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Michael Kurland

The Infernal Device (1978)
Included in: The Infernal Device and Others (Michael Kurland) and as a novel in its own right
Story Type: Third-person Pastiche / Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Sherlock Holmes; Trepoff; Inspector Lestrade; Dr Watson; (James Phillimore; Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: Abd-ul Hamid II; Queen Victoria; (Oscar Wilde; Jean Eugène Robert Houdin; George Bernard Shaw)
Other Characters: Urchin; Mr Maws; Benjamin Barnett; Lieutenant Auric Sefton; American Embassy Clerk; Floating Bridge Toll-Collector; Bridge Users; Captain Pasha; Captain Pasha's Secretary; Page Boy; Arab Attackers; Coffeeshop Waiter; Boss Caiquejee; Assistant Caiquejee; Osmanieh Crew; Pressmen; Diplomats; Servants; Submarine Crew; Turkish Officer; Hotel Page Boy; Zyverbine; Okhrana Men; Count Brekinsky; Prison Warder; Monks; Gate Guard; Captain of the Guard; Guards; Prisoners; Carpet Delivery Men; Mrs H; Moriarty's Maids; Mummer Tolliver; Twist; Eddie MacReady; Isaac Benlevi; Cabbies; Low; Prince Tseng Li-chang; Tseng's Workers; Policeman; Trepoff's Men; Gregory; Clarence; Hansom Drivers; Ipswich's Footman; Ipswich's Butler; Duke of Ipswich; Sweetings' Waiter; Count Boris Gobolski; The Kensington Wheeler; Little George Street Porter; Lestrade's Men; Chelsea Pawnbroker; Mr Starkey; Falstaff Proprietor; Scrutton Court Women; Lady Catherine; Portsmouth Police Sergeant; Inspector Peebles; Hyman Miro; Royal Standard Landlord; Captain Coster; Lieutenant Simms; Water Witch Crewman; Navy Cutter Crewmen; Seaman Kelly; Submarine Crew; Balloon Crew; (Bomb Deliveryman; German Engineers; Folies Dancer; Vassily Vladimirovitch Gabin / Ned Bunting; Prison Governor; Hotel Ibrahim Night Manager; Floor Man; Guests; Doctor; Police; American Counsel; Dr Breckstone; Petruchian; Hardesty Gores; Daily Telegraph Clerk; Beheaded Child; Chalk Merchant; London & Midlands Bank Manager; Assistant Manager; Bank Guard; Russian Anarchists; Standard Reporter; Lady Catherine's Friends; Ipswich's Servants; Duchess of Ipswich; Duchess's Mother; District Telegraph Office Manager; Professor Henry Perrine; Dr Wycliffe; Lord Halder; Pawnbrokers; Captain Peterson; Lowery)
Date: March, 1885 - May, 1885
Locations: 64, Russell Square; Constantinople; Pera; Hotel Ibrahim; American Embassy; The Floating Bridge; Stamboul; The Sublime Porte; Street of the Two Towers; Coffeeshop; Aboard the Osmanieh; Odessa; Okhrana Headquarters; Prison of Mustafa II; Godolphin Street Warehouse; Belgravia; Old Brompton Road; Upper Swandam Lane; Grey's Inn Road; Trepoff's Room; Whitefriars Street; American News Service Offices; Kensington; Baddeley Hall; Sweetings; Little George Street; Chelsea Pawn Shop; Limehouse; Pigott Street; Cable Street; Jack Falstaff Tavern; Scrutton Court; A Train; Portsmouth; The Royal Standard Public House; Police Station; The Solent; Aboard the Water Witch; Aboard a Coal Barge; Aboard a Naval Cutter; In a Balloon
Story: Moriarty receives a letter warning him off the Trepoff case, followed shortly after by a bomb. In Constantinople to report on the testing of a new submarine, Barnett and his friend Sefton rescue Moriarty from a pursuing gang of Arabs. The submarine blows up, and Sefton is murdered. Barnett finds himself in prison, charged with spying.

Arriving in Odessa, Moriarty is hired by the Okhrana to track down the anarchist Trepoff who is planning to foment a war between Britain and Russia. Returning to Constantinople, Moriarty arranges for Barnett's escape, having realised that Trepoff is behind the events there. In return Barnett must work for Moriarty for two years. Holmes calls on Moriarty, and Barnett is taken to meet Moriarty's associates, and sets up a press agency to search for traces of Trepoff, who has made further attempts on Moriarty's life.

Moriarty attempts to investigate the disappearance of the daughter of the Duke of Ipswich, but is accused of the crime by Holmes. He receives word that Trepoff is recruiting Russian sailors. Tolliver is captured, and a rescue is planned. Barnett goes in search of a music box and is captured. Moriarty and Holmes join forces to avert an attack on the Queen in the Solent, and along with Barnett take a balloon trip.

Death by Gaslight (1982)
Included in: The Infernal Device and Others (Michael Kurland) and as a novel in its own right
Story Type: Pastiche / Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Sherlock Holmes; Billy; Inspector Lestrade; Colonel Moran; The Amateur Mendicant Society; (Tobias Gregson; Dr Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Mrs Hudson)
Historical Figures: (Lord Salisbury; Queen Victoria; Karl Marx)
Other Characters: Professor Adolphus Chardino; Sexton; Constable William Alberts; Lemming; Walbine's Jarvey; Lord Walbine; Mrs Beddoes; Benjamin Barnett; Mr Maws; Mr Singh / Maharaja of Rajasthan; Earl of Arundale; Errand Boy; News Agency Secretaries; Reporters; Miss Burnside; Cecily Perrine; "Mummer" Tolliver; Scotland Yard Constables; Constable Hawkins; Old Potts; Mrs H; Allegro Crowds; Sir Geoffrey Cruikstaff; Hackamore; Stage Door Gallants; Tinker; Chorus Girl; Page Boy; Cabby; Detective Gordon; Detective Macy; Detective Stevens; Russell Square Raid Policemen; Constable Wiggs; Dartmoor Plainclothesmen; Villagers; Aerostat Pilots; Prince Tseng Li-Chang; Low; Nathaniel Palmar; Mr Quimby; Desmond Chauvelin; Chauvelin's Girls; Chauvelin's Coachman; Infant Court Guards; Threshampton; Count d'Hiver; Hempelmayer's Doorman; Manager; Waiters; Morning Chronicle General Manager; Lord East; Reporters; Hindu Servants; Heinrich von Hertzog; Jameson; Higgins; The Snoozer; Twist; Upper McHennory; The Twopenny Yob; Percy the Painter, Quincy Hope; Gammidge; The Hope Residence; Plainclothesmen; Constable; MacDonald; William Doyle; Thompson; Lord Crecy Darby / Richard Plantagenet; Moriarty's Agents; Welshman; Cockney; Tweedy Man; Plymouth Reporters; Harry Inglestone; Binns; Railway Guard; Her Majesty's Bengalese Foot Regiment; Colonel; Brigadier; Indian Workmen; Plymouth Plainclothes Policemen; Duke of Denver; Poultry Cart Driver; Old Lady; Bystanders; Curator of the Egyptian Collection of the British Museum; Retired Sergeant of Marines; Mr Simes; Ditmar Forbis; Hellfire Club Members; Servants; Captive Girls; Dr Breckstone; Hellfire Butler; Gaitskill's Lad; Dermot; Hellfire Stewards; Dealers; Croupiers; Hellfire Women; Cecily's Father; (Annie Chardino; Isadore Stanhope; The Honourable George Venn; Commissioner of Police; The Home Secretary; Lord John Darby; Darby's Cook; Lord Chamberlain; Samsone; Margery; Lizzard; Drayman; Lestrade's Undercover Men; Amberly; Lucille; Matthew Creighton; Admiral Sir George TallBouys; Sir Hector Billysgait; Fellows; Benlevi; Old Roos; Gilchester; Lord Hogbine; Lady Hogbine; Frazier; Caterby-Cahors; Moriarty's Agents; Engine Driver; Manders, the Modern Merlin; Signor Gespardo, the Court Card King; Kris Koloni the Handkuff King; Moritz the Wonderful Wizard; Walla & Bisby; St Luke's Physician; Babbington Gardens Residents; Gage Street Neighbours)
Date: March, 1887
Locations: Graveyard; Kensington Gore; Regent's Gate; Walbine House; Cromwell Road; 64, Russell Square; 221B, Baker Street; 27, Whitefriars Street; American News Agency Office; Scotland Yard; Long Acre; The Allegro Theatre; British Museum; Police Train; Dartmoor; Mossback Station; Crimpton-on-the-Moor; Sigerson Manor; Upper Sedgewick Lane; The Gentlemen's Gentlemen Club; Infant Court; Arundale's Residence; Hempelmayer's Restaurant; Plymouth; Lord East's Hotel; The Hope Residence; Dawlish; Teignmouth; Totnes; The Duke of Clarence Inn; The Railway Arms; Rail Yard; The d'Hiver Residence; Hampton Court; Office of Simes & Naughton; Office of Ditmar Forbis; Corner of Montague Street and Upper Keating Place; The Hellfire Club; Upper Pondbury Crescent; The Perrine Residence
Story: Lord Walbine has his throat cut in a locked room. Moriarty tells Barnett that the death is linked to two other murders. Lord Arundale brings a government request to Holmes to take over the investigation. Barnett sets Cecily Perrine, newly promoted correspondent for the American News Agency, to look into the murders. Lestrade suspects a conspiracy of butlers, and a madman escapes from a continental asylum.

Believing Moriarty is responsible for the murders, Holmes leads a raid on his house and his Dartmoor observatory where he is constructing an aerostat, an astronomical balloon. Meanwhile, the murders continue as Moriarty plans the theft of Lord East's collection of Eastern artefacts, Barnett plans to marry Cecily, and Holmes searches for the link between the now six victims. The newly-formed Amateur Mendicant Society sends a delegation, with Moran among its members, to Moriarty to request his assistance in tracking down the murderer, while d'Hiver shows an increasing interest in and scorn for Holmes's investigations.

Cecily continues looking into the murders under her new role as reporter for the Morning Chronicle, but her investigations lead to capture. Moriarty succeeds in the impossible theft of the treasure, Barnett searches for Cecily, Holmes seeks to prove Moriarty guilty of the theft, and Holmes and Moriarty co-operate in the hunt for the murderer, a trail which leads to a murderous attack on Holmes, and to the Hellfire Club.

NOTE: There is a plainclothesman named MacDonald working with Lestrade on the Hope murder (p.160), it is not clear whether this is Alec MacDonald (VALL), although his junior rank would suggest not.

NOTE 2: Moriarty calls on the assistance of a dog named Toby (pp. 170 / 198) in tracking down the creosote stained items thrown from the train, again it is not made explicitly clear that this is the same dog used by Holmes (SIGN).

NOTE 3: Barnett's investigations into magicians bring up the name of Manders, the Modern Merlin, who "Retired to Sussex...Keeps bees" (p.216).

NOTE 4: The map published by "Jarvis & Braff" appears to be a reference to jazz musicians Jane Jarvis and Ruby Braff.

NOTE 5: Moriarty says of the escaped Lord Crecy Darby "Colonel Moran calls him the most dangerous man he's ever known. Likes to cut up prostitutes. I would suggest you make an effort to find him, or we'll be hearing from him in a way we won't like". The implication, of course, is that Crecy goes on to become Jack the Ripper.

"The Paradol Paradox" (2001)
Included in: The Infernal Device and Others (Michael Kurland)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Inspector Lestrade; (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: The Prime Minister (Marquess of Salisbury) ; (Emperor Franz Josef)
Other Characters: Benjamin Barnett; Mr Maws; Moriarty's Serving Girl; Lord Everett Tams; Mummer Tolliver; Hansom Drivers; Atterleigh's Maid; Beatrice Atterleigh; Lenore Lestrelle; Mollie; Torkson; Williamson; Dr Papoli; Handsome Bob; Beggar; Paradol Porter; Duke of Claremore; Young Girl; Papoli's Assistant; Policemen; (Hamish Plummet; Lord Vincent Tams; Police Doctor; Tams's Mother; Tams's Father; Margot Whitsome; Evening Standard Editor; Dead Man; Dead Girl; Gerald Atterleigh; Van Delding; Mrs Randall; General Quincy; Hapsman; Mr Caltro; Twist; Papoli's Burly Assistants)
Date: April, 1887
Locations: Russell Square; Moriarty's Residence; Abelard Court; Atterleigh's House; Paradol Club
Story: Moriarty is called upon by Lord Everett Tams to investigate the unexplainable death of his brother, Vincent, the Earl of Whitton, to whose title he has succeeded. The Earl was found dead in his bed at the Paradol Club, an upper class house of assignation, with his hands raised as if in terror of attack, and his face and chest unnaturally red. Everett had seen his brother on the night he died, asking for an advance on his allowance to finance his up-coming wedding to Margot Whitsome, the poet. The wedding has now been delayed, due to Lestrade's suspicion that Everett killed his brother.

Moriarty learns that there are two puncture marks on opposite sides of the dead man's neck, and similar, older wounds over the rest of his body. There are also signs that his death was due to asphyxiation. Bodies with similar marks have recently been found around the city. Moriarty traces the dead man's latest mistress, Lestrelle, an artist, from whom he learns of his violent mood swings, and sexual habits. Intrigued by the fact that the club has a doctor, Papoli, on staff, Moriarty visits it with Barnett, and learns that there have been two other deaths there in the past three months. After his Mendicants Guild watchers bring news of a recent arrival at the club, Moriarty sends word to Lestrade, and dashes to the Paradol to prevent another death in the horrific Paradol Chamber.

The Great Game (2001)
Story Type: Third-Person Pastiche / Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Mrs. Hudson; Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: Hans Gross; Kaiser Wilhelm II
Other Characters: Charles Dupresque Murray Bredlon Summerdane / Paul Donzhof; Giselle Schiff; Feodor Hessenkopf; Figaro Waiter; Petruskirche Inhabitants; Joseph; Levi Davoud; Mr. Maws; Karl Friedrich Marie Stassenkopp; Gottfried Kasper; Father Ugarti; Dark Youth; Woman in Black; Benjamin Barnett; Cecily Barnett; Monza Capostazione; Members of the Secret Freedom League; Number One / Dietrich "The Ferret" Loomer; Mandl; Gentleman Anarchist; Sneak-Thief Anarchist; Carl Webel; Ariste Buleforte / Ariste George Alexander Buleforte Juchtenberg, Crown Prince of Rumelia; Diane Buleforte / Princess Diane Maria Melisa d'Ardiss Juchtenberg; Herr Lindner; Men on Dock; Frau Schimmer; Mr. & Mrs. Pronzini; Endorra Serving Girl; Frau Ardbaum; Herrman Loge; Loge's Daughter; Café Prinz Eugene Waiters; Young Man in Café; Balding Man in Café; Mummer Tolliver; Pensione Waiters & Busboys; Bulefort's Servants; Bomb Thrower; Archduke Leopold; Princess Annemarie of Falkynburg; Household Cavalry; Procession Crowds; Duke's Coachman; Inspector Harcev; Policemen; Dr. Silbermann; Klempt; Frau Schimmer; Serving-girl; Peter George Albon Summerdane, Seventh Duke of Albermar; Duke's Man; Monte Bollettone Boatmen; Captain; Passengers; Steward; Priest; Jenny Vernet; Graf Siegfried Karl Maria von Linsz; Trapp; Magistrate; Prison Technician; Interrogator; Count Alexandre Sandarel; Madeleine Verlaine / Molly / Ursula; Ministry Clerk; Alfred Vogelmass; Brom; Peter Chennery; Eleanor; Herzog Rudolf Karl Sigfried von Seligsmann; Prison Warders; Fiacre Driver; Weisserschloss Footman; Pikemen; Guards; Maid; Karl; Bentley; Maids; Dressmaker; Linsz's Guard; Ariste's Men; Sandarel's Audience; Knights of Wotan; Waiters; Herzog Robert Franz Willem von und zu Agberg; Albrecht in Himmel Innkeeper; Festival of St. Simon Crowds; Madame Flora Zaropichenski; Mr. Zaropichenski; Herr Beske; Ernst; British Ambassador; Hussars; Free Serbia Anarchists; Engineer; Fireman; Crown Prince Sigismund; (Train Conductor; Chief of Police; Brommel; Bettina; Vicky; General Count von Speck; Karl Stetelmeyer; Herr Schnegel; Bella; Herr Heerschmidt)
Date: 11th February, 1891 / Tuesday 3rd March, 1891 - 25th April, 1891
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Vienna; 62 Reichsratstrasse; Café Figaro; Halzstrasse; Sieglindstrasse; Badengasse; Davoud's Pawnshop; Russell Square; 64, Russell Square; Italy; Monza Station; A Train; The Brianza; Werfel Chocolate Factory; Villa Endorra; An Opera House; Café Prinz Eugene; Diogenes Club; The Monte Bollettone; Lake Como; Rezzonico; Trattoria de Cesare; A Vienna Courtroom; Heinzhof Prison; Adler Hotel; Ministry of the Interior; The Baroque Hofburgtheater; Rumelia; Weisserschloss; Spass; Hotel Leopold; Schloss Uhm; Bulefort's Train; Uhmstein Castle; Albrecht in Himmel Inn; British Embassy; The Kaiser's Train; Schladming; (Von Linsz's House; Von Linsz's Train)
Story: Watson telegraphs Moriarty to come to Baker Street in an effort to shake Holmes out of a cocaine bout. A few weeks later in Vienna, Holmes is tailing Donzhof, who is gathering information on certain highly placed individuals, and has received an unexpected and indecipherable message, obviously intended for someone else. Stassenkopp brings Moriarty word that his agent in Vienna is in danger, but is killed by a crossbow bolt on Moriarty's doorstep.

Barnett and Cecily are on holiday, touring Europe. Cecily is convinced that they are being followed. They are approached by Kasper, who asks Barnett to write an article on Holmes and Moriarty, and their luggage is searched. At a pensione they encounter the Bulefortes, and, while walking with them in the garden, a bomb is thrown at them.

The anarchist cell to which Donzhof belongs makes an attack on Archduke Leopold. Donshof's girlfriend is murdered and he is arrested. The Barnetts learn the Buleforts' true identities and that a plot seems to be afoot to kill off all the important people of Europe. The Duke of Albermar summons Moriarty to the Diogenes Club and asks him to rescue his son, posing as Donzhof, in Vienna.

On a boat crossing Lake Como, the Barnetts are befriended by von Linsz and Jenny Vernet, who proceed to hold them at gunpoint and enquire about Moriarty. Moriarty arrives in Vienna incognito and learns of their kidnapping. Holmes reports that the many anarchist cells and revolutionary groups in Vienna all appear to be answering to one leader, whom he believes to be Moriarty. Moriarty makes contact with Donzhof in prison, and recruits Ariste and Diane to help rescue the Barnetts.

Holmes receives a call for help from his cousin, Jenny Vernet, who is later captured while eavesdropping on a meeting of the Knights of Wotan. Holmes and Moriarty join forces to free all the prisoners and work with Dr Hans Gross to prevent a European cataclysm. The climax of the case comes on board a train carrying the Kaiser and other European leaders.

"Years Ago and in a Different Place" (2003)
Included in: My Sherlock Holmes (Michael Kurland)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Professor Charles Maples; Andrea Maples; Lucinda Moys; Dean Herbert McCuthers; The Vice Chancellor; Crisboy; Faulting; Pomfrit; Students; Willa; Cyclists; Sergeant Meeks; Constable Gough; Constable Parfrey; Biggs; Reporters; Sir George Quick; Coroner's Jury; Foreman of the Jury; Police Surgeon; Cramper
Date: Early 1870s
Locations: Wexleigh; Queen's College; Barleymore Road; The Maples's House & Cottage; St. Elmo's College Chapel
Story: At Queen's College, Wexleigh, Holmes and Moriarty develop a friendship. Holmes becomes romantically attached to Lucinda Moys, although, while tolerating his attentions, she does not allow a relationship to develop. She shares a house with her sister, Andrea Maples, Andrea's husband, and the sports instructor Crisboy. At a garden party given by the Maples, Moriarty witnesses Andrea flirting with Crisboy's assistant, Faulting. That night Andrea is clubbed to death with her husband's walking stick after a tryst in a cottage in their garden. Her husband is arrested for the murder, but Holmes believes in his innocence and sets out to prove it. Moriarty's own observations reveal a tangled web of relationships in the Maples' house, and the ending of the mystery provides an explanation for much of Holmes's later lifestyle.

"Reichenbach" (2004)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type: Pastiche / Canonical Revisioning narrated by Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; Dr Watson; Swiss Boy; King of Bohemia
Other Characters: Mr Maws; Tippins; Jarvey; Maid; Lord Easthope; Evan Fotheringham, Earl of Stomshire; Baron van Durm; Watchers; Swiss Men; Koenig Friedrich Passengers; Herr Bürgermeister Pindl; Pseudo-English Men; Barge Crew; Paulus Hansel; Athènes Concierge; Aubrey; Aubrey's Assistant; Steam Launch Boatswain; Agamemnon Flag Officer; Captain Preisner; Lieutenant Willits; Mess Steward; Seamen; Helmsman; Bo's'un; Prisoners; (Van Durm's Agent; Thirteen; One; Sixteen; Alphonse Lamphier; Ettin; Warehouse Caretaker)
Date: April 22nd, 1891 - ?, 1891
Locations: Moriarty's Residence; Regent's Park Road; Victoria Station; Paris; Meiringen; Reichenbach Falls; Wurstheim; The Wurstheimer Hof; Kreuzingen; Aboard the Koenig Friedrich; Lindau; Hotel Athènes; Town Hall; Stable; Jetty; The Bodensee; Aboard a Barge; Trieste; Avenue San Lucia; British Consulate; Municipal Docks; HMS Agamemnon; The Adriatic Sea
Story: Moriarty and Holmes are summoned to a secret meeting with Mycroft. They are commissioned to investigate a nebulous threat to the British Empire, signs of which have been appearing over the past months. A message has been discovered that refers to both Holmes and Moriarty among its other cryptic sentences. It is decided that they must appear to have killed each other, so that they will be able to elude their watchers, and Reichenbach is chosen as an ideal location. Together they travel to Lindau and begin their enquiries.

Moriarty learns of a group of Englishmen who have been seen in the area, and Holmes encounters some of them. They devise a way of following the men's boat out onto the lake, and find themselves aboard a strange barge where Holmes spots an unexpected face from his past, minutes before the ship starts sinking. They effect the rescue of a costumier during their escape. Travelling on to Trieste they, with the aid of the British Consul, commandeer a naval cruiser to put an end to the plot.

The Empress of India (2006)
Story Type: Pastiche / Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Professor Moriarty; Tobias Gregson; Mycroft Holmes; Colonel Sebastian Moran; (Mrs Watson)
Other Characters: The Hon Eustace Bergarot; King William Street Constables; Margaret St Yves; Brigadier General Sir Edward St Yves; Lieutenant Gerald Ffoukes-Just; Wagon Driver; House Servant; Mr Maws; Mrs H.; Teresa; The Artful Codger; Cooley the Pup; Angelic Tim McAdams; The Twopenny Yob; Dr Pin Dok Low; Mummer Tolliver; Old Potts; Rodent / Charles; Government House Majordomo; Sir George Demassis Montague; Djuna; Paris Porter; Café Proprietress; Lady Montague; Viceroy's Guests; Waiters; Professor Gerard August Demartineu; Mamarum Sutrow; Lady Priscilla Montague; Footmen; Ian MacCay; Peter Collins; Dr McWarren; Orient Express Conductor; Vienna Knifeman; Viennese Police; Plum; Bengali Infantrymen; Damodar; Harshil; Farokh; Corporal Pippins; Empress Purser; Taleem; Pandiwar Foot Soldiers; Viceroy's Aide; Divers; Captain Iskansen; Purser; Master Sergeant Warren Bruce; Colonel Morcy; Major Sandiman; Duke of Moncreith's Own Lancers; Captain Georgidios; Lieutenant Jimlis; Captain Helsing; Major Bosch; Stewards; Efrit Captain; Porters; Empress Passengers; Phitts; Waiters; Empress Crew; Third Officer Beagle; Lieutenant Welles; Mamarum's Assistant; Lieutenant McPride; Lieutenant Pinton; Hickscroft; Thuggees; Lestrade's Men; (Bertram Claymer; Maharaja of Lamapoor; Westerby Mitchell; Maharaja's Son; Pati; Ramasatjit; McQuist; Professor Fernand Hanoutaux; Viscount; Laces the Magnificent; Duel Referee; Duel Seconds; Chief Constable Parker; Von Goertl; The Crow; Sergeant Ostogood; Dr Pitamaha; Jivana; Terai Priests; Mrs Bumbery; H.)
Date: 4th February - 14th March, 1890
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Bank of England; King William Street; 64, Russell Square; Mincing Lane; Bank End Wharf; Paris; Gare du Nord; Café du Chien Soured, Rue de Maubeuge; The Orient Express; Strasbourg; Munich; Vienna; Café Figaro, Neustiftgasse; India; Calcutta; Agincourt Street; Kalutala Street; Government House; Commissariat Jetty; Fort William; Aboard the Empress of India; Aboard the Endymion; Bombay; Elephanta; Port Suez; Queen's Dock
Story: Holmes is asked by the Governor of the Bank of England to protect a shipment of Indian gold, but while investigating the sewers he disappears. A beggar is discovered wearing his clothes. Watson, Mycroft, Lestrade and Gregson call on Moriarty, initially as a suspect, but later as an ally in the search for Holmes. A group, led by Dr Pin Dok Low, plan to steal the Indian gold and direct Scotland Yard's attention on to Moriarty.

Moran asks Moriarty for assistance in recovering a gold statue looted from Lamapoor during the Sepoy Rebellion. The statue is now in the possession of the Duke of Moncreith's Own Highland Lancers, the regiment who will be guarding the Indian gold shipment aboard the Empress of India. The Maharaja has stipulated that in retrieving the statue, no laws must be broken and no violence must be used.

Moriarty travels to India with Moran aboard the Orient Express, suffering a number of attempts on his life. A murder occurs at Government House, apparently a Thuggee killing of a native scout for the Department of Special Intelligence. Pin and the Codger set off to India, believing that Moriarty is after the gold shipment. Moriarty and Moran board the Empress, and Moran sets about befriending the Lancers officers. Also aboard are the magicians Demartineu and Sutrow and the Special Department agent Collins. A mystery illness begins to sweep through the crew. Pin joins the ship at Bombay.

An attempt on the gold and the disappearance of the Viceroy's daughter takes everyone by surprise; Moriarty, Pin and Collins find themselves working together to save the ship from a band of Thuggee, and Moriarty discovers Holmes's current whereabouts and uses the ensuing events to obtain the statue. When the ship arrives in London, however, the gold has disappeared, and Holmes and Moriarty must unite once more to retrieve it.

Who Thinks Evil (2014)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes; Irene Adler; (Inspector Lestrade; Dr Watson; Mrs Watson)
Historical Figures: Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence (Baron Renfrew); (Sir Arthur Sullivan; Queen Victoria)
Other Characters: Benjamin Barnett; Mr Justice Hedge; The Honorable Eppsworth, QC; Sir Humphrey Lowenbog; Mollie Cobby; Mr Mortimer; Mr Pellew; Rose / Elsbeth Hooten; Mr Fetch; Gladys Plum; Pamela / Heather; Mummer Tolliver; Governor Makepeace; Warder Jacobs; Clarence Anton Montgrief, Fifth Earl of Scully; Archibald Esterman; Peccavi; Istefan; Natyana; Agnes; Mobley; Mr Maws; Albert John Wythender Ardbaum Ramson, Sixteenth Duke of Shorham; Sir Anthony Darryl; Chief Inspector Epp; Giles Paternoster / Charley Washburn; Wendy; Vespaccio Garundo; David Spigott; Mathilde van Tromphe; Constable Bertrand Higgins; Bix; Sid Scuffin; Sergeant Albert Cottswell; Albreth Decanare, Earl of Mersy; Maisgot; Prospero; Colonel Auguste Pierre Marie Lefavre / Macbeth; Henry / The Belleville Slicer / Georges Bonfils d'Eny; Margarete; Twist; Louisa Deschamps; Horrock; Jimmy 'The Squeek' Tomms; The Beak; Red Sally; Alphonse; The Honorable and Mrs Jacob ValVoort; Baron and Baroness Strubell; Duchess of Shorham; Princess Andrea Marie Sylvia Petrova d'Abore; Lady Coreless; Cruther; Wilcox; Jury; Barristers; Foreman of the Jury; Court Stenographer; Marquis; Colonel of the Guards; Loo Players; Mollie's Maids; Mollie's Girls; Mollie's Porter; Cabbie; Brougham Driver; Footman; Peccavi's Companion; Château Doorman; Château Members; Château Staff; Château Children; Hall Porter; Village Churchgoers; Army Officers; Coachman; Wythender Footmen; Wythender Maid; Opera House Management; Opera House Staff; Opera Singers; Opera Audience; Holyrudd Workmen: Pépin le Bref Concierge; Paris Coachman; Nun; Hunchbacked Beggar; Large Beggar; Mendicants Guild Members; Buckle Street Girl; Rat-Faced Jarvey; Bow-Legged Ex-Jockey; Pert-Faced Young Lady; Caterers; Servants; Orchestra; Flautist; Ball Guests; Majordomo; Maid; Colonel of the Horse Guard; Man in Leather Apron; (Baron Thornton-Hoxbary; Widdersign Raiders; Gatekeeper; Grooms; Coachman; Lady Hoxbary; Hoxbary's Guests; James Mercer; Cook; Upstairs Maid; Serving Girl; Maid; Valet; Andrew Lamphier; Duke and Duchess of Pennaugh; Lord Chaut; Marchioness of Cleves; Baron Renfrew; Nancy; Prison Guards; Manxman Benny; Château Guests; Château Driver; Inspector Fitzbadely; Gerald 'Groper' Swintey; Albert 'Piggy' Stain; Cobow; Yennuf Yob; Blake; Inspector Danzip; Inspector Warth; Leclerk; Nancy Bix; Nobby the Gimp; Reginald Phipps Calworthy Bonneworth, Earl of Mersy; Jacques Deschamps; Louisa's Concierge; Gendarme; Agent of the Sûreté; Montagnes Russes Manager; Juge d'Instruction; Irene's Journalist Friend; Sir Vincent Poberty; The Order of Le Sacristie de l'Agneau de Dieu; Dowager Countess of Neath; French Beggar; Flautist's Landlady; The Grand Duchess; The Honourable Hortense; Scully's Wife; Princess's Surgeon; Widdersign Workmen; Shorham's Grandson; Lord Whigstow; Italian Artisans; Observatory Staff)
Date: July - September, 1890
Locations: Nottinghamshire; Widdersign-on-Ribble; Wedsbridge; The Fox & Hare; The Old Bailey; Newgate Street; 33, Gladston Square (Mollie's); Barnett's House; Euston Station; Regency Square; Le Château d'Espagne; Wythender Hall; 64, Russell Square; Diogenes Club; Covent Garden Opera House; Ruddshire; Castle Holyrudd; Victoria Station; France; Paris; Montmartre; Hôtel Pépin le Bref; Café Figaro; Les Deux Puces; Rue Montrose; Cripplegate; Entwhistle Mews; Mendicants Guild Headquarters; Buckle Street; Shorham's London House; Totting Square; Westerleigh House; Upper Berkley Mews; Spottsworth Crescent; Bixly Street; Mews Stable; Watney High Street; Pomfrey Street; Hanover Square; Scully's House; Dartmoor; Moriarty's Observatory
Story: Moriarty is being held in prison awaiting retrial for a crime he was not part of. The young Baron Renfrew disappears from Mollie's house of ill repute, and the girl he was with is found dead. With Holmes away, working on a case for the King of Sweden, the Earl of Scully approaches Moriarty in prison, at Mycroft's suggestion, to ask him to co-ordinate the search for Renfrew in exchange for a royal pardon. Barnett and Tolliver travel to Wedsbridge to investigate the robbery that Moriarty has been accused of.

Released from prison, Moriarty is taken to Wythender Hall where he is briefed on the murders, a second having now taken place, and told that the missing Baron is really the Duke of Clarence. The two investigations continue side by side, with another attack taking place at the Royal Opera House, and Barnett and the Mummer being sent to Paris where Barnett encounters Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler. The trail leads to a society ball thrown by a Plantagenet pretender to the British throne.