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Mark Haddon

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (2002)
Story Type:
Coming-of-Age Story with Sherlockian References
Characters: Christopher Boone; Eileen Shears; Siobhan; Policeman; Policewoman (Kate); Police Sergeant; Ed Boone; Police Inspector; Mr. Thompson's Brother; Woman at No.44; Mr. Wise; Mrs. Alexander; Shopkeeper; Rhodri; Mrs. Davis; Mrs. Peters; Judy Boone; Roger Shears; Joseph Fleming; Tyrone; Julie; Patrick's Mother; Patrick; Railway Café Assistant; Railway Station Policeman (Nigel); Ticket Clerk; Man With Dreadlocks; Man With Golf Clubs; Train Passengers; Paddington Policeman; Paddington Guard; Man on Station; Information Clerk; Underground Passengers; Man on Underground Station; Woman with Guitar Case; Drunk; Shopkeeper; Men Dressed as Vikings; Woman With Cat Box; Willesden Policeman; Men in Chapter Road; Man on Hampstead Heath; Reverend Peters
(Mr. Jeavons; Terry; Mrs. Forbes; Sarah; Mrs. Gascoyne; Melissa Brown; Mr. Ennison; Mr. Land; Bentalls Manager; Jack; Polly)
Locations: Swindon; Twycross Zoo; Swindon Station; Train; Paddington Station; Willesden Junction; Willesden; Chapter Road; Brent Cross Shopping Centre; Hampstead Heath
Story: Mrs. Shears poodle is killed, and Christopher, 15 years old & autistic, is accused. He is taken into custody after hitting the policeman who comes to investigate. After being released with a caution he decides to find out who killed the dog, and to write a book about it. His chief suspect becomes Mr. Shears, separated from his wife, whom he learns was having an affair with Christopher's mother, who died two years previously of an unexpected heart attack.

When his teacher points out that it is usually people who are killed in detective stories, he reminds her that two dogs were killed in The Hound of the Baskervilles, which is his favourite book. His father discovers the book he has been writing details of his investigation in and throws it away. When Christopher tries to find it, it is no longer in the bin, and he eventually finds it in his father's cupboard, along with a pile of letters seemingly written to him by his mother after her death, from which he learns that she left with Mr. Shears and is not dead.

He discovers who killed the dog and decides to travel to London to live with his mother. He makes his way there by train, and after living with his mother for a short time, she moves back to Swindon with him, where attempts begin to reconcile Christopher with his father.

Kelly Hale

"Black Alice" (2014)
Included in:
Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets (David Thomas Moore)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Mrs Malpass; Miss Malpass; Tully; Tully's Son; Reverend Lilly; Jeb Cafferty; Alice Mills; Margaret Bowen; Rob Duggar; Wenzel Ternac; Barman; (Mrs Mills; Bill Tucker; Jimmy Bowen; Vandernedon; Dr Green; Joseph Henzley; Coroner; Seamstress)
Date: Midsummer, Enlightenment Era
Locations: London; Holmes's Rooms; Worcestershire; A Stagecoach; Stourbridge; Lilly's House; Cafferty's House; Town Square; Ternac's House; The Ram's Head
Story: Holmes invites himself to accompany Watson to Stourbridge, where Reverend Lilly's late housekeeper's daughter has been accused of murder by witchcraft. The victim was Jimmy Bowen, whose employer, Wenzel Ternac, a lens grinder, claims that he overheard Alice put a hex on him, when he spurned her love.

Erasing Sherlock (2006)
Story Type:
Science Fiction with Sexual Themes (No. 5 in the Faction Paradox series)
Canonical Characters: Baker Street Maids (Gillian Petra / Rose Donnelly; Liza Murray; Margaret); Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Shinwell Johnson; Mycroft Holmes; (Professor Moriarty)
Historical Figures: (Oscar Wilde)

Other Characters: Mrs Merriam; Old Man; Penny-toy Seller; Spitalfields Women; Woman with Baby; Three Irishmen; Jack Hudson; Gerard Cavendish; Thomas Peerson Corkle / Mr Gray; Post Office Clerk; "China" Crow; News Vendor; Ice Gentleman; Previtali's Waiter; Jarvey; Street Arabs; Violet; Lady Holbrook; Lucius Maitland; Jewellery Store Clerk; Café Royal Diners; Harry Hughes; Hughes's Companions; Café Royal Waiters; Georgio L. Santelli; Young Couple; Café Customers; Café Proprietor; Good Samaritan Couple; Men With Van; Mrs Neekham; Mrs O'Leary; Constable McBride; Telegraph Boy; CID Man; Holy Cross Congregation; Stewart Ronaldson; Little Girl; Lestrade's Constables; Detective Inspector Clarke; Baker Street Crowd; Police Officer; Three Drunks; Petty Thief; Mr Pitty; Chief Constable Morrison; Cab Driver; Alice; Urchin; Belvedere Club Members; Iris; Cellist; T. Evelyn Wickford; Nigel Davies; Ben; Middlesex Hospital Nurses; Doctors; Patients; Mr Murray; Anjer Carriage Driver; Sailors; Bar Girls; Kenneth Dalby; Javanese Servant; Villagers; Servants; (Mrs Sterling; Maddie Collins; Abigail Hewitt; The Professor; Herschel O'Malley / Edward LaCroix / Handsome Eddie; Holmes Family Servants; Holmes Family Maid; Holmes's Mother; Genevieve (Jenny) Holmes; Holmes's Father; Mrs Dougherty; Mrs Hudson's Sister-in-Law; Rose Donnelly; Station Pimp; Francis Black; Lord Merrill Holbrook; Henrietta Barstow; Blackmailers; Mrs Barstow; Dr James Armitroy; Henrietta's Companion; Companion's Fiancé; Merrill's Friends; Ralph Pritchart; Shamus Tiramory; Gentleman Cracksman; Chemist; Chemist's Wife; Arthur Templethwaite; Dodd or Griffith; Ronaldson's Parents; Tom Thornton; Carolina Lopenski; Sir Felix Upton; Julia Upton; Midhope Street Landlady; Dick Smiley; Moole; Convicts; Hope Sailor; Coolies; The Van der Vermers)
Date: 1882 - August 26th, 1883
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Marylebone; Petticoat Lane; Spitalfields; Harvey's; Post Office; Tea Stall near Portman Square; News Stall; Holy Cross Church, St Pancras; Oxford Music Hall; Previtali's, Covent Garden; Arundel Place; Tottenham Court Road; Dress Shop; Stephen Street; Portman Square; Café Royal; Soho; Santelli's Shop; Café; Johnson's Rooms; Police Station; Marylebone Police Court; Midhope Street; St John's Wood; Hughes's House; Belvedere Club; Corkle's Base; Middlesex Hospital; Java; Anjer; Sailors' Bar; Imperial Hotel; Corkle's Manor House; Serang
Story: Working undercover as a maid at Baker Street, time traveller Gillian Petra is observing the young Sherlock Holmes, and having Shinwell Johnson investigate his family background. He suspects she is following him while he is working on a jewel robbery for a female client. Rose's fellow maid, Liza becomes the latest victim of a child murderer, and Gillian suspects she is being followed. Johnson tells her that Holmes is making enquiries into her background, and her room is searched. Her verbal sparring with Holmes becomes increasingly sexual, and he rescues her from an attack by Mrs Hudson's wayward son. Their relationship becomes a physical one, before falling apart.

With the aid of Corkle, another lodger at 221, Baker Street, who is, like her, an agent of Jimmy Moriarty, Rose bugs Holmes's rooms, overhearing arguments with Watson, and a consultation with new client, Lady Holbrook, who is being blackmailed over her grandson's sexual predilictions, and who wants Holmes to find the grandson, Lord Merrill, who is missing on the Continent. At the Café Royal he is asked by an old school friend to find another missing young man, Ronaldson. An abduction attempt is made on Gillian, and Holmes sends for Mycroft after receiving news of his father's death. Mycroft wishes to place their sister, Jenny in an asylum. Gillian learns from Johnson that the CID are following her. She discovers disturbing video tapes in Corkle's room, and finds herself under arrest.

After Holmes proves her innocence, she and Watson are abducted. After her rescue, she speculates on Moriarty's plans, and she and Holmes sail for Java in pursuit of Corkle, to rescue Watson. Their visit coincides with the eruption of Krakatoa.

"The Pennyroyal Society" (2013)
Included in:
Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Third Person Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Baker Street Maid; (Mrs Watson; Mrs Hudson)
Other Characters: Agnes Despain; Mr Murphy; (Louisa "Mother Lou" Gillespie; Millie Barnett / Ada Mercy; Women; Children; Magistrate; Henry Prosper Augustus Despain; Despain's Argentine Mistress; Constables; Miss Phelps; Mrs White; Maryanne Sallow; Charlie Sallow; Dr Esau Barnett; Millie's Brothers)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Minerva Street; Agnes's Rooms
Story: Agnes calls on Holmes and Watson regarding the disappearance of her friend Millie after the arrest, and subsequent release of the members of the Pennyroyal Society, a pro-abortion organisation. The rooms that she and Millie share in Minerva Street have been ransacked. It transpires that Agnes's mother is Mother Lou the infamous abortionist. She returns home to find the undercover policeman, Murphy, for whom she is working against Hyndman's revolutionaries, waiting for her. Holmes recovers Millie's notebook, and later reveals the difficult circumstances surrounding her disappearance and his own solution to the situation.

