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Chris Roberson

"Merridew of Abominable Memory" (2008)
Included in:
Gaslight Grimoire (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec); The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs Hudson; Merridew; (Watson's Brother (Henry, Jr))
Fictional Characters: (Sexton Blake; Ireneo Funes)
Historical Figures: (Sigmund Freud)
Other Characters: Sanatorium Patients; Nurses; Wardens; Orderly; Dr Rhys; Mr Dupry; Police Surgeon; Denham; Dupry's Stable-hand; Underhill; Phipps / Stuart; Dupry's Butler; Dupry's Under-bu
tler; (Tomlinson; Elton; Coville; Parsons; Dupry's House Steward; Parsons' House Steward)
Date: Spring, 1889
Locations: Virginia Water; Holloway Sanatorium; 221B, Baker Street; New Scotland Yard; Kensington; Dupry's House; Pimlico; Underhill's House; Tomlinson's House; The East End; Phipps's Rooms
Dr Watson, now living in a nursing home because of memory problems, recalls one of Holmes's cases.

In 1889, the Dockside Dismemberer has claimed four victims and Holmes is called in by Lestrade. They are visited by the wealthy Dupry, who tells them that a number of his acquaintances have recently fallen victim to bank frauds. With two cases running simultaneously, they view the latest victim of the Dismemberer before visiting Dupry's Kensington home, where they learn of the disappearance of the under-butler. On investigating further, they find that some of the other men had lost servants, and those they meet all seem harried and sickly. The two cases become entwined when Lestrade identifies the latest Dismemberer victim as a footman from the household of one of the fraud victims, and a figure from Holmes's past appears on the scene.



Ellis G. Roberts

"Sherlock Holmes and Certain Critics" (1918)
Included in:
My Evening with Sherlock Holmes (John Gibson & Richard Green); Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches II: 1915-1919 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Professor Moriarty)
Other Characters:
(Sir Roland House, Archbishop of Wroxeter; Frederick Turfey; Canon Arbuster; Dr Le Mesurier; Professor Cranford; Miss Golightly; Golightly's Circle; May Tinkler; A. Common Kipper)
Locations: Holmes's Home
Story: Holmes has seen little of Watson since Watson became an authority on the occult.
When Watson calls at Baker Street, they discuss the reviews of his latest book on the subject, the nature of the controlling force behind the Spiritualist movement. Holmes goes on to tell Watson about Professor Cranford's investigations into the psychic Miss Golightly.

Lora Roberts

The Affair of the Incognito Tenant (2004)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Charlotte Dodson
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes / Mr. Sigerson; Colonel Moran; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: Charlotte Dodson; William Bagshaw; Mrs. Clithoe; Violet Wilkins; Rose Wilkins; Mildred Wilkins; Thurlow; Thurlow's Cronies; Reverend Hanover; Peregrine Simms; Church Congregation; Evaline Hanover; Eurydice Hodges; Millicent Rutledge; Rutledge's Eldest Daughter; Harold Bagshaw; Intruder; Billy White; Tim White; Dr. Richard Mason; Constable Ritter; Squire Rutledge; Percy Staines; Fishmonger; Mr. Beddoes; Journalists; Inquest Crowds; Coroner; Mr. Trotten; Eurydice Hodges; Moelson; Superintendent Potter; Sergeant Simkins; Townshend; Schoolboys; Maxwell Sturges "Stubby" Dodson; (Major Sir Arthur Fallowes; Patience Saunderson Staines; Mary Beedle; Raja; Punwalli Villagers; Mary Judson; Sally White; Clarice Barlow)
Locations: Sussex; Stafford-on-Arun; Larchbanks; Church; Stafford Lane; Thurlow's Cottage; The Rose and Crown; Parish Hall; Stubby's School; A Train; (India; Punwalli)
Date: May, 1903
Story: Under threat from Colonel Moran, who has escaped from Dartmoor, Holmes disguised as Mr. Sigerson rents a house, Larchbanks, in a Sussex village, where Charlotte Dodson is the housekeeper. She finds her solicitor's nephew, Harold, in the library, from where he steals a letter detailing her inheritance of the legendary Orb of Kezir from her former employer, Fallowes; a legacy she has not been able to claim, the Orb being hidden somewhere in the house. Holmes retrieves the letter before Harold leaves. Later, Charlotte disturbs another intruder in the library. The village curate calls and discovers a hidden drawer, empty apart from a note signed "S", in the Major's desk.

Sigerson leaves for a couple of days after news appears in the papers of a fire at Holmes's villa. The vicar's sister is found dead, apparently the victim of a vampire. Watson arrives in the village, and a stranger appears to be observing him. Charlotte finally realises who Sigerson is. She also discovers that she is falling in love with him.

After he has again been discovered in the library, Simms, whose real identity is now known, is found dead, another victim of the vampire. Moran arrives at Larchbanks and takes Holmes and Charlotte prisoner before all the threads can be traced to their ends.

Ralph Roberts

"The Greatest Detective of All Time" (1995)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; (Mrs Hudson)
Other Characters: Chief Primary Inspector Charles LeBeck; Dead Tourist; Terran Rangers; Martian Constabulary Officers.
Date: 1890s (?) / 2368
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Mars; The Black Dome
Story: Holmes is interrupted while administering a 7% solution by the arrival of time traveller LeBeck of the Mars Constabulary, from the 24th Century. Holmes and Watson now have computer implants, and are able to access historical records through to the 55th Century, so recognise him and realise that, approaching retirement, he is seeking their help in the only unsolved case of his career, the "Black Dome" murders of tourists on Mars over a twenty-year period. They travel to Mars in 2368, where a copy of The Final Problem, edited by Moriarty, in LeBeck's office, alerts them that they are walking into a trap. They view a hologram of the latest murder scene, and follow a set of footprints in the Martian desert, where Holmes activates a bomb, which is deactivated by a surprising saviour. Holmes reveals the killer and his own manipulation of events to ensnare Moriarty.

Richard Roberts

Rags to Riches: The Case of the Hire Shop Fiend (2006)
Story Type:
Children's Rhyming Picture Book Story
Other Characters: Saville Row; Tiffany Ball-Gown; Rags; Poly Esther Dress; Madame Chanel; Valentino; Fingers; Thumbs; General Homestores Blazer; (The Humans)
Locations: Totterdown Street; Rags To Riches
Story: The costumes at Rags to Riches clothes hire shop are alarmed after Saville the Suit is shot with red wine at the annual ball. Tiffany Ball-Gown, who witnessed the event, is next to fall victim to the ripper. The clothes go to their leader, the General, but he is unable to provide a solution. Luckily, the Sherlock Holmes costume overhears and, after checking the hire orders book, begins questioning those who were at the ball. He receives a confession, but new information about the background of one of the costumes reveals the true villain, and there is a happy surprise for the survivors.

S.C. Roberts

"Christmas Eve " (1936)
Included in:
The Misadventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Ellery Queen); Holmes And Watson (S.C. Roberts); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)

Story Type:
Parody / Script
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson
Story: Watson mistakes a disguised Holmes for a burglar. A client, Missde Vinne, arrives: her employer, the Countess of Barton's pearl necklace has been stolen. Miss de Vinne is not all she seems, but Holmes enters into the Christmas spirit in his dealings with her.

"The Strange Case of the Megatherium Thefts" (1945)
Also published as "The Adventure of the Megatherium Thefts"
Included in:
The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Richard Lancelyn Green); The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye); Holmes And Watson (S.C. Roberts)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: Professor Wiskerton; Cabman; Megatherium Head Porter; Wiskerton's Landlord
Date: November, 1889
Locations: 221B, Baker Street;The Megatherium Club; Wiskerton's Rooms
Story: Professor Wiskerton makes a dramatic, Huxtable-esque entrance into 221B, and tells of a series of thefts of library books from his club, the Megatherium. After conducting investigations, in which he learns that the club's head porter is an old acquaintance, Holmes, accompanied by Watson, visits the club's library and Wiskerton's rooms. With the help of Wiskerton and his landlord, Holmes restores the missing volumes to the club.

Linda Robertson

"Mrs. Hudson Reminisces" (2003)
Included in:
My Sherlock Holmes (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Interview with Mrs. Hudson
Canonical Characters: Mrs. Hudson; Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Tobias Gregson; (Mrs. Watson; Mrs. Hudson's Maid)
Other Characters: Miss Gunn; Dog Dealer; Harry Hudson; O'Brien; Sir Roderick Parr; Postlethwaite; Mr. McBeath; Maurice Delagnes; Peter Moodie; Elizabeth Moodie; Stritch; Major Jack Colfax
Locations: Perthshire; Mrs. Hudson's Cottage; 221B, Baker Street; Edinburgh; A Pub; offices of Yukon & MacKenzie
Story: An interviewer visits Mrs Hudson at her cottage in Scotland. She tells of her early life and career on the stage, and her first meeting with Holmes. Her husband was a conman, falsely accused of murder, and Holmes helped clear his name, in return for which he was taught the tricks of the conman's trade, and helped with his disguises.

"The Mystery of Dr. Thorvald Sigerson" (2004)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by John L. Osborne
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes (Professor Thorvald Sigerson)
Other Characters: John L. Osborne; Henry Mayes; Eilif Bergsson; Lieutenant Edgewater; Reverend Strong; Lucy Elisaok; Katherine Strong; Tungweruk; Tungweruk's Wife; Captain Belcher; Myra Crew; Neakpuk; Neakpuk's Father; John Sanders; Tom Sanders; Evers; Eskimo Villagers; Tungweruk's Baby; Third Mate Guest; Village Elders; Martha; Village Boy; Mr Harris
(Illustrated Weekly News Editor; Mr Gutkind; Captain Fellowes; Konok; Ongualok)
Date: August, 1893 - September 30th, 1894
Locations: Alaska; Cape Stevenson
Story: Sigerson, his assistant Bergsson, and the journalist Mayes arrive at Cape Stevenson in Alaska. Sigerson plans to travel north to investigate the possibility of there being islands under the ice north of Point Barrow. The whaler Myra arrives in port and the First Mate, John Sanders, buys an eskimo girl, Neakpuk, from her father. Sanders disappears after losing at a game of cards and Sigerson's expedition sets off into the northern wilderness. Sanders' body is found after the expedition returns. When she is accused of the murder, Sigerson sets out to prove Neakpuk's innocence.
"The Stagecoach Detective" (2010)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The American Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Robert Louis Stevenson
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: Robert Louis Stevenson; Fanny Vandegrift; Samuel Lloyd Osbourne; Mr Corwin; Mrs Corwin; Mr Hoddy
Other Characters: McConnell; Stagecoach Passengers; José; Tom Corwin; Joe; Hotel Guests; Workers; Idlers; Miner; Jake Corwin; Sheriff; Sorenson; Posse; Ben Ingram; Frank Leiden; Bank Workers; Leiden's Landlady; St Helena Barman; Bannerman's Maids; Mrs Bannerman; Dr Jenkins; Josette's Landlady; Alva Weston; Mary; Mrs Paxton; Antonia "Russian Annie" Greenwood / Miss Rostov; Josette Duverger / Josephine LaFreniere; Dr Silbermann
Date: July
Locations: USA; California; Corwin's Hotel; Silverado Camp; Calistoga; Bank; Boarding House; Saloon; Cheeseborough's Hotel; St Helena; Mrs Bannerman's House; San Francisco; Stevenson's House; Mrs Paxton's House; Calistoga
Story: The Stevensons walk into Calistoga to learn that the stagecoach has been robbed for the second time in two months. Among the gathered crowd is Sherlock Holmes, and he and Stevenson are taken to the site of the robbery. After spending the night at the Stevensons' camp, Holmes visits the bank manager to inquire about the Cinnabar Flats mine, as both robberies occurred when the stage was carrying the mine's payroll. The trail leads them to a bordello in St Helena, and thence on the track of two of its girls to San Francisco, where Holmes recruits Stevenson's wife Fanny to help in the aftermath of the case.

