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Carolyn Wheat

Thomas Wheeler

The Arcanum (2004)
Story Type:
Supernatural Mystery
Fictional Characters: The Cthulhu Mythos
Folkloric Characters: Demons; Angels
; The Devil; Zombies
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle; Winston Churchill; Lady Jean Conan Doyle (wife); Jean Conan Doyle (daughter); Tsar Nicholas II; Rasputin; Kaiser Wilhelm II; George V; Farnsworth Wright; Charles Altamont Doyle; Bess Houdini; Harry Houdini; Franz Kukol; Marie Laveau II; James Bruce; Aleister Crowley; Archbishop Patrick L. Hayes; A.E. Waite; Gerald William Balfour; Eleanor Balfour; Sarah Winchester; Margaret Murray; Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy; William Randolph Hearst; Julie Karcher; Marie Laveau I; Cecilia Weiss
Other Characters: Daniel Bisbee; Lizzie; Gulliver Lloyd; Celia West; Montalvo Konstantin Duvall; Darian Winthrop DeMarcus; Duvall's Mourners; Spanish Princess; Whitechapel Hawkers & Orphans; Mrs. Bisbee; Welgerd; Bavarian Butler; Phillip; Barnabus Wilkie Tyson; Madame Rose; Reporters; Man at Waldorf; Taxi Driver; Detective Sergeant Shaughnessy Mullin; Police Officers; Audrey; Doctor; Prostitute; Deputy; Delancey Street Denizens; Wally; Woman on Trolley; Penn Doorman; Henry the Knob; Abby; Matthew; Dexter Collins; Bellevue Guard; Police Officers; Orderly; Bellevue Inmates; Asylum Guard; German Tourists; Autograph Hunters; Sandra; Movie Crew; Aide; Director; Photographer; Paul Caleb; Chief McDuff; Captain Bartleby; Chops Connelly; Masked Attackers; Antoine; Laveau's People; Laveau's Brother; Voodoo Dancers; Rags; Police Photographer; Seamus; Parks; Morris; Bellevue Police Officers; Security Guard; Couple in Cab; Beltran's Lookouts; Tito Beltran; Bobo; Beltran's Girls; Union League Waiter; Bookshop Waitress; Madame Rose / Erica DeMarcus; Marissa Newlove; Patrick Newlove; Madame Rose's Boy; Barnabus Wilkie Tyson; Joe; Judith; Firefighters; Ray Bozeman; Uncle Toto; DeMarcus Manor Parking Attendants; Walter; DeMarcus's Guests; Waiter; Man in Santa Claus Suit; Man in Gorilla Suit; Sebastian Aloysius; Purrilla, the Cat Lady of India; Dr. Faustus, Master of the Hypnotic Eye; Otto; Popo; The American Society of Magicians; Bruce; Bob; Smedley; Johnny Spades; Carlos the Brazilian Puppeteer ; Gilda the Geek; Buttons the Juggling Clown; Balthazar the Magnificent; The Rat Man; Empire State Express Conductor; Engineer; Brakemen; Passengers; Farmers; (Martha; Mr. Baker)
Date: September-October, 1919 / 1912 / 1869
Locations: London; Windlesham; Cemetery; Whitechapel; The British Museum; Bavaria; New York; The Waldorf Astoria; Pier 14; Times Square; Pier 5; Wright's Office; Delancey Street; 1414, Delancey Street; Broadway; Penn Hotel; The Bowery; Mott Street; Chinatown; Doyers Street; Bellevue Hospital; An Asylum; A Ferry; Hoboken; Film Development Corporation; Harlem; Nightclub; Tarrytown; Crow's Head; Washington Square Park; St. Patrick's Cathedral; Brooklyn; Talman Street; Union League Club; Church Street; Bookshop Cafe; A Theater; The Hearst Building; The DeMarcus Manor; An Underground Temple; New York Rescue Society Headquarters; City Hall Station; Orchard Street; Houdini's Harlem Mansion; St. John's Hospital Morgue; Louisiana Swamp; Crowley's Greenwich Village Studio; Willow Grove Cemetery; A Chapel; Bowery Police Headquarters; Delmonico's Roof; Grand Central Station; Metropolitan Life Building; Clinton Hall; The Empire State Express; Tarrytown; The Mauretania
Story: A man is killed in a road accident near the British Museum. Churchill phones Doyle to tell him that the victim was Duvall. Doyle visits the driver and learns of Duvall's dying reference to the Arcanum. In Duvall's secret rooms at the Museum, Doyle discovers that the Book of Enoch has been stolen. Doyle recalls Duvall's announcement of the discovery of the book, in 1912, to George II, the Tzar, the Kaiser and Rasputin. Duvall's notes lead him to New York in search of Lovecraft. At a press conference, Madame Rose, a medium, is accused of Devil worship. A murder is committed by the river, the second in which the victim's spine has been removed, the only witness tears her own eyes out.

Doyle finds Lovecraft's apartment ransacked, Detective Mullins believes Lovecraft, now in an asylum, is resposible for the murder and one earlier one. Doyle's visit to Bellevue Asylum to see Lovecraft reminds him of childhood visits to his father. Doyle attempts to enlist former Arcanum member Houdini to assist him. Dexter is attacked by a gang of masked and hooded figures. Doyle finds himself in the presence of voodoo priestess Laveau, and with Houdini's help they spring Lovecraft from the asylum. He tells them the history of the Book of Enoch and suggests that they need to consult Crowley. Doyle consults the Archbishop of New York. Laveau confronts the voodoo houngan Beltran. They receive a magical relic from Waite.

Houdini attends a seance, and he and Doyle face off against William Randolph Hearst. After Doyle and Lovecraft visit the mission house to which all the victims were connected, the Arcanum face demons in the subway. After a fire at the mission, a visit to the morgue reveals a startling secret about the victims and leaves the Arcanum faced with the task of protecting the orphan Abigail. Houdini is imprisoned for murder and the Arcanum ally themselves with the American Society of Magicians.


Arthur Whitaker

"The Case of the Man who was Wanted" (1948)
Also published as "The Adventure of the Sheffield Banker"
Included in:
The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Richard Lancelyn Green); The Final Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Peter Haining); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler); Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches I: 1910-1914 (Bill Peschel); Sherlock Holmes: The Published Apocrypha (Jack Tracy)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Baker Street Page; Inspector Lestrade; (Mrs. Watson; Kate Whitney)
Other Characters: Mr. Jervis; Jabez Booth; Railway Porters; Mrs. Purnell; Mrs. Purnell's Maid; New York Police Chief; Sanitary Inspector; Detective Forsyth; Empress Queen Purser; Stewards; Passengers; Captain; Customs officers; Policemen; Archibald Winter; Mrs. Thackary
Date: September, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; St. Pancras Station; A Train; Sheffield; A Police Station; Fulwood; The Cedars; Broomhill; Ashgate Road; Booth's Lodgings; Manchester Road; Hathersage; (The Empress Queen; New York; Glossop Road, Broomhill)
Story: As his wife is away, Watson visits Holmes, who has received a letter from Jervis, a Sheffield Banker, asking him to assist in tracking down an employee, Booth, who has cashed forged cheques at twelve banks in the city and disappeared. They travel to Sheffield, where, after interviewing Jervis, they visit Booth's lodgings. There they meet Lestrade, who claims to have solved the case - a blotter bears signs of Booth having booked passage on board the Empress Queen. Lestrade arranges to have the New York police arrest him on his arrival. Holmes believes that the answer is not so simple, but Jervis dismisses him from the case. Word is received that Booth is has been seen aboard the ship, which has been placed in quarantine, due to an illness aboard, in New York harbour, but when Lestrade arrives, Booth is nowhere to be found. From the landlady's accounts of his frequent absences, a missing painting and books, and a morning cup of chocolate, Holmes is able to hand details of Booth's whereabouts to Lestrade on his return to London.

Frank Marshall White

"The Recrudescence of Sherlock Holmes" (1894)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Victorian Parodies and Pastiches: 1888-1899 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Reporters; Club Servant; (O'Rourke Hassan; Cabman)
Locations: USA; New York; Club; (Broadway; Wall Street; Stock Exchange; New York World Building)
Story: Watson arrives in New York on a lecture tour after the death of Holmes
. Holmes makes an unexpected reappearance and is able to deduce how Watson has spent his day.

John J. White

"The Adventure of the Nine Hole League" (2014)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #13 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson
; Tobias Gregson; (Mary Morstan)
Other Characters: Mary O'Reilly; Lord Douglas Fletcher / Erskine McKnight; Jail Constable; Charlie Daley; Jenkins; Arthur Andrews; Lord Castor, Wallace; Baker; Branigan; Smyth; (Mrs Hudson's Nephew; Messenger; Albert Tenant; Francis "Frankie" Daley; Beatrix; Beatrix's Father)
Date: 11th-18th June, 1892
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Eltham; Royal Blackheath Golf Club; Morgue; Gaol; Police Station
Story: Holmes summons Watson to Baker Street when he is consulted by Mary O'Reilly, whose fiancé has been accused of murdering Lord Douglas Fletcher, with one of his own clubs, at the Royal Blackheath Golf Club, of which Watson is also a member.
They travel to the club, where they meet up with Gregson, and after examining the murder site and a chip of wood found on the body, Holmes meets with a league of elderly golfers and pronounces his verdict. When the case is over, Holmes reveals a tragic incident from his past to Watson.

Jon White

"A Letter from Mycroft Holmes" (1968)
Included in:
The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes; Irene Adler; (Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson)
Story: Holmes has written to Mycroft asking for advice as he is being blackmailed into marriage with Irene Adler who has compromising photographs of him. This letter is Mycroft's reply.

Sam Wiebe

"The Glennon Falls" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part II: 1890-1895 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; (Colonel Moran; Sherlock Holmes)
Other Characters: Margaret Ann Glennon; Mr Moriarty; Yarborough; Cutler; Mr Glennon; Inspector Collins; Moriarty's Father's Cook; Cutler's Landlady; Collins's Constables; Pawnbroker; (Art Critic; Moriarty's Mother; Yarborough's Servant)
Date: May 3, 1891 / During Moriarty's Childhood
Locations: Switzerland; Meiringen; Moriarty's Htel; England; Moriarty's Chldhood Home; London; The East End; Southwark; Mrs Glennon's Rooms
Story: The evening before meeting Holmes at Reichenbach, Moriarty recalls his first crime.

The eleven-year-old Moriarty conceives a plan, utilising his father's rare book collection, to rid himself of his governess, Mrs Glennon.

Constance Wilder-Wokoun

The Tale Not Told (2000)
Story Type:
Canonical Re-visioning
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Dr Watson; Baker Street Irregulars; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Charlotte Holmes; Vikas; Mde. [sic] Eglantyne; Indian Women; English Men; Neisha; Vikas' Mother; Holmes's Mother; Holmes's Father; Aide de Camp; Vikas' Father; Ship's Officer; Captain; Passengers; Station Man; Conductor; Mr Hudson; Lady Elizabeth Traymore; Mr Arnow; Two Constables; Terence Meyers; Kate; Eglantyne's Women; Sarah; Marcia; Sir John Dracott; Amin; Trevor Ashington; Parsons; Lord Ashington;Lestrade's Men; Gerald Eggarts; Sir John's Woman; (Dhar; Dr Bains; Todd Denby; Parsons)
Locations: India; The Holmes Residence; Eglantyne's Indian Brothel; A Ship; Winchester Station; Traymore Manor; 221B, Baker Street; Meyers' Office; Eglantyne's London Brothel
Story: During their childhood in India, where their father serves as ambassador, Holmes and Mycroft rescue a young girl from a brothel. In the house Holmes sees a cap belonging to another young friend who has disappeared. A few days later the brothel is closed and the Madame disappears. Holmes and Mycroft are sent to England to stay with their mother's great-aunt Elizabeth, while their parents journey into the interior. Arriving in England they are met by Mr & Mrs Hudson and taken to their aunt's estate. Lady Traymore is not fooled by Holmes's (who we now learn is really a girl, Charlotte) impersonation of a boy, but allows it to continue. The new village doctor, Watson, is employed to tutor the children. News arrives that their parents have been killed in India. Mr Hudson is killed in a carriage accident.

When Lady Traymore dies, Mrs Hudson, Mycroft and Holmes move to Baker Street. Mycroft goes to Oxford. Watson sets up practice and becomes a police surgeon, Holmes becomes his assistant. She decides to become a consulting detective. Eglantyne reappears in London involved in the murder of the son of Lord Denby, and of a Baker Street Irregular. Holmes decides to infiltrate Eglantyne's London brothel, where she will use an hypnotic crystal to convince any clients that she has given them their money's worth. There she finds the missing boy and an old acquaintance from India. After the rescue Holmes reveals Mme Eglantyne's secret, and its influence on her own life. Lestrade joins them for the final arrests.

Conrad Williams

"Rosenlaui" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical Adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty
Other Characters: Narrator; Narrator's Mother; Hotel Staff; Hotel Guests; Holmes's Emissary; (Pascal; Tobias; Doctor)
Date: 3rd May, 1891
Locations: Switzerland; Meiringen; Schilthorn Hotel; Rosenlaui Glacier
The son of the owner of the Schilthorn Hotel in Meiringen has been paralysed since birth. Holmes and Watson briefly stop by at the hotel, and Holmes asks the narrator to keep watch for the man who is following them. When Moriarty arrives, he takes the narrator away from the hotel to teach him a lesson in life.

Gerard Williams

Dr Mortimer and the Aldgate Mystery (2000)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Adventure of Dr Mortimer
Canonical Characters:
Dr Mortimer; Mrs (Ruth) Mortimer; Sir Henry Baskerville; Dr Watson; Mary Morstan; (Sherlock Holmes; The Hound of the Baskervilles; Sir Charles Baskerville)
Historical Figures: Frederick Wensley; (Johann Zoffany)
Other Characters: Dr Eustace Ferraby; Dolly Ferraby; Ferraby's Daughters; Coachman; Clothes Seller; Pastry Peddler; Violet Branscombe; Ord; Archibald Boynton-Leigh; Lavinia Nancarrow; Demelza "Demmy" Penruddock; Lance Boynton-Leigh; Kensington Garden Couples; Percival Tooke; Taveern Waiter; Mr Krolick; Ferraby's Coachman; Whitechapel Residents; Violet's Patients; Queenie Bryant; Bill Bettridge; Warsaw Cafe Clientele; Waiter; Chess Players; Angel Alley Attackers; Jack Ronald Agar; Dolly; Deechy; Cohen's Waiter; Cabby; Matchseller; Jewish Men; Hot Cross Bun Barman; Hot Cross Bun Clientele; Sammy the Shiner; Peckfuller's Maidservant; Mr Peckfuller; Highgate Waiter; Plumbers' Row Attackers; Cabbies; Rosie Bartlett; Agar's Men; Mr Politis; Billy; Infirmary Police Constable; Junior Minerva Club Member; Sergeant Prudhoe; Mortimer's Landlady; Inspector Hector Moultry; Leman Street Police Officers; Ginger Lane Constable; Top-Hatted Man; Junior Minerva Club Porter; Mr Gillis; David Zeinvel; Sergeant Bovill; Eleanor Ramsbotham; Dr Jane Bonsor; Jane's Maid; Jane's Attendant; Chophouse Waiter; Station Hotel Duty-Man; Malton Cabbie; Lowesby; Theodora Boynton; Theodora's Coachman; North Grimston Porter; Verger; Charlie Noble; Violet's New Pharmacy Lad; Soused Herring Woman; Ragman; Leman Street Constable; James Tooke
(Mortimer's Solicitor; Ferraby's Father; Ferraby's Mother; Ferraby's Father's Chief Clerk; Mortimer's Housemaster; Subalterns; Indian Caretaker; Mrs Bettridge; Hettie Ovingham; Miss Mainsforth; India Office Official; Mr Kearney; Dartmouth Medical Officer; Sir Edgar Crowninshield; Cary-Evans; Adelaide Boynton-Leigh; Edmund Peckfuller; Francis Corcoran; Descadilhas; Kurt Frohwein; Sir Jonas Fairmead; Constantia Leigh; Constantia's Daughters; Firemen; Queenie's Parents; Finn; Lance's Nurses; Richard Cary Boynton; Captain Matthew Nancarrow; Loetitia Nancarrow; Bengal Club Secretary; Richard Tenniel Boynton; Rachel Leigh; Hot Potato Man; Arabella Boynton; Maclure; London Hospital Sister; Reverend Hilary Venables; Shipley's Coachman; Woolwich Clergyman; old Indian Woman; Indian Gardener; Indian Sweeper)
Date: 24th July, 1939 / March-August, 1890
Locations: Torquay; Grimpen; Watson's Kensington House; Eaton Square; Mark Lane Station; Fenchurch Street; Aldgate; Aldgate Station; Middlesex Street; Wentworth Street; Cobb Street; Ginger Lane; Kensington Gardens; The Round Pond; Tavern; Charing Cross; Krolick's Bookshop; Brick Lane; 154, Whitechapel Road; Bloomsbury; Coptic Street; Junior Minerva Club; Osborn Street; Warsaw Cafe; Angel Alley; Fournier Street; Agar's Studio; Mortimer's Rooms off Fleet Street; Fieldgate Street; Cohen's Restaurant; East Ham; The Hot Cross Bun; Gatti's; Highgate; Ponds Villa
; East Harding Street; Eyre & Spottiswood Offices; The Cheshire Cheese; Plumbers' Row; Winthrop Street; Brady Street; Durward Street; Bloomsbury Square; Leman Street Police Station; Blackfriars Station; Seymour Place; The New Women's Hospital; Holloway; Bonsor's Hotel; The Strand; Chophouse; A Train; Yorkshire; York Station; Malton; Station Hotel; Yorkshire Wolds; North Grimston; Beck Hall; North Grimston Station; North Grimston Church; King's Cross Station; Euston Road; Italian Restaurant; Durward Street; New Road; Whitechapel Road; The Minories; Tower Bridge; The Thames; Aboard the Saltwell; Fenchurch Street
After the death of his wife, Dr Mortimer leaves Grimpen, but is talked out of retiring by Watson, who sets him up as locum to an old friend from Bart's, Eustace Ferraby. One of his first patients is the highly-strung Lavinia Nancarrow. Her guardian, Archibald Boynton-Leigh, insists that anything Mortimer wishes to give her must first be passed to him. When he arrives at the house, he runs into Dr Violet Branscombe, whom Boynton-Leigh accuses of interfering in his ward's affairs. He removes unprescribed bottles of laudanum and bromide of potassium from Lavinia's room. In Kensington Gardens, he encounters Tooke, who says he is in love with Lavinia, and who had been ordered to stay away from her by Boynton-Leigh and told that she must never marry. He also tells Mortimer about the artist, Agar, his rival suitor, who is hunting works by the artist Zoffany for an American collector. On his next visit, he learns that Lavinia has not been out of the house since she arrived in London. He renews his acquaintance with Violet, who tells him that Agar is a middleman in the flesh trade, whom she is hoping to bring to justice. After playing chess in the Warsaw Cafe, Mortimer is attacked on the street and rescued by Agar.

After Ferraby returns, Mortimer accepts Violet's offer of a post at her Whitechapel surgery. From a burglar contact they learn of Agar's involvement in an attempted art theft. Boynton-Leigh makes plans to send Lavinia to a clinic for nervous disorders in France. A fire destroys Violet's surgery, and Mortimer is approached by the police after Agar is murdered and Lavinia disappears. Violet comes under suspicion of murder. A family portrayed in a Zoffany painting may hold the key to the mystery, and red candlesticks coupled with a trip to Yorkshire provide a further clue. When the case is over, Mortimer marries Violet.

Dr Mortimer and the Barking Man Mystery (2001)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Adventure of Dr Mortimer
Canonical Characters:
Dr Mortimer
Historical Figures: Sir Edward Clarke; Frederick Wensley; Henry Irving; (Bram Stoker)
Other Characters: Dr Violet Branscombe; Violet Starr; David Zeinvel; Axelband; Mrs Snell; Cabbie; Poland Street Women; Poland Street Policeman; Jim Postgate; Jane Bonsor; Trial Spectators; Judith Vulliamy; Lord Justice Calthrop; Court Official; Solomon Solomons; Constable Edwin Luckham; Francis Carmody; Eliza Donkin; Detective Sergeant Houlsby; Mr Calton-Freke; Sir James Ettrick; Emilio Quandt; James Withers; Fritz Moritz; Edwin Mordew; Alexander Miller; Dr Federoff; Jules Cazes; Lottie; Constable Ernest Seddon; James Tolley; Mr Woodnutt; Witnesses; John Burton Gaselee; Sidney Arthur Wellcome; Emmanuel Shalit; Lettice Jephson; Cabbie; Simpson's Waiter; De Kok's Clerk; Willem de Kok; Coe's Landlady; Prison Guard; Muffin-Man; Magnolias Inmates; Hector Jephson; Custodian; Visitors; Montelimar Close Man; Finchley Road Carter; Cab Driver; Moberley's Parlourmaid; Randall Moberley; Florence; Mrs Read; Emily Chaytor; Mannie Shaffer; Warsaw Waiter; Warsaw Proprietor; Cricket-Capped Loafer; PC Kennedy; Mrs Bennett; Newsboy; Brown's Desk Clerk; Mrs Custance / Cora Raines; Stewart's Maid; Gabbitas & Tring Clerk; Louisa Wincott; Express Clerk; Mrs Chinnery / Dinah Raines; Reverend Cormell Jephson; Cook's Clerk; Leonard; Logan's Customers; Cantor; Bonsor's Husband; Lyceum Stage Door Keeper; Irving's Dresser; Soho Club Girls; Union Street Children; Workers Club Crowd; Speakers; Mark Diamant; Charlie's Mother; Sword Swallower; Charlie Noble; Nevill's Attendant; Nevill's Customers; Craven Passage Women; Craven Passage Constable; George; Charing Cross Desk Sergeant; Reform Club Doorman; Flunkey; Edward Coram; Frostic Place Cabbie; Dunk Street Policeman; St Mary's Ticket Office Man; Left Luggage Attendant; Le Thuillier; Old Oliver; Dispensary New Boy; Mr Maidment; Tivoli Stage Doorman; Stanley; Simpson's Waiter; Scrutton Ground Cabbie; Isaac Flitterman; Mrs Flitterman; Apprentice-Improver; Woman Coat-Machinist; Four Children; Chief Inspector Moultry; Vulliamy's Maid; Cabbie; House-Agent's Clerk; Wensley's Men; Hospital Orderlies; Head Porter; Plain-Clothes Constable; Hansom Driver; Wormwood Scrubs Door Keeper; Rosser; Captain Sutton Kirkpatrick; Miller's Cabbie; Cora's Cabbie; Sisterson; (General Pyotr Ivanovich Ostyankin; Drunken Mother & Her Child; Union Street Idlers; Brummie Ida; Semyon Klaff; Leman Street Police; Reverend Hilary Venables; Constable Matthew Divitt; Mr De Kok; Dr Reginald Pinnock; Federoff's Card Partners; Major Tvardoffsky; PC Yeatman; Leman Street Desk Sergeant; Coutts Chief Cashier; Lord Raglan Bartender; Barmaid; Desmond Coe; Gedge's Maid; Sophie Carlin; Judith's Grandfather; Grandfather's Coachman; Warsaw Informant; Lieutenant Alexander Nikolayevich Kostromin; Lieutenant Grigoriy Yefimovich Yevdokimoff; Russian Ambassador; Eustache Fabre-Lebreuil; State Counsellor Pamphiloff; Violet's Aunts; Seppie Frame; Woolf; Freddie; Mrs Tighe; May Tighe; Rustem Pacha)
Date: February, 1891 / August 1939 / May - October 1886
Locations: Whitechapel; The People's Dispensary; Fieldgate Street; Cohen's Restaurant; Osborn Street; Axelband's Tailors; Klaff's Lodgings; Poland Street; 11, Poland Street; Coptic Street; The Junior Minerva Club; Henrietta Street; Mortimer's Rooms; The Old Bailey; The Cheshire Cheese; Fleet Street; Simpsons; Charing Cross; Temple Gardens; Bouverie Street; Clerkenwell Road; Dundee Buildings, Cornhill; Warwick Square, Pimlico; Crutched Friars; Wormwood Scrubs; Hampstead; Montelimar Close; Magnolias Nursing Home; Finchley Road; Soho Square; Leadenhall Street; Bayswater; Pembridge Square; Osborn Street; Warsaw Café; Flower and Dean Street; Portugal Street; Driver's Oyster Bar, Chancery Street; Brown's Hotel, Albemarle Street; 8, Farm Street; Mrs Stewart's Confectionery Shop, Oxford Street; Gabbitas & Tring Offices, Regent Street; Boscobel Street; Lewisham Workhouse; Mayfair; 19, Farm Street; Charing Cross Hotel; Regent Circus; Express Messenger Company; Charing Cross Station; Soho Working Girls' Club; Thomas Cook's Office; Royal Thames Yacht Club; Dorset Street; Lyceum Theatre; St James's Park Station; Great Eastern Hotel; Cohen's Restaurant; Commercial Road; Berner Street; International Workers' Educational Club; Poplar High Street; Nevill's Turkish Baths; Northumberland Street; Craven Passage; Charing Cross Police Station; The Reform Club; Frostic Place; Old Montague Street; Finch Street; St Mary's Station; Farringdon Road Station; Sadlers Wells Theatre; Tivoli Theatre; Brick Lane; Blitz's Eating House; Westminster; Strutton Ground; 22, Maddox Street; Berkeley Square House-Agents; Charing Cross Hospital; Ratcliff Highway; (Union Street; Warsaw Café; Wentworth Street; Leman Street; Cadogan Hotel; Kettners Restaurant, Romilly Street; Chicksand Street; Coutts Bank, The Strand; The Lord Raglan, Limehouse; Spitalfields; Lamb Street; Prussia; Berlin; Ebury Street; Odessa)
Story: Working with his new wife, Violet Branscombe, at the Whitechapel People's Dispensary, Mortimer is drawn into the case of Solomons, a Ruthenian social revolutionary accused of the murder of General Ostyankin. Mortimer attends Solomons' trial, where the political implications of the case become clear to him. He notices the presence of a veiled lady among the crowd, and hears a story of false identities and unusual gold sovereigns. He sets out to track down a missing witness, and hears about a burned walking stick. A visit to Solomon in Wormwood Scrubs brings details of the high class of people using the brothel in which the General was murdered, and the goings-on there. Another murder is reported and Mortimer's investigations take him to a nursing home for syphilitics, and to a young girl who may have been taken, blindfolded, to the murder house. He begins to realise that evidence is being covered up at official levels. When the trial ends with a verdict of guilty and a sentence to hang, Mortimer's investigation becomes more urgent, and he begins to have suspicions about a card game that is serving as an alibi. Links to an assassination in Odessa begin to appear, but a trap laid at Nevill's Turkish Baths leads to Mortimer being arrested as a peeping tom and the abduction of his wife, while the public executioner is drawing ever closer to London.

J.N. Williamson

The Ritual (1976)
Story Type: Horror Homage
Sherlockian Detective: Dr Martin Ruben
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: (Basil Rathbone; Napoleon Bonaparte; Adolf Hitler; Attila the Hun; Genghis Khan; Vlad the Impaler; Aleister Crowley; Marquis De Sade)
Figures from Religious Belief: The Antichrist; (God; The Devil; Judas Iscariot)
Other Characters: Robert Meggitt; Richard Meggitt; Susan Meggitt; Johno Meggitt; Esther Teller; Mrs Curtis; Reverend Gregory Bassett; Lynn; Claude Rice; Steven Williams; Charles V. Dietrich; Amy; Betsy; Arabelle Berry; Arnie Greenbur; Barry Caldwell; Dr Laird Glenn; Edwina Ball; Eddie Floyd; Francine Lucas; Betty Williams; Arlo Trabull; Sgt Thalmus King; Margaret "Sunny" Rice; Beth Wales; Wilhelm Peck; Adelaide Baker; Evie Dietrich; Betsy Mander; Lily D'Andrea; Junior Police Officer; Pete Blane; Jilly Randolph; Jo Bassett; Larry Bassett; Tom Bassett; Joanie Bassett; Belinda Bassett; Teenage Boy; Waitress; Ruben's Students; Glenn's Receptionist; Cadillac Driver; Old Man; Church Choir; Church Congregation; Steak 'n' Shake Carhop; Police Officers; Pharmacist's Assailant; Funeral Guests; Elderly Hospital Man; Hospital Receptionist; Asian Merchants; Asian Men & Women; Asian Youth; (Chuck Lawrence; Richard's Father; Car Mechanic; Ed Lucas; Cousin Millie; Hale Teller; Dwight Teller; Mae Reilly; Phoebe Reilly; Herman Greenburg; Becky Greenburg; Mrs Baretti; Ruben's Father; Mrs Trabull; Andy Trabull; Kathy Trabull; Mr Pine; Teddy; Dr Glenn's Pinochle Cronies; Professor Shelton; Old Man; Old Woman; Witches Coven; Pharmacist; Fire Chief; Arson Suspect Lifeguard; Drowned Child; Drowning Witnesses; Liquor Store Owner; Liquor Store Robbers; Reverend Earl Forrest)
Date: January - 5th February, 1977
Locations: USA; Indiana; Carmel; Meggitt's House; Bassett's Rectory; Richard's Office; Steak 'n' Shake; School; Lott Hall; Glenn's Office; Miss Ball's House; Keystone Avenue; Dietrich's House; Trabull's Dry-Cleaning Store; Road 31; Arabelle's Apartment; Range Line Road; Rice's House; Church; Mortuary; Hospital; Police Station; Bassett's House; Indianapolis; Badler University; Lott Hall; Frat House; Ruben's Apartment; Noblesville; Cemetery; Asia; Market
Story: Objects start moving by themselves in the Meggitt household, and at thirteen-year-old Robert Meggitt's school. At the same time, people in their home town of Carmel, Indiana, begin behaving oddly. The Meggitts' doctor refers them to Dr Martin Ruben, a parapsychologist, who has become tired of people telling him he looks like Sherlock Holmes, when he really looks like Basil Rathbone. As a result of recently re-reading the canon, Ruben has a propensity for peppering his conversation with Sherlockian quotes, an making Holmesian deductions. Ruben discovers that Robert was born on the day that was said to be the date on which the Antichrist would appear, and that his subconscious is inhabited by the voices of history's great dictators, who have told him that something momentous is going to occur on his upcoming fourteenth birthday.

The Tulpa (1981)
Story Type: Horror Homage
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: Indianapolis Indians; Chicago Cubs; Philadelphia Phillies; Greg Luzinski; Pete Rose
Characters Based on Historical Figures: Jay Finley Smith (Jay Finley Christ / Edgar W. Smith); Vincent Christopher Smith (Vincent Starrett / Christopher Morley / Edgar W. Smith)
Folkloric Characters: Tulpa
Other Characters: Charlie Kavanagh; Ellen Neal; Steve Neal; Mary Neal; Scott Neal; Luke Harte; Myrtle Lucas; William W. McDonald / Bill MacDonald; Rd Bales; Chief Inspector Roy Drolier; Clarence Hunter; Ronnee Aletter; Franklin Weston; Big Jim; Mrs Hunter; Evan Schlieman; Mayor Dan Luger; Mary Litholtz; Mel Randolph; Mary Jo Randolph; Eddie Crawley; Terry Hancock; Fred Burns; The Master's Clients; Vincent Christopher Smith; Teddy Gerald / Northumberland; Greg Cohen; Ken Smythe; Margo Smythe; Pete Wilkinson; Ellen Peck; Max Leibowitz; Fred Sivola; Phil Thermopolis; Jack Sanger
Mortuary Director; Funeral Guests; Priest; Pallbearers; Limousine Driver; Doctor; Dr Franklin Laudig; Old Woman in Hospital; News Vendor; Indians Manager; Cab Driver; Wrigley Field Crowd; Black Teenager; Policemen; Wrigley Field Attendants; Doyle Teenagers; Bank Customers; Bank Tellers; Bagatelle Bartender; Reporter; Times Secretary; Theatre Crowd
(Edna Kavanagh; Louisa; Hal Mitchem / Hal Mitchum; Eddie; Mrs Hunter; Father Edward; Mrs Hopping; Ronnee's Coven; George; H. A. Johnson; Horse Creek School Children; School Bus Driver; Semi Driver; Uncle Petey; Lucy McDonald; Lynn Randolph; Larry; Mrs Hancock; Willis Bechtman; Professor Ruthoffer; Rena Calvert; Lenny Calvert; Sue; Theatre Ushers; Postal Union Steward; The Fultons; Tommy Drolier)
Date: July - September
Locations: USA; Indiana; Indianapolis; Mortuary; East 38th Street; Cemetery; Hospital; Times Building; Route 465; Doyle; Baker Street; Thor Bridge; Parliament Avenue; Northumberland Avenue;Dawson & Neligan's; Doyle First National Bank; Randolph's House; Crawley's Apartment; Bagatelle Club; Lyceum Theatre
Evansville; Stadium; Illinois; Chicago; Lake Shore Drive; Weston's Office; Prince Valiant Hotel; Ronnee's Apartment; A Plane; Wrigley Field; O'Hare Airport; Wyoming; Horse Creek; Custer Bridge; Airport
Story: After his wife's death, Charlie Kavanagh starts experiencimg headaches and premonitions, and after collapsing at the funeral, is diagnosed with arteriosclerosis. His daughter Ellen and son-in-law Steve Neal, live in the Sherlockian-themed Doyle, Indiana, a town founded by Baker Street Irregular Jay Finley Smith, and take Charlie in to live with them. People in the town begin to report seeing moving shadows. Steve tries to use Charlie's predictions, but fails to prevent a tragedy at a baseball game. A bank hold-up ends in tragedy, as a tulpa appears in town.

The town's Sherlockian society, The Master's Clients' monthly meeting is attended by Baker Street Irregular Vincent Christopher Smith, but ends in carnage. Having identified the creature, Steve sets out to destroy it before it destroys his family.

NOTE: As Steve Neal explains to his family about J.W. Dunne's research into time, his son Scott is described as "suddenly losing interest in his pal George" (P.123), a reference to George Pal, directo of the first film version of The Time Machine.

NOTE 2: J.N. Williamson was a Sherlockian, and his middle name was Neal, suggesting that Steve Neal is modelled in part upon himself.

A. Dewar Willock

"A Study in Red by A. Donan Coyle" (1892)
Included in:Sherlock Holmes Victorian Parodies and Pastiches: 1888-1899 (Bill Peschel); A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press)
Story Type: Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Narrator; Mrs Smith; (Maid-of-all-work)
Date: 25th December
Locations: Mrs Smith's Lodging House
Story: After making deductions about the staff from his Christmas dinner, Holmes decides to leave Mrs Smith's lodging house.

Alan Wilson

"The Adventure of the Tired Captain" (1958)
Included in:
The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Richard Lancelyn Green)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Rachel Webber; Captain Joshua Webber; Mrs. Marchmont; Mr. Brooks; Adam Belter; Firemen; Webber's Neighbour; (Rachel's Schoolfriend; Tradespeople)
Date: The July following Watson's marriage
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Hexton Manor, near Aldershot; The Bear Inn; A Train
Story: Rachel Webber consults Holmes over the bizarre behaviour of her father, who has thrown the butter dish into the fireplace, fired his pistol at the housekeeper, and now nailed shut the doors to the east wing of their house, Hexton Manor. The behaviour, it seems, was brought on by the arrival of a letter, which he claimed brought bad news regarding some financial affairs. At the village inn, Holmes learns of a furious altercation between the Captain and a friend he had met there. When he and Watson visit the Manor, they are told that the Captain is unusually tired and has retired to his bed, and yet they see the door of his study closing. Holmes summons Lestrade to the scene and they lie in wait outside the house. The solution, Holmes reveals, lies in the Captain's past, and an old smuggling case involving his first officer. Before they can bring the culprit to justice, however, the east wing is set ablaze.

Bob Wilson

Stanley Bagshaw and the Frantic Film Fiasco (1970)
Story Type:
Children's Comic Rhyming Graphic Novel
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Fictional Characters: Macbeth's Witches; Aladdin; Aladdin's Genie; Biggles; Pinocchio; The White Rabbit
Folkloric Characters: Sir Lancelot; Robin Hood
Historical Figures: Macbeth; Linford Christie; Robert Falcon Scott; Napoleon Bonaparte; Adolf Hitler; Henry VIII; Dick Turpin
Other Characters: Stanley Bagshaw; Gran; Arnold Crumb; Algernon Bigwurdz; Usherette; Pilots; Sports Commentator; Starter; Nun; Chief Bleeding Toe; Stadium Crowds; Native American Scouts; Stagecoach Driver; Sheriff
Locations: Huddersgate; 4, Prince Albert Row; The Roxy Cinema
Story: Stanley goes to the cinema. The manager is depressed because of criticisms over his film programming, and a critic is coming to a screening to check the stories. While he's helping dust the projection room, Stanley knocks over a stack of film cans. He attempts to put the films back together, but gets sections from different films mixed up, and the resulting screening becomes a critical success.

David Niall Wilson & Patricia Lee Macomber

"Death Did Not Become Him" (2003)
Included in:
Shadows Over Baker Street (Michael Reaves & John Pelan)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Wiggins
Other Characters: Aaron Silverman; Sebastian Jeffries; Michael Adcott; Carriage Driver; Morgue Clerk
Date: (1902)
Locations: Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; Watson's Flat; Asylum of St. Elian; Morgue
Story: Watson consults Holmes after he is visited by three men, one of whom he had signed a death certificate for a week previously. Holmes's investigations take him to the morgue where it is discovered that the man's body has indeed disapeared and to an abandoned asylum where bizarre experiments have been carried out.

Derek Wilson

"The Bothersome Business of the Dutch Nativity" (1997)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (Mike Ashley)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mary Morstan
Historical Figures: William Spooner; (Rembrandt)
Other Characters: Adrian Hungerford; Augusta Hungerford; fellows of Grenville College; Blessingham; Dean of Grenville College; Grenson; Dr. Giddings; Henry Simkins; Tavistock; Warden of New College; Hugh Mountcey; Lord Henley; Giddings' manservant; painting restorers; Mountcey's companion; Master of Grenville College
Date: 1893 & 1873
Locations: Paddington Station; Oxford; Grenville College; Christchurch Meadows; a train; New College; a cab; Holmes's rooms; Giddings' house; Spooner's rooms; Simkins & Streeter's art restorers, London
Story: Visiting Mary's relatives in Oxford, Watson is told of Holmes's first case. Travelling back to Oxford by train, Holmes encounters Spooner, who tells him that Rembrandt's Nativity of Our Lord has been stolen from New College on the day on which it was due to be taken away for cleaning & restoration. A number of items have also disappeared from other colleges over the past few months. During his investigations Holmes interviews Dr. Giddings who originally donated the painting to the college, and Hugh Mountcey, son of Lord Henley. Holmes solves the mystery, but its culmination leads to his resigning from the college.

Gahan Wilson

Everybody's Favourite Duck (1988)
Story Type:
Characters based on Canonical Characters: Enoch Bone = Sherlock Holmes; John Weston = Dr. Watson; The Professor = Professor Moriarty
Characters based on Fictional Characters: The Mandarin = Fu Manchu; Spectrobert = Fantômas; Athenee = Hélne
Other Characters: Mandarin's Chauffeur; Grimmaud's Doorman; Grimmaud's Guard; Miss Tootle; Miss Tootle's Charge; Limo Driver; Fred Perkins; George Ashman; Harry Fellows; Senator Barker; Oriental Assassin; Caucasian Assassin; Security Men; Marines; Bellboy; Frank Nealy; Debbie; Ol' Doc Stork; Art Waldo; Dr. Schauer; Rond-Point Clientele; Frenchy Verne; Rond-Point Staff; Henri Tomas; Bicyclist; Wall Street Type; Street Vendor; Athenee's Crowds; Sniper; Paley; Firemen; Fred Greyer; Intelligence Agents; White; Slate; Blancher; Silverman; Ben Hewliss; Pilot One; La Salle D'Or Captain; President Pat Parker; Pressmen; Brass Band; Waldo World Staff; Waldo World Security Guards; Pyle; Grey Guards
Locations: London; Madame Grimmaud's Wax Museum; Elmsville; 257, Maple Street; Washington D.C.; The White House; The Oval office; New York; Barton Towers; New Jersey; Waldo World; The Old Hollow Oak; Elf Castle; The Wizard's Tower; Schauer's Lab; Le Rond-Point; Madison Avenue; Athenee's Jewellers; Park Avenue; Greyer's office; The Mandarin's Tunnels; La Salle D'Or Restaurant; History Hall; Motel of the Future; Restaurant of the Future; The Pirate Galleon; A Quackycopter; The Professor's Lab
Story: After years of inadvertently putting each other's lives in danger, the Mandarin, The Professor, and Spectrobert meet in Madame Grimmaud's Chamber of Horrors and agree to unite forces.

Retired investigator Weston is called on by government agent Ashman to persuade his old associate Enoch Bone to come out of retirement and investigate a terrorist attack on the White House. While he is trying to do so he and Bone are subjected to a bomb attack in the Presidential Suite of the exclusive Barton Towers Hotel in New York. In the assassin's pocket they find a map of Waldo World, a cartoon theme park owned by Art Waldo, and Weston is sent to investigate disguised as a reporter. At Waldo World he is shown the latest "Waldobot" replica of the President, Pat Parker. He also comes across a lead to Le Rond-Point restaurant, where he learns of a meeting between the Professor and the Mandarin. The Professor was carrying two carrier bags, one from Waldo World and the other from Athenee's, the jewelers on Madison Avenue. When he goes to check out the shop he is shot at by a sniper using a highly advanced weapon, and learns that the shop is owned by Spectrobert's daughter, Athenee. Bone & Weston return to the restaurant, where they find Weston's contact in the oven and Spectrobert lying in wait. He sets the building on fire, but they escape to headquarters where the Mandarin communicates with them through the agency's criminal records computer. They locate his lair in the basement and venture into it, managing to avoid the many traps there, but eventually finding themselves prisoners in his office.

Having escaped they find themselves back in the Barton Towers. They witness a purple blotch following Air Force One with the President aboard, and destroying an Air Force jet fighter. The President tells them of his plan to be at Waldo World for the unveiling of his Waldobot, and that Waldobots will, in the future take his place at many minor functions. At the unveiling ceremony the Waldobot is used in an attack on the President, and a grey cloud is unleashed turning the crowds into stone. Bone, Weston and Athenee are left alone to find out why Waldo has turned traitor, rescue the President and defeat the three master criminals and a giant Quacky the Duck robot.

H. Chilver Wilson & A.H. Mann

Excerpt from A439, Being the Autobiography of a Piano (1900)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type: Parody
Sherlockian Detective: Shamrock Homes / Mr Strong
Historical Figures: (Queen Victoria)
Other Characters: A439; Senior Constable; Gertrude Lindsay; Duchesse de Cherrystones; police Officers; Heinrich Flügelbrecher; Mrs Mackay; John Lindsay; Vladimir von Hammertitszki; Henriette; Scarlatti; (Boys; Biddy Bramber; Mahammed; Sir Southdown Evel; Mrs Mackay's Children; Great Pianist; Queen's Private Secretary; Angus Mackay; Klug)
Locations: Southburn; Blue Rock Castle
Story: Chapter XX: Biddy's Spell is Broken (H. Chilver Wilson)
After the theft of the Duchesse de Cherrystone's jewels, her companion Gertrude is about to be taken away by the police, when Mr Strong arrives, proclaims her innocence, and announces that he is really the great detective Shamrock Jones. The death of a wich is reported in the papers, and Homes reveals how he found the stolen jewels, but news arrives that the thief has escaped.

Chapter XXI: Mahammed's Identity (A.H. Mann)
Over dinner, a telegram arrives to tell them that the thief, Mahammed has undergone a change of identity, and disposed of the jewels. The Duchesse reveals that the situation is not as dire as her guests believe, and makes reparations to Gertrude.

NOTE: Only chapters XX and XXI of the novel are reprinted in Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel), and summarised here.

John A. Wilson

"The Case of the Two Coptic Patriarchs" (1949)
Included in:
Baker Street Journal, January 1949
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: H.J. Evelyn Bothwell-Jones; Priests; Papnouti; Interpreters; M. Le Capitaine Jeuville
Date: A Summer shortly after the Boer War
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Regent Hotel; A Hansom Cab; Claridge's Hotel
Story: Bothwell-Jones of the Foreign office tells Holmes that Papnouti, the newly-chosen patriarch of the Coptic church has arrived in London for talks, unfortunately so has another man, also claiming to be Papnouti. He asks Holmes to discover which is the real patriarch. Holmes asks each of the men three questions: to tell him a story of angels, what he should do with the thoughts that enter his head, and whether he should accept wine when offered. He reveals that it was his observations and reading, rather than their answers that revealed the true patriarch, however.

Marcia Wilson

"The Case of the Blind Man's Spectacles" (2017)
Included in:
Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Tobias Gregson
Canonical Characters: Tobias Gregson; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Watson's Maid; Inspector Bradstreet
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Other Characters: Cab Driver; Parker's Constables; Street Arabs; Canal Crowd; Mr Hollowell; Constable Smerdon; Constable Brewster; Constable Georges; Constable Rees; Jerimiah Wentforth; (Watson's Locum; Parker; Mrs Lestrade; Mrs Gregson; Police Surgeon; Lucinda Bateman; Lucinda's Father)
Locations: Watson's Surgery; Canal Path; Scotland Yard
Story: While Lestrade is being operated on by Watson, Gregson tells Holmes how Lestrade came by his injuries, while escorting a blind gunpowder manufacturer, Noah Hollowell, along a canal path. The pair of women's spectacles that Hollowell was wearing when he was murdered draw Gregson's attention. His researches into the dead man's past during the American Civil War help him solve the case.

"The Onion Vendor's Secret" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part II: 1890-1895 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Sir Henry Baskerville; (Mrs Hudson; Jack Stapleton; Beryl Stapleton; Baker Street Irregulars; Anstruther; Dr Mortimer; Holmes's Sussex Housekeeper)
Other Characters: Onion Johnny; Basker Street Crowds; Brick-Carters; Onion Sellers; Folkestone Cooks; Onion Seller's Boy; Cattle Herder; Charlie Baldwin; Mrs Baldwin; Abraham Quantock; Sussex Milkman; (Watson's Publisher; Publisher's Wife; Detectives; Artie Baldwin; Oriana Quantock; Merripit House Owners; Folkestone Court Servants; Charlie Baldwin's Son)
Date: 1915 / 1894
Locations: Sussex; Holmes's Cottage; 221B, Baker Street; Devon; Folkestone; Candlebat Inn; Folkestone Court; Baskerville Hall
From his sickbed in Sussex, Holmes gives Watson permission to write up an old case.

Onion Johnny, a French onion seller, visits Holmes, to ask him to investigate one of a series of robberies in the West Country, in which a page boy was shot. Sir Henry Baskerville has hired detectives, including Lestrade to investigate the robberies, which were carried out by Stapleton, in order that he may make restitution. Johnny and his fellow onion sellers have heard that the owner of Folkestone Court, Abraham Quantock, is insisting that the damages for the boy's death be paid to him rather than the boy's family. In Devon, meeting with Lestrade, they learn that Quantock is demanding the deeds of Merripit house as recompense for his losses.

Onion Johnny arrives in Sussex and his true identity is revealed.

Richard Wincor

Sherlock Holmes in Tibet (1968)
Story Type:
Pastiche / Philosophical Treatise
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty
Folkloric Characters: A Tulpa
Historical Figures: (Dalai Lama)
Other Characters: Fat Man; Small Boy; Alistair; Lady; Antique Dealer; Customer; Narrator; Old Man; Fritz; Kunzang Nordup; Col. H. Bagby Holland-Bennett; Corneliu "Balkan" Dimitriev; Professor Horst Hummel; Señor Julio Chavez; Rick Weaver; Vice-Chancellor of Lhassa University; Imperial Guard
Date: 30 September, 1891
Locations: Half Moon Street; Flemings Hotel; Piccadilly; St James's Park; Chelsea Antique Shop; Van Wyck's, Museum Street; Cavendish; Tibet; Lhassa
Story: A fat man is intrigued by a cat. A small boy overhears a couple discussing an execution by defenestration. A hollow bone in an antique shop makes the word "murderer" when blown. The narrator buys a copy of Notes on the Tibet Episode by Sherlock Holmes.

In Lhassa, Holmes attends a lecture on "the secrets of life and death, and the mysteries of existence" given by Kunzang Nordup, lama of the Red Hat School (Much of the story is made up of the text of the lecture). He is searching for truth after hearing Moriarty's last words, "You don't exist, Holmes!", at Reichenbach. During an interval in the speech, the spy Balkan gives him a note warning of danger. The lama announces that two in his audience are tulpas. After the lecture Holmes encounters Moriarty again.

Jacqueline Winspear

"A Spot of Detection" (2011)
Included in:
A Study in Sherlock (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type:
Historical Figures: Raymond Chandler; Florence Chandler; Ethel Thornton; Annie Thornton; (Ernest Thornton)
Other Characters: Costermonger; Maid; Mrs Tingley; Mrs Richmond; Police Sergeant; Detective Inspector Stickley; Chauffeur; Actors; Alexandra Palace Audience; Mr Hose; Schoolboys; Weston; (School Matron; Doctor; Lodger; Jim Richmond)
Date: Early 1900s
Locations: Upper Norwood; Margaret Street; Auckland Road Chandler's House; Mrs Richmond's House; Upper Norwood Police Station; Alexandra Palace; Dulwich College
Story: The Boy has been sent home from school with measles. On the way home he hears an argument and a gunshot, before passing out. His aunt buys him a copy of The Boys' Sherlock Holmes to read while he convalesces. Inspired by his reading, he gives himself three days to solve the case, sneaking out to talk to residents of Margaret Street. After hearing about a suspicious lodger, he manages to examine the man's room and reports his suspicions to the police. Returning to school, he notes down a name he suspects will be useful in the future.

P.G. Wodehouse

"The Adventure of the Missing Bee" (1904)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Holmes's Housekeeper
Historical Figures: (Maurice Maeterlinck)
Other Characters: (Prince of Piedmont; Frenchman; Giles Scroggins)
Locations: Holmes's Cottage
Story: The bee that Holmes had purchased from the Army and Navy Stores disappears from its hive.
He deduces that a nearby farmer and an agent of Maurice Maeterlinck have conspired to steal it.

NOTE: Perhaps the only instance of a canonical character appearing in a parody before appearing in the actual canon: Holmes's housekeeper at his bee-farm appears here 22 years before she is mentioned in "The Adventure of the Lion's Mane".

"Dudley Jones, Bore-Hunter" (1903)
Included in:
His Last Bow (Arthur Conan Doyle - Oxford Edition); The Early Punch Parodies of Sherlock Holmes (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Detectives: Dudley Jones & Wuddus
Other Characters: Miss Pettigrew; Mr. Pettigrew; Stanley Pettigrew; The Butler
Locations: Grocer Square; Pettigrew Court; The Midnight Mail Train
Date: June 8, 189-
Story: Miss Pettigrew lives with her father. Recently her uncle Stanley moved in with them, and has proved an enormous bore, talking chiefly of his travels. Jones realises that he is attempting to bore his brother to death for his inheritance, and travels with Wuddus, in disguise, to Pettigrew's home to attempt to out-bore Stanley. At dinner Jones tries "think of a number" tricks, which Pettigrew counters with dog stories. After several days, Jones finally achieves a victory with Swiss mountain stories.
"From a Detective's Notebook" (1959)
Included in:
The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sebastian Wolfe); A Sherlock Holmes Compendium (Peter Haining); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Stamford; Grey-Haired, Seedy Visitor; Slipshod Elderly Woman; Railway Porter; Mary Sutherland; Jabez Wilson; Commissionaire Peterson; Hall Pycroft; Mr Melas; Mrs Warren; Cyril Overton; Tobias Gregson; Baker Street Irregulars; John Rance (Bunce); Inspector Lestrade; Violet Hunter; Professor Moriarty)
Canonical Characters: Narrator; General Malpus; Driscoll; Freddie ffinch-ffinch; Adrian Mulliner
Locations: Mulliner's Club
Story: Private detective, Mulliner, tells his fellow club members how, alerted by his irregular financial arrangements, he came to uncover the truth about Holmes, "the fiend of Baker Street".

"The Prodigal" (1903)
Included in:
His Last Bow (Arthur Conan Doyle - Oxford Edition); The Early Punch Parodies of Sherlock Holmes (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; (Professor Moriarty; Sir Henry Baskerville; The Hound of the Baskervilles)
Locations: The Strand; ABC Shop
Story: Watson, believing Holmes dead at Reichenbach, meets him in the Strand, returned from the United States with an American accent. He explains how he survived Reichenbach, asks for an update on Sir Henry Baskerville and the hound, and expresses concern that the public will not accept his American accent.

Gene Wolfe

"Slaves of Silver" (1971)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Space (Isaac Asimov, Martin Harry Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Pastiche narrated in third person
Detectives: March B. Street & Westing
Other Characters: Mrs. Nash; Commissioner Electric; Deactivated Robots; Robot Clerk
Locations: A Monorail Kiosk; Street's Appartment; The Hiring Hall; A Tri-D Store
Date: The Future
Story: Westing, a robot bio-mechanic, responds to a newspaper advertisement, and finds himself sharing a flat with consulting engineer March B. Street. They are consulted by Commissioner Electric, who runs the robot hiring hall. Robots turning themselves in for deactivating, during periods when they are not needed in the labour market, are being stolen from the hall at night. Westing suspects that they are being used as slaves in illicit factories. As they wait outside the hall Westing notices a colour shift on the screen of a tri-D set, which Street is able to decode as a distress signal, from which he is able to deduce the fate of the robots.

Peter H. Wood

"The Case of Lady Sannox" (2002)
Included in:
Curious Incidents (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; (Langdale Pike)
Fictional Characters: Lord Sannox; (Douglas Stone; Lady Marion Sannox; Pim; Hamil Ali; John (MacGregor))
Other Characters: Mr. Cartland; Stone's Housemaid; Dr. Ronald Moore; Cabman; Mrs. Dawson; Dawson's Girl; Frederick 'Baron' Dawson; Sannox's Footman; (Williams; Cab Driver; Sir William Guthrie; Johnson; Makepeace; Sannox's Coachman; Maidservant)
Date: November
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; Mayfair; Half-Moon Street; Stone's House; Islington; Dawson's House; Pall Mall; Diogenes Club; Berkeley Square; Sannox's Townhouse; (Paddington Station)
Story: Solicitor Cartland's client, the brilliant surgeon, Stone, has been found in his home apparently having suffered some kind of mental breakdown. The only word he has uttered is 'Marion', the name, Watson tells Holmes, of Lady Sannox, with whom he was said to be having an affair. Cartland believes the breakdown is not from natural causes. Later in the day, after Watson has met with Stone's doctor, an old acquaintance, Holmes is pulled off the case by Cartland. Holmes learns from Langdale Pike that Lord Sannox has recently disappeared, while an invalid lady has been seen leaving the Sannox house with a servant and physician, heading for Paddington Station. He also learns that stone had been called out on a case by a stranger, Hamil Ali, the previous night. The following day Holmes learns that Lady Sannox has retreated to a priory. Visits to Lady Sannox's parents, from whom he hears details of her marriage, and to Mycroft, set Holmes towards a solution to the mystery.

The Winged Wheel (1995)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche narrated by Watson and Holmes
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Holmes's Housekeeper; Young (Richard) Stamford; (Von Bork)
Folkloric Characters: (Arianrhod)
Historical Figures: (Vernon Kell; Prime Minister (H.H. Asquith); Home Secretary (Reginald McKenna); Foreign Secretary (Sir Edward Grey); Lord Raglan; Lady Raglan; Kaiser Wilhelm II; Richard Fiedler)
Other Characters: Anderson; Danson; Detective-Sergeant Christian; Chief-Inspector Grahame; Sheila Stamford; Catherine Kinrade; Lieutenant Cranshaw; Harry L. Bailey; William Crowe; Mrs Crowe; Sydney Corlett; Harold Faragher; Charles Kerruish; Miss Cannell; Tommy Quayle; Captain William Clague; Billy; Constable Albert Craine; John-Caesar Curphey; Kapitan Moeller; Harbour Porter; Hotel Waiters; Islanders; Holiday-Makers; Singers; Motorcycle Racers; Street Sweepers; Race Officials; Clerk of the Course; Timekeeper; French Racer; Carriage Driver; Hotel Barman; Snaefell Holiday-Makers; Catherine's Guests; Vicar of Kirkmichael; Kirkmichael Captain of the Parish; Captain's Wife; Race Spectators; St John's Ambulance Men; Cab Driver; Hospital Nurse; Hospital Orderlies; Hospital Matron; Hotel Manager; Government House Servants; Government House Butler; U-Boat Crewman; Cave Sentry; Coastguards; Petty-Officer; Farmer; Farmer's Wife; Government House Cook; Sheila's Sister; (Mycroft's Agents; Cranshaw's Father; Mycroft's Superiors; Auto-Cycle Union Secretary; Chief Constable; Murray Barrows; Batholomew Corrin; Sanders; Stamford's Sons; Admiralty Official; Ramsey Police Constable; Catherine's Father; Catherine's Brother; Corrin's Landlady; Hotel Boots; Bailey's Parents; Farmers; Farmers' Wives; Railway Staff; Lezayre Crossing Keeper; Engine-Driver; Fireman; Ramsey Police Sergeant; Strand Street Irregulars; Recently-Married Client; Servant Girl; Catherine's Maid; Vicar's Son; Crellin; Director of Naval Intelligence; Chief Superintendent Algar; Liverpool Constable; Corrin's Cousin; Divisional Inspector Murray; Reporters; Governor's Chauffeur; Government House Handyman; Fishermen; Coroner)
Date: June, 1912
Locations: Sussex; Holmes's Cottage; Wimbledon; Watson's House; London; One of Mycroft's Clubs; Euston Station; Train; Liverpool; Ferry; Isle of Man; Douglas; Hotel; Police Station; Mountain Road; Keill-ny-ree; Douglas Promenade; Villa Marina; Quarter Bridge Road; The Quarter Bridge; Laxey; Bungalow Hotel; Douglas Café; Ballacraine; St John's; Tynwald Hill; Peel; Kirkmichael; The North Corony; Woodlands; Lower Promenade Gardens; Hospital; Bray Hill; Glencrutchery Road; Government House; Cronk-ny-Mona; Injebreck; Colden Mountain; Teare's Cottage; Little London; Traaie-Vaaish; Cliff-Top; Sea-Cave; Telegraph Office; Stamford's House
Story: Watson motorcycles down to Sussex to visit Holmes, and is surprised to find Mycroft there. Three of Mycroft's agents have died on the Isle of Man in the past two years, and now a young naval lieutenant, Cranshaw, the unacknowledged son of an important personage, has disappeared there in the middle of a motorcyle ride. A reference to the Celtic goddess Arianrhod has led to suspicions of an Irish republican connection. Watson suggests that he enter the motorcycle race that Cranshaw was participating in, as their cover for being on the island. They encounter Stamford, who is now a consulting surgeon at the island's hospital, on the ferry. After discovering the site of Cranshaw's disappearance, Holmes traces his footprints, which disappear in the ruins of an ancient chapel. Watson is introduced to Catherine Kinrade, a local singer, and takes part in the Tourist Trophy practice race. Holmes learns of Cranshaw's sailing trip with a friend around the Friesian Islands, and from an Australian acquaintance, Watson hears of his concerns about German submarines.

Watson dreams of Cranshaw's abduction, and attends a concert given by Catherine Kinrade. Mycroft's agent in Germany learns that the island is being used as a way-station for weapons being supplied to Irish republicans by Germany. Mycroft has also been informed of a plot by the Children of Arianrhod to seize power on the island. Watson is hospitalised after a motorcycle accident, and a series of attacks by snakes continues. Holmes realises that he is working to prevent an island-wide plot to assassinate the entire Tynwald, and receives help from a moorland hermit to do so.

H.M. Woolsey

"Sherlock Holmes at Groton" (1903)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Holmes's Butler; Groton Head-master; Dead Boy; (Boy's Father; Night Watchman; Boy's Friend; Big Bill; Treasurer)
Date: The 20th - three weeks later
Locations: USA; Massachusetts; Boston; Holmes's Rooms; Groton School; School Infirmary
Story: After the Doctor reads of a suicide at Groton School in the Boston Herald, Holmes receives a telegram summoning him there to investigate. The case puts Holmes on the trail of Big Bill the bank robber.

NOTE: No reason is given for Holmes's residence in Boston.

NOTE: The narrator is only referred to as "Doctor", so there is a remote possibility that he is not Watson.

Wayne Worcester

The Monster of St. Marylebone (1999)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Irregulars; Inspector Lestrade; Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; Tobias Gregson; Wiggins
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Other Characters: Inspector William Barrows; Thomas Langley; Langley's Assistants; Billy; Dr Charles Peacham; Abigail Masterson; Nigel Whitney; Constable Martin Dibble; Policeman; Alexander Gibbons; Mary Gibbons; Scotland Yard Mortuary Workers; Reporter; Hospital Guard; Edward Richardson; Alistair Simmons; Gerald Cooke; George Winston Randall; Oliver Bemis; Robert Bledsoe; Bond Street Shoppers; Blue-Coats; Bond Street Police; Madeleine Toussaint; Marie; Edward Gibbons; Breckinridge Servant; Lady Elizabeth James; Genevieve; Sidney Gibbons; Cab Driver; Hansom Passenger; Hansom Driver; Dickie Quinn; Neville Rolfe; Alice Felson; Victor Kerr; James Worthy; Millicent Worthy; Conductor; Rolfe's Clerks; Policemen; Tommy Jacobs; Albert Gibbons; Jamey Gibbons; Fire Crowd; Firemen; O'Keefe's Barman; Michael McCormick; Ian Donovan; O'Keefe's Customers; Patrick Day Quinn; Ennistymon; Shepherd; Gavin O'Reilly; William O'Reilly; (Duffy; Albert; Police Commissioner; Donaldson; Haverford; Watkins; Coughlin; Monkey Jack; Aubrey Gibbons; Quincy Morton; Hubert Jackson; Lord Cecil James; Mrs Gibbons' Dairyman; The Carstairs; Ginny Quinn; Malay Seaman; Toby Felson; Peter O'Reilly)
Date: January, 1999 / January-March, 1889
Locations: Hastings or Eastbourne; 221B, Baker Street; Charing Cross Hospital; 12, Victoria Crossing; Upper Wimpole Street; Scotland Yard; Holborn Restaurant; Randall's Pub; Bond Street; Pennington Lane; Birmingham; Breckinridge; Paddington Station; Regent Street; Kensington Station; Cornwall; A Train; Langham Hotel; A Train; Dublin Ferry; Ireland; Dublin; O'Keefe's Public House; Baggot Street; Lahinch; Liscannor; O'Brien's Tower; Cliffs of Moher
Story: A cache of Watsonian manuscripts are discovered during the renovation of flats in Hastings, or maybe Eastbourne.

Watson waits in Baker Street for Holmes, missing for two days, who has been investigating the Monster of Marylebone, responsible for a string of gruesome murders, the victims all respectable working-men. Lestrade and Billy, leader of the Irregulars, bring news that he has been found, naked, strung up, and terribly injured, alongside a beheaded Irregular. Watson weeps. He and Lestrade continue to work on the murders as Holmes lays in hospital, and Watson decides to put all that has happened onto paper.

The first victim is a tobacconist, strung up and mutialated in his own shop. The second is a gentleman's clothier and chairman of a Bond Street civic society. Holmes is angered when the wife has the murder scene cleaned and tidied before he can view it. Peacham tells Watson that Holmes will be able to return home soon, and will eventually make a full recovery. Watson weeps. Nurse Masterson is assigned to care for Holmes at Baker Street. Holmes and Watson begin to get a picture of the second victim's character and family, and his dealings with the other merchants on Bond Street, but find themselves being warned off by one of the Bond Street Civic Association's thugs. They discover a connection between the two victims, but not in time to prevent a third and fourth murder.

Feeling awkward over the presence of Masterson at Baker Street, Watson takes a holiday in Cornwall, where he feels he is being followed, and finds himself held at gunpoint on his journey home, with rescue coming from an unexpected source. As Holmes is recovering, Masterson moves out of Baker Street, but Holmes believes her insights into the psychology of the murderer are useful, so she continues to work with him and Watson. Holmes believes that there is more than one murderer, and an arrest is made. But another man is murdered shortly after Holmes interrogates him. Another interview convinces Holmes that he now knows the killer's identity, but Mycroft complicates matters by suggesting a political link to the case. A kidnapping, a house fire, a journey to Ireland and a vengeful father bring the case to its close.

The Jewel of Covent Garden (2000)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; (Tobias Gregson)
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle; Pinkerton)
Other Characters: Dr Reginald F. St John-Smythe; Inspector William Barrows; Thomas Langley; Tommy Rogers; Costermen; Old Tom; Paddy; Newsboy; Flower Sellers; Pickpocket; Streetwalker; John Godey; Tavern Waiter; Seven Dials Men; Cuthbert Wilson; Lady Mirabelle Llewellyn Armstrong; Sarah; Lord David Armstrong; Jane Ryder; Cab Driver; Aurora Butler; Alan; Cub Members; Stewards; John Ryder / Jack Clough; Aurora Messenger Boy; Carol Singers; Charles T. Weatherbee; Mr Hazelton; Freddy; Alfie; Telegraph Receptionist; Telegraph Employees; Theodore Winchell; Peter Brooks; Armstrong's Driver; Settlement House Residents; Newsboy; Hansom Driver; Constable Ridley Thompson; Matrons; Nurses; Doctors; Edna Phillips; Polly McGovern; Inspector Miles Wallingford; Constable John Comerford; Baker Street Watchers; Reverend Dwayne Tisbury; Tisbury's Followers; Police Lieutenant; Cab Driver; Phineas Cobb; Armstrong's Footman; Armstrong's Guests; Drivers; Traffic Managers; Captain of Valets; Valets; Runners; Costermen; Berkeley Square Crowds; Giacomo Famiglietti; Settlement House Attendant; Lord Basil Poundstone; Lestrade's Men; Hansom Driver; Scotland Yard Policeman; (Liveried Messenger; Charles Roberts; Detectives; Lieutenant Alfred Cochran; Cochran's Friends; Mr Arnold; Tink Walters; John Hudson; Estelle Carstairs; Lord Cedric Atkinson; Street Arab; Emma Ryder; Plymouth Constable; Mrs Lestrade)
Date: February 24th - 25th, 2000 / June 6, 1889 / December 20th - 31st, 1889
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Covent Garden; Cursitor Street; Aldersgate Street; Charterhouse Square; Tavern; St Giles; Planetree, 24 Berkeley Square; St James Street; Aurora Club; Baker Street; Bond Street; Hazelton's Leather Goods Shop; Corner of Vigo Street; Daily Telegraph Offices; Hope Settlement House; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; Diogenes Club; High Holborn Street; Scotland Yard
Story: Oxford University experts confirm that the box containing the manuscripts belonged to Watson.

Young costermonger's assistant, Tommy arrives dramatically in Baker Street. He has been sent an invitation to a violin recital at the home of Lady Armstrong. Holmes recognises the boy's uncle as a former society burglar, and sets Watson to follow him, a task which leads him into St Giles, where he is attacked. A visit to Lady Armstrong results in an invitation to the recital, and to the Aurora Club, for Holmes and Watson. A Christmas message, purportedly from Holmes appears in the press. Mrs Hudson and Watson give Tommy lessons in etiquette. Watson buys Tommy's uncle some gloves. Lady Armstrong hires Holmes to investigate her husband's fiancée and her brother. She also tells him of a previous attempt to steal the "Blood of Punjab", a ruby she intends to wear at the recital. Tommy and his uncle spend Christmas Day at 221B. The following day a bomb is delivered to the Settlement House where they live. Holmes becomes more aware that someone is impersonating him, and when he comes under suspicion for the bombing, he goes undercover to draw the strands of the plot together, prevent a robbery, and save Tommy's life.

Ralph Wotherspoon

"My Dear Holmes (His Positively Last Appearance on Earth)" (1928)
Included in:
The Early Punch Parodies of Sherlock Holmes (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters:
Date: 1928
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; 32a, Nordic Road
Story: Watson visits Holmes at Baker Street and asks him to act as anesthetist while he carries out an operation.
After arriving at the wrong house, Holmes's curiosity leads to a fatal outcome.

Mark Wright

"The Property of a Thief" (2013)
Included in:
Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Mrs Hudson; Mary Morstan; Giant Rat of Sumatra)
Fictional Characters: A.J. Raffles; Bunny Manders
Other Characters: Carriage Driver; Cunningham's Guests; Eaton Place Couple; Cunningham Hall Staff; James Cunningham; Elizabeth Cunningham; Young Lady; Gentlemen of England Cricket Team; Sergeant Cope; (James's Father; Postmistress; Cunningham's Maid)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; Victoria Station; Kent; Cunningham Halt Station; Cunningham Hall
Story: Watson goes to spend the weekend at Cunningham Hall, the home of two old friends of Mary Morstan's, James and Elizabeth Cunningham, renowned for their house parties. Among the guests are Raffles and Bunny Manders, there for the planned cricket match. That evening, Watson is woken by James, and taken to the drawing room, where Elizabeth's tiara has been stolen from the wall-safe. Holmes is summoned, and deduces that the thief was someone within the house, and announces that a search must be carried out through all the guests' belongings. It is only on their return to Baker Street that the tiara's location is revealed, and Holmes and Watson lie in wait in the darkness for the thief to appear.

Vincent W. Wright

"The Adventure of the Bookshop Owner" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part II: 1890-1895 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Irregulars; (Mary Morstan; Wiggins)
Other Characters: Inspector Chamberlain; C.L. Stevens; Page Boy; Jack Collier; (Mary's Friend; Watson's Colleague; Parker; Parker's Assistant; Jacob Collier; Collier's Neighbour; Collier's Boy; Arnold George; Postman; Prime Minister's Cousin; Collier's Runner; Southall Police Constable; Chamberlain's Men; Grand Garden Hotel Owner; Benjamin Tower; Holmes's Manchester Colleague; Tower's Son; Bookshop Customer; Thomas Cady; Manchester Judge)
Date: July 1st - 2nd, 1890
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Southall; High Street; Stevens' Butcher's Shop; Uxbridge Road; Grand Garden Hotel
Story: Holmes summons Watson to Baker Street to hear Inspector Chamberlain's account of the murder of bookshop owner Jacob Collier in Harrow.
An empty, blood-stained wooden box has been found on the counter of the man's shop, from which the smell of sausages leads Holmes to a butcher's shop in Southall. A visit from a man claiming to be Collier's friend puts Holmes on the trail of past crimes.

Jamie Wyman

"A Scandal in Hobohemia" (2014)
Included in:
Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets (David Thomas Moore); alt.sherlock.holmes (Jamie Wyman, Gini Koch & Glen Mehn)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Sanford 'Crash' Haus; Jim Walker
Characters derived from Canonical Characters: Mrs Hudson; (Leland Haus (Mycroft Holmes); Enoch Drebber; Moriarty)
Other Characters: Agent Adele 'Pinky' Trenet; Madame Yvonde; Carnival Barker; Woman in Sequins; Dwarf; Big Man; Carnival Crowd; Bearded Lady; Circus Performers; Arty; Mars; (Drebber's Family; Johnny; Mary Watson; Calvin Bailey; Baker Street Baby)
Date: During the Great Depression
Locations: USA; Arkansas; Soggiorno Brothers' Traveling Wonder Show; Caravan 221
Story: Wounded war veteran Pinkertons agent, Jim Walker, encounters Sanford House, in disguise, at Soggiorno Brothers' Traveling Wonder Show. Walker's partner, Trenet, has brought him there to consult Haus over the death of a hobo, Enoch Drebber, a former Salt Lake City accountant. His death occurred on the day Haus's show left the area, and is the latest in a series of events linked to the carnival. Their investigations uncover a murder in the carnival.