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Fred Saberhagen

Robert Saffron

The Demon Device (1979)
Story Type: Homage
Fictional Characters: The Hairless Mexican / General Miguel Cordova
Historical Figures: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Louise Hawkins Doyle; Jean Leckie; Albert Einstein; Inessa Armand; Alexander Helphand / Parvus; Nadezhada Krupskaya; V.I. Lenin; Paul Von Hindenburg; Erich Von Ludendorff; Herbert Asquith; Queen Mary; George V; William Somerset Maugham; (Robert Saffron; Mary Doyle; Innes Doyle; Kingsley Doyle; Sir John French; William Gillette; Charles Doyle; Ernest Rutherford; Inessa Armand; Franz von Rintelen; Inspector Neil; William J. Burns; Arthur Zimmermann; Sir George Buchanan; Sir William Wiseman)
Other Characters: Voodoo Worshippers; Obeah; Cora Matthews; C.B. Plumsoll; Cora's Father; Sergeant Matthews; Motorcycle Messenger; Cabman; Charles; Arachne; Sergeant; Corporal; Scotland Yard Duty Officer; Crown & Mitre Hotel Clerk; Isabelle Andros; Gendarmes; Ritz Clientele; Exeter Station-Master; Farmer; Mourners; Rebecca; Minister; Joseph Mombeya; French Train Passengers; Dr Etienne Salcrou; Conductor; Porter; Waiters; Soldiers; Schrank; Pelikan Manager; Telephone Operator; Henry Angel; Sanger's Maid; Professor Maurice Sanger; Grand Hôtel Orchestra; Grand Hôtel Guests; Waiter; Launch Passengers; Spiegelgasse Occupants; Lenin's Landlady; Lenin's Comrades; Taxi Driver; Joseph North; Money Changer; Embassy Intelligence Officer; Breakfast Waiter; Stag Proprietor; Sentry; Auxiliary Guard; Singen Residents; Frau Schäffer; Singen Policeman; Landwehr Guard; Singen Ticket Seller; Train Passengers; Dr Ekkehard; Farmer; Herr Bessing; Bessing's Neighbour; Comrade Karl; Bicyclist; Calw Railway Clerk; Female Railway Guard; Dr Kreutzenberg; Tram Conductor; Tram Passenger; Kreutzenberg's Maid; Lazaret Doctors; Patients; Visitors; German General; Orderly; Private; Newspaper Correspondents; Neckarsulm Postmaster; Corporal Otto Frisch; Goldener Hirsch Diners; Comrade Steuermeyer; Tram Passengers; Market Traders; Daniel Gelb; Gelb's Friends; Funeral Mourners; Priest; Bavarian Soap Dealer & Wife; Fulda Lawyer; Matron; Gepo Captain; Hearse Driver; Gotha Corporal; Policeman; Russian Pirate; Coal Yard Workers; Factory Geheimpolizei Officer; Manager; Guards; Russian Prisoners of War; Workers' Families; Workers; Captain Karinsky; Second Weimar Hussars Band; Standard Bearers; Herr Direktor Dr Ehrens; Baron Hochwächter; Dr Gerhard Buchhalter; Technicians; NCO; Gepo Officers; Foreman; Vaudeville Performers; Supply Room Clerk; Hunting Lodge Girl; Zell Sergeant; Eisfeld Farmer; Rossach Post Office Functionary; Aitrach Landstürm Sergeant; Corporal; Landstürmer Officers; Serving Girl; Wangen Farmer; Farmer's Wife; Wangen Stranger; Grocer & Cronies; Austrian Frontier Sentries; Austrian Lieutenant; Herr Geheimrat Köhler; Höchst Bridge Guard; Swiss Border Sentries; British Vice-Consul; Zurich Pension Proprietress; Zurich Station Crowds; Swiss Child; British Courier; Sopwith Pilot; Naval & Army Officers; Politicians; Constable; Army Man; Saboteur; Café Royal Doorman; Wardens; Cabman; (Sardanyi; Reutlinger; Madame Reutlinger; Waiter; Lift Man; Cipher-Clerk; Berlin Agent; Dr Joseph Williams; Cora's Sister; Edouard; Baker's Boy; Sûreté Inspector; Mathilde Bessing; Sanger's Son; Rosa B.; English Couple)
Locations: Summerland; Butcher Row, Livery Stable; 15, Buckingham Palace Mansions; Beefsteak Club; Paris; Pension; The Ritz; Waterloo Station; Exeter; Cora's Village Churchyard; Newhaven; France; Le Havre; Train; Rouen; Dijon; Switzerland; Lausanne; Zurich; Hotel Pelikan; Sanger's House; Grand Hôtel Bellevue-au-Lac; Alpen-Quai Station; Steam Launch; 14, Spiegelgasse; Restaurant Jakobsbrunnen; British Consulate; Pelikanstrasse; Bahnhof; National Museum; 12, Spiegelgasse; The Polytechnic; Botanic Gardens; Bern; 5, Feldeckweg; Glarisegg; Stag Hotel; Germany; Barn; Singen; Schäffer's Shop; Station; Train; Tuttlingen; Rottweil; Nagold; Calw; Train; Stuttgart; Degerloch; Kreutzenberg's House; Lazaret; Marbach; Heilbrunn; Hotel; Castle of the Teutonic Order; Heidingsfeld; The Goldener Hirsch Inn; Market; Scherenburg Railway Restaurant; Fulda; Eisenach; Pension; The Wartburg; English Church; Gotha; Erfürterstrasse Café; Farmers' Market; Straussfurt; Zechstein Saltmine; Munitions Factory; Cathedral of St Barbara; Hunting Lodge; Zell; Eisfeld; Coburg; Rossach; Bavaria; Aitrach; Leutkirch; Rosa's Cottage; Barn near Wangen; Wangen; Austria; Bregenz; Höchst; Zurich Pension; Gare de Lyon; Airfield; Dieppe; Houses of Parliament; Big Ben; A Bi-plane above London; Café Royal
Date: March 5th - April 10th, 1917 / March, 1891
Story: The story has been communicated to its editor by Conan Doyle from the afterlife.

Doyle is called on by Matthews, whose wife Cora has become involved with a voodoo sect. Shortly after, he receives a summons to the Beefsteak Club from Arachne, who enlists Doyle to investigate a secret weapon the Germans are developing, and arrangements are made for Plumsoll, who bears a striking resemblence to William Gillette, to pursue the Matthews case in his stead.

A British agent has been killed leaving only a few burned notes which, through the initials "I.A." remind Doyle of an encounter with Isabelle Andros in Paris in 1891, and point Doyle towards Einstein as his first point of enquiry. From Plumsoll, Doyle learns of Cora's death, and they attend her funeral, learning of the Germans' mining of pitchblende in the Congo. Doyle travels to Zurich, with Plumsoll now assigned to assist him. He becomes aware that they are under surveillance on the train through France.

In Zurich he learns nothing from Einstein, but teaches the scientist how to play billiards. Later, he encounters Inessa Armand with Helphand. He believes she is Andros. She introduces him to Lenin, who offers the service of his network of followers, and insists that Armand accompany Doyle to Germany. Before they leave, he encounters Maugham's Hairless Mexican, actually a Bolivian, who claims the British owe him money, and is almost electrocuted. Einstein is called back to Germany and tells Doyle that the German device is an atomic weapon. Recognised on a train, Doyle is forced to kill.

They travel on through Germany, staying with a succession of Lenin's supporters. Doyle becomes suspicious of the omnipresent Sisters of Charity, but when they are confronted by a Gestapo Captain, it becomes apparent that they also have a protector. Eventually, they discover the location of the weapons factory at Straussfurt, where they apply for work. They discover the factory is located in an old salt-mine, where an entire city has been constructed underground.

Hindenburg and Ludendorff tour the facility, and Doyle joins forces with a Russian prisoner to sabotage the plant. After destroying the works, they head back to England to prevent the delivery of a second device, 'Little Bertha', but find themselves held captive by an old acquaintance and his surprising associate, and again, after escaping, by yet another old acquaintance.

Back in Zurich, Inessa rejoins Lenin, while Doyle and Plumsoll travel on to London to prevent an attack on the King during the opening of Parliament. A further attack is made on Doyle by a child, but the climax of the mission comes in the tower of Big Ben, and in an aerial fight above London.

Andrew Salmon

"The Adventure of the Locked Room" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Volume One (Ron Fortier)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Inspector Lestrade)
Other Characters: Passers-By; Settee Deliverymen; Hansom Driver; Douglas Gavin; Underground Passengers; Publican; Subway Pedestrians; Everett Hopkins; Tunnel Constable; Messenger; Prison Guard; (Judson Farris; Gas Lamp Crew; Police; Ceiling Repairmen; Edgar Hopkins; Lucilla Hopkins / Lucilla Farris; Lucius Hopkins; Roddy Smyth; Hopkins' Servants)
Date: Late Summer, 1881
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Blandford Street; A Hansom Cab; 5186 Clanranald; Gas Works; Baker Street Station; South Kensington Station; Mansion House Station; Beer Lane; Tower Subway; Newgate Prison
Shortly after moving in to 221B, Holmes and Watson are told by Mrs Hudson of a murder that occurred there four weeks prior to their occupancy. Judson Farris was killed, in the locked suite, the day after he had moved in. Mrs Hudson discovered the body in the sitting room, which reeked of gas, but no gas leak was discovered. A malfunctioning street light seems important, as does a hole in the roof and a pair of left-handed gloves. Holmes examines their quarters and the surrounding streets minutely, visits Lestrade, and learns that a lamp-lighter was killed the same night. They visit the home of Farris's stepson, Everett Hopkins, who disappeared, also on the night of the murder. From the family butler they learn of another murder. They follow him and are led beneath the Thames, where they hear the truth about Farris, and Holmes engages in a duel, but it is only later, in Newgate Prison, that Watson learns the full story.

Michael Salmon

Who Did It? At the Circus (1991)
Story Type: Children's Picture-Book
Detective: Sherlock Panda
Other Characters: Detective Bear; Ticket Bear; Customers; Popcorn Rat; Alberta the Alligator; Penguins; The Band; Octavia the Octopus; The Flying Pigalettos; Tiger Cub Scouts; Clowns; Renaldo the Great; Daredevil Dan; Sabu the Indian Elephant; Ringmaster Bearnum; Brutus the African Lion
Locations: The Circus
Story: Sherlock Panda and Detective Bear solve the mysteries of the stolen tickets, the missing band instruments, the knotted trapeze, the eaten custard pies, the vandalised motorcycle, and the missing Ringmaster's costume.

