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The Sign of the Four (Charles P. Rice)
April 10 - ?: Majestic Theater, Washington DC, USA

(Information above on performance dates is derived from newspaper archives and is therefore likely to be incomplete.)

MAJESTIC - "Sign of the Four."

The drama will in the future be the policy of the Majestic Theater, presented by the O'Connor and Rowe stock company, and "Sherlock Holmes," dramatized from Conan Doyle's "Sign of the Four," will be the opening play. Plays on this order will be presented at this theater for the rest of the season.

It Is the intention of the management to make and build productions of every play produced and a competent staff has been engaged for that purpose.

Washington Times, Sunday 9 April 1911


MAJESTIC - "Sherlock Holmes."

At the Majestic the O'Connor-Rowe Stock Company opened its engagement last night, and the reception accorded the first offering is good, augury for the success of the new venture. The opening bill was "Sherlock Holmes," and applause and hisses greeted hero and villain.

Herbert O'Connor appeared in the title role and was assisted by Edna Cecil Daly as Mary Morsten. Hazel Arington, as the maid, was excellent, while J. C. Kline deserves mention for his characteristic make-up and acting.

Charles O'Connor, as Inspector Jones, portrayed the part in a pleasing manner, and the entire cast earned the applause given.

Last night's audience was a large one and the management received many congratulations on its change of policy.

Washington Times, Tuesday 11 April 1911