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R.F. and M.F.; or, the Two Are One
25 June - ?: New Theatre Royal, Croydon, England

(Information above on performance dates is derived from newspaper archives and is therefore likely to be incomplete.)

Fine Singing and Acting


The comedy-drama is preceded by a one-act play entitled R.F. and M.F.; or, the Two Are One. A wife on the verge of starvation leaves her infant on the doorstep of a warm-hearted detective, and is about to end her life when her husband, who is supposed to have died abroad after deserting her, puts in an appearance. The detective finds he is the head of a gang of thieves and brings him to justice, the wife and child finding a home with the detective and his wife.

Mr Clarence Hague is a resourceful Hezekiah Hurlock Sholmes; Mr Graham Wentworth is a villainous Richard Ferndale; Miss Violet Auberies is sincere as Betty Sholmes; and Miss Annie Conway gives a pathetic rendering of Mary Ferndale. The play is much above the average of first pieces.

The Era, Saturday 30 June 1900
found at www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk