathon Albert Rawlins; Clive; Morgue Attendants; Orderly; Patient's Daughter; Surgeon; Hospital Desk Attendant; Spotted Dog Landlord; Diogenes Club Member; Marlborough; Yvgeny Tschersky; Mrs Featherstone / Miss Collins)
November, 1892 or 1893
Locations: Duke of York's Theatre; Pall Mall; Mycroft's Rooms; Curzon Street; Guthrie's Rooms; Tottenham Court Road; The Fatted Calf; Berkeley Mews; Amsel's House; Berkeley Square; St Elizabeth's Hospital; Scotland Yard; Piccadilly; Piccadilly Circus; Coventry Street; Haymarket; Half Moon Street; Green Park; Deanery Mews; Conduit Street; St James Street; King Street; Park Lane; Bayswater Road; Notting Hill Gate; Hawthorne End; Hawtrees Asylum; Uxbridge Road; St Martin's Lane
Story: After watching Sutton play Macbeth at the Duke of York's, Mycroft is asked to investigate the methods being used at Sir Marmion Hazeltine's asylum, but also learns of Vickers' returne, that German members of the Brotherhood are meeting with him in England, at the same time as Sir Cameron is actively seeking reconciliation with his estranged German second wife, whose uncle also had connections to the Brotherhood. He is also approached by the Turk, Halil Kerem, whose brother Yujel has been abducted into slavery. A courier from the Admiralty is mistaken for Sherlock Holmes and shot, and Mycroft and Guthrie come under attack when they leave Mycroft's rooms.

A series of murders and attempted murders keep Mycroft busy. Penelope Gatspy appears in Piccadilly. Mycroft becomes aware that a plot is under way aimed at traducing his reputation. When Sutton is abducted, it is up to Guthrie and Gatspy to rescue him, while it is Mycroft's turn to carry out a theatrical impersonation.

Lyndsay Faye

"The Adventure of the Willow Basket" (2015)
Included in:
The Whole Art of Detection (Lyndsay Faye); The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part II: 1890-1895 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; (Michael) Crosby the Banker; Red Leech; (Mrs Hudson; Colonel Moran; Inspector Patterson; Moriarty Gang; Professor Moriarty)
Other Characters: Glassblower; Simpson's Diners; Waiter; John Wiltshire; Mr Adams; Police Constables; Helen Wiltshire / Helen Ainsley; Maid; Mrs Stubbs; Swann's Butler; Horatio Swann / Charles Cutmore; (Erasmus Drake; Wiltshire's Housemaids; Wiltshire's Bank Superior; Scullery Maid)
Date: mid-June, 1894
Locations: Simpson's-in-the-Strand; Battersea; Wiltshire's House; Swann's House
Lestrade finds Holmes and Watson at Simpson's. He brings them the case of John Wiltshire, found dead in his Battersea home, in the bath, his body drained of blood, but showing no wounds or signs of poisoning.

"The Case of Colonel Warburton's Madness" (2009)
Included in:
The Whole Art of Detection (Lyndsay Faye); Sherlock Holmes in America (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)

Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Colonel (Patrick) Warburton; (Mycroft Holmes)
Other Characters: Molly Warburton; Sam Jefferson; Charles Warburton; Juan Portillo; Hack Driver; Barman; Portillo's Friends; Downstairs Maid
Date: March (Framing Story)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; United States of America; California; San Francisco; Front Street; Nob Hill; Broadway; The Barbary Coast
During a period of low activity, Watson tells Holmes of events he experienced in San Francisco.

Things begin when, wandering on Nob Hill, he sees the elderly, one-legged Warburton rush from his house, pursued by his niece, and collapse. Molly Warburton tells Watson that her uncle has recently changed his will, leaving his fortune to war charities, and has been having visions of a Tejano warrior. His servant, Jefferson, tells Watson of a tear in the Colonel's uniform, and some missing firewood. Watson sees and follows a mysterious Mexican to the Barbary Coast. Jefferson is dismissed by the Colonel's nephew and the Colonel disappears.

Holmes is able to give Watson a reason for the disappearance.