Walter Satterthwaite

Escapade (1995)
Story Type: Homage
Fictional Characters: Madame Sosostris; (Rebecca de Winter)
Historical Figures: Harry Houdini; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; (Bess Houdini; Cecilia Weiss; George Edalji; William Pinkerton; Frances Griffiths; Elsie Wright; Kingsley Doyle; Mary Doyle)
Other Characters: Jane Turner; Phil Beaumont; Higgens; Briggs; Servants; Robert Fitzwilliam, Viscount Purleigh; Marjorie Allardyce; Railway Guard; Alice Fitzwilliam, Viscountess Purleigh; Cecily Fitzwilliam; Dr Erich Auerbach / Carl Moseley; Vanessa Corneille; Sir David Merridale; Constance; Woman in White; Boy; Mr Dempsey; Carson; Earl of Axminster; Constable Dubbins; Policemen; Coroner's Men; Police Doctor; Photographer; Superintendent Honniwell; Parsons; Running Bear; Inspector Marsh; Sergeant Meadows / Peter Collinson; Mrs Blandings; Darleen O'Brien; Policeman; Chin Soo / Archibald Crubbs; Jury; Prosecutor; Lady Purleigh's Lawyer; Sergeant Maynard Vine; (Evangeline; Evangeline's Brother; Mary; Lord Endover; Lord Reginald Fitzwilliam; MacGregor; Gwendolyn; Peters; Gwendolyn's Parents; Carlyle; Sergeant Lanahan; Dr Christie; Partridge; Florrie Chubb; Little Tom; Mrs Hornsby; Jerry; Wilbur Dent; Vicar; Gerard Corneille; Esme Corneille; Connie Coburn; Tenants; Ripley; Connie's Nephew; Cock and Bull Landlord; Driver; Woman Writer; Dora Carrington; Sybil Prescott-Vane; London Thugs)
Locations: 12, Yeoman's Row, Knightsbridge; Devon; Purleigh; Maplewhite; Exeter Train; Old Mill; Court
Date: August 15th - 19th, 1921
Story: Houdini and his Pinkerton bodyguard, Beaumont, arrive at Maplewhite, Viscount Purleigh's Devon estate for a house party. At dinner they hear of the three ghosts said to haunt the estate. Someone attempts to search Houdini's luggage, and Beaumont and another guest, Jane, both receive nighttime visitations. The following morning an announcement in the Times tells the world where Houdini is, alarming news to Beaumont, who is protecting him from his rival, Chin Soo, who has made threats against his life.

Houdini is shot at in the grounds of the estate, and Jane incurs the wrath of Merridale when she spurns his advances, and sees two more ghosts. Conan Doyle arrives, accompanied by a medium, Madame Sosostris. Before the planned séance can take place, Purleigh's father, the Earl of Axminster is found shot inside his locked room. Houdini suggests that the earlier shot wasn't actually aimed at him.

Merridale challenges Beaumont to a boxing match. The séance is disrupted, Jane discovers a cache of stolen trinkets and an attempt is made on her life, and the following morning, after the boxing, Marsh and Meadows of Scotland Yard arrive. Houdini discovers the house's secret passages, solves the crime, betters Marsh, and unveils Chin Soo.

Steven Savile

"Sherlock Holmes and the Four Kings of Sweden" (2017)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes's School for Detection (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: Georg Bissmark; Gustav V
Other Characters: Karl Andersen / The Great Andersen; Kent Nylander; Thurneman; Inspector Stefan Lindblad; Thomas Allwin; Maria Nordqvist; Lecture Audience; MC; Theatre Usher; Theatre Audience; Sala Residents; Tavern Serving Girl; Tavern Diners; Police Officers; Telephone Operator; (Theatre Workers; Impostor Kings)
Date: 1930
Locations: Sweden; Stockholm; Bernadotte Chambers; Theatre; Sala; Hunt Master's House; Tavern
Watson delivers a lecture on the case that has brought Holmes to Sweden: the simultaneous appearances of King Gustav in five different cities, in a plan hatched by the Magister to discredit the King. Each member of his audience has been invited because of their importance to the case. He tells of an attempt on his and Holmes's life after a visit to the local hunt master in Sala, before Holmes appears to bring an end to the case.

Robert J. Sawyer

"You See But You Do Not Observe" (1995)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg); The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams)
Story Type: Science Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Peter Steiler; Swiss Boy; Professor Moriarty; Mary Morstan; (Mycroft Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Englishwoman; Colonel Moran; Ronald Adair)
Historical Figures: (Enrico Fermi; Erwin Schrödinger; Guglielmo Marconi)
Other Characters: Mycroft Holmes
Date: 15th August, 1899 / 5th June, 2096 / 4th May, 1891 / June, 1907
Locations: 221B, Baker Street Reconstruction; Meiringen; Englischer Hof; Reichenbach Falls
Story: Holmes and Watson are transported into a reconstruction of 221B, in 2096, by Mycroft Holmes (no relation), to solve the Fermi Paradox: if the universe is supposed to be full of life, where are the aliens? Twenty-first century technology is able to upload data directly into Holmes's brain, and after doing so, Holmes asks Mycroft to holographically re-create the Reichenbach Falls, where they re-enact the events of "The Final Problem". Based on his new knowledge of Schrödinger's cat, Holmes is able to deduce the secret of his survival at Reichenbach, and consequently the reason for the absence of the aliens. He and Watson return to the real Reichenbach in 1891 to resolve the problem.

Will Schaefer

"The Prima Donna's Finger" (2017)
Included In:
Sherlock Holmes: The Australian Casebook (Christopher Sequeira)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Irene Adler; Godfrey Norton; (Mrs Hudson)
Other Characters:
Captain Collins; Edward De Vries; Elizabeth De Vries; Fitch; Jetty Crowds; Tearooms Waiter; Coffee Parlour Patrons; Cab Driver; Shanty Town Men; Kidnappers; (Labourers; Woman Who Died In Childbirth; Mr Cundall)
Date: 1890
Locations: Australia; Fremantle; Hotel; A Ship; Bunbury; Jetty; Police Station; Squatters' Shack; Wellington Hotel; Tearooms; Shanty Town
Holmes is sent a woman's finger by Edward De Vries, police officer of the town of Bunbury in Western Australia. The finger belongs to Irene Norton, and a ransom has been demanded from her husband, Godfrey. Arriving in Bunbury, Holmes uncovers the ruse that has brought him there and participates in the rescue of Mr Cundall.

Bernard J. Schaffer

Whitechapel: The Final Stand of Sherlock Holmes (2011)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Mary Morstan; Inspector (Gerard) Lestrade; Irene Adler; King of Bohemia; Mrs Cecil Forrester; Mycroft Holmes; Wiggins; (Hound of the Baskervilles; Sir Henry Baskerville; Captain Arthur Morstan; Mrs Morstan; Young Stamford; Watson's Father)
Historical Figures: Annie Chapman; Timothy Donovan; Jack the Ripper; Montague Druitt; Georgiana Druitt; Dr William Druitt; Ann Druitt; William Druitt; Polly Nichols; John Pizer; Sergeant James Byfield; Oscar Wilde; George Lusk; Joseph Aarons; Old Nichol Gang; Sir Charles Warren; Louis Diemschutz; Elizabeth Stride; Mrs (Adele) Diemschutz; Frederick Wensley; Constable Henry Lamb; Catherine Eddowes; John Kelly; PC Louis Robinson; PC George Simmonds; Major Henry Smith; Inspector Edward Collard; Superintendent (Albert) Foster; Dr Frederick Gordon Brown; PC Alfred Long; Francis Darwin; George Valentine; Mark Mann; Mary Kelly; Mary Cox; Inspector Edward Collard; Dr Henry Faulds; Francis Galton; Dr William Orange; Thomas Bond; Sir Robert Anderson; Sir Edward Henry; (Frederick Stevens; John 'Brummy' Evans; Emily Chapman; John Chapman; John Sivvey; Martha Tabram; Emma Smith; Bessarabian Tigers; Charles Cross; PC Mizen; Dr Llewelyn; Inspector Joseph Helson; Wynne E. Baxter; Sergeant Thick; John Fitzgerald; Mr Jones; Annie Philips; Dr Thomas Bond; Dr Hammerton; Charles Darwin; Theodore Roosevelt)
Other Characters: Jack Reed; Clifton Reed; Dr Steward; Detective Chief Inspector Herman Brett; Louise; Abigail (Abbie); Mickey Fitch; Gordon Forrester; Cecil Forrester; Constable Hawkes; Richie; Joseph; Gerard Lestrade; Carrie Lestrade; Juliette Lestrade; Edmund; John Watson II; Johanna Adler
Street Sweeper; Various Carmen; Train Passengers; Station Crowds; Portsmouth Carman; Prostitutes; Street Children; Corpses; Dorset Cab Driver; Farm Workers; Clifton's Cousin; Prostitutes; Prostitute's Daughter; Whitechapel Pimp; Drunkards; Shopkeepers; Children; Blue Coat Boy Attendant; Blue Coat Boy Occupants; Constables; Mile End Committee Crowd; Mrs Forrester's Servants; Mrs Forrester's Guests; Chinese Girls; Organist; Educational Club Members; Aldgate Crowd; Church Passage Constable; Mortuary Attendant; Princess Alice Clientele; Princess Alice Barman; 221A Occupants; Druitt's Students; Commercial Street Crowds; Hurdy Gurdy Player; Dancing Drunkard; Apple Hawker; Pawnbroker; Crossingham's Tenants; Thrall Street Men; Blue Coat Boy Men; New Court Crowd; Britannia Clientele; Britannia Barman; Church Women; Millers Court Crowd; Overweight Woman & Husband; Blackheath Cricket, Gottball, and Lawn Tennis Company Board Members; Journalists; Brooke Asylum Nurse; Asylum Patients; Asylum Staff; Ten Bells Patrons; Barman; Old Woman & Boy; Train Conductor; Midwife; Mourners; (Dr Francis; Miss Mildred; Mr Jones; Chapman's Landlord; Police; Dorset Doctor; Doctor's Widow; Pizer's Neighbour; Stagehands; Royal Opera Audience; Circus Performers; Watson's Publisher)
Date: 1888-1890
Locations: Spitalfields; Dorset Street; Crossingham's Lodging House; Commercial Street; Hanbury Street; 221B, Baker Street ; Baker Street; Dorset; Ann Druitt's House; Portsmouth Station; William Druitt's Surgery; Clapton; Brooke House Asylum; Blackheath; Whitechapel; Druitt's Apartment; George's Yard; Blue Coat Boy Tavern; Buck's Row; Bishopsgate Street Police Station; Princess Alice Pub; Mary's House; Irene's House; Royal Opera House; Whitechapel Board of Building and Design; Camberwell; Mrs Cecil Forrester's House; Central News Offices; Berner Street; Dutfield's Yard; International Working Men's Educational Club; Aldgate High Street; Braham Street; Duke Street; Mitre Square; Church Passage; Wentworth Dwellings; Goulston Street; Great Eastern Hotel; Golden Lane Mortuary; Blackheath; George Valentine's School; Pawn Shop; Tavern; Thrall Street; Wentworth Street; Eliot Place; New Court; Britannia Pub; Christ Church; 13, Miller's Court; Piccadilly Street; Burlington House; Broadmoor Asylum; Shoreditch Mortuary; The Ten Bells; Brick Lane; Hanbury Street; Thorneycroft's Wharf; The Thames; Bishopsgate; Watson's Surgery; Sussex Downs; Market; Watson's Cottage
Story: Annie Chapman is murdered. Watson tells Holmes of his plan to marry Mary Morstan, and Holmes resorts to the needle. Druitt remembers his sister's death, his sexual relationship with the boy next door, his mother's madness and infidelity, and his apprenticeship with his surgeon father. After confining his mother to an asylum, he reads of the murder of Martha Tabram. Lestrade is working on the murders and engaging the services of a prostitute.

Irene Adler sends Holmes details of the murders. She dreams of Oscar Wilde and Annie Chapman. Watson encounters Mycroft with two young Chinese girls, and Irene Adler with Charles Warren, at a party given by Mrs Cecil Forrester. A letter is received from the Ripper, and Lestrade is called to Liz Stride's murder and from there to the site of the Eddowes murder. Watson seeks to cure Holmes of his addiction. The press receive letters from the Ripper. Lestrade calls on Holmes, but he refuses to take the case so Lestrade cries.

Watson teams up with Irene Adler to hunt down the Ripper. He gets beaten up and cries. Mrs Hudson leaves Baker Street. Francis Darwin asks Holmes to resolve a dispute between Faulds and Galton. Mycroft makes Holmes cry. Watson sniffs Irene's underwear. Lestrade has a mystical encounter with a tramp in church. Mary Kelly is killed and....oh, I just can't be bothered with the rest....

NOTE: The reporter "Steven Morrissey" is likely named after British singer-songwriter Steven Morrissey (formerly of The Smiths) who included a song titled "Jack the Ripper" on his 1992 album Beethoven Was Deaf.

Geri Schear

"Harbinger of Death" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part III: 1896-1929 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Mycroft Holmes; Mrs Hudson)
Other Characters: Jane Asquith; Teddy "Windy" Windermere; Craddock; Catherine Anne Asquith; Lindley Mead; Major Ambrose Asquith; Kate / Kaia Patel; (William; Stephen Asquith; Major Clive Aquith; Indian Girl; Baby; Girl's Father; Doctor; Michael; Jane's Solicitor; Police Officers)
Date: Tuesday 10th - Friday 13th March, 1896
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Hampstead; Windermere's House; Moorgate Station; Hertfordshire; Hadley Wood; Hadley Wood Station; Jane's House
Holmes is consulted by Jane Asquith, who has been worried about her great-aunt Catherine, ever since her great-aunt's gypsy companion Kate claimed to see the Angel of Death on the previous Christmas Eve. After learning something of the Asquith family's military history in India, Holmes and Watson travel to Hadley Wood, in Hertfordshire, to find that Aunt Catherine is dead from a heart attack.

J. Scherpenhuizen

"The Adventure of the Demonic Abduction" (2017)
Included In:
Sherlock Holmes: The Australian Casebook (Christopher Sequeira)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Folkloric Characters: (Demon)
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Other Characters:
Mah Ling; An Ling; Dr Cavendish; Master Chang Xian; Xian's Manservant; Xian's Servants; Wing's Men; (Lascar; Xian's Bodyguard; Master Wing; Xian's Daughter; Female Lackey)
Date: 1890
Locations: Australia; Aboard the Christopher; Port Adelaide; Rundle Street; Hotel Richmond; North Terrace; Elder Park; Aboard a Clipper; Adelaide Hotel; Aboard a Ship
Holmes and Watson encounter Mah Ling and her father An Ling, a Chinese merchant, as they sail to Adelaide. The following day, An Ling seeks them out at their hotel to tell them that Mah Ling has disappeared from a locked room on the second floor of the home of his business associate, Master Xin. The room was splattered with blood, and a demon appeared in the courtyard outside, carrying off Mah Ling, and disappearing in a burst of smoke.

Norma Schier

"The Adventure of the Solitary Bride by E. Aldon Canoy" (1979)
Included in: The Anagram Detectives (Norma Schier); Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (Feb 1993)
Story Type: Pastiche / Parody
Detectives: Hoskell Chomers & Sandwort
Other Characters: Mrs. Hounds; Lady Treiboris; Craig Adomcourt Treiboris; Heurlbutt; O' Mertogh; Dora Lampuir; Lady Treiboris's Maid
Locations: 221A Krebb Street; A Train; The Treiboris Estate in Surrey
Story: The newly-wed Lady Treiboris wakes up one morning to find her husband has disappeared. On the dining table is an arrangement of playing cards which Heurlbutt, the butler, quickly disposes of. Later, she sees a man in workman's clothes skulking around the stables. The following day another playing card arrangement appears and she sees the man again.

NOTE: All character names in this story are anagrams of their canonical equivalent, or of their role in the story: Mrs. Hounds = Mrs. Hudson. Reference is also made to Professor Marriyot, and Scotland Yard detectives Streadle and Noggers.

"The Adventure of the Boing! Ritual by Rif H. Lobster" (1979)
Included in: The Anagram Detectives (Norma Schier); Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (Feb 1993)
Story Type: Parody
Detectives: Mooch Sheckls & Tweany
Other Characters: Mrs. Sexes; Father Sprite; Grumbly Bain
Locations: 221B Beagl Street; The Boing! Hall
Story: A bearded widow, seen on Beagl Street, turns out to be the priest, Father Sprite, who wishes Sheckls to find out why his parishioners are forgoing his sermons, and instead attending a hall across from the church, with a banner outside reading "Boing!". On entering the hall, Sheckls is given a card with numbers on it, while on stage, Grumbly Bain is handed numbers on wooden discs, which he calls out to the gathered crowd, members of which periodically cry out, "Boing!". Sheckls is able to deduce a plot to overthrow the British garment industry.

NOTE: This story is a pastiche / parody of Robert Fish's series of Schlock Homes parodies. References are made to Sheckls' brother Firstcroc; his arch enemy Colonel Nomor; and Scotland Yarder Inspector Redlites.

Lawrence Schimel

"Alimentary, My Dear Watson" (1995)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type: Fantasy Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson;Mrs Hudson
Fictional Characters: Alice; Dinah; Cheshire Cat; (The White Rabbit; The March Hare)
Historical Figures: (Charles Dodgson / Lewis Carroll)
Other Characters: (Mrs Bugle)
Date: 26th December
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Dodgson's Apartment
Story: Watson calls on Holmes on Boxing Day to find him examining a top hat found in the home of Dodgson, now missing. They visit his apartment, where, along with the hat, a white rabbit (which Holmes and Watson have just eaten), and a crack in the looking glass were found. They meet his niece, Alice, who tells them that the March Hare and Mad Hatter visited, bringing her a bottle of liquid, marked "Drink Me", that shrinks people, and a cake that makes them grow. She tells them of her uncle's behaviour towards her, and how she solved the problem, with the aid of Dinah, the cat.

Norman Schreiber

"Call Me Wiggins" (2003)
Included in: My Sherlock Holmes (Michael Kurland)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Wiggins
Canonical Characters: Wiggins; Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: Lewis Carroll; Henry George Liddell; Lorena Liddell; Friedrich Max Muller; Ellen Terry; Charles Collingwood
Other Characters: Liddell's Maid
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Oxford; Christ Church College; Tom Quad; Carroll's Rooms; Holmes's Hotel; Liddell's Study; Ellen Terry's Dressing Room
Story: Holmes helps Wiggins gain an education, finally sending him to Christ Church College, Oxford, where he meets Lewis Carroll. Wiggins arranges a meeting between Carroll and Holmes, which appears destined to end in a heated argument. Carroll reveals that four diaries have been stolen from his shelves at some time in the last several years, and asks Holmes and Wiggins to help retrieve them. Holmes asks for a list of everyone who has been in his rooms, and after they have narrowed down the field somewhat, sets Wiggins, in the guise of a reporter, to question the remaining few. It is Wiggins, under Holmes's tutelage, who finally locates the missing diaries, and uncovers the unexpected reason for the theft.

Darrell Schweitzer

"The Adventure of the Death-Fetch" (1994)
Included in: The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye); The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams)
Story Type: Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: Narrator; Abigail Thurston; Sir Humphrey Thurston; Cab Driver; Indian Army officer; Wendall Hawkins; Guides; Jones; Gutzman; Van Eysen; Malay; Lascar; Gunn; Nomads; Trader; Missionary; Patrolman
Locations: Narrator's Relatives' House; Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; A Cab; Thurston's House; India; Australia; Shanghai; Rangoon; Putao; Tibet; Sinkiang
Date: Late December, 1900
Story: An aging Watson tells a story of how he and Holmes met Abigail Thurston, who had been sent to fetch them by her explorer father:

They take a cab to Thurston's house, where they see the man himself, but when they call out to him, he flees. When theyenter the house they are astonished to find him there denying that he has been out. He tells them that he has several times encountered an exact double of himself, which he is sure enters the house through mirrors. He tells them of adisastrous expedition into Tibet in search of wealth on which he was left for dead by his companion Hawkins. For the last couple of weeks he has been receiving letters from Hawkins, who claims he was tortured and murdered by Chan-Tzo priests, then his corpse reanimated. He is seeking revenge on Thurston by conjuring a death-fetch. Holmes sets about revealing Hawkins' trickery, but as they are leaving they see Sir Humphrey's double at the top of the stairs. They are too late to prevent the explorer's death and Holmes bars Watson from ever writing the story.

"The Adventure of the Hanoverian Vampires" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, Issue #2 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Alternate Universe Pastiche narrated by a cat
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Baker Street Irregulars; Billy; (Professor (Dr) Moriarty)
Fictional Characters: (Dracula)
Historical Figures: (Queen Victoria)
Other Characters: Cat; Hansom Driver; Passers-By; Barge Crewman; Vampires; Vampire Cat; (James IV; James VI)
Locations: A Street; A Hansom Cab; The East End; London Docks; A Barge on the Thames; 221B, Baker Street
Story: In a London ruled by the Stuart King, James VII, the cat is playing with a locket, which is snatched from it by Billy, and in turn sold to Holmes, to whom the cat attaches himself. The pendant bears the emblem of Victoria, Hanoverian pretender to the British throne, and contains a shipping order for boxes of earth bearing the crest of Dracula. Holmes, Watson and the cat travel to the docks to prevent a vampire invasion.

"Sherlock Holmes, Dragon-Slayer (The Singular Adventures of the Grice-Patersons in the Island of Uffa)" (1996)
Included in: Resurrected Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type: Supernatural Pastiche in the style of Lord Dunsany
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; The Grice Patersons
Folkloric Characters: Dragon
Historical Figures: Uffa
Other Characters: Narrator; Club Members; Club Waiter; Boorish Member; Well-Travelled Clubman; The Skeptic; Beatrice Grice Paterson; Henry Grice Paterson; (Hrothwealda; Graxgrilda; Grice Paterson's Workmen; British Museum Curator)
Locations: A Club; The Fen Country near Thetford; The Island of Uffa
Date: Late November
Story: The narrator encourages a fellow club member to tell of his meeting with Holmes:

He is in the Fens when he hears a woman scream. He sees her struggling with a shadowy opponent, then the two disappear. He encounters Watson, an old friend who takes him into an underground archaeological dig where he meets Holmes and Henry Grice Paterson, who realises that the woman must have been his wife, Beatrice. They set about looking for her, and Holmes informs him that the hillock that the dig is in is known as the Island of Uffa, and tells him of the legend of King Uffa and the dragon. Holmes is investigating the death of one of Grice Paterson's workmen and rumours that the dragon has returned. They trip the entrance to a hidden passage and Holmes, Watson and Grice Paterson tumble into the barrow. Inside they find Beatrice, but are unable to explain her kidnapper's strange death. The clubman, meanwhile, faces a ghost and a dragon.

Cavan Scott

"The Adventure of the Mummy's Curse" (2015)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Mrs (Alice) Watson; Sherlock Holmes; (Inspector (George) Lestrade)
Historical Figures: (Ernesto Schiaperelli)
Other Characters: Tarik; Caravan Leader; Charles Sprotley; Egyptian Workers; Ruth Starkings; Sir Benjamin Starkings; Itisen; (Earl of Ingleshire; French Ambassador's Wife; Egyptian Police; Frederick)
Date: Early January - February, 1905
Watson's House; St Pancras Station; A Train; Egypt; Alexandria; Cairo; The Pyramids; Luxor; Luxor Station; Starking's Dig Site; Robbed-out Tomb; Imperial Hotel
Watson is invited to Egypt by his friend, Sprotley, and asks Holmes to accompany him. Sir Benjamin Starking, in an archaeological dig sponsored by Sprotley, hass discovered the tomb of the royal architect, Itisen. Since the discovery there has been talk of a curse, the mummy has vanished, and ushabti figurines have been mysteriously appearing all over the camp. When they journey down into the tomb, they discover a body inside the sarcophagus, and all the evidence points to Sprotley being the murderer. Holmes's solution also solves the mystery of the French Ambassador's wife's missing necklace.

"The Demon Slasher of Seven Sisters" (2013)
Included in:
Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by George Rayne
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Dr Watson)
Other Characters: George Rayne; Henrietta Stead; Broken Nose; Constable Terry; Beatrice Kelly; Terry Anders; Roger Pearson; (Bramwell Applegarth; Albert Wilkes; Lady Mary Crawford; Lady Mary's Lover; Hilda Gledhill; Mary Waddington; Terrance Rudge; Broken Nose's Vigilantes; Henry Kelly; Marcus Riggs)
Date: 21st October, 1902
Locations: London Examiner Offices; Tottenham; Alley behind Birstall Road; Seven Sisters Road; Roselyn Road; Birstall Road; Greenfield Road; Hotel; Beatrice's House; Adventure Weekly Offices
Story: Gossip columnist Rayne finds himself pursuing a killer, having been recruited by journalist Henrietta Stead to investigate the recent spate of attacks by the Demon Slasher, a fiend with knife-bladed fingers. While he is on the pursuit, Henrietta manages to knock out Holmes with a brick in her handbag. When he reveals that he is also investigating the Slasher case, Henrietta takes him to meet the fourth victim, Beatrice Kelly. After examining her slashed clothing, Holmes leads Rayne and Stead to the publishers of the Adventure Weekly who have been running a series of stories on the Slasher.

"Nor Hell a Fury" (2016)
Included in:
Associates of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Irene Adler
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler [Mrs Langtry]; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Godfrey Norton [Robert Langtry])
Historical Figures: (Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich; Tsar Nicholas II)
Other Characters: Waiter; Cabaret Doorman; Master of Ceremonies; Musicians; Audience; Photographers; Waitresses; Drunk; Satan; Man with Photographs; (Cammi; Pierre; Agents of the Tsar)
France; Paris; Café Verlet; Montmartre; Bistro; Boulevard de Clichy; Le Cabaret de L'Enfer; Irene's Lodgings
Story: Irene Adler asks Watson to meet her in Paris, and is annoyed when Holmes decides to tag along. Her marriage has proven childless, and her husband, who has fallen into gambling, has disappeared, along with items that ensure her protection from past indiscretions. She and Watson visit a hellish cabaret in Montmartre, where her real purpose becomes apparent.

NOTE: Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich is here stated to be the brother of Tsar Nicholas; he was actually his uncle.

The Patchwork Devil (2016)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Watson; Mycroft Holmes; (Tobias Gregson; Inspector Lestrade; Baker Street Irregulars)
Fictional Characters: Frankenstein Monster (Aggie / Agares); (Alphonse Frankenstein; Caroline Beaumont; Victor Frankenstein; William Frankenstein)
Historical Figures: (William Bateson; Beatrice Bateson)
Other Characters: Albert Norwood; Annabel; Marcus Norwood; Charlie Pritchard; Elsie Kadwell; Inspector Abraham Tovey; Dr Gibbs; Mr Hartley; Mr Burns; Nurse Eddison; Sapani; Dr Gapton; Geller; Miss Wilkins; Mr Sellman; Frederick Sellman; Camille Sellman; Harkness; Albus Woodbead; Cleone Stevens; Dr Dougherty; Hulme Giant / John / Daniel Blake / Michael Connick; Herr Foerstner; Elsbeth Honegger; Mallard Club Doorman; Band; Mallard Club Clientele; Cab Drivers; Police Officers; Charing Cross Doctors; Charing Cross Nurse; Desk Sergeant; Passer-by; Diogenes Club Members; Mycroft's Agents; Sellman's Maid; Manchester Crowds; Manchester Cab Driver; War Veterans; Asylum Patients; Asylum Staff; Cheyne Walk Policemen; Victory Monument Foreman; Cenotaph Workmen; Cenotaph Pedestrians; Scotland Yard Staff; Bremen Hotel Concierge; Dock Workers; Sailors; Dock Foreman; Fisherman; British Consulate Official; (Edmund Talbot; Ted Norwood; Ted's Sons; Ted's Wife; Ada Norwood; Beatrice Kadwell; Albert's Mate; Samuel Pike; Mrs Pike; Mr Mallory; St Katherine's Dockmaster; Curate; Mrs Tovey; Mr Stillwell; Laundrywomen; Millie / Sissy; Goring; Tea Room Waitress; Tea Room Manager; Klaus Honegger; Heilwig Honegger; Watson's Cook; Piccadilly Passer-by; Ellie Grimshaw; Judge Mark Roberts; Jostli Balmer; Ernest Alphonse Balmer; Adelais Balmer; Asylum Orderly; Cheyne Walk Passer-by; Victory Monument Workmen; Adam)
Date: Early July - August, 1919
Locations: Chelsea; 67, Cheyne Walk; Soho; Broadwick Street; Duck Lane; Mallard Club; Wardour Street; Marylebone; Cheyne Walk; Scotland Yard; Café; Wapping High Street; Roud & Company Factory; Abberton Hospital; Charing Cross Hospital; Watson's Queen Anne Street Practice; Pall Mall; Diogenes Club; Harley Place; Oxford Street; Bourne & Hollingsworth; Holles Street; Cavendish Square Gardens; Underground Station; Hampstead; East Heath Road; Holborn; The Ritz; Piccadilly; Euston Station; Lancashire; Manchester; London Road Station; Bury Old Road; Prestwich Asylum; Palace Hotel; The Cenotaph; Richmond Terrace; Germany; Bremen; Hotel; Foerstner Automaten; Löningstrasse; Bremerhaven; Dockside; Warehouse; Aboard Das Rabe
Story: Holmes visits the Watsons in Chelsea and towards the end of his visit summons Watson to a jazz club to meet Albert Norwood, the theatrical make-up artist who taught Holmes the art of disguise. Norwood's nephew's girlfriend, Elsie Kadwell, a singer, has disappeared. After solving the case, Holmes is called on by Inspector Tovey, who wishes to consult him over the discovery of the freshly severed hand of a man who had supposedly died in the war two years previously.

Their investigations take them first to an abandoned hospital in Wapping and an encounter with a giant which results in their own hospitalisation. Later, Watson is threatened by two men, and discovers that Tovey, Holmes, and his doctor and nurse have all disappeared. His visit to the Diogenes Club also ends in frustration. Reunited, he and Holmes visit a young boy suffering from Myositis ossificans progressiva, and are asked to find his missing aunt.

A clue from Mycroft sends Holmes and Watson to Manchester, while Holmes's researches throw up a link to the Frankenstein family. In an asylum in Manchester they meet another scarred giant, and the case ends aboard a ship sailing out of Bremerhaven in Germany.

David Scott

Jody Scott

"The 2-D Problem" (1965)
Included in: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, August 1965
Story Type: Science Fiction Homage
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Fictional Characters: Little Orphan Annie; Daddy Warbucks; Dick Tracy; Punjab; Sandy
Other Characters: Dr Rake Savage; Singing Plant; Waiter; Morehouse; Wanda; The Saurians; Audience; Aliens; Denebians; Aldebaran Midgets; Zoon; Quarantine Attendant
Date: The Future
Locations: The Moon PX; Lunar Quarantine Psychology Department
Story: Dr Rake Savage is head of the Lunar Quarantine Psychology Department, on the Moon, which is now being used as a quarantine facility for immigrants from other worlds seeking Earth citizenship. While watching his Polarian girlfriend wanda singing at the Moon Px, he receives a call from his assistant, Morehouse. Gax, a furry green Callistan, has been given comic books to read, and because Callistans absorb and re-exude culture, Little Orphan Annie has appeared in his room. Gax is captured by Daddy Warbucks and taken into the comic strip. Savage recruits Zoon, another Callistan to summon Sherlock Holmes and Dick Tracy to assist in rescuing him.

N.M. Scott

Sherlock Holmes: Disquiet at Albany (2014)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Watson's Maid; Mary Morstan; (Mycroft Holmes; Inspector Lestrade)
Historical Figures: Alfred Russel Wallace; Annie Wallace; Herbert Wallace; Violet Wallace; William Wallace; Emma Darwin; (Charles Darwin)
Other Characters: Lew Shadwell; Langton Lovell; Charles Lemon; Philip Troy; Christopher Chymes; Inspector Wells; Timothy Clayborne; Frank Peters; Isaiah Hooper; Rev. Marsden-Lee; Mrs Weekes; Tommy Weekes; Henry Garson; Cedric Bitten; Credon; Captain Dreyfuss Malmby; Samu; Sir Penfold Wilkes; Dr Wu Xing; Ethby Sands; Fortnum's Waitress; Train Guard; Melchett Station Porter; Norfolk Police Constables; Sumatrans; Village Chief; Crew of the Bulldog; Ship's Doctor; Bird Collector; Theatre Orchestra; Actors; Audience; West End Sightseers; Mrs Darwin's Maid; Criterion Waiter; Cab Man; Piccadilly Crowds; (Marquis of Anglesey; Mr Eades; George Flemps; Miss Morley; Mrs Lacey; Sinkins; Rector's Housekeeper; Mrs Lunn; Lord Astor; Young Man; Chinamen; Bella Davies; Davies; Archie; Lonsdale Chymes; Sir Terence Maguire; Wallace's Agent; Chang Li; Fu Wung; Naysmith; Gryce Wharton; Frederick; Stacey Davidoff; Captain Szyliowicz; Stephen Bonetti)
Date: End of October - November, 1887 / July, 1889
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Old Bond Street; Piccadilly; The Albany; The Rope Walk; Fortnum & Mason; Exhibition Road; Royal Geographical Society; Drury Lane; Wimborne Theatre; Criterion Restaurant; Train; Norfolk; Norwich Station; Great Melchett; Potters Ditch; Windmill; The Duck & Drake; Church; Thornycroft Cottage; Foxbury Hall; Rectory; Indonesia; Sumatra; Kent; Down House; Piccadilly Circus; Watson's Paddington Practice
Story: Lew Shadwell, a porter at the Albany, calls on Holmes because one of the residents, Ethby Sands, a former M.P. collector of stuffed birds of paradise, has not been seen for two weeks. When his room was unlocked, his abandoned wheelchair and bloodstains were found inside.

Holmes and Watson lunch with a theatrical impresario and his colleagues, and then travel up to Norfolk to investigate the horrible death of an eel catcher on the Norfolk Broads. They arrive to find that a second headless body has been discovered. At a nearby ruined windmill, they discover an image of a giant rat carved on the door. Their investigations lead them back to the trail of the missing politician and a country house full of Chinamen.

Inquiries at the Royal Geographical Society reveal the Sumatran origins of the giant rat, leading Holmes to consult with Alfred Russell Wallace. The impresario's production also features dancing giant rats, but its opening night ends with another death.

Hugh S. Scullion

A Fatal Mistake (1999)
Story Type: Parody / Extra-Canonical Adventures of Wiggins
Canonical Characters: Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: Sir Edward Marshall Hall
Other Characters: Doc; Tommy Purdie; Purdie's Friends; Mrs Wiggins; Schoolboys; Prefect; Headmaster; School Matron; Charlie Hall; School Burglar; Schoolgirls; Burglar's Sister; Scotland Yard Men; Headmaster's Widow; Wiggins's Landlady; Messenger; Miss Claudia; Barney Maguire; Bagster Phillips; Inspector Thick; Gypsy; Dr Christopher Mullins; Kladd; Heinz Gavronski; Dr Cuthbertson; Housemaster; Schoolmasters; Warden; School Governor; Matthews the Hairyman; Gipsy Hill Sergeant; Two Constables; Mrs Gavronski's Neighbour; Lad; Constable Oliphant; Size 11; Hospital Constable; Hall's Clerks; Sir Hilary Farquarharson; Farquarharson's Assistants; Hall's Assistant; Judge; Jury; Rabbi; Clerk of the Court; Jury Foreman; (Doc's Mother; Milkman; Mr Wiggins; School Governors; Churchgoers; Mrs Gavronski; Gavronski's Uncle; Toll Collector; Wiggins's Boss; Printers Assistants; Mrs Gavronski's Father; Kings College Hospital Woman; Hospital Doctor; Telephone Operator; London Zoo Snake Keeper; Coroner's Man; Snakebite Expert; Wiggins's Underworld Contact; Size 10; Nurses)
Locations: The East End; School in Hertfordshire; 11½ Baker Street; Dulwich; The Crown & Greyhound Inn; Coroner's Office; 2, Eastlands Crescent; Cuthbertson's Surgery; College Road; Great North Wood; Crystal Palace Park; Belvedere Road; Gipsy Hill Police Station; Eastlands Crescent; Knight's Hill, West Norwood; Courtroom
Story: Wiggins's friend, Doc, who has purchased Watson's practice, tells Wiggins's life story. He had been rescued from a bully by Wiggins when they were children. Holmes arranged for Wiggins to be sent to school, which turned out to be an unhappy experience. He went on to become a printer's apprentice and a Coldstream Guard. On leaving the army, he trained as a detective and boxer under Holmes.

After Holmes's retirement, Wiggins investigates a series of break-ins at his old school, and uncovers a history of sexual abuse. He takes up residence at 11½, Baker Street, from where he is summoned to Dulwich by Bagster Phillips, son of the coroner in the Ripper case, to investigate the death of Mrs Gavronski, wife of his former employer, a printer. While there, he finds time to expound at length on the history of the borough.

They meet Inspector Thick, whose father was also involved in the Ripper investigation. Wiggins is interested in Mrs Gavronski's swollen legs. He gets his piles treated, and tells Doc about a case involving his old school's cat. He visits a nudist camp, meets a snake seller in the Great North Wood, and engages in a duel of boating puns with an undertaker. Another murder results from geographical confusion. When the case is finally brought to court, Marshall Hall is Gavronski's counsel.

William Seil

Sherlock Holmes and the Titanic Tragedy (1996)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes; Colonel James Moriarty
Historical Figures: Sidney Reilly; Thomas Andrews; W.T. Stead; Captain Edward John Smith; Jack Phillips; Harold Bride; Jacques Futrelle; May Futrelle; Ship's Bugler P.W. Fletcher;Chief Engineer Joseph Bell; Purser Herbert Walter McElroy; Assistant Purser Reginald L. Barker; Ship's Surgeon William F.H. O'Loughlin; Chief Steward Andrew J. Latimer; First Officer William Murdoch; 4th Officer Joseph Boxhall; J. Bruce Ismay; Second Officer Charles Lightoller; The Band; Assistant Surgeon J. Edward Simpson; George Widener; Eleanor Widener; Harry Widener; John B. Thayer; Mrs. Thayer; William E. Carter; Mrs. Carter; Major Archibald Butt; Chief officer Henry Wilde; 6th Officer James Moody; Steward John Hart; 5th Officer Harold Lowe; (Winston Churchill)
Other Characters: Reilly's Driver; Waterloo Porter; Newspaper Photographer; Waterloo Crowds; Holly Storm-Fleming; Stewards; Passengers; Crew; Lift Operator; Southampton Crowds; Christine Norton; Waiters; Middle-Aged Woman; Servants; Gamblers; Hugo Brandon; Boy With Blankets; Baron Hans Von Stern; Elisabeth Von Stern; Young Man with Photography Equipment; Irish Piper; Junior officer; Stoker in Chimney; Old Woman in a Shawl; Mr. Bishop; Mrs. Applegate; Medical Staff; Engine Room Crew; Stokers; Old Fred; Edwin Hardwood; Ed Strickley; Boy in Uniform; Bates; Johnson; Turkish Baths Attendant; Richard Fry; Tommy Roberts; Jan Svensson; Lise Svensson; Charlie; Kurt; Willy; Swede; officer of the Watch; William Hanson; Children; Head Steward; Elderly Steward; French Man; French Man's Companion; Young Couple; Mother & Child; Injured Girl; Carpathia Passengers; Carpathia Crewmen
Locations: Watson's Piccadilly Rooms; Waterloo Station; Southampton; The Titanic; Cherbourg; Cobh Harbour; Queenstown; The Atlantic Ocean; The Carpathia; Annapolis; US Naval Academy
Date: 9th -21st April, 1912
Story: Holmes sends Reilly to invite Watson on a cruise to New York where he will be carrying out an investigation for Mycroft. They sail aboard the Titanic, Holmes in disguise, accompanied by Christine Norton, Irene Adler's daughter, a courier for Mycroft, carrying submarine plans to America. Watson takes up with fellow passenger, Holly Storm-Fleming, although Holmes's suspicions are raised by her references to Watson's stories, particularly "The Bruce-Partington Plans". Among passengers joining the ship at Cherbourg is Colonel Moriarty.

A meeting with the captain reveals that he has become suspicious of a crewman, Bishop, whom he found in his cabin. Watson is approached by Von Stern, whose wife has received a blackmail letter, which Holmes discovers to be made up of words cut from the Strand. Norton's cabin is broken into, although the plans are not taken, but the word 'Rache' is scrawled on the wall. When Holmes & Watson return with her, the plans have been stolen.

After learning of a mysterious, obviously coded radio message, Holmes and Watson are taken on a tour of the ship. Holmes has deduced that the search for the intruder should be focused on the engine room. Futrelle deduces Holmes true identity and they take him into their confidence. They believe they have found one of the intruders, Strickley, who is confined to his quarters. The Baroness receives another letter, and the Baron cheats during a squash game with Watson, later questioning him on the theft from Norton's room.

Futrelle sees the gambler Brandon entering third class and dressing as a crew member. Watson's cabin is broken into. Bishop is shot, and Storm-Fleming is accused of his murder, but Holmes proves her innocent. Storm-Fleming introduces Watson to a young fan, Tommy. Futrelle and Watson are exploring the third class decks when they are taken prisoner by Communist terrorists planning to destroy the ship. Holmes frees them and a search begins to find and defuse the terrorist's bombs. A shootout ensues.

Strickley disappears. Watson finds Tommy playing with some toy furniture he has found in a bin, and learns that Storm-Fleming has been seen with Von Stern. Strickley is found, having been garrotted. Reports come in of ice ahead. Moriarty's cabin is broken into. Holmes finally deduces the location of the missing plans, but at the same moment the ship strikes the iceberg. As they attempt to retrieve the plans, they are cornered by the German agents. Help comes from an unexpected source, but they still have to survive other enemies and the sinking ship.

