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Sheerluck Jones (Malcolm Watson & Edward La Serre)
October 29 -  ?: Terry’s Theatre, London, England

(Information above on performance dates is derived from newspaper archives and is therefore likely to be incomplete.)

A New Piece at Terry’s

“Sherlock Holmes” has received the compliment of a travesty – an attention rarely bestowed upon plays nowadays – for the art of burlesque – as old playgoers remember it – is dying, if not dead.

“Sheerluck Jones,” witnessed for the first time at Terry’s Theatre tonight, is a somewhat labored piece of mimicry. The players did not fall readily into the unaccustomed style of acting, although two at least of the performances were excellent.

Mr Clarence Blakiston, with his “chestnut deductions,” amusingly recalled the crime investigator of fiction and of the Lyceum Theatre; whilst Miss Gordon Lee, a daughter of Miss Jennie Lee, acted in the style of true burlesque.

The authors of the travesty are two well-known dramatic critics, but when the audience called for them, “Sheerluck Jones” came forward and subtly deduced that, as they were not in the house, they could not be present.

Leeds Mercury, Wednesday 30 October 1901
found at www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk