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A Close Call (Anthony Carlingham Finzel)
September 30: Marion Opera House, Ocala, Florida



At the Marion opera house, September 30, “Sherlock Holmes,” in two parts will be presented for the benefit of the Episcopal church. Songs, readings and character songs by Mr Anthony Finzel, who is an artist. The second part will be the presentation of “A Clos Call,” being an adaptation from William Gillett’s great play of “Sherlock Holmes.”
The cast will be:
Prof. James Moriarty – Emmett Robinson.
Dr Watson – Albert Gerig.
Billy – Adolph Dame.
Sherlock Holmes – Anthony Finzel.
The evening will be one of amusement, pleasure and profit. The cause is a good one and a good house should respond.

Ocala Banner, Tuesday 13 September 1904


Of course everybody in Ocala and neighboring places will buy tickets to see Mr Anthony Finzel as Sherlock Holmes. He should have a crowded house.

“Sherlock Holmes” in Ocala Sept. 30.

An entertainment is now being arranged to take place in Ocala on the evening of Sept. 30th, at the Marion Opera House for the benefit of Grace Episcopal Church.

The first part of the programme will consist of solos, songs and readings by our local favorites, including several character songs by Mr Finzel.

The second part of the programme will be a dramatic sketch entitled, “A Close Call,” by Anthony Carlingham Finzel, being an adaptation from Mr William Gillette’s play, “Sherlock Holmes.”

The following is the cast:
Professor James Moriarty…..Emmett Robinson
Dr Watson.....Albert Gerig
Billy…..Adolph Dame
Sherlock Holmes.....Anthony Finzel
The full programme will be announced later.

This entertainment is under the direction of Mr Finzel of South Lake Weir, and he is doing all in his power to make it a great success.
Don’t forget the date, Sep. 30th and we hope that the players will be rewarded by a full house.

Ocala Banner, Friday 16 September 1904



As already mentioned in our columns a very delightful entertainment will be given at the Marion Opera House next Friday evening for the benefit of the Grace Episcopal church. The price of admission will be fifty cents and it is hoped that there will be a very large audience on this occasion.

The first part of the program will consist of songs and reading by Ocala’s very best talent assisted by Mr A.C. Finzel, of Allendale.
The second part of the program will be a sketch entitled “A Close Call.” It is from the play of Sherlock Holmes and was composed by Mr Finzel.

Mr Finzel, who was an actor on the English stage for several years, will have the leading part, that of Sherlock Holmes and the part will be skillfully handled by him. He will be ably assisted by Messrs Albert Gerig, Emmett Robinson and Adolph Dame.

Let everybody be sure to be on hand next Friday night.

Ocala Banner, Friday 23 September 1904



Don’t fail to see Sherlock Holmes at the opera house tomorrow night.
Emmett Robinson came up today from Ehrin to take the part of Prof. Jos. Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes at the opera house tomorrow.
Tickets for Sherlock Holmes tomorrow night on sale at the Postoffice Drugstore and on the street by the manager.
Don’t miss the play of Sherlock Holmes tomorrow night at the opera house.

Ocala Banner, Thursday 29 September 1904



Mr Emmett Robinson came up yesterday from Stemper, where he is at work for the Messrs Hall, to take part in “Sherlock Holmes” at the opera house tonight.


Remember that the entertainment at the opera house tonight is for the benefit of the Episcopal church and will be well worth attending. The first part will include a splendid program of vocal and instrumental music, among the number being several songs and character sketches by Mr A.C. Finzel.

After the musical program a short sketch entitled “A Close Call”, will be given with Mr Finzel playing the leading role, Sherlock Holmes. He will be splendidly supported by Messrs Albert Gerig, Emmett Robinson and Adolph Dame.

This sketch was written by Mr Finzel and it will be a most enjoyable play. Admission 50 cents.

Let there be a big crowd present on this occasion and those who do attend will spend a pleasant evening.

Ocala Banner, Friday 30 September 1904



Anthony C. Finzel, who so acceptably presented Sherlock Holmes last night at the opera house, returned to South Lake Weir this afternoon.


The entertainment at the opera house last night, given by local talent, assisted by Mr Anthony C. Finzel of Lake Weir, was all that could be desired, and those who were so unfortunate as to be absent missed a rare treat. It was given for the benefit of the Grace Episcopal church, and a neat sum was realized, as a good audience greeted the participants.

The following is the first part of the program:

Overture – Miss Gertrude Peyser.
Humorous, “What are the Wild Waves Saying” – A.C. Finzel.
Recitation – Miss Madge Sims.
Comic Sketch, “To be continued in our next” – A.C. Finzel.
Song – Mrs James R. Moorhead.
Piano Solo – Miss Gertrude Peyser.
Song, “The world Went Very Well Then” – A.C. Finzel.
Reading, “The Inventor’s Wife” – Mrs Bijah Brown.
Ballad, “The Young Royalist” – A.C. Finzel.
Dramatic Recitation – Ben Deane, Ed Pittman.

Mrs Moorhead acted the part of Mrs Bijah Brown and acquitted herself admirably. The other performers were also greatly enjoyed and received many encores.

The one-act sketch composed the final part of the program. It was entitled “A Close Call,” adapted from William Gillette’s production of A. Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes.”

Mr Finzel took the leading part and scored a well merited success. The character of Dr Watson, the physician, was acted perfectly by Mr Albert Gerig. Mr Gerig is a born star and has for years been a favorite on the Ocala stage. The character of Mr James Moriarty, the criminal, which was taken by Emmet Robinson, was very good, and Adolph Dame, as the ever ready “Billy,” brought down the house.

Ocala Evening Star, Saturday 1 October 1904


At the Opera House

The entertainment at the Opera House Friday night for the benefit of the Episcopal church was all that was advertised. The audience was a good one and the program was a splendid production and admirably carried out.

The musical entertainment consisted of the following numbers:

Overture…..Miss Gertrude Peyser
Humorous…..”What are the Wild Waves Saying?”…..A.C. Finzel
Recitation…..Miss Madge Sims
Comic Sketch…..”To be Continued in Our Next…..A.C. Finzel
Song…..Mrs J.R. Moorehead
Piano Solo….Miss Gertrude Peyser
Humorous…..”The World Went Very Well Then…..A.C. Finzel
Reading…..”The Inventor’s Wife…..Mrs Bijah Brown
Ballad…..”The Young Royalist”…..A.C. Finzel
Dramatic Recitation…..”Ben Dean”…..Ed. Pittman

Each selection was greatly enjoyed and the performers were the recipients of many encores.

Mrs Moorehead, as Mrs Bijah Brown, was very much enjoyed.

The second part of the program was a one act sketch entitled “A Close Call” adapted from Gillette’s Sherlock Holmes Mr Anthony Carlingham Finzel, the author of the sketch, played the leading part, Sherlock Holmes, and played it well. He is an actor of much promise and his rendition of Sherlock Holmes was exceedingly good.

Mr Emmett Robinson as Professor James Moriarty was a huge success. Should he make acting his profession he would soon stand at the top of the ladder of success.

The character of Dr Watson, in the hands of Mr Albert Gerig, could not have been improved upon.

Adolph Dame as “Billy” was great.

Too much cannot be said of Mr Finzel, who worked so faithfully for the success of this entertainment and on all sides are heard words of praise for him and his assistants Friday night.

Ocala Banner, Friday 7 October 1904


From Mr Finzel.

Mr Anthony C. Finzel of London, who spent two years at Lake Weir with his uncle, Mr A.W. Allen, is now in New York City, where he goes upon the stage. In a letter to the editor, Mr Finzel says:

Ocala shall always have a very warm corner of my heart.

It may interest you to know that I have contracted as leading tenor in Sam Peckets Operatic Co., for twenty weeks and hope to stay with them next season. I shall certainly be glad to be in harness again but hope to run down to Ocala on the first opportunity.

With very cordial wishes to you and the “Banner,” I am

Very sincerely yours,



Ocala Banner, Friday 19 May 1905

We are in receipt of a letter from Mr Anthony Finzel written from New York in which he says he wishes the brick city a very prosperous new year. He writes that he is now organizing another Sherlock Holmes company of which he will not only be the stage manager but will also play the leading part and that he hopes some day to bring a company to play in Ocala. Mr Finzel says that he is doing well and hopes before long to see his Ocala friends again.

Ocala Banner, Friday 5 January 1906


Mr Anthony Carlingham Finzel, well known to Ocala people, and especially to the lovers of the stage, will be pleased to learn that he is with Joseph King’s “East Lynne” company, as leading man and is starring Canada. Gertrude Arden is the leading woman and the company is scoring magnificent success. They may tour Florida next winter and if we get our new opera house completed by that time, we shall extend them an invitation to visit our little city.

Ocala Banner, Friday 15 March 1907