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Bert Leston Taylor (B.L.T.)

"The Adventure of the Campaign Issue" (1904)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: (Theodore Roosevelt)
Other Characters: Doubtful Voter; (The Honorable Buff Bunkum)
Date: October, 1904
Locations: USA; New York; Hotel De Luxe
Story: Holmes and Watson are in New York
, where they are called on at the Hotel De Luxe by a Doubtful Voter, who wants Holmes help in decipherig what the issue is in the current presidential campaign. After learning that his client has already consulted Democrat BuffBunkum, Holmes travels to Oyster Bay, and returns in disguise to provide a confession.

"The Adventure of the Diamond Dog Collar" (1904)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: (Henry Gassaway Davis; Charles S. Mellen)
Other Characters: Mrs G. Watt Munn; Patrick; (Mr Munn; Pinkerton Men; Son of the Mikado)
Date: August
Locations: USA; Watson's Rooms; A Train; Rhode Island; Newport; Munn Mansion
Story: Mrs Munn calls on Holmes when her mastiff Fi-Fi's diamond collar is stolen.
Holmes deuces that the Mikado's son is responsible and sets out for Newport, where the theft occurred. Noticing that the dog's valet does not use a handkerchief, Holmes sets a trap with a lemon.
"The Adventure of the Double Santa Claus" (1904)
Also published as "The Adventure of the Two Santa Clauses"
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel); A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; Inspector Lestrade; (Anstruther)
Folkloric Figures: (Santa Claus)
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Other Characters: Expressman; Dead Man; Little Girl; Girl's Family
Date: December 24th
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Girl's House
Story: Watson sits alone in Baker Street
, worrying about Holmes who has not been seen for six weeks, since receiving a letter containing a death threat from Conan Doyle. After Holmes's shocking reappearance, they are visited by a little girl who tells them that Moriarty has told her that there is no Santa Claus. They set out to prove to her that Santa Claus is real and have a surprise encounter in the girl's house.
"The Adventure of the Unthankful Gentleman" (1904)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Editor of the Evening Post; (Woman; Man's Grandfather)
Date: 16th November, 1904
Locations: USA; New Jersey; Hoboken; Watson's Rooms over a Plattdeutsch Beer Saloon
Story: Holmes and Watson are staying in Hoboken, where they are called upon by a gloomy man who must celebrate Thanksgiving, while detesting turkey, chestnut stuffing and cranberry sauce, and has forgotten why he should be thankful in the first place. He has also forgotten who he is. Holmes deduces his identity.
"In Baker Street" (1916)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches II: 1915-1919 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: (Woodrow Wilson)
Other Characters: (Chicago Attorney)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Holmes deduces a connection bewtween a paragraph by Woodrow Wilson and one by a Chicago attorney.

John Taylor

"The Battersea Worm" (1993)
Included in:
The Unopened Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (John Taylor)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; (Mrs Hudson)
Other Characters: Caspar Holland; Mrs Fowler; Jethro; Mrs Callendar; Mr Cuthbert; Angel Holland; Inspector String; Constable Pearce; (McAndrew; Thorne; Jack Laslett; Mrs Laslett)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Battersea; Barrowfields; (Scotland; McAndrew's Fell)
Date: Summer, 1885
Story: While Holmes is away, Watson is summoned by an old friend, Caspar Holland, to Barrowfields, the home of Holland's mountaineer father, Angel Holland. There, Watson encounters his first elevator, which provides the only access to Angel's tower-room, where he has shut himself away for two years, insisting that Caspar remain in the house constantly to protect him. Caspar asks Watson to deputise for him in this role, so that he may take a holiday away from the house. Angel tells Watson of a climbing expedition in Scotland which resulted in the death of one of his companions, the man's widow's vow to unleash the "worm of vengeance" on the survivors, and of the subsequent deaths of his other climbing companions. When Watson finds Angel dead in his room, he summons Holmes to investigate. As they explore the grounds of the house, they hear from the cook that at the time of Holland's death, she saw something that looked like a serpent or great worm climbing the wall of the tower. Inspector String orders a banquet at which he will make an arrest, but it is Holmes who produces the solution.

"The Devil's Tunnel" (1993)
Included in:
The Unopened Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (John Taylor)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: McKenna; Sara Thackeray; Pem Thackeray; Ruth Thackeray; Cedric Hayes; Braithwaite; Serving Girl; Vicar; Mr Basham; Innsford Stationmaster
Locations: Theatre; 221B, Baker Street; The Strand; Courtnay's Restaurant; A Train; The Devil's Tunnel; Yorkshire; Quickfall; The Pilgrim's Arms; Strawberry House; Quickfall Mill; Innsford Station; Quickfall Station
Date: Winter, 1882
Story: Watson is introduced to the stage illusionist, Sara Thackeray, by a mutual friend. Her aunts, who have forbidden her from taking to the stage, have discovered that she has disobeyed their wishes and have threatened to cut her from their wills. She asks Watson to accompany her and her aunts, afraid of travelling, on a train journey to the family home in Yorkshire in the hope that this will help restore her to favour. As the train passes through the cursed Devil's Tunnel, Sara disappears. Watson summons Holmes, who visits Sara's aunts and the tunnel, but that night one of the aunts also disappears. When her body is discovered in a local millstream, Holmes reconstructs the original disappearance to solve the crime.

"The Horror of Hanging Wood" (1993)
Included in:
The Unopened Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (John Taylor)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Baker Street Page Boy; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: Four-Wheeler Driver; Joseph Beard; Chaplin; Martin Sharpless; Miss Felicity Agnew; Cabby; (Jasper Adams; Harry Bannister; Dr Otto Pfeiffer; Sharpless's Informant)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Hanging Wood; Charlton Village; Church Lane; Agnew's Penny Library, Victoria Road
Date: March
Story: Early one morning, Lestrade takes Holmes and Watson to Hanging Wood, the scene of a brutal murder. He fails to tell them that this is the second such murder, and that strange noises have been reported in the wood on a number of occasions. Holmes is able to trace the victim's identity from an examination of the man's fingers and cuffs. They visit the dead man's landlord, and the local library, and begin to suspect links to the world of blood sports, although they are assured that nothing of the sort takes place in the wood. Lestrade makes an arrest, but Holmes is convinced the murderer is still at large, a theory proved by a night-time pursuit through Hanging Wood.
"The Paddington Witch" (1993)
Included in:
The Unopened Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (John Taylor)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson / Martha
Other Characters: Smokey Crowd; Doll Freeman; Frank Bailey; Ben Freeman; Kate Smullet; Cabby; Bess Smullet; Paddington Green Crowd; Man in Flat Cap; Police; (Fairburn; Garth Ransome; Saul Ransome; Boy; Ashleigh Harcourt)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Paddington; The Smokey; Wilson's Coffee House, Queen's Road; Paddington Green; Smullet's Bakery, Church Street
Date: December
Story: The Smullet sisters, old schoolfriends of Mrs Hudson, open a bread shop in Paddington. When Bess stops serving in the shop, Mrs Hudson learns of the Ransome brothers, who run a protection racket in the neighbourhood, and the burning of the Smullets' dog. The following night she, Holmes and Watson are summoned to the Smokey, the tenement where the Ransomes live, and where Saul Ransome has been found burned to death, after being treated for stomach pains by Bess Smullet, who has since disappeared. Witnesses saw a great flash before his body was found. Later, Bess's burned body is found, with a Biblical quote attached to it, "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live", and coins in the mouth. An arrest is made, but Holmes believes the real murderer is still at large, and an attempt is made on Watson's life before justice is served.
"The Phantom Organ" (1993)
Included in:
The Unopened Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (John Taylor)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Mary Morstan)
Other Characters: Four-Wheeler Driver; Lord Alistair Hembury; Hugh Hembury; Cordelia Partridge; Reverend James Partridge; Jennifer Farway; Giles Derriman; Inspector Wolfe; Dr Beeston; Addiscombe; Hembury's Servant; Fenton; Lady Maude Hembury; (Joshua Farway; Mr Cassidy; Jordan Farway)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Devon; Windwhistle; Hembury Hall; The Vicarage; St Simeon's Church; Jameswater / Itley Brook
Story: Holmes is summoned by Lord Hembury to Windwhistle in Devon, where the vicar's wife, Cordelia Partridge, is a cousin of Mary Morstan. Hembury's brother has been trampled to death by horses. His death had been preceded by a warning note on the church noticeboard, and accompanied by a ghostly rendition of the "Post-horn Gallop"on the church organ. Holmes and Watson stay with the Partridges, from whom they hear of the resentment in the village against the Hemburys. They also meet the widow of the man who built the organ. Holmes and Watson hear the organ being played, but find the church empty on investigating. A note threatens the life of Lord Hembury. During his explorations, Holmes shows particular interest in an old Romany caravan being used as a beehive. Hembury dies mysteriously in a moving carriage while fleeing the village. A final threat is made against Lady Hembury, before Holmes brings the case to its end and offers up his own brand of justice.
"The Wandering Corpse" (1993)
Included in:
The Unopened Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (John Taylor)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: Clarissa Smallbone; Professor Horace H. Smallbone; Clarissa's Parents; Smallbone's Cousin; Jeremiah Ballantyne; Smallbone's Maid; Hannah Aubrey; Albert Aubrey; (Edward Davey)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Hackney; Stoke Newington Cemetery; Ballantyne's Office; The Smallbone Vault
Story: Holmes and Watson read of Smallbone's claims that he has used electricity to revive recently deceased animals. Later, Watson receives a letter from Smallbone asking him to visit. When he arrives at Smallbone's house, he meets the man's wife, who shows him her husband's dead body in his laboratory. She asks Watson to help bring the body upstairs, and to examine it and sign the death certificate. He diagnoses heart failure. Some days later he receives a letter from a friend saying that the dead man has been seen buying shaving equipment in a Knightsbridge pharmacy. Holmes and Watson visit the Smallbone vault, where they encounter an empty coffin, a distressed wife, and the smell of honeysuckle soap. A second client with a missing husband proves to be connected to the case, but Watson faces electrocution before it is brought to a conclusion.

Adrian Tchaikovsky

"The Final Conjuration" (2014)
Included in:
Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets (David Thomas Moore)
Story Type:
Fantasy Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (The Hound of the Baskervilles; Professor Moriarty)
Charaters Based on Canonical Characters: Wu Tsan (Dr Watson)
Other Characters:
Wu Tsan; Green Wizard Ang Tze; Red Wizard Soo Mi; Golden Wizard Amyat Pre; Black Wizard Lu; The Ochre Wizard; White Wizard Sun Gong; Blue Wizard Men Shen; (Peasants; Villagers; Tin-Trader; Steward Woman; Demon; Demon Hound)
Date: The Year of the Yellow Cat / May, 1891
Locations: Demesne of the Green Wizard; Ornamental Hill; Ang Tze's Audience Chamber; Demesne of the Blue Wizard
Story: In the world of the seven wizard lords, Wu Tsuan is taken by his master, Green Wizard Ang Tze, to the demesne of the Blue Wizard Men Shen. The remaining six wizard lords are gathering there, because the land has been destroyed, and Men Shen turned to stone. Ang Tze instructs Wu Tsan to summon a demon, the Sherlock, to carry out an investigation to discover which of the remaining wizards was responsible. The Sherlock arrives as if in the middle of a fall from a great height.

Roy Templeman

"Sherlock Holmes and the Chinese Junk Affair" (1998)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes & The Chinese Junk Affair and Other Stories (Roy Templeman)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Lord Bellinger; Mrs Hudson; (Inspector Lestrade)
Historical Figures: (Sir Marc Aurel Stein)
Other Characters: Sir Simon Clayton; Train Passengers; Station Hotel Proprietor & Wife; Hardy's Gardener; Trap Driver; 'Trimmer' Timmons; Cabby; Timmons's Nurse; Henshaw's Shop Assistants; Henshaw's Clerk; James Henshaw; Henshaw's Son; Brighton Nurse; Cabinet Ministers; Policemen; Five Chinese Sailors; Five Chinese Craftsmen; Workshop Area Locals; (Holmes & Watson's Friend; Rodger Hardy; Hardy's Stableboy; Mrs Penrose; Mrs Penrose's Daughter; Hardy's Great-Grandfather; Great-Grandmother; Chinese Scientists; Photographer; Sir Beconfield; Poacher; Chinese Doctor; Timmons's Father; Henshaw's Wife & Sons; Holmes's Casual Worker; Villagers; Hing Sung; Lord Chief Justice)
Date: (Clayton's Story: Late September - March)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Mycroft's Office; 10, Downing Street; Train; Station Hotel; Halam Hall; Clayton's House; Brook Street; James Henshaw & Sons Food Shop; Henshaw's London House; Brighton; Henshaw's Brighton House; Workshop; The Thames
Story: Mycroft takes Holmes and Watson to Downing Street, where Bellinger introduces them to Clayton. He tells them of a visit with an old university friend, Hardy, who was constructing a Chinese junk in the underground ballroom of his ancestral home. Each month he is invited back to the house to see the progress the team of Chinese boatbuilders are making, he also hears of Hardy's invention, a "Transposer", a teleport device, which he uses to transport the junk to the River Thames. He has offered to sell the Transposer to the government, and Hardy wants Holmes to find out if it the invention is genuine. Holmes and Watson visit Halam Hall, but fail to find any evidence relating to the machine or the junk. Watson is called away to attend a patient in Brighton. After his return, Holmes summons Bellinger and his ministers to a workshop where he replicates Hardy's demonstration, then goes on to show how the transfer really took place, and how Chinese funerary traditions led him to a solution.

"Sherlock Holmes and the Tick Tock Man" (1998)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes & The Chinese Junk Affair and Other Stories (Roy Templeman)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Baker Street Irregulars)
Other Characters: Mr Hudson; Street Photographer; Marylebone Boys & Mother; Train Driver; Fireman; Garrett's Director; Stout Gentleman; Bakewell Stallholders; Rutland Arms Chambermaid; Churchgoers; Vicar; Sidesman; Jim; Shopkeepers; Shepherd; Tom Jackson; George Hotel Landlord; Tideswell Churchyard Lady; Nether Froggatt Landlord; Landlord's Father-in-law; Villager; Reverend Stevens; Stevens's Cook; Stevens's Maid; Bookshop Owner; Joe; Eyam Villagers; Eyam Hall Woman; Eyam Historian; Eyam Shepherd; Miners' Arms Landlord; Gypsy Family; Boy with Dog; Blacksmith; Dr Charles Draycott; (Mrs Hudson's Sister; Mrs Hudson's Niece; The Tick Tock Man / Hans Reitch; Mrs Stevens; Nether Froggatt Children; Jimmy Fletcher; Mrs Fletcher; Jim's Uncle; Joe's Wife; Grocer; Schoolmaster; Farmer; Old Ted)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Marylebone Station; Train; Bakewell; Rutland Arms; Church; Tideswell; George Hotel; Churchyard; Peak District; Nether Froggatt; Inn; Church; Rectory; Eyam; St Lawrence's Church; Miners' Arms Inn; Reitch's Cottage
Story: With Mr and Mrs Hudson going away, Holmes and Watson decide to take a holiday in Derbyshire. In Bakewell Church they hear mention of a murder involving the 'Tick Tock Man'. In the village of Nether Froggatt they hear a raven repeating the words "Tick Tock Kiefernzapfen", and are told about the death of the Tick Tock man, a clockmaker, three weeks previously, and that the raven belonged to him. There was a small wound on his neck, his house was found in disarray, and it was believed that he had hidden wealth which was the presumed motive for the murder. The local vicar believes gypsies were responsible. After visiting the plague village of Eyam and meeting the gypsies, they return to Nether Froggatt and examine the Tick Tock Man's cottage. Holmes reveals the truth about the man's death and the location of his treasure.
"Sherlock Holmes and the Trophy Room" (1998)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes & The Chinese Junk Affair and Other Stories (Roy Templeman)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: Baker Street Crowds; Viscount Siddems; Street Vendors; Oyster Seller; Railway Porter; Lady Siddems; Harry; Gamekeepers; Mr Wilson; Stevens; Head Gardener; Inn Patrons; Shaw; Jim Roberts; Jack Page; Landlord; Prize Fighter; Footman; Fisherman; Stout Gentleman; Thin Lady; Porters; Cabbies; Train Passengers; Flower Sellers; Newspaper Boys; Workers; (Siddems' Father; Burglar; Police; Farmers; Gardeners; Architect; Young Jackson; Bill Jackson; Johnson; Brown; Parsons; Smith; Estate Workers; Village Boy; Sanders; Viscount's Friends; Estate Sawyer; Pond Girl; Jack's Mother; Jack's Grandmother; Jack's Neighbours; Girls Brothers & Sisters; Roberts's Wife)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Train; Viscount's Home; Village Inn; Station
Story: Viscount Siddens consults Holmes over minor thefts from his trophy room, a building separate from his house, containing polo trophies and oriental armour, surrounded by man-traps and tripwires, with a flock of geese as watchdogs.

Byron Tetrick

"The Future Engine" (1995)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Baker Street Irregulars; (Mrs Watson; Professor Moriarty)
Historical Figures: Henry Babbage; (Charles Babbage)
Other Characters: Major-General Harold Thompson; Lestrade's Men; Tom; Tavern Customers; Seaman; (Import-Export Merchant; Thieves; Watchman; Willie Stokes; Bobby)
Date: October
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; Babbage's Warehouse; Pub; Babbage's Home; Moriarty's Warehouse; Tavern near Waterloo Bridge; Moriarty's Base
Story: On the way to dinner with Watson's old commanding officer at Simpson's, Holmes bemoans the effect of the economy on his investments, as if someone is manipulating it to his disadvantage. The General discusses future advances in the machinery of warfare. The following day they are visited by Babbage, son of the inventor of the Analytical Engine. His father's device and papers have been stolen. When he learns that it works on the basis of the Binomial Theorem, Holmes quickly surmises that Moriarty is behind the theft, and is using the machine to manipulate the financial markets. They visit Babbage's warehouse, where Holmes is able to deduce how the machine was removed, and his researches reveal the location of the warehouse Moriarty has taken it to. With Lestrade, they stage a raid, but find the device has already been removed. The Irregulars are set to track down its new location, but one of them is killed while doing so. Holmes locates Moriarty and the engine, and ensures that Moriarty will not be able to make further use of it.

Francis Thierry

The Adventure of the Eleven Cuff-Buttons (1918)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detective: Hemlock Holmes; Doc Watson
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson
Characters Based on Canonical
Characters: Inspector Barnabas Letstrayed (Inspector Lestrade)
Historical Figures: (Edward VII; George V; Arthur Conan Doyle; George I)

Other Characters:
Eustace Thorneycroft; Lord Launcelot Dunderhaugh; George Arthur Percival Chauncey Dunderhaugh, Ninth Earl of Puddingham; Olaf Yensen; Countess Annabelle Dunderhaugh; Joseph Patrick Harrigan; J. Edmund Tooter; William Q. Hicks; William X. "Billie" Budd; Luigi Vittorio Vermicelli; Peter Adrian Van Damm; Egbert Bunbury; Teresa Olivano; Donald MacTavish; Louis La Violette; Ivan Galetchkoff; Natalie Nishovich; Adelaide Meerckenloo; Carol Linescu; Heinrich "Heinie" Blumenroth; Demetrius Xanthapoulos; Wilfred Wuxley; Henry Hankins; Train Guard; Puddingham's Servants; Footman; Police Constable; Train Passengers; Mail-carrier; (Duke; Reginald Bertram Dunderhaugh, Second Earl of Puddingham; Hedge-gutheridge Constables; Pretorious Brothers; Duke of Bridgerswold; Dick Henderson; Sultan of Zanzibar; O.U. Doolittle; Samuel Simmons)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Surrey; Hedge-gutheridge; Normanstow Towers; Railway Station; Scotland Yard
Date: Monday 8th - Saturday 13th April, 1912
After returning home from America to solve the case of the King's missing crown, Holmes and Watson are called upon by Eustace Thorneycroft, private secretary to the Earl of Puddingham. A pair of gold and diamond cuff-buttons, part of a set of a dozen presented to the Earl's ancestor by George I, have been stolen. Before Holmes and Watson can travel down to Surrey to investigate, the Earl's brother arrives with news that two more pairs of buttons have vanished, and by the time they arrive, a further two pairs have gone.

The Earl is assaulted, and another button stolen from his wrist. Holmes's questioning of the servants produces a round robin of accusations. The chief suspect outwits Inspector Letstrayed and escapes. Holmes, after stealing everyone's shoes, begins his recovery of the buttons, adopting a series of disguises in the process. A boat chase and a rooftop adventure ensue.

Jake & Luke Thoene

The Giant Rat of Sumatra (1995)
Story Type:
Children's Pastiche (third person) / Extra-canonical adventure of the Baker Street Irregulars with Christian emphasis
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Danny) Wiggins; The Baker Street Irregulars; Mrs Hudson
Historical Figures: Sir Henry Ponsonby; Queen Victoria; (Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta)
Other Characters: Richard Cahlee; Swiruli Mungu; Chief Yeoman Warder Walter Gladstone; Captain Ronald Frith / Dingle; Baron Mackenly Frith of Rochester; Ambassador Nels Van Rorin; Peachy Carnehan; Duff Bernard; Mary Gladstone; George Fenton; Graham; Rodney; Lefty; Mr Ingram; John Stone; Dingle; Thatcher; Chief Inspector Avery; Warder Burles; Ollie; Tower Sentry; Lord Chamberlain's Representative; Foreign Delegates; Young Lady; Tower Visitors; Pickpockets; Police Constable; Cab Driver; Tower Ticket Seller; Yeoman Warders; Old Man; minories Passsers-by; Cubitt Town Passers-by; Angel Customers; Police Woman; Legless Beggar; Ragged School Children; Gladstone's Coach Driver; Gamblers; Hansom Cab Driver; Savoy Hotel Staff; Desk Clerk; Metropolitan Police Officers; Van Rorin's Gang; Police Boat Crewmen; Beggar; Star of Sunda Crewmen; Hyde Park Children; (Jonathan Mandon; Mandon's Fiancée; Dutchman; American Ambassador; Sultan of Sarawak; Hessen el Sultaneh)
Locations: Tower of London; The Outer Ward; Tower Hill; 221B, Baker Street; Traitors Gate; Wakefield Tower; Constable Tower; Lanthorn Tower; Water Lane; Byward Tower; White Tower; Minories Street; Isle of Dogs; Cubitt Town; The Angel Pub; Parliament Square; Waterloo Road Ragged School; London Bridge; Lower Thames Street; Middle Tower; East India Dock Road; Stone's Shop; Upper Thames Street; The Embankment; The Strand; Savoy Hotel; The Brass Mount; The Bloody Tower; Martin Tower; Tower Wharf; The Thames; Regents Canal Docks; Union Docks; Aboard the Star of Sunda; Hyde Park
Date: June, 1887
Cahlee, a warder at the Tower of London, sees what looks like a giant rat crawl out of the river at Traitors Gate. Holmes has been brought to the Tower to check the security arrangements put in place to protect the gifts being brought to the Queen for her Golden Jubilee. He sets Wiggins, Duff and Peachy the task of looking for ways into the Tower. Wiggins and Duff are caught and thrown out, but Peachy spends the night in the Tower and sees the giant rat. The Chief warder discovers that some of the Queen's gifts have been replaced with counterfeits. The case culminates in a chase on the river, and the dockland rescue of a wounded Holmes.

The Thundering Underground (1998)
Story Type:
Children's Pastiche (third person) / Extra-canonical adventure of the Baker Street Irregulars with Christian emphasis
Canonical Characters: (Danny) Wiggins; The Baker Street Irregulars; Mrs Hudson; Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Workmen; "Iron" Kelly; Riley; Chas; Charles Ruby; Reverend Mitchell Henry; Peachy Carnehan; Clair Avery; Inspector Jonathan Avery; Duff Bernard; Peachy's Customers; Billy Kelly; Marquis of Anglesey Customers; Marquis of Anglesey Host; George; Surveyor's Clerk; Carriage Driver; Protestors; Construction Site Guard; Chestnut Seller; Job Applicants; Wagon Driver; Interviewer; Cabbie; Henry; Bernardo Martinez; Randall Hanson; Gamble; Night Watchmen; Jailer; Vela; Prisoners; Cab Driver; Messenger Office Clerk; Deaf Surveyors Clerk
Locations: Tottenham Court Road; Construction Site; Whitefield Tabernacle Methodist Church; Covent Garden; Russell Street; Wellington Street; Marquis of Anglesey Pub; London Surveyors' Office; Charing Cross Road / St. Martin's Lane Intersection; Russell Street; Waterloo Bridge; Victoria Embankment; 221B, Baker Street; Waterloo Road Ragged School; Baker Street; Newgate Prison; London Messenger Service Office; Graveyard
Date: 22nd January - ?
Story: A series of accidents have led to the deaths of workers on the construction of the new Central & South London Railway underground line, and protests are taking place. Peachy sees Billy Kelly collecting plans from a suspicious-looking man and follows him to the construction site. Duff gets a job at the site. Holmes invents silly putty. Foreman Kelly accuses Ruby, the construction company owner of cutting corners. Wiggins finds strange burns on Duff's trousers. Holmes and Wiggins enter the site in disguise, and Wiggins and Peachy are captured when they return later, and find themselves in Newgate Prison. After being freed they race to prevent more deaths and a robbery.

Amy Thomas

"The Adventure of the Traveling Orchestra" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part I: 1881-1889 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Tobias Gregson)
Other Characters: Charles Green; Doris Lake; Mr Pike; Robert; James Dorrigan; Mrs Stoker; Viola Player; Young Man Musician; Elderly Violinist; Orchestra Members; Dorrigan's Secretary; (Concert Hall Guard; The Misses Blake; Gregson's Informant; Jury)
Date: Autumn of a year not many into Holmes and Watson's acquaintance
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Dorrigan Hall
Story: Charles Green, a flautist in a travelling orchestra, consults Holmes when the orchestra's instruments are stolen from the concert hall in which they are performing.
As Holmes reaches his solution, the case turns into one of murder.

Donald Thomas

Frank Thomas

Nick S. Thomas

Sherlock Holmes and the Zombie Problem (2010)
Story Type:
Canonical Revisioning
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Victoria Station Crowds; Porter; Professor Moriarty; Peter Steiler the Elder; Swiss Lad (Henry Steiler); (Colonel James Moriarty; Mrs Watson; The Moriarty Gang; Watson's Accommodating Neighbour; Inspector Patterson)
Fictional Characters: Phileas Fogg; Passepartout
Folkloric Characters: Zombies
Historical Figures: Winston Churchill; Alfred Hutton; Cyril Matthey; Egerton Castle; Sir Richard Burton
Other Characters: John; Jacob; Berty; Johann; Jacques; Norman
Newhaven Station Crowds
; Train Passengers; Eastbourne Inn Patrons; Hutton's Opponent; Rouen Inn Server; Strasburg Civilians; Strasburg Policeman; Woman & Husband on Train; Geneva Bar Patrons; Barman; Train Driver; Train Crew; Conductor; Interlaken Station Crowds; School Children; Teacher; Infantrymen; Officer; Englischer Hof Patrons; Moriarty's Men
(Dick Burton; Sergeant Withers; Policeman; Train Driver)
Date: April 24th - May 4th, 1891
Locations: Watson's Consulting-Room; Lowther Arcade; Victoria Station; The Continental Express; Canterbury Station; Newhaven Station; Eastbourne Station; Inn; Fogg's House; Fogg's Dirigible; France; Rouen; Inn; Belgium; Brussels; Matthey's House; Strasburg; Hotel; Strasburg Station; Train; Switzerland; Geneva; Geneva Station; Bar; Train; Interlaken; School; Lake of Brienz; Meiringen; The Englischer Hof; Reichenbach Falls; Moriartys Cave Lair
Holmes arrives at Watson's consulting-room and tells him about Moriarty and his hideous henchmen. He asks Watson to accompany him to Switzerland, where Moriarty ha been carrying out research into science and the occult. Watson answers a knock at the door only to be attacked by zombies. They encounter another zombie attack at Newhaven, where they are assisted by Churchill in quelling it. In Eastbourne they are joined in battle by Alfred Hutton. They cross the English Channel in a dirigible with Phileas Fogg, but are fired upon over France. In Brussels they are provided wioth weapons by Watson's military friend Matthey, who joins them for the next stage of their journey with four of his friends. In Geneva they receive information and assistance from Burton. Outside Interlaken, they join with a group of soldiers, then travel on alone to Meiringen, which they find devoid of life apart from Peter Steiler, his son and three inn patrons. While Watson helps fend off an attack on the Englischer Hof, Holmes faces Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls.

Will Thomas

"The Adventure of Urquhart Manse" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part I: 1881-1889 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: Mary Cavell Urquhart / Marie Anderson; Mrs Petrie; Alexander "Alec" Urquhart; Archie Urquhart; Andrew Urquhart / Mr Anderson; (Daniel Cavell; Mrs Cavell; Police Officers; Police Inspector; Solicitor; Coroner; Mr Urquhart)
Date: May, 1889
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Charing Cross Station; Kent; Tunbridge Wells; Old Kent Road; Urquhart Manse
Story: Mrs
Urquhart calls on Holmes after the death of her husband's twin brother at their home, Urquhart Manse in Kent. She fears that the dead man is actually her husband, and that his twin has taken his place. Holmes and Watson travel to Urquhart Manse, where they meet with a hostile reception, but end up staying the night and uncovering a family secret.

Some Danger Involved (2004)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Barker (Holmes's "hated rival" in "The Retired Colourman")
Canonical Characters: (Cyrus) Barker
Historical Figures: Charles Haddon Spurgeon; Sir Moses Montefiore; Lord Rothschild; Israel Zangwill
Other Characters: Thomas Llewelyn; Job Applicants; Jenkins; Ho; Ho's Customer's; Asian Waiter; John Racket; Tailor; Cobbler; Barber; Haberdasher; Tobacconist; Import Firm Proprietor; Jacob Maccabee; Morgue Guard; Morgue Attendants; Inspector Terence Poole; Louis Pokrzywa; P.C. Morrow; Dr. Vandeleur; Rabbi Mocatta; Rabbi's Assistants; Montefiore's Footman; Market Traders; Petticoat Lane Constable; Michael Da Silva; Bucharest Waiter; Reb Moishe Shlomo; Chinese Workmen; Etienne Dummolard; Simon Ben Loew; Rabbi; Funeral Congregation; Reverend Andrew McClain; Tower Constables; Raven Master; Yeoman Warders; Robert; Scotland Yard Desk Officer; Police Officers; Cabman; Schoolchildren; Simon Ben Loew; Arthur Weinberg; Levi Rosenthal; Ira Moskowitz; Theodore Ben Judah; Isaiah Birnbaum; Ferd Kosminski; Mrs. Silverman; Reverend Algernon Painsley; Reverend Brunhoff; Rushford's Sikh Manservant; Walter Rushford; Neapolitan Waiters; Victor Gigliotti; Antony; Gigliotti's Guards; Nightwine's Butler; Sebastian Nightwine; Frederick Rosewood; Rebecca Mocatta; Mabel Mocatta; Pavilion Audience; Ushers; Asher Cowen; Cowen's Audience; Barbados Club Proprietor; Mrs. Stahl; Mocatta's Footman; Waldman; Upstairs Maid; Servants; Aldgate Policemen; Constable; Miriam Smith; Orient Street Residents; Jasper; Street Artist; Attackers; Veiled Woman; Albert McElroy; Petticoat Lane Mob; The Golem Squad; John Smith; Dr. Allcroft; Nurse; Cabbie; Mireille Drummolard; (Wilhelm Koehler; James 'Bully Boy' Briggs; Smith's Audience; Hyde Park Constables; Ioan Llewelyn; Mr. Wynn; Lord Glendinning; Palmister Clay; Jenny (Ashby) Llewelyn; Cora Ashby; Clay's Friends; The Widow)
Date: 13th- after 20th March, 1884
Locations: Whitehall Street; British Museum Reading Room; 7, Craig's Court; Whitechapel; Ho's Restaurant; Holborn; K&R Krause, Tailor's Shop; Savile Row; Oxford Street; Mincing Lane; Newington; Barker's Residence; Whitehall; The Rising Sun; Waterloo Road; The Metropolitan Tabernacle; Tower Road Morgue; Aldgate; St. Swithen Lane; Montefiore's Residence; Petticoat Lane; Bevis Marks Synagogue; Duke's Place; The Bucharest Café; Jewish Cemetery; Mile End Road; McClain's Mission; Tower of London; Scotland Yard; The Jews' Free School; 43, Wilkes Street; Poplar; First Messianic Church; Painsley's Church; Camden; The Universal Church of the New Jerusalem; The Minories; Racket's Stable; Chelsea; Cheyne Row; Marsham Street; The Neapolitan Restaurant; Belgravia; Jermyn Street; Pavilion Theatre; Waterloo; Waterloo Bridge; Brick Lane; Flower and Dean Street; Cowen's Meeting Room; Cornhill Street; St. Michael's Alley; Barbados Club; St. John's Wood; Mocatta's Residence; Aldgate Station; 327A, Orient Street; Le Tondre d'Or Restaurant; (Hyde Park; Cwmbran, Gwent; Oxford; Holywell Street; China; Foochow)
Story: Responding to an advertisement in the Times, Llewelyn finds himself working for enquiry agent, Barker. His first case with Barker is the murder of a Jewish teacher, Pokrzywa, who bears a strong resemblance to El Greco's Christ, and who has been crucified. Sir Moses Montefiore links the murder to a growing tide of Anti-Semitism in the country. They attend the dead man's funeral, and arrange to talk with those who knew him. Llewelyn continues his training in the skills he will need as Barker's assistants and meets more of Barker's contacts. Barker enquires into Pokrzywa's relationship with Rabbi Moccatta's daughter, and in his rooms they find his journals. Barker detects a recent growing interest in Christianity in Pokryzywa leading up to his death. Their continuing investigations take them among Londons anti-Semite and eugenicist communities. Llewelyn is shot at, and the shooting may be linked to the Camorra. At a meeting of Jews, Llewelyn hears of the Golem, and finds himself working as a servant in a rabbi's house. While he is there another biblical murder occurs, this time a woman. A pitched battle in Petticoat Lane and a betrayal lead the case to its conclusion, after which Barker strikes a deal with Lord Rothschild.

The Limehouse Text (2006)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Barker (Holmes's "hated rival" in "The Retired Colourman")
Canonical Characters: (Cyrus) Barker; (Lord Saltire)
Fictional Characters: (Martin Hewitt)
Characters Based on Fictional Characters: K'ing's Marmoset (Peko)
Historical Figures: Sir Edmund Henderson; James Monro; Patrick Hooligan; Israel Zangwill; Mr K'ing; Charles Haddon Spurgeon; (Empress Tzu Hsi; General Gordon; Amy Levy; Inspector Frederick Abberline; Inspector Donald Swanson)
Other Characters: Thomas Llewelyn; Fight Crowd; Chinese Acrobats; Dr Quong; Jimmy Woo; Ho; Inspector Nevil Bainbridge; Jenkins; Mr Hurtz; Ho's Cooks; Customers; Waiters; Inspector Terence Poole; Poole's Constables; Jacob Maccabee; Cab Drivers; Miss Winter / Bok Fu Ying; Elderly Chinese Man; Three Colt Street Residents; Chinese Youths; Limehouse Shopkeepers & Patrons; Young Ruffian; Limehouse Residents; Chivers; Trelawney Campbell-Ffinch; Oriental Club Waiter; Dr Vandeleur; Coroner's Jury; Inquest Crowd; Weekly Dispatch Reporter; Bailiff; Café Royal Customers; Waiters; The Honourable Pollock Forbes; Chumley; Burly Man; Dr Applegate; Bainbridge's Colleagues; Mrs Bainbridge; Man in Handcuffs; Two Citizens at K Division; K Division Constable; Jonas Coffin; Hestia 'Hettie' Petulengro; Etienne Dummolard; Mireille Dummolard; Char; Nurse; Clothilde; Hooligan's Men; Benny; Susan Ling; Mrs Ling's Children; Pickpockets; Beggar; Aid Society Inmates; Barker's Garden Worker; Stable Boy; London Bridge Policeman; Chinese Barber; Night Nurse; Opium Smokers; Opium Den Boy; Quong's Customer; Sun Clientele; Ring Publican; Ring Clientele; The Titan of Tunbridge Wells; Titan's Trainer; Eddy; Barbados Proprietor; Charlie Han; Chief Constable; PC Finney; PC Horton; Scotland Yard Sergeant; Ho's Guests; Beggar Children; New Year Crowds; Merchants; Sailors; Musicians; Pickpocket; Lion Dancers; Dragon Dancers; K'ing's Men; Manchu Jack; Chinese Doctor; Messenger; Soho Vic; British Museum Readers; (Quong Shao Zu; Jan Hurtz; Huang Feihong; (Luke) Chow Li Po; Wilhelm Koehler; James Briggs; PC Threadgill; Lazlo Petulengro; Alfred Chambers; Rebel Soldier; Ira Moskowitz; Barker's Parents; Barker's Brother; Reverend Andrew "Handy Andy" McLain; Sailors; Xi Jiang Monks; Imperial Prince; Strothers; Carson)
Date: Wednesday 4th February, 1885
Locations: 7, Craig's Court; East India Dock Road; Ming Street; Hurtz Pawnshop; Limehouse; Ho's Tearoom; Telegraph Office; Newington; Barker's Home; Aldgate; Commercial Road; Three Colt Street; Limehouse Causeway; Canton Street; Quong's Shop; Hanover Square; Oriental Club; Regent Street; Café Royal; Whitechapel; Ten Bells Pub; K Division Police Station; West India Dock Road; Coffin's Penny Hang; Pennyfields; Chandlers Shop; Fleet Street; General Register Office; Fleet Street Pub; Charing Cross Road; Mellish Street; Chambers' House; West Ferry Road; Confectioner's Shop; Asiatic Aid Society; Metropolitan Tabernacle; Newgate Prison; Borough High Street; London Bridge; Gracechurch Street; Elephant and Castle; Pekin Street; The Inn of Double Happiness; Whitehall; The Sun Pub; Victoria Station; Wimbledon; The Ring Public House; Billingsgate; The Billingsgate Family Fish Restaurant (Eddy's); Cornhill; St Michael's Alley; Barbados Coffee House; Scotland Yard; K'ing's Lair; Old Kent Road; The Rising Sun; British Museum Reading Room
Story: Bainbridge brings Barker a pawn ticket found in the sleeve of Barker's late assistant, Quong. What they redeem from the pawn shop, where the owner had died a month previously, is a secret manual from the Xi Jiang Monastery in Jiangsu Province. Ho advises them to show the book to triad boss K'ing, but Barker refuses. Bainbridge is shot as they leave Ho's Limehouse restaurant. The following day, Llewelyn is attacked by a Chinese maid and loses Barker's dog, which is later returned by Jimmy Woo, an interpreter. Llewelyn visits a Chinese bonesetter, and Barker is summoned to meet Campbell-Ffinch of the Foreign Office, who tells them that the Chinese Government wishes the book returned. After the inquest on Bainbridge, Ho is arrested. Barker's house is broken into, and Bainbridge's files are burned.

Their investigations turn up a dead monk, a dead gypsy chandler, and a sealskin coat. Llewelyn comes across another dead sailor, and reads of Lord Saltire's death, and Poole brings news that Ho is now suspected of being Mr K'ing. Barker's office is invaded by Hooligan and his men, looking to broker a deal between Barker and K'ing for the book. Barker collapses, and Applegate diagnoses kidney failure, and Llewelyn rides Juno to fetch Quong's father to help. Jenkins asks if he should refer clients to Hewitt. Llewelyn visits an opium den with Zangwill, now working as a reporter, in search of K'ing. They meet Forbes inside, and see K'ing outside.

As he recovers, Barker tours Limehouse. His houses are searched by the police. He and Llewelyn watch Campbell-Ffinch bare-knuckle fighting. Llewelyn takes a gypsy girl to dinner. The police catch a suspect outside Barker's house, leading to accusations over one of the murders. Poole suggests the case should have gone to Abberline or Swanson. Barker and Llewelyn attend a Chinese New Year party, and are taken captive at the following day's festivities by K'ing and taken to his underground lair, where he waits with his marmoset. Barker's ward, Bok Fu Ying, has also been taken captive. Barker agrees to face trial by combat. After the fight, he asks Poole to gather the suspects together.

Anatomy of Evil (2015)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Barker (Holmes's "hated rival" in "The Retired Colourman")
Canonical Characters: (Cyrus) Barker
Fictional Characters:
Historical Figures: Jack the Ripper; Israel Zangwill; Robert Anderson; Sir Charles Warren; Tom Bulling; Donald Swanson; Frederick Abberline; John Pizer; Baron Nathan Rothschild; Leon Goldstein; George Lusk; Sir Henry Ponsonby; James Munro; Richard Mansfield; Elizabeth Stride; Catherine Eddowes; Constable Edward Watkins (Constable who Found Eddowes); Dr Frederick Gordon Brown; James McWilliam (McWilliams); Eddowes' Sisters; John Kelly; Superintendent Foster; Rev. T.N. Dunscombe (Chaplain); The Whitehall Torso; Henry Matthews; Barnaby; James K. Stephen; Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence; Inspector John Littlechild; Aaron Kosminski; Mrs Kosminski; Mary Kelly; (Polly Nichols; Annie Chapman; Amy Levy; Sir Moses Montefiore; Charles Cross; Robert Paul; Emily Holland; Edward Stanley; Eliza Cooper; Montague Druitt; Francis Tumblety; Michael Ostrog; George Chapman / Ludwig Schloski / Seweryn Klosowski; Lucie Badewski; Mrs Klosowski; Kosminski's Family; Gabriel Pizer; Queen Victoria; Edward VII; Lord Salisbury; Spring-Heeled Jack; Dowager Empress Cixi; Israel Schwartz; Men with Liz Stride; Louis Diemschutz; Martha Tabram; Oscar Wilde)
Characters Derived from Historical Figures: Jules (William Farrow); Jarvis (Edwin Brough); Wolfe Kosminski (Wolfe Abrahams); Sarah Kosminski (Betsy Abrahams)
Other Characters: Thomas Llewelyn; Albert; Frobisher; Jacob 'Mac' Maccabee; Jeremy Jenkins; P.C. Kirkwood; Gwen; Sadie; Segeant Meadows; Constable Thatchwick; Constable Newbrough; Clancy; Henry "The Countess" Inslip; Philippa Ashleigh; Lady Margaret Thurston; Hyacinth; Rebecca Mocatta; Asher Cowen; Rabbi Mocatta; Mabel Mocatta; Constable Parker; Phillips; Ho; Pigeon; Ouida; Herschel Kosminski; Hoskins; Worth; Svetlana; Beryl; Isaac Kosminski; Constable Jerrold; Etienne Dummolard; Whitechapel Residents; Minories Stablemen; Police Constables; Barker's Gardeners; Scotland Yard Gate Constable; Scotland Yard Officers;Scotland Yard Citizens; Desk Sergeant; Warren's Secretary; Equipment Room Sergeant; Delicate-looking Old Woman; Cabman; Rounder Children; Dorset Street Constable; Commercial Street Inspector; Frying Pan Prostitutes; Scotland Yard Turnkey; Petticoat Lane Vendors; Mantle Factory Workers; Cigarette Salesman; Fairclough Street Mob; Lemon Street Police Officers; Mile End Vigilance Committee; Palace Guards; Palace Butler; Drake Club Members; Drake Club Boys; Home Office Clerk; Home Office Men; Priest; Lyceum Audience; Stage Manager; Berner Street Crowds; Berner Street Constables; Mitre Square Crowd; Police Artists; Medical Examiner; Goulston Street Crowd; Police Photographer; Golden Lane Doctors; Eddowes Funeral Crowd; Funeral Carriage Driver; City Police Officers; Leman Street Crowd; Reporters; Photographers; Street Arab; Rising Sun Patrons; Poplar Asylum Porter; Asylum Patients; Asylum Guard; Asylum Clerk; Workhouse Inmates; Workhouse Warder; Guy Fawkes Revellers; Svetlana's Bavy; Factory Constable; Miller's Court Crowds; Miller's Court Constables; Goulston Street Doctor; Goulston Street Residents; London Hospital Patients; London Hospital Nurses; (Inspector Terence Poole; Jim; Llewelyn's Family; Llewelyn's Maths Tutor; Philippa's Husband; Sebastian Nightwine; Crew of the Osprey; Chinese Soldiers; Lady Margaret's Second Husband; Youngest Son of the Earl of Warrick; Mansfield's Doctor; K & R Krause; Letter Writers; Sheriff of Knowle; Inslip's Solicitor; Earl of Sanditon; Cowen's Mistress; Cowen's Physician; Jenkins's Father; Barker's Parents; Barker's Chinese Martial Arts Teacher; London Hospital Doctor; Interpreter)
Date: September 8th - November, 1888
Locations: Newington; Lion Street; Barker's House; Stable; Newington Causeway; Tower Bridge; Whitechapel; Minories Street; Stable; Britannia Public House; Buck's Row; Hanbury Street; Mile End New Town; Underwood Street; The City; Cornhill Street; St Michael's Alley; Barbados Coffeehouse; 7, Craig's Court; Great Scotland Yard; The Frying Pan Public House; Dorset Street; Tenement; Commercial Road Police Station; Middlesex Street; Petticoat Lane; Northumberland Street; Lemon [sic] Street Police Station; St Swithin's Lane; Rothschild's Office; Wentworth Street; Goulston Street; Mantle Factory; Fairclough Street; Aldgate Station; Whitehall Street; Buckingham Palace; Halifax Street; The Drake Club; Downing Street; Home Office; Westminster Bridge; Lyceum Theatre; Kensington; Berner Street; Dutfield's Yard; Mitre Square; Goulston Street; Golden Lane Mortuary; New Scotland Yard; Limehouse; Ho's Tearoom; Leman Street; Duke Street; 37, Cornhill Street; The Rising Sun; Poplar Lunatic Asylum; Workhouse; Docklands; Cambrian Street; Bell Lane; Crispin Street; Miller's Court; London Hospital; Great Scotland Yard Street; Whitehall Street
Story: After the first two Ripper murders, Llewelyn and Zangwill's patrol of Whitechapel is interrupted by the unexpected appearance of Barker. Anderson enlists Barker to work on the case as an employee of Scotland Yard. Barker rents rooms at the Frying Pan Inn in Whitechapel.
After reviewing the case files, and meeting John Pizer, Barker and Llewelyn receive a summons from Baron Rothschild and another from Buckingham Palace.

A focus on the Jewish community of Whitechapel, and political wranglings at Scotland Yard complicate matters, while a visit to a male brothel disturbs Llewelyn. After a night at the theatre, they are summoned to the site of Liz Stride's murder and shortly thereafter to that of Catherine Eddowes. A body is found in the foundations of New Scotland Yard, and Barker and Llewelyn follow a bloodhound. Llewelyn is briefly reunited with Rebecca Mocatta, and tours the lunatic asylums of the East End. He gets a sewing job in a mantle factory, and Barker delivers a baby, before the killer is found.

NOTE: Llewelyn describes Jenkins's appearance at Scotland Yard as "Like seeing a tram car coming down a country lane" (P.92), the same words used by Sherlock Holmes in "The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans" to describe his brother Mycroft. Likewise, Barker's comment to Llewelyn "I never get your limits" (P.99), echoes that of Holmes to Watson in "The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire".

Victoria Thompson

"The Minister's Missing Daughter" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes In America (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Fictional Characters:Sarah Brandt; Frank Malloy
Historical Figures: Theodore Roosevelt; Edith Roosevelt
Other Characters: Mrs Brandt's Mother; Roosevelt's Maid; Bypassers; Reverend Mr Penny; Mrs Penny; Penny's Maid; (Harriet Penny; Mrs Jenkins; Mrs Smith; Mr Etheridge)
Date: After the Hiatus
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; USA; New York; Roosevelt's Home; Hotel; Christ's Church; Penny's House
Watson persuades Holmes to take a holiday in New York. There, they are invited to dinner by Roosevelt. After having his deductive abilities demonstrated on her, one of the guests, Mrs Brandt, asks him to investigate the disappearance of Harriet, the daughter of Reverend Penny of Christ's Church. Malloy is assigned by Roosevelt to assist him. Malloy takes Holmes and Watson to the church where Harriet disappeared while sorting old clothes, and introduces them to her parents. A search of her room by the maid and a reference to a chess match set Holmes on the path to a solution.

Brian M. Thomsen

"Mouse and the Master" (1995)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; A Baker Street Irregular (Wilson)
Fictional Characters: Dracula; Dr. Jekyll; Alice; Dorian Gray; Phileas Fogg
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle; Brian M. Thomsen
Other Characters: Malcolm 'Mouse' Chandler; Madame Morbid; Lothar
Locations: Chandler's Quarters; 221B, Baker Street; Whitechapel; Six Bells Tavern
Story: Holmes summons private investigator, Chandler, to Baker Street for some help in relation to Watson. He explained that much of Watson, now a bigamist, writes is wildly inaccurate, based on the fact that he is hard of hearing. He now claims to be hearing voices and communicating with "Artie". Holmes sends Chandler to a Séance Watson is attending, to look after him, prior to his enforced retirement trip to the Reichenbach Falls. The Séance is attended by a number of familiar figures, all trying to communicate with their creators. Chandler believes the Séance is a set-up, until he hears a voice of his own. Returning later to investigate the rooms in which the seance was held, he is blackjacked, and learns of the medium's schemes, before his voice helps him get free.


James Thurber

"The Case Book of James Thurber" (1953)
Included in:
Thurber on Crime (James Thurber)
Story Type:
Homage / Parody
Detective: James Thurber
Other Characters: George Spencer; Harry Huff; Shirley Combs
Story: While investigating the Case of the Gloucestershire Sympathizer, Thurber is reminded of the Case of the Young Woman Named Sherlock Holmes. Thurber was told by his friend Spencer of a man, Harry Huff, who was going to marry a woman called Sherlock Holmes. Thurber phones Huff to find out the truth.

NOTE: The Case of the Young Woman Named Sherlock Holmes is only part of "The Case Book of James Thurber", which also relates the Case of the Gloucestershire Sympathizer and the Curious Adventure of the Oral Surgeons' Mouse. Neither of these sections has any Sherlockian content.

Lavie Tidhar

The Bookman (2010)
Included in:
The Bookman Histories (Lavie Tidhar) & as a novel in its own right
Story Type:
Steampunk Homage
Canonical Characters: Professor (Prime Minister) Moriarty; Irene Adler; Mycroft Holmes; Dr Watson (Dr W.); Sherlock Holmes; (Colonel Sebastan Moran)
Fictional Characters: Harry Flashman; Robur the Conqueror; Captain Dakkar; Aramis; The Nautilus; (Caliban; The Ancient Mariner; Dr Henry Jekyll; Dr Ignacius Narbondo; Dr Mabuse; Dr Moreau; Dr Herbert West)
Historical Figures: Gilgamesh; Henry Irving; Herbert Beerbohm Tree; Karl Marx; John Nevil Maskelyne; Isabella Beeton; General Tom Thumb; John Bishop; James May; Lord Byron; Jo Jo the Dog-Faced Boy; The Turk; Adam Worth; Jules Verne; Amerigo Vespucci; Jack the Ripper; Sir Hercules Robinson; (Oscar Wilde; William Wordsworth; William Shakespeare; Rudyard Kipling; Charles Babbage; Louis XIV; Jacques de Vaucanson; Claude-Nicolas Le Cat; Pierre-Robert le Cornier de Cideville; Napoleon Bonaparte; Queen Victoria; David Livingstone)

Other Characters: Orphan / William Chaska; Lucy; Two Old Ladies; Theatre Audience; Jack Worth; Station Crowds; Royal Park Crowds; Royal Consort; Nurse; Dead Boy; Mycroft's Men; Beggar; Covent Garden Prostitutes; Revellers; Sausage Vendor; Drunken Students; Mother Jolley; Cockfight Crowd; Chicken Cook; Cockfight Umpire; Lézards; Mycroft's Butler; Belinda; Ariel; Hawkers; Singing Woman; Egyptian Hall Visitors; Egyptian Hall Usher; The Human Whale; The Scarletti Twins; The Skeleton Dude; The Translucent Man; The Fungus Man; The Mermaid; Armless Man; Legless Man; Brearded Lady; Woman with Three Breasts; Man with Bricks on Head; Man with Sledgehammer; The Bookman; Lizard Boys; Sailors; Dakkar's Cook; Vespucci's Crew; Vespucci's Cook; Atlacamani Priest; Pirates; Captain Wyvern; Mr Spoons; Jason Sizemoor; Mohsan Jaffery; Takanobu; Garcia; Störtebeker; Zhi; The Binder; Elizabeth; Caliban's Island Workers; Soldiers; Mushroom Harvesters; Underground Villagers; Catherine; Edward; Young Soldier; Scientists; Functionaries; Lizard Young; Nursery Attendants; Punk de Lézard; Marchers; Strand Beggar; Thief; Harry; Bert; Orphan Simulacrum / William; Strand Demonstrators; Police Automatons; Anton; Simpson's Diners; Philip; Men with Coffin; Shades of the Dead; Bookman 's Automatons; Students; Commercial Travellers; University Dons; (Lame Menachem; Mary; Bertram; Kangee; Kangee's Captain)
Date: 1888
Locations: The Embankment under Waterloo Bridge; Rose Theatre; Under Westminster Bridge; Payne's Booksellers; Charing Cross Station; Richmond-upon-Thames; The Royal Park; Guy's Hospital; Southwark; Waterloo Station; The Lizard's Head Pub; The Strand; St Martin's Lane; Cecil Court; New Row; King Street; Covent Garden; Drury Lane; King's Arms Tavern; In Mycroft's Blimp; Bull Inn Court; Nell Gwynne Pub; Charing Cross Road; Leicester Square; Piccadilly Circus; Piccadilly; Egyptian Hall; France; Nantes; Verne's Villa; Aboard the Nautilus; Vespuccia; The Carib Sea; Aboard the Joker; Sanctuary / Drum Island / Spider's Island; Caliban's Island; The Underground Court; Mess Hall; Moriarty's Office; The Nursery; Limehouse Wharf; Farringdon; Police Station; The Isle of Dogs; The Ship's Bell Pub; Agar Street; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; A Train; Oxford; Oxford Station; Hythe Bridge; George Street; Broad Street; Thornton's Bookshop; Bodleian Library; Queen's Lane Coffee House
In a Britannia ruled by lizards from Caliban's island, Orphan shares a bottle of wine with the blind old man, Gilgamesh, under Waterloo Bridge, and they read of a terrorist attack by the Persons from Porlock on Oscar Wilde, which has caused him to forget the title of his new play, and to call for the resignation of Prime Minister Moriarty. They also read that the Bookman is rumoured to be back in town. Orphan and Lucy are present during a book-bomb attack on the Rose Theatre by the Bookman. Inspector Irene Adler is in charge of the investigation into both cases. The next attack, at the launch of a Martian probe, takes Orpan's fiancée, Lucy, as its victim.

After he wakes in hospital, where he is attended by Dr W., Inspector Adler hints to Orphan, that Lucy may be able to be brought back to life. After attending an animal baiting event, he thinks he sees Lucy, and is abducted in a blimp by Mycroft, who tells him of Sherlock's death and the reason why he and Dr W., consort with resurrectionists. Mycroft instructs Orphan to find the Bookman.

Orphan's quest takes him through the human oddities and automata at Maskelyn's Egyptian Hall, where he first hears about the Binder, before he comes face to face with the Bookman in his underground world. The Bookman sends Orphan on a new quest, to Caliban's island, on which he is accompanied by Jules Verne and Captain Dakkar. En route he faces pirates, meets a spider and loses a thumb. A visit to an underground village provides some clues to his own past.

Back in a changed London, he makes an unexpected acquaintance in prison, after encounters with Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes, and learns of Colonel Moran's involvement in his family history.

NOTE: "Mr Eliot's Wine Merchants on Gloucester Road" (p.20) may be an allusion to T.S. Eliot who was warden of St Stephen's Church in Gloucester Road,and whose ashes are buried in the church.

Camera Obscura (2011)
Included in:
The Bookman Histories (Lavie Tidhar) & as a novel in its own right
Story Type:
Steampunk Homage
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; (Sherlock Holmes; Irene Adler; Grimesby Roylott)
Fictional Characters: Mr Wu; Milady De Winter / Cleopatra; D'Artagnan (The Gascon); Quasimodo (Q); Victor Frankenstein (Viktor); Frankenstein's Monster; Madame L'Espanaye; Camille L'Espanaye; Fantômas (Tômas / The Phantom); Fu Manchu (The Manchu); Renfield; The Joker; Carmilla (Camilla / Countess Dellamorte); Winnetou; Prince Dakkar / Captain Nemo; (Lord De Winter; Athos; Esmeralda (Esme); Dr Moreau)
Historical Figures: General Tom Thumb
; E.T.A. Hoffmann (Hoffman Automaton); Toulouse Lautrec; Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin; André-Marie Ampère; Marquis de Sade; Buffalo Bill Cody; Sol Bloom; Cardinal Richelieu (The Monsignor); H.H. Holmes; Nikola Tesla; Félix du Temple; Harry Houdini; Alfred Krupp; (Queen Victoria; Empress-Dowager Cixi; Sitting Bull)
Other Characters: Kai; Mr Wu; Monks; Gunmen; Rue Morgue Crowd; Gendarmes; Urchins; Photographer; Yong Li; Grimm; Café Waiter; Montmartre Crowds; Paris Assailants; Gendarmes; Lizard Boys; Night Ghouls; Tunnel Rats; Automatons; Catacomb Dwellers; The Quiet Council; Dead Boy; Killer; Pigalle Victim; Bar Patrons; Manacled Men; Clockwork Room Guards; Clockwork Room Barman; Lézard Diplomat; Clockwork Room Patrons; Hosts; Hostesses; Mistress Fong Yi; Ip Kai; Pigalle Bartender; Moulin Rouge Doormen; Moulin Rouge Dancers; Moulin Rouge Bartenders; Chinatown Residents; Speckled Band Woman; Speckled Band Girls; Speckled Band Patrons; Colonel Xing; Xing's Men; Fei Linlin; Gobelin Workers; Goblins; Tea Room Owner; The Grey Ghost Gang; Houdin's Boy; Tunnel Dwellers; Ebenezer Long; Boy with Camel; Footmen; Drivers; Chestnut Sellers; Newspaper Boys; Booksellers; Beggars; Portrait Artists; Photographers; Party Guests; Automaton Band; Lao Farmers; Chinese Merchants; Cooks; Gardeners; Lao Monks; Blonde German; Manchu's Men; Farangs; Charenton Nuns; Lunatics; Feral Boy; Temple Monks; Viktor's Guards; Captain Karnstein; Marseilles Porters; Karnstein's Men; Countess Dellamorte; Fish People; McGill; Divers; Leopard Woman; Long Island Sailors; Egyptian Dancers; German Acrobats; Italian Knife-Throwers; Indian Magicians; Syrian Horsemen; Lenape Warriors; Young Woman on Gurney; Long's Cart Driver; Exposition Visitors; Captain of the Guards; Chicago Police; Egyptian Belly Dancer; The Monsignor; Monsignor's Bodyguards; Cart Men; Buddhist Monk; African Card Players; Cossack; Girls in Holmes' Cellar; Firemen; Zoopraxographical Audience; Woman Reporter; Exposition Performers; Lyre Player; Sioux Chief; Ushers; Delegates; Guards; Ferris Wheel Passengers; (Woman Novelist; Boy's Grandfather; Milady's Mother)
Date: 1893

Locations: Siam; Chiang Rai; Mr Wu's Celestial Dry Cleaning Emporium; France; Paris; Rue Morgue; Café; Montmartre; Thumb's Tobacconist Shop; Notre Dame Cathedral; The Catacombs; The Under-Morgue; Rue de la Bûcherie; Pigalle; Bar; Boulevard de Clichy; Station House; The Clockwork Room; Milady's Apartment; The Moulin Rouge; Chinatown; Avenues des Gobelins; The Speckled Band; Gobelin Factory; Tea Room; The Toymaker's Shop; Desert; Graveyard of Giants; Mekong River; Montmartre Cemetery; Ampère's Castle; Hotel de Ville; Laos; Luang Prabang; Palace; Monastery; Charenton Asylum; Temple; Marseilles; Aboard the White Worm; Atlantic Ocean; Scab; Vespuccia; The Long Island; Shikaakwa / Chicagoland; Tecumseh's Road; Boarding House; The White City; Diner; Englewood; Holmes' Castle; Zoopraxographical Hall
A jade statue is delivered to a Dry Cleaning Emporium in Chiang Rai, and after the death of his father in an ambush, young Kai flees with it. In Paris, Milady De Winter, agent of the Quiet Council, deals with the aftermath of a murder in the Rue Morgue, and searches for a missing artefact. In Viktor's lab, beneath the city, she learns of an epidemic of reanimated corpses. Later, in Pigalle, she is on hand to witness the murder of Madame L'Espanaye by a killer with a strangely elongated face. Her search leads her to an encounter with Toulouse-Lautrec in the Speckled Band opium den. She soon becomes aware that numerous factions from China and England, including Mycroft Holmes, are in pursuit of the same goals. From the beggar Ebenezer Long, she laerns the legend of the Emerald Buddha.

The killer's identity, an old acquaintance, is revealed at a diplomatic ball, and Milady finds herself held captive. Kai is ambushed by the Manchu in Laos. After her ordeal she is ministered to by Frankenstein and de Sade, and then sent to Vespuccia by the Council. En route she finds herself diverted to the undersea city of Scab. In Vespuccia, the World's Vespuccian Exposition is underway in Chicagoland. A murder in the ground's of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show leads Milady to H.H. Holmes. The parties chasing the artefact gather at the White City.

The Great Game (2012)
Included in:
The Bookman Histories (Lavie Tidhar) & as a novel in its own right
Story Type:
Steampunk Homage
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes (The Old Bee Keeper); Mycroft Holmes; Irene Adler; Neville St Claire / Hugh Boone; Dr Watson; (Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moran)
Fictional Characters: Number Six (Smith); Miss Marple (M.); Verloc; Colonel Creighton; Phileas Fogg; Fagin; Oliver Twist; Zephyrin Xirdal (Professor Xirdal Zephyrin); Comte de Rochefort; Lucy Westenra; Miss Havisham; Abraham Van Helsing; Quasimodo (Q); Victor Frankenstein (Viktor); Mina Harker / Wilhelmina Murray; Jonathan Harker; Paul Dombey; Sergeant Cuff; Alice
(Father Brown; Milady DeWinter; Winnetou; Fantômas; John Carter; Anatole; Dombey & Son; Dr Moreau; Dr Jekyll; Harry Flashman; Rudolph Rassendyll; Baltimore Gun Club)
Historical Figures:
Baroness Orczy (Magdolna); Fergus Hume; Charlie Peace; Lord Byron (The Byron Automaton); The Turk; Lord Alfred Douglas; Queen Victoria; Harry Houdini; Jack London; Bram Stoker; Karl May; Ivan Pavlov; Charles Babbage
(E. Phillips Oppenheim; Daniele Manin (Daniele Fonseca); Georgi Markov; Isabella Beeton; Sitting Bull; Nikola Tesla; H.H. Holmes; Roanoke Colonists; W.S. Gilbert; Sir Arthur Sullivan; Richard D'Oyly Carte; Alfred Krupp; Rudolf Diesel; Amerigo Vespucci; Henry Irving; Herbert Beerbohm Tree; Oscar Wilde; Florence Stoker; Gustave Eiffel; Charles Darwin; Thomas Edison; Isambard Kingdom Brunel; George Stephenson; Otto Lilienthal)
Mythical Characters: (Coyote)

Other Characters: Hmong Messenger Boy; Monks; The Harvester; Hapsburgian Extraction Team; Airship Prisoner; Blue Lizard Clientele; Blue Lizard Abductors; Market Blandings Police; Charing Cross Crowds; Pickpocket; Berlyne; Small Man; Covent Garden Crowds; Mobsman; Irene's Officers; Fogg's Driver; Harvester's Child; Fagin's Boys; Rochefort's Men; B-Men; Automaton-Boy; The Bookman; Lucy's Team; Gurkhas; Bangizwe; Church Warriors; Old Man; Liveried Palace Servant; Butcher; Booksellers; Young Charing Cross Man; James; Tea Room Proprietress; Dock Workers; Crew of the Snark; Punks de Lézard; Paris Booksellers; Latin Quarter Drinkers; Catacomb Dwellers; Viktor's Experiments; Lizard's Claw Kitchen Worker; Mrs Bleak; Leaflet Distributor; Fagin's Shill; Fat Man; Waterloo Bridge Beggars; Policemen; Building Workers; Dombey's Men; Hansom Driver; Police Automatons; Romanian Train Passengers; Romanian Military Officer; Carriage Driver; Baruch-Landau Driver; Baruch-Landau Stoker; Bu teni Landlady; Parisians; Dog-Men; Mr Spoons; Babbage's Scientists; Babbage's Soldiers; Fogg's Scientists; Fogg's Men; Mail Supervisor; Mail Automatons
(Three-Fingered Instructor; British Envoy to the Venetian Republic; Venetian Republic Assassins; Varna Waiter; French Scientist; The Quiet Council; French Conspirators; British Courier; Ebenezer Long; Counterfeiters; Russian émigré; Indian Landlady; Council of Chiefs; Kai; Exposition Crowds; Houdini's Killer; The Cabinet Noir; The Roanokes; Virginia; Shaman; Archaeologists Asian Guide; Mycroft's Security Men; Tailor Shop Owner; Marcus Rauchfus; Rauchfus's Guard; Rauchfus's Girlfriend; Captain Wyvern; Queen's Governess)
Locations: Thailand / Siam; Bangkok / Krung Thep; St Mary Mead / The Village; M.'s Shop; Verloc's Bookshop; Post Office; The Pub; Church; No. 6; Market Blandings; The Blue Lizard; A Train; London; Charing Cross Station; Pall Mall; The Bureau; The Bucket of Blood; Covent Garden; Scotland Yard; St Giles in the Fields; St Giles Circus; The Angel; Rochefort's Airship; The Babbage Tower; Limehouse; Gerrard Street; Royal Palace; Lucy's Rooms; Soho; Charing Cross Road; Lizardine Museum; Satis-by-the-Sea; Tea Room; Satis House; The Lizard's Claw; Seven Dials; Bleak House Hotel; Charing Cross Library; Shaftesbury Avenue; Soho Eatery; The Strand; Waterloo Bridge; Star City; Waterloo Station; Richmond Park; Belgravia; Mycroft's House; Isabella Plantation
France; Abyssinia; Aksum; Church of Our Lady of Zion; Vespuccia; Long Island; Aboard the Snark; Paris; Notre Dame; Latin Quarter; Catacombs; Viktor's Lab; Champs de Mars; Eiffel Tower; Romania; Bucharest; Hotel; Transylvania; Carpathian Mountains; Railway Station; Bu teni; Inn; Borgo Pass; Castle Bran; Brasov; Observatory; Mars
(Venice; Varna; Mombasa; The Black Hills; Chicagoland; The White City; Roanoke Island; Ham Common; Lyceum Theatre)
A messenger boy is killed in Bangkok. In St Mary Mead, a retirement community for secret agents, Smith (whose house number is "6") is visited by Fogg, who tells him of Mycroft and Alice's deaths. That evening an abduction attempt is made on him by a Hapsburg airship. A second attempt takes place in Market Blandings. He agrees to investigate the series of agents' deaths that Alice's and Mycroft's were part of. Oliver Twist assists Smith after the killing of the Byron Automaton and his abduction by Rochefort. His quest leads him to the Bookman's lair.

In Abyssinia, Lucy Westenra and a team that includes Lord Alfred Douglas are on a mission to capture the Church of Our Lady of Zion. After her return with the lizardine artefact she has recovered, she is told of Bram Stoker, missing in Carpathia, and taken before the Lizard Queen Victoria. She witnesses a meeting between Fogg and the Bookman, and hears the story of Orphan and Lucy from Miss Havisham.

The Council of Chiefs sends Houdini to London to find out what has become of Babbage. He remembers being killed at the White City Exposition in 1893, and his mission to Roanoke Island the following year, when he met Carter and the Bookman.

Smith meets Van Helsing in Paris, where he is continuing his search for the Harvester. They seek advice from Q (Quasimodo) in th catacombs, where they also do battle with Rochefort, and find Viktor (Frankenstein) in his ruined laboratory. They emerge from underground to find Paris on fire.

Houdini finds himself in Limehouse. Fagin leads him to Jonathan Harker, but he is taken captive by Paul Dombey.

Miss Havisham tells Lucy how the Bureau came to be interested in Stoker, and of Krupp's work on developing a new power source. The airship Stoker arives on comes under attack in Richmond Park.

Stoker's journal tells of his involvement with Krupp, and his journey to Transylvania.

Van Helsing and Smith face dog-men and the alien machines attacking Paris at the Eiffel Tower. On the streets below, Smith comes face to face with the Harvester.

Houdini is taken prisoner in Transylvania, and Lucy in London, before making her way to a rendezvous at the Palace.

NOTE: British agent Berlyne is named after Tidhar's agent John Berlyne.

NOTE 2: The German defector Marcus Rauchfus is named after Marcus Rauchfuß, the co-author of Steampunk - kurtz & geek.

"Dynamics of an Asteroid" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Science Fiction
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moran; Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Moriarty Gang; Dr Watson; Grimesby Roylott; Hugo Oberstein; Baron Gruner; Beppo; Jon Clay
Fictional Characters: Oliver Twist; Fagin; Martians / Body Snatchers; Ebenezer Scrooge
Historical Figures: Jack the Ripper; (Queen Victoria; H.G. Wells)
Other Characters: Royal Society Audience; Horsell Common Crowd; Possessed Humans; (Tearful Wife)
Date: End of the 19th Century
Locations: Moriarty's Bolt-hole; Royal Society; Horsell Common; East End; Commercial Street; Church; Spitalfields Market; Moriarty's House
After the first Martian craft lands on Horsell common, people begin to be taken over by the Martians, and a vicious killer named Jack stalks the East End. Six months after the invasion, Twist's dead body is sent to Moriarty, leader of the resistance, leading him to his decision to take the fight to the Jacks.

Eve Titus

Basil of Baker Street (1958)
Story Type:
Children's Story
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Sherlockian Detectives: Basil & Dr David Q. Dawson
Characters based on Canonical Characters: Mrs Judson
Other Characters: Mouse Carpenters; Mr Proudfoot; Mrs Proudfoot; Mouse Children; Harry Hawkins; Baker Street Man; Greymouse Inn Clerk; Mouse Sailors; Barney the Bank Robber; Freddie the Forger; Percy the Pickpocket; Sam Stilton; Mrs Boswell; Constable Clewes; Mouse Police Officers; Victoria Crew; Young Barn Owl; Angela Proudfoot; Agatha Proudfoot;Euston Station Lady; Carriage Driver; Holmestead Friends & Neighbours; (Basil's Tailor; Schoolmates; Mr Hume; Innkeeper; Clarence the Crook; Caller)
Date: 1885
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Holmestead; Basil's Flat; Hume's Sweetshop; Euston Station; A Train; Cumbria; Workington; Mousecliffe-on-Sea; Greymouse Inn; The Flying Squirrel Restaurant; Stilton's Grocer's Shop; Police Station; Aboard the Victoria; Hawkins's Cottage; The Woods; Deserted Barn; Workington Station
Basil, a mouse detective, moves into the cellar of 221B, Baker Street, with his biographer, Dr Dawson, to be closer to his mentor, Sherlock Holmes. There, he builds a mouse city called Holmestead.

One evening, they return home to find their neighbours, the Proudfoots waiting for them. Their twin daughters, Agatha and Angela have disappeared on their way home from school. Basil discovers footprints on the ground near the sweetshop, suggesting the twins have been lured away. They receive a demand from the Terrible Three warning them all to leave the cellar so it can be taken over as their headquarters, in return for the safe return of the twins. Disguised as sailors, Basil and Dawson travel north to Mousecliffe-on-Sea in Cumbria. They discover the Terrible Three's headquarters aboard a yacht, but are captured. They battle with a barn owl before rescuing the twins.

Basil and the Lost Colony (1964)
Story Type:
Children's Story
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson)
Sherlockian Detectives: Basil & Dr David Q. Dawson
Characters based on Canonical Characters: Mrs Judson (Mrs Hudson); Relda (Irene Adler); Professor Ratigan (Professor Moriarty)
Historical Figures: (William Tell; Albrecht Gessler)
Characters Derived from Historical Figures: Dickson & Carr (John Dickson Carr); Maestro Vincenzo Starretti (Vincent Starrett); Tillary Quin (Ellery Queen); Inspector Antoine Cherbou (Anthony Boucher); Maharajah of Bengistan (Nathan Bengis); Lord Adrian (Adrian Conan Doyle); Dr Wolff (Dr Julian Wolff)
Other Characters: Edvard Hagerup; Cyril; Mayor of Käsedorf; Big Tuppy; Russmer; Police Chief Brunner; Flora Faversham; Fauna Faversham; Young Richard; Howard; Gifford; Jamaldi; Elmo the Great; The Adorable Snowmouse; Mayor Saanen; Pigeons; Steamer Passengers; Jail Guard: International Society of Mouse Mountaineers; Innkeeper; Käsedorf Citizens; Bearers; Snake; Owl; Ratigan's Gang; The Tellmice; Two Human Children; Museum Guests; Alley Cat; (Siamese Cat; Lost Child; Adorable Snowmouse; Byzant; Heddmann; The Tellmice; Duke; Ball Guests)
Date: April - August 2, 1891
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Holmestead; The Docks; Channel Steamer; France; Calais; Switzerland; Käsedorf; The Englischer Hof Inn; Jail; The Faversham House; The Woods; A Lake; Mount Emmentaler; River Sbrinz; A Well; Bachenreich Falls; Ratigan's Hideout; Valley of Missing Mice; Zirl; Catgut Factory; Zurich; Watch Factory; Zermatt; National Mousetrap Museum; British Mousmopolitan Museum
Basil has been pursuing Professor Ratigan, and has almost succeeded in bringing an end to his criminal empire, despite having a Siamese cat set upon him by the Professor. He is visited by Edvard Hagerup, who asks him to join an expedition to Switzerland in search of the Adorable Snowmouse. An arrow, sent from Switzerland by the Faversham sisters, with their letter about the Snowmouse, is, Basil believes, a clue to the location of the Lost Colony of the Tellmice. Basil and Dawson travel to Switzerland where they discover that Police Chief Brunner has arrested two mice, Dickson and Carr, who are really members of Ratigan's gang.

Ratigan abducts the Faversham sisters. The soprano mouse Relda sings for the mountaineers. The expedition up the Emmentaler begins, despite Ratigan's attempts at sabotage. They face danger from an owl, a snake and an avalanche, and Basil faces Ratigan at Bachenreich Falls, before finding both the Snowmouse and the Lost Colony.

NOTE: The names of many of Basil's team of mountaineers are derived from famous Sherlockians. Presumably the others are too, can anyone tell me who Young Richard the American Mathematician from Davenport, Ohio; Howard the Geologist (possibly Howard Haycraft?); Gifford the Archeologist; and Photographer Jamaldi are?

Richard K. Tobin

"Death and No Consequences" (2012)
Included in:
The Great Detective: His Further Adventures (Gary Lovisi)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Mrs Hudson)
Other Characters: Sarah / Eliza MacGuillicudy; Constable Randolph Grover; Nellie Malone; Prince Henry; Lucy Waters; Clean-Up Men; Reporter; Dingle Road Guards; Secret Service Men; (Lord Hotchkiss; Holmes's Parents; Holmes's Doctor; Woman With Missing Dog; Missing Husband)
Date: December
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Dingle Road; Morrissey's Restaurant
Holmes and Watson are called on by Sarah (or Eliza) MacGuillicudy, secretary to Lord Hotchkiss of the Peerage Society Association, who tells them that Prince Henry, nephew of the Queen has murdered Nellie Malone, a waitress. They visit the restaurant where the girl, who was pregnant, was murdered and view her dismembered corpse. They are threatened by the prince, Holmes tells Watson about his parents unhappy relationship and how he took to using morphine. Watson suggests that the Prince is due a come-uppance, and he and Holmes are paid off. Watson remembers why Holmes became a detective.

Charles Todd

"The Case That Holmes Lost" (2011)
Included in:
A Study in Sherlock (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle; (H.Greenhough Smith)
Other Characters: John Whitman; Baines's Clerk; Ronald Baines; (William Scott / Hamilton; Moira MacGregor; Moira's Husband; Maid; Chimney Sweep; Fergus MacTaggart; Baines's Client; Doyle's Spiritualist Friend)
Date: Post 1905
Locations: Whitman's Office; 12, Ironmonger Lane
Story: Doyle visits his solicitor, Whitman, with news that Holmes, even though he is a fictional character is being sued based on a new story Doyle has written. The story is loosely based on events that occurred while Doyle was in Edinburgh in which a medical colleague was accused of attempting to murder the husband of one of his patients. The story could only possibly have been read by two people. Whitman visits the solicitor who is handling the case to find out more

Alexandra Townsend

"A Good Mind's Fate" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Moriarty Gang; (Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes)
Other Characters: Molly; Police Officers; Antonia; Tenants of Molly's Building; (Timothy; Tavern Owner; Giles; Crane; Moffey; Women Card-Sharps)
Date: 1891?
Locations: Moriarty's House; Tavern; Molly's Flat; Moriarty's Office
Molly, a young runner for Moriarty's organisation, whom he is tutoring in advanced mathematics, asks how he became a criminal. He tells her about the influence of Crime and Punishment, and his first crime at school. Unsatisfied with his response, she begins to research his background, and criminal psychology. When she sees members of Moriarty's gang being arrested and hears about Sherlock Holmes, it deepens he curiosity, until she finally is able to confront Moriarty with an answer.


"The Bound of the Haskervilles" (1930)
Included in:
As It Might Have Been (Robert C.S. Adey)
Story Type:
Detectives: Herlock Sholmes and Dr Jotson
Other Characters: Mrs Bloomer; Doctor; Train Guard; The Earl of Haskerville; The Hon. Horace Marmaduke Haskerville; (Oil Magnate)
Locations: Shaker Street; Little Wartlebury-in-the-Marsh; Haskerville House
Story: Sholmes and Jotson are called upon by the Haskerville family doctor. The Haskerville heir, on attaining his majority, is traditionally told a secret and set the task of jumping a dyke. The current heir, however, cannot jump. Sholmes agrees to help solve the problem. He and Jotson travel to Haskerville Hall where a gift from an Eastern oil magnate makes the heir leap and Jotson faint.

Peter Tremayne

"The Affray at the Kildare Street Club" (1997)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (Mike Ashley); An Ensuing Evil and Others (Peter Tremayne)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moran
Other Characters: Waiters; Lord Rosse; Viscount Massereene & Ferrard; Lord Clonmell; Marquess Beresford of Waterford; Beresford's Brother; The Duke of Cloncury & Straffan; Head Waiter; Club Chairman; Cloakroom Attendant; Doorman
Date: September, 1873
Locations: Dublin; The Kildare Street Club; a cab
Story: Holmes tells Watson of an early case in Dublin. Dining at the exclusive Kildare Street Club, Mycroft identifies two fellow diners as Professor Moriarty & Colonel Moran. Later the two are seen to argue and leave, Moran later returns. Meanwhile the Duke of Cloncury & Straffan has had a silver hairbrush stolen in the cloakrooms. Holmes is able to use his powers of observation & analysis to recover the missing object.

"The Case of the Reluctant Assassin" (2010)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The American Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Watson and Holmes
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: General John O'Neill
Other Characters: Toorish Sherlock; O'Neill's Guards; Kitty McKenny; Billy McCartan; Kevin Mullan
Date: 1877 / Some Years Later
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; USA; Nebraska; Holt City; Sherlock's House; O'Neill's House
Story: An item in the New York Times reminds Holmes of an incident from his past, which he tells Watson about:

Between his studies at Trinity College, Dublin and Magdalen College, Oxford, Holmes visited his cousin, Toorish Sherlock, a doctor in Holt City, Nebraska. When he arrives, he finds his cousin heading for the home of General O'Neill, who has been poisoned. O'neill is an Irish Liberationist, and Sherlock fears that, as Mycroft works for the British Government at Dublin Castle, Holmes may be viewed as a suspect in the poisoning. They arrive at O'Neill's house, and find the General unconscious. While Sherlock is tending to him, Holmes is given the task of discovering how the poison was administered, but also discovers by whom.

"The Kidnapping of Mycroft Holmes" (2003)
Included in:
An Ensuing Evil and Others (Peter Tremayne)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Lord Maynooth; Mycroft Holmes; (Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade)
Historical Figures: Superintendent John Mallon; Mr O'Keeffe; (Lord Frederick Cavendish; Thomas Burke; William Ewart Gladstone)
Other Characters: Constable; MacVitty; Cap'n; Cap'n's Companion; Shadowy Guard; Bearded Man; IRB Man; Messenger; Irish Police; Maulnagower Guards
Date: May 6, 1882
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Ferry; Dublin; Merrion Square; Kildare Street Club; Corner of Dawson Street & St Stephen's Green; Train; Maulnagower
Story: After receiving a cryptic telegram from Mycroft, Holmes learns that his brother has been kidnapped in Dublin, and travels to Ireland with Watson. There he learns that Mycroft was abducted at gunpoint in a carriage. Holmes and Watson are themselves abducted by carriage, and their meeting with Mycroft's masters, who fear a plot is afoot to discredit both Parnell and Gladstone, is interrupted by news of the assassination of Burke and Cavendish. Holmes decode's Mycroft's telegram to uncover a traitor in their midst.
"The Siren of Sennen Cove" (2001)
Included in:
Murder in Baker Street (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower); An Ensuing Evil and Others (Peter Tremayne)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; (Dr. Moore Agar; Mr. Roundhay; Mortimer Tregennis; The Sophy Anderson)
Other Characters: Mrs. Chirgwin; Sir Jelbart Trevossow; Trevossow's Coachman; Mr. Neal; Noall Tresawna; Captain Silas Trevossow; Harry Penwarne; Penwarne's Manservant; (Shipwreck Survivors; Skipper & Crew of the Torrington Lass)
Date: April, 1897
Locations: Cornwall; Poldhu Bay; Holmes & Watson's Cottage; Sennen; Chy Trevescan; Pedn-men-du; Sennen Cove; Tregriffian House
Story: While still in Cornwall after the Devil's Foot affair Holmes is visited by Trevossow who tells him of stories that a beautiful siren has been luring ships onto the rocks in Sennen Cove. Survivors report seeing a naked woman, large and shimmering white, dancing on the rocks, and hearing heavy breathing from the direction of the rocks. Holmes and Watson journey to Sennen and are rowed out into the Cove to investigate. They see the phantom and save a ship, but the woman disappears before they can investigate further. They return the following night and examine the cliff on which the woman appeared - it appears impossible for anyone to stand on it. Investigation of nearby rocks reveals some broken glass and a Leclanche cell which lead Holmes to his solution.

"The Specter of Tullyfane Abbey" (2001)
Included in:
Villains Victorious (Martin H. Greenberg & John Helfers); An Ensuing Evil and Others (Peter Tremayne); The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)

Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; James Phillimore; Professor Moriarty; Mycroft Holmes
Historical Figures: Bram Stoker; George Stoker; (Sir William & Lady Wilde; Oscar Wilde)
Other Characters: Jack Phillimore; Agnes Phillimore; Malone; Dennis McGillycuddy; A Young Boy; Dr. John MacDonnell; Sub-Inspector Dalton; Dr. Simms-Taafe
Date: 1871 or after
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Dublin: The Theatre Royal; A Train; Tullyfane Abbey
Story: Reading Watson's draft of Thor Bridge, Holmes berates him for providing the public with a list of his failures, including the case of Colonel James Phillimore. Holmes proceeds to tell Watson of the affair, which occurred in his youth. Holmes & Stoker meet Holmes's Oxford acquaintance Jack Phillimore at the theatre in Dublin. Holmes is disappointed that Jack's sister, Agnes, is not with him, moreso when he is told that she is to be married in one month, to a Professor Moriarty. Jack invites Holmes to Tullyfane Abbey where they are "having increasing problems with the family ghost". Jack's father Colonel Phillimore is approaching his 50th birthday, the day on which he will die, according to the family curse. Meanwhile, Moriarty is trying to gain possession of Tullyfane Abbey. At dinner the sound of a child's sobbing is heard, Moriarty offers to buy the house, but the Colonel refuses. The following day as they are about to set out on a walk into town, the Colonel steps back into the house for his umbrella, and completely disappears. It is only years later that Holmes is finally able to put all the pieces together.

"A Study in Orange" (2003)
Included in:
My Sherlock Holmes (Michael Kurland); An Ensuing Evil and Others (Peter Tremayne)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Watson & Colonel Moran
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Colonel Moran; Cardinal Tosca; Mycroft Holmes
Historical Figures: Inspector John Littlechild; Wolf Shield (Lord Randolph Churchill); (Pope Leo XIII; Lord Salisbury)
Other Characters: Dr. Thomson; Sir Gibson Glassford; Glassford's Housemaid; Hogan; Father Michael; Detective Inspector Gallagher; Cardinal Tosca's secretary; Coroner; Father Michael's Housekeeper; Glassford's Wife; Glassford's Servants; Workmen; Elderly Lady; Bert Small; Glassford's Nanny; Glassford's Cook; Special Branch Men
Date: 1903 & November 1890
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Gayfere Street; Glassford's House; Scotland Yard; A Hansom Cab; Mortuary; Soho, St. Patrick's Church; Another Hansom; Canon Row; Small's office; Westminster Bridge; The Embankment; Underground Tunnels
Story: Holmes allows Watson to read Moran's account of the death of Cardinal Tosca. The Cardinal's body was found in the guest bedroom of MP Sir Gibson Glassford. Sir Gibson denies ever having met the Cardinal. Holmes discovers that the Cardinal had been invited to London to take part in discussions on the Irish Problem. After smelling the clothes that the Cardinal had been wearing, Holmes starts searching London's various underground tunnel systems, and eventually uncovers a plot to overthrow the government.

NOTE: "Wolf Shield" translates to "Randolph" in Anglo-Saxon .

Hayden Trenholm

"The Last Windigo" (2009)
Included in:
Gaslight Grotesque (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes
; (Colonel Sebastian Moran; Mary Morstan; Mycroft Holmes)
Folkloric Characters: Windigo
Historical Figures: (Queen Victoria)

Other Characters: Policemen; Tim Jacobson; Alice Jacobson; Staff Sergeant Barker; Jonathan Maguire; Mrs Leblanc; Leblanc's Maid; Mayor Leblanc; Ojibwa Shaman; (Ojibwa Chief)
Date: June - ?, 1894
Locations: Watson's Consulting Rooms; Canada; Rat Portage; Jacobson's Boarding House; Russell House Hotel; Leblanc's House; Island
Holmes and Watson travel to Canada on a job for Mycroft. While they are waiting for the matter to be resolved they decide to explore the country by train. They arrive in the town of Rat Portage to find that the latest in a series of deaths, both animal and human, has just taken place, this time the victim is a local property developer. Local rumour ascribes the killings to a windigo. While they are investigating a Masonic connection, they come upon another murder, of the town's mayor. A noxious gas still lingers at the murder scene, and they witness a strange creature fleeing through the window. They row out to an island to face an Ojibwa shaman.

M.J. Trow

Stan Trybulski

"Be Good or Begone" (2011)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #5 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Irene Adler; (Colonel Moran; Professor Moriarty)
Other Characters: McSorley's Drinkers; Barkeep; Waiters; Police Officers; Captain Aloysius G. Murphy; Edgar
Date: 12 years into Watson's retirement / February during the Great Depression
Locations: Watson's Riviera Villa; USA; New York; The Waldorf-Astoria; East Seventeenth Street; McSorley's Old Ale House
Story: Watson
, retired and living on the Riviera, re-reads his notes on one of Holmes's old cases:

Holmes and Watson are staying at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York when an envelope is slid under their door containing an invitation from the John McSorley Pickle, Beefsteak, Baseball Nine and Chowder Club. At McSorley's they discover that the invitation is a hoax and their waiter is shot, uttering only the word "Moran" before he dies, but not before they discover he is an old acquaintance in disguise. Holmes is challenged to solve the crime by police captain "Vicious" Aloysius G. Murphy, and subjects an innocent man to police brutality in order to do so.

"The Mystery of Ogham Manor" (2012)
Included in:
The Great Detective: His Further Adventures (Gary Lovisi)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Professor Moriarty; Baker Street Irregulars; Mycroft Holmes; Tobias Gregson)
Other Characters: Beaminster Cab Driver; Throbble; Mrs Wolkner / Annabelle Portia Perkins / Annabelle Broyhurst / Baroness Portia von Schritter zu Adelberg; Dr Sedgecombe; Essie O'Brien; (Ethelbert Wolkner; Sean Carroll; Zurich Bank Clerk; Cyrus Murdoch; Earl of Putney; Brother Kenneth; Eustice Broyhurst; Otto, Freiherr von Schritter zu Adelberg; Von Schritter zu Adelberg's Son; Morrell)
Date: After the Hiatus
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Switzerland; Reichenbach Falls; Zurich; Locarno; Italy; Florence; Ireland; Galway; Aran Islands; Inis Oírr; Doolin; O'Connor's Pub; A Train; Dorset; Dorchester; Beaminster; Sedgecombe's House; Ogham Manor; Hunting Cabin
Holmes is consulted by Carroll, president of an Irish Life Assurance company whom he had first met during the great hiatus, about the death of businessman Wolkner on his Dorset estate. After telling Watson of his hiatus adventures, the two travel to Dorset, where the doctor who examined the body tells them that Wolkner's death appears to be a shooting accident. The housekeeper who found the body takes them to the site of the death, where they examine the hunting cabin and some standing stones with ogham engravings. After examining a wooden post carved in Ogham, they spend a night at the cabin before returning to the manor to reveal the truth to Wolkner's wife based on information received from Morrell, a former Baker Street Irregular now working as an agent of the Crown.

Dean P. Turnbloom

Sherlock Holmes & the Whitechapel Vampire (2012)
Story Type: Supernatural 3rd Person Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Billy; Inspector Lestrade
Historical Figures: Sir Charles Warren; Polly Nichols; Lodging House Deputy; Jack the Ripper; Police Constable Neill; P.C. John Thain; Dr Rees Ralph Llewellyn; P.C. Jonas Mizen; Inspector Frederick Abberline; Assistant Commissioner James Monro; Lady Margaretta Warren; Annie Chapman; Robert Mann; Dr George Bagster Phillips; Emma Abberline; Walter Dew; Albert Bachert; Elizabeth Stride; Louis Diemschutz; Catherine Eddowes; Mary Kelly; Walter Beck; (Vincent Van Gogh; John Davis; Sir Robert Anderson; Henry Matthews; Emma Smith; Martha Tabram; Sir Edward Henry; Armand de Perigord)
Folkloric Characters: Vampire

Other Characters: Baron Antonio Barlucci; Marguerite Dubois; Barlucci's Driver; Polcemen; Detectives; Dr Alan Tremaine; Academy of Science Audience; Carlino Gaetano; Vittorio Martini; Lira Crew; Sailor; William Brady; Captain Josiah Madison; Gianetta Rossini; Paolo Rossini; Anna Rossini; Milo Magdalena; Cristina Magdalena; Chief Inspector Renard; Waiter; Abner; Garrett; Garrett's Assailants; Third Mate; Master-at-Arms; Mr Todd; Mr Barrington; Guards; Barlucci's Guests; Chamber Orchestra; Abigail Drake; Agnes; Warren's Servant; Lyceum Audience; Barlucci's Servants; Newgate Guards; Police Officers; Beggar; Prostitute; Client; Rigoletto Audience; Three Nuns Innkeeper; Sailors; Bishopsgate Desk Sergeant; Inspector Waters; Detective Sergeant Mulberry; Aldgate Passengers; Street Urchin; Duke Street Constable; Mitre Square Constable; Cab Drivers; Bank Tellers; Dock Crowds; Walter Wellington, Sr; Perry, Dingle & Guild Receptionist; John B. Becker; Silas Fenley; Bailiff; Magistrate; Animus Lacuna Captain; Detective Sergeant; Messenger; Collins; Lestrade's Constables; Landau Driver; Carlino's Father; (Maria Agnesi; Pietro Agnesi; Coletta; Angelina; Sinti Gypsies; Healer; Knights; Shepherd; Abberline's Grandmother; Julia; Vittorio's Father; Chief Magistrate; Watson's Fiancee; Smugglers; Clancy; Inspector Andrews)
Date: June 30th - November 30th, 1888
Locations: France; Paris; Le Quai du Tuleries; Academy of Science; Pont Neuf; Italy; Genoa Docks; Aboard the Lira; Café de la Paix; Anchor Pub; Westbourne Grove Place; Darthmore Hall; Southampton; Port Commissioner's Office; Knightsbridge; Alexander Hotel; Milan; Agnesi's House; Pio Albergo Trivulzio Hospice; Whitechapel; Buck's Row; Scotland Yard; Warren's Home; Old Montagu Street Mortuary; Hospital; Kennington; Abberline's Home; Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; Dover Station; Newgate Prison; Aldgate East Underground Station; Goulston Street; Royal Opera House; Three Nuns Hotel; Commercial Street; Berner Street; Dutfield's Yard; Bishopsgate Police Station; Aldgate Street; Houndsditch; Duke Street; St James Place Square; Mitre Square; Whitechapel Street; Fairclough Street; A Sewer; Threadneedle Street; Bank of England; London Docks; Wellington & Son's; Camden; 13, Bedford Row; Farrington, Warehouse; Courtroom; London Bridge; St Katherine's Docks; Aboard the Animus Lacuna; St George Street; Cannon Street Road; Dorset Street; Whitehall; Times Offices
Vampire, Baron Barlucci, attends a lecture on blood disorders after taking his latest victim in Paris. Carlino Gaetano is areested aboard the cargo ship Lira for the murder of the girl he has fallen in love with. On holiday in Paris, Holmes is asked to investigate the murder of four prostitutes, echoing a similar series of murders over a hundred years previously. The Baron moves among high society in London, paying particular attention to Sir Charles Warren's niece Abigail, while Scotland Yard is investigating the Ripper murders. Barlucci asks Dr Tremaine to search for a cure for his vampirism, Abberline is instructed to seek out Holmes's help in the Ripper case. Holmes decides to investigate Carlino's case, but also sets up patrols in Whitechapel. He takes to the sewers in pursuit of the Ripper after the double event. He realises that there is a connection between the Gaetano case and the Ripper murders. Tremaine tests a serum on the Baron. Warren orders Abberline to stop working with Holmes. Holmes is taken prisoner, Mary Kelly is murdered, the Baron sets sail for New York, and Carlito is convicted of murder before the case is over.

Edgar Turner

"The Book of 1900" (1900)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Fictional Characters: (Captain Kettle; Doctor Nikola; Rudolf Rassendyll; Stalky & Co.; The Skipper)
Other Characters: Narrator; Blanco Watson; (Rassendyll's Ancestor; Pacific Islanders; Island Queen; Kettle's Wife & Children; Cooks; Island Priest; Stalky & Co's Grandfathers)
Date: 1900
Locations: England
Story: Blanco Watson advises the narrator that he can write th book of 1900 by combining the heroes of six popular romances
in one book, thus gaining six times the readership. He advises using Captain Kettle, Dr Nikola, Sherlock Holmes, Rudolf Rassendyll, Stalky & Co., and Skipper, and suggests that by tabulating their characteristics to maintain their individual personalities, the plot will take care of itself. His suggestion is that the heroes should journey to a Pacific island in search of the philosopher's stone.



Mark Twain

A Double-Barrelled Detective Story (1902)
Included in:
I Believe in Sherlock Holmes (Douglas G. Greene); The Mammoth Book Of Comic Crime (Maxim Jakubowski); Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel) (Extract); The Misadventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Ellery Queen) and as a novel in its own right.
Story Type: Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Virginia Jacob Fuller; Mrs Fuller / Stillman; Farmers; Mrs Fuller's Father; Archy Stillman; Villagers; Reporter; Train Conductor; Denver Jacob Fuller / David Wilson / James Walker; Sammy Hillyer; Flint Buckner; Fetlock Jones; Pat Riley; Miners; Jake Parker; Peter Hawes; Ferguson; Billy Stevens; Ham Sandwich; Peterson; Mrs Hogan; Injun Billy; Hogan's Child; Constable Harris; Tom Jeffries; Daly's Gorge Gang; Shadbelly Higgins; Sheriff Jack Fairfax
Date: 1880 / 1886 / April 3, 1897 - October, 1900
Locations: Virginia; New England; Denver; Silver Gulch, Montana; San Francisco; Hope Canyon, California
Story: Jacob Fuller, bearer of the 'Sedgemoor Trademark' ties his young bride to a tree and sets his bloodhounds on her and flees. Their son is born in New England, where she takes the name, Stillman. The boy, Archy, is blessed with the sense of smell of a bloodhound and can see in the dark. When he becomes sixteen she tells him about his father, now a gold-miner, and sends him to torment him by driving him out of any place he finds him. Archie sets out on the task, finding his father in Denver, and following him to Silver Gulch mining camp in Montana. Returning to Denver Archy learns that he has the wrong Jacob Fuller. He finds the man gone when he returns to Silver Gulch, and sets out to find him and restore his fortunes. He follows him all over the world, finally coming back to California where he rests up in Hope Canyon, another mining camp.
The black sheep of Hope Canyon is Flint Buckner, who has an English youth, Fetlock Jones as his servant. Although mistreated, he is scared to leave Buckner, but dreams of murdering him. He comes up with a plan after Buckner leaves him in a hole with a burning fuse. Archy helps find a missing child.

Holmes arrives in Hope Canyon, which makes his nephew Fetlock's plans to kill Buckner more complicated. Buckner is killed in an explosion at his cabin. After investigating, Holmes accuses Hillyer of the crime. Archy sets out to prove his innocence. Holmes challenges him on his deductions. Archy examines everyone's feet, and Holmes finds himself implicated in the murder. The murderer is imprisoned, Holmes is captured by a gang from Daly's Gorge, and Archy finally achieves his goal with both Fullers.

L.C. Tyler

"Moriarty's Luck" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; (Colonel Moran; Windigate)
Other Characters: (Swiss Peasant; Peasant's Wife; Moriarty's Landlord; Moriarty's Housemates)
Locations: Baker Street; Corner of Bentinck and Welbeck Streets
Date: Winter, 1902 or 1903
Walking to Simpson's, Holmes and Watson encounter Moriarty, who tells them of the path his life took after the events at the Reichenbach Falls.