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Hide and Seek
February 13 - 15: Grand Opera House, York, England
March 31 - April 5: Metropole, Glasgow, Scotland
April 7 - 12: New Century Theatre, Motherwell, Scotland
April 21 - 26: Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield, England

(Information above on performance dates is derived from newspaper archives and is therefore likely to be incomplete.)


GRAND OPERA HOUSE – Managing Director, Mr W. Peacock; Acting Manager, Mr Harry Dacre.

- The last three nights of last week saw the appearance of Mr Arthur Eliot and his company in the new Sherlock Holmes burlesque Hide and Seek. Mr Eliot as the mercurial Peter S. Pike is a huge success; the part fits him like the proverbial glove, and he gets every ounce of fat out of it. Mr J.C. Piddock as Prince Timdot is aptly placed, singing and whistling in first-rate style.

Mr Percy York is a pleasing vocalist, and the music allotted to Nicholas is rendered in fine style. Mr Louie Mercanton gives a rendering of Dr Wattau, which is as amusing as it is original.

No more charming exponent of Linette than Miss Alice Lethbridge could be imagined; she has a graceful style and is a perfect dancer. Miss Verna Reed imbues the part of Fleurette with much chic.

The Era, Saturday 22 February 1902
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LYCEUM THEATRE – Managing Director, Mr John Hart; Acting Manager and Treasurer, Mr T. Hopcutt.

- On Monday a good-humoured audience welcomed Mr Arthur Eliot’s company in the burlesque extravaganza, entitled Hide and Seek. A large share of the success of the play was due to the beauty, grace, and charm of Miss Alice Lethbridge as Linette, and her dancing was a treat to lovers of the true “poetry of motion.” Miss Birdie Sutherland looked handsome as So-So, and her “Coronation” song was heartily applauded. Miss Vera Reed was bright and amusing as a maid.

Mr Arthur Eliot worked hard to keep the fun going, and with several comic disguises contrived to make his burlesque on the methods of Sherlock Holmes fairly amusing. Mr Wentworth Paul as Nicolas, Mr Kennedy Woodville as the comic King, and Mr Percy York as Prince Tinpot were excellent.

The beautiful scenery was much admired, and a well-dressed chorus added to the general attractiveness of the performance.

The Era, Saturday 26 April 1902
found at www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk