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Good Night, Mr. Holmes (1990)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Irene Adler adventure / Canonical re-visioning, narrated in part by Watson
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Irene Adler; Elderly Woman at Briony Lodge (Penelope Huxleigh); Jefferson Hope; Mrs Hudson; Godfrey Norton; King of Bohemia; John, the Coachman; (Mycroft Holmes; Clotilde Lothman von Saxe-Meningen; St. Monica's Clergyman)
Historical Figures: Charles Lewis Tiffany; Florence Stoker; Bram Stoker; James McNeill Whistler; Oscar Wilde; Lillie Langtry; Antonín Dvorák; Constance Wilde; (Marie Antoinette; Louis Comfort Tiffany; Henry Littleton)
Other Characters: The Turnpenny Daughters; Emerson Stanhope; Nell's Landlady; Street Arab; Teashop Girl; Chestnut Vendor; Liz Cheake; Whiteley's Clerk; Floorwalker; Female Supervisor; Lady Thief; Commercial Traveller; Mr Minucci; Stoker's Cook; Amy; Stoker's Guests; Pinkerton Agent; Sofia Minucci; Sycamores Gatekeeper; Sycamores Doorman; Mr. Edgewaithe; Mr Beaverholt; Victoria Cabman; Singers; Pianist; Littleton's Guests; Jezebel Mutterworth; Carriage Driver; Mutterworth's Housekeeper; Maid; Gardeners; Man on Prague Station; Opera Singers; Ludmilla; Royal Servants; The Queen of Bohemia; Grand Duchess Hortense; Prince Bertrand; King's Doctors ("Sturm & Drang"); Doctors' Housekeeper; Coachman; Vioinist; Conductor; Bass Player; Gypsy Fortune Teller; Kurt; King's Chambermaid; Irene's Maid; Dresden Carriage Driver; Cologne Ticketmaster; Baggage Man; Porter; Brussels Telegraph Operator; King's Agents; Witness at Trial; Temple Singer; John Jewett; Mrs Seaton; Wilde's Guests; Briony Lodge Maid; Cabman; (Jean Claude Renard; Zellerstein; The Younger Zellerstein; John Chapple "Black Jack" Norton; Sarah Jane; La Calvetari; Cavendish Mutterworth; Petronella Anckvicz; The King of Bohemia (Wilhelm's father); Photographer; Irene's Friend in Paris; Carpenters)
Date: June 1894 / Spring, 1881 - 1888
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Berkeley Square; The Turnpenny Residence; Whiteley's Emporium; A Teashop; Hope's Cab; Saffron Hill; Eversholt Street; Irene's Rooms; Trafalgar Square; Morley's Hotel; 27, Cheyne Walk; A Chemist's in The Strand; The Temple; No. 17, Inner Temple; The Sycamores, Croydon; Victoria Station; Victoria Mansions; Hammersmith; Poland; Warsaw; Bohemia; Prague; Railway Station; National Theatre; Royal Castle; The Powder Tower; The Joseph Quarter; A Train; Germany; Dresden; Nuremberg; Cologne; Station; Hotel; Belgium; Brussels; Chelsea Rooming House; Royal Courts of Justice; Fleet Street; The Temple Church; St. John's Wood; Serpentine Avenue; Briony Lodge; 16, Tite Street; Chelsea; France; Neuilly; (Whitechapel; Paris)
Story: Holmes and Watson reminisce over the Adler case. After her employer returns to India, Penelope Huxleigh finds herself unemployed and homeless in London, and is rescued from a bag-snatcher by Irene Adler, who invites her home. Their cabby collapses and, after they aid him, tells them his name, Jefferson Hope, and his reason for being in London, and gives Irene Lucy's ring. She takes Nell to Whiteley's Emporium to exact revenge on the girl who was responsible for Nell's dismissal.

Tiffany hires Holmes to find Marie Antoinette's lost Zone of Diamonds, and later approaches Irene with the same task. Nell finds herself serving tea at a party given by Florence Stoker, and finds work as a typewritist. Wilde asks Irene to retrieve a gold cross from Florence Stoker. Holmes learns that the Zone's last known owner, Black Jack Norton, has disappeared, and Irene's own investigations into the man bring her into conflict with Godfrey Norton, and Nell finds herself working for him. He points her towards his father, but she and Irene arrive at the sanitorium to find that he has died, and as they are leaving they encounter Holmes entering. They uncover a treasure chest, but its contents are not what Irene expects.

In October, 1885, an encounter with Dvorák takes Irene to Milan, while Nell helps Godfrey investigate a vengeful will and inherits a foul-mouthed parrot. Irene moves on to Warsaw where she meets the Crown Prince of Bohemia, and is persuaded by him to move on to Prague. In the spring of 1887, Nell receives a brief note, summoning her to Prague. There she learns that the Crown Prince has had Irene photographed wearing the Crown Jewels, and that the King is being poisoned. When the King dies, Irene investigates his death, but realises she will never become Queen and finds herself dismissed from the opera. She and Nell flee Prague with the King's agents in pursuit. In London they are assisted by Norton in locating the Zone of Diamonds and evading the pursuit of the King and Sherlock Holmes.

Good Morning, Irene (1991)
Published in a revised edition as The Adventuress
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Irene Adler adventure narrated in part by Watson
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Irene Adler; Elderly Woman at Briony Lodge (Penelope Huxleigh); Godfrey Norton; François le Villard; Mme (Honoria) Montpensier; (Mary Morstan)
Historical Figures: Florence Stoker; Noel Stoker; Bram Stoker; Dr Thornley Stoker; Alice Heine; Albert I of Monaco; (Charles III of Monaco)
Other Characters: André; Sophie; Fishermen; Paddy; Stoker's Servant; Grimes; Morgue-keepers; Drunkards; Concierge; Louise Montpensier; Pierre; Edouard Montpensier; Train Attendant; Gravesend Gerry; Singh; Hotel de Paris Waiter; Heine's Houseman; Maid; Emile Hoffman; Caleb Winter; Dr Jarnac; Bird-Feeding Woman; Hotel de Paris Manager; Viscount D'Enrique; Café de Mouettes Waiter; Shipwreck Survivors; Claude Montpensier; Hotel de Paris Maid; Heine's Maid; Palace Footman; Jacques; Hotel de Paris Porter; Fencing Class Women; Beatrice; Priest; Signor Genturini; D'Enriques's Second; Jules Rousseau; Heine's Butler; Housemen; (Marianne Montpensier; Ticket Collector; Lascar; Sailors; Hippolyte Cremieux)
Date: August, 1888 - / 1882
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Neuilly; Paris; The Left Bank; 27, Cheyne Walk; Ile de la Cité; The Paris Morgue; L'Oiseau Blanc; Montpensier House; Boulevard Péreire; Bernhardt's House; A Train; Marseilles; Hotel; Gare Saint Charles; Monaco; Monte Carlo; Hotel de Paris; Heine's Villa; The Palace; Holmes's Paris Hotel; Jarnac's Cottage; Casino; Eze; Le Café de Mouettes; Telegram Office; The Ritz; Heine's Villa
Story: Watson is worried about Holmes's use of cocaine. Irene is living in France after her "death" and has befriended Sarah Bernhardt. In Paris, she and Nell see a corpse being pulled from the river. Irene is reminded of a similar corpse pulled from the Thames by Bram Stoker some years previously, and a visit to the morgue confirms the connection. Godfrey rescues the reluctant Louise Montpensier from the Seine. She has a tattoo similar to the other two victims. When she disappears two days later, Le Villard accuses her aunt