Dust and Shadow (2009)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Tobias Gregson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Baker Street Irregulars; Billy; Dr Moore Agar; Mycroft Holmes; (Anstruther; Athelney Jones; Inspector Lanner; Thurston)
Historical Figures: Jack the Ripper; Dr Rees Ralph Llewellyn; Mary Ann Nichols; Emma Green; William Nichols; Mary Ann Monk; Annie Chapman; Dr George Bagster Phillips; Cadoche (Albert Cadosch); George Lusk; Grenadier Guardsman (Stephen Dunlevy); Louis Diemschutz; Workingmen's Educational Club Members; PC Henry Lamb; Major Henry Smith; PC Edward Watkins; Daniel Halse; Sir Charles Warren; Matthew Packer; Mr Hawkes; Michael Kidney; Mary Jane Kelly; (Martha Tabram; Inspector Spratling; Inspector Helson; Charles Cross; Constable Neil; Henry Tabram; Drunken Sergeant (Johnny Blackstone); Grenadier Guardsman; Pearly Poll / Mary Ann Connelly; John Reeves; John Pizer; Nichols's Father (Edward Walker); Nichols's Children; Inspector Joseph Chandler; Harris; Harriet Hardiman; Wynne Baxter; Nightwatchman (George James Morris); Queen Victoria; Inspector Frederick Abberline; Henry Matthews)
Characters Based on Historical Figures:
Constable Bennett (PC Thomas Barrett)
Other Characters: Lord Ramsden; Lady Ramsden; Preacher; Whitechapel Crowds; Reporters; Policemen; Hansom Driver; Constable Anderson; Miss Shackelton; Workhouse Inmates; Sean Hawkins; Cabmen; Hanbury Street Crowds; Constable Murphy; Mrs Hawkins; Lusk's Servant Girl; Mrs Thistlecroft; Rowland K. Vandervent; Queen's Head Patrons; Queen's Head Proprietor; Bricklayer's Arms Patrons; Barkeep's Daughter; Lestrade's Driver; Inspector Thomas; Inspector Fry; Samuel Levinson; Vigilance Committee Members; London Chronicle Journalists; Leslie Tavistock; Stride Funeral Mourners; Constable; Chaplain; Molly; Michael; Funeral Attendants; Dunlevy's Landlady; Limehouse Crowds; Cab Driver; Mr Li; Opium Smokers; News Vendors; Aldgate Crowd; Man Jack; Constable Brierley; Hammersmith's Gang; Underhill; Ezekiel Hammersmith; Murphy; Kettle; Aldgate Urchins; Mrs Quinn; Timothy Quinn; Rebecca Quinn; Central News Agency Reporters; Cab Driver; Mrs Bennett; (Watson's Solicitor; Mrs Jeavons; Elenora Rowley; Elenora's Maidservant; Fergus MacArthur; MacArthur's Gang; Cellist; Baxter; Susannah Lusk; Federov; Minsk; Jacobson; Abrams; Stone; Ellen Street Doss House Woman; Knight's Standard Patrons; Joseph; Emily; Brewer from Norwood; Wickliff; Hawes; Dr Augustus Agar; Grenadier Guardsmen; Two Brewers Patrons; Miss Lacey; Dunlevy's Friend; Alistair Harding; Wicks; Katie Connelly; The Connellys; Lily Blackstone; PC Sample; PC Leather; PC Wilder; Watson's Nurse; Coroner)
Date: July, 1939 / February, 1887 / 7th August - November, 1888
Locations: Herefordshire; Colwall; Blackheath House; Inn; London; 221B, Baker Street; Whitechapel; Whitechapel Road; Old Montague Street Workhouse Infirmary; Buck's Row; New Cottage; Whitehall; Scotland Yard; Lambeth Workhouse; Little Ilford Cemetery; Hanbury Street; Mile End; Lusk's House; Oxford Street; Commercial Street; Flower and Dean Street; The Queen's Head; Whitechapel High Street; The Bricklayer's Arms; Dutfield's Yard; Duke Street; Mitre Square; Goulston Street; Great Garden Street; Baker Street; Church Passage; Regent's Park; The Knight's Standard; 174, Fleet Street; 227, Baker Street; East London Cemetery; Old Montague Street; Limehouse; Three Cobras Opium Den; Mansel Street; Aldgate High Street; Simpson's; The Strand; Public House; Temple Bar; Fleet Street; Brick Lane; Holmes's Scarborough Street Lair; The Ten Bells; Sandy's Row; Leman Street; New Bridge Street; Central News Agency Offices; Miller's Court; Pall Mall; Bennett's House
Story: 1887: After locating a missing diamond, and preserving the reputation of its owner, Holmes receives a threatening letter

1888: Holmes is called on by Lestrade and Llewellyn after the Nichols murder. He senses a connection to the Tabram murder. He views Nichols's body and the murder scene, consults Lestrade's files, and talks to those who knew her. He arranges the arrest of Pizer, although not for his involvement in the murders. One of the Irregulars brings news of the Chapman murder, and after examining the murder site, Holmes calls on Lusk. He also pays Mary Ann Monk to be his eyes and ears in Whitechapel, and she is able to discover the identity of the Grenadier Guardsman seen with Tabram. While investigating her lead, they stumble on the murder of Stride, and Holmes pursues the murderer, but is attacked by the Ripper and cannot prevent the murder of Eddowes. While Watson and Monk continue investigations, Holmes is tended to by Moore Agar, and is named as a suspect by the press.

Letters received from the Ripper convince Holmes that there is a link to the letter he received after the diamond case. He consults Agar over the psychology of the Ripper, and receives a taunting gift. Monk realises she is being followed, and Holmes discovers that the man she is watching is not who he claims to be. After learning more of the Grenadier Guardsman, Holmes takes Watson to an opium den in Limehouse, and they are set upon by a mob in Aldgate.

While Holmes goes undercover in the East End, Watson, Monk and Dunlevy burgle a news office. Watson is lured back to the East End and again set upon by a gang of roughs. Rejoining Holmes, they visit the Guardsman's lodgings, where they learn of his fate and his role in the killings. After gathering his allies together, Holmes divulges his identification of the Ripper and his reasons for wishing to keep it a secret. A trap is laid, but a final murder cannot be prevented, and Holmes and Watson are sanctioned by Mycroft to hunt down the killer. The case comes to a fiery end and Holmes refuses a knighthood.

Rachel Ferguson

"His Last Scrape: or, Holmes, Sweet Holmes!" (1932)
Included in:
The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes (Ellery Queen)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Story: Mr. Jarvis's father has left the family estate to him and his twin brother, with sole possession going to whichever marries first. The brother has recently returned from Ceylon, a snake has fallen on Jarvis's head, and there are nightly disturbances in the beech grove. Holmes is called in to investigate.

Lewis S. Feuer

The Case of the Revolutionist's Daughter (1983)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Irene Adler; Professor Moriarty; Inspector Lestrade; Stanley Hopkins; The Baker Street Irregulars; The Moriarty Gang
Historical Figures: J. Salwyn Schapiro; Harold J. Laski; Friedrich Engels; Karl Marx; Eleanor Marx; Edwin Ray Lankester; Jenny Von Westphalen Marx; Helene "Lenchen" Demuth; George Bernard Shaw; Edward Aveling; Sidney Webb; Reverend Wicksteed; Beatrice Potter; Isabel Aveling; William Morris; Mrs. Morris; May Morris; Olive Schreiner; Frederick Demuth; Amy Levy; Israel Zangwill; Karl Pearson; Charles Waldstein; V.I. Lenin; Edward Bernstein
Other Characters: Dr. Horace Donkin; Hansom Driver; Bursar; Students; Maid; Brodetsky; Thomson; Poultry Workers; Clientele of the Nell Gwynne; Landlord of the Nell Gwynne; Jennie Burns; Sailors; Policemen; Sean Thomas; Moshe Shinwell; Cabman; Verne 'Venomous'; Del Larkson; (Pharmacist; Eleanor's Maid; Doctor)
Date: 1926 (Introduction), 1881 (Main Story) & April 2, 1898 (Postscriptum)
Locations: New York; The London School of Economics; Laski's office; 221B, Baker Street; Maitland Park Road; Marx's Study; Great Queen Street; Rathbury Place; The Wheatsheaf Vegetarian Restaurant; Hammersmith; Kelmscott House; The Nell Gwynne Inn; Aveling's Home; Bloomsbury; Irene Adler's Flat; Regent's Park Road; Engels' House; St. Bartholomew's Hospital; Scotland Yard; Castlereagh Place; Horatio Place; Cornwall; The Cornish Queen Inn; Waterloo Station
Story: Engels calls at Baker Street, sent by Irene Adler, to enlist Holmes's help in finding Marx's daughter, Eleanor, who has been missing from home for several months. After interviewing Marx at his home, Holmes visits the British Museum Reading Room where he meets Bernard Shaw, who invites him and Watson to a meeting of the Zetetical Society. Holmes learns from Shaw that Eleanor is living with Edward Aveling, and realises that locating her will be easier than extracting her from the clutches of Aveling, whom she obviously adores. Shaw invites them to a reading of Ibsen's A Doll's House, in which Eleanor will be taking part, at the home of William Morris.

At the reading they meet Eleanor, who invites them to her home, and Irene Adler, with whom Holmes goes home afterwards. He learns from her, and her friend Olive Schreiner, the background to Eleanor's relationship with Aveling, and of her discovery of her father's relationship with his housekeeper, and the son the housekeeper has had by him. Holmes resolves more firmly to return Eleanor to her parents within three days. Holmes follows Aveling and discovers that he has disturbing habits.

The dinner the following day ends in an unpleasant argument between Aveling and the poet, Amy Levy. Holmes finds himself becoming more involved with Irene, and with Eleanor and Aveling, eventually persuading Eleanor to return home, but only on her own terms. During his investigations, he also learns of Aveling's association with Moriarty, who kidnaps Irene in retaliation for Holmes's actions. Several years later Holmes learns of Eleanor's suicide, and is visited by the son of Marx's old servant, Lenchen.

Jasper Fforde

Something Rotten (2004)
Story Type:
Fantasy Literary Detective (Fourth in the Thursday Next series)
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; (Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson - cameo appearances)
Fictional Characters: Mrs Tiggywinkle; Hamlet; The Cheshire Cat; Beowulf; Grendel; The Jabberwock; The Blue Fairy; The Gryphon; The Mock Turtle; Miss Havisham; (Horatio; Ophelia; Laertes; Polonius; Max de Winter; The Gryphon; Fagin; Gertrude; Falstaff; Mistress Page; Dr Caius; Fenton; Hamlet's Father; Claudius; The Tailor of Gloucester; Simpkin; The Mayor of Gloucester)
Historical Figures: Emma, Lady Hamilton; Otto von Bismarck; William Shakespeare; Horatio Nelson; Captain Thomas Masterman Hardy; George Formby; Napoleon; Duke of Wellington; (Cnut)
Mythological Characters: Medusa; The Kraken; The Minotaur; Charon
Other Characters: Thursday Next; Commander Trafford Bradshaw; Providence Town Drunk; Bartender; Prospectors; Gunfighters; Ladyfolk; Mayor; Stagecoach Driver; Sheriff; Howell; Abel Baxter; A-7 Riflemen; McNeil; Townsfolk; Zharkian Marine Corps; Emperor Zhark; Aliens; Friday Next; Pickwick the Dodo; Alan the Dodo; Joffy Next; Wednesday Next; Mordecai the Dodo; DH82 the Thylacine; Granny Next; Nurse; Millon de Floss; Adam Gnusense; SO-6 Men; Colonel Fawsten Gayle; Ernst Stricknene; Toad Network Floor Manager; Tudor Webastow; Yorrick Kaine; Redmond van de Poste; Miss Pupkin; Miss Ives; Red-Haired Man; Mr Wedgwood; TV Studio Crowd; Middle-Aged Man; Warwick Fridge; Leigh Onzolent; Colonel Next; Cindy Stoker; Hair Stylists; Lady Volescamper; Mrs Barnet; Traffic Warden; Mr Wentworth; Bank Cashier; Workman; Electrical Goods Shop Owner; Mr Cheese; Desk Sergeant; Police Officers; SpecOps Officers; Gaskell Impersonators; Ersatz Coleridge; Bowden Cable; Commander Braxton Hicks; Colonel Flanker; Officer Jodrell; SO-1 Agents; Victor Analogy; TV News Reporter; Mrs Beatty; Thin Man; Julie Aseizer; Eradications Anonymous Group; Lydia Startright; Producer; St Zvlkx / Steve Schultz; Lord Volescamper; Spike Stoker; Betty Stoker; Goliath Clerks; Apologists; Complainants; Jack Schitt; Receptionist; Mr Godfrey; Footman; Goliath Board Members; John Henry Goliath V; Brik Schitt-Hawse; Mr Jarvis; Golf Club's Oldest Member; Melanie Bradshaw; Major Drabb; Bartholomew Stiggins; Shoppers; Dennis the Chimera; SO-13 Agent; Dennis's Creator; Female Agent; Mr Rumplunkett; Mr Shaxtper; Nelson's Crew; 22nd Century Documentary Makers; Malcolm; French Sharpshooter; Victory Guide; Schoolchildren; Croquet Stadium Security Guard; The Swindon Mallets; Roger Kapok; Groundsman; Alan 'Biffo' Mandible, 'Smudger' Blarney, Aubrey Jambe; Gloucester Meteors Scouts; Gray Ferguson, 'Snake' Spillikin, George, John 'Johnno' Swift; Granny Next; Journalists; Bomb Squad; Landen Parke-Laine; Landen's Father; Houson Parke-Laine; Aunt Ethel; Sports Agent; Alf Widdershaine; Colonel Parks; Dowding; RAC Man; The Nearly-Dead; Waitress; Dave Chesney; Chesney's Henchmen; ToadSports Reporter; Polly Next; Daphne Farquitt's Agent; Farquitt Librarian; Neanderthals; Felicity Stiggins; Handley Paige; Border Guard; Airfield Colonel; Area 21 Guards; Policeman; Shopkeeper; Paramedics; Hell-beast; Kaine's Shields; Tyrannosaurus Rex; Penelope Hrah; Kaine's SO-6 Agents; Croquet Crowd; The Reading Whackers; Lola Vavoom; Umpire; Tim O'Fathens; Twizzit; Judges; Mr Runcorn; George 'Rhono' McNasty; Grunk; Warg; Dorf; Zim; Ralph 'The Book' Spurrier; George 'Rhino' McNasty; Duchess of Sheffield; Mr Wapcaplitt; 'Bonecrusher' McSneed; Carolyn 'The Mark' Mays; Groundsman; Medics; Nurse; Boy in Hospital; Doctor; Security Skeleton; Gran's Nurse; (Mr Toadee; Sister Bettina; Robert Edsel; Piarno Keyes; Mr Tiggywinkle; Henna Appleton; Tork Armada; Jeremy Acorn; Daisy Mutlar; Saundby; Mallory; Danish Minister of Propaganda; Richard Dixon; Daphne Farquitt; Martin Piffco; Bishop; Rupert Smercc; Mr Pascoe; Police Spokesman; Queen of Denmark)
Date: July, 1988 in an Alternate Universe / 1875
Providence, Nebraska; Swindon; Toad TV Studio; Cricklade; The Isle of Man; Goliathopolis; Golf Club; The Book World; The Brunel Centre; SpecOps Headquarters; The Next Household; The Stoker Household; Swindon Morgue; HMS Victory; Portsmouth; Swindon Mallets' Croquet Stadium; Goliath Twilight Homes; Landen's House; The M4; The Realm of the Dead; Dauntsey Services; Didcot; Library of Farquitt; The Nation; Clifford; he Republic of Wales; Llandrindod Wells Airfield; Area 21; The Elan; Wanborough; Swindon Airpark; St Septyk's Hospital
Story: Thursday's hunt for the Minotaur through a succession of Wild West pulps leads to her decision to resign as Bellman of the Book World and return to the real world, and Swindon, accompanied by her son, her dodos and Prince Hamlet. She meets her official stalker; pledges to rid the world of the fictional politician, Yorrick Kaine; learns that Britain is close to a war with Denmark; and is shot at by a sniper, while her mother seems to be having an affair with Otto von Bismarck.

Meanwhile, the Goliath Coprporation has adopted a caring-sharing-touchy-feely philosophy. Trying to get her old job at Swindon SpecOps back, she finds herself assigned to Danish Book Seizures, and investigating an outbreak of Shakespeare clones. Along with her father she has to ensure that Swindon win the Superhoop in order to stop Kaine becoming dictator of England and declaring war on Wales. (Holmes and Watson realise they are in the wrong book - p.105) Swindon witnesses the second coming of St Zvlkx. A dispute by Ophelia, Laertes and Polonius during Hamlet's absence leads to a possible breakdown of Hamlet after it is merged with Merry Wives of Windsor, and Thursday must work to avert this disaster, but not before facing a chimera in the Brunel Centre, attempting to change the outcome of the Battle of Trafalgar and becoming manager of a croquet team.

There are more attempts on her life, and her husband is finally returned, which brings its own problems, before he disappears again, followed soon after by President George Formby, an event which takes her into the Realm of the Dead. Mycroft returns with no memory of any of his inventions, but Thursday is able to finally deduce the role of the "ovinator" and its role in Kaine's schemes, before she sets off for Wales in search of the cloned Shakespeares in the company of a Neanderthal and a stalker. A magical battle between Kaine and the Cheshire Cat ends with Kaine's transformation into a real human being.


"The Scarlet Drop: An Adventure of Spitlock Phones by Sir Kadaver Bonan Oyle " (1917)
Included in:
As It Might Have Been (Robert C.S. Adey); Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches II: 1915-1919 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Detectives: Spitlock Phones & Wonson
Other Characters: Count of Painswick & Cleeve Hill; Rest Camp Manager; (Landsturmer Franz; Franz's Friends; Count's Agents)
Date: 1917
Locations: Germany; Cologne; Dom Hotel; France; Douai; C----; The Rest Camp
Story: In Germany, Phones is asked by the Count to investigate the murder in France of an Under-Sausage-Keeper. Phones and Wonson travel to Douai, where the sole remains of Franz are a single drop of blood at the site where he and two friends were rendered unconscious while out walking after hearing a loud crash. Lights in the sky, a large hole, a whizz and a crash, and a talking candle lead Phones to his solution.

Howard Fielding

"The Old Age of Holmes" (1894)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Victorian Parodies and Pastiches: 1888-1899 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; (Mrs Watson; Watson's Accommodating Neighbour)
Historical Figures: (Edward VII)
Other Characters: Card Players; Checked Pantaloons Man; Car Driver; Thieves; Sam Rhodes; Club Attendant; Club Host
(Baker Street Landlord)
Date: Autumn, 1913
Locations: Watson's Office; Atlantic Ocean; Ship; USA; New York; Fourth Avenue Car; Grand Central Station; Millionaires' Luncheon Club
Story: Holmes takes Watson to New York
. They capture a pickpocket on a Fourth Avenue car, and with trick wallets, bags and umbrellas capture several more thieves.

Paul Finch

"The Monster of Hell's Gate" (2015)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: (Richard Meinertzhagen)
Other Characters: Jervis; Alex Butler / Ernst Brandt; African Labourers; Asian Coolies; Indian Engine Driver; Driver's Mate; Torokut; Abasi; Robert McTavish; Caracalla; (Kiprono; Butler's Mother & Sister)
Date: February, 1906
East African Protectorate (Kenya); Nandi Hills; Tungo Gorge / Hell's Gate; A Train; Great Rift Valley
Story: H
olmes and Watson journey to Tungo Gorge in the east African Protectorate, where a series of murders among the men constructing the railway have been attributed to the Monster of Hell's Gate, the Nandi Bear. After another death the camp is abandoned, and Holmes and Watson accompany the workers on the train out, aboard which they confront the killer.

"The Monster of the Age" (2017)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes's School for Detection (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade
Historical Figures: (Jack the Ripper; Mary Kelly; Martha Tabram; Catherine Eddowes; Inspector Abberline)
Other Characters: Leticia Feltencraft; Beardshaw Postmistress; Dora Page; Henry Smallwood-Smythe; Norbert Growther; Abigail Simm; Captain Arthur Bishopbourne; Cabbie; Solomon Ezer; Whitechapel Crowds; Beardshaw Railway Clerk; (St Michael's Nurses; Doctor Bertrand; Valerie Blye; Sir Randolph Bishopbourne; Lady Clara Bishopbourne; Mr Peabody; Provost; Trawden House Housemaid; Bisopbourne Workers)
Date: 1st - 9th March, 1922
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Regents Park; Omnibus; High Holborn; Whitechapel; Commercial Street; Public House; A Train; Folkestone; St Michael's Cottage Hospital; Lancashire; Trawden Forest; Beardshaw; Trawden House; Preston Station; Beardshaw Halt
Holmes receives a letter from his student, Lady Feltencraft, saying that she proposes to solve the Whitechapel murders of 1888. She has travelled to Lancashire, where she goes undercover as a housemaid, to investigate the recent murder of a street-walker, which she believes to have been committed by Jack the Ripper. Holmes and Watson carry out parallel inquiries in London, leading to a hurried trip northwards to Trawden House.

"The Mystery of the Hanged Man's Puzzle" (2003)
Included in:
Shadows Over Baker Street (Michael Reaves & John Pelan)
Story Type:
Third-Person Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Inspector Lestrade
Fictional Characters: The Deep Ones
Other Characters: Harold Jobson; Prison Warders; Hangman; Police Detectives; Trent; Randolph Daker; Pier Master; Burgess; Julian Rohampton; Cabbie; Coachman; Station Clerk; Commuters; Professor Archibald Langley; Laura Langley; (Langley's Maids; Henry)
Date: May, 1897
Locations: Newgate Prison; 221B, Baker Street; Southwark; Pickle Herring Street
; Whitechapel; 14, Commercial Road; Wapping, Tibbut's Wharf; Burlington Mews; Sun Lane; Liverpool Street Station; London Sewers; (Innsmouth)
Story: Holmes is set a puzzle, on which the fate of the world could depend, by convicted murderer Jobson, just before he is executed. The trail Holmes follows eventually leads to Daker, a carter, who seems to be infected with some kind of massive fungal growth. At Tibbut's Wharf they hear of a ship carrying bandaged passengers, and continue following clues to a warehouse, and finally the sewers where they face a crocodile, and a plot to overthrow humanity.

G.H. Finn

"The Perfect Crime" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: (Professor Moriarty)
Historical Figures: (Lewis Carroll)
Other Characters: Edwin Fitzackerly; (Professor)
Date: Sunday 8th August, 1937
Locations: Oxford; Professor's House
Fitzackerly, an Oxford undergraduate writing an article on Lewis Carroll, is granted access to paper in the possession of an elderly professor. This include a series of letters between Carroll and Professor M, in whixh M sets logic puzzles for Carroll to solve. This rapidly progress to M's suggestion that he knows how to commit the perfect crime. Inside a sealed bottle, Edwin finds M's explanation.

Charles Fisher

"A Christmas Episode" (1956)
Included in:
Baker Street Journal, Christmas Annual 1956
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Billy; Mrs Hudson; (Head Lama)
Fictional Characters: (Hugh Conway)
Historical Figures: (James Hilton; The Baker Street Irregulars)
Other Characters: Two Young Ladies
Date: Shortly before Christmas
221B, Baker Street; (Tibet)
Story: Mrs Hudson is outraged when Billy mistakenly brings two young ladies to 221B. Holmes recalls the many American villains he and Watson have encountered, and his plan to reveal the secret of his continuing good health for an American Christmas publication.

Richard Fiske

"Wiggins - V.C." (1948)
Included in:
Baker Street Journal, October 1948
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Wiggins
Canonical Characters: Wiggins; Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: (George VI)
Other Characters: Three Crowns Drinkers; Lewis Llewellyn; Barmaid; Sign of the Swan Regulars
Date: March, 1940
Locations: Wales; The Three Crowns Inn; A Coal Mine; Young Miner; The Sign of the Swan
Story: Wiggins arrives in a Welsh town and gets a job in a coal mine. Holmes has sent him to carry out investigations into ship sinkings he believes are linked to the mine. What transpires wins Wiggins the Victoria Cross.

John Fitzwilliams

"The Hound of Baskerville" (1920)
Included in:
As It Might Have Been (Robert C.S. Adey)
Story Type:
Parody / Script
Canonical Characters: The Hound of the Baskervilles; Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Scrubbs; Richard Baskerville; Arabella Scrubbs; James Hudson; Sir Thomas Merson; Ben Snooks; Constable; Jailer
Locations: The Baskerville Chateau; Sir Thomas's House; Prison
Story: After a prologue by the butler, the hound attacks and kills Sir Richard. Mrs Scruggs, the caretaker, reveals her role in events, and Holmes arrives with Hudson, Sir Richard's nephew, and sets the hound on Mrs Scruggs. Later, Holmes sees Sir Thomas giving money to the Scrubbses. Holmes returns in disguise, the prisoners are brought to justice, and Sir Richard's ghost appears, seeking revenge.

Robert F. Fleissner

The Master Sleuth on the Trail of Edwin Drood (2002)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Archibald Woolsley Harris
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes ; The Giant Rat of Sumatra
Fictional Characters: (Edwin Drood; John Jasper; Rosa Bud; Mr Grewgious; Othello; Roderigo; Iago; Brabantio; Desdemona; Cassio; Emilia; Dick Datchery; Helena Landless; Prospero; Caliban; Poor Jo; David Copperfield; James Steerforth; Mr Littimer; Miss Havisham; Mr Honeythunder; Mr Bazzard)
Folkloric Characters:(Loch Ness Monster; Father Christmas)
Historical Figures: Alfred, Lord Tennyson (Charles Dickens; Catherine Dickens; Ellen Ternan; Clarkson Stanfield; Mark Lemon)
Other Characters: A.W. Harris III; Professor Archibald Woolsley Harris; Socialites; Mr J---- / Clinch MagĂ­nk / Fu the Great / AmKing / Caspar Gertrude; John the Master; Whitstable Landlady; Boarding House Waitress; Othello Actors; Audience; Tennis Players; Fu's Assistant; Gallery Doorman; Gallery Patrons; Dark Woman; Dustman; Golfers; Poetry Audience; Dark-haired Woman; Police Officers; Drury Lane Police; Theatregoers ; Newspaper Boy; Cartographers' Party Guests; Magink's Henchmen; President of the Cartographical Society; Castle Porter; Laird; Clansman Customers; Lady Elspeth; Bath Waitress; Mr & Mrs Milkroar; Priscilla Loosebotham; Joseph Tightpurse; David Robbershield; Mr & Mrs Thickwit; The Griddlehell Sisters; Milkroar Party Guests; Chess Crowd; Announcer; Chess Players; Ned the Great; Rose; Mr Honeythunder; Soho Passerby; Balliol Porter; Dickens Scholars; American Speaker; Moderator; Lady Speaker; Old Dotard; Oxford Don; Bleak House Speaker; Lecturers; Football Players; Referee; Football Crowd; Irish Captain; Scottish Captain; Distressed Damsel Patrons; Old Salt; Barman; Sammy; O'Toole; Clergyman; Old Lady in Church; Dairymaids; Beefeaters; Tower Guide; Guards; Edinburgh Guide; Bagpipers; Edinburgh Passerby; The Dean of Edinburgh University; The Rector; Dr Raphael Silverstein; Students; University Dignitaries; Convocation Crowd; (Solicitor; Whitstable Barman; Miss Lee; Old Opium Den Woman; Drury Lane Passerby; Loch Ness Settler; Old Lady's Daughter)
Date: Summer, 1873 - Summer, 1874
Locations: Kent; Broadstairs; Fort House; Beach; Whitstable; Boarding House; Theatre; London; Cartwright Gardens; Hotel; Royal Albert Hall; Bloomsbury; Tottenham Court Road; Oxford Street; Soho; Art Gallery; Golf Course; Opium Den; Tennis Court; Recital Hall; Drury Lane Theatre; Public House; Tearoom; Cartographer's; Scotland; Loch Ness; Cawdor Catle; Restaurant; Bath; The Royal Crescent; Town Hall; Private Hotel; Oxford; Oxford Station; Balliol College; Football Field The Distressed Damsel and the Sober Sailor Pub; Devon; Church; Cornwall; London Library; Tower of London; Edinburgh; Edinburgh Castle; The Esplanade; Princes Street; National Gallery; University of Edinburgh
Travelling in Kent in search of the originals behind Dickens' Edwin Drood characters, Professor Harris encounters the young Holmes at an outdoor concert. Holmes implies that the pianist could be the original Jasper, and is investigating a series of disappearances that coincide with his performances. Holmes has also been investigating Dickens' travels around the district.

Harris watches the pianist, Mr J, perform as Othello opposite Holmes as Iago in a production that almost ends in murder. In London, they see J, also known as Magink, perform a magic act as the Great Fu, and visit an exhibition of his paintings, done under the alias AmKing. Harris glosses over the death of Fu's assistant, turning instead to a game of golf, during which Holmes discusses his introduction to opium. He promises to tell Harris of his meeting with the real Helena Landless, but fails to do so. They discuss Shakespeare's sonnets at a poetry reading, and prevent a murder there. Holmes appears as Caliban opposite Magink's Prospero. They attend a cartographers' Dickensian fancy dress party, which puts them on a quest for the Loch Ness Monster, and a visit to Macbeth's Castle, where the lady of the house has been abducted.

Magink threatens the guests at a Bath party with the Giant Rat of Sumatra. Holmes and Harris attend a chess tournament, and a Dickens conference in Oxford, thwarting Magink's schemes in unexplained ways, and then yet again at a soccer match. In Devon they attempt to rescue another abducted girl with a trick from Shakespeare. Back in London, they are summoned to the Tower by Magink. There, they are told that the Crown Jewels have been stolen, although this is far from the truth. In Edinburgh, they discover that Magink is on the academic staff of the University, where it is Tennyson who brings an end to his campaign.

Denny Martin Flinn

San Francisco Kills (1991)
Story Type:
Humorous Homage
Detectives: Spencer Holmes & Sowhat Dihje
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Irene Adler; King of Bohemia; Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; Godfrey Norton)
Other Characters: Wedding Guests; Felicity Harrington / Felicity Bernstein; Priest; Harold; Mrs Harrington; Wilkesford Harrington; Chief Shareen Kelly; Patrolmen; Paramedics; Photographers; Forensic Team; County Medical Examiner; Detectives; Dog Handlers; Mother of the Groom; Deano; Ushers; Bridesmaids; Servants; Pinkertons Agents; Aunt Dorothy; Cousin Sadie; Louis; Hugo; Delbart; Harold's Roommate; Bucky; Harrington's Butler; Harrington's Secretary; Shoeshine Woman; Benny; Jean Darling; Orphan Girls; Nuns; Mr Gonzalez; Prostitutes; Madame; Tourists; Sarah Bernstein; Hansen's Butler; Robert Hansen; Freddy Marchand; Opera Stagehands; Chorus Girl; Stage Manager; Opera Cast; Audience; Prima Donna; Assistant Stage Manager; Ballerina; Press Agent; Electrician; Pops; Stephen Douglas Turner, Jr.; Dr Terrence Michaels; Mr Wong; John's Waiter; Fishermen; Repo Man; Hansen Receptionist; Mark Shawn / Mark Bernstein; Candace Lawrence; Henry Sappington; Students; Professor William Shawn; Undergraduate; Transvestites; Strip Joint Waitress; Strippers; Strip Joint Customers; Blackmarket Gun Salesman
(Congressman; Policemen; Assistant Medical Examiner; Spencer's Father; Spencer's Mother; Travelling Entertainers; Monks; Tibetan Wise Men; Harry Pearl / Harris Perlmutter; Bald Eagle Janitor; Firemen; Robbins; The Second Mrs Robbins; The First Mrs Robbins; Harold Fleischakel; Carl Marchand; Stephen Douglas Turner; Robert Perlmutter; Billy Hansen; Harold Fleischakel; Essex Vintners Foreman; Heidi Lundstrom; Amalgamated Wines & Spirits Spokesman; Lily Hansen; Freddy Marchand's Landlady; Turner's D.A. Friend; Police Commissioner; Astrologer; Turner's Doctor; Turner's Maid; Harbourmaster; Professor Freulich; Marguerite Shawn; Jose Louis Alonso; Matthew Adler)
Date: 1988

Locations: San Francisco; Belvedere; The Harrington House; Pacific Heights; 2210 Baker Street; Intersection of Lower Broadway, Grant Avenue and Columbus; Bald Eagle Club; Darling's Apartment; Greyhound Station; Sisters of Mercy Orphanage; House of Ill Repute; Sausalito; Bernstein's House; War Memorial Opera House; Telegraph Hill; Turner's House; City Morgue; San Francisco Chronicle Offices; John's Bar & Grill, 63 Ellis Street; Fisherman's Wharf; Marina Green; Hansen Productions Offices; Nort Bay Tennis Club; Berkeley; University of California; Shawn's House; Conrad Custom Carpentry Company Offices; Broadway; Enrico's Galleria; Strip Joint
Story: The groom is shot at a society wedding, and Spencer Holmes (grandson of Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler) and his assistant Sowhat Dihje are called on by the bride's father, Wilkesford Harrington, to investigate. The Pinkerton agents who were on site failed to find a weapon, or any trace of the shooter. Spencer has the Pinkertons look into the bride and groom's backgrounds and put a guard on the bride, although he believes the shooter was not part of the wedding party.

