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Kevin Cockle

"Sherlock Holmes and the Great Game" (2011)
Included in:
Gaslight Arcanum (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Third-Person Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; (Murray)
Fictional Characters: (Professor Challenger)
Folkloric Characters: Tezcatlipoca
Other Characters: Constable Ryan; Constable Culloden; Anernerk; Anenerk's Grandfather; Lieutenant-Colonel Gerald Reed; Reavers; Netsilik Tribespeople; Aztecs; Spanish Captain
Locations: Canada; Dawson
After viewing the aftermath of a massacre in a Nunamiut village in the Canadian Arctic, Holmes and Watson, led by the power of a Zulu dagger given to Watson by Murray, continue their pursuit of the attackers across the ice until they reach a wrecked Spanish galleon crewed by zombies, and face the god Tezcatlipoca.

J.E. Cohen

"The Adventure of the Speckled Bandana" (2014)
Included in:
Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets (David Thomas Moore)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: (Elvis Presley)
Other Characters: Kevin Lowe; Louie Lowe; Memphis Crowds; Policemen; Graceland Guard; Driver; (Uncle Vernon; Hawaiian Shirt Man; Ashcroft)
Date: Thursday 11th - Wednesday 17th August 17th, 1977
Locations: USA; New York; 221B Bleecker Street; A Plane; Nevada; Las Vegas; McCarran Airport; Starlight Casino; Lowe's House of Stars; Starlight Hotel; Louie's Office; Hertz Office; Desert; Tennessee; Memphis; Airport; Graceland
Story: Las Vegas waxworks owner, Kevin Lowe calls at Holmes and Watson's New York apartment on Bleecker Street. He has opened his museum that morning to find it empty apart from his model of Toto and an envelope containing twenty thousand dollars. Holmes an Watson accompany Lowe back to Vegas, where a trip into the desert leads to the discovery of an ash-speckled bandana near the remains of a fire. The case ends with a trip to Memphis.

Paula Cohen

"The Adventure of the Dog in the Nighttime" (2006)
Included in:
Ghosts in Baker Street (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Mrs Watson
Other Characters: Hilda Blakey; Robby the Dog; Ellen McCadden; Edwin Prentice; Gregory McCadden; (Mr Farrington; Mc Cadden's Captain & Shipmates)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; St John's Wood; Miss Blakey's Cottage; Gatti's Ice House
Date: November, 1890 - January, 1891
Story: Holmes is consulted by Hilda Blakey after her sister's son and blind daughter, who live with her, disappear. She tells him of a shipmate of Gregory's who has been paying court to her niece, but whom she doesn't trust because of his strange behaviour around the house and his smooth hands. Holmes and Watson arrive at Miss Blakey's cottage to find it ransacked and her dog dead. When they finally track down the kidnapper, help comes from an unexpected source.

"Recalled to Life" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes In America (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Mycroft Holmes)
Fictional Characters: Henry Ogden Slade; Clara Adler; Thaddeus Chadwick; (Lucy Pratt)
Historical Figures: (Theodore Roosevelt)
Other Characters: Train Passenger; Albemarle Guests; Quietly Dressed Man; Youth; Woman in Green; Robert Battle; Headwaiter; Opera Audience; Frances Battle; (Battle's Assailants; Police; Frances's Father; Chief of Police)
Date: December, 1893 - January, 1895
USA; Baltimore; New York; Albemarle Hotel; Metropolitan Opera House; Broadway; Chadwick's Office; 221B, Baker Street
Story: Holmes visits New York during the hiatus. At the Albemarle he notices hotel detective Battle deal with a pair of pickpockets. Holmes explores the city in disguise and he and Battle attend the opera, where they see the philanthropist Slade, his young ward, and his lawyer, Chadwick. Battle tells Holmes how it was his investigations into Chadwick's doings that led to his being thrown off the police force. Holmes sets about bringing an end to Chadwick's persecution of Battle, and clearing his name so that he may be reunited with his estranged fiancée.
A year later, Battle and his wife visit Holmes in Baker Street.

Sol Cohen

"The Adventures of Padlock Bones" (1900)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives
: Padlock Bones & Hotson
Other Characters
: German Baker; (Chicago Alderman; One Hundred and Third Mother-in-Law of the Mormon Bishop; Mormon Bishop; Maharajah of Bundalcoor; Baker's Boy; Rajah of Mauput's Son; Miserly Old Woman; Miserly Woman's Husband; Whitechapel Revellers; Police Officer; Judge)
: London; Bones's Rooms
: Bones receives a letter asking him to investigate the disappearance of a young man from his home in Birchington Road. Before he and Hotson can begin their investigation they are called by a German baker who wishes them to find a runaway boy. Some days later Bones claims to have captured the murderer of a miserly old woman, whose guilt will be revealed through his dreams.

William P. Coleman

"The Well-Educated Young Man" (2011)
Included In:
A Study in Lavender (Joseph R.G. DeMarco)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Stanley Hopkins; Baker Street Page Boy (John "Jack" Wright); (Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade)

Historical Figures: (Adelina Patti; Havelock Ellis; John Addington Symonds; Edward Carpenter)
Other Characters: Covent Garden Passers-by; Pickpocket; Policemen; Pickpocket's Victim; Arthur 'Tanny' Tanner; Mrs Tanner; Mrs Renfrew; Mr Kent; Tanny's Client; Cab Man; Eric Selden / Sir Eric Soames; River Party Guests; Hansom Driver; Wessex Guards Officers; Major Linton Soames; Ram's Head Customers; Beggar; Andrew Soames; Four-Wheeler Driver; Lady Soames; (Sergeant Edward Tanner; Lieutenant General Sir Attwood Soames; Marquess of Ottenbury)
Date: Late Spring, 1894
Locations: Covent Garden; Charing Cross Road; Oxford Street; Portman Square; 221B, Baker Street; Tanny's Room; The Ram's Head; The Docks; Warehouse
After leaving the opera, Holmes and Watson are accompanied home by Tanny, a young man they have witnessed catching a pickpocket. Watson discovers that he is the son of a sergeant from his regiment who died at Maiwand. He tells them the story of his life, how he had been taken in and educated by Kent as a child, and discarded when he reached sixteen. Moved by his tale, Holmes arranges for Kent's new boy, Wright, to be employed by Mrs Hudson, and helped by those who understand his desires.

Tanny shows up, injured, at Baker Street, and asks Holmes to search for Eric Selden, a young man with a life like his own who has disappeared. He tells them of his relationship and adventures with Selden. Holmes traces Selden's family, and discovers that he is being held prisoner. He arranges with Hopkins, Watson and Tanny to lay a trap for the kidnapper.

Howard Collins

"The Affair of the Politician, the Lighthouse, and the Trained Cormorant" (1947)
Included in: Baker Street Journal, April 1947
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Wilson the Canary Trainer {Victor Conk-Singleton Wilson}
Other Characters: Pig & Whistle Proprietor; Stanley Smith-Mortimer
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Train; Little-Tooting-by-the-Sea; The Pig & Whistle; The Lighthouse
Date: September, 1887
Story: Wilson falls into the Baker Street sitting room. He tells Holmes that he is the lighthouse keeper at Little-Tooting-by-the-Sea, and that his trained cormorant Gwendolyn has lately taken to sitting motionless on top of the lighthouse and ignoring him: he believes she is being poisoned by a stranger he has seen lurking near the lighthouse. The lighthouse looks out to the Island of Uffa, once home of the Grice Patersons, suspected wreckers of the Sophy Anderson. The Netherlands-Sumatra company's ship Friesland, with a cargo of giant rats is due to sail past the lighthouse: Holmes suspects Moriarty is going to sink her. Travelling to Little-Tooting, Holmes & Watson examine the stranger's hotel room. Lying in wait by the lighthouse they observe the stranger, whom Holmes now knows to be the antiquarian, Smith-Mortimer, feeding the cormorant. Watson sneezes and scares him off, but they manage to corner him in his room where the truth behind his activities is revealed.

Michael Collins

"Cross of Gold" (2004)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Daniel Fortune
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Fictional Characters: Dan Fortune
Historical Figures: (Jon Sontag; Chris Evans)
Other Characters: Tadeusz Jan Fortunowski; Colin "Condor" Cameron; Fortunowski's Second Wife; Racetrack Physician; John J. McKane; Exercise Boys; Andrew Evans; Policemen
Date: Spring - Summer, 1893
Locations: New York; A Seventh Street Tenement; Brooklyn; Sheepshead Bay; Racetrack Stables; Jail
Story: Cameron is found dying in his racetrack stables and recent immigrant stablehand Fortunowski is accused of his murder. An Englishman visits him in jail and announces his intention of proving his innocence. Fortunowski is released from jail and taken by Chief McKane and the Englishmen to a tenement where the roots of the murder are revealed to lie in Californian railways and outlaws.

Randall Collins

The Case of the Philosophers' Ring (1978)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson
Fictional Characters: (White Rabbit; Cheshire Cat; Jay Gatsby)
Characters Based on Fictional Characters: (Constable D. Dogberry; Dr J. Doolittle, M.D.; Inspector Clouzot)
Historical Figures: Bertrand Russell; Annie Besant; G.E. Moore; G.H. Hardy; Alfred North Whitehead; Srinivasna Ramanujan; John Maynard Keynes; Ludwig Wittgenstein; Aleister Crowley; Arthur Conan Doyle; Reverend C.W. Leadbeater; Virginia Woolf; Lytton Strachey; (Sir Francis Galton; William Butler Yeats; MacGregor Mather; J. Nevile Keynes; Norman Mudd; Lord Balfour; Albert Einstein; Niels Bohr; Henri Poincaré; Henri
Bergson; Max Weber; Marcel Proust; George Ivanovich Gurdjieff; William S. Burroughs; Timothy Leary)
Other Characters: Pacifist Demonstrators; Local Mob; Cambridge Policemen; Farmers; Squire; Police Sergeant; Trinity Vice-Master; Trinity Undergraduate; Punting Undergraduate; Ragged Urchin; Binkie Morris's Gang; Trinity Students; Crackie Davidson; Treasury Guard; Theosophical Society Receptionist; Cab Drivers; Treasury Officer; Theosophists; Cefalu Carriage Driver; (Trinity Bursar; Andy Jonas; Prison Warder)
Date: May, 1913
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Cambridge; Trinity College; The Backs; Nevile's Court; Chancery Lane; The Treasury; Avenue Road; The Theosophical Society; Regent's Park; Marylebone Road; Great Portland Street; Euston Road; Bloomsbury; Brunswick Square; Waterloo Station; Soho; Supper Club; Ludgate Prison; Telegraph Office; Sicily; Cefalu; Abbey of Thelema; St James' Street
Part 1: A Sunny Day - Russell summons Holmes to Cambridge where "a great mind is being stolen". They arrive in Cambridge in the middle of a riot. Russell tells them that he fears that Wittgenstein is being agitated by an evil influence of some kind, and has disappeared. They see Besant in Russell's rooms, apparently walking through walls and in two places at once. In a Wonderland-esque garden they encounter Moore, Whitehead, and Hardy, who takes them to meet Ramanujan, from whose rooms Holmes removes a formula and a brass emblem bearing the number 666. Watson comes into possession of a parcel, but he and Holmes are set upon by townies, and the parcel passes into Keynes's possession. Holmes suggests that Keynes may be involved in the newly illegal drugs trade. Besant hypnotises the delivery boy to learn of a dark man and his master. Wittgenstein returns, but Ramanujan, his rival, is found dead. Wittgenstein disappears again, and Holmes deduces that the same dark force is likely working against both philosophers, and that the society known as The Apostles may play a part in the affair.