Guy Haley

"The Bell Rock Light" (2017)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes's School for Detection (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters:
Provost; Inspector James Leslie; St Andrews Residents; Annabelle Leslie; Constable Kilmore; Andrew Aldburgh; Gravediggers; Donald Leslie; (Mrs Leslie; William MacGregor; Relief Boat Crew; Jury; Judge; MacGregor's Cousin; Doctor; Sheriff)
Date: June, 1907
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Scotland; St Andrews; Railway Station; Hotel; Bell Rock Lighthouse; Annabelle's Cottage; Police Station; Holy Trinity Church Graveyard
During a period of inactivity, Watson arranges for Holmes to go on a tour of the country visiting his former students. In St Andrews, Inspector Leslie asks Holmes's help in investigating a murder for which he believes an innocent man has been hanged. The incident had occurred in the Bell Rock Lighthouse two years earlier, and William MacGregor was convicted of the murder of fellow keeper Donald Leslie. MacGregor claimed to have seen a man rowing away from the lighthouse after the murder. After interviewing a witness and a widow, Holmes and Watson dig up a body.

John Hall


Robert Lee Hall

Exit Sherlock Holmes (1977)
Story Type:
Pastiche (Science Fiction)
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Violet Hunter; Professor Moriarty; Inspector Lestrade; Tobias Gregson; Billy; Wiggins; Athelney Jones
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle; Ivan Caryll; Gertie Millar; The Gaiety Girls; Gus Elen; George Edalji; Harry Champion; Marie Lloyd
Other Characters: Emily Percy Hall; Sister Milbank; Cabmen; Baker Street Neighbours; Firemen; Policemen; Shoppers; Mrs. Pickett; Diogenes Club Members; Simon Bliss; Flower Girls; Hotel Desk Clerk; Barrel-Organ Man; Mrs. Grimsby; Alfred Fish; Street Musicians; Hare & Hounds Regulars; Barmaid; Alexander; Maestro Franco; Bertram Stiles; Nell Simpson; Escott's Assistants; Pavilion Audience; Charwomen; Railway Porter; Mr. Franklin; Sailor-boy
Date: Tuesday 11th October, 1903
Locations: Bart's; Watson's Gloucester Road surgery; Queen Anne Street; 221B, Baker Street; 2, Devonshire Place; London Bridge Station; 221B Basement; Baker Street; hansom cabs; Welbeck Street; Bentinck Street; Manchester Square; Paddington Street ; Marylebone High Street; The Diogenes Club; Pall Mall; Bond Street; Regent Street; Piccadilly Circus; Shaftesbury Avenue; Cambridge Circus; Charing Cross Road; Leicester Square; The Strand; The Gaiety Theatre; The Adelphi Bar; Oxford Street; St. James's Street; Trafalgar Hotel; 288, Kennington Road; Westminster Bridge; Hare & Hounds pub; Marcini's; Whitehall; Long Lane; Bermondsey; Pavilion Theatre; Jamaica Road; Waterloo Road; York Hotel; Victoria street; Victoria station; a train; Sussex; The Sussex Downs; Haywards Heath; Polegate; Willingdon; Birling Farm; Oxford Theatre
Story: Watson is summoned to Baker Street by Holmes, who tells him that Moriarty has survived Reichenbach and is back at work. Holmes goes undercover, announcing his retirement, to track down Moriarty. After several weeks with no contact from Holmes, during which Lestrade and Gregson report an alarming rise in crime in London, Watson receives a note, brought by Billy the page, from Holmes. Arriving at Baker Street, Watson is shown a secret basement laboratory kept by Holmes. Moriarty appears, and sets fire to the lab. Watson is rescued from the conflagration by Mrs. Hudson's new lodger, the actor Frederick Wigmore, who reveals that he used to be Wiggins of the Baker Street Irregulars. Setting out on an investigation of his own, Watson makes a disturbing discovery at the Diogenes Club. With Wiggins' help he finally tracks down Mycroft, and thereafter traces Holmes to the Pavilion Theatre, where he learns the truth about Holmes and Moriarty's relationship.

The King Edward Plot (1980)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Wiggins
Canonical Characters: Stamford; Mrs Hudson; Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars; Vamberry; (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: Gertie Millar; Gaby Deslys; The Gaiety Girls; Lord Nathaniel Rothschild; Louise Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire; Lord Hartington, Duke of Devonshire; Reginald Brett, Lord Esher; Frederick Ponsonby; Marquis Luis de Soveral; Sir Francis Knollys; Admiral Sir John Fisher; Edward VII; Queen Alexandra; Viscount Henry Chaplin; Sir Ernest Cassel; Viscount Haldane; Paul Cambon; Count Mensdorff; Charles, Lord Carrington; Sir Thomas Lipton; Sir Blundell Maple; Lord Iveagh; Sir Charles Hardinge; Lady de Grey; Daisy, Princess of Pless; Sir Arthur Bigge; Arthur Paget; Sir Dighton Probyn; Arthur, Duke of Connaught; George V; Princess May of Teck; Princess Louise; Duke of Fife; Princess Maud; Prince Charles of Denmark; Princess Victoria; Alice Keppel
; Superintendent Patrick Quinn; (George Keppel; Lionel Rothschild; Superintendent William Melville; Lord Hardinge; Lady Cromer; Ferdinand Rothschild; George Edwardes; Wilhelm II; Sir Francis Laking)
Other Characters: Herbert Munns; Adelphi Customers; Barman; Savile Row Clerks; Simon Bliss; Jack Merridew; Alfred; Mrs Beddoes; Diogenes Staff Cook; Mrs Broek; Jimmy Thompson; Mr Stalker; Diogenes Valets; Club Members; Colonel Cooke; Baron Sigmund Czinner; Sir Charles Ormsby; Maids; Mr Wetheridge; Samuel Jarrett; Inspector Nelson Faraday; Mr Dorland; Simpson's Head Waiter; Wine Steward; Mrs Cannon; Diogenes Steward; Mrs Franks; Maid; Mr Salt; Billy Gully; Nancy; Rothschilds Gateman; Hansom Driver; Rothschilds Couriers; Art Dealers; Rothschild's Page; Clerks; Rothschild's Driver; Boothby; Cab Driver; Ramsgate Barman; Spiker; Jamaica Road Constable; Freddie; Mr Rance; Sophie Bernard; Armand Bernard; Wilhelm Luscher; Herr Bünz; Piccadilly Policeman; Mr Raddles; Jessie; Gert Wumble; Mr Giddings; Mary; Frances; Cosette; Monsieur Dasté; Brooks's Hall Porter; Brooks's Club Members; Page Boy; Frank Cardew; Royal Train Servants; Lady McKellar; Charlene; Jane; Passengers; Daimler Drivers; Mr Laney; Mr James; Footmen; Sandringham Guests; Gottlieb; Lord Glendinning; Lady Glendinning; Sir Julius Zarchin; Servants; Beaters; Loaders; Workmen; Actors; (Nance Castle; Rose Mappin; Alfie Whitehead; Mr Pickering; Monsieur Ménager)
Date: January- 16 November, 1906
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Romano's; Gaiety Theatre; Adelphi Bar; The Strand; Savile Row; Diogenes Club; Shooters Hill Road; Fleet Street; Simpson's; Bond Street; Carlyle's Gallery; Curzon Street; Bliss's House; New Court; Rothschilds Bank; Chatsworth House; Whitechapel; Wapping High Street; The Ramsgate Pub; Jamaica Road; Seecombe Exporting Offices; Pike's Mews; Devonshire's London House; Kettner's, Greek Street; Baker Street; Hyde Park; The York Hotel; Piccadilly Circus; 24, Norfolk Street; Brooks's Club, St James's Street; St Pancras Station; The King Edward Special; Wolferton Station; Sandringham House; Flitcham Farm
Story: Ex-Cox's bank clerk, Munns, moves into 221B Baker Street, on the advice of Old Stamford, taking Mrs Hudson's suite on her retirement to the South Downs. His fellow resident is Frederick "Wiggins" Wigmore, an actor whose hobby is "helping people". Munns also starts spending time at the Diogenes Club, with his uncle, Simon Bliss, who also makes a habit of helping out with problems.

Wiggins tells him of his time in the Irregulars and how he has tackled cases for people who have come looking for Holmes since his retirement, and asks him to become his partner. Bliss tells his page, Jack, to watch new club member Czinner, and he overhears him in an argument with a visitor, Jarrett, whom he later finds murdered. One look at the dead man convinces Bliss that there is a plot afoot against the king, who he was clearly meant to impersonate. Munns who was visiting his uncle when the body was found, brings Wiggins into the case, who discovers that Sophie Bernard, the King's latest mistress is involved with Czinner. Bliss learns more of Czinner from Rothschild, and of Sophie from the Duchess of Devonshire. All the signs suggest that the plot, whatever it is, will come to fruition at Sandringham on the King's birthday. Wiggins sets the Irregulars to find out who Jarrett really was. A burglary by the Irregulars provides details of Czinner's doings, and a list of spies, and Wiggins's investigations turn up Czinner's body, pulled from the Thames, and information on Jarrett's relationship with Sophie.

Bliss obtains an invitation to Sandringham, and arranges through Ponsonby for Wiggins to appear in a play as part of the celebrations. Wiggins arranges watches to be kept on the principals of the plot, and a collision with Sophie's carriage. Munn's faces Lubscher's brutish manservant and Bliss infiltrates Jack into the Bernard household. Lord Esher is brought in to help work out a plan of action at Sandringham, where action is taken to save the King and discredit Lubscher, and Wiggins performs on and off stage. Munns and Jack are taken as hostages, and the case ends in a shootout with some unexpected participants.

Mags L. Halliday

"Sherlock Holmes and the Indelicate Widow" (2013)
Included in:
Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Inspector Bradstreet)
Other Characters: Mrs Perkins; Necropolis Railway Clerk; James Arrowsmith; Mourners; Mr Kitching; South Station Porters; Curate; Mrs Kitching; Train Crew; Albert Richards; Stephen Perkins; Messenger Boy; Hansom Driver; Bradstreet's Men; Victoria Station Passengers; Victoria Station Porters; Mrs Richards; Richards's Family; (Necropolis Clerks; Mrs Langhurst; Mrs Langhurst's Solicitor; Dr P-; Richards's Neighbour; Mrs Richards's Cousin; Necropolis Company Director)
Date: Winter, 1894
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Waterloo; London Necropolis Railway Offices; Brookwood; South Station; Cemetery; North Station; Waterloo Bridge Road; Westminster; Victoria Station
Story: Holmes and Watson are visited by Mrs Perkins, whose husband is a stationmaster on the London Necropolis Railway. She tells them of creaks and whisperings coming from the cemetery at night. At the Necropolis Railway headquarters, after viewing the coffins, Holmes confirms that the board of directors is investigating the reasons why more people are travelling on the trains back from the cemetery than on the trains to it, and the possible threats to their contract with the railway company. He and Watson accompany a coffin to the cemetery, and Watson scours the company's records and death certificates to uncover the wrongdoers.

Leslie Halliwell

"The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes" (1984)
Included in:
The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes (Leslie Halliwell)
Story Type:
Detectives: Nathaniel Gelding & an Un-named D>octor
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Superintendent George Fitch; Colonel Aspinall; Marcus Leonard; Charles Franklin; Constable Jenkins
Locations: The Sussex Downs; Birling Gap; East Dean; Beekeeper's Cottage; Birchington Manor
Story: On a weekend trip to Sussex, the narrator and his companion, Gelding, an antiquarian book-dealer and "passive member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London" visit Birling Gap, the location of Holmes' retirement cottage. Later, in the village of East Dean, Gelding spots the mysterious silhouetted figure of a man on a tor. Approaching the spot where he was seen, the two find the crumbling remains of "Beekeeper's Cottage". The following morning the doctor is called upon by local police to examine the body of Marcus Leonard, the paper manufacturer and as they leave the inn they see again the man on the tor. Leonard appears to have been killed during the course of a burglary, but with the aid of a displaced scarecrow, and perhaps inspired by the ghost of Sherlock Holmes, Gelding is able to come to quite a different explanation of the events of the previous night.

Howard Halstead

"The Malady of the Mind Doctor" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Dr Watson; Colonel Moran; Inspector Bradstreet; (Sherlock Holmes; Moriarty's Brother; Moriarty Gang)
Historical Figures: (Jean-Martin Charcot; Sigmund Freud)
Other Characters: Dr Trevelyan Blake; Ernst Hechter; Lord Kennington; Lecture Audience; Property Agent; Bruton Street Passers-by; Smithington Smythe; Police Officers; Richard Kennington; (Mrs Webster; Lady Eleanor Kennington; Blake's Father; Moriarty's Father; Moriarty's Mother; Police Doctor; Prison Warder)
Date: 15th June - 8th October, 1886
Locations: Prison; Woolwich; Boarding House; The Royal Society; Mayfair; Bruton Place; Barrel Yard; Blake's Office; Bruton Street; Kennington House
Newly-qualified brain specialist Trevelyan Blake meets Watson at a lecture at the Royal Society. After the lecture, a moustached man advises him of a vacant property in Mayfair, and helps him set up in practice there. His first patient is Professor Moriarty. Events lead to his imprisonment.

Barbara Hambly

"The Adventure of the Antiquarian's Niece" (2003)
Included in:
Shadows Over Baker Street (Michael Reaves & John Pelan); The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Billy
Fictional Characters: Carnacki
Other Characters: Burnwell Colby; Stable Boy; Carstairs Delapore; Judith Delapore; Gaius, Viscount Delapore
Date: August 20th-22nd 1894
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Embankment; Carnacki's House; Shropshire; High Clum; The Cross of Gold; Depewatch Priory
Story: Colby calls on Holmes with a letter from the girl he hopes to marry. She has been forbidden from doing so by her grandfather, and the letter says that she is being kept by him as a servant. Holmes visits Carnacki, and learns of the strange history of the family's house in Shropshire, but the next day his client returns and says that the matter has been resolved. when Holmes notices that Colby now writes with his left hand when the previous day he had used his right, he resolves to continue his investigations and travels to Shropshire with Watson, arranging to meet Carnacki there. In his inn room, Watson has disturbing dreams of bizarre rituals in a cavern beneath Depewatch Priory, from which he is rescued by Holmes and Carnacki.

"The Adventure of the Sinister Chinaman" (2012)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook (Howard Hopkins)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; (Mrs Hudson / Mycroft Holmes / Young Stamford)
Fictional Characters: The Wizard of Oz / Oscar Zoroaster Diggs
Other Characters: Ellen Carey; Boarding-House Residents; Carey Children; Enzo Moretti; Mrs Pellingham; Police Station Crowd; Captain O'Day; Diaz; Antonio Rosales; Julian Li; Police Officer; Diana Prince; Kearney Night-Porter; Emily Redwalls; San Pablo Sheriff; Marshall Prince; Prince's Stable-hands; Gino Moretti; Rozanov; (Hollis Connington; John Redwalls; Mrs Redwalls; Count Paracelsus / Benny Park; Prince's Lawyers)
Date: 7th - 8th June, 1901
Locations: USA; California; Berkeley; Telegraph Avenue; Ellen Carey's Boarding-house; San Francisco; Geary Street Police Station; Leavenworth Street; Californian Theater; Union Square; Kearney Hotel; Ranch above Point Richmond; San Pablo
Story: Holmes and Watson travel to San Francisco at the behest of railroad magnate Connington. At Watson's boarding-house, they meet Diggs who talks of his adventures in Oz. Diggs intervenes when the vaudeville illusionist Li is arrested after the disappearance of a six-year-old girl during one of his illusions. Holmes and Watson join him at the police station where a crowd are baying for Li's blood. They move on to examine the theatre, and after interviewing Li, encounter his fiancee, Diana Prince. The final rescue, effected by Diggs, comes at a ranch in the hills above Point Richmond.

"The Dollmaker of Marigold Walk" (2003)
Included in:
My Sherlock Holmes (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Mary Morstan
Canonical Characters: Mary Morstan; Mrs. Hudson; Dr. Watson; Billy; Watson's Maid; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs. Turner
Other Characters: Tzivia Wolff; Rebecca; Zoltan Berg; Mrs. Berg; Mrs. Berg's Friend; Mrs. Orris; Lionel Thorne; Viola Thorne; Julietta Thorne; Mrs. Robertson; Florrie; Rag-and-Bone Man; Flower Girls; Queenie; Tramp; Pea-Shellers; Old Market Woman; Street Boys; Gordon "Ginger" Robinson; A Jarvey; Men in Marigold Walk
Date: 1889
Locations: Whitechapel; Wordsworth Settlement House; An Alley Behind the Fish & Ring; Portman Square; Audley Street; 221, Baker Street; Limehouse; 3, Colt Street; The Ropewalk; Ropewalk Fields; Watson's Kensington Home; Piccadilly; Covent Garden Market; A Cab; Marigold Walk
Story: Mary, at her volunteer post at an East End settlement house, hears from Mrs. Wolff how a friendly toff approached her and knocked her out. While she was unconscious, a metal box she had made was stolen. Mary hears of two other similar attacks in which there was no theft, both on peddlars of home made dolls. Visiting Martha Hudson (who we learn is Holmes's lover) she learns of a case Holmes is working on of a woman who has been missing from home for six years, but who has been sending letters to her daughter and husband from all over the world since her disappearance. Mary manages to recover Mrs. Wolff's box, and realises that the two cases are connected. She and Mrs Hudson venture into the East End to bring the case to its conclusion.

"The Lost Boy" (2008)
Included in:
Gaslight Grimoire (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Fantasy Pastiche narrated by Mary Morstan
Canonical Characters: Mary Morstan; Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; (Mrs Hudson / Martha)
Fictional Characters: Mary (Meg) Darling; Peter Pan; The Gallipoot; (George Darling; Wendy Darling; John Darling; Michael Darling; Nana; Thomas Carnacki; The (First) Doctor; The Mermaids; The Pirates; The Red Indians)
Folkloric Characters: Fairies

Other Characters: Ten Stars; Black Knights; Robert "Bobbie" Lewensham, Viscont Mure; Nightcrow / Jakob Krähnacht; (Mrs Clegg; Earl of Wylcourt; Black Knight of Ravensmire; The King of Dreams; Cloverberry; Wizards; Delphine Tremlow; Mr Gower; Chief Walking Wolf; Melegriance; Queen of the Night Island)
Date: c.1892

Locations: Watson's House; Kensington Gardens; 221B, Baker Street; Deptford; 37, Barsham Lane; A Dungeon in the Nightmare Realm; The Neverlands
Story: Mrs Darling calls on Mary Watson, who is seriously ill, while Mr Darling consults with Holmes over the disappearance of their children. Walking in a dream that night, Mary sees Holmes and Peter Pan fight a creature from the shadow between the two worlds. Holmes arranges the return of the children, and continues to meet with Peter, who eventually consults him, taking Mary, who remembers him from her childhood with him, when he is blamed for the disappearance of a boy in Yorkshire.
Holmes, Peter and Mary journey into the nightmare realm to face metal warriors, and an evil wizard, to try to rescue the boy.