Stephen Seitz

Sherlock Holmes and the Plague of Dracula (2006)
Story Type: Fantasy Pastiche narrated by Watson, Dr Seward & Jonathan Harker / Canonical Re-visioning
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Billy; Mrs Cecil Forrester; Mary Morstan; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs Hudson; Peter Steiler; Swiss Lad; Mycroft Holmes; Stamford; King of Bohemia; Helen Stoner; Sir Henry Baskerville; Tobias Gregson; Inspector Patterson; Reginald Musgrave; Victor Trevor; Watson's Maid; (Professor Moriarty; Murray; Silver Blaze; John Straker; Colonel Ross; Inspector Gregory; Moriarty Gang; Englishwoman; Colonel Sebastian Moran; Irene Adler; John Rance; Dr Jackson; Ronald Adair)
Fictional Characters: Mina (Harker) Murray; Gipsies; Dracula's Brides; Dracula; Mary (Brooks); Dr Abraham Van Helsing; Jonathan Harker; Sexton; Lucy Westenra; Arthur Holmwood; Dr John Seward; (Peter Hawkins; Demeter Captain & Crew; Buda-Pesth Nursing Sisters; Lord Godalming; Samuel F. Billington; Dr Vincent; Bloofer Lady Children; Quincey Morris)
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle
Other Characters: Train Passengers; Railway Staff; Gustavus; Catherine; Janos; Farmers; Peasant Woman; Gipsy Boy; Dead Child; Mrs Forrester's Butler; Servant Girls; Harker's Gardeners; Mourners; Vicar; Upper Thames Street Constable; Deborah Burke; Constable Brock; Amanda Keswick; Eustace Keswick; Orchestra; Violinist; Petunia Keswick; Sergeant Adams; Cabbies; Seward's Secretary; (Watson's Patient; Frau Kreski & Her Baby; Golden Krone Customers; Albert; Vlad; Priest; Bistritz Girl; Villagers; Maria; Whitby Workmen; Lord Anstruther; Anstruther's Italian Mistress; News Agent; Coroner; Kraven Brooks; Journalist; Brussels Porters; Holmes's Family; Upper Thames Alley Man; Mrs Jensen; Emily Shawe; Ebberling; Constable; Constable Johnson; Bart's Lab Attendant; Farringdon Street Cabman; Brawlers; MacGillivray)
Locations: A Train; 221B, Baker Street; Bistritz; Golden Krone Hotel; Roumania; Castle Dracula; Borgo Pass; Carpathian Mountains; Kimpelung, Bukovina, Hotel; Watson's Home; Winchester; Pentageli Estate; Pub; Train to Exeter; Exeter; Harker's Estate; Harker's Office; Hampstead Heath; Jack Straw's Castle; Child's Hill; Churchyard; Westenra Tomb; Brussels; Strasbourg; Meiringen; Englischer Hof; Pub; Reichenbach Falls; Chapel; Upper Thames Street; Purfleet; Holloway House Asylum; Godalming Estate; Langham Hotel
Date: Late July, 1890 - April 4, 1894
Story: Castle Dracula: Watson's visit to Baker Street to consult Holmes over his marriage problems coincides with that of Mina, who suspects that her fiancé, Harker, who works for Moriarty's lawyer, is in trouble in Transylvania. Holmes believes that Moriarty is scheming to divert his attention elsewhere, but travels to Castle Dracula with Watson to investigate. They hear reports that Harker has become a vampire, but on visiting the castle, learn that the Count has left for England. Exploring the Castle, Holmes discovers the link between Dracula and Moriarty, but is attacked by Dracula's Brides.

The Plague of Dracula: Watson arrives back in England to find Mary and the servant girl missing. He traces her to Mrs Forrester's estate, where he finds her in thrall to Dracula. Holmes uses the Silver Blaze case as an opportunity to visit the Harkers in Exeter, and breaks in to Harker's office to find out about Hawkins's dealings with Moriarty. They meet Van Helsing. Lestrade asks them to investigate the Hampstead "Bloofer Lady" attacks, and they discover the results of Van Helsing's visit to Lucy Westenra's tomb. Holmes is warned off the case by Mycroft.

The Great Hiatus: Mary is becoming increasingly distant and resentful of Holmes. Holmes and Watson flee Moriarty to the continent, where Holmes and Moriarty meet their fate at the Reichenbach Falls. Watson brings Holmes's body back to London, where his funeral is attended by several former clients. Lestrade calls him to the scene of a Ripper-like murder. Stories begin to emerge of a black-dressed vigilante who drinks blood. Seward is consulted by Stamford over thefts of blood at Bart's, and by Lestrade about the man in black. He later receives word that Holmwood's new fiancée, Amanda, is being attacked by a vampire. Watson is also called in on the case, and is shocked by the reappearance of Holmes.

Crighton Sellars

"The Dilemma of the Distressed Savoyard" (1946)
Included in: The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs. Hudson; The Abernetty Family (Margaret Abernetty; Professor Despard Abernetty; Robin Abernetty; Richard Abernetty)
Historical Figures: (Gilbert & Sullivan)
Other Characters: Alexander Wellington Johns; Rose
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Chiltern Hills; High Table Farm; The Gardener's Cottage
Date: November 27th, 1885
Story: Holmes is about to tell Watson the story of the Abernetty family when they are visited by Johns, a man who provides plotlines to British writers. He is looking for a new story for Gilbert and Sullivan. Holmes tells him how, on a walking tour of the Chiltern Hills, he visited the Abernetty family's farm:

Mrs. Abernetty tells him how her husband, an archaeologist, discovered a cestus of Venus, which led her husband and sons to fall in love with Rose, the maid. As a result there has been one crime a day committed on the farm, leading to the death of all four. Holmes goes down to the gardener's cottage, where the bodies lie, to investigate, but meets a very much alive Professor Abernetty, who tells him about his wife's condition. Johns takes the story to Gilbert.

NOTE: Characters correspond to characters in Gilbert & Sullivan's Ruddigore: Margaret Abernetty = Mad Margaret; Professor Despard Abernetty = Sir Despard Murgatroyd; Robin Abernetty = Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd / Robin Oakapple; Richard Abernetty = Richard Dauntless; Rose = Rose Maybud

Joel & Carolyn Senter

"The Adventure of the Avaricious Bookkeeper" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part III: 1896-1929 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Holmes's Sussex Housekeeper; Mrs Hudson
Historical Figures: Viktor Lustig
Other Characters: Agnes; Man in Wheelchair; Wheelchair-Pushing Woman; Edward Stratton; Bank Teller; Loiterers; Doorman; Gus; Taxi Driver; Professor Werner Leitz; Leitz's Assistant; Constables; (Susan Stratton; Mr Carrington)
Date: January of Holmes's 75th Birthday
Sussex; Holmes's Cottage; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; 221B, Baker Street; Regents Park; The Inner Circle; Baker Street; Bank; Baker Street Underground Station; Charing Cross Station; The Strand
Story: To celebrate Holmes's 75th birthday, he and Watson return to their rooms in Baker Street. Their landlady, Mrs Hudson's niece Agnes, asks them to look into the strange behaviour of her brother-in-law, Edward Stratton, whose wife has found a hundred pounds in his desk. Their enquiries lead them to an illicit money-making scheme.

Christopher Sequeira

"The Adventure of the Haunted Showman" (2008)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Turner; Inspector Lestrade; (Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes)
Other Characters: Lillian Myers / Irma Bidman; Carstairs Bidman; Grames; Old Jim; Messenger; Workmen; (Reverend Walter Jekyll; Dontanville Myers; Myers' Doctor; Myers' Solicitor; Mr Summersby; Surly Workers; Lestrade's Men Public House Owner; Bidman's Workers; Edmond; Phantasmosphere Performers; Bidman's Solicitor)
Date: October, 1897
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Islington; Public House; The Phantasmosphere
Story: Lillian Myers is brought to Holmes by Lestrade after her husband's death. He had invested in the Phantasmosphere a fairground illusion attraction owned by Carstairs Bidman. Bidman does not attend the funeral, and when she tries to settle her husband's investments on him, he turns her off the property. Lestrade has learned that Bidman's workers are disappearing, and after sneaking in to the fairground to talk to one of the workers, Mrs Myers follows Bidman into the Phantasmosphere, where she sees the ghost of her husband. Holmes and Watson get employed as roustabouts by Bidman. They break in to the Phantasmosphere at night, and they too witness the apparition, but despite taking a sledgehammer to the walls, Holmes is unable to locate its source. After further research, he discovers that there is more than one layer of illusion at work in the case.

"The Adventure of the Lost Specialist" (2012)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook (Howard Hopkins)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Tobias Gregson; Professor Moriarty; Stationmaster Moriarty; (Victor Savage; Mrs Hudson; Colonel James Moriarty; Mrs Watson)
Fictional Characters: Frankenstein Monster; (Herbert West; Clark Savage, Sr)
Folkloric Characters: Vampire
Other Characters: Constable Kenners; Train Engineer; Roundhouse Doubles; Railway Worker; (David Twykham; Twykham's Family; Librarian)
Date: October, 1903
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Train; Endover; Endover Railyards; Endover Roundhouse
Story: Gregson consults Holmes over the case of engineer Twykham, missing since May, whose body has turned up, shot in the back by a man who looked exactly like him. They travel to Endover, the scene of the incident, where a special arrives, laden with parcels and commissioned by Twykham. The train starts off again with Holmes and Watson on board, and Gregson's eyes change from blue to brown. At the end of their journey they face Moriarty, who is now running the railways, and who explains how the binomial theorem, a Moebius point, multiple universes, and the Pascal engine lie behind the events they are embroiled in. Holmes and Watson face multiple versions of themselves.

"The Dirranbandi Station Mystery" (2017)
Included In:
Sherlock Holmes: The Australian Casebook (Christopher Sequeira)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Fictional Characters: Stingaree; (Captain Starlight; Warrigal)
Historical Figures: (Albert Hyde; Elizabeth Hyde; Mme Norman-Neruda; Ned Kelly)
Other Characters:
Carpenters; Repair Workers; Joseph Patrick McCarthy; Harry McCulloch; Rex Chalmers; Dorothy Chalmers; John Cripps; Frederick Simms; Father O'Brien; Dirranbandi Townspeople; Genevieve McCarthy; Douglas Kent; Mary Davis; (Drowned General; St George Circuit Magistrate; Magistrates Legal Friend; Bandit; Coach Passenger; Coach Driver; Genevieve's Mother; Donald Hoff; McCarthy's Workers; Kent's Grandfather; Cripps's Government Friend)
Date: 1890
Locations: Australia; Queensland; Brisbane; Queen Street; National Hotel; Dirranbandi; Dirranbandi Station; Dirranbandi Hotel; St George
Holmes is consulted by Joseph McCarthy after a spate of robberies in Dirranbandi, Queensland, and sightings of masked bandits. Most recently one of his station hands, Douglas Kent has gone missing, leaving a blood-spattered room in his wake.

"His Last Arrow" (2008)
Included in:
Gaslight Grimoire (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Fantasy Pastiche / Reinvention
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Tobias Gregson; (Mary Morstan; Thurston; Murray; Stamford; Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Irregulars; The Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers; The Speckled Band; Julia Stoner; Professor Presbury; Tonga; Devil's Foot Root)
Folkloric Characters: Djinn
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle; (John) Charles Netley)
Other Characters: Faroukhan; Commercial Road Constables; Crowd; Spencer Pethebridge; News Vendor; Scotland Yard Officer; Cabbies; (Burglars; Pethebridge's Neighbours; British Museum Curator; Commissionaire; Haberdasher; Faroukhan's Niece)
Date: 1894
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Commercial Road; Pethebridge's Premises; Sewer Tunnel; Simpson's; Camden; Kensington; Afghanistan; Bart's
Separated from his wife, Watson returns to Baker Street. On the mantlepiece, where Holmes keeps the souvenirs of his latest case, Watson finds a stone bearing a demoniacal, but vaguely familiar figure. While Holmes is out, Gregson arrives with news of an antiques appraiser, Pethebridge, who has apparently shot himself through the heart with a crossbow. They are interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious Arab.

Gregson takes Watson to the murder site. Under the body is a photograph of a dying shaman. Holmes arrives on the scene and reveals the probable route of the murderer's arrival and escape, while his and Gregson's ongoing investigations lead to death and Watson coming into possession of another identical stone, and a photograph with a familiar face in it. He is forced into a terrible act to bring a case that begins in his own past, to its end.

"The Return of the Sussex Vampire" (2008)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; (Thurston; Young Stamford; Mycroft Holmes; Big Bob Ferguson; Mrs (Maria) Ferguson; Baby Ferguson; Jacky Ferguson)
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle; Bram Stoker)
Other Characters: Priest; Wentworth; Josiah Ferguson; Reverend Hilliard; Townsfolk; Horse Rider; Bessie Ferguson; Jennifer Ferguson; Mrs Hastings; Sarah; Mawes; Police Constable; Walter Jacard; (Watson's Daughter; Watson's Sons; Watson's Grandchildren; Holmes's Solicitors; Doctor)
Date: 1926
Locations: Watson's House; A Train; Sussex; Eridge; Ferguson Ironworks; Tunwell Castle; Inn; Railway Station
Story: Watson is visited by Holmes in his retirement and taken to Tunwell Castle in Sussex, where relatives of the late Big Bob Ferguson believe they are being stalked by a vampire. Holmes has been alerted by Bob Ferguson's wife, and he and Watson travel to Sussex to investigate.

Ironworks owner, Josiah Ferguson's daughter Jennifer has been attacked in the night by a figure in black who tried to bite her throat. A second attack was witnessed by a local clergyman, who saw the vampire leap from an upper storey window and disappear. A night-time vigil at the castle secures the villain and uncovers his escape transportation, but the family have their own reasons for letting him go free.

NOTE: Watson writes about attending Mycroft's funeral in 1919.

"The Scion of Fear" (2012)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook (Howard Hopkins)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Athelney Jones; Jonathan Small; Mycroft Holmes; (Mary Morstan; Tonga)
Fictional Characters: (The Moonstone)
Other Characters: Harbourmaster's Clerks; Messenger Boy; Mr Mukhergee; Diogenes Doorman; Footman; (Bradley's Sales Clerk; Andaman Islander; Garrick; Mrs Mukhergee; Ships' Captains)
Date: 1897
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Whitehall; Harbourmaster's Office; Engineering Parts Warehouse; Diogenes Club
Story: Athelney Jones brings Jonathan Small to Baker Street. He has had him released from Dartmoor to assist in an investigation into a series of motiveless attacks in the garment district carried out by an Andaman Islander of the same tribe as Tonga. Holmes investigates ships that have arrived from India carrying textiles. The case concludes in a search through an engineering parts warehouse, and when it is over, Watson reveals a secret to Mycroft.

Allen Sharp

The Case of the Baffled Policeman (1989)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Irregular; (Anstruther; Mary Morstan; Watson's Bull Pup; Mycroft Holmes)
Other Characters: Inspector Harold De Ath; Watson's Patient; Train Conductor; Rochdale Excursionists; Kent's Cavern Guide; Beach Photographer; Sammy; Totnes Station Master; Carter / Philip Colechurch
(Cab Driver; Anstruther's Locum; Dora Carter; Carter's Daughter; Dora's Father; Westminster Constable; Vincent Square Constables; Dora's Neighbour; Jury; Courtroom Police Officers; Dartmoor Warders; Whitehall Man; Lawyer; John Leleu; Dartmoor Prison Governor; Hughes; Lawrence Colechurch; Lady-in-Waiting)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Brook Green; Anstruther's Practice; A Train; Westminster; Tickler's Court; Vincent Square Police Station; Whitehall; Hospital; Devon; Dartmoor; Torquay; Torre Station; Ellacombe Valley; De Ath's House; Sulyarde Terrace; Cumper's Hotel; Princess Gardens; The Harbour; Waldon Hill; Kent's Cavern; Torre Abbey Sands; Torre Abbey; The Rock Walk; Baths and Assembly Rooms; Union Street; Vaughan Parade; Totnes Station; Colechurch Estate
Date: July, 1897
Story: Holmes is visited by an old acquaintance, De Ath, a retired Scotland Yard officer, now living in Torquay. He tells Holmes that he has experienced a series of household accidents, and believes that, in periods of memory loss, he is setting them up himself. He has received a postcard with an empty house in Torquay marked upon it. Holmes sends Watson to Torquay with De Ath, who tells him of his first encounter with Holmes during his Montague Street days, investigating the case of Carter who killed his wife and child, and died in an escape attempt from Dartmoor Prison.

In Torquay, Watson explores the empty house, and finds a dead dog. Holmes appears after Watson has been assaulted during a second visit to the house. A photo of a Punch and Judy show puts Holmes on the path to a solution. The conclusion of the case comes on Dartmoor.

Luke Sharp (Robert Barr)

"The Adventure of the Second Swag" (1904)
Included in: The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye); Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)
Story Type: Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Sir George Newnes
Other Characters: Servant; Policeman
Locations: Undershaw; Doyle's Car; The Strand
Date: 24th December, 1904
Story: At Undershaw on Christmas Eve, Sir George is delivering two bags of gold to Doyle when Holmes arrives and demands his share. Having learned that no one knows he is there, Doyle entices Holmes into an electric chair, then persuades Sir George to help him dispose of the body in a certain London street.

See also: Robert Barr

William Shatner & Michael Tobias

Believe (1992)
Story Type: Homage
Historical Figures: Harry Houdini; Bess Houdini; Alexandra Fyodorovna; Grand Duchess Olga Nicolaevna; Grand Duchess Tatiana Nicolaevna;Grand Duchess Maria Nicolaevna;Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicolaevna; Grand Duke Sergius Romanov; Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna; Czar Nicholas II; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Jean Leckie; Pheneas; Mary Doyle; Jean Conan Doyle; Adrian Conan Doyle; Denis Conan Doyle; (Lenin; Malcolm Leckie; Innes Doyle; Kingsley Doyle; Louise Doyle; Frances Griffiths; Elsie Wright; Cottingley Fairies; Max Shinburn; Charles Guiteau; Abraham Lincoln; Nettie Colburn; Mary Todd Lincoln; Alexander Heimberger; James Polk; Fred Allen; Will Rogers; Jessica Dragonette; Willis O'Brien)
Characters Derived From Historical Figures: Chief Lebedin (Chief Lebedoeff); Richard Bizankin (Samuel J. Smilovich); Japanese Guy (Whitehead); Kirchner (Bernard Ernst); Mr Hodgekiss (William Hope Hodgkins); Hodgekiss's Assistant (Hodgkin's Friend); Detroit Doctor (Dr Bradley); Ralph Harrington (Orson Munn); Captain Pushcart (Major J.B. Pond); Max the Elephant (Jennie the Elephant; Merv Letofsky (Irvin Willat); (Shipwreck Barnaby (Alvin "Shipwreck" Kelly))
Other Characters: McGill Students; Montcalm Audience; Houdini's Assistants; Manager; Cossack Guards; Kremlin Servants; Kremlin Chef; German Nannies; Establishment Yard Chief Investigator; Montcalm Winch Operator; Dexter Baxwell; Frank Lattimer; Layton; Royale; Joe; Students; Magicians; Bizankin's Friends; Montreal Hotel Concierge; Boy on Train; Detroit Porters; Detroit Reporters; Academy Bellhops; Sandwich Men; Detroit Secretaries; Detroit Audience; Detroit Theatre Impresario; Detroit Technical Hands; Theatre Band; Doctor's Wife; New York Cops; New York Reporters; Suicidal Couple; Amy Beckwell; New York Crowd; Darla; Bertram Fennell; Scientifica Americana Staff; Barkwaithe; Jeffrey Heller; Bistro; Madigan; Charlie Moranis; Capper; Bravo Coffin Man; Irwin Mayakovsky Riddles; Streetcar Passengers; Pinkertons Men; Jonesy; MacIntosh; Byron; Harlem Theater Cop; Harlem Theater Audience; African Drummers; Madame Natty Sublime / Eunice Holstein; Ginger Riddles; Holstein's Assistants; Projectionist; Lady Glenco; Sir Henry Dabacourt; Lionel & De Angelo; Chicago Mathematician; Josey the Parrot; Josey's Keeper; Reverend Z. Massy; Massy's Assistant; Yon Blennoit; Vastayana's Assistant; Hotel de la Republic Concierge; Hotel Staff; Simpson; Houdini's Detectives; Sal; Harrington's Doorman; Harrington's Butler; Dalores Harrington; Harrington's Footmen; Nina's Lawyer; Nina's Assistants; Medford Hotel Waiter; Toledo Taxi Driver; Pilots; Movie Crew; Cameramen; Villain Actor; San Fernando Reporters; Camp Fire Girls, Parents & Friends; Los Angeles Impresario & Reporters; Diggers; Boy Scouts; Santa Ana Spectators; Press; Radio Announcer; Police; Scoutmasters; Los Angeles City Detective; Yosemite Tourists; Ticket Men; Salesmen; Indians; Chicago Hotel Maid; Chicago Porters; Bobby's Mother; Chicago Policeman; Chicago Reporters; Denver Crowd; Gatekeepers; Officials; Denver Sheriffs; Hawkers; Reporters; Ute Indians; Minister; Denver Driver; Brown Palace Chambermaid; House Doctor; Mayor of Golden; Aldermen; Constabulary; Parishioners; Denver Reporters; Medics; Church Administrator; Workmen; Ellis Island Newsreel Crews; Sandwich Men; Radio Announcers; Crowd; Police; Detroit Crowds; Grace Hospital Doctors; Nurse; Muzhik; Trick or Treaters; Cypress Hills Rabbi; Funeral Guests; (Montcalm Jail Workers; Siberian Warden; Mount Holyoke Police Officers; Canadian Detective; Harrington's Father-in-law; Bruhod Merriweather; Holstein's Sister; Holstein's Parents; Detectives; Joliet Guard; Doyle's Cricketing Friend; Scotland Yard Detectives; Theocratic Church Slaves; South African Gemologist; Legsie; Vercombe's Granddaughter; Mosbacher's Wife; Masbacher's Banker; Hugh Lawsons; Harriet Betcham; Judge Newcombe; Frank's Scientific Consultant; Frank's Sister; Shleihauffen's Mother; Louisa Margarita the French-Speaking Cow; Massy's Biographer; Aircraft Mechanics)
Locations: Canada; Montreal; McGill University; Montcalm; Russia; Moscow; The Kremlin; Moscow Hotel; Establishment Yard; Montreal Hotel: Aboard the Quebec Consolidated; United States of America; Detroit; Detroit Station; Academy Hotel; Garrett Theatre; New York; Speakeasy; Scientifica Americana Office; Cypress Hills Cemetery; Woodhaven Street; Queens; Cross Bay; The Bay; County Clerk's Office; Houdini's House; 125th Street; Harlem Theater; Crowborough; Windlesham Manor; Crowborough Station; Southampton; Aboard the Baltic; New York Quay; Woolworth Building; Ambassador Hotel Washington DC; Hotel; Cemetery; Federal Prison; The Capitol; Pittsburgh; Seventh Street Bridge; Pittsburgh Hotel; Carnegie Hall; Sixth Avenue; The Hippodrome; Hammerstein's Victoria Theater & Roof Garden; Houdini's Home; Connecticut; Barbie Pecker Middlestein Memorial Sanatorium; Fifteenth Street, New York; Masonic Hall; Hotel de la Republic; Central Park; Harrington's Penthouse Apartment; Los Angeles; Toledo; Medford Hotel; Waterside Warehouse; San Fernando Valley; Beverly Hills Hotel; Santa Ana; Yosemite; Ribbon Falls; El Capitan; Fire Fall Wall; Camp Curry; Chicago Hotel; Chicago Station; A Train; Royal Gorge; Leadville; Golden; Denver; Brown Palace Hotel; Cemetery; Denver Station; Church of Golden; Ellis Island Docks; Detroit; Grace Hospital; Cypress Hills
Date: October, 1926 / 1902 / Spring, 1923 / July 6th, 1930
Story: 1926: As an escape goes disastrously wrong in Canada, Houdini recalls an escape in Moscow in 1902. Back in his hotel room he is punched in the stomach by a Japanese student. Travelling back to the US by train, and dangerously ill, he has a vision, but carries on performing, even though bleeding internally, accepting an almost impossible challenge in Detroit.

1923: Cashing in on the mania for spiritualism, Scientifica Americana publisher, Harrington, announces a competition to find proof of the afterlife, with Doyle and Houdini to act as advocates for and against. Houdini and Lattimer expose fake medium, Eunice Holstein, who is wanted for a string of crimes around the world, and Houdini testifies at the Copeland-Bloom bill hearings in Washington to have mediums banned from practising in the city. Doyle passes out at Carnegie Hall, at the same time as Houdini performs an underwater stunt.

The mediums and scientists gather, and the competition commences at the Masonic Hall, but Houdini's plan to expose Reverend Massy is thwarted, and instead he receives a spirit message from his mother. Later, at a party thrown by Harrington, he seems to exhibit control over the weather, while the following day, he is thrown fifteen feet by a female medium. Lady Doyle makes contact with Houdini's mother, and the Doyles are lured to a Toledo warehouse by Holstein in the guise of "Princess Anne".

A series of accidents befall Houdini in California, where he is filming a movie, and he is saved from a thirty-two hundred foot fall by a mysterious voice. He announces that he is quitting the contest, while Doyle believes the voice was that of his son, Kingsley. Doyle is faced with a suicide in Chicago, and Houdini with the death of his assistant in a buffalo stampede.

A séance to contact Houdini's mother ends in the apparent death of Holstein, but her body disappears. Doyle takes on the challenge of duplicating one of Houdini's escapes, believing Kingsley's spirit will aid him.

Stanley Shaw

Sherlock Holmes at the 1902 Fifth Test (1985)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by John Fairhurst
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Watson's Maid; Dr. Watson; Mrs Watson; (Irene Adler)
Historical Figures: Martin Blade, 7th Baron Hawke; Charles Alcock; Gilbert Jessop; W. H. (Johnny) Lockwood; Hugh Trumble; George Hirst; Archie MacLaren; Monty Noble; Warwick Armstrong; Charles Stewart Caine; (Wilfred Rhodes; Arthur Lilley; Jack Saunders)
Other Characters: John Fairhurst; Athenic Passengers; Santa Lucia Band; Athenic Crewmen; Drunken Crewman; Old Lady on Train; Southampton Station Guard; Train Passengers; Dining Car Waiter, Uncle Bertie; Cabbies; Paper-Seller; Accident Bystanders; Nanny; Hospital Receptionist; Nurse; Dr Bartoli; Ginger Moxon; King's Cross Passengers; Gupta's Indian Manservant; Pravad Nath Gupta; Redthorn's Gardener; Hyde Park Strollers; Military Band; Oval Spectators; Oval Attendants; Cricketers; Umpire; Clergyman; Dr Denzil Redthorn; Crane's Coachman; Eversley Gardens Landlady; Eversley Gardens Maid; Hawkes's Manservant; Board of Agriculture Man; (Secretary of the Holmes/Watson Society; Fairhurst's Daughter; Fairhurst's Great-Granddaughter; Bertie's Niece; Child Thief; Holmes's Doctor; Eversley Gardens Maid; Boarder; Landlady; Oval Steward; Urchin; Sir George Barkworth; Young Blackmailer; Fairhurst's Parents; Molinari; Dashwood; Dashwood's Clerk; Mrs Redthorn; Redthorn's Daughter; Redthorn's Father; Fairhurst's Grandfather; Watson's Lady Patient; Bishop of Tewkesbury; Crane's Colleague; Fairhurst's Wife; Fairhurst's Sons)
Locations: Aboard the SS Athenic; Mediterranean Sea; Straits of Messina; Tyrrhenian Sea; Bay of Naples; Santa Lucia Waterfront; Southampton Station; A Train; Waterloo Station; Park Lane; Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; Oxford Street; Bloomsbury Way; Ospidale Italiano; King's Cross Station; Bloomsbury; 50, Swancombe Gardens; Monkleigh Gardens; Queen Anne Street; Watson's Surgery; Hyde Park; Tyburn Tree; Vauxhall Bridge; Kennington; The Oval; 6, Eversley Gardens; Euston Road; 427, Park Lane; 107, Jermyn Street; Board of Agriculture; Paddington Station
Date: End of June - August, 1902
Story: Australian, John Fairhurst, is irked when his ship is delayed, preventing him from seeing the first two days of cricket in the Fifth Test at the Oval. Uncle Bertie, a white-bearded cricket lover he meets on the train to London, recommends he stay at his niece's hotel in Marylebone Road. He is knocked down by a cab on the way there, and has his bag stolen. The cab's passenger is Sherlock Holmes, who takes him back to Baker Street. Before he can leave for the oval the following morning, Holmes is called on by Lord Hawke, who asks him to investigate the disappearance of Yorkshire cricketer Wilfred Rhodes. They trace Fairhurst to a hospital, but Holmes is taken ill before they can discover who sent him there.

After being tended to by Watson, Holmes sets out again with Fairhurst to the Oval. Fairhurst finds himself more deeply involved in the match's outcome than he ever expected.

Sherlock Holmes Meets Annie Oakley (1986)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: Annie Oakley; Frank Butler; Arizona John Burke; Grand Duke Michael; Princess Victoria; Buffalo Bill; Edward VII
Other Characters: Sir James Harrison; Swimmers; Sir James's Coachman; Ostler's Boy; Count Nicolai; Dmitri; Servants; Shooting Party; Quartermaster General; Quartermaster's Wife; Head Gardener; Footman; Maid of Honour; Shubin; Sir James's Maid; Royal Audience
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Train; Slough Station; Windsor Station; Sir James's Carriage; Windsor Great Park; Ranger's Lodge; The Long Walk; The Copper Horse; South Forest; Highbridge House; Earl's Court
Date: Summer, 1887
Story: Holmes and Watson travel to Windsor at the request of Sir James Harrison, former physician to the Queen, and a friend of Holmes's father. He introduces them to Frank Butler, who tells them how he was summoned to Windsor Great Park by a telegram from his wife Annie Oakley (they are performing in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show at Earl's Court), where he was attacked by three men dressed as highwaymen, and his rifle stolen. Holmes deduces that Oakley will be at a shooting party given by Grand Duke Michael, who is hoping to marry Princess Victoria, the Queen's grand-daughter.

Arriving at the shoot, Watson attends to a wounded aide to the Grand Duke, whom he recognises as the highwayman described by Butler. The Grand Duke challenges Oakley to a shooting contest and wins. Holmes suspects tampering, but also believes that there are deeper currents to the case. He finally tracks down the missing gun, and reveals the involvement of a member of the Wild West Show. With the help of the Prince of Wales, a final showdown is arranged between Oakley and the Grand Duke in front of a royal audience.


Jay Sheckley

"The Case of Vittoria the Circus Belle" (1998)
Included in: The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mary Morstan; Baker Street Irregulars; Mrs Hudson; Watson's Brother; Vittoria the Circus Belle (Kay Dunn); (Wiggins; Simpson)
Other Characters: Madeline Snow; Madeline's Father; Rabbit Seller; Jane, Lady Norris; Randall, Earl of Norris; Hansom Driver; Street Urchins; Man with Dog; Circus People; Gypsy Girl; Sadie Bookbinder, the Frog Lady; Fred Burke, the Wild Savage; Enzo; Ringmaster; Constable; Apothecary Clerk; Hunters; Young Randall; Gregory; Driver; (Jane's Father; Laurence)
Locations: Watson's Kensington Residence; 221B, Baker Street; The Snow Residence; Jane's Residence; Remsen & Craswell's Circus; Watson's Student Rooms; Baker Street; Oxford Street; Norris Residence
Date: June (Vittoria narrative); May (Framing narrative)
Story: When Watson receives a letter informing him of the death of Randall, Earl of Norris, he visits Holmes who presents him with a book to record the events surrounding the death of Vittoria,of which the news has brought back haunting memories. Watson remembers his childhood, and seeing his cousin Madeline beaten by her father.

Some years later, during his student days, in the summer that Vittoria came to London with Remson & Craswell's Circus, Watson encounters Madeline again. She takes him home and secretes him in a cupboard to watch over a meeting between herself, her cousin Jane and Randall. He sees them giving Randall a bottle containing a drug to be given to Vittoria, which will induce an abortion, while he blackmails them with the loss of Jane's father's house and takes advantage, aided by her cousin, of Madeline. Watson follows Randall away from the house, to the circus, but is unable to prevent Vittoria going off with him.

Later, during the performance, she falls from her horse, sustaining fatal head injuries. After Vittoria dies, Watson encounters a tall, angular man who enlists his help in investigating the circumstances surrounding her death. After he has finished writing, Holmes takes Watson to Randall's home to lay some old ghosts.

Timothy Francis Sheil

Josepha Sherman

"The Case of the Purloined L'Isitek" (1995)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type: Science Fiction Pastiche
Sherlockian Detectives: The Shrr'lok & Dr Alwin Watson
Other Characters: Pawl Seldan; Drew Resten; Sharin Cartrell; First Minister Erk'ial; Second Minister Re-ekas; Third Minister Ch'ilen; Watson's Crew; (Lesek-than; Seldan's Wife)
Date: The Future
Locations: Kholmes; Cave
Story: Dr Alwin Watson is heading a politically sensitive archaeological dig on the planet Kholmes. Among their discoveries is a l'isitek headpiece engraved with the name of Lesek-than, a legendary ruler. When the l'isitek is stolen, the planet's leader, the Shrr'lok, a devotee of Earth detective stories, takes on the role of detective.