Three days later, Spencer reads of the death of a nightclub manager in a mechanical clamshell. He believes the two deaths are related. He and Dihje burgle an orphanage to learn more about the bride's past, discovering that her birth mother is Sarah Bernstein, a former prostitute, set up in a Sausalito home by five wealthy benefactors who had served together in the First World War. A Napa Valley winemaker is killed, and Spencer realises that the last two victims were both sons of Bernstein's patrons. He and Dihje set out to warn the other men's sons, and learn about a tontine. They have their first encounter with the murderer in the flies of the Opera House.

Spencer appears to be at a dead end when the last of those who might benefit from the murders is also killed. The trail leads him to a tennis club, but it is a pornographic film-maker's steadicam that provides the final clue, and the case comes to its conclusion in a steam room.

Killer Finish (1991)
Story Type:
Humorous Homage
Detectives: Spencer Holmes & Sowhat Dihje
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Irene Adler)
Other Characters: The Great Gandolfo / Boris Avrakian; Chrysanthemum (Chrissy) Kwong; Audience; Stage Manager; Electrician; Homicide Detective; Joe; Police Photographer; Coroner; Paramedics; Groin Patrons; Henri the Giant; Groin Waiter; Groin Manager; Ricardo Brodkin; Horst Apodaca; Ramon LaChance; Isadore "Speedy" Levene; Chloetilda Avrakian; Sarah Humphries / Humphquist; Grand Illusions Customers; Archimedes; Santori; Art Petrano; Pete; Betty Whitehaven; Madame Arcati / Naomi Rosenberg; Cecilia Taller; Marie Meriweather; Albert Tenneson; Tenneson's Aide; Leon Schuerman; Handyman; Sharlene Schuerman; Sorority Members; Didi White; Edward Taller / William Small; Club Fugazi Workmen; Beach Blanket Performers; Choreographer; Piano Player; Philip Sean McCracken / Sean Dancer; Phil Freedly; Franklyn Daily; Henry White; The Master Beats; Beach Blanket Stage Manager; Musicians; Beach Blanket Audience; (Spencer's Father; Ramon's Friends; Producer; Levene's Client; Sven Humphquist; Beauty Contest Promoter; Mrs Humphquist; Humphquist's Son; Beauty Contest Crowd; Wendell Bartleby; Bartleby's Secretary; Hotel Manager; Harry Whitehaven; Meriweather's Attorney; Mr Boyle; Mrs Tenneson; Emily Schuerman; Didi's Boyfriend; Didi's Grandmother; Jake Jackson; Hacker; Steve Silver; Record Executive; Guitarist's Sister; Groupie; Part Guests)
The First Saturday in November - the following Thursday
Locations: San Francisco; The Barbary Coast; North Beach; Lower Broadway; Near Broadway Nightclub; Market Street; The Groin Dance Club; Fillmore Street; Pacific Heights; 2210 Baker Street; 890 Sixth Avenue; Lake Street; Sea Cliff; Avrakian's House; Arcati's Shop; Geary Boulevard; 222 Howard Street; Chinatown; Sated Empress Restaurant; Marina District; Pixley Street; Sarah's House; Geary Street; Grand Illusions; Palo Alto; Taller's House;Russian Hill; Meriweather's Penthouse; Haight-Ashbury; City Hall; Fisherman's Wharf; Berkeley; Phi Gamma Epsilon Sorority House; Buena Vista Café; 678 Green Street; Club Fugazi; Supermarket; Daily's Office; White's Office; Kwong's Apartment
Story: The Great Gandolfo comes out of retirement to perform his magic act in a Barbary Coast nightclub, but is killed during the final illusion. The audience applaud and depart, leaving only Spencer Holmes and Sowhat Dihje to discover the tragic turn the act has taken. Searching backstage, they find Gandolfo's assistant shackled in a box, minus her costume. From the theatre manager, they learn that they were the only members of the audience who paid for their tickets. From Gandolfo's promoter, whom they track down at the Groin dance club, they learn that the booking was made anonymously.

Visiting Gandolfo's home, they discover that the dead man was not the genuine Great Gandolfo, but his successor, Avrakian. The original Gandolfo, however, joins them in their investigations, and they learn from Avrakian's assistant Ramon, that the performance had been attended by Avrakian's ex-wife and ex-agent, both of whom, Spencer later discovers, had received anonymous invitations. Spencer discovers a link between Avrakian and the spiritualist Madame Arcati, and a comparison of address books leads to six interviews and a visit to a rehearsal of Beach Blanket Babylon Blames Bonzo. Faced with a host of suspects, each with their own motive, Spencer arranges a séance and attends a musical theatre opening night.