Charles Hamilton

"The Adventure of the Biscuit Tin" (1915)
Included in:
The Complete Casebook of Herlock Sholmes (Charles Hamilton)
Story Type:
Detectives: Herlock Sholmes & Dr. Jotson
Other Characters: Inspector Pinkeye; The Duke of Shepherd's Bush; Special Constables; Mr. Bakenphat
Locations: 101, Shaker Street; Hotel d'Oof
Story: After Sholmes deduces that Jotson got out of bed this morning, Pinkeye tells him that the Duke of Shepherd's Bush's diamonds have been stolen, and only a biscuit tin with the lid off left behind. Sholmes tracks down a biscuit-loving man with a tin watch to the kitchens of the Hotel d'Oof.

"The Adventure of the Diamond Pins" (1915)
Included in:
The Complete Casebook of Herlock Sholmes (Charles Hamilton)
Story Type:
Detectives: Herlock Sholmes & Dr. Jotson
Other Characters: Sholmes's Landlady; Visitor; Inspector Pinkeye
Locations: 101, Shaker Street
Story: Sholmes deduces that Jotson has not shaved, then through the use of a newspaper advertisement traps the Hornsey Rise murderer and diamond pin thief, handing him over to Pinkeye who believes that it was a lucky fluke.
"The Bound of the Haskervilles" (1915)
Included in:
The Complete Casebook of Herlock Sholmes (Charles Hamilton); The Sherlock Holmes Compendium (Peter Haining)
Story Type:
Detectives: Herlock Sholmes & Dr. Jotson
Other Characters: Lady Haskerville; Sir Huckaback Haskerville; (Sir Huckaback's Civil War Ancestor)
Locations: 101, Shaker Street; Slopshire; Haskerville Park; The Bound of the Haskervilles; Cottage; A Train
Story: Sir Huckaback Haskerville of Haskerville Park in Slopshire disappears after seemingly leaping to his death in a chasm in the park, known as 'The Bound of the Haskervilles', and the police are baffled. Lady Haskerville consults Herlock Sholmes. She is convinced that her husband is alive, and merely fled after an argument about burnt bloaters. Sholmes and Jotson travel to Slopshire to solve the case.

Denise Hamilton

"The Thinking Machine" (2014)
Included in:
In the Company of Sherlock Holmes (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type
: Homage
Other Characters: Bill Gleason; HR Manager; Moriarty; Portia Gleason; Lisa Gleason; Samantha "Dos" Gleason; Sales Manager; Marketing Whiz; Psychologist; Neuroscientist; Art Department Head; Zach; (Bill's Aunt)
Locations: USA; St Louis; Landmart Corporation; Gleason's House; Steakhouse; Italian Restaurant; Chinese Restaurant
Statistician Bill Gleason's program for predicting consumer buying patterns is supported by Moriarty, the new vice president for research and development at Landmart Corporation, but Gleason is forced to sign a nondisclosure statement. The project becomes known as "Sherlock", but eventually reveals worrying information about Gleason's own family.

David L. Hammer

Scott Handcock

"The Girl Who Paid for Silence" (2014)
Included in:
Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
; (Mrs Hudson)
Other Characters: Emily; Hansom Driver; (Christine Saunder's; Christine's Nanny; James Matthews; Christine's Parents)
Date: October 31st (1888 or after)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Mayfair
Story: Some weeks after the brutal murder of a young girl in the streets of London, Watson is called on at Baker Street by another young girl, Emily, who says she was a friend of Christine and witnessed her murder.
When Holmes returns, he points out the strange nature of Watson's encounter with the girl.

Edward B. Hanna

The Whitechapel Horrors (1992)
Story Type:
Pastiche (Told in third person)
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars; Mycroft Holmes; Billy; Shinwell Johnson
Historical Figures: Inspector Abberline; Sergeant Thicke; Jack The Ripper; Polly Nichols; Annie Chapman; Inspector Chandler; Sir Charles Warren; Lord Randolph Churchill; Elizabeth Stride; Major Henry Smith; PC Alfred Long; Inspector Daniel Halse; Dr. Frederick Brown; Dr. George Sequeira; Henrietta Barnett; Reverend Samuel Barnett; Oscar Wilde; George Bernard Shaw; The Duke of Clarence; J.K. Stephen; Lord Salisbury; Edward VII; Christopher Sykes; Superintendent Thomas Arnold; Mary Jane Kelly; Dr. George Bagster-Phillips; George Hutchinson; Dr. Roderick MacDonald
(Emma Smith; Martha Tabram; PC John Neil; PC Haine; PC Misen; George Cross; John Paul; Dr. Ralph Llewellyn; Robert Mann; James Hatfield; John Davis; Jack Kent; James Green; Albert Cadosch; Elizabeth Long; William Piggott; John Richardson; Amelia Richardson; Louis Diemschutz; PC Edward Watkins; George Morris; PC James Harvey; PC James Holland; Sir Francis Knollys; Thomas Bowyer; John McCarthy; Inspector Walter Beck; Elizabeth Praten; John Netley; Sir William Withey Gull)
Other Characters: Ronald F. Jones; Strand Crowds; Simpson's Diners; Simpson's Staff; American Couple; American Man's; Business Associate; Jarveys; Vagrants; Mortuary Worker; Telegraph Boy; Hanbury Street Policemen; Hanbury Street Crowds; Sergeant; PC Bagley; Dick; Britannia Drinkers; Bledsoe; Lansdowne; Commercial Road Pub Customers; Streetwalkers; Customers; Squint; Man in Deerstalker; Derelicts; Solly the Slip; Elderly Gentleman; International Men's Working Club Members; Berner Street Policeman; Other Policemen; Nurse; Doctor; Constable at Hospital; Mitre Square Policemen; Large Detective; Inspector Hunt; Goulston Street Constable; Dorset Street Policemen; Workhouse Worker; Toynbee Hall Children; Phaeton Driver; Chelsea Servant; Chelsea Crowd; Waiter; Dicky
; Belcher; Downing Street Constable; Porter; Stillwell; Equerry; Marlborough Doorman; Peregrine Burton-FitzHerbert; Miller's Court Crowds; Young Detective; Policemen; Photographers
Date: September 1st - November 11th, 1888 / January 28th, 1895
Locations: Claridge's Hotel; The Strand; Simpson's; Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; Whitechapel; Spitalfields; Old Montague Street Mortuary; Buck's Row; Hanbury Street; Britannia Pub; Dorset Street; Scotland Yard; Diogenes Club; Baskerville Hall; Dartmoor; Commercial Road; Aldgate High Street; Charlotte Street; Berner Street; Hospital; Mitre Square; Goulston Street; Dorset Street; Golden Lane Mortuary; Workhouse; Toynbee Hall; Paddington Station; Chelsea; 10, Downing Street; The Marlborough Club; Miller's Court; Commercial Street; The Ten Bells; Bishopsgate; Bishopsgate Station; Mayfair; Norfolk; King's Lynn; Sandringham
Story: The new manager of Claridge's finds a portfolio left in the safe by Anstruther's son. It contains a manuscript by Watson.

After an evening at the Lyceum and Simpson's, Holmes and Watson return home to find Abberline and Thicke waiting for them. They ask for Holmes's help in solving the murder of Polly Nichols. Holmes examines the body and the murder site, but concludes that all that can be done is to wait for the next murder, although he returns to Spitalfields the next day, but meets with no success in learning anything. On his return from a week spent on the Manor House case, he is summoned to the site of Chapman's murder, where he finds an expensive cigarette end that the police have overlooked. He sets the Irregulars on the case and Wiggins arrives with cigarette ends found at a spot where Chapman had been seen with a man. Scotland Yard ignore his findings and carry out a series of arrests and releases of suspects. Believing he has given up the case, Mycroft and Randolph Churchill, at the instigation of the Queen attempt to convince Holmes to continue his investigations.

While Watson is at Baskerville Hall, the Ripper takes two more victims. Holmes sets up a vigil in Whitechapel, and follows a man he believes to be the Ripper, but is too late to prevent Stride's murder, and is mistaken for the Ripper, attacked and knocked unconscious, before he can follow the man, who goes on to kill Eddowes. Holmes receives word of the second murder in hospital and travels to the scene to investigate. Another cigarette end is found. His investigations take him to all quarters of the district, including Toynbee Hall. On his return from Baskerville Hall he disappears for several days. When he returns, he has sent for Eddowes possessions, among which he focuses on a cufflink, which, along with the cigarette ends, suggests a possible royal connection. Holmes takes Watson to a house in Chelsea where they encounter Wilde, Shaw and the Duke of Clarence. Holmes reveals that during his absence he had followed several young men, wearing identical cufflinks, to the house.

Holmes is sent a kidney by the Ripper, and receives a visit from Churchill, who seems to know more about it than he is telling. Mycroft expresses concern at the effect Holmes's suspicions would have on the country. The Prime Minister insists they be kept confidential until action can be taken. Watson plays snooker with the Prince of Wales, who sends Burton-FitzHerbert to act as their palace liaison, from whom they learn about Stephen, the Duke's tutor & companion in Chelsea. Johnson brings information about Cleveland Street. Mary Kelly is murdered. After touring all the murder sites, Holmes believes he has found the Ripper's means of escape. It is only years later that Holmes reveals the truth of his investigations to Watson.

Hapi (Alex Jack)

The Adamantine Sherlock Holmes (1974)
Story Type:
Canonical Revisioning
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; The Head Lama; Professor Moriarty; Irene Adler; Godfrey Norton; Mycroft Holmes; Mary Morstan; Jonathan Small; Captain Morstan; Tonga; Major Sholto; Thaddeus Sholto; Bartholomew Sholto; Lal Rao; Athelney Jones; Inspector Lestrade; Mr. Melas; Colonel Moran; Daulat Ras; Melas's Housekeeper; Paul Kratides; Sophy Kratides; The Speckled Band; Grimesby Roylott; Roylott's Butler; Mrs. Stoner; Major-General Stoner; Julia Stoner; Helen Stoner; The Moriarty Gang; Stationmaster Moriarty; Stoke Moran Blacksmith; Lord Robert St. Simon; Hatty Doran; Francis Hay Moulton; Colonel Hayter; William Kirwin; Cunningham; Alec Cunningham; Acton; Annie Morrison; Percy Trevelyan; Blessington; Russian Count; Count's Son; Percy Phelps; Annie Harrison; Joseph Harrison; Fred Porlock; James Ryder; Isadora Persano; Sir Charles Baskerville; The Hound of the Baskervilles; Dr. Mortimer; Sir Henry Baskerville; Stapleton; Beryl Stapleton; Selden; Barrymore; Mrs. Barrymore; Laura Lyons; Swiss Boy; Sick Englishwoman; Trelawney Hope; Lord Bellinger; Eduardo Lucas; Madame Fournaye; Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope; Von Herder; Oberstein; Cadogan West; Sir James Damery; Violet De Merville; Baron Gruner; Kitty Winter; Tregennis Family; Dr. Leon Sterndale; Mrs. Saunders; Nathan Garrideb; Killer Evans; James Phillimore; Von Herling; Von Bork; Martha
Fictional Characters: Father Brown; Flambeau; C. Auguste Dupin; Rue Morgue Orangutang
Historical Figures: Lt. Francis Younghusband; Annie Besant; Subha Chandra Bose; Mahatma Gandhi; Sir Ernest Budge
Mythical & Legendary Characters: Tulpa; The Yeti
Other Characters: Avalokiteshvara Milas; J. Quincy Adams the Tenth; Colonel H. Bably Holland-Bennett; Cornelio "Balkan" Dimitrier; Professor Horst Hummel; Julio Chavez; Rick Weaver; Vice-Chancellor of Lhasa University; Abbot Rimpoche Dharma-Raja; Redlock Regis; Jawaharlal Ibn Wadi; William Lloyd; Devi Melas; Ahmed Ibn Harah, The Desert Fox; Inspector Hermaneuti; Pilgrims; Quffah; Dragoman; Brother Frumentius; Brother Aedesius; Child; Jewish merchant; Sufi Dervish; Rug Weaver; Blind Seer
Date: 1891 onwards
Locations: Milas & Adams' Apartment; Lhasa; Madras; Calcutta; the Durga Temple; Redlock & Jawaharlal's Rooms; Bombay; Vienna; London; The Diogenes Club; New Delhi; Egypt; Wadi Natrun; The Abbey of Our Lord's Flight; Stoke Moran; The Crown Inn; Roylott's House; Melas' Lodgings
Story: The book is divided into separate, but inter-linked chapters:
Avalokiteshvara Milas expounds to his colleague J. Quincy Adams the tenth, on the similarities between Holmes and Jesus, on the Baker Street irregulars, and the writings on the writings, and the links between their rituals and ancient Egyptian ceremonies. He gives Quincy a new biography of Holmes by the Master Hapi to read.
The Jewel in the Lotus
In 1891 Holmes attends a lecture on Buddhism at a monastery in Lhasa in the guise of Norwegian explorer Ole Sigerson. He receives a note from the spy, Balkan, informing him that he is in danger, and requesting a meeting at the end of the lecture. The Head Lama states that two members of his audience are Tulpas (fictional creations made real through meditation), Holmes deduces that these are Father Brown and Flambeau, but Father Brown points out that Dupin and the Rue Morgue orangutang are also present, and also reminds Holmes of their meeting when he was a child. At his meeting with Holmes, Balkan reveals himself as Moriarty, but Holmes overcomes him. He is removed to another monastery, where Holmes hears later he has reformed and become the abbot.
Skillful Means & Supreme Wisdom
After Godfrey Norton has been imprisoned on Devil's Island for financial irregularities, Irene Adler stages her own death and sets out on the trail of Holmes, having deduced he did not die at Reichenbach. Arriving in Lhasa she takes on the guise of Little Iron Hare, temple maiden and actress. Holmes decides to explore more fully the ways of Buddhism. In order to practice the tantra he is joined by Little Iron Hare, and from their relationship a child is born after he has been ordered to return to England by Mycroft. The Head Lama ordains that the child must remain in the care of the monks.
The Kali Ghat
The child takes to thievery, and adopts the name of Redlock Regis. He comes under the care of an abbot from the North, Rimpoche Dharma-Raja, who has a strange habit of oscillating his head from side to side. When the English arrive in Tibet, Younghusband takes Redlock to Madras, where he is put into the care of Annie Besant. It is here he first reads the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and finds himself strongly identifying with the villains. He escapes the Theosophists and flees to Calcutta, where he meets Jawaharlal Ibn Wadi, a fellow despiser of the British, particularly Holmes and Watson, in whose writings they detect anti-Indian sentiments, and deduce that, rather than the Agra treasure being lost as claimed, or returned to India as it should have been, it was in fact kept and split between Holmes, Watson and Mary, and Athelney Jones. The Sign of Four was written specifically to cover up the facts.
Mycroft's Last Warning
Redlock & Jawaharlal further examine the canon and find increasing evidence, not only of Holmes and Watson's anti-Indian sentiments, but a general antipathy to all that is foreign, an overall lack of morality, and evidence of participation in criminal activities. They plan to take revenge against Holmes, Watson, and particularly Mycroft, whom they see as responsible for upholding British colonialism. After freeing a group of prisoners by digging a tunnel from the shop of an Englishman whom they have employed elsewhere to copy out the works of Dr. John H. Watson, and other attacks on the British Empire, they travel back to Tibet to see Dharma-Raja. The abbot gives them a set of printing plates for the British five-pound note to fund their efforts, asking in return to be given Redlock's first-born child. They then travel to Europe, and attempt to have Mycroft expelled from the Diogenes Club. Returning to India, Redlock meets and marries Devi Melas, and they have a son, Avalokiteshvara Milas, who as agreed is sent to the abbot. Redlock and Devi are killed attempting to stop unrest during the Independence celebrations in New Delhi. Jawaharlal travels the world continuing his endeavours to overthrow the empire.
The Case of the Two Coptic Patriarchs
Two Anchorites sit atop pillars in the Egyptian Desert. It is said that one is the bandit Ahmed Ibn Harah, known as the Desert Fox, the other Inspector Hermaneuti who had been in pursuit of him. They have sat there for over 40 years, the one waiting for the other to lead him to his treasure hoard, the other waiting for the first to give up the chase. They have been there so long that no one knows any longer which is which. One morning one of the stylites is gone. Mycroft sends Holmes and Watson, along with Mr. Melas, as translator, to the Wadi Natrun, to investigate. Examining the base of the pillars they find no trace of the missing man's footprints. From a collection of rock chips, date stones and wicker fragments, Holmes is able to deduce the fate of the stylite, and learns from the remaining man that he is right in all but the names, and that it is the other stylite that has disappeared. The two stylites are finally reunited, but the treasure is irretrievable.
The Greek Interpreter Reinterpreted
Mr. Melas, the Greek interpreter, is really Samdup Milas, agent of the Tibetan Government. He used his network of contacts to stage the affair of the "Greek Interpreter" to gain the confidence of the Holmes brothers. During his investigations on behalf of Bombay Zoo to restore animals stolen by Grimesby Roylott, he recognises the hand of Colonel Moran and the Moriarty Gang in the deaths of Julia Stoner and her uncle, and the presence of the worm unknown to science. He recognises the same hand at work in the events of the "Resident Patient". Meanwhile he has arranged the affair of the "Noble Bachelor" as part of his attempt to destabilise the British Empire. The chapter goes on to explain the involvement of Milas and his housekeeper, in a variety of disguises, in "The Reigate Squires", "The Naval Treaty" (in which Daulat Ras and the Speckled Band play a surprising role), The Valley of Fear and "The Blue Carbuncle", either as part of their work against British colonialists, or in an effort to protect Holmes from the Moriarty Gang, in order to preserve his best means of gaining information.
Her Last Bow
Milas and his housekeeper are also involved in the Baskerville case (as are the Moriarty Gang and the remarkable worm), at the behest of the Head Lama, seeking restitution for a South African tribe affected by Sir Charles's South African speculations. They also ensure Holmes's safety at Reichenbach, and engineer his visit to Tibet during the hiatus. Likewise, the events of "The Second Stain" are set in motion at the behest of the Head Lama, as are those of "The Illustrious Client". It is from this latter investigation that Milas is able to deduce the role of the remarkable worm in a whole string of deaths and madnesses beginning with Isadora Persano. After retiring to Tibet, Milas is sent back to England to impersonate Von Herling. After the events of "His Last Bow", Holmes recognises Martha as Irene Adler, and realises that she had also been Melas's housekeeper. He goes on to recognise their involvement in a score of cases, after re-reading the canon. In apartment 221a, he finds Melas's hideaway. The next morning he and Mycroft confront Melas and Irene. Melas returns to Tibet, Irene decides to stay with Holmes in his Sussex villa.
The Test Tube Bearer
Avalokiteshvara tells Adams that the second part of Hapi's work tells of the continuing feud between Holmes and Dharma-Raja, and that Holmes led a saintly existence after retiring to Sussex with Irene.

Michael & Mollie Hardwick

Leon Harman

"Shylock Holmes" (1901)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives:
Shylock Holmes
Other Characters: Narrator
Locations: Holmes's Office
Story: Holmes arrives at his office and deduces that a recent caller had large feet, long whiskers, smoked Pittsburg stogies and carried an umbrella.

Joyce Harrington

"The Adventure of the Gowanus Abduction" (1987)
Included in:
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Martin H. Greenberg, Carol-Lynn Rössel Waugh & Jon L. Lellenberg)
Story Type:
Detectives: Diana Irene Adler & John Conan Watson / Moriarty
Canonical Characters: (Irene Adler; Godfrey Norton; The King of Bohemia)
Other Characters: Carlos; Bicycle Messenger; Rameshwar Das; Diana Irene Adler; Krishnamurthi's Son; Alfred J. O'Brien; Purander Krisnamurthi; Anjali Krishnamurthi; (Kidnappers)
Date: January of a recent year
Locations: New York; Watson's Penthouse, Central Park South; Brooklyn; Union Street; Plaza Hotel
Story: Watson, Diana Adler's friend and biographer, receives an envelope, by bicycle messenger, containing a magazine and Diana's (who has been away in search of her past for two years) ring. He visits the address on the mailing label. He finds a locked building, but is met by another cyclist, who says he is one of the 'Irregulars'. They break into the building, where Wason is reunited with Diana, and they rescue a kidnapped boy. Irene says that after travelling around the world, she has finally solved the mystery of her ancestry.

Michael Harrison

"Sherlock Holmes and 'The Woman' " (1987)
Included in:
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Martin H. Greenberg, Carol-Lynn Rössel Waugh & Jon L. Lellenberg)
Story Type:
Pastiche / Canonical Re-visioning
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Irene Adler; King of Bohemia; Billy; (Princess Clotilde Lothman von Saxe-Meningen; Mary Morstan)
Historical Figures: Lillie Langtry; Prince Alexander of Battenberg (Edward Langtry; Edward VII; Hortense Schneider; Count Emile de Bionne; Queen Alexandra; Lady Malcolm; Sir Hugo de Bathe; Lady Dudley; Princess Victoria of Prussia; George Lewis; Adam Worth)
Other Characters: (Appraiser; Bank Official)
Date: Christmas, 1929 / April, 1888
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Watson reveals the true identities of Irene Adler and the King of Bohemia, and reveals how Prince Alexander of Battenberg hired Holmes to recover a set of family jewels he had given to Lillie Langtry. Unfortunately the jewels have been stolen from Langtry's bank, under a forged signature, and Holmes has been retained to recover them. Holmes believes the theft to be the work of Adam Worth. Langtry comes to Baker Street claiming to have obtained the jewels back from Worth. Holmes wonders how involved the lady actually was in the plot.

Percie W. Hart

"The Sherlock Holmes Theory" (1896)
Included in:
A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press); Sherlock Holmes Victorian Parodies and Pastiches: 1888-1899 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Other Characters: Charlie Breakhearts; John Butterfingers; Willy Knowitall; Station Gatesman; Newsboy
Locations: USA; Railway Station
Story: Breakhearts, Butterfingers and Knowitall debate the origins of a cigarette dropped on the station

Bret Harte

"The Stolen Cigar Case" (1902)
Included in:
The Shadows Of Sherlock Holmes (David Stuart Davies); I Believe in Sherlock Holmes (Douglas G. Greene); The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler); Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel); A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press); The Misadventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Ellery Queen); "Watson!" and Other Unauthorized Sherlock Holmes Pastiches, Parodies, and Sequels (Wildside Press)
Story Type:
Detective: Hemlock Jones & an un-named narrator
Locations: Jones's Brook Street Lodgings; The East End
Story: Having deduced that it is raining, Jones reveals that he has lost a diamond-encrusted cigar case, presented to him by the Turkish ambassador. After many days of investigation he concludes that it has been stolen by his colleague, who, however, is able to show Jones its actual location.

Owen Haskell

Sherlock Holmes and the Fall River Tragedy (1997)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mycroft Holmes; (Mrs Hudson / Martha; Professor Moriarty; Colonel Sebastian Moran; The Head Lama)
Historical Figures: Peter Leduc; Hosea Knowlton; Lizzie Borden; Judge Josiah Blaisdell; Dr Seabury W. Bowen; Phoebe Bowen; Lizzie's New Maid; Emma Borden; (Andrew Borden; Abby Borden; Bridget Sullivan; Emma Borden; Edwin H. Porter; Arthur Conan Doyle; Harry Houdini; John Morse; Alice Russell; Sarah Borden; Adelaide Churchill; Dr Benjamin Handy; Mark Chace; Hyman Lubinsky; Young Man; Buggy Driver; Man Wanting To Rent Store; Hiram C. Harrington; Mrs George W. Whitehead; Jane Baker Gray; Oliver Gray; Sarah Sawyer Gray; Andrew Jennings; Orinton M. Hanscom; Edwin Buck; Officer George Allen; Charles Sawyer; Officer Phillip Harrington; Eli Bence)
Other Characters: Mellon House Clerk; Leduc's Customers; Francis Smith; Artie; Mr Champlin; Irish Housekeeper; (Watson's Solicitors)
Date: August 4th, 1927 / August 4th, 1892-1894
Locations: Holmes's Sussex Villa; USA; Massachusetts; Fall River; 92 Second Street / The Borden House; 221B, Baker Street; Tibet; New York; Hotel; The Mellon House Hotel; Leduc's Barber Shop; Mycroft's Rooms; Bowen's House
Story: After the deaths of Lizzie and Emma Borden, Watson visits Holmes in Sussex and explains why, although he has written up the case, he will not publish it until a hundred years after the date of the Borden trial.

After the axe murders of Andrew and Abby Borden, suspicion falls on their daughter Lizzie, and Bridget the maid, who were both in the house at the time. Lizzie is eventually arrested and put on trial for the murders. Watson reads of the case in London, and wishes that Holmes were alive to relish it. He keeps a scrapbook of news clippings related to the case. After his return and the climax of the "Empty House" case, Holmes tells Watson about his investigation into the Borden murders after Mycroft sent information about it to him in Tibet.

He arrives in Fall River on the day that Lizzie's trial begins in New Bedford. He makes his first port of call the barber shop where Andrew Borden had had a shave on the morning of his murder. He next visits the Borden house, where he examines the layout of the rooms. He explains to Watson why he believes more than one person must have been responsible for the murders, and shows him transcripts of the inquest to highlight the lies that were told. He then tells Watson of his visit to the Borden family's doctor, and his presentation of his solution to the mystery to Emma and Lizzie Borden.

Edmund Hastie

Thomas Brace Haughey

The Case of the Frozen Scream (1979)
Story Type:
Science Fiction / Fantasy Homage with Christian Themes
Detectives: Geoffrey Weston & John Taylor
Other Characters: Inspector Filbert Twigg; Ruth Chester; George Singleton; Stephen Hill; Chad Johnson; Sandra Meyer; Jasper Thompson; Clyde; Bertram Seawell; Chi Chi; June Albey; Dr Aaron Davidson; Jackson Smyth; Cathy Hopkins; Inspector Nolan; Hugh Evans; Constable Porter; Baker Street Bobby; Student; Bart's Orderly; Surgeon; Helicopter Pilot; Brookshire Lodge Guests; Night Clerk; Welsh Policemen; (Professor James Chester; Students; Arthur Heath; Sterling Mallory; Sally Seawell; Jason Phelp; Chester's Helpers; June's Parents; Ex-Junkies; Jason's Mother; Mrs Davidson; Lord Chillingham)
Date: Winter. Taylor refers to his last visit to Regal College as having taken place "back in the seventies" and the college having grown substantially since then. The United Kingdom is ruled by a king.
Locations: 31, Baker Street; Brompton Road; Edgerton Terrace; Regal College; Brompton Cemetery; Old Brompton Road; Baker Street; Underground Station; 317, Gaunt; Kent; Faversham; Seawell's House; Simple Simon Restaurant; Oxford Street; King Edward Street; St Bartholomew's Hospital; Wales; Brookshire Lodge; Police Heliport; Mount Snowden [sic]
Professor Chester's artificial hip is found among the ashes after a break-in at the Brompton Cemetery crematorium. Chester, however, was seen alive and well in his office, four hours after it was discovered. After interviewing the four students who saw Chester through his office window, Geoffrey Weston examines the office. After visiting the crematorium, Weston finds himself drawn into the world of cryogenics, and face to face with a trained chimpanzee. After adopting a cat, he demonstrates how Chester could have appeared in his office, and predicts that there are more murders to come. He gathers all the suspects for a mountain-climbing expedition to bring the case to a close.