Part 2: In Darkest Night - Back in London, Holmes briefs Watson on Crowley and the Cabbala. They break into Crowley's house, and Watson has visions, both before and after Crowley appears. They leave with a behest to seek the Scarlet Woman. After a visit from Keynes, they visit the Theosophical Society, where they have a brief encounter with Doyle. Besant attempts to divine the image of those at the root of the case, and they hear Crowley's laughter again. They follow Keynes to Strachey's house, where they also meet Bell, then on to Waterloo, where they discover he is a figment of their imaginations. Later in the year, an advertisement placed by Holmes lures out Crowley's Scarlet Woman, Waddell, from whom he learns more of Crowley's beliefs and rituals. Keynes takes them to see Russell in prison. They return to the Theosophical Society, where they learn of Besant's death. Telegrams arrive with news of the nervous states of eminent intellectuals the world over. A reference to Rabelais takes them to Crowley's Abbey of Thelema, where two great minds do battle.

NOTE: The book's cover artwork by Charles Mikolaycak uses Roger Moore (Sherlock Holmes in New York) as the model for Holmes.

Susan Conant

The Barker Street Regulars (1998)
Story Type:
Detective: Holly Winter
Historical Figures: (Kaila the Devil's Paw)
Other Characters: Althea Battlefield; Nancy; Gus; Helen Musgrave; Robert MacPherson; Hugh Searles
Gateway Staff; Gateway Residents; Cecilia "Ceci" Love; Gateway Janitors; Woman Cyclist; Shopping Cart Couple; Arthur "Artie" Moore; Rita; Kevin Dennehy; Steve Delaney; Leah, Faith Barlow; Mrs Ring; Gloria; Scott; Dog Show Vendor; Rowena; Steve's Clients; Rhonda; Irene Wheeler; Dry Cleaner's, Bookstore & Hardware Store Staff & Customers; Fish Market Proprietor; Huron Drug Customers; Rita's Psychotherapist Friend; Ralph Ryan; Waiters; Restaurant Patrons; Waitress; Mass. Avenue Crowd; Schultz; Mrs Dennehy; Billy; Newton Police Officers; E.M.T.s; Mary Kingsley; (Jonathan Hubbell; Hugh's Wife; Robert's Wife; Mr Battlefield; Ellis Love; George Hubbell; Nancy's Roommate; Donald Lively; Dog Breeders; Dog Show Judge; Buck Winter; Newton Joggers; Mary; The Franklins; Steve's Mother; Jehovah's Witnesses; Gladys)
Date: January - April
Locations: USA; Massachusetts; Boston; Cambridge; Gateway Rehabilitation and Nursing Home; Harvard Square; Coffee Shop; Holly's House; Newton Corner; North Beacon Street Bridge; Watertown; Greenough Boulevard; Dog Show Trade Center; Steve's Surgery; Irene's Office; Arsenal Street; Brighton; Newton; Norwood Hill; Norwood Road; Upper Norwood Road; Ceci's House; Lower Norwood Road; Drycleaner's; Bookstore; Hardware Store; Huron Drugstore; Fresh Pond Market; Cambridge Armory; Massachusetts Avenue; Restaurant; Walden Street; Apartment Opposite Irene's; Soldier's Field Road; Oak Square
Holly Winter meets ninety year old Sherlockian Althea Battlefield when she takes her malamute Rowdy to the Gateway Rehabilitation and Nursing Home as part of a pet therapy program. She rescues a cat from being drowned. Althea's grandnephew, visiting from St Paul, Minnesota, is murdered, and in the snow near his body are the footprints of a gigantic hound. Holly visits Irene Wheeler, an animal psychic, whose clients are accusing her veterinary lover, Steve Delaney, of malpractice. Althea's elderly Sherlockian friends, Hugh and Robert, persuade Holly to use her other malamute, Kimi, as a tracking dog, to help them investigate Jonathan's murder. Meanwhile, her policeman friend, Dennehy is investigating the murder of a drug-dealer, and her psychiatrist tenant Rita is searching for a patient's missing dog. A series of Holmesian clues and deductions bring all the strands together.

Michael Connelly

"The Crooked Man" (2014)
Included in:
In the Company of Sherlock Holmes (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type:
Detective: Art "Sherlock" Doyle
Characters Based On Canonical Characters: James Barclay; (Nancy Devoy)
Fictional Characters: Harry Bosch; Jerry Edgar; (Hannah Stone)
Other Characters: Guard; Patrol Officers; Sergeant Bob "Nox" Fitzgerald; Forensic Criminalist; Police Photographer; Doyle's investigator; (Klinger)
Date: Early 21st Century
Locations: USA; California; Beverly Hills; Doheny Drive; Doheny Estates
Bosch and Edgar are called out to the opulent Doheny Estates where James Barclay, the CEO of Archway Studios, has been killed in his library, where the window shows signs of a break-in. Present in the house are Nancy Devoy, and Klinger, her lawyer. Deputy coroner Art "Sherlock" Doyle is already on the scene, and it is his observations that lead to the case's solution.

NOTE: Klinger, the lawyer, is named after Sherlockian Leslie S. Klinger, co-editor of this anthology.

Lawrence C. Connolly

"The Death Lantern" (2009)
Included in:
Gaslight Grotesque (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; (Mrs Hudson)
Other Characters: (The Great Calibri; Mrs Calibri; Calibri's Shop Workers; Guy Guignol)
Date: December 30th, 1900
Locations: Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street
Watson returns home to find Lestrade with Holmes. They are watching a motion picture showing the death of the Great Calibri, a stage magician, during a bullet catching trick. Calibri's wife has disappeared, and his creditors believe that he is still alive and they have fled the country together. They study the film, looking for evidence of trick photography. Holmes makes a deduction about the murder and about the future.

"The Executioner" (2011)
Included in:
Gaslight Arcanum (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche narrated by Holmes
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty; (Mycroft Holmes; Dr Watson)
Fictional Characters: Frankenstein's Monster (M. Adam); (Baron Victor von Frankenstein)
Other Characters: Servants
Date: June, 1891
Locations: Switzerland
Story: Holmes awakes in a room he does not recognise, remembering only his fight at Reichenbach. He follows instructions he finds in an envelope to a meeting with his host, and learns that it has been four weeks since his death at the Falls. After discovering his host's identity, and fulfilling a series of tests, he learns what happened to Moriarty after their final battle.

L.F.E. Coombs

J. Alston Cooper

"Dr Watson's Wedding Present" (1903)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mary Morstan; (Hound of the Baskervilles)
Other Characters: (Micah Clarke)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Deducing Watson's upcoming marriage to Mary Morstan, Holmes tries to decide on a wedding present for them. He eventually sends a tangled skein.

Joe Cooper

"The Case of the Yorkshire Fairies" (1990)
Included in:
The Case of the Cottingley Fairies (Joe Cooper)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle; Edward Gardner; (Arthur Wright; Polly Wright; Elsie Wright; Annie Griffiths; Frances Griffiths)
Date: Early August, 1920
221B, Baker Street; (Cottingley)
Story: Doyle and Gardner bring two of the Cottingley Fairy photographs to Holmes for analysis. Holmes concludes that they are fakes, and describes the evidence in the photographs that leads him to this conclusion.

Tracy Cooper-Posey

Chronicles of the Lost Years (1999)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Professor Moriarty; The Moriarty Gang; The Baker Street Irregulars; Colonel Moran; Mrs. Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Tobias Gregson; Wiggins
Other Characters: Elizabeth Sigerson; Two Cabbies; Matron; Elizabeth's Guard; Other Guards; Hotel porter; Desk Clerk; Telegram Boy; Straker; Elizabeth's Assailant; Al-Sahib Crowds; Sullah's Attackers; Children; Sullah Muhammad Zia-ad-din Ahmad; Sullah's Men; Doctor; Tayisha; Sheba; Mary; Sullah's Guests; Lord Barrington Edgewater; Carlo Ricco; Young Man; Sullah's Caravan; Caravan Guards; Bandits; Ch'ang T'i; Ts'e; Ts'iang; Ts'iang's Family; Bandits; Guide; Elise; Hyde Park astrollers; Stableboys; Mrs. Thacker; Horace Thacker; Cartwright; Hansom Driver; Desk Clerk; Station Clerk; Lestrade's Men; Camden House Occupants; Dartmoor Prison Governor; Prisoners; Workman; Watson's Watchers; Watson's Double; Docker; Indian; Elizabeth; Beatrice O'Connor; Sikmah Rijkmah; Sikmah's Guards; Sikmah's Desk Clerk; Captain Sarawan; Dock Workers; Andhra's Pride Crew; Majah; Bobbies; Watson's Guide; (Dartmoor Shepherd)
Date: January, 1891 - March, 1904
Locations: Watson's Consulting Rooms; A Hansom; 221B, Baker Street; Another Hansom; Elizabeth's Home; Dockside Warehouse; Victoria Station; A Train; Canterbury; Strasburg; Dartmoor; Reichenbach Falls; Meiringen; The Englischer Hof; An Alpine Hut; Italy; Florence; A Hotel; A Hostel; Constantinople; An Inn; The Hagia Sophia; Al-Sahib Square; Sullah's Palace; Persia; The Elburz Mountains; Sullah's Home; Tibet; Ts'iang's Village; Khartoum; Omdurman; Aden; Marseilles; Montpelier; Hyde Park; Baker Street; A Hansom Cab; A Train; Perth; Hotel; Station; Train; The Diogenes Club; Camden House; Another Train; Dartmoor Prison; Oxford Street; Bloomsbury; Bethnal Green; Whitechapel; Elizabeth's Hideout; Sikmah's Hostel; Wiggins' Rooms; Docks; Aboard The Andhra's Pride; Warehouse; Teheran; Mashhad
Story: Holmes tells Watson of a set of clothes found buried on Dartmoor. Although they resemble men's clothes, he says they were actually tailored for a woman. A month later, while Holmes is in France, Watson receives a patient, Elizabeth Sigerson, who exactly matches Holmes's description of the clothes' owner. Holmes returns the clothes to her, failing to learn the story of their provenance, but shortly thereafter Elizabeth is captured by Moriarty. After rescuing her, Holmes decides that the three of them must flee to Europe until Moriarty's gang has been rounded up by the police. In Strasburg he learns that this has happened, but Moriarty has escaped. He tries to send Watson and Elizabeth back to London, but they insist on staying with him. During their travels Elizabeth tells them how she came to kill a man on Dartmoor.

After Holmes's (and Elizabeth's) disappearance at Reichenbach and eventual return to London, Watson becomes jealous of Holmes's new closeness to Elizabeth. She tells him of their adventures after the death of Moriarty.

Holmes and Elizabeth flee Reichenbach with Moran in pursuit. In Constantinople, Elizabeth rescues a tall man from an attack by three Arabs, believing he is Holmes. She and Holmes flee the scene, but are captured and taken to the home of Sullah, the man they saved. After a dinner party at Sullah's palace, Holmes & Elizabeth begin a physical relationship. Sullah invites them to travel to his home in Persia as guards for his caravan. After arriving there, Holmes decides they will visit Tibet. Arriving in that country they come across a lone pregnant woman. After assisting with the birth, they travel to her village, where they stay for two years, living as goatherds. After Holmes visits the Llama [sic] in Lhasa, they begin the journey home, receiving a telegram from Mycroft which sends them to Khartoum, from where Holmes travels to Omdurman to meet the Khalifa, and eventually to Montpelier where Holmes reads of the Adair murder. Three years later Sullah comes to England, bringing Holmes and Elizabeth's horses with him. He advises Watson to make Elizabeth's existence public knowledge, but Watson decides not to.

In 1903 Holmes travels to Perth to investigate the disappearance of a draper. On his arrival a telegram from Mycroft is waiting calling for his return to London. The case was a ruse to lure him away while Elizabeth was kidnapped. As they examine the wrecked Baker Street sitting room, Lestrade arrives with the news that Moran has escaped from prison. Later, a shot through the window wounds Holmes, who sends Mycroft, Watson, Gregson and Lestrade over to Camden House to apprehend the shooter. When they return, after failing to find anyone, Holmes has disappeared. Watson travels to Dartmoor Prison with Lestrade and learns the details of Moran's escape, and about his sister, Beatrice O'Connor, whom he feels cannot be considered as part of the plot.

Aware that he is being watched, Watson stays in Baker Street for several days. Then, on an outing to Oxford Street he spots Wiggins, whom he follows, eventually being taken to Holmes, who has tracked Moran and Elizabeth to a hostel run by the Indian, Sikmah. The final showdown between Holmes and Moran comes aboard a sinking ship, but Holmes fails to find Elizabeth.

The Case of the Reluctant Agent (2001)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Tobias Gregson; Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; Dr. Watson;
(Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moran)
Historical Figures: (Sir Henry Chauvel; Viscount Allenby)
Other Characters: Digby; Lord Stainsbury; Alexander Von Stein; Junior Officers; Heinz Aldrich; Madeline Häfner; Stainsbury's Driver; Jerusalem Crowds; British Privates; Major Reginald Porter; Private Jenkins; Vendors; Children; Australian Soldiers; Captain Cameron Rowe; Sergeant Hughes; Zeki; Major William Häfner / The Divine Wind / Hadiya Adalparvar / Vashti / Elizabeth Sigerson; Fairuza; German Soldiers; Jamal; Jamal's Wife; Peiter; Oriental Export Staff; Syed Mushtaq Ali; Luise; Records Clerk; Caspar; Village Women; Jammina; Hadiya's Men; Messenger Boy; Cyrus; Heinz; Unteroffizier; German Clerk; Hans; Earhart; Gregson's Driver; Stainsbury's Clerk; Restaurant Diners; Restaurant Manager; Waiters
(Mycroft's Clerk; Mycroft's Agents; Ottoman Courier; Stainsbury's Men; Rogue Agent; William; Sullah; Heinz; Government Clerk; Zeki's Mother; Karli; Richenburg; German Major; Dieter; Zimmerman; Beatrice O'Connor; Tayisha; Grand Vizier's Assistant; Sullah's Sons; Mycroft's Guards)
Date: November 7th, 1917 - April, 1918
Locations: Holmes's Sussex Villa; Mycroft's Office; Constantinople; London Dockside Hostel; Victoria Station; Jerusalem; Zeki's Room; Häfner's House; Fairuza's Home; Jamal's House; Abandoned Palace; Galata; Oriental Export Company; Harbiye Barracks; House of Central Records; Anatolia; Caspar's Village; Hadaya's Camp; Cave; Ankara; Queen Anne Street; Watson's Home; Stainsbury's Office; Restaurant
Story: Gregson brings Holmes the news that Mycroft has been shot and is not expected to survive. The previous day Mycroft and his superior, Stainsbury, had attempted to persuade Holmes to go to Turkey to investigate guerilla insurgents there. He refused. The courier who had met with Mycroft on the morning of his shooting is found dead. Stainsbury tells him that Mycroft has a rogue agent, and that his other agents are being killed one by one.

In Constantinople, the German Army is being troubled by an opponent known as the Divine Wind. Holmes reluctantly sets out for Turkey in search of those behind Mycroft's shooting. Attacked in Jerusalem while apprehending a pickpocket, he is rescued by the Australian Cavalry. In Constantinople, disguised as a Turk, he meets Zeki, Mycroft's contact. The Germans receive details of the traitor in their ranks from Berlin. Holmes and Zeki see another of Mycroft's agents being taken by the Germans, and attempt to warn another before the Germans reach him too. Holmes learns about Zeki's past, and, while breaking, entering and eavesdropping, is put on the trail of Hadiya, the Divine Wind, whom he believes to be a German agent.

In a tent in Anatolia, disguised as a bedouin, he is astonished to find himself reunited with Elizabeth. The two of them flee when the Hadiya's camp comes under German attack, and Holmes is shot and captured. Once again he is surprised by Elizabeth, whom he sends to kill a man. Holmes escapes with the aid of Elizabeth's drunken husband, but Elizabeth finds herself in turn shot and a captive. Holmes rescues her and deals with the traitor, and they head away from the city. Elizabeth tells him of her escape from Moran. They part again and Holmes returns to London to deal with the man who shot Mycroft, a task for which he also recruits Watson and Gregson.

Jay Coote

"The Modern Radio Sleuth" (1929)
Included in:
As It Might Have Been (Robert C.S. Adey)
Story Type: Educational Pastiche
Sheerluck Coames & Dr Botson
Date: November
Locations: Coames's Dacre Street Chambers
Story: Coames has become interested in radio, and has installed a receiver set in his Dacre Street rooms. Botson arrives, asking Holmes to help identify the origins of foreign transmissions featuring the song of a nightingale, the word "Allah", and a language which Coames identifies as Esperanto. He proceeds to give Botson tips on identifying overseas broadcasters.

Basil Copper

"The Adventure of the Haunted Rectory" (1980)
Included in:
The Uncollected Cases of Solar Pons (Basil Copper)
Story Type:
Solar Pons & Dr. Lyndon B. Parker
Canonical Equivalents: Mrs. Johnson = Mrs. Hudson
Other Characters: Duke of Porchester; Passers-by; Mr. Barker; Porchester's Chauffeur; Elizabeth Stuart; Trap Driver; Hannah; Major Alan Kemp; Reverend Isaac Stokesby; Brackett & Prall's Representative; Judson Higgins; Higgins' Companion; Jethro Carpenter; Munro Slater; (Reverend Stuart; Mrs. Stuart; Stuart's Doctor; Intruder; Police Sergeant; Constable; Elizabeth's Legal Practice Friend; Jeremy Stuart; Inspector Jamison; Bancroft Pons; Sir Roger Cresswell; Dartmoor Prison Warden; Prison Nurse)
Date: Early June
Locations: Regent Street; Piccadilly Circus; Haymarket; 7B, Praed Street; A Train; Haslemere Station; Grassington, Surrey; The Old Rectory; The Church; The Cresswell Arms; Godalming; Surrey Observer Office; (Cresswell Manor; Dartmoor Prison)
Story: Pons is called on by Elizabeth Stuart to investigate a prowler who seems to have a special interest in the books in her late rector father's study. Pons travels to Grassington and on examining the books the intruder was looking at, discovers a slip of paper with Bible verses written on it. Pons breaks the code, which leads to hidden treasure, and after retrieving it, he places an advertisement about the sale of Stuart's book in the local paper hoping to lure in the intruder. Upon discovering that the paper has disappeared after the book-viewing, Pons and Parker lie in wait in the church for their man.

"The Adventure of the Persecuted Painter" (1997)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (Mike Ashley)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs. Hudson
Other Characters:
Aristide Smethurst; Eveline Reynolds; Eveline's Aunt; Jabez Crawley; Amos Hardcastle; Jacob Ashton; Manager of the George & Dragon; Carriage Driver; Hardcastle's Receptionist; Waiter at The George & Dragon; Mrs. Hobbs
Date: March, 1895
221B, Baker Street; A Train; A Country Station; Parvise Magna; The George & Dragon Inn; A Carriage; Smedhurst's Cottage; The Quarry; Hardcastle's office; Reynolds' House; A Cave in the Quarry; Hardcastle's House
Story: Smedhurst, a painter & writer, moved to Dorset two years ago, to be near a young lady, Reynolds, to whom he had formed an attachment. Since then he has been persecuted - his house searched, noises in the night, a face at the window - and shot at. Holmes and Watson travel down to Dorset to examine the cottage and a nearby quarry. Holmes tells Smedhurst to leave town, and ensures that the lawyer responsible for the sale of the house, Smedhurst's estranged fiancée, and the man Smedhurst believes she has taken up with, are all aware of his absence, and he and Watson begin a late night vigil in the cottage.