Michael Robertson

The Baker Street Letters (2009)
Story Type:
Nigel Heath / Reggie Heath
Historical Figures:
Other Characters: Sandhog; Laura Rankin; Mrs Hampstead; Dorset House Security Guard; Ms Brinks; Robert Ocher; Lord Robert Buxton; Samuelson; Woolrich; Breckenridge; Office Workers; Police Officers; Detective Inspector Wembley; Mrs Spencer; Spencer Children; Richard; Richard's Grandmother; Richard's Brother; Flight Attendant
; Bald Man; Cab Drivers; Telephone Operator; Bag Lady; Mara Ramirez; Mara's Friend; Roosevelt Desk Clerk; Selman Productions Receptionist; Walker; Sanger; Bonaventure Desk Clerk; LAPD Officers; Line-up Men; Detective Mendoza; Detective Reynolds; Joe's Waitress; Dancers; Ladies of the Afternoon; Leslie Silberman; Paradigm Studios Guard; Silberman's Receptionist; Professor Rogers; Anne; Bonaventure Waiter; Jail Guard; Homeless Men; Soup Kitchen Server; Bonaventure Guests; Bonaventure Bellman; Chanel 7 Reporter; Fire Spectators; Medics; Valley Transportation Authority Official; Man in Hard Hat; Attorneys; Detainees; Court Clerk; Joe's Cook; Real Estate Agent; Construction Workers; O'Malley; Lake Hollywood Joggers & Cyclists; Skaters; Girl with Red Setter; USC Runners; Lake Hollywood Security Guards; Geological Institute Secretary; Geological Institute Security Guard; Ramirez; Nurses; Hospital Patients; J.T. Krendall; John Wellingham; Site Inspectors; Alan Rafferty; Actor; Director; (Mara's Father; Parsons; Mr Throckmorton; Mrs Corning; Witnesses; Corning's Lawyer; Mr Corning; Miss Corning; Hall of Residence Guard; Students; Ramirez's Wife; Reggie's Parents; Reggie's Broker)
Date: 1997
Locations: USA; Los Angeles; LAX; Mateo Street; Cawley Street; Mara's Apartment; The Roosevelt Arms Hotel; Paradigm Building; Lankershim Construction Site; Bonaventure Hotel; Los Angeles Central Police Station; Joe's Deli; Hollywood; The Silberman Agency; Pasadena Geological Institute; Metropolitan Jail; Mission House; Courthouse; Lake Hollywood Reservoir; Beverly Hilton; Hospital
London; Butler's Wharf; Reggie's Penthouse; Baker Street; Dorset House; Laura's Home; Lincoln's Inn; Law Society Building; Theydon Bois; Mrs Spencer's House; Heathrow Airport; Century City Studios
Story: Reggie Heath is a young London solicitor
whose offices incorporate the postal address of 221B, Baker Street. He receives letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes, and it is his brother Nigel's job to respond to them. Nigel becomes intrigued by twenty-year-old letters from eight-year-old Mara from Los Angeles, asking Holmes to investigate her surveyor father's disappearance. Two letters requesting the return of the plans she sent appear to be forgeries. Nigel decides to investigate and flies to Los Angeles, missing the tribunal called to reinstate him as a solicitor. Reggie finds Nigel's office ransacked, and his senior clerk dead, and flies to Los Angeles himself to find Nigel.

He is thrown down the stairs when he tries to visit Mara, then investigates Nigel's hotel room and a subway construction site. A summons to meet Nigel results in the discovery of a body and Nigel being held for murder. A fragment of survey map brings up strange results when checked against a computer database, and Reggie is attacked again at Mara's apartment. His girlfriend, Laura, follows him to L.A. He is lured to a reservoir and attacked again, and finds another body. The climax of the case comes in a gas-filled subway construction tunnel, but its fallout for Reggie hits closer to home.

Frank M. Robinson

"The Phantom of the Barbary Coast" (1995)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Mycroft Holmes
Historical Figures: (Edward VII)
Other Characters: Lt. Michael Van Dyke; Waiter; Hattie Daniels; Josiah Martin; Willy Green; Opium Addicts; Cobweb Waitresses; Barbary Revelers; Carriage Driver; The Phantom; Seamen; Sailor; Carousers; Leona Adler; William McGuire
Date: Autumn, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; San Francisco; Palace Hotel; Adler's Lodgings; The Cliff House; Tivoli Theatre; Chinatown; Opium Den; Cobweb Palace; The Barbary Coast; Pacific Street
Story: Mycroft asks Holmes to travel to San Francisco on behalf of the Prince of Wales, to investigate the disappearance of irene Adler's sister, Leona. Watson is not eager to go, having met and lost his first wife there. In San Francisco, they learn that Leona had an unsuccessful singing career there, fell in love with a man who left and never came back, and after waiting in vain for him to return, disappeared. Police lieutenant Van Dyke tells them that a body pulled out of the bay was identified as Leona's. He also tells them of the Phantom of the Barbary Coast, the ghost of a woman dressed in white. On a tour of the area, they see the phantom, but she disappears before they can get to her. Holmes and Watson return the following night and Watson is lured into a trap by the phantom. Holmes saves him, brings an end to the exploits of the phantom, restores Leona's happiness, but is unable to tell her family or the Prince of her whereabouts.

Ian Robinson

"Rupert and the Pharaoh's Treasure" (1995)
Included in:
The Rupert Annual: 75th Anniversary Edition (Ian Robertson)
Story Type:
Children's Story
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Sherlock Holmes
Fictional Characters: Rupert the Bear; Dr. Chimp; Gregory Guineapig; Ottoline Otter; Podgy Pig; Bill Badger; Tigerlily; Edward Trunk; Mrs Bear; Algy Pug; Rex or Reggie Rabbit; Freddy & Ferdie Fox; The Time Machine
Historical Figures: H.G. Wells
Other Characters: Coach Driver; Westminster Bridge Passers-by; Museum Visitors; Victorian Passers-by; news Vendor; Cabbie; Sergeant Growler; Constable Timkins; Thief
Locations: Nutwood; Rupert's School; London; Westminster Bridge; British Museum; Science Museum; 221B, Baker Street; Wells's Workshop
Story: Rupert's school go on a coach trip to London, where they visit the British Museum.
After viewing the Pharaoh's Treasure, Rupet climbs on a strange machine at the Science Museum and finds himself transported back to Victorian times. He learns from a news vendor's placard that the Pharaoh's Treasure has been stolen, then is knocked into a puddle by Dr Watson, who takes him to 221B to dry off. Holmes is away, but Watson and Rupert decide to investigate the museum robbery. Rupert uses his knowledge of the future and some of Holmes's equipment to solve the case. When Holmes returns from holiday he takes Rupert to see Wells to arrange his passage home to his own time.

Thomas S. Roche

"The Copenhagen Compound" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Dr Watson
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson / Ormond Sacker; Mycroft Holmes; Professor Moriarty; Mary Morstan; (Sherlock Holmes)
Other Characters: Satine's Doorman; Satine's Members; Club Attendant; Adams; Baker; Cowell; Jannike Crew; Dr Østergaard; Æbelø Patients; Bloodhound Troops; Riflemen; (Madame Satine; Jens; Mycroft's London Associates; Von Szabovich / MacQuaid; Bedlam Staff; Doctors; Priests; Hoelscher)
Date: Ten Years after Reichenbach & After Publication of EMPT
Locations: Denmark; Copenhagen; Madame Satine's; Copenhagen; Harbour; Bedlam; Aboard the Jannike; Æbelø; Vigelsø
Watson is summoned to Copenhagen by Mycroft. They meet at the Danish branch of the Diogenes Club. Moriarty is aso there, and tells of his recruitment by an anarchist organsation to help build a passenger-carrying rocket ship. Watson realises that Moriarty's research is linked to Mary's death.

Barbara Roden

"The Adventure of the Suspect Servant" (1997)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (Mike Ashley)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Mrs. Cecil Forrester; Mary Morstan
Other Characters: Cecil Forrester; Sarah; Policeman; Cook; Cook's Family; Mrs. Lodge; Mrs. Lodge's Friend; The Forrester Twins; The Twins' Friend; Clerk
Date: October, 1886
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; offices of Williams & Co.
Story: Mrs. Cecil Forrester tells Holmes of the theft of a number of small items from her home. The police have investigated and accused her maid, Sarah, although Mrs. Forrester believes her to be innocent. Holmes visits her husband, who, over the previous few months, has taken to working late hours at his office at Williams & Co., near Threadneedle Street.

"Of the Origin of the Hound of the Baskervilles" (2009)
Included in:
Gaslight Grotesque (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Canonical Revisioning
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Dr Mortimer; Sir Henry Baskerville; Barrymore; Jack Stapleton; Beryl Stapleton; Mrs Mortimer; The Hound of the Baskervilles; Selden; Inspector Lestrade; Laura Lyons; (Sir Charles Baskerville; Mr Frankland; Sir Hugo Baskerville; Night Shepherd; Sir Hugo's Companions; Rodger Baskerville; Murphy; Mrs Barrymore)
Folkloric Characters: Werewolf
Other Characters: Mrs Gardiner; (Mortimer's Maidservant; Mortimer's Patient)
Date: October, 1899 / December, 1900
Locations: Watson's House; 221B, Baker Street; Northumberland Hotel; Paddington Station; Devon; Dartmoor; Baskerville Hall; Grimpen; Mortimer's Surgery; Neolithic Hut; Merripit House
Watson recalls the meeting at which he agreed to write a fictionalised version of the events at Baskerville Hall, and reveals details he omitted. Mortimer talks to him privately, telling him he believes that the hound is in fact a werewolf, and that the Baskerville family has the curse of the werewolf in their blood. When Watson encounters Holmes in the neolithic hut, he discovers that he has come to the same conclusion. They encounter the dying Selden, and set their trap for the creature.

"The Things That Shall Come Upon Them" (2008)
Included in:
Gaslight Grimoire (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec); The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams)
Story Type: Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; (Stanley Hopkins)
Fictional Characters: Flaxman Low; (Max Carrados; Inspector Beedel; Dyer's Detective Agency; Martin Hewitt; Paul Beck; Eugene Valmont; Dora Myrl; The Old Man in the Corner; Karswell; John Harrington; Edward Dunning; Dunning's Servants; Karswell's Servants)
Historical Figures: (M.R. James)
Other Characters: Euston Crowds; Train Passengers; Coachman; Elizabeth (or Margaret) Fitzgerald; John Fitzgerald; Fitzgerald's Servants; The Guardian; (Watson's Associate; Dunning's Neighbour; French Investigators; Auction Patrons; Workmen; Ellen)
Date: Spring
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Euston Station; A Train; Warwickshire; Lufford Abbey; Church
Story: Holmes bemoans the growing numbers of his imitators, whose deeds are being reported daily in the press. He has received a letter from Mrs Fitzgerald inviting him to investigate the strange occurrences at Lufford Abbey in Warwickshire. On the train, he and Watson encounter the psychic detective Flaxman Low. It transpires that Low has been summoned by John Fitzgerald, who believes the source of the happenings at Lufford Abbey is not human. Low tells them about Karswell, the building's former owner, his involvement in black magic, and the events leading up to his death. At Lufford, they hear of the Fitzgeralds' difficulty in disposing of the late owner's property, and in retaining workmen. They are also told of the events leading up to their being called on, including the appearance of strange scatch-marks on the walls, and noises in the study. After an examination of the room and a disturbing discovery, Holmes and Low offer their very different explanations for what has occurred there.

Don Roff

"The House on Moreau Street" (2012)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook (Howard Hopkins)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Fictional Characters: Dr John Thorndyke; Christopher Jervis; Nathaniel Polton; (Dr Moreau; Edward Prendick)
Other Characters: Gerald Manley Thompson; Wilford P. Tomkins, Jr; Prince Karl Alexander; Inspector Dickinson; Missy Allan Watkins; Marla Grimes; Emma Drysdale; Mason Sinclair; Constable Roland Thomas; Myra H. Brown; Molly M. Basehart; Augustus Phineas Moreau; Beastmen; (Madame L'Espanaye; One-Eyed Pete; Jacob Basehart)
Date: February 21st - 26th, 1910 / August 20th, 1910
Locations: The West End; Ulmen Hotel; 221B, Baker Street; Whitechapel; Harrow Alley; Basehart's House; Moreau's Lab
Story: A mutilated body, the second such attack, is found in the West End. A ruby ring is stolen from the Russian Chancellor. Holmes disappears. Thorndyke is investigating the beheading of an actress. The disappearance of homeless people in Whitechapel is noted by the press. Holmes awakes imprisoned in a basement. After finding references to Dr Moreau in Holmes's papers, Watson seeks out Basehart, Moreau's sister. A woman is attacked by a beastman. Watson and Thorndyke converge on Exotic Imports Ltd.

Frank Rogers

Sherlock Mr Croc (2010)
Story Type:
Children's Story
Detective: Mr Croc
Other Characters: Mrs Reid; Mr Hound; Shop Assistant; Mrs Poodle; Mr Green; Auditionees; Director; Mr Gloss; Squirrels; Magpies
Locations: The Library; Mr Hound's House; Clothes Shop; Jeweller's Shop; The Park; Mr Croc's House; Town Hall; Stage Manager
Mr Croc goes to the library and borrows a Sherlock Holmes book. He decides to become an even more famous detective and buys a deerstalker, cape and magnifying glass. He decides to investigate a jewel robbery, but only seems to be making a nuisance of himself. He advertises his services in the paper, and auditions for a play, before finally solving a case.

Rob Rogers

"The Adventure of the Pirates of Devil's Cape" (2009)
Included in:
The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; The Friesland; Inspector Lestrade; (Professor Moriarty; Mrs Hudson)
Fictional Characters: (St Diable)
Historical Figures: (Murphy J. Foster)
Other Characters: Navy Sailors; Lieutenant-Commander Sebastian Powell; Friesland Crewmen; Danish Sailors; Pirates; Devil's Cape Dock Crowds; Street Urchin; Hansom Driver; Deputy Chief Jackson Lestrade; Madam Beth's Girl; Madame Lestrade; Lestrade's Menservants; Roustabouts; O Jacaré; Janus & Harvey Holingbroke; Darcé; (Lady Danger / Lady Penelope Powell)
Date: After the Hiatus
Locations: Northumberland Dock; Aboard the Friesland; USA; Louisiana; Devil's Cape; Dock; Cap de Creus Street; Jackson Lestrade's Home; Inn; Bayou Tarango; Pirate Camp; 221B, Baker Street
Holmes and Lestrade are called in when the Friesland is found adrift after apparently having come under attack from the Danish Navy off the coast of Scotland. Two American passengers are missing. After examining the bodies aboard the ship, Holmes deduces that the Friesland was attacked by pirates. Examination of a voodoo talisman carried by one of the pirates leads him to reason that they came from Devil's Cape in Louisiana. He tells his companions about O Jacaré, the pirate leader, and his frequent correspondence with Moriarty. Holmes deduces that the two Americans were really the Siamese twin sharpshooters, Janus and Harvey Holingbroke.

Holmes and Watson travel to Devil's Cape, where they are met by Lestrade's cousin, the deputy police chief, whom Holmes tricks into revealing the twins' whereabouts. They must face a camp full of pirates to rescue the twins from an albino alligator. Back in Baker Street, Holmes tells Watson his theory about O Jacaré's origins.

Roberta Rogow

"The Adventure of Ricoletti of the Club Foot (and his abominable wife)" (1996)
Included in:
Resurrected Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Pastiche in the style of P.G. Wodehouse
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Ricoletti; Ricoletti's Abominable Wife; (Victor Trevor)
Historical Figures: Mr Darwin (One of Charles Darwin's sons)
Other Characters: Lord Pemberthy; Duxbury House Footman; Earl of Duxbury; Duxbury's Coachman; Duxbury Place Footmen; Reeves; Lady Ginny Olney; Lady Gertrude Duxbury; Lord Sylvester Varleigh; Professor Moreton; Mrs Moreton; Mr Darling; Duxbury's Guests; (Annie Milsap)
Date: November, 1890 & While Holmes was at University
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Regent's Park; Duxbury House; Mycroft's Rooms; Duxbury Place
Story: Holmes receives an invitation to a hunting party at Duxbury Place and tells Watson of his last visit there: During the long vac from Oxford, Holmes runs into Lord Pemberthy who invites him home to meet his father, Duxbury, and Ricoletti who is helping him choose paintings to be hung at Sandringham House. Duxbury invites him to a weekend party at Duxbury Place where there has been a spate of thefts. When they arrive, one of Lady Duxbury's brooches has been stolen. Reeves the butler assists Holmes in his investigations, offering advice and aphorisms, but the Ricolettis shadow him everywhere, preventing him from entering Lady Duxbury's room to investigate the scene of the crime. When he finally does manage to do so, he is caught under a bed by one of the room's occupants to the hilarity of the whole house. Holmes solves the case but ends up having to change Universities
as a result of the weekend's activities.

"The Adventure of Vanderbilt and the Yeggman" (1998)
Included in:
The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated in part by Holmes
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; The Yeggman (Mike Magill); Wilson Hargreave
Historical Figures: Consuelo Vanderbilt; Lady Jennie Churchill; William Henry Vanderbilt; Alva Smith Vanderbilt
Other Characters: Margaret Magill; Policeman; Sergeant; Vanderbilt's Lawyer; Margaret's Landlady; Vanderbilt's Maid; Footman; Charles; Police Officers; Consuelo's Nurse; (Sandringham Thief; Policeman)
Date: November, 1896 and 1880
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; New York; Theatre; The Tombs; Margaret's Lodgings; Fifth Avenue; Vanderbilt Residence; Sussex
Story: Holmes turns down a request to recover the Duchess of Marlborough's stolen jewels. He explains to Watson that while he was in New York, in the guise of the actor Escott, a fellow actor, Margaret Magill's brother, a locksmith, was imprisoned for cracking William Henry Vanderbilt's safe. Visiting him in prison, they learn that although he had been involved in crime before, he had been persuaded to go straight by Vanderbilt, but had been accused of the theft by Alva Vanderbilt while installing locks on the property. Vanderbilt brings in Hargreave to work the case and Holmes assists him in his investigations at the Vanderbilt residence where he faces the wrath of Alva and encounters Consuelo for the first time.
"Our American Cousins" (1994)
Included in:
The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures:
Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Eleanor Roosevelt; (Theodore Roosevelt)
Other Characters: Browns' Manager; Mrs. Dawson; Betty; Diego Mendez; Concessionaire; Barman; Mendez's Landlady
Date: June, 1905
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Brown's Hotel; Whitechapel; La Paloma Tavern; Mendez's Lodgings near London Bridge; The Thames
Story: Holmes is visited by Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt after a letter from Thedore Roosevelt has been stolen from their hotel room. Holmes narrows down the suspects to the chambermaid, but it is Eleanor's questioning that finally draws the truth out of her. Franklin joins Holmes and Watson in pursuit of the thief, and after a boat chase on the Thames the matter reaches its resolution and an attempt on the President's life is forestalled.
The Problem of the Spiteful Spiritualist (1999)
Story Type:
Historical Figures:
Arthur Conan Doyle; Lewis Carroll / Charles Lutwidge Dodgson; Louise Doyle; William Kirton; Mrs (Fanny) Kirton; Miss (Sisley) Kirton; Major-General Alfred Wilkes Drayson; Edward W. (Edward H.) Hill; Emily Hawkins; Mrs (Fanny) Hill; (Dr William Royston Pike; Innes Doyle; Carroll's Sisters; Jack Hawkins; John Tenniel)
Other Characters: Steamer Passengers; Tram Conductor; Market-Women; Commecial Travellers; King's Road Shoppers & Strollers; Street Hawkers; Penny-Farthing Youth; Elm Grove Ladies; Emma Cavanaugh; Reverend Lindsay-Young; Jenny Watkins; Amelia Arkwrigh; Harriet Drayson; Elvira Hackaby; Major Kenneth Hackaby; Inspector Patrick O'Ferrall; Bedelia Sergeant Gordon; Doyle's Maid; Bush Hotel Porter; Lily Hardwick; Rose Peckham; Mrs Dasher; Sergeant Stafford; Police Constables; Constable Gifford; Constable Cornish; Admiral John Groves; Mrs Groves; Inspector Fletcher; Rico; Bush Hotel Night Porter; Desk Clerk; Harrison; Reporters; Mr Monks / Benjamin Moncrieffe; Sergeant Williams; Chief inspector Bray; Amos Hopper; Captain Jethro Arkwright; Tradesmen; Elm Grove Bystanders; Mrs Watkins; Captain Jack Cavanaugh; Markham; Sal Markham; Broad Street Crowds; Barrow Boys; Big Bertha; Bertha's Customers; Carrie; Stevedores; Fish-Buyer; Portsmouth Constables; Fishmonger; Crossing-Sweep; Portsea Residents; Constable Wilkes; Young Phillips; Karim Lal; Mrs Lal; Lal's Servant Girl; Rajah's Steward; Naval Officers; Bush Hotel Waiter; Cabdriver; The Portsmouth Literary and Scientific Society Members; Mr Lance; Dr Cousin; Mayor Edward Hide; Members' Wives; Grace Pilkey; Funeral Mourners; Mr Dilbert; Dilbert's Men; Seaman's Home Band; Mr Simms; Mrs Simms; (Eastbourne Landlady; Albert Moncrieffe; Mrs Maggs; Mary Hackaby; Babs Hackaby; Eleanora Moncrieffe Arkwright; Ram's Father; Herr Bertempfel; Tom Hackaby; Maryam; Earl's Son; University Chancellor; Big Jo; Little Jo; Captain Farquar; Chief Petty Officer Phillips; The Old Rajah; Rajah's Son; Guards; Ram's Father; Mrs Pilkey; DeSouza Family; Simms's Clerks; Bedelia's Barrister; Jury)
Date: October-November, 1885
Locations: Southsea; Southsea Pier; King's Road; Elm Grove; Treasure House; Bush Hotel; 1, Bush Villas; The Solent; Jahal's Yacht; Portsmouth Harbour; Portsmouth; St George's Road; Broad Street; The Square Tower; Markham's Home; Bertha's Eating-House; Portsea; The Hard; Lal's Pawnshop; Bakery; O'Farrell's House
Story: Carroll arrives in Southsea to visit Doyle, who has just attended an inquest into the death of one of his elderly patients, Captain Arkwright. A deep scratch on the man's neck, and the fact that the death occurred in a locked room, have troubled him. Ashok Ram arrives at the Arkwright House, having come at the request of Captain Arkwright to collect certain items belonging to his brother, the Rajah of Rajitpur. A séance is held at General Drayson's house to contact Arkwright, but the evening ends with the death of Emma Cavanaugh, the medium, who was also Arkwright's housekeeper. At the same time, the Arkwright's house is ransacked and Cavanaugh's long-lost husband reappears.

Lloyd Rose

"Ghosts and the Machine" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in America (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Mycroft
Canonical Characters:
Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: Henry Olcott; Mary Eddy; William Eddy; Horatio Eddy
Other Characters: Daniel; Banker; Two Ladies; Mr Holmes; Green Inn Guests; Spirits
Date: 25th September - 11th October, 1874
Locations: USA; New Hampshire; Manchester; Inn; A Train; Vermont; Chittenden; The Green Inn / The Ghost Shop; Dellwood Cemetery
Sherlock and Mycroft are taken to New England by their father. Mycroft overhears two bankers discussing a nearby inn, known as the Ghost Shop, where séances are conducted. Their father introduces them to Olcott, who had served on the Lincoln assassination inquiry panel. Holmes learns that Olcott is going to Chittenden to investigate the Ghost Shop, and the two brothers decide to accompany him. They attend a séance and witness many spirit manifestations. Holmes uncovers the secret of the house but is left pondering the mystery of Olcott's character.

G.C. Rosenquist

"The Strange Case of the Violin Savant" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part III: 1896-1929 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade
historical Figures: (Queen Victoria)
Other Characters: Killkenny; Alger Archer; Conrad Dyson; Bartholomew Oxtoby; Police Constables; Wyckoff; Eric's Parents; Eric Leighton; (Commissioner Carruthers)
Date: November / September
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Watford; Leighton Manor; An Alley; Cemetery
Holmes's violin playing reminds Watson of the case of Eric Leighton.

Leighton, a nine-year-old violin prodigy, vanishes a month after the disappearance of his parents. Holmes and Watson visit Leighton Manor in Watford, where the boy's music tutor, and the manger of the theatre at which Eric performs are accusing a rival theatre manager of abducting him. Holmes deciphers Eric's final composition to solve both disapearances.

Martin Rosenstock

"Fool's Gold" (2013)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #10 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Mayfair Strollers; Postmen; Coalmen; Flower Girl; Young Toff; Newspaper Boys; Pickpocket; Matron; Vendors; Street Urchins; Mayfair Constable; Jacob Fitzsimmons; Miss Cavendish; Lanyon's Housekeeper; Dr H. Lanyon; (Major-General Neville Cavendish; Welsh Hotel Clerk; Cavendish's Cleaning Lady; Seamstress; Telegraph Boy; Mrs Cavendish; Indian Reception Guests; Belgian Police; Cavendish's Father)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Mayfair; Cavendish's House; Lanyon's House
Story:Major-General Cavendish is murdered during a robbery at his Mayfair home. An examination of the kitchen door and Cavendish's stamp collection leads Holmes to the murderer.

"The Two Umbrellas" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part I: 1881-1889 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Extra-Canonical Adventure of Mycroft Holmes & Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; Colonel Sebastian Moran; Professor Moriarty
Other Characters: Henry Ferguson; Palmer; Newspaper Boys; Men in Suits; Pedestrians; Bicycle Rider; Cigar-Smoking Man; Cab Driver; Old Forge Hotel Guard; Beatrice Jones; Billingsgate Pedestrians; Pub Patrons
Date: Autumn
Locations: Whitehall; Admiralty House; Charing Cross; Trafalgar Square; Northumberland Avenue; Embankment; Westminster Bridge; Lambeth; Southwark; Southwark Bridge; Thames Street; The City; Whitechapel; Fenchurch Road; Old Forge Hotel; Billingsgate; Pub; France
Story: Mycroft arranges the interception in Whitehall of an Admiralty employee who is selling secrets to Moriarty.


C.C. Rothwell

"An Interrupted Honeymoon" (1892)
Included in: My Evening with Sherlock Holmes (John Gibson & Richard Green); Sherlock Holmes Victorian Parodies and Pastiches: 1888-1899 (Bill Peschel); A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press)
Story Type: Parody
Detectives: Sherwood Hoakes & Chasemore
Other Characters: Marian Bagworthy; Lakey's Hotel Proprietor; Tom; Policeman; Bagworthuy's Servant-Girl; Arthur Bagworthy; (Augustus Bundelman; Mrs Bundelman; Bundelman's Tailor)
Date: Early March
Locations: 404, Butcher Avenue; Bloater Street; Lakey's Hotel; Camberwell; Bagworthy's House; Chasemore's Shop; Police Station; St Katherine's Wharf
Story:Seeing the carpet on fire, Chasemore rushes into a house on Butcher Avenue. There he meets Sherwood Hoakes, who makes a series of deductions about him and his family. He continues to follow Hoakes's calamitous career with interest, and to pay regular visits to Hoakes, often being the first to welcome him when he is released from his frequent jail sentences.

They are celebrating one such release, when Hoakes is called on by Marian Bagworthy, whose husband, Arthur, vanished in front of her eyes at their hotel on their wedding night, along with an apple dumpling. The dumpling has since been returned to her in the post. After visiting the hotel room Bagworthy disappeared from, an hypnotic incident in the cab en route to the couple's Camberwell home, provides insight into the case, but Hoakes's solution lands him back in jail.

"The Yellow Cockroach" (1892)
Included in: My Evening with Sherlock Holmes (John Gibson & Richard Green); Sherlock Holmes Victorian Parodies and Pastiches: 1888-1899 (Bill Peschel); A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press)
Story Type: Parody
Detectives: Sherwood Hoakes & Chasemore
Other Characters: Chasemore; Ostler; Raphael Lewis; Simeon; Chasemore's Apprentice; Mrs Chasemore; Bishop Barker B. Barker; (Clergyman; Lazarus "Lazy" Lewis; Coroner's Jury; Doctor)
Locations: 404, Butcher Avenue; Chasemore's Chemist Shop; Putney, Cohen Street East; The Jew's Harp; Gambogie Lodge
Story:Hoakes is invited by a local clergyman to talk about his cases at a thieves' supper. He believes that Scotland Yard is responsible for the invitation. Some weeks later Hoakes summons Chasemore to the Jew's Harp pub in Putney. The landlord, Raphael Lewis has consulted Hoakes over the murder of his brother, Lazarus, the coroner's jury having brought a verdict of 'natural causes'. He died while in the service of the retired Bishop of British Gambogia, his last words being "The Yellow Cockroach". Hoakes takes a post as gardener-footman-lodgekeeper to the Bishop. Taking Chasemore and Lewis in to the house to view the Bishop's entomological secimens, Hoakes puts forward his theory about the cause of Lazarus's death. After the Bishop disappears, his reappearance leads to Hoakes receiving a judicial warning.


Peter Rowland

The Disappearance of Edwin Drood (1991)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Thurston; Baker Street Irregulars; (Dr Verner; John Vincent Harden; Violet Smith; Cardinal Tosca; Wilson the Notorious Canary Trainer; Black Peter Carey; Huret)
Fictional Characters: John Jasper; Mr Tope; Mrs Tope; (Sir) Thomas Sapsea; Reverend (Dean) Septimus Crisparkle; Helena Landless (Crisparkle); Mrs Tisher; Joe; Princess Puffer (Puffa); (Edwin Drood; Drood's Father (Martin Drood); Drood's Mother (Elizabeth Drood); Rosa's Father (Ronald Bud); Rosa Bud; Mr Grewgious; Miss Twinkleton; Neville Landless; Dick Datchery; Ethelinda Sapsea; The Dean; Stoney Durdles; Luke Honeythunder; Jack Tartar; Mrs Crisparkle; Bazzard; Lobley; Deputy)
Historical Figures: (Queen Victoria; Pope Leo XIII; Félix Faure; Charles Dickens)
Other Characters: Mr Appleby; Neville Crisparkle; Helen Crisparkle; Rose Crisparkle; James Wakefield; edmund Dupont; Dawkins; Florence Tartar; Edith; Baker Street Shoppers & Office Workers; The Admirers; Travelers' Tuppenny Revellers; Cathedral Congregation; Cathedral Choir; High Street Pedestrians; Messenger Boy; Crisparkle's Maid; Crisparkle's Guests; Asylum Porter; Asylum Staff; Academy Attendant; Academy Staff; Dupont's Clerk; Cab Drive; Woman with Princess Puffa; Strand Hotel Lad; Wood's Hotel Receptionist; (Jasper's Parents; Volunteer Searchers; Mrs Hudson's Sister; Mr Bastewell; Bishop of Cloisterham; Dean's Mother; Asylum Resident; Halvard Solness; Chinamen; Police Constables)
Date: 23rd December, 1894 - 24th December, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; Egypt; Kent; Cloisterham; Minor Canon Corner; The Gate House; High Street; The Crozier Inn; Tope's House; Cathedral Precincts; Gas Works Gardens; Cathedral; The Deanery; Railway Station; Surrey; Stazeby Nanton Asylum; Norway; Vatican City; France; Paris; Burlington House /The Royal Academy; Charng Cross Station; Peckham; Linden Grove; Dupont's House; Nunhead; The City; Stepney; The Docks; Princess Puffa's Opium Den; Princess Puffa's Home; Waterloo Station; A Train; Hampshire; Bournemouth; Wenskerry Gardens; Voredale Towers; Bournemouth Station; Mugsby Junction; Wood's Hotel; The Travellers' Tuppeny; Strand Hotel
Story: John Jasper arrives in Baker Street and asks Holmes to find his missing nephew, Edwin Drood. He tells them of the circumstances of his nephew's disappearance, Ned Landless's rivalry with him over the affections of Rosa Bud, the discovery of his watch and tie pin in the river, and the arrival of a stranger, Dick Datchery, in the town. Holmes and Watson travel down to Cloisterham where they find that the annual gathering of the Admirers, an organisation of Dickens enthusiasts is taking place. They find lodgings in the rooms that Datchery had occupied, and soon discover that the events described by Jasper actually occurred a quarter century prior to their arrival in the town. They discover that Helena Landless is married to the new Dean, reverend Crisparkle, and just prior to leaving the town make a discovery in the cupboard of their lodgings.

The following February, Holmes traces Jasper to Stazeby Nanton asylum. Watson has an encounter with a French artist. The Irregulars track down the Princess Puffa, and Holmes and Watson pay her a deathbed visit. Drood's fate is finally revealed during a meeting with Rosa Bud.

NOTE: Holmes's mention of a "distant clerical acquaintance" (P.41) refers to Father Brown.

S.J. Rozan

"The Men with the Twisted Lips" (2011)
Included in:
A Study in Sherlock (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type:
Canonical Re-visioning
Canonical Characters: Mrs St Clair; Neville St Clair; The Dane; Constables & Inspector in Fresno Street; Isa Whitney; Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Bradstreet; (The Lascar; Inspector Barton; Kate Whitney; Mary Morstan)
Historical Figures:
Other Characters: Chan Ho; Wing Lin-Wei; Zhang Peng-Da; Lu Yang; Aberdeen Shipping Company Clerk; Zhang's Men; Bow Street Constable
Locations: Limehouse; Chan Ho's Opium Den; Fresno Street; Aberdeen Shipping Company Offices; Upper Swandam Lane; The Bar of Gold; Bow Street Gaol
Story: A group of Chinese opium den proprietors meet in Limehouse to discuss the Lascar owner of the Bar of Gold, who is drawing the attention of the authorities to their business. They believe his association with Neville St Clair will eventually be discovered and draw even more. They hatch a plan to draw in Holmes and deprive the Lascar of the income he receives from St Clair.

Jane Rubino

"The Case of the Eccentric Bequest" (2000)
Included in:
Knight Errant (Jane Rubino)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Dr Mortimer
(Mary Morstan; Inspector Lestrade)
Other Characters: Charles Turner; White Crane Waiter; Mr Treadwell; Seven Swans Boy; Seven Swans Customers; Waiters; Waiting Girls; Ostler; Leah Paar; Anne Smith; Susan Treadwell; Marianna Smith; Moseley & Gayle Clerks; Cab Driver; John Mortimer; Turner's Landlady; Ticket Agent; Station Master; Train Driver; Fireman; Dorchester Lad; Mrs Langston
(Adeline Junot; Sir Sanford Mortimer; Mr Moseley; Mr Gayle; Doctor; Lady Emma Mortimer; Martin Smith)
Date: First Monday in September, 1894
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Wilton; The White Crane Pub; Weymouth; Seven Swans Pub; The August House; Langston Cottage; Devereaux Court; Moseley & Gayle's Offices; Praed Street; Turner's Lodgings; Station; Dorchester; Beach
Story: Holmes is approached by Turner, a solicitor, over the irregular will of his client, Sir Sanford Mortimer, who now lies in a coma as a result of a brain tumour. The bulk of Mortimer's estate has been left to Marianna Smith, the daughter of an innkeeper, with no connection to the Mortimer family. Turner asks Holmes to find the girl, the innkeeper having recently been lost at sea and his wife and daughter gone away. Holmes sends Watson off alone to enquire about the Mortimer family in Wilton, where he meets Dr Mortimer, and learns that he is a cousin of Sir Sanford. From there he goes on to visit the inn near Weymouth, where he learns that Marianna's father was an artist, and that the inn has not opened for business at all this year. Smith's wife denies knowing Sir Sanford. Holmes deduces the true nature of Sir Sanford's connection to the girl, but realises the deception that has been worked on him too late to stop the case ending in violence and death.

"The Case of the Notorious Practitioner" (2000)
Included in:
Knight Errant (Jane Rubino)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Stamford; Dr Barnicot; Mary Morstan; Merridew; (Cartwright)
Other Characters: Constance Alva, Lady Ellenmere; Cavendish Square Constables; Janet Booth; Mary Booth; Faustine Dupuy; Sophie Albie; Coroner's Men; Weimer's Page; Dr Edward Murdstone; Esme Forrester; Four-Wheeler Driver; Miss Paget; Meadows Patients; Meadows Nurses; Dr John Weimer; Francis Fraser Linton, Marquis of Ellenmere; Cabbies; Watson's Patients; Adeline Junot; (Mrs Alva; Lambeth Doctor; Trainee Nurse; Barnicot's Patient; Young Lad; Savoy Ticket Agent; Lady Fairchild; Cyrus Alva)
Date: Wednesday in the first week of December - ?, 1888
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; 33, Cavendish Square; Harley Street; Weimer's Surgery; St Thomas Street; Murdstone's Surgery; Kennington Road; Barnicot's Surgery; Denmark Hill; The Forrester House; Hampstead Grove; The Meadows; St James Place; The Ellenmere House; Watson's Club
Story: Holmes is visited by the veiled Constance Alva, American wife of the Marquis of Ellenmere, who wishes him to hold some papers in safekeeping for two days for a friend. Holmes refuses, not knowing the contents of the documents. Watson is able to deduce that the friend is Adeline Junot, the abortionist, who is rumoured to be planning to publish her diaries. Lestrade arrives with the news that a servant girl has died in Junot's house. Holmes realises the apparent suicide was a murder, and the intended victim may have been Junot (who has disappeared) herself. Stamford gives Watson the names of three doctors to interview who have, in the past, unsuccessfully brought charges against Junot. Junot's clothes are found in the Thames. Realising that Lady Ellenmere, too, is in danger, but with the Marquis standing in the way of any attempts to remove her from it, Holmes realises he must be proactive in removing the danger itself, and with Lestrade and another unexpected ally, lays a trap which, thanks to Lestrade, fails to snare the killer, and the real contents of the "diaries" are revealed. It is left to Junot and the newspapers to bring about justice.

"The Case of the Uncommon Necklace" (2000)
Included in:
Knight Errant (Jane Rubino)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Lord (Neville) Backwater; Colonel Moran; Mrs Cecil (Julia) Forrester; Tobias Gregson; Cecil Forrester; Stamford; (Victor Trevor; Inspector Forrester; Lord Robert St Simon; Lord Eustace St Simon; Lady Clara St Simon; Sir Augustus Moran; Murray; John Clay; Patience Moran; Professor Moriarty)
Historical Figures: (James Whistler; Lord Frederick Cavendish; Thomas Burke)
Other Characters: Avril Forrester; Backwater's Driver; Mrs Ballentine; Seamstresses; Esme Forrester; Verity Morgan/Moran; Ned Forrester; Ballentine; Sarah Tilley; Constables; Irina's Housekeeper; Irina Mendl; Madame Zeline; Servants; Bridal Attendants; (Duke of Southwold; Augustus Forrester; Charles Forrester; Police; Ceylon British Resident; Backwater's Sisters; Constables; Esme's Former Governess; Jeweller; Selden Moran; Serenity Moran; Faith Moran; Prudence Moran)
Date: April 21st - ?, 1882
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Backwater's Carriage; Camberwell; 121, Denmark Hill; Forrester's Cell; 12, Queen Anne's Gate; Italian Restaurant
Story: Holmes is called on by Backwater and his fiancée, Avril Forrester. An emerald necklace has been stolen from the house where she lives with her aunt and uncle, Mr and Mrs Cecil Forrester. Avril was attacked during the robbery. Holmes and Watson accompany Avril to the Forrester home, where they encounter Moran, Mrs Forrester's half-brother. Although the house is full of valuable wedding gifts, only the necklace, made by Avril's late father, was taken.

Gregson arrives at Baker Street with the news that the necklace has been recovered and Cecil Forrester, known for extravagant spending, has been arrested for its theft, it having been found in his possession. The emeralds, however, have been removed from their settings. The Forresters' young daughter, Esme, sees red eyes, previously seen by Avril, in her room, and her governess, Miss Morgan resigns. Holmes learns that the necklace had been valued by an appraiser named Clay, who has since left his job.

From Forrester's geologist son, Ned, they learn the true nature of the stones. Holmes makes a nighttime foray to the Forrester house. He arranges for the recovery of the jewels on Backwater's wedding day, and unknits the complex web of relationships and concealed identities within the house for Watson and Gregson. He tells Watson that he believes a higher power than Moran was behind the theft.

Stanley Rubinstein

"Sheer Luck Again" (1923)
Included in:
As It Might Have Been (Robert C.S. Adey); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)
Story Type:
Detectives: Sheerluck Combs & Whatson
Other Characters: George Blarnie; Mrs Whatson; Whatson's Patient; Postman
(Postman; Emess and Script; Whatson)
Locations: Combs's Baker Street Rooms; Whatson's House
Story: Whatson calls on Combs to tell him that the unpublished records of his cases have been stolen. They visit Whatson's house, where Combs's suspicions fall on Mrs Whatson. He continues his investigations at the Duke of Edinburgh pub, and is in female disguise when Whatson calls on him the following day. He tells Whatson that he has ruled out his wife and is expecting the papers to arrive any minute. The following day Combs reveals how he retrieved the papers.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

"Second Fiddle" (1995)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Homage
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Ned Zaleski; Kimberly Marie Caldicott; Forensics Men; Police Photographer; Detectives; Rae Ann; Birmar; Cocktail Waitress; Police Chief; Police Officers; Lost Cat Woman; Caldicott's Classmates; Lorena Haas; FBI Agents; (Football Player; Two Movie Stars; Senator's Wife; Police Dispatcher; Dead Girl)
Date: 1990s
Locations: California; Santa Lucia; Police Headquarters; Bar; San Francisco; FBI Headquarters
Story: The Santa Lucia police department hire a private time travel company to transport Holmes to the present to assist homicide detective Zaleski investigate a series of murders of the rich and famous. Zaleski believes the latest victim is a copycat killing, Holmes believes it represents the key to solving the case. He also disagrees with the profilers, but is impressed with the speed at which information can be gathered and disseminated. He deduces that the killer is a woman, and when they discover the latest victim's identity, a High School yearbook is all that is needed to resolve the case.

Gary Alan Ruse

"The Phantom Chamber" (1987)
Included in:
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Martin H. Greenberg, Carol-Lynn Rössel Waugh & Jon L. Lellenberg)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Mrs Hudson)
Other Characters: Grace Farrington; Mr Bryswicket; Trap Driver; Jeremy Wollcott; Joshua Trenton; Cook; Lester Thorn; Lady Penelope
Date: Spring
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Atwater's Offices; A Train; Surrey; Thaxton Manor
Story: Grace Farrington returns from India with her husband to stay with her Great-Aunt, but finds the manor house run-down and her aunt in ill health in the company only of Wollcott, a distant cousin of Grace's, who is surprised at their arrival. That night, wandering through the house, Grace discovers a monogrammed glove and a baby's rattle, and sees a room full of glowing, ghostly eyes, and some living thing covered in a net which it clawed at horribly. When she returns to the room with her husband it has transformed into an empty grand hall. Holmes and Watson travel to Thaxton Manor, where Holmes makes a rooftop exploration prior to making their arrival known, and where they witness the drawing up of Lady Penelope's will, and prevent its signing. Holmes reveals the secret of the phantom chamber and an impostor, prevents a murder, and uncovers a family secret.

"The Holmes Team Advantage" (1995)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Lord Desmond Farthington; Apollo; Cabbie; Eddie Mangles; Rosewarne's Hooligans; President of the London and North Western Railway; Dupilcate Railway President; Sylvester Rosewarne; Ross; Holmes Duplicates; Scotland Yard Officers; Bank of England Security Men; (Farthington's Servants; Police; Farthington's Driver)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The West End; Farthington's House; Broad Street; The Preening Peacock Inn; East End Warehouse; Scotland Yard; Euston Station
Story: Lord Farthington's prize pit terrier, Apollo, has been stolen, then brought back two hours later. Holmes has read of similar incidents of stolen items being returned recently. He recognises footprints around the kennel as belonging to a pair of boots which should be in the evidence locker at Scotland Yard. They spot their owner, Mangles, and three other men, carrying what appears to be a body, and follow them to an East End warehouse. When the men come out with another body, Holmes and Watson search the warehouse; finding six duplicate Apollos, the machine that created them, and its inventor, Rosewarne. They are tied up by Rosewarne's thugs, but Holmes manages to escape, uncovers the plot that is afoot, and uses the machine to create duplicates of himself to bring the gang to justice, prevent a robbery, and save an innocent man from prison.

William Rushton

W.G. Grace's Last Case (1984)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Professor Moriarty; (Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; Lady Frances Carfax; Baker Street Irregulars)
Fictional Characters: A.J. Raffles; Dr Jekyll; Martians; Lord Greystoke (John Clayton); Mr Hyde; Scarlett O'Hara; Rhett Butler; The Lone Ranger (?); The Red Weed; Poole; Sir Patrick Cullen; Sir Colenso Ridgeon; Cutler Walpole; Sir Ralph Bloomfield Bonington; (Bunny Manders; Svengali; Alice Clayton; Tarzan; Inspector Mackenzie; Dr Hastie Lanyon; Sir Danvers Carew; Dracula)
Historical Figures: W.G. Grace; George S. Patterson; Henry Newbolt; Buffalo Bill; Francis J. Dickens; James McNeill Whistler; Whistler's Mother; Henry James; Bret Harte; Mark Twain; K.S. Ranjitsinghi; The Sydney Ducks; Allan Pinkerton; Thomas Edison; Karl Marx; Queen Victoria; Mrs Beeton; The Crowned Heads of Europe; Lord Salisbury; Marquess of Queensberry; Lord Alfred Douglas; Sarah Bernhardt; Oscar Wilde; Emile Zola; Le Petomane; La Goulue; Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec; Jean Béraud; Edgar Degas; Claude Monet; Edouard Vuillard; Pierre Auguste Renoir; Pierre Bonnard; Emile Bonnard; Paul Cézanne; Pablo Picasso; Maurice Utrillo; Henri Rousseau; Edward VII; Kaiser Wilhelm II; H.G. Wells; Jules Verne; Henri Garcet; (Poundmaker; Big Bear; Commissioner MacLeod; Red Crow; Louis Riel; Queen Victoria; George Bernard Shaw; Frank Harris; Jeff Chandler; Henry Miller; Theodore Roosevelt; Robert Louis Stevenson; Gustave Eiffel; Frederic Bartholdi; Alexander Graham Bell; Edward Hyde, Lord Cornbury; Charles Gleyre; Vincent Van Gogh; Paul Gauguin; Alfred Sisley; Comte de Nieuwerkerke; Theophile Gautier; Gustave Courbet; Ambroise Vollard)
Other Characters: Lord's Crowd; Cricketers; Philadelphia Bowler; Castor Vilebastard; Umpires; Wicket-Keeper; Hansom Driver; Red Indians; Diogenes Porter; Diogenes Members; Sir Horace; Pollux Vilebastard; Diogenes Waitress; Waiters; Head Waiter; Charlie; Wild West Show Stage Hands; Performers; Seth McGurk; Furnitureville Stationmaster; Reverend Studholme; Bar-flies; Dancing Girl; Desperadoes; Elmer Gatsby; Cryer; Serving-Wench; 'One-Eye' Jake McSwine; Bartenders; Card Dealers; Obadiah Hawkspit; Apaches; Gay Dog; Charlie / Mountain-Cat Who Hates Tall Buildings; Detective-Sergeant Chesterton; Scotland Yard Constable; 'B' Company, Seventh Cavalry; Court Martial Prosecutor; General; Trooper O'Toole; Henry Miller's Great-Uncle; Hotel Guests; Flanagan; Hotel Maid; Edison's Maid; Duke of Relwick's Mounted Foot; Captain Grimes; Downing Street Butler; Foreign Office Men; Funeral Procession; Chinamen; Rabbis; Guards Officers; El Turco's Women; Jekyll's Guests; Raffles's Lad; Jekyll's Waiter; Downing Street Aide; Military & Naval Officers; Lestrade's Men; Albany Porter; Paradiso Residents; Jean-Paul; Maurice; Upstairs Maid; Hortense; Cleaners; Can-Can Dancers; Moulin Rouge Customers; Hotel Manager; Cyclists; Paris Apaches; Alsace Concierge; Fat Maid; Life Guards Major; Hired Assassin; Verne's Maid; (Fort Battleford Commanding Officer; Dawson Constable; Eskimo; King & Queen of Ruritania; Downing Street Constable; Downing Street Servant; Henrietta Lumley; Indian Governor-General; Mjanji; The Great Ralpho; Wanda)
Date: June, 1890's
Locations: Lord's Cricket Ground; Park Lane; Diogenes Club; 221B, Baker Street; Earl's Court; New York; Grand Central Station; A Train; Wheeling; Scarlett's Diner; Furnitureville, Arizona; Golden Camel Saloon; Apache Village; Scotland Yard; Warwick Road; The Albany; Jekyll's House; Great Manhattan Gargantua Hotel; Menio Park [sic]; Primrose Hill; 10, Downing Street; St James' Park; Duke of York's Steps; Pall Mall; El Turco's, Air Street; Piccadilly Circus; Paris; Rue Morgue; Hotel Paradiso; Bar du Gros Nez; The Moulin Rouge; Bois de Boulogne; Hotel d'Alsace; Paris Exposition; The Eiffel Tower; The Moon; Gibraltar; Queensberry's Office; Amiens; 44, Boulevard de Longueville
Story: A year after the Martian invasion, Castor Vilebastard (it's pronounced 'Villibart') is killed while bowling at Lord's, shot with an Apache arrow. Grace, Jekyll and Watson confirm that the man is dead. Grace meets Watson at the Diogenes Club where the dead man's twin, Pollux, is also dining in the company of Mr Hyde. Watson and Grace accompany Lestrade to Earl's Court to question Buffalo Bill about his entourage.

Returning to Baker Street, Grace tells them about an MCC tour of America: The team's ship is met in New York by the Vilebastards, and taken to Arizona, where they save a Mountie, son of Charles Dickens, from a lynching, and learn that the Vilebastards are wanted men. Forced to leave town by stagecoach, they are pursued by Apaches, who take them to their village, where, after an incident with an arrow and a cricket box, Grace is revered as a God. After defeating a cavalry attack, the Vilebastards insult the tribe's ancestors, an act which leads Grace to believe that chief Gay Dog is behind the murder at Lords. He remains puzzled by the actions and prophecies of the tribe's medicine man, Charlie.

Setting out to locate the remaining Vilebastard, Grace, Raffles and Watson call on Jekyll, who tells them that the Vilebastards had shown interest in his latest project. Grace is reminded of the destruction of Edison's laboratory, and being accused of murder, transvestism and stealing Liberty's face. Grace and Watson are abducted by the army and taken to a brothel that turns out not to be a brothel. Watson has a close encounter with a certain gracious lady, and 221B is blown up. The Prime Minister reveals that the case is a matter of national security.

At a party that is disrupted by a horde of Hydes, Jekyll announces a cure for the common cold. Following the trail to the Rue Morgue, Grace faces a cobra, Wilde and La Goulue in his hotel room. Watson encounters Moriarty at the Moulin Rouge, and a battle takes place in the Bois de Boulogne between the Impressionists and Vilebastard's Apaches. Watson visits the Exposition, and everyone visits the Moon.

Ray Russell

"The Murder of Conan Doyle" (1955)
Included in:
The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Parody / Script
Hemlock Foames & Dr. Squatson
Other Characters: Mother Mulrooney; Laddie Badd; Quentin Drake-Chalmers; Sidonie Brassiere; Professor Goryarty
Locations: Foames's Baker Street Apartment; The Thespian Society, Fleet Street
Story: Squatson believes Foames dead, drowned in a vat of boiling coffee with Professor Goryarty, but Foames reappears in Baker Street, disguised as their landlady, Mother Mulrooney. They attend a party at the Thespian Society in Fleet Street, where Foames identifies actress Sidonie Brassiere, who supposedly disappeared at the same time as he did, as Goryarty, who has been posing as the actress to blackmail famous actors. He rips off her clothes to prove his point, but it is Squatson who discovers that it is in fact Foames who is the impostor.

Robert Ryan

Dead Man's Land (2012)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Dr Watson
Canonical Characters:
Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; (Mrs (Emily) Watson; Mary Morstan; Sussex Housekeeper; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Tobias Gregson)
Historical Figures: Winston Churchill; Edmund Hakewill-Smith; (Edward VII; Queen Victoria; Field Marshal Haig; Gustav Hamel; Edward Mylius; George V; Mary Culme-Seymour; Sir Richard David Muir; Clementine Churchill; H.H. Asquith; Justice John Eldon Bankes; Travers Humphreys; Archibald Bodkin; E.D. Muir; A.M. Langdon; Sir William Furse)
Other Characters: Brindle; Lieutenant Slattery; Georgina Gregson; Alice Pippery; Matron Elizabeth Challenger; Sergeant Geoffrey Shipobottom; Captain Robinson de Griffon; Second Lieutenant James Metcalf; Corporal / Platoon Sergeant Bernie Platt; Corporal Joseph Tugman; Private Albert Farrar; Private Moulton; Staff Nurse Jennings; Sister Spence; Ernst Bloch; Gefreiter Schaeffer; Lieutenant Cornelius Lovat; Private McCall; Hauptmann Lux; Dr Caspar Myles; Captain Morley; Second Lieutenant Marsden; Lieutenant Walsh; Major George Torrance; Captain Symonds; Lieutenant-General Phipps; Captain Hatherley; Arthur Lang; Mason; Herbert "Bert" Cartwright; Hilde; Wallace McRae; Corporal Leith; Corporal Percy Lewis; Reggie Smillings; Hargreaves; Schneider; Manfred Loewenhardt; Lothar Breuchtal; Mrs Cartwright; Young Fredericks; Private Edward Walter Hornby; Lady Stanwood; Harry Legge; Lieutenant Tobias Gregson; Major Tyler; Lieutenant Fairley; Johnny Truelove; 3rd British Field Balloon Company Ground Crew; Belgian Farmers; Soldiers; Cavalrymen; Goose Girl; Field Kitchen Cooks; Signals Courier; Orderlies; Nurses; Bloch's Escort; Patients; Chaplains; Military Policemen; Lorry Driver; Somerset House Sentry; Subalterns; German Patients; Swabian Nurse; Zeppelin Crashsite Crowds; Zeppelin Crewman; Brussels Civilians; Waiter; German Officers; Barmaid; Royal Scots Fusiliers; Roadblock Sentries; German Orderlies; East Anglian CCS Sentry; Cemetery Visitors; Cemetery Guards; Churchill's Adjutants; Roman Catholic Padre; Morgue Attendant; Overhead Railway Sappers; Ambulance Drivers; Churchill's Trench Raiders; (Deputy Director of Army Medical Services; Alice's Brother; Alice's Parents; Mr Gregson; Egyptian Fortune Teller; Metcalf's Parents; Arthur de Griffon, Lord "Bimmy" Stanwood; Dr Kibble; Stanwood's Housemaids; Stanwood's Cook; Lord Charles de Griffon; Captain R.E. March; Carlisle; Morris; Bloch's Father; Willi; Major; Spence's Brother; Harley Street Doctor; Morley's Batman; Captain Leverton; Peg Shipobottom; Shipobottom's Sons; German Commander; Watson's Son; Alice's Father; American Nurse; Jackson; Everett; Cotterall; Sunderland; Suffragettes; Georgina's Father; Thomas Patrick; Jennings's Brother; Gordon; Mrs Lang; The Gasmaskers; Nurse Cummins; Earl of Croftford; Sir William Tennant; Dr Anwar; Hilde's Mother; Karl; Hilde's Father; Amelia Wilkes; Roddy Blunt; Connolly Pit Miners; Miners' Women; Harry; Simpson & Son; Holmes's Doctor; Cemetery Gatekeepers; Lieutenant Gregson; Tommy Turner; Mrs Talbot; Mr Steen; Mrs Carter-Tate)
Date: 1916
Locations: France; Bailleul Hospital; Nieppe; Bailleul Cemetery; Belgium; Flanders; A Hot Air Balloon; Reserve Trenches; Officers' Dugout; East Anglian Casualty Clearing Station; No Man's Land; The Big House; Le Gheer Church; Somerset House; Suffolk Farm; Ploegsteert Wood; Château Hospital Number 19; Brussels; The Grand Square; Café; Railway Station; Estaminet; Maison 1875; Burnt-Out Lodge; Sniper Training Camp; Sussex; The South Downs; Holmes's Cottage; Gloucestershire; Flitcham Hall; Aboard HMS Arundel Castle; A Troop Train; Boulogne; English Channel; Folkestone Harbour
Story: Watson
joins the Army Medical Corps and is stationed in Flanders. Georgina Gregson and Alice Pippery are reassigned from Bailleul Hospital to the East Anglian Casualty Clearing Station, where Watson is introducing the staff to new blood transfusion methods. The Leigh Pals Lancashire regiment led by Captain de Griffon suffer losses and casualties during a shelling raid, and the injured are brought to Watson's station. German sniper, Ernst Bloch, is given the task of killing a high-ranking officer from the steeple of Le Gheer church on the British side of the lines. Georgina and Alice are assigned to painting duties to prepare the Station for an upcoming visit from Field Marshal Haig.

After an encounter with Churchill, Watson is summoned back to his station to investigate the strange death of Sergeant Shipobottom. When suspicion falls on the blood transfusion given to him, Watson carries out a drastic experiment to disprove the idea. Watson and Georgina realise that this may be the latest in a series of murders, and set out to discover who the previous victims were. A zeppelin crashes in Sussex, and Holmes examines the site. Another victim is saved from death. Churchill tells Watson of Roddy Blunt, who had turned up dead in Wiltshire, some months after being executed for desertion. A gas attack, a disinterment, and an encounter with Tobias Gregson's son move events forward in Flanders, while Holmes carries out his part of the investigation in England, but it takes an air-raid to uncover the final truth, which takes Watson out into No Man's Land.

NOTE: The Pall Mall Gazette account of Georgina Gregson's trial is derived from the 8th March, 1913, Morning Post report on the trial of Olive Wharry.

The Dead Can Wait (2014)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Dr Watson
Canonical Characters:
Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; (Langdale Pike; Mrs Watson; (Squire) Addleton)
Historical Figures: Robert Armstrong-Jones; Winston Churchill; Colonel Ernest Swinton; Solomon Joseph Solomons; Jules C. Silber; Lieutenant-Colonel John Brough; (Percival Phillips; Gabriel de Wesselitzsky; Charles Pathé; Roger Casement; Vernon Kell; Robert F. Macfie; Major Walter Gordon Wilson; William Tritton; Edward Cecil Guinness, 1st Earl of Iveagh; Sir Albert Gerald Stern; Flight Commander Charles Harington; F. Luckin Smith; T.E. Osborn; Field Marshal Douglas Haig; Lieutenant-General Sir High Elles; H.G. Wells)
Other Characters: Mrs Hobbs; Nora Pillbody / Ilse Brandt / Miss Deane; Lieutenant James Booth; Georgina Gregson; Mr Samson; Collins; Mrs Beasley; Captain Fairley; Bradley Ross; Dirk Alberts / Pieter Dagna; Mr Grover; Percy Littlewood; Lieutenant-Colonel Percy Crocker; Professor Miller; Dr Jacobs; Corporal Donnelly; Donal Coyle; Harry Gibson; Emily Torrent; Charles; The New Contemptibles; Jack Tyler; Lieutenant-Colonel Swinton; Mason; Jimmy Oxborrow; Herbert "Bert" Cartwright; Sergeant Greaves; Gunner Appleton; Hubert "Hugh" Hitchcock; Major Thwaites; Billy Wright; Cardew; Petty Officer Third Class Joachim Kuhn; Captain von Schuller; Frederick Sutton; Private B. Knowle; Ridley; Mrs Atherton; Mr Delaney; Lieutenant Halford; Sergeant Taffs; Private Mead; Private Stenby; Ian Ackland; Jack Whent; Captain Schepke; First Officer Biel; Colonel Robert Montgomery; Rippingale; Corporal Deal; Colonel Cecil Frogatt-Lewis; General "Tommy' Tankerton; Lieutenant Archie Cross; Major Hoffman; Captain Adam Goodman; Phibbs; Corporal Tench; Sergeant Yates; Mary Wallace; Orderlies; Dead Tank Crew; Intelligence Officer; Booth's Driver; Motor Cycle Gazette Job Applicants; Nurse; Foreign Press Association Barman; Cabby; Constable; Elveden Sergeant; Millbank Orderly; King's Road Brass Band; King's Road Pedestrians; Coburg Hotel Doorman; Signal Corporal; Shelsey Occupants; Mount Street Bystanders; Sussex Locals; Torrington Arms Landlord; Home Service Defence Force Men; Home Service Defence Sergeant; C Company Men; G Company Men; Military Police Officers; Elveden Hall Messenger; Elveden Hall Orderly; Zeppelin Officer; Zeppelin Crew; Levass's Driver; Plough Customers; Corporal; Tank Crews; Dental Patient; Yarmouth Drayman; Military Policemen; Adelphi Hotel Waiter; Blacklers Workmen; U-Boat Crew; Montgomery's Men; Picardy Tank Crews; Burnham Quay Guard; Burnham Stationmaster; Burnham Policemen; Tank Mechanics; Workhouse Guard; Churchend Man; Military Policeman; British Infantrymen; Infantry Corporal; German Nurse; German Patient; (Tank Trial Dignitaries; Captain Trenton; Nurse; Dream Patient; Dream Sergeant Major; Dream RAMC Orderly; Dream Lieutenant; Cyril Jefford; The Morland Family; Freddie Cox; Ben Stone; Sidney Drayton; The Branton Sisters; Victoria Hanson; Arnold Pillbody; Mrs Pillbody; Mrs Dottington; 'Zulu' Jenkins; Johnnie Jenkins; Lady Rose Penney; Ross's Father; Golf Caddie; Lizzie Cosford; Brenda; Lottie Sutton; Elveden Hall Housekeeper; Elveden Hall Cook; Elveden Hall Maids; Elveden Hall Nurse; Sally; Harry Clifford; Coyle's Mother; Marie Coughlan; Millbank Nurses; Cyril; Major Desmond Ward-Maine; Colonel Montgomery; Michael Singh Oxborrow;; Liverpool Mother; Liverpool Sister; Liverpool Son; Dagna's Grandma; Dagna's Mother; Christian Dagna; Hester Dagna; Thwaites' Uncle Walter; Norwich Doctor; Army Doctor; Ilse's Father; Willi Brandt; Admiral Hersch; Magda; Mrs Sutton; Plough Guest; Dingle; Mr Daniels; Colonel Nicholson; John Daly; Conor Daly; Eamonn 'Fitz' Fitzgerald; Alf; Salvatore; Mrs Ward-Maine; Mrs Joyce; Colonel R.; Janssen; Janssen's Associate; Ackland's Director; Foulness Detainees; Major Philip Clark; Sewage Boat Captain; Sewage Boat Crew; Molly Birkin; Naval Wing Commander; MI5 Agents)
Date: 10 July - 16 September, 1916
Locations: Suffolk; Elveden; Elveden Hall Estate; Ice House; Schoolhouse; Nora's Cottage; Booth's Office; Oxborrow's Cottage; Maharani House; Elveden Hall; Sandgrouse Lodge; Ross's Cottage; The Plough; Norfolk; A Beach; Sussex; Holmes's Cottage; Torrington Arm; Aboard the Admiral Karl Rudolf Brommy; Liverpool; Dock Road Warehouse; Adelphi Hotel; Blackler's; Hotel; Ipswich; Great Yarmouth; Dental Surgery; Essex; Foulness; Signal Cottage; The Dutch House; Churchend; The Workhouse; Asplins Head; Perrin's Cottage; The Broomway; Wakering Stairs; Burnham-on-Crouch; Burnham Station; Great Wakering; Mary Wallace's Cottage; Thames Estuary; Black Deep; Aboard a U-Boat; France; Picardy; Heilly; Memetz Wood; Bapaume; Military Hospital; Kent; Naval Air Service Base; London; Queen Anne Street; Watson's Surgery; Motor Cycle Gazette Offices; Wandsworth Hospital; Foreign Press Association Headquarters; Millbank Lecture Theatre; Battersea; King's Road; Mayfair; Mount Street; South Audley Street; Bart's
Story: Seven soldiers die during a military trial of newly-invented tanks, the sole survivor traumatised and not speaking. A quarantine zone is set up around Elveden, and Miss Pillbody's school is closed down. Georgina Gregson is arrested under the Defence of the realm Act after applying for a job advertised in Motor Cycle Gazette. With Holmes imprisoned to force Watson's compliance, Watson is taken from his work with shell-shocked patients and sent to Elveden by Churchill to get the surviving soldier to talk. New York reporter Bradley Ross also arrives in Elveden to investigate, and hears disembodied voices in the woods.

As German spies infiltrate the estate, a Zeppelin is downed, and Watson is reunited with Mrs Gregson. MI5 agent Coyle plans revenge for the killing of his partner in London, but finds himself stranded in Elveden, with a punctured radiator, after delivering Watson to the Hall.

When the tank mystery is cleared up. Watson has himself sent to Foulness to rescue Holmes. Mrs Gregson accompanies him, but they don't realise a German spy has also been assigned to infiltrate the island. When Holmes provides an alternative explanation for the mystery in Elveden they must find a way to send a warning off the island. Watson finds himself in enemy hands.

NOTE: Could the "old boy [who] said he'd put his bayonet up" Bradley Ross be Corporal "They don't like it up 'em" Jones of Dad's Army? (Dad's Army was filmed in and around Thetford.)

NOTE 2: MI5 agent Donal Coyle's name surely can't be an accidental nod to Conan Doyle.

NOTE 3: Watson's recollection of "Squire Addleton" and "Foulkes Rath" (P.110) refers to Adrian Conan Doyle's "The Adventure of Foulkes Rath" from The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes.

"The Girl and the Gold Watches" (2015)
Included in:
A Study in Murder (Rober Ryan)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Mary Morstan; Mrs Hudson; (Violet Hunter)
Fictional Characters: Mr Henderson; James (Mr Peredue); (John Palmer; Inspector Vane; Edward; John; Alice; Sparrow MacCoy; Engine-Driver; Platelayers; New Guard; Joe Willson; New York Detective; Traveller; Landlady; Cabman)
Other Characters:
Young Lady; Lancashire Businessman
Date: April, 1890 / March, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
; Euston Station; The Manchester Express; Willesden Junction; Tring; Amersham; USA; New York; Rochester; The Etruria
Story: Holmes is consulted after the disappearance of three passengers from a Manchester-bound train, and the discovery of a dead young man, carrying six gold watches,
in the compartment previously occupied by two of them. Holmes carries out an experiment on the train, and reaches a conclusion, but it is five years before the truth of the matter comes to light.

NOTE: This story is a re-telling of Conan Doyle's "The Man with the Watches" and includes much of the original text.

A Study in Murder (2015)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Dr Watson
Canonical Characters:
Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Von Bork; Mycroft Holmes; (Baker Street Page; Mrs Hudson; Charles Augustus Milverton; Mary Morstan)
Fictional Characters: (Monsieur Caratal; Martin Hewitt)
Historical Figures: Herbert Greenhough Smith; David Devant; Winston Churchill; Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard; Clementine Churchill; Admiral John Fisher; (Richard Burbidge; T.E. Lawrence; Konstantin Schmidt von Knobelsdorf; Vernon Kell; Rudyard Kipling; H.G. Wells; Nevil Maskelyne; Robert Marsland Groves)
Other Characters: Feldwebel Krebs; Private Martins; Captain Tyrell; Lieutenant Barnes; Mrs Gregson; Miss Hood; Mrs Nichols; Miss Kinney; Major Nevile Pitt; Colonel Isbell; Captain Hanson; Lieutenant Archer; Harry; Captain Hulpett; Colonel De Krom; Hauptmann Halbricht; Sayer; Gunther; Robert Nathan; Admiral Lukas Hersch; Parsons; Wallace; Captain Pickering; Feldwebel Brünning; Lieutenant-Colonel Critchley; Henry Lincoln-Chance; Captain Hugh Peacock; Nora Pillbody / Ilse Brandt; Mrs Gray; Warden Jefferys; Dr Ernst Steigler; Hiram Buller; Henry; Commandant Wilhelm "Mad Bill" Kügel; Emil; Mr Valentine; Mr Cusack; Father Hardie; Campbell; Max Lachmann; Hauptmann Musser; Rupert Boxhall; Lieutenant Laine; Ernst Bloch; Captain Carlisle; Sergeant Balsom; George Bletchley; Private Harry Kemp; Old Herman; Victor Farleigh; Jasper; Stijn; Bastian; Karel; Prisoners
; Aid Volunteers; Krefeld Gate Leutnant; Krefeld Guard; Connaught Patrons; Connaught Waiter; Lorry Guard with Missing Fingers; Motorcycle Rider; Lorry Driver; Savoy Diners; Savoy Staff; Savoy Maître d'; Elderly Lady; Salvation Army Officer; White Feather Girls; Peace Protestor; Trafalgar Square Policemen; British Beekeeper's Journal Clerk; Harzgrund Prisoners; Harzgrund Guards; Sussex Taxi Driver; German Orderly; Holloway Landing Wardress; Holloway Matron; Holloway Warders; Holloway Prisoners; German Checkpoint Guards; Dutch Café Patrons; Café Owner; Café Owner's Daughter; Dramin Guards; Dramin Prisoners; London Cabby; Sporting Club Members; Blenheim Manservant; Blenheim Head Gardener; Churchill's Secretary; MI5 Agents; Dead East End Woman; Gravesend Dockworkers; Lieutenant; Saloon Driver; Young Lorry Driver; German Communications Clerk; Camera Crew; Convalescent Home Patients; Matron; (Lady Greatlock; Digby Rawlinson; Jimmy Hulpett; Sylvie Hulpett; Captain Arthur Cameron; Lieutenant George McArthur; Mrs Priestley; Herbert "Bert" Cartwright; Lottie; Alice Pippery; Lieutenant Tobias Gregson; Aubrey du Barry; Lieutenant George Threadglass; Captain Martin Brevette; Dryden; Mrs Dryden; Mr Henderson; Harriet Nathan; Sopwith Pilot; Sopwith Navigator; Hilde; Margery Godman; Sherard Haughton Godman; Peacock's Brother; Hua; Royal Marines)
Date: 1917
Locations: Germany; Harzgrund POW Camp; Krefeld II Offizierlager
; Pine Plantation; Hersch's Lakeside Villa; Dramin; Berlin; Thüringer Allee; Kaiser Kombinierte Dienstleistungen Sporting Club; London; 25, Thurloe Gardens; The Connaught; The Savoy; Trafalgar Square; British Beekeeper's Journal Offices; Sussex; Holmes's Cottage; Convalescent Home; Holloway Prison; Southampton Street; Strand Office; Haverstock Hill; Devant's House; Bart's; Oxfordhire; Blenheim Palace; Kent; Camp Belmont; Gravesend; Essex; Farmhouse; North Sea; Holland; The Hague; Hotel Europa; Knok Bridge; Café; Eindhoven; Inn; Venlo; Grubbenvorst
Story: A medium produces spirit writing during a séance at Harzgrund POW camp in Germany

Watson, a prisoner of the Germans, is working in the infirmary of Krefeld II POW camp. Mrs Gregson is in London, working with the British Prisoners of War Food Parcels and Clothing Committee. Hanson, a new arrival at Krefeld, is killed during an escape attempt, and Watson's release from the camp is blocked by Von Bork. He is transferred to Harzgrund, "The Worst Camp in Germany".

Watson is released from solitary confinement to investigate the seemingly supernatural deaths of three prisoners. Meanwhile, Holmes and Mrs Gregson put separate plans into operation to rescue him, Von Bork plans his revenge on Holmes, while Churchill plans his own reception for him.

NOTE: Mr Valentine at Bart's Hospital is possibly named in tribute to Carla Valentine, the current (2016) Technical Assistant Curator at Barts Pathology Museum, Carla Valentine.