The Case of the Invisible Thief (1978)
Story Type:
Science Fiction / Fantasy Homage with Christian Themes
Detectives: Geoffrey Weston & John Taylor
Canonical Characters: (Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes)
Folkloric Characters: Demon (Legion)
Other Characters: Inspector Filbert Twigg; Dr Arthur Heath; Baker Street Bicyclist; Whitney; Tom Rainwater; Laboratory Guards; Tom Yancy; Earl Garfield; Inspector Cyril Manchester; Mr Dutworth; Susanna Heath; Peter Heath; Tim Hollingswood; Charles Woodward; Woodward's Secretary; Niles Gilbert; James Smyth; Mary Starling; Service Station Attendant; Car Salesman; Waitress; Police Constable; Clones; (Albert Post; Alfred Bester; Janice Ragland; Mrs Smyth; Clifford Webb; Street Gang; Peter's Headmaster)
Locations: 31, Baker Street; Piccadilly; Rainwater's Apartment; Dorking; Pinehurst Laboratory; Reigate; Heath's House; 1631, Chestnut Lane; Service Station; Exeter Ford Showroom; Southampton Street; The Lion and Crown
Story: W
eston, grandson of Mycroft Holmes, reads of a case of stolen research papers at Pinehurst Laboratory. He has decided to travel down to Dorking to investigate when he is called on by Inspector Twigg and the lab's director, Heath. The papers have been stolen from a locked, guarded room, monitored by security cameras. Recently the laboratory's guard dog had gone mad and had had to be shot. While they are looking at photos of the lab, Weston and his assistant Taylor are shot at. After commissioning some work from an artist friend in the West End, and lamenting the reconstruction of London, they travel to Dorking. Some scrapes and scratches, and a glass bead are the only clues that their examination of the crime scene turn up. One of the guards, however, refers to his sense of something, like a cloud, hovering just past the edge of his vision on the previous night. Weston demonstrates, with the apparatus commissioned from Tom Rainwater, how the crime could have been committed.

Back at Baker Street, he examines traces of clay on Heath's keys, and argues with him about the existence of God. Examination of security video from the lab shows a black dot travelling down the corridor. The following day he receives word that Heath has committed suicide. A search of his house reveals the nature of the glass bead, and allows Weston to deduce the nature of the device used in the burglary. He interviews the other scientists at the lab, breaks into one of their houses and visits a car showroom. Taylor suffers a mental trauma while on stakeout, and he and Weston prevent a suicide and convert a Hindu. They return to Pinehurst with an invisibility apparatus invented by Weston to discover the nature of the genetics work that is being carried out there in secret. He infiltrates a Satan cult, and gets beaten up by a gang of London billies before bringing the case to a demonic close.

NOTE: The reference to "Hugh Boone egg scramble" on P.71 refers to a recipe from the Sherlock Holmes Cookbook by Sean Wright and John Farrell.

Anoushka Havinden

"The Shape of the Skull" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty
Other Characters: Ernest; Moriarty's Driver; Boys; Mothers; Nurses; Housemaster; Serving Maids; Cook; Head's Secretary; Housekeeper; Headmaster; Mathematics Tutor; School Staff; Local Dignitaries; Mayor; Night Watchman; Benefactor; Chemistry Tutor; Esther; Head's Assistant; Manservant; (Moriarty's Father; Moriarty's Mother)
Locations: School; Ester's Employer's House
The twelve-year-old Moriarty arrives at boarding school, and commences to spread chaos throughout the establishment, culminating in the theft of a meteorite.

Simon Hawke

The Dracula Caper (1988)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Homage (#8 in the Time Wars series)
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes)
Fictional Characters: Dr Moreau; Dracula
Folkloric Characters: Werewolf; Vampire
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle; H.G. Wells; Amy Robbins; Henry Irving; Bram Stoker; Oscar Wilde; Lord Alfred Douglas; (Harry Cust; C. Lewis Hind; Ellen Terry)
Other Characters: Janos Volkov; Underground Passengers; Constable Allan Jones; Chief Inspector William Grayson; Captain Delaney; Creed Steiger; Lieutenant Andre Cross; Angeline Crewe; Lin Tao; Ming Li / Jasmine; Private Scott Nielson / Mr Nelson; Corporal Thomas Davis / Thomas Daniels; Private Richard Larson / Richard Locker; Private Paul Ransome; Sergeant Anthony Rizzo; Sergeant Christine Brant; Private Linda Craven; Ian Holcombe; Cafe Royal Manager; Wilde's Companions; Glynnis 'Goodtime Gordy ' Gordon; Pall Mall Gazette Reporter; Tearoom Customers; Stanley Turner; Werewolf Victim; Turner's Neighbours; Mrs Turner; Joe Tully; Constable Wilkes; Tony Hesketh; 27th Century Londoners; Drakov's Creations; Coachman; Chan; General Moses Forrester; Policeman; Constable Thorpe; Dr Darkness; Coach Driver; Green Dragon Tong Members; Bordello Couple; Old Woman; Lyceum Crowd; Inspector Tremayne; Policemen; Charing Cross Hotel Guests; Hansom Driver; Madame Tchu; Violet Anderson; (Randall Jarvis; Nikolai Drakov; Metropole Staff; Temporal Corps Soldiers; Dr Albrecht Mensinger; Reporter; Violet's Landlady; Director General Vargas)
Date: 1894
Locations: Whitechapel Station; Morgue; 7 Mornington Place; Lyceum Theatre; Limehouse; Lin Tao's Shop; Northumberland Avenue, Hotel Metropole; Regent Street; Cafe Royal; Fleet Street; ABC Tearoom; Whitechapel; Turner's Apartment Building; The Beefsteak Club; 27th Century London; Richmond Hill; Drakov's House; Bow Street; Transylvania; Castle Dracula; London Pub; Scotland Yard; Forrester's Office; The House of Blue Lights; Charing Cross Hotel; Drakov's Warehouse
Story: A policeman has his throat torn out on Whitechapel Station. Conan Doyle is called in to examine the body and makes an unorthodox deduction about the killer. Members of the Temporal Observer Corps call on Wells, believing that their quarry, a cross-time terrorist named Drakov, and the scientist he abducted, Moreau, may have influenced his writing. An actress at the Lyceum dies, apparently of a vampire's bite. Chinese apothecary, Lin Tao and his granddaughter, Jasmine, have a new lodger, 'Morro', in the rooms above their Limehouse shop - he, too, is searching for Drakov.

The Time Corps take samples from the Whitechapel murder to be analysed in the 27th Century, and confirm that the killer is a genetically engineered werewolf. Doyle examines the vampire victim. Inspector Grayson gets a lead from Wilde, but his quarry is already a prisoner, and is becoming a vampire. Moreau encounters Wells, enlists his help, and introduces him to time travel. There are further werewolf killings. Grayson interviews Stoker, about the Lyceum murder, who tells him of a meeting with Count Dracula.

Meanwhile, Drakov has taken Time Corps member Ransome prisoner, and attacks are made on other members of the team, who move bases to Wells's house. Lin Tao sets the Green Dragon Tong to search for Drakov, and they locate Dracula's base, but he and Drakov have relocated to Transylvania, where an army of creatures is being created. Stoker and Doyle are taken prisoner. The final showdown comes in Castle Dracula.

Jacob Hay

"A Story for Which the World is Now Prepared" (1975)
Included in:
Ellery Queen's A Multitude of Sins (Ellery Queen)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; (Wilson, the Cannary Trainer)
Other Characters: Alastair Wracke; Rhuewin; General the Earl of Passclamore; (Deborah Amberson)
Locations: Wracke & Rheuwin's offices; Castle MacMornay, Mornay, Scotland; A beach near the capital city of a certain South American country; (Lashnamurnah; Grimpen)
Story: Wracke and Rhuewin, Private Investigators, have been employed by Holmes to solve many of his cases, including most of Watson's untold adventures, for which he takes the credit. After failing to bring to justice the perpetrator of the theft of the MacMornay Treasure, Wracke and Rheuwin retire to South America.

Steve Hayes & David Whitehead

Sherlock Holmes and the King of Clubs (2014)
Story Type:
Third-Person Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; (Mrs Watson (Grace); Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: Harry Houdini; Bess Houdini; Sigmund Freud; Adolf Hitler; Gavrilo Princip; The Black Hand; (Filiberto Luchese; Lukas von Hildebrandt; Ludovico Burnacini; Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach; Johann Lukas Fischer von Erlach; Emperor Franz Joseph; Archduke Franz Ferdinand)
Other Characters: Mrs Levy; Irene Hastings / Violet Channing; Robert Channing; "Mr Haslemere"; Frances "Frankie" Lane; Ulrich; Alfred Freiherr von Berger; Kapitan Erwin Janosi; Wolf Eder; Annalise Eder; Roger Purslane; Frau Seidl / Steidl; Margaret Lenhard; Walter Lenhard; Javor Vasiljavic; Eveline Bauer; Florian Eder; Doktor Meisener; Captain Siroky
Auctioneer; Auction Audience; Auction Porter; Auction Scribe; Hansom Driver; Man in Top Hat; Cab Driver; Shiells House Desk Clerk; Brass Band; Viennese Dignitaries; Journalists; Houdini's Entourage; Bersey Cab Driver; Hotel Lift Attendant; Desk Clerk; Vasiljavic's's Crowd; Black Hand Members; Working Men; Policemen; String Quartet; Hotel Guests; Theatre Patrons; Stage Hands; Stage Managers; Wardrobe Staff; Paint Crew; Carpenter; Theatre Usher; Theatre Orchestra; Grand Hotel Waiters; Forder Cab Driver; Renault Cab Driver; Policeman at Theatre; Children in Park; Feldmarschalleutnant; Restaurant Doorman; Royal Hotel Desk Clerk; Cab Drivers; Vienna Pedestrians; Vienna Drivers; Unic Cab Driver; Grand Hotel Maître d'; Enghilstrasse Residents; Muthgasse Onlookers; Telephone Operator; Slovakian Border Guards; Translator
(Sir Andrew Montefiore; Lady Montefiore; Adendorf Dog-Walker; Adendorf Police Surgeon; Nikolaus Eder; Eder's Manager; Eder's Audience; Eder's Doctor; Florian Eder; Mrs Hudson's Nephew)
Date: October, 1913 / 29 June, 1914
Locations: Christie's Auction Rooms; Deptford; Bacton Street Surgery; Queen Anne Street; Watson's Rooms; Beckworth Park Road; Belsize Park; The Shiells House; Charing Cross Station; Dover; Belgium; Ostend; The Ostend-Vienna Express; Germany; Austria; Vienna; Railway Station; Ringstrasse; The Kaerntnerring; Grand Hotel; Beserlpark Alsergrund; Türkischer Café; Kolingasse; Bergstrasse 19; Theater an der Burg; Heldenplatz; Imperial Palace; Burggarten; Burgring; Shottenring; Franz-Josefs-Kai; Rotemturmstrasse; Stephansplatz; Royal Hotel; Hoher Markt; St Michael's Square; Café; Park; Restaurant; The Brandstätte; The Salztorg; Praterstrasse; Lassallestrasse; Handelskai; Brigitternauer Brücke; Blutstrasse; Church of St Romedius / Church of St Petronius; Enghilstrasse; The Danube; Wieden; The Freihaus; Lenhard's Apartment; Muthgasse; Kronen Zeitung Offices; Pottenmauer; Eder's House; Slovakian Border Post; Slovakia
An armed robbery takes place at aChristie's auction of architectural ephemera, and the lone lady member of the audience is abducted. A week later, Watson, working as a locum in Deptford, receives an anonymous note summoning him to Beckworth Park Road, where he will discover that Irene Hastings, a close friend, "is not what you think she is". He re-encounters Holmes, chafing at retirement, who suggests a trip to Austria.

