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"The Adventure of Dedstone Mill" (2014)
Included in: The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Watson
Other Characters: Harriet Borrow; Susan Rogerson; Cabbie; Cart Driver; Gardener; Lessingham's Coachman; John Hartley Lessingham; Captain Fitzclarence Legbourne Legge; Maidservant; Manservant; Mrs Hardcastle; Hammond; Footmen; Maids; Groom; Lizzie Bagnall; Margaret Hartley Lessingham; Edgar Shepherd; (Mr Wilkins; Major George Borrow; Edwin Borrow; Mr Theakston; Walter Lessingham; Samuel Lessingham; Ruth Hartley; Jackie Weston; Weston's Surgeon; Mrs Borrow; Lord Waddle; Sir Arthur Pegge; Lessingham's Servants; Lessingham's Tenants; Jeremiah Meadowcroft; Mrs Maybury; Daniel Blanchard; Mrs Theakston)
Date: A Monday in September
Locations: Watson's Paddington Practice; St James's Square; London Library; The Strand; Fleet Street; Ludgate Hill; St-Martin-within-Ludgate; Euston Station; Leicestershire; East Harrington Hall; Dedstone Mill
Story: Holmes invites himself to dinner with the Watsons in Paddington. He has received a letter from fourteen-year-old orphan Harriet Borrow, who has been left alone with her brother Edwin in the care of their uncle, at East Harrington Hall, after their Aunt Margaret has gone away. She says that she fears for her own and her brother's safety. Holmes recruits the Watsons to accompany him to a meeting with Harriet at the London Library. The children's tutor has been dismissed and a new housekeeper has taken up residence. Her uncle's odious friends are spending more time at the house, and Edwin has seen a witch in the garden.
"The Adventure of Kendal Terrace" (2014)
Included in: The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters:Henry Claydon; Brixton Crowds; Inspector Spencer; Spencer's Men; Loafers; Percival Slattery; Linton Falk; Lucy Claydon; Rosemary Quinn; (Mr Tanner; Arrested Man; Maid; Policeman; Mildmay Park Family; Mr Stutchbury; Mr Glossop; Biggins; Large Man in Pub; Kendal Terrace Passers-by; George Lubbock; Cabbies; Claydon's Parents; Claydon's Brother; Claydon's Brother's Wife; Leonard, Joan; Lucy's Parents; Susan Townley; Mrs Robson; Portsmouth Railway Officials; Violet Slattery; Colonel Hayward; Greenwich Family; Lord Elvington; Elvington's Guests; Victoria Slattery)
Date: A few days before Midsummer
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; North Clapham; 14, Kendal Terrace; Public House; George Lubbock & Son Butcher Shop; The Strand; Brixton; Brixton Road; Brixton Police Station; Portsmouth; Southampton; Waterloo Station
Story: Henry Claydon calls on Holmes after returning home to find another family living in his house in Clapham, and his wife and servants missing. He tells of the sequence of events leading up to his discovery, including a cancelled business trip, a story about pullets, and a spilled drink. Holmes and Watson accompany Claydon back to Clapham, collecting Inspector Spencer from Brixton Police Station en route. They find the house empty, but for a dead body in the dining room, and an unconscious journalist in the garden.
"The Adventure of Queen Hippolyta" (2014)
Included in: The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Vigor, the Hammersmith Wonder (Viktor Kosciukiewicz); Inspector Bradstreet; (Mrs Watson)
Other Characters:Godfrey Townsend; Smith's Housekeeper; Cabbie; Circus People; Circus Supervisor; Charing Cross Guard; Inspector Waldron; Captain Alexei Ostralici; Tadeusz Grigorski / Inspector Porter / The Great Tadeusz; Queen Hippolyta / Vera Buclevska; Dover Official; (Dentist; Jacob Smith / Jakob Schmidt; Carriage Driver; Hyde Park Policeman; Smith's Maid; Charing Cross Station Master; Kristina Buclevska; Bradstreet's Colleague)
Date: Autumn
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; 34, Goucester Terrace; Oxford Street; Waterlow's Tobacconist; Hammersmith; Hyde Park; Rotten Row; Scotland Yard; Charing Cross Station; A Train; Dover; Restaurant
Story: Watson visits Holmes at Baker Street to find him examining a cigar case. His deductions about its owner prove correct, when they are called upon by Godfrey Townsend, who has been using it in replacement for his own case which he has lost after being abducted by two men claiming to be Scotland Yard officers, apparently on the orders of a tiara-wearing woman. Holmes quickly links the incident to Ostralici's Circus, where they are put on the path of the villains and the true purpose behind the abduction.
"The Adventure of the Amethyst Ring" (2014)
Included in: The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Watson; Athelney Jones
Other Characters: Ann Cooke / Ann Prentice; Maria; Police Duty Officer; Inspector Quirke; Constable Griffin; Jack Prentice; (Mr A. Carter-Smythe; Mrs Carter-Smythe; Dora; Elias Dack; William Prentice; Lily Prentice / Lily Bates; Daisy Weekes / Daisy Prentice; Teddy Bates; English Sailor; Dack's Cronies; 'One-Eye' Vokes; 'Spider' Wilkins)
Date: January, Late 1880s
Locations: Watson's Paddington Home; A Train; Rotherhithe; The Seven Stars Inn; Police Station
Story: Holmes calls on Watson in Paddington and tells him of the unwelcome social invitations he has been receiving since the publication of A Study in Scarlet. He is currently investigating the disappearance of Jack Prentice, a Rotherhithe publican, who took with him a candlestick and left behind a sheet of mysterious symbols. He tells Watson of the man's past as a receiver of stolen goods, and how some of his old associates have recently been seen in the pub.

"The Adventure of the Brown Box" (2008)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies); The Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes, Volume 2 (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Athelney Jones; (Mrs Hudson's Maid)
Other Characters: Agnes Montague; Ship Inn Manager; Wharncliffe Crescent Crowd; Policeman; Mrs Loveday; (Victor Furnival; Agnes's Father; Mrs Eardley; Furnival's Neighbour; Captain Jex; Captain David McNeill; Doctor; Grindley & Leggatt; Bar Customers; Soldiers; Witnesses; Prosecutor; Defense Counsel; Jury; Clerk)
Date: September / Two Years Later
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Norwood; Wharncliffe Crescent; Charing Cross Station; Greenwich; Old Ship Inn; The West Indies; St Anthony; Trianna Bay; Harbour Bar; Furnival's Plantation; Jamaica; Courtroom; Halifax Islan Penal Colony; Norwood Station
Story: Holmes is consulted by Agnes Montague, whose uncle, Victor Furnival, a collector of exotic curios, has apparently died of fright at his breakfast table after opening a carved wooden box received in the morning post. The following day she was visited by Captain Jex, an acquaintance of her uncle from the West Indies. She returned from making tea to find him unconscious on the floor, with the open box beside him.

Holmes and Watson find that Jex has moved on from his Greenwich lodgings, and when they arrive at Furnival's house they find Athelney Jones waiting with the news that Furnival's sister has died there. A search of the room reveals the box's occupant. Investigations by Jones reveal that Holmes's chief suspect has been dead for twelve years, and his secondary one for over a year. The case remains unsolved for two years, until a letter arrives from one of the dead men.

"The Adventure of the Colonel's Daughter" (2015)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures:(Alexander III)
Other Characters: Alexander Illyanov / Count Vorovny; Berlin Russian Embassy Staff; Station Musicians; Lieutenant Plyanki; Madam Kornieva; Olga Kornieva; Madam Grigorieva; Captain Baturin; Kursakov Regiment Soldiers; Sergeant Azzarudin; Painters; Major Grigoriev; Major Kratusov; Regimental Band; Michael Vorovny; Colonel Korniev; (Russian Ambassador; Igor Lamyashin; Captain Dmitri Drachkov; Kursakov Regiment Officers; Azzarudin's Assistant; Military Policeman; His Imperial Majesty's Special Investigator; Baturin's Second; Caucasus Girl; Major Bannishevsky)
Date: Early June, 1886
221B, Baker Street; Victoria Station; Belgium; Brussels; Germany; Berlin; Hotel; Poland; Warsaw; Hotel; Russia; Moscow; Hotel; A Train; Station Dining Room; Krasnoi; Railway Station; Park; Hotel; Army Camp; Officers' Mess
Holmes is called on by Illyanov from the Russian Embassy. Michael, son of the Czar's close advisor Count Vorovny, has been accused of murdering a fellow officer, and Holmes and Watson travel to Krasnoi in Russia to investigate. All who know Michael believe him innocent, but no one is able to prove it. A torn banknote and some dead flowers provide the clues Holmes needs to reveal the truth.
"The Adventure of the Crimson Arrow" (2014)
Included in: The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Audrey Greville; Sir George Kirkman; Captain James Blake; Hepplethwaite; Gardeners; Mrs Greville; Kirkman's Groom; Signalman; Train Driver; (E. Woodforde Soames; Neville Whiting; Kirkman's Guests; Kirkman's Servants; Gamekeeper; Two Members of Parliament; Doctor)
Date:May, 1884
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; St John's Wood; Regents Park; Baker Street; Hampshire; Railway Halt; Buckler's Fold
Story: Watson reads in the news of the death of the explorer E. Woodforde Soames in an archery accident at a weekend party at Buckler's Fold, the country estate of Sir George Kirkman. The evening editions reveal that the incident is now considered to have been murder. The young artist, Neville Whiting is arrested by Lestrade, but his fiancée Audrey calls at Baker Street to ask Holmes to prove his innocence. Holmes and Watson travel to Hampshire, where they examine the murder site in the woods and a nearby folly, and Holmes begins to cast doubt on Lestrade's case. The case ends with a race to stop a train.
"The Adventure of the English Scholar" (2014)
Included in: The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: Rhodes Harte; Little Gissingham Station Master; Children with Dog; Emily Jane; Constance Dowling Kraus; Joseph Kraus; Dr Kennett / Adolf Kraus; Mr Bradbury; Trap Driver; (Mr Halesworth; Mr Packham; Train Guard; Colchester Railway Official; Gardener; Harte's Wife; Fox & Goose Landlord; Fox & Goose Customers; Village Constable; Professor David Walters; Superintendent Richards; Chief Constable of Suffolk)
Date: Late Spring
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Colchester Station; Suffolk; Little Gissingham; Owl's Hill; Fox & Goose Inn; A Train
Story: Holmes is visited by Harte, a solicitor, who some weeks previously fell into literary conversation with Dr Kennett while waiting for a train. Kennett left his satchel on the train, and Harte handed it in to the lost property office at Colchester. Returning along the same railway line some weeks later, he enquired about the satchel, and finding that it had still not been claimed, decided to return it to its owner. In the village of Little Gissingham, Kennett's existence was denied by those that he spoke to, but Harte saw him, from the branches of a tree he climbed, through the window of a house, being threatened by a woman who had earlier told Harte that Kennett did not live there. He also saw another man spying on the house, the same man who later ransacked the rooms that he and another guest were staying at in the village inn. Harte's story leads Holmes to believe that a murder has been planned, and they set off for Suffolk to prevent it.
"The Adventure of the Fourth Glove" (2014)
Included in: The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Baker Street Maid; Mrs Hudson; (John Clay)
Other Characters: Yardley; Viscount Latchmere; Philippa, Viscountess Latchmere; Inspector Sturridge; Peter Brocklehurst; Rajah of Banniphur; The Honourable Miss Arabella Norman; Matilda Wiltshire; (Samuel Tollington, 3rd Viscount Latchmere; Sir George Tollington; 5th Viscount Latchmere; The Foulger Gang; Police Inspector; Lady Philippa's Maid; Latchmere's Servants; James Ellison; Thomas Wiltshire; Matilda's Father; James Forrest; Matilda's Grandfather)
Date: October, 1885
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Hertfordshire; Latchmere Hall
Story: The Latchmere Diamond, owned by the ill-fated Tollington family, is stolen. Holmes is summoned to Latchmere Hall by telegram, while Watson's old war wound condemns him to remaining at home by the fire. Having examined the scene of the theft, and interviewed Viscount Latchmere's houseguests, Holmes learns from Inspector Sturridge that the only clue is one of the Viscountess's gloves found in the garden.
"The Adventure of the Inn on the Marsh" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part I: 1881-1889 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: Philip Whittle; Prudence Whittle; Railway Guard; Engine Driver; Cromer Station Fly Driver; Wild Goose Inn Serving-Girl; Albert Trunch; Schnabel; Prince Otto von Stamm; Policeman; (Philip's Cousin; Miss Stebbing; Mr & Mrs Williams; Mr & Mrs Myers; Foreign Guests; Lord Mayor of Norwich; Franz Krankl; Von Stamm's Father; Medical Examiner)
Date: First week of September, 1883
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Norfolk; Norwich; Hotel; Eastern Daily Press Offices; Norwich Station; Cromer; Cromer Station; Hotel; Welborne; Welborne Marsh; The Wild Goose Inn
Story: Newlyweds Philip & Prudence Whittle consult Holmes after staying at the Wild Goose Inn in Norfolk, and discovering that their names have disappeared from the register from their honeymoon stay a few months earlier. Since returning to London they have received a threatening letter. Holmes and Watson travel to Norfolk, where a search through the Eastern Daily Press archives reveals a connection to the principality of Waldenstein, located between Germany and Austria. A visit to the Wild Goose uncovers the truth.

"The Adventure of the Purple Hand" (1982)
(Written as D.O. Smith)

Included in: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Richard Lancelyn Green); The Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes, Volume 2 (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson
Other Characters: Mark Pringle; Laetitia (Wadham) Pringle; John Dobson; Helen Dobson; Drowned Assassin; Station-Trap Driver; John Aloysius Wadham; Helen (Montgomery) Wadham; Serbian Assassin; (James Green; Arthur Pendleton)
Date: June, 1890
Locations: Portman Square; 221B, Baker Street; Low Meadow, between Staines & Laleham; A Hansom; A Train; Staines
Story: Mark Pringle, a malaria-suffering tea importer, tells Holmes of a series of incidents including an overheard conversation between his wife and a stranger, a figure seen crossing his garden after dark, and a five-fingered purple handprint that has appeared on the garden wall. Some weeks later Laetitia, his wife hires a gardener, Dobson, who moves into a cottage in the grounds of Pringle's home, with his wife. Pringle notices another purple handprint on the gardener's cottage wall, and later becomes annoyed that the man seems to be doing no work around the place.

One evening, he catches his wife and Dobson in an embrace, although she explains that Dobson has sprained his ankle and she is helping him home. He also becomes concerned at the overly familiar relationship building between his wife and Helen Dobson. He tries to dismiss the Dobsons, but his wife persuades him not to. Some time later, he again sees a figure in the garden, and later still he receives a letter bearing the purple handprint.

The following day, Watson reads of the body of a man, with a bottle of ink in his pocket, found in the Thames near Pringle's home. As they journey to Low Meadow, Holmes tells Watson of a Balkan secret society, the Seven-Fingered Hand. They arrive too late to prevent tragedy, and are unable to prevent the ultimate escape of the villain.

"The Adventure of the Richmond Horror" (1999)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies); Sherlock Magazine; The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Denis O. Smith) as "The Adventure of the Richmond Recluse"
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: David Boldero; Silas Boldero; Mary "Mad Mary" Ingram; (Simon Boldero; Boldero's Father; Simon Boldero's Housekeeper; Beatrice Underwood; Samuel Boldero; Daniel Boldero; Jonathan Boldero; Mrs Boldero; Rachel Boldero; Mrs Underwood; Mr Farrow; Redfearn; Newsagent; Thomas Evans; E.J. Archbould; Violet Evans; R.S. Baker; Richmond Police-Inspector; Mr Underwood)
Date: Early Spring, 1884
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Waterloo Station; Richmond; Richmond Station; Hotel; Richmond Hill; Newsagent's; Hill House; (Lincoln's Inn; Farrow & Redfearn's Offices; Registry of Wills; Cheapside; Butler's Court; Valentine, Zelley & Knight's Offices)
Story: Holmes is consulted by Boldero, whose brother has disappeared, and who suspects that his cousin Silas may be behind the disappearance. Having visited the miserly Silas's home in Richmond, he almost plunged to his death through a door in his room which opened onto nothing, and below which slithering sounds could be heard. Holmes and Watson travel to Richmond with Boldero, where they encounter a mad charwoman and an African crocodile.

"The Adventure of the Silver Buckle" (1997)
Included in: The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (Mike Ashley)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; The Grice Patersons (Alexander & Donald)
Other Characters: Murdoch MacLeod; The MacGlevin; Dr. Oliphant; Angus Johnstone; Fergus Johnstone; Hamish Morton; Mrs. Morton; Mrs. Baird Duthie; Constable MacPherson; Wattie; hotel servants; constables; Charlie Henderson; Mary Monteith; (Mrs. Formartine)
Date: Late Summer, 1887
Locations: Scotland; Kilbuie; Loch Echil Hotel; Loch Echil; the Island of Uffa
Story: Fearing the state of Holmes's health, Watson persuades him to take a holiday in Scotland. A few days into the stay, fellow guests, the Johnstones, report a fishing calamity, and another guest, Morton, states that his boat sank while he was fishing. The hotelier, Murdoch MacLeod, says that this has been an unlucky season, during which a female guest has fallen down the stairs, and another has lost a valuable brooch. The Grice Patersons arrive shortly thereafter, and tell of their visit to the Island of Uffa in the loch, and their encounter with a strange figure, which MacLeod believes was the mysterious "Black Pig", their visit to the Laird's museum, and the mystery of their disappearing, and then re-appearing dinghy. The following morning the Laird of Uffa arrives at the hotel, accusing the Grice Patersons of having stolen the MacGlevin Buckle. Holmes and Watson set out for the island to investigate.

"The Adventure of the Smiling Face" (2014)
Included in: The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Tobias Gregson
Other Characters: Georgina Calloway; Professor Ainscow; Perkins; John Strange; Turkish Guide; Expedition Porters; Professor James Palfreyman; Timothy Martin; Mrs Wheeler; Policemen; (Beryl Wheeler; Italian Waiter; Georgina's Parents; Georgina's Neighbour; Dr David Webb; Paul Webb; Professor Schultz; Sidney Wheeler; Mrs Walsh; Edith Trubshawe; Professor Ormiston; King Pellas II; Threspotia; Mrs Wheeler's Sister; St Aidan's College Servant)
Date: November, 1884 / A few years after the conclusion of the Crimean War
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Kent; Beckenham; Stagg's Lane; Bluebell Cottage; Aylmer's Lane; Western Macedonia; Pindus Mountains; Monastery
Story: Holmes is called on by Georgina Calloway, relation of and assistant to the archaeologist Professor Palfreyman. Recently, she has heard him talking to himself, and he has appeared distressed after receiving a blank sheet of paper in the mail, which turned out to have a picture of a woman's face, drawn in invisible ink on it. More recently, he has collapsed after receiving a glazed tile with a similar smiling face on it, and has taken to carrying a revolver. Georgina, herself, has now been attacked in the lane outside the cottage.

Holmes and Watson accompany her to Beckenham, where they find Palfreyman missing, and an account of events from his past, left for Georgina to read, involving the search for the tomb of King Pellas II and the goddess Threspotia. The present case concludes in a woodland clearing with two dead bodies, but only one set of footprints leading to it. Holmes's investigations reveal the tragic connection the events of the past have with the case at hand.

"The Adventure of the Willow Pool" (2014)
Included in: The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: Captain John Reid; Messenger; Mr Coleman; Anthony Blythe-Headley; Noah Blogg; Henry Yarrow; Mrs Dickens; John Dickens; Admiral Blythe-Headley; Mary Blythe-Headley; Colonel Reid; William N. Northcote; Captain Arthur Ranworth; Jack Blogg; (Captain Meadowes; Louisa Reid; Major French; Major Bastable; Mrs Reid; Isaac Barham; Villagers; Bunning; Topley Grange Servant; Topley Grange Gardener; Colonel Finch; Oakbrook Hall Gardeners; Village Boys; Sarah Dickens; Harry Cork; Oakbrook Hall Housekeeper; Miss Mead; George Childers; Mr Dickens; Coroner; Oakbrook Hall Maid; Mrs Blogg; Oakbrook Hall Servant)
Date: October, 1881
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Pulborough; Topley Cross; Oakbrook Hall; Topley Grange; A Train; TheWhite Hart Inn; Jenkin's Clump; The Willow Pool; Hawthorn Farm; Churchyard
Story: Captain Reid returns home from serving in India and Afghanistan to find himself treated with cold indifference and contempt by his family and neighbours, from whom he had expected a warm welcome. He has also received an envelope containing a white feather. After travelling to Sussex, Holmes is quick to identify the events that have led to Reid's ostracisation, but takes longer to uncover the truth behind the rumours.
"A Hair's Breadth" (2014)
Included in: The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Inspector Lanner
Other Characters: Mr Scrimgeour; George Woodward; Basil Thorne / Matthew Quinlivan / Varney / Rev. B. Arnold; Gordon Square Policemen; (Lady Yelverton; Dr Illingworth; Lady Yelverton's Servants; Mrs Edwards; Alfred King; Susan Moore; Mrs Unwin; Leicester Police; Mrs Unwin's Maid; Glasgow Post Office Sorter; Leicester Ticket Clerk; Leicester Station Porter; Superintendent of Railway Police; Earl of Redcastle)
Date: Three weeks after Watson's marriage
Locations: Holborn; Cheapside; Scrimgeour's Office; South Audley Street; Ludgate Hill; Brown's Coffee Shop; Leicester; Mrs Unwin's Boarding House; Southampton Row; Russell Square; Gordon Square; 221B, Baker Street; Leicester Station
Story: Shortly after his marriage, Watson runs into Holmes in Holborn. Holmes tells him that he is on his way to call on the murderer of Lady Yelverton, but does not yet have the evidence to secure an arrest. Lady Yelverton had been falling under the influence of Quinliven who had been calling on her regularly, apparently over charitable and religious affairs, and has been found dead after one of his visits. A hair found in Leicester provides the key to the case.
"An Incident in Society" (2014)
Included in: The Mammoth Book of the Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: Captain Walter Armstrong; Marines; Flegge; Norton; Duchess of Pont; Duchess's Guests; ; Duchess's Butler; Commanding Officer of the Army Medical Department; Grizelda Magdalena Hoffmansthal / Princess Zelda; French Chargé d'Affaires; Naval Officer; Colonel Fitzwarren; Footmen; Russian Archduke; Zelda's Maid; (Major Colefax; Major Lavelle; Commander Fordyce; War Office Doorman; Admiral Pettigrew; Armstrong's Mother; Italian Ambassador; Russian Ambassador; American Ambassador; Count Wilhelm of Mullenstein; Editor of the Telegraph; Dep[uty Editor of the Times; Chief Foreign Correspondent of the Berlin Post\)
Date: A few days before Christmas in the early '80s
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Trevor Place; Norton's House; Belgrave Square; Duchess of Pont's House
Story: Captain Armstrong of the War Office's Secret Service Department calls on Holmes, having discovered that the code books in his department head's safe appear to have been tampered with. A parrot sets Holmes on a path that leads him into the heart of a party thrown for the great and the good of London society.
"The North Walk Mystery" (2008)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies); The Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes, Volume 2 (Denis O. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Anstruther)
Other Characters: Jarvey; Police Constable; Strand Crowd; Inspector David Stoddard; Thomas Mason; Sir Gilbert Cheshire, Q.C.; Temple Policemen; Oliver Brown; Stephen Lewis; Elijah Smith; London Bridge Policemen; (Sir John Hawkesworth, Q.C.; Dr J Gibbon; Edmund of Essex; Grand Commander of the Knights Templar; Sir Gilbert's Colleagues; Philip Ormerod; Sir George Lewis; Stephen Lewis's Friends; Peter Russell; Russell's Doctor; Mr Justice Nellington; Lord Justice Beningfield; Mason's Friend; Mrs Mason; Police Doctor)
Date: 26th (a week-day) of a month late in a year when Holmes had been in practise less than ten years.
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Strand; The Inner Temple; The North Walk; Cheshire's Chambers; Newgate Prison; Carey Street; Holborn Viaduct; London Bridge
Story: From Watson's cigar and book, Holmes deduces that Anstruther is postponing his holiday. He is bemoaning his current lack of cases, when he is summoned to the Inner Temple by Stoddard. Sir Gilbert Cheshire, Q.C. has been murdered on the North Walk of the Inner Temple, at the site of a similar murder, on a similar foggy night, ten years previously, and of the murder of a Templar Knight in 1285. The dying man named the previous murder victim, a nephew of whose is a junior in his chambers, before he died. Upstairs they discover forced doors and searched papers. After Holmes gets all involved to sign their statements, he is able to bring a concusion to both cases, but it is the murderer who metes out justice.