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The Curse of the Pharaohs (1997)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: Laura Coffin; Hedley Station Master; Bellamy; Dr David Cabot; Mrs Gregson; Mr Grizzard; Mohammed Ali Pasha; Reverend Silas Menzies / Peter Hobbes; Professor Sloane Coffin; Mr Caddell; Caddell's Men; Constable Mollison
Date: October
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Railway Carriage; Scotland; Hedley; The Coffin House
Story: Laura Coffin consults Holmes about her Egyptologist uncle who is dying of a skin disease contracted in Egypt, but who believes that he will return from the dead through the power of a diamond known as the Eye of Osiris. Laura believes that his rapid deterioration is the result of poisoning. Holmes and Watson travel to Coffin's home in Scotland, and rapidly encounter an aggressive lawyer, a sinister Egyptian, a young doctor and a temporary minister, before encountering the ailing Sloane who dies as he predicted, but who has predicted a return to life within twenty-four hours when he will carry out a ritual that will give him eternal life.

The following day, he is interred in the Egyptian manner, but that night Watson sees him rise from the dead and strangle a local poacher, while Holmes discovers a secret tunnel. Holmes deduces that the Eye of Osiris, essential to Coffin's ritual has been stolen, and that the creature is now searching for it. The butler is attacked and Holmes sets off in search of the reanimated corpse, but Watson is the first to face it.

Another murder allows the creature to retrieve the diamond, after which it abducts Laura, and continues its murderous rampage as it tries to complete the ritual. Holmes and Watson attempt to rescue the girl, not realising that an explosive trap has been set for them. Watson turns to his Bible to explain the actions of those involved in the plot.

NOTE: The book's cover, along with those of The Headless Monk and The Vampire Serpent, depict author Kel Richards as Watson alongside Rathbone's Holmes.

Footsteps in the Fog (1999)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: Footsteps in the Fog (Kel Richards)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
Colonel Sebastian Moran; Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Inspector Lestrade
Fictional Characters: Professor Summerlee; Professor Challenger; Austin; Mrs. Challenger; McArdle
Other Characters: Wilson; Young Warder; Warders; Prison Doctor; John Ferguson; Jabez Whitney; Fred Duncan; Workmen; Jenkins; Jack; Alexander Henderson; Reverend Henry Bunyan; Patience Hudson; Urchin; Albert Cartwright; Sid Jones; Regents Park Constable; Morris Hopkins; Baker Street Constable; Dr. Charles Clarke; Clarke's Assistant; Percy Turner; Harry Latimer; Sutherland & Dundas's Carters; Pygmy
Date: 1896
Locations: Dartmoor Prison; St. John's Hall; Regents Park; 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; 106, Baker Street; Seymour Mansions; Challenger's Coach; Crawford Street
Story: Moran escapes from prison. A meteorite lands in Regents Park and a glowing green cloud emanating from it attacks a nightwatchman. Another man is attacked in Baker Street. Summerlee and Challenger discover that the meteorite is hotter and heavier than expected. Another man is killed in Baker Street, the body found by Bunyan, who notices a green, glowing web on his face. Holmes decides to visit Challenger, who is warning people to stay away from the meteorite.

On the way, he and Watson are almost run down by a cab, an attack planned by Moran. Challenger and Holmes agree that the deaths are linked to the meteorite. Another death occurs on the steps of 221B. Moran makes another attempt on Holmes's life, and Mrs Hudson's niece, Patience, is attacked by the fog creature, although the light of Mrs. Hudson's lantern drives it away.

Holmes, Watson, Challenger and McArdle set out with lanterns to trap or kill the creature. They are joined by Bunyan, but fail to prevent another death. Moran makes further attempts on their lives, including deliveries of a spider and a pygmy. Patience is attacked by the creature again, this time light has no effect, but fire drives it away.

Challenger designs an induction coil to defeat the creature. Summerlee reports that the meteorite has started glowing. Moran arrives at Baker Street in disguise and takes Watson and Bunyan prisoner. Holmes is able to overcome Moran using a special pipe, and the men set out to capture the alien.

The Headless Monk (1997)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Mrs Hudson; Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; The Politician (Lord Trevalyan); The Trained Cormorant
Other Characters: Joynton Oakes; Trap Driver; Violet Oakes; Julia Oakes; Robert Oakes; Fishermen; George Pendennis; Bert King; Young Selwyn; Crazy Alex; Constable Poldark; Lady Daphne Trevalyan; Edith Trevalyan; Captain Hardcastle; Henry Leach; Walter Gilbert; (Young Monk; Abbot; King's Officers Captain Rodda; Wreckers; Leach's Sister)
Date: Autumn
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Cornwall; Newlyn; Tregarthen; The Two Brothers; Oakes's Cottage; The Fisherman's Arms; Tregarthen Light; Ruined Abbey
Story: Holmes is consulted by Oakes, a lighthouse keeper from Cornwall, over the ghost of a headless monk which has appeared on a neighbouring island. Oakes has seen it himself, having rowed across to the island to investigate the spectral lights that have terrified his wife. When Holmes and Watson arrive at the lighthouse, they learn that Mrs Oakes has disappeared, and hear of a man in a false beard.

After finding the wife, and hearing of a band of wreckers from twenty years before, Holmes and Watson visit the haunted isle, where Watson finds a disappearing plate, Holmes an underground cave system, and both hear maniacal laughter. Lestrade arrives, investigating events linked to the wrecking. Mrs Oakes grows increasingly distressed, and the ghost appears on the lighthouse island.

The light is extinguished and a ship runs aground, but Lord Trevelyan, his wife and daughter, and the captain are rescued. A storm leaves the island isolated, the captain's trained cormorant arrives, and Holmes finds an impossible corpse and a bound man before the mystery is solved.

The Vampire Serpent (1997)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Crosby the Banker; Wiggins; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Irregulars; (The Moriarty Gang)
Historical Figures: Lord Salisbury
Other Characters: Reverend Henry Bunyan; Constable Barrett; Catherine Crosby; Mrs Newbigin; Dr Grimsby Defoe; Defoe's Assistants;Robert Stine; Frank Wells; Cab Driver; Chinese Sailor; Bow Street Constable; Defoe's Cabbie; Simpkins; Bert Hillyard; Workman; Lord Carruthers; Wine Clerk; Bunyan's Attacker; Captain Tom Redwood; Home Secretary; Secretary of State for War
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Alley; Cox & Co; Crosby's Rooms; Bow Street Police Station; Defoe's Warehouse; Bunyan's Vicarage; Battersea Water Pumping Station; Limehouse; Defoe's Headquarters; Narrow Street; The Redwood House; 10, Downing Street; Victoria Wharf; Fidden's Warehouse; Ratcliffe Cross Wharf
Story: Baker Street vicar Bunyan calls Holmes and Watson to the scene of the death of Crosby the banker. They find his body completely drained of blood and Bunyan suggests it is the work of a vampire. A sinuous trail leads away from the body. Lestrade reveals that a similar victim had been found earlier in Limehouse. Holmes believes it is the work of Grimsby Defoe, the new controller of Moriarty's criminal network.

With the aid of a green mist and hypnotic powers, Defoe calls on both Crosby's wife and the chief accountant of Crosby's bank, Cox & Co. Holmes finds acid burns on the hands of both victims. He and Watson are abducted by Defoe who makes them an offer they cannot accept. Wiggins brings news of another victim, and Holmes hears of a snake seen at the scene of the crime. Another attack occurs at a water pumping station and Mrs Crosby is abducted.

Holmes allows himself and Watson to be abducted by Defoe. They escape with the aid of the Irregulars, but not before Holmes is attacked by a giant leech. With Holmes apparently on his deathbed, Watson takes over the investigation, is taken captive, and learns Defoe's plan. After being rescued, he and Holmes are summoned to Downing Street, while Bunyan and Mrs Crosby set out to track down Defoe themselves.

NOTE: Watson's description of Defoe (p.10) is almost word-for-word Sax Rohmer's brow-like-Shakespeare-eyes-of-the-true-cat-green description of Fu Manchu.

The Waters of Death (1999)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: Footsteps in the Fog (Kel Richards)
Story Type:
Fantasy Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mycroft Holmes; The Bruce-Partington Submarine; Inspector Lestrade; Adolph Meyer; Louis La Rothire
Folkloric Characters: The Loch Ness Monster
Other Characters: Angus MacRanald; Forgill's Butler; The Duke of Forgill; Sir James Partington; Professor Nigel Bruce; Donald Taggart; Sarah Taggart; Commander Ralph Lethbridge-Stewart; Captain Harry Sullivan; Lieutenant Philip Benton; Alfred Milton; Milton's Contact; Graham Kirton; Jock Munro; Black-Bearded, Rat-Faced Man; Fishermen; Robbie Stevenson; Stevenson's Housekeeper; Dr. Cameron; Constance White; Circus Men; Innkeeper; Innkeeper's Daughter; Circus Folk; Constable North; Panther Hunting Party; Gamekeeper; Circus Crowd; Circus Performers; Ringmaster
Date: December, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Aboard HMS Drake; Inverness; Forgill's Coach; Dores; Forgill; Forgill Castle; Loch Ness; Taggart's Cottage; The Village Inn; The Castle Jetty; Dun Dearduil; The Town Jetty; Aboard The Bruce-Partington Submarine; Tulloch Moor; Foyers; Circus
Story: Mycroft sends Holmes and Watson to Loch Ness to avert a sabotage attempt against the Bruce-Partington Submarine. On the Loch, a local fisherman feels his boat lifted out of the water, while Holmes hears how the submarine has had its steering devices torn off. He seems to believe that the sabotage may have occurred while the submarine was out in the loch. Watson sees something moving in the lake. A secret liaison takes place outside the village inn.

Holmes and Watson are watched by a black-bearded man, and meet Milton, a missionary on holiday in the village. They also hear that a circus has recently passed through the village. News comes that the local water bailiff has disappeared on the Loch. Holmes and Watson join in the search and find the man's broken boat and body. They also hear a large creature roaring, while, in a boathouse, the black-bearded man discusses controlling some creature with his confederate. An autopsy on the dead man reveals he was crushed to death and there are sucker marks on his body. The Loch Ness Monster senses there is something else in the Loch.

Holmes and Watson are chased by the monster on land. MacRanald the coachman is interrupted, approaching the submarine with a spanner, by Professor Bruce. Holmes and Watson take a trip on the submarine, but a valve bursts and the machine sinks. Sarah Taggart, the fisherman's daughter, follows Constance White, the village wise woman, onto the moor, where she meets the black-bearded man. He accuses Sarah of being a spy. White persuades him to let Sarah go. The submarine rises to the surface and starts working again.

Lestrade arrives with word from Mycroft that the spies La Rothiere and Meyer have both disappeared from London. The circus arrives in town, with the black-bearded man in one of the caravans. Watson sees Milton peering in the castle windows. A panther escapes from the circus, but when it is found it has been crushed to death. Holmes arrests Meyer, who is in disguise, and his contact from the castle. Then they visit the circus and arrest La Rothire.

Holmes and Watson take another submarine trip to try to uncover the trap they believe has been set by La Rothire. The submarine seems to be grabbed by a giant sea creature, and when they surface they find themselves in a giant cavern. The secret of La Rothire's trap reveals itself, and they are saved by an equally extraordinary apparition.

The Wolfman of Dartmoor (1999)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: Footsteps in the Fog (Kel Richards)
Story Type:
Fantasy Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; (H. Lowenstein)
Fictional Characters: McArdle
Other Characters: Edward Grey; Alice Grey; Arthur Grey; Search Party; Reverend Roderick Dobson; Edith Doppler; Professor Orville Doppler; Trevor Franklin; Workmen; Mina Zak; Constable Bert Potter; Hugo Zak; Robbie Zak; Doppler's Maid; Mr. Bennett; Mrs. Bennett; Washington Sprague; Farmer; Henry Halifax; Stanley Horner; Shop Assistant; Sprague's Customers; Chequers Maids; Chequers Clientele; Chequers Kitchen maid; Ned Hope; (Head of Prague Police)
Locations: Dartmoor; Little Meldon; The Chequers Inn; 221B, Baker Street; High Barrow; The Gipsy Camp; Doppler's House; Moorgate Farm; A Farm Near Willsworthy; The Daily Gazette offices; Fleet Street; Commercial Road; Sprague's Shop; Ricoletti's Restaurant; A Train
Story: A young boy's dog has its throat torn out on Dartmoor. Edith Doppler, whose father is an archaeologist in the same village, tells Holmes of his strange behaviour, including absences from home, changed personality, letters she is forbidden to read, and attacks by his own dog, and of his wooing of a girl thirty years his junior, the village inn's landlord's daughter, Alice.

Holmes and Watson travel to Dartmoor, where in the village, after a series of attacks on farm animals, tales are being told of a ghost wolf on the moor. Some believe it to be a shape-changer, or werewolf. Professor Doppler, sends Constable Potter to warn the gipsies camping nearby to stay away from the Viking barrow he is excavating. On his return to the village, Potter is pursued by a glowing wolf.

When Holmes and Watson visit Doppler he is extremely hostile towards them. A search for the wolf finds nothing, but a man-like beast is seen on a farm on the moor. Doppler's dog is found drugged with fresh blood on its muzzle, and Watson investigates the sender of Doppler's mysterious letters. When Alice goes missing a search is set underway. They fail to find her, but Watson sees the wolf. Doppler's assistant Franklin tells how he saw the Professor crawling along the landing.

Watson is attacked by the wolf while out on the moor searching for Holmes, who has disappeared. Holmes kills the beast, reveals its true nature, and the whereabouts of Alice after observing a pagan ceremony. Another farmer announces, however, that a wolf has attacked animals on his farm, and shows Holmes strange footprints. Holmes reveals the secret of the gipsies' activities on the moor, and of Doppler's strange behaviour.