They arrive in Vienna on the same train as Harry Houdini, and the following day meet up with Sigmund Freud, who is engaged in an argument with Adolf Hitler. Houdini's performance is cancelled, when his wife, Bess, is abducted, but he rejects Holmes's offer of help, only changing his mind when his assistant, Frances Lane, also disappears. Watson realises that Irene Hastings is also in Vienna.

Houdini meets with kidnappers, who require him to assist in breaking into the Imperial Palace. Holmes reveals to Watson that they are in Vienna at Mycroft's behest, and that their mission is linked to the theft from Christie's. Holmes must work to find out the reason for the planned break-in and rescue the Houdinis. The Black Hand, an electric car, and an invalid Austrian illusionist known as the king of Clubs, all play a role in leading Holmes, with a little help from Freud, to a solution.

Sherlock Holmes and the Knave of Hearts (2013)
Story Type:
Third-Person Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mycroft Holmes; (Mrs Hudson)
Historical Figures: Gaston Verne; Jules Verne; Gustave Fréson; Follet the Spaniel; Honorine Verne; Paul Verne; Berthe Verne; Michel Verne; Gaspard-Felix Tourachon / Nadar; Jeanne "Maja" Raboul Verne; Michel Verne, Jr; (Charles de Freycinet)
Other Characters: Bertrand Joncas; Rémy or René; Inspector Vincent Mathes; Sergeant Gabriel Bessette / Emile Devereaux; Trudel; Lydie Denier / Adele Veillon / Josette Corbeil / Suzanne Morace; Alexandre Absalon; Lacombe; Sergeant Lepage; Dr Simonet; Metier; Dr Edouard Orand; Widmeyer; François Fournier; Valentin Faure; Sébastien Thayer; Godenot; Henri Gillet; Asylum Inmates; Asylum Warders; Gaston's Abductors; Boulogne Train Passengers; Rain Watcher; Political Canvasser; Woman in Purple; Amiens Crowds; Verne's Housekeeper; Carnival Crowds; Clown; Independent Republican Protestors; Gendarmes; Police Sergeant; Verne's Neighbour; Drayman; Verne's Servant; Flower Seller; Post Office Clerks; Couronne Desk Clerk; Nantes Train Passengers; Verne's Maid; Cheval Noir Guests; Corbier Crowds; Corbier Gendarmes; Brass Band; Fournier's Campaign Staff; Cheval Noir Waiters; Amiens City Cleaners; Amiens Cab Drivers; Paris Cab Drivers; Cheval Noir Desk Clerk; Amiens Railway Clerk; Versailles Workmen; Caterers; String Quartet; Party Guests; Agents of the Knaves; Soldiers; (Madame Gillet; Arnaud Gillet; Victor Gillet; Sophie Gillet; Depaul; Lucien Menard; Prideaux; Théophile Constantin; Emmanuel Jarnett; Amiens Baggage Clerk; Messenger Boys; Police Cell Guard; Doctor; Judicial Surgeon; Valois Institute Director)
Date: March 2nd - late March, 1886 (Verne was shot on March 9th)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Charing Cross Station; Kent; Dover; France; Forêt de Russy; Blois; Sanatorium de Russy; Hotel; Calais; Boulevard Jacquard; Rue Lafayette; Grande Café; Boulogne-sur-Mer; La Gare de Boulogne-Ville; Amiens; Gare du Nord; Boulevard Longueville; 2, Rue Charles Dubois; Café; Rue Laurendeau; Hotel Couronne; Carnival Grounds; Hautoie Park; Rue Gambetta; Café; Amiens Cathedral; Simonet's Office; La Mirabelle; Hotel Cheval Noir; Paris; Lyon; Lydie's Apartment; Forêt Domaniale de Malvoisine; Absalon's Château; Nantes; Grand Gare; Paul Verne's House; Quai Brancas; Telegraph Office; Saveuse; Corbie; Oise Valley; St Maximin; Versailles; Le Hameau de la Reine
Gaston is forcibly removed from the sanatorium that he has been sent to by his family. Watson forces Holmes to take a holiday in France at the family home of Holmes's friend Henri Gillet. Holmes agrees, on condition that they visit Jules Verne en route. While waiting on the station in Boulogne, they observe a man who seems to be fixated by the rain.

In Amiens, at the town's Lent Carnival, they witness a political protest that ends in murder, and shortly thereafter an attack on Verne by his nephew, Gaston. Holmes resolves to investigate Gaston's reasons for shooting his uncle. After preventing an assassination attempt on Gaston, Holmes finds himself drawn into the world of a secret criminal organisation with far-reaching tendrils.

Verne is reunited with his son, and with the aid of Nadar and a hot air balloon, arrangements are made for Gaston's future. Holmes visits Gaston's father and the sanatorium in Blois, where he also receives a warning and a commission from Mycroft. In Corbie, they attend a speech by François Fournier. During the Vernes' thirtieth wedding anniversary celebrations at Versailles, matters come to head.

Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of Diamonds (2012)
Story Type:
Third-Person Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars)
Historical Figures: Jesse James / Thomas Howard; Frank James; Zerelda Samuel; Archie Samuel; Dr Reuben Samuel; (Allan Pinkerton; Sir Edmund Henderson)
Other Characters: Blackrat Lynch; Alfie Adams; Olwenyo Wadlock; Desmond O'Leary; Prescott; Countess Elaina Montague / Ellie Corbin; Thomas Howard; Poacher's Pocket Patrons; Jack Liggett; Micajah "Cage" Liggett; Hansom Driver; Draper; Inspector Maurice Rosier; Lady Bingham; Rosier's Constables; Elaina's Guests; Mr Prendergast; Lady Spence; Victor Landon; Fordham; Elaina's Servants; Lady Elspeth Chatfield; Daphne; Daphne's Husband; Sketch Artist; Ishmael; Era Editor; Cab Driver; Violet Kidd; Emmanuel Kidd; Hallett; Charlie Poole; Liggett's Men; Emmett; Jewry Street Crowds; Bank Clerks; Bank Customers; Martin; Bank Manager; Inspector Jacob Varney; Varney's Constables; Gideon Butterfeld; Taffy Craddock; Tobacconist's Assistant; Bow Street Horse Patrol Officers; Victoria Tower Walk Pedestrians; Professor Stanley Longford; Inspector Maxwell Byron; Tunnel Dwellers; Train Driver; (Hank Howard; Howard's Mother; Lady Bingham's Wine Steward; Housekeeper; Lady's Maid; Lady Darlington-White; Baroness Alcott; Countess Broughton; Roofers; Sir Ashley Danvers-Cole; Sally; Rupert, Earl of Montague; Ol'Man Harris; Liverpool Man; Liverpool Ticket Clerk; Mission Proprietor; Andrew Castello; The Tumbling Tornadoes; Smith; Levi Wright)
Locations: Outside Green Park; 221B, Baker Street; Cable Street; The Poacher's Pocket Public House; Baker Street; Surbiton; Witton Abbey; Montague Hall; Houndsditch; Tavistock Street; The Era Offices; Deptford; 27, Canal Street; St Katherine's Dock; Britannia Warehouse; Liggett's Barge; Jewry Street; Crosbie & Shears Bank; Seething Lane Police Station; Commercial Road; Hand & Dagger Public House; Plumber's Row; Tobacco & Barber's Shop; Whitechapel; Whitechapel Road; Victoria Tower Walk; Royal Museum; The Thames; Victoria Tower Gardens; Wapping; The Thames Tunnel; Bow Road; A Train; USA; Missouri; Kearney; The Samuel Place
Countess Elaina is rescued from footpads by the American, Thomas Howard, who is in London looking for his brother Hank. Elaina takes him to see Sherlock Holmes. Inspector Rosier summons Holmes to Surbiton to investigate the latest in a series of jewel robberies. Tension builds between Howard and Holmes until Holmes reveals Howard is really Jesse James and he is forced into revealing his true reason for being in London: tracking down the Pinkerton agent Cage Liggett, who firebombed his mother's home. When the feud leads to James being framed for a bank robbery, both Holmes and the Countess put plans in place to bring out the real culprits, and assert their own styles of justice, while the theft of the Star of Persia from the Royal Museum also sets them against each other.

NOTE: The fire-bombing of his mother's home, which James says happened at "the tail end of January just past", actually occurred in 1875, several years before the first meeting of Holmes and Watson.