Necropolis (1980)
Story Type:
Victorian Gothic featuring Canonical Figures
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade; Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters:
Clyde Beatty; Mrs. De Carton; Dotterell; Angela Meredith; Tredegar Meredith; Dr. Horace Couchman; Mrs. Throgmorton; Meredith's Parlour Maid; Cabby; London Bridge Station Clerk; London Bridge Station Ticket Collector; Elderly Lady Passenger; Elderly Gentleman Passenger; Trap Driver; Woking Ticket Collector; Woking Cab-Driver; White Horse Waiter; Toby Stevens; White Horse Landlord; Miss Price; Brookfield Inmates; Black-Bearded Attendant; Mad Bess; Ladies On Woking Station; Dr. John Rossington; Inspector Munson; Munson's Driver; Cemetery Attendants; Bateman; Lewis Archer; James Varley; Bateman's Manservant; White Horse Clientele; Ostler; Messenger; Cronk; McMurdo's Clerk; Mrs. Varley; Chophouse Waiter; McMurdo's Customers; Patriolling Constable; Drunken Carter; Beatty's Cab Driver; Cab Passengers; Waterloo Station Crowds; Waterloo Ticket Collector; Undertakers' Mutes; Clergymen; Undertakers; Station Master; Mourners; London Necropolis Company Representative; Sation Workers; Farm Workers; Station Buffet Assistant; Abraham Beardsley; Teashop Clientele; Teashop Waitress; Sir Inigo Walton; Bank Messenger; Bank Customers; Bank Clerks; Muirhead; Penrose; Inspector Bull; Mrs. Cleek; McMurdo's Men; Dr. Sanders; Mrs. Grice; Beatty's Parlour-Maid; South Bank Crowds; Policemen; Dorn; Bank Clerk; Connors; Standish; Peters; Prostitutes; Chestnut Seller; Girl; Child-Mute; Hearse Driver; Alasdair Vail; McMurdo; Constable; Sergeant Bassett; Ticket Inspector; Buffet Proprietor; Lestrade's Men; Train Driver; Train Guard; Lowell; Balsover; Freight Train Driver; Villagers; Constable Turner; Fireman; Railway Official; Rosalind; (Mrs. Stevens; Angela's Aunt)
Date: January
Holborn; Beatty's office; A Cab (Cheapside; London Bridge); Tooley Street; London Bridge Station; A Train (New Cross; Norwood; Croydon; Caterham Junction; Merstham Tunnel); Reigate; A Train (Holmesdale Valley; Box Hill Tunnel; Dorking); Guildford; A Train; Woking; The White Horse Hotel; Stevens' Cab; Brookfield Nursing Home; Woking Station; Brookwood Cemetery; St John's Wood; Meredith's House; Brookwood House; Elgin Terrace; McMurdo & Co.; Chophouse; Cab; Blackfriars Bridge; Waterloo-road Station; The Ghost Train; Station Buffet; Teashop; City & Suburban Bank; Cheyne Walk; Beatty's House; The South Bank; McMurdo's Central Depot; McCorqudale's Funeral Parlour; The Firs
Story: Angela Meredith hires private investigator, Clyde Beatty, to investigate the death of her banker father whom she suspects has been murdered. He travels to Woking to interview the man's doctor, Couchman, who runs an asylum. The dead man's body is exhumed from its grave in Brookwood Cemetery, but a post-mortem by Beatty's friend, Rossington, reveals nothing. When they report to Miss Meredith, they learn from a photo of her father that they have examined the wrong body. They return to the cemetery, and discover that Meredith had indeed been poisoned. Before they can question Couchman he flees to London. Beatty receives word from Munson, the Woking Police Inspector, that the cemetery foreman has been found dead in London. Couchman was at the scene of the death, and Beatty trails him to Blackfriars Bridge, but is unable to prevent him taking his own life. He returns to the cemetery on "The Ghost Train", a special train carrying coffins and mourners from London to the cemetery, and with his assistant, Dotterell goes to investigate some workman's huts, which he has twice been warned away from.

Meanwhile, Inspector Bull is called in by the City & Suburban Bank (at which Meredith had worked), to advise on security after a series of bullion robberies in the city. Beatty discovers a tunnel in one of the sheds, but is knocked unconscious and left for dead before he can investigate further. He lures the cemetery under-foreman, Beardsley, to London, but is again thwarted in his plans by the man's death. Angela arranges for Beatty to advise the bank on security measures, and he begins to look into the bullion robberies.

Beatty travels again on the Ghost Train, back to the cemetery, this time accompanied by Lestrade and some of his men to bring matters to a head. At the end of the adventure Holmes and Watson are seen passing by Beatty's house.

Solar Pons Versus the Devil's Claw (written 1977 / published 2004)
Story Type:
Solar Pons & Dr. Lyndon B. Parker
Canonical Equivalents: Mrs. Johnson = Mrs. Hudson
Other Characters: Hugh Mulvane; Two Elderly Clerics; Andrew Peters; Inspector Stone; James Tolpuddle; Constable Entwhistle; Sarita Peters; Angela Coutts; Sybil Masterson; Vincent Tidmarsh; Smithers; Ironmonger; Librarian; Sheldon; Woman in Post Office; Villagers; Cab Driver; Motherly Woman; Estate Workers; Sergeant; Amos Brown; Man in Turban; Bicyclist; Students; Peters' Housekeeper; Sergeant Matthews; Two Constables; Brice; (Roscoe Abernathy; Simon Hardcastle; Dr. Erik Backer; Sidona Sheldon; Poacher; Inspector Stapleton; Police Surgeon; Professor John Brewer; Parker's Locum; Pons' Friend at Somerset House)
Date: Early January
Locations: 7B, Praed Street; A Train; Buckinghamshire; Chalcroft; Railway Station; Chalcroft Manor; Cemetery; Ironmonger's Shop; Library; Post Office; Tea Shop; Chalcroft College; Yeoman's; The Folly
Story: Pons is consulted by Mulvane whose uncle, Hardcastle, has been found dead, no marks on his body and a look of loathing on his face. By the body were the footprints, neither animal nor human, which had often been seen in the district, known locally as the devil's claw. Mulvane tells how he moved to Chalcroft at his uncle's request, and how a few months previously the locals had suddenly become hostile towards him, a situation his uncle seemed to relish. He tells Pons that his uncle had told him that he had been threatened by the secret Ram Dass Society. As well as seeing the strange footprints, Mulvane has also heard a strange whistling on a number of occasions, a tune identified by Pons as 'The Devil's Waltz'. On the night of his uncle's death he had followed him to the cemetery attached to the house and into a lighted mausoleum, where he was knocked unconscious.

Pons and Parker travel to Chalcroft where they learn the police surgeon's findings on the means of death. Pons examines the murder scene, the tomb, and the dead man's office where he finds a burned scrap of paper. From the Manor staff he learns more of Hardcastle's character, and at a dinner given by Mulvane he meets some of Hardcastle's neighbours. While Pons carries on his investigations in the village and by phone, the estate manager is attacked. Parker sees a man in a turban. A search for Hardcastle's will meets with little success. A second attempt on the estate manager is made before a local bookmaker comes looking for him. Pons lays a trap in a ruined folly to bring the murderer to justice.

NOTE: The book's cover artwork by Les Edwards uses Peter Cushing as the model for Solar Pons, and, rather bizarrely, Stratford Johns as Dr. Parker.

NOTE 2: On page 52 Pons "pull[s] gently at the lobe of his left ear", a nervous habit shared with Sax Rohmer's Sir Denis Nayland Smith.

Alan Coren

Arthur and the Great Detective (1979)
Story Type:
Children's Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Inspector Lestrade
Historical Figures: William S. Gilbert; Sir Arthur Sullivan
Other Characters:
Passengers; Arthur William Foskett; Captain; Chief Steward; Stewards; New York Policeman; Bosun; Red-Bearded Man; Duchess of Cricklewood
Locations: Aboard The SS Murgatroyd in the Atlantic Ocean
Story: Arthur meets Holmes and Watson aboard the SS Murgatroyd. Taking a stroll on the deck, he and Holmes find the bosun singing in the lifeboat, then run into a man in a false beard. Holmes pursues, but loses, him. They hear Watson shouting from the dining room, and find him grappling with a figure who turns out to be Lestrade, aboard ship guarding the "Scarlet Horace", a jewel belonging to the Duchess of Cricklewood. Arthur meets Gilbert & Sullivan. The manuscript of Patience has been stolen, along with a trunk of props & costumes from Gilbert's cabin. Holmes sets off in pursuit of the red-bearded man. Arthur examines the cabin, learns that the chief steward and the bosun are both leaving the ship at the end of the voyage, and discovers the red-bearded man's cabin. Holmes rushes to the cabin and the man's secret is revealed. Gilbert & Sullivan are astonished when Arthur is able to play a tune from the manuscript, and he reveals the reason for its disappearance.

Arthur and the Bellybutton Diamond (1979)
Story Type:
Children's Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Irregulars
Fictional Characters: (The Akond of Swat)
Other Characters:
Arthur William Foskett; Cabbie; PC Filge; Wilfred Nutt, Earl of Stepney; Squeebs; Little Ned; Herbert Hancock; Clown; Ringmaster; The Astounding Swatties; Alfred J. Futtergunk; Zoo Crowd
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; Stepney Castle; 14, Pondicherry Villas; Regent's Park; London Zoo; Marylebone Lane Cab Shelter; Clapham Common; Chubley's Magic Circus
Story: Lestrade consults Holmes over the theft of the Earl of Stepney's diamond tiepin containing the Bellybutton Diamond belonging to the Akond of Swat. Arthur accompanies them to visit the Earl, a former elephant keeper, who has taken to his bed. The butler heard the thief shouting for cheese, he also ate the Earl's brazil nuts. Arthur discovers that there are no nutcrackers in the house, and is scared by someone shouting for cheese at the Zoo. At Baker Street he learns that Holmes and Watson have escaped and enlists the tiniest of the Irregulars to help find them, a quest that leads to the circus. A journey back to the zoo solves the mystery.
Arthur and the Purple Panic (1981)
Story Type:
Children's Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs Hudson
Historical Figures: Queen Victoria; Gustave Eiffel; (Horatio Nelson)
Other Characters: Arthur William Foskett; Footmen; Palace Guards; Palace Spectators; Trafalgar Square Crowd; Cabbie; Flower Seller; Chelsea Pensioner; Policemen; Marbles Boys; Cabbie; Newspaper Boy; Verger; (Times Editor; President of France)
Date: March
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Buckingham Palace; Trafalgar Square; The Monument; St Paul's Cathedral
Story: A footman with a message from the Queen arrives at 221B, summoning Holmes, Watson and Arthur to Buckingham Palace. She takes them to her bathroom, from where that can see that Nelson, atop his Column, has been painted purple and is sticking his tongue out at the Palace. They meet Lestrade, with his newly formed Serious Statues Squad in Trafalgar Square, where all the pigeons have insulting notes attached to them. Arthur notices three circles of sand. Disguised as a French Mountaineer, Holmes climbs and cleans the Column, having deduced that a French mountaineer must br responsible for the crimes. He then departs for France, leaving Arthur to scour the docks in case the culprit is actually a sailor. On his way, Arthur passes the Monument, running into a group of boys playing marbles on three more sand circles. The ball atop the Monument has been painted purple. Arthur lies in wait for the villain atop St Paul's, but is carried away in a hot air balloon to France, from where he returns with his new friend, Eiffel.
Arthur v. The Rest (1981)
Story Type:
Children's Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: (Queen Victoria; W.G. Grace)
Other Characters: Arthur William Foskett; Waterloo Ticket Collector ; Waterloo Porter; Esmond; Oswald; Monty Flitt; Pig Porter; Mouse Assistant Porter; Dog & Trombone Landlord; Lower Stoatmumbling Villagers; Postman; Butcher; Landlord's Wife; Elvira Floom; Newt; Vicar; Policeman; Cricket Spectators; Butcher's Brother-in-Law; Upper Stoatmumbling Cricket Team
(Village Idiot; Mouldy Watkins)
Date: March
Locations: Waterloo Station; Train; Lower Stoatmumbling; Railway Station; High Street; The Dog & Trombone; Cricket Pitch
Story: Against the advice of the Queen, Arthur arrives in Lower Stoatmumbling, the Worst Kept Village in England, after his train makes an unexpected stop there because of a pig on the line. To revive the villagers spirits, Arthur suggests a cricket match against their rivals, Upper Stoatmumbling, the Best Kept Village in England, promising that W.G. Grace will play on their team. Watson arranges for Grace to take part, and he and Holmes join the crowd that turns up for the match. When Arthur receives word that Grace has been delayed he has to take desperate measures to save the day.

Michael G. Cornelius

"The Adventure of the Unidentified Flying Object" (2011)
Included In:
A Study in Lavender (Joseph R.G. DeMarco)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
; Mrs Hudson; (Professor Moriarty)
Historical Figures: Lord Arthur Somerset
Other Characters: Joseph Fenton; Cleveland Street Crowds; Carters; Loitering Lads; Lamp Lighter; Mrs Frobrisher; Mr Pearson; Bank Manager; Police Officers; Solicitor's Housemaid; (Haughton the Poisoner; Mrs Haughton; Haughton's Daughter; Glazier; Office Lad)
Date: Spring, 1889
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Cleveland Street; Milliner's Shop
Mrs Hudson announces Lord Somerset, who seems to make Holmes oddly nervous. He tells Holmes that a tradesman will come to ask for his help and he should give whatever assistance is required. Fenton, a baker in Cleveland Street, has had his windows smashed on the same day for three weeks running. When he and the police stood watch the following week they saw a green glowing obect in the sky, but his windows have remained unbroken since then. Holmes and Watson set up vigil in Cleveland Street. Along with a large crowd, they see the object and hear a loud thundering noise. A few days later Holmes creates an aerial display of his own.

Paul Cornell

Happy Endings (1996)
Story Type: Science Fiction
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Mrs Hudson)
Fictional Characters: Death; (The Ancient Mariner)
Fictional Characters (Doctor Who TV Series):
Romana; Castellan Spandrell; The 7th Doctor; Ace; Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart; Sergeant John Benton; Captain Mike Yates; Doris Lethbridge-Stewart; Silurians; UNIT; Ice Warriors; The Master; Alpha Centauri; Audrey McShane; (Jo Grant; Winnifred Bambera; Ancelyn)
Fictional Characters (Doctor Who New Adventures, etc): Chelonians; Parasites; Jinkwa; Patraxes; Keri; Kitai; Bernice Summerfield; Jason Kane; Roz Forrester; Chris Cwej; Ishtar Hutchings; Emily Hutchings; Saul; Pakhars; Wolsey; Laura Gjovaag; Felicity Kusinitz; Peter Hutchings; Hamlet Macbeth; Ruby Duvall; Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart; aM!xitsa; Mrs Higgins; Anthony Christopher 'Kit' Chapin; Danny Pain; Cob; Irving Braxiatel; Captain Lisa Deranne; Captain Nathan Li Shao; Sgloomi Po; Leetha; Kiru; Carrie O'Grady; Guy Chisholm; Savaar; Máire Mab Finn; Pain; Gerhardt; Unicorn; Muldwych; The Charrl; Provost-Marshal Beltempest; Baron Vivant Denon; Alexander Shuttleworth; Forgwyn; Phractons; Lieutenant Anthony Rupert Hemmings; The Timewyrm; Liso; Professor James Rafferty; The Grey Man; SaRa!qava; Kantryan Commissioner; Damakort; High Lord Rhukk; Jason; Captain Eugene Petion; Kim Talevera; Manda; Benjamin Alvarez; Cristian Alvarez; Elaine Delahaye; Francis; Mikhail Vladimir Popov; Charlotte Aickland; Richard Aickland; Creed McIlveen; Doc Dantalion; Old Davy; Herne; Tom Dekker; Robin Yeadon; (Johnny Chess; Count Nikolai Sorin; Sabalom Glitz; Jan Rydd; Ancelyn ap Gwalchmai; Brigadier Tommy; Artemis; Kate Lethbridge-Stewart; Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart; Vincent Wheaton; Justine; Antykhon; Oksana Kilbracken; Isatu; Tanith; Gabriel; Cybercontroller; Abslom Daak; Dep; Anne Doras; Oskar Steinmann; Doctor Nemesis; White Knight; feLixi; Dr Howard Phillips; The Shenn; Charles Sutton; Raphael)
Characters based on Fictional Characters: Jacquilian & Sanki (Julian & Sandy)
Folkloric Characters: Death
Historical Figures: The Isley Brothers; Ronald Isley; O'Kelly Isley; Rudolph Isley; Donald Bradman; William Blake; Gilgamesh; Leonardo da Vinci; (Bobby Charlton; Prince Charles; Bob Dylan)
Other Characters: Vanessa; Commuters; Station Announcer; Postman; Reverend Annie Trelaw; Villagers; James; Sid "See in the Dark" Seedman; Ghoti's DJ; Ghoti's Dancers; Lord Tasham; J. Miller; Bistro Waiters; Time in a Bottle Patrons; Trees; Sergeant G. Burk; Major John Gunther; Sanki; Jacquilian; Grunge Band; Kit's Secretary; Time in a Bottle Barmaids; Mr P. Cooke; Mr Sinner; Cricket Spectators; Captain Traylen; UNIT Soldiers; Skog; The Bishop; Tasham's Butler; Time; Emily's Mother; The Goddess; Newsagent; Paper Boys & Girls; Miss Tiller; Church Choir; Bernice Doras; Chancellory Guardsmen; Catacomb Guards; Danny's Daughter; Truck Driver; Cook William; Alec Without Gloves; (Mike Trelaw; Arnkush; Peter; The Bishop; Russian Ballerina; Helen Paripski; J. Smith; J. Miller; J. Bunney; iKrissi; God; Petion's Wife)
Date: 1993 / April, 2010 / 30th July, 1966 / Earl Autumn 1887 / 30th Century / February 1998
Locations: Gallifrey; The Citadel; The Catacombs; Sakkrat; Rickmansworth Station; Norfolk; Cheldon Bonniface; Village Green; River Bure; The Hutchings' House; Mrs Higgins's Guest House; St Christopher's Church; The Black Swan; Gjovaag & Kusinitz's Dressmakers' Shop; The Time in a Bottle; Italian Bistro; Graveyard; Bridge Street; Police Station; Barn; The Woods; Steel Farm; O'Grady's Café; Cricket Pitch; Churchyard; Newsagent's Shop; London; Isley Brothers' Apartment; 221B, Baker Street; Tasham; Ghoti Nightclub; Bona Music Office; Puterspace; The TARDIS; Walthamstow; Plautus
Romana rescues a group of humans frozen in time by a Fortean Flicker, and discovers an artefact of Rassilon is missing from the Gallifreyan Catacombs. Bernice and Jason are getting married in Cheldon Bonniface, but when Ace arrives to be the bridesmaid, new tensions arise. Roz discovers evidence of a deadly viral compound in the village, the Pakhars experience time-shifts when they sneeze, and Hamlet Macbeth, alien investigator arrives.

Watson visits Holmes to find that he has received an invitation to the wedding. After the Doctor transports them to 2010, Roz consults Holmes about her mystery.

Disaster is narrowly averted after the alien guests' disguises are disrupted.

Holmes, Watson and Roz investigate local farms for evidence of the Bloom chemical.

The visitors play a game of cricket against the villagers. UNIT arrive at the same time as the Ice Warriors. Bernice and Jason undergo a handfasting ceremony.

Holmes almost traces the Bloom.

The wedding is unpleasantly disrupted by surprise arrivals, and the reception, pleasantly, by more.

Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? (2016)
Story Type:
Supernatural Homage
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty; Dr Watson; (Tonga)
Fictional Characters: (Puck; Mr Punch; Ally Sloper; The Artful Dodger)
Historical Figures: Oscar Wilde; Arthur Conan Doyle; (Dennis Wheatley; Rollo Ahmed; Lionel Bart)
Characters Based on Historical Figures: Gilbert Flamstead (Benedict Cumberbatch)

Other Characters: Christopher Lassiter; Mr Peng; Jackie Dorney
; Lacey Fitzherbert; Detective Constable Kevin Sefton; Mark Ballard; Tony; Mitch Daniels; PC Isla Staverton; Lisa Ross; Alex Kyson; Van; Detective Superintendent Rebecca Lofthouse; Detective Inspector James Quill; Gilbert Flamstead; Costain; Jessica Quill; Sarah Quill; Joe; Ann Stanley; Mr Lofthouse; David; Peter Lofthouse; Detective Inspector Anita Clarke; Richard Duleep; Albert 'Albie' Bates; Christina; Jack Glassman; Sergeant Alex Petrovski; Inspector Patterson; Erik Gullister; Mrs Epton; Alice Cassell / Shirley 'Shy' Holmes; Ben Speake; Felix Lindt; Patrick White / Alexander Moriarty; Emily Jacobs; Johnny Horner; Miss Haversham; Bernie the Bitch; Nathaniel Tock; Dr Piara Singh Deb; The Smiling Man; Other; Brent; Sir Richard Chartres; Patrick Kennet-Fotherington; Felicity Saunders; Adam Fletcher; Rev. Michael Watson; Alanna; Ben Gildas; Cara Lavey; Ross's Father; Metcall Centre Worker; Passers-by; Police Officers; Crime Scene Examiners; SC&O1 Detectives; Major Investigation Team Detective Constable; Reporter; Chilcott's Customers; Bank Staff; Ballard's Team; Firearms Officers; Street Sweepers; Lofthouse's Driver; Restaurant Staff; Golders Green Caretaker; Museum Official; Medical Examiner; Wandsworth Prison Office Worker; Wandsworth Prison Officers; Gipsy Hill Crime Scene Officers; Police Commissioner; Party Guests; Bates's Girlfriend; Elderly Golders Green Apartment Man; Marine Police Unit Officers; Crew of the Lone Star; Woodlands Bar Patrons; Southwark PA; Flamstead's PA; Assistant Director; Prop Person; Southwark Commuters; Cyclist; Stoke d'Abernon Policeman; Stoke d'Abernon Residents; Music School Administrator; Old Woman; Stoke Crime Scene Examiners; Brixton Prison Officer; Hospital Staff; Berkeley Waiter; Berkeley Diners; Hyde Park Passers-By; Greenwich Security Guard; Auction Crowd; Auction Old Lady; Ticket Tout; Lombard Street Workers; Police Officers; Bank Workers; Caving Shop Manager; Tourists; Tock's Receptionists; Radisson Old Lady; Tock's Audience; Acolytes; Bonfire Woman; Radisson Barkeeper; Politician; Pub Customers; Commuters; Taxi Driver; Charcoal Victim; Security Guards; Tock's Men; (Lassiter's Landlord; Lacey's Parents; Rob Toshack; Sergeant Tom Stennet; Russell Vincent; Mora Losley; New Zealand Holmes Expert; Prison Children; Dean Michael; Museum Secretary; Danny Mills; Danny's Parents; Danny's Friends; Marcus; Deb's Boss; Sally Rutherford; Rob Toshack; Mags; The Rat King)
Date: ?-October
Locations: Brixton; Lassiter's Flat; Mayfair; Park Street; Chilcott's Bank; Reeves Mews; Gipsy Hill Police Station; Enfield; Golders Green; Finchley Road; Golders Hill Park; Golders Green Road; Café; Apartment Building; Paddington Green; Hotel next to Euston Station; Trinity Road; Wandsworth Prison; Brixton Prison; Rickmansworth; The Shard; The Thames; Wapping High Street Police Station; Waterloo Station; Stoke d'Abernon; Woodlands Park Hotel; Southwark; Bond Street; Manchester Square; Welbeck Street; Bentinck Street; Vere Street; Oxford Street; Yehudi Menuhin School of Music; Walton Community Hospital; Knightsbridge; Berkeley Hotel; Lombard Street; Hyde Park; Greenwich; Royal Observatory; Clement's Lane; Travail Ltd; St Pancras Mortuary; Tower Subway; Docklands; Moorgate; Heron Building; Radisson Edwardian Hotel; Brook Street; Davies Street; Brook's Mews; Golders Green; Rotherhithe; Dessandarr Building; Mornington Crescent Underground Station; Hell; Marylebone Station; Bromley Road; Beckenham; Tottenham Court Road
Out-of-work actor Christopher Lassiter is found dead in his flat, with the word Rache scrawled on the wall in blood. A robbery is carrie out at Chilcott's bank, again with Sherlockian undertones. As the three actors currently playing Sherlock Holmes on TV and in films gather in London, Kevin Sefton is visited in his dreams by the real Holmes, and at the Sherlock Museum finds the corpse of the detective's ghost.

As the Sherlockian crimes continue, the Shadow Police endeavour to resolve past issues, take part in a raid on a freighter on the Thames and visit a TV studio. They attempt to avert a re-enactment of The Speckled Band, and to trap the killer in Lombard Street, while Quill pursues Moriarty and Sefton tries to conjure Watson.

Leavitt Corning

"The Coming Back of Shedlock Combs" (1909)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches II: 1905-1909 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Shedlock Combs; Woctor Dotson
Characters based on Canonical Characters: Lord Oftenbroke (Ronald Adair); Captain Doumup (Colonel Moran); (Mofessor Proriarty)

Other Characters: Coroner; Yotland Scard Detectives; Policemen
Combs's Baker Street Rooms; Empty House
Story: Dotson examines the scene of the murder of Lord Oftenbroke, and on returning to Baker Street is surprised by the reappearance of his friend Combs, whom he thought dead. Combs and Dotson set a trap for Captain Doumup in the empty house opposite Combs's Baker Street rooms.

Bert Coules

"The Saviour of Cripplegate Square" (2002)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part II: 1890-1895 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Radio Script Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Nathaniel Collington Smith; Jenny Snell; Tobias Guttridge; Pub Landlady; East End Mother; Emily Guttridge; Doctor; East End Man; Pub Regulars; Doctor's Patients; (Miss McCarthy; Albert Hawkins; Elsie Hawkins)
Date: Winter, 1894 / During Holmes's Early 20s
Locations: British Museum; 221B, Baker Street; Clerkenwell; Cripplegate Square; Guttridge's Private Orphanage; The East End; A Pub; Doctor's Surgery
Holmes tells Watson the story of the Guttridges of Cripplegate Square.

Holmes is at the British Museum with his friend the librarian Nathaniel Collington Smith. They hear Museum cleaner Jenny Snell crying. She tells them that she has a day job at Guttridge's Private Orphanage in Clerkenwell, where three babies have died. She suspects Tobias Guttridge, the owner's husband has killed them. holmes visits the orphanage in disguise, and carries out some breaking and entering, before Smith questions his actions and the case reaches a tragic end.

Carla Coupe

"The Adventure of the Elusive Emeralds" (2010)
from a radio play by Anthony Boucher & Denis Green (1946)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #4 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Athelney Jones; (Baker Street Irregulars)
Other Characters: Lord Maurice Denbeigh; Dowager Duchess of Penfold; Mr Ferguson; Hilary, Viscount Sheppington; Shop Assistant; Hansom Drivers; Von Kratzov's Guests; Count von Kratzov; Carolus; Stanislaw; Elderly Matron; Footmen; Young Guardsman; Police Constables; Woman Servant; Grooms; Servants
(Naval Officer; Duke of Penfold; Denbeigh's Brother; The Smythe-Parkinsons; Red O'Toole; Mary; Locksmith; Sir Theobald Western)
Date: Winter
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Regent Street; Carrington's the Silversmiths; 16, Grosvenor Place; Chapel Street
Story: H
olmes is visited by Lord Maurice Denbeigh, whose mother, the Dowager Duchess of Penfold, has taken to stealing mementoes while paying calls on friends and acquaintances. He is interrupted by the arrival of the Duchess, who asks Holmes to quash the rumours, but after her departure an ornament is found to be missing. Holmes and Watson attend a party thrown by Count von Kratzov, where the von Kratzov emeralds will be on display, and at which several jewel thieves are also present, to prove the truth or otherwise of the rumours. The jewels are stolen while the Count and Duchess are alone in a locked room with them.

"The Adventure of the Haunted Bagpipes" (2011)
from a radio play by Edith Meiser (1936)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #5 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: Albert McMahon; Mrs Rennie; Bully Joe Perkins; Dr James Knox; Thief; Beggar; Prostitute; Castle Guards; Fire Brigade; (Fergus McMahon)
Date: Late in 1889
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Scotland; Edinburgh; Waverley Station; St Giles Cathedral; Hangman's Lane; Edinburgh Castle; The Royal
Story: Holmes and Watson are visited by Albert McMahon, a Canadian,
now resident in Edinburgh after inheriting half his uncle's fortune, the other half going to his cousin. He tells them that ghostly bagpipes have been heard in the vicinity of the Edinburgh house he has inherited, said to be built directly over the spot at which a bagpiper disappeared in a tunnel in a legend dating to the time of Mary, Queen of Scots. His neighbours have left their homes in fear, two dying from terror, and one woman suffering a miscarriage as a result of hearing the pipes.

They travel to Edinburgh, where, in McMahon's house, they hear the pipes themselves. They explore the nighbouring house, closed up since the time of the plague, but discover more recent victims inside. Holmes encounters an old acquaintance, and McMahon a family member, before they destroy a threat to the whole country.

"The Book of Tobit" (2011)
from a radio play by
Anthony Boucher & Denis Green (1945)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #6 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Mycroft Holmes; (Mrs Watson)
Other Characters: Old Bailey Spectators; Lady Diana Vennering / Jasmine LaFleur; Judge; Major Beckwith; Jury Foreman; Paperboy; Hansom Driver; Reverend Arthur Weyland; Greaves; Maid; Peter McComas; Reverend Vernet; Footman; (Sir Wilfred Vennering; Signore Rossoni; Vernon Gaultier)
Date: Early Spring, a few years into the new century
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Old Bailey; Public House; The Strand; 47, Berkeley Square; Church
Story: Watson reads in the newspapers about Lady Diana Vennering and the murder of her husband on their wedding night, and he and Holmes attend the trial of Major Beckwith, accused of the murder.
After reading of Lady Diana's plan to marry Beckwith, they are visited by Reverend Weyland, who officiated over Lady Diana's first two marriages. He is concerned that both her husband's received notes in Hebraic, signed "Asmodeus", the name of the husband-slaying demon in the apocryphal Book of Tobit. He visits Lady Diana, with Watson, where they meet another of her suitors and discover that Beckwith is dead. Holmes contrives a relationship with Lady Diana to bring the case to a close.

NOTE: This radio play has also been adapted as a short story by Paul Jeffers

J.W. Courtney

"Dr Watson and Mr Holmes, or The Worm That Turned" (1904)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel); A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Inspector Lestrade; Professor Moriarty)
Other Characters: Watson's Assistant; Patient on Crutches; Externe; Musician; Teamster; Plasterer; Rubber-Cutter; (Deaf Man)
Date: Monday - Friday
Locations: Watson's Clinic; Watson's Home; 221B, Baker Street
Story: At his clinic for diseases of the nervous system, Watson explains to Holmes how he had deduced his arrival. Holmes, jealous of the advances Watson has made during his post-Reichenbach absence, decides to put him in his place, but Watson gains the upper hand in their battle of deductions.

Arthur Byron Cover

"The Clam of Catastrophe" (1976)
Included in:
The Platypus of Doom and Other Stories (Arthur Byron Cover)
Story Type: Science Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters: The Consulting Detective; The Good Doctor; (The Landlady)
Fictional Characters: The Gunsel = Wilmer the Gunsel; The Fat Man = Kasper Gutman; The Lawyer = "Ham" Brooks; (The Big Red Cheese = Captain Marvel)
Historical Figures: (The Queen of England Who Calls Herself a Virgin = Elizabeth I)
Other Characters: The Demon; Kitty; Tenor Flower; Soprano Flower; The Clam of Catastrophe / Jean; Henry the Crawling Hummingbird; King; Queen; Guards; King's Concubine; Man in Hammock; Voice of Terror; Throngs of Mortals; Dancers; Musicians; The Big Boss Man; Janitor; ; nightclub Manager; (Dwit; Xit)
Date: Two million years in the future
Locations: The Consulting Detective's Apartment; Space; Parallel Universe; A Rolling Plain; A Field; Mirandola; A Dirt Road; King's Castle; Voice of Terror's House; Seedy Neighbourhood; Take a Sandwich to a Feast Nightclub; Waterfall
Story: The Good Doctor tries to rouse the Consulting Detective from his eternal state of malaise, brought about by the lack of crime that has existed for millions of years. They are visited by the Fat Man, the Lawyer and the Demon, while the Gunsel keeps watch outside. They set the Consulting Detective the task of discovering what it is about sexism that upsets people. The Consulting Detective decides the answer lies in a parallel universe, and travels there with the Good Doctor. Arriving in a field, they hear a tenor and a soprano singing of love, beyond the mountains, but, on investigating, discover they are not human singers. Journeying on to the world of Mirandola, they encounter the Clam of Catastrophe. In an attempt to convince her to not be ashamed of reality, they transform themselves into clams. She reveals that she is a goddess cursed with the task of making people fall in love, and shows them visions of her work. She takes them to a nightclub, where the detective learns to dance and plays the electric violin. He decides to protect the Clam from her persistent unwanted suitor, the Big Boss Man. Events culminate in a battle on the brink of a waterfall.

An East Wind Coming (1979)
Story Type:
Philosophical Science Fiction
Canonical Characters: The Consulting Detective; The Good Doctor; A Surfeit of Red-Headed Men
Fictional Characters: The Wolfman; The Ace Reporter = Lois Lane; The Lawyer = "Ham" Brooks; The Fat Man = Kasper Gutman; The Universal Op = The Continental Op; The Gunsel = Wilmer the Gunsel; The Incredible Hulk; Otto of the Silver Hand; Fu Manchu (?) = Monarch in Yellow Robes; The Wizard of Whoopee = The Unknown Comic; The Unknown Comedian = The Unknown Comic; (The Other Fat Man = Nero Wolfe; The Big Red Cheese = Captain Marvel)
Historical Figures: Jack the Ripper; The Mature Eternal Child = Elvis Presley; The Colonel = "Colonel" Tom Parker; (The Hermit = L. Ron Hubbard)
Other Characters: Eternal Children; The Man in the Yellow Suit; The Demon; The Demon's Tapeworm; The Beautiful Woman; The Bird Woman; Shrike; Batelur Eagle; Bird of Light; The Woman Without a Nose; Good Doctor's Lover; Dark-Haired Woman Carrying a Rusty, Blunted Sword; The Editor; The Tatterdemalion; The Eighth-Dimensional Man; The Eighth-Dimensional Woman; The Pubescent Eternal Child; The Soprano; The Terrible; Two Cheerleaders; The Thinking Machine; The Shrink; The Shrew; Newspaper Staff; The Old Man; The Minstrel; The Stage Manager / Bernie / The Armadillo of Destruction; Captive Actors; The Invisible Individual; The Wanderer; The Wanderer's Shadow; The Woman in the Black Veil; Pubescent Eternal Child with a Guitar; Third Victim; Kitty; Woman Playing a Flute; Seller of Speculations; The Doughnut-Mix Specialist; Waitress; Skinny Waitress; Diner Customers; Emotional Derelicts; Hip Dude; Slut in Leopard Skin; Man with a Face like a Mandrill; Depressed Woman; The Cubical Man; Dashing Blond Swordsman; Grim Man with a Mace; Fat Buffoon; Joy Legion Official; Suspect
Date: Two million years in the future
Locations: The Forest; The Golden City; The East End; A Bridge; The Demon's Castle; The Locker Room; Consulting Detective's Apartment; The Fields; Africa; The Jungle; The Deserted Neighborhood; The Newspaper Office; The Mature Eternal Child's Mansion; The Soprano's Cottage; The Terrible's Castle; The Park; Thinking Machine's Mountain; The Shrink's Office; The Eibon Theatre; The Land of Melodious Comets; The Lawyer's Quarters; The Ripper's Apartment; A Diner; The Joy Mission; The Tatterdemalion's Apartment
Story: Men have been turned into godlike men and the lawyer, the demon and the fat man have instilled depression upon them in the hopes that it will lead to them achieving their full potential. The East End, a squalid area of the golden city, has grown out of godlike man's wishes and many godlike men and women are moving there.

The wolfman enters the city, but as he is about to attack the ace reporter, he is teleported back to the forest by the consulting detective, who warns the reporter not to move to the East End. He tells the good doctor that he believes a murderer will appear for the first time. The lawyer's only love, Kitty, has disappeared and the detective has passed the case on to the universal op. The lawyer's walk is interrupted by the man in the yellow suit's unsuccessful suicide attempt. The man in the yellow suit suggests that the murderer may not be extraordinary, but may be very ordinary. The demon teleports to Africa to meet his love, the bird woman.

The woman without a nose is murdered in the East End. After all the reporters leave, the fat man becomes editor of the newspaper. The detective trades rags for answers with the tatterdemalion. The questioning continues through a range of potential suspects and witnesses. A letter is received from the ripper. The demon brings the bird woman to assist in the hunt, but they cannot prevent another murder. More suspects are interviewed, and the rampant sexism between godlike men and women is highlighted by the shrew and another letter from the ripper appears on the fat man's desk during his interview with her. The minstrel disappears from the theatre lobby just after the universal op has promised to protect him from the stage manager who is turning people into zombies.

On the stage the op finds hundreds of glowing cocoons from which vampire moths hatch and attack. When he finally encounters the stage manager he finds him to be an old acquaintance. The wanderer has been separated from his shadow, which he believes is trying to kill him. The man in the yellow suit is side-tracked to another planet by the woman in the black veil. The consulting detective encounters Kitty, who hints at the reasons for her disappearance and who is the only truly happy person he has met.

Two more murders take place that night, Kitty being one of the victims, and the op is bested in a scuffle with the ripper. The consulting detective sets out after the ripper but does not succeed in catching him. The ripper attends a show at the Joy Mission but is more enchanted by a butterfly. He takes the seller of speculations to the tatterdemalion's apartment to commit further atrocities, before facing the consulting detective and his colleagues.

NOTE: The end of the conversation between the man in the yellow suit and the woman in the black veil is made up almost entirely of song titles, predominantly by the Rolling Stones (pp.229-230).

NOTE 2: The book's cover artwork by Boris Vallejo uses George C. Scott (They Might Be Giants) as the model for the consulting detective.

A.B. Cox

"Holmes and the Dasher" (1925)

Herschel Cozine

"The Butler Did It" (2013)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #10 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type: Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Holmes's Cousin; Policeman; Barrington's Sister; Myron Barrington; Chief Inspector Mudd; Hansom Driver; Ballerina; (The Butler; The Cook)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Barrington Mansion
Story:Holmes is visited by his cousin and called on by Scotland Yard to investigate a murder in which an attempt has apparently been made to frame the butler. He deduces that his final visitor is a ballerina.

Oswald Crawfurd

"Our Mr. Smith" (1907)
Also published as "Curses! Another One of Those Gifted Amateurs!" and "The Revelations of Inspector Morgan"
Included in: Sherlock Holmes In America (Bill Blackbeard); A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press); The Misadventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Ellery Queen)
Story Type: Parody
Detectives: Purlock Hone & Jobson
Locations: Baker Street; Hone's Rooms
Story: After discussing the current state of world politics, Hone and Jobson are visited by Mr. John Smith, who turns out not to be a client after all.

Bill Crider

"The Adventure of the Christmas Bear" (1999)
Included in:
More Holmes for the Holidays (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Carol-Lynn Waugh)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: Oscar Wilde; (Buffalo Bill)
Other Characters:
Carolers; Wilde's Carriage Driver; Actors; Buffalo Hunter; Audience; Police
Date: 23rd December
221B, Baker Street; Wild West Showgrounds; Theatre; (America)
Story: Holmes is called on by Wilde, who believes his life is in danger after seeing a man who looks like a bear. In America, some years previously, his life had been threatened by two buffalo hunters, one of whom had been killed by the person who rescued him. He believes that the attempts on his life have been made by the surviving hunter seeking revenge. The investigation takes them to the now deserted Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show grounds, and Wilde's biblical recollections take them to a theatre where he and his adversary become embroiled in a hand to hand fight.

"The Adventure of the Christmas Ghosts" (1996)
Included in:
Holmes for the Holidays (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Carol-Lynn Waugh)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Billy
Fictional Characters: Tiny Tim; (Ebenezer Scrooge; Jacob Marley; Bob Cratchit)
Other Characters: Franklin Scrooge; Randall Tomkins; Scrooge's Clerks; (Samuel Cratchit)

Date: December 22nd
221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; offices of Scrooge & Marley
Story: Holmes and Watson are visited by Franklin Scrooge, who has inherited his uncle Ebenezer's business, and now, apparently, his ghosts as well. Holmes visits his offices, where the workers include Timothy Cratchit and Randall Tomkins, an old pickpocket acquaintance of Holmes, and a heavy drinker. Holmes appears inordinately interested in Cratchit's American frontiersman uncle, and upsets the tea-things on his way to solving the mystery and bringing an end to Scrooge's apparitions.
"The Adventure of the St Marylebone Ghoul" (2006)
Included in:
Ghosts in Baker Street (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson
Characters Derived from Historical Figures: Benjamin Swaraj (George Edalji)
Other Characters:
Stanley Forbes; (Jonathan Holden)
Date: November
221B, Baker Street; St Marylebone Cemetery
Story: After reading of the depredations of a ghoul at St Marylebone Cemetery, Holmes is visited by the cemetery's caretaker, who tells him of his Indian father, a Christian minister married to an Englishwoman, and how he has been forced to leave his father's village after a series of small animal deaths and poison-pen letters accusing him of the crimes. He believes that the ghoul is linked to these former events, and tells them that he has seen it. Holmes and Watson visit the cemetery where they lay in wait for the ghoul.

"The Adventure of the Venomous Lizard" (1999)
Included in:
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Martin H. Greenberg, Carol-Lynn Rössel Waugh & Jon L. Lellenberg); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)

Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Venomous Lizard or Gila
Other Characters:
William Randolph; Sofia Randolph Bingham; Dr Bertie Bingham; (Randolph's American Friend)
Date: Winter
221B, Baker Street; Blandford Street
Story: Randolph calls on Holmes, believing that he has murdered his own sister, having given her and her husband a gila monster for a pet, and now having found her dead, apparently of the venomous lizard's bite. Holmes and Watson accompany him to his sister's house, where they view the body, hunt the creature, and bring a murderer to justice.

"The Adventure of the White City" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes In America (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: Buffalo Bill Cody; Frank Butler; Wovoka; Kicking Bear; Short Bull; (H.H. Holmes; Sitting Bull; Annie Oakley; Yellow Hand)
Other Characters: Native American; Wild West Show Performers; Bookkeeper; Exposition Crowds; Exposition Guards; Ferris Wheel Operators; Ferris Wheel Passengers
Date: 1893
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; USA; Chicago; Hotel; The White City; Indian Village; Buffalo Bill's Wild West Showground; The Ferris Wheel
Story: A conversation about H H Holmes, the Chicago murderer, reminds Holmes and Watson of their meeting with Buffalo Bill. In Chicago for the Columbian Exposition. Cody fears that someone is planning to burn down Sitting Bull's cabin, currently on display in the Exposition grounds, after Oakley and Butler overhear two men discussing it. Holmes believes the plot may be an act of revenge linked to the Ghost Dance movement. After a chase that climaxes on the Ferris wheel, the case is concluded in Cody's tent in the presence of the Ghost Dancers.
"The Adventure of the Young British Soldier" (2002)
Included in:
Murder, My Dear Watson (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Murray
Other Characters: Mrs. Murray; Oliver; Gordon; Mrs. Oliver; Carpenters; (Wounded Men At Maiwand)
Date: December, 1894
221B, Baker Street; A Coach; Murray's House; (Maiwand)
Story: Shortly after reminiscing about his experience at Maiwand, Watson receives a visit from the wife of Murray, his orderly there. Murray has become very sick and his doctors have been unable to agree on a diagnosis, he believes that Watson is the only man who can help him. Holmes accompanies Watson to Murray's home, where they discover that the roots of his illness lie at the Battle of Maiwand.

"The Case of the Anarchist's Bomb" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part II: 1890-1895 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Dr Watson
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Cabbie; Diogenes Club Members; Albert; Policemen; Autonomie Club Members; Protestors; Henry Starnes; Delebeck; (Martial Bourdin)
Date: February, 1894
Locations: Pall Mall; Diogenes Club; Autonomie Club; An Alley; Fitzroy Street; Delebeck's House
Watson is summoned to the Diogenes Club by Mycroft. A French anarchist, Bourdin, has blown himself up prematurely in Greenwich Park. Mycroft wants to know what his real target was, so sends Watson along on a police raid on the Autonomie Club to act as his eyes and ears. He is accompanied by Albert, a cab driver. After visiting the Club and Bourdin's rooms, Watson begins to develop suspicions about Albert.

"The Case of the Vampire's Mark" (2001)
Included in:
Murder in Baker Street (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: Bram Stoker; (Henry Irving)
Other Characters: Wladyslaw Tedescu; Lily Montgomery; Mrs. Tedescu; Robin Brasov; John Cabot; Nicholas Brasov; (Doctor)
Date: Summer, 1889
221B, Baker Street; Surrey; The Montgomery House
Story: While Watson is visiting Holmes in Baker Street, Bram Stoker arrives and asks Holmes to investigate the case of Robin Brasov, the young son of Henry Irving's leading lady, Lily Montgomery, who appears to be have been bitten by a vampire. The boy's father and the family servants are Transylvanian. Holmes examines the wound and discovers that the boy is averse to sunlight. Holmes proves that there is no supernatural agency at work and Stoker is inspired with an idea for a story.

R. Bostoun Cromer (D.K. Broster & M. Croom Brown)

"The Questionable Parentage of Basil Grant" (1905)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches II: 1905-1909 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes)
Fictional Characters: (Basil Grant; Rupert Grant; Florizel of Bohemia (Florizel Grant))
Historical Figures: (Andrew Lang; Robert Louis Stevenson; Edgar Allan Poe; G.K. Chesterton (Mr Kay of Chesterton))
Other Characters: Merton; Logan; Marion Holmes / Perdita Grant; (Weir Grant; Mr Kay; Augustine Dupin)
Locations: London; Merton & Logan's Office
Story: Merton and Logan, detectives, have been hired to research Rupert Grant's family tree.

They are visited by Marion Holmes, sister of Sherlock and Mycroft, who tells them of her brief marriage to Florizel Grant, and her reasons for living him and their two sons, Basil and Rupert. Merton and Logan are able to add to Grant's family tree.

Note: Peschel includes an excerpt from the story.

Peter Crowther

"The Adventure of the Touch of God" (1997)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (Mike Ashley)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Crosby the Banker
Other Characters: Inspector Gerald John Makinson; Sergeant Jim Hewitt; Terence Wetherall; Raymond Woodward; Gertrude Ridge; A Cleaner; Mr. Cardew; Ridge's Colleagues; Diana Wetherall; Jean Woodward
: Frank Garnett; Woman in the Pump Rooms
Date: November, 1894
221B, Baker Street; King's Cross Station; A Train; Harrogate; Police Station; Police Station Morgue; The Daleside Bank, Parliament Street; Ridge's School; A Carriage; Harrogate Pump Rooms
Story: Holmes is called to Harrogate by Inspector Makinson. There has been a series of murders, each of the bodies being mutilated in some way. Three, including the latest, that of a banker named Crosby, have had the hearts cut out, while the other had the limbs and arms removed. Holmes deduces that each murder occurred at a place other than that at which the body was found. He also learns that each victim had a disfiguring birthmark. Holmes is able to demonstrate his profiling skills in his search for the killer, who is finally confronted in the pump rooms of the local spa.

Mitch Cullin

A Slight Trick of the Mind (2005)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Constable (Tom) Anderson; (Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Mrs Watson; Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: (Winston Churchill; Lewis Carroll)
Other Characters:
Mrs. Munro; Roger Munro; Thomas R. Keller; Ann Keller; Mr Portman; Madame Schirmer; Tamiki Umezaki; Hensuiro; Maya; Jeffrey's Mother; Jeffrey; Ambulance Men; Japanese Drunk; Workman; Graham; Scarred Japanese Woman; Noodle Cook; Atom Bomb Dome Women; Shukkei-en Man & Boy; Monk; Village Processsion; Waitress; Em Anderson; Shimonoseki Ryokan Hostess; Wakui's Wife; Fishermen; Wakui; Elderly Couple at Shrine; Beachcombers; Chikuzan Takahashi; Children
(Enlisted Men & Officers; Indian Beggar; Matsuda Umezaki; Dr Baker; Coroner; T.R. Lamont)
Date: After World War II / Spring, 1902
Holmes's Sussex Farmhouse; 221B, Baker Street; Montague Street; Portman's Booksellers & Map Specialists; Schirmer's Flat; Japan; Tokyo; Shinjuku; Kobe; Tottenham Court Road; A Train; Hiroshima; The Atom Bomb Dome; Shukkei-en Garden; Hofu; Momiji-so Spa; Yameguchi Inn; The Physics & Botanical Society; Diogenes Club; Yamaguchi-ken; Shinonoseki; The Shimonoseki Ryokan; An Izakaya
Story: The 93 year old Holmes, his memory failing, returns to Sussex from Japan. His housekeeper's young son, Roger, has been looking after his bees and secretly exploring his study, where he has discovered an unfinished manuscript, The Glass Armonicist. It tells of a case from 1902:

Holmes is visited by Keller, who, after his wife suffered two miscarriages, tried to interest her in learning to play a glass armonica inherited from an uncle. He discovered Schirmer, an armonica player, in Montague Street, who agreed to give her lessons. Keller has found his wife, encouraged by Schirmer, using the instrument to try to communicate with the spirits of their miscarried children. Since stopping the lessons, and getting rid of the instrument, Ann has taken to disappearing at regular intervals. Although Keller has seen her going into Schirmer's flat, Schirmer has denied her presence there.

Holmes tells Roger of his studies of Japanese bees, but finds his memory of some events in Japan impaired. He recalls his meeting with the Umezaki brothers in Kobe. Exploring the city he is shocked at its post-war poverty. He recalls a woman who brought a dead baby to his Sussex home. He deduces that Umezaki and Hensuiro are not really brothers.

Holmes and Keller follow Ann to Schirmer's flat, but find only a young boy playing the armonica there.

He finds Roger's scrapbook and is reminded of his visit to Hiroshima, and his discussion of his methods with Umezaki. During their tour of Hiroshima, Umezaki asks Holmes for details of his father, whom he says had dealings with Holmes in England. Later Holmes finds Roger dead, his head covered in stings, and, his faculties fading, attempts to unravel the circumstances of his death.

Holmes needlessly prolongs the Keller investigation for his own reasons, and, in disguise, sets about following Ann Keller.

He dissuades Mrs Munro from destroying his bees, and finds the real culprit behind the boy's death. He recalls those who have died - Mrs Hudson, Watson and Mycroft - and realises that the secrets of Umezaki's father may have lain in the volumes of Watson's journals he burned after his friend's death. In Japan he learns how to prepare prickly ash, and feels that he has become a substitute father. Holmes's memories of Umezaki's father, and his connections with Mycroft return. In Sussex he has one last encounter with Roger's mother.

Holmes reads of Ann's death and visits her husband and the places where he had followed her.

Darlene A. Cypser

The Crack in the Lens (2006)
Story Type:
Pastiche / Romance
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty; Victor Trevor; Old Trevor; (Mycroft Holmes; Mr Sherman)
Fictional Characters: Squire Siger Holmes; Mrs Holmes; Sherrinford Holmes; Professor Challenger; (Alphonse Bencin)
Other Characters:
Thomas; Violet Rushdale; Eston; Michelle; Tessy; Godfrey Rushdale; Dr Thompkins; Jack Ramsey; Amanda Courtney; Mrs Courtney; Charles Courtney; Roger Courtney; Jonathan Beckwith; Mr Challenger; Mrs Challenger; Andrew Goble; Pierre Varappeur; Edgar Hastings; Moss; Pearl Beckwith; Sam; Ben; Susan; Widow Hadley; Will Hadley; Mrs Ross; Mac; Farmer Martin; Mrs Beckwith; Sandy the Dog; Gale the Horse; Muffin the Horse; Steamship Passengers; Coal Merchant; Writer; Crimea Veteran; Holmes's Servants; Stable Boy; Stable Hand; Village Woman & Child; Sherrinford's Guests; Milkmaids; Villagers; Wedding Guests; Vicar; Ushers; Bridesmaids; Maid of Honour; Footman; Lammas Day Fair Crowds; Amanda's Maid; Thimblerigger; Shill; Constables; Baker's Assistant; Ragamuffin Pickpockets; Baker; Clothiers; Jeweler; Jeweler's Boy; Snatch Thieves; Farm Hands; Carter; Moss's Harvesters; Moss's Daughters; Gleaners; Village Constable; Shopkeepers; Miller; Christmas Carollers; (Mrs Green; Tinker; Cyril; London Constable; Monsieur Henri; Vicar's Assistant; Sir James Smith; Mary Rushdale; Mr Morris; Sir Edward Sherrinford; Matthias Beckwith; Arthur Stanwick; Charles S. Winthrop IV; Mrs Wald; Village Baker; The Taylor Boys; Michelle's Family; Doctors; Nuns)
Date: Spring, 1871 - Summer, 1872
Yorkshire; Pier; Mycroft Manor; Holmes Hall; Stone Hut; The Rushdale Farm; Village; Marketplace; Ramsey's Shed; Village Green; Church; York; Bootham Bar; Petergate; York Minster; Stonegate; Inn; Fishergate Bar; Cattle Market; Abbey Ruins; Jonathan's House; Donnithorpe
Holmes and his parents arrive back at their manor in Yorkshire after two years in France. He encounters Violet, daughter of a tenant farmer, whose farm has gone to ruin since the death of his wife, and decides to do what he can to help. Moriarty arrives at the Hall to act as tutor to Holmes. While they are searching for fossils, Violet accidentally cracks Holmes's magnifying lens. Moriarty arranges with Squire Siger to have Holmes's outings to the moor curtailed. Holmes teaches a village boy to fence. Mycroft arrives for Sherrinford's wedding. The other guests include Holmes's cousin, George Challenger. Holmes's relationship with Violet continues to develop, and Moriarty's regime of lessons becomes increasingly harsh. Sherrinford takes Holmes to York for the Lammas Day Fair. A guest who seems to know something of Moriarty's past disappears. Holmes is forced to help with the harvest as a punishment for his attitude to Moriarty. He discovers an incriminating letter in Moriarty's room. Violet falls pregnant, and Moriarty incorporates this in his manipulations against Holmes. His actions lead to Violet's disappearance, and Holmes becoming bedridden after a freezing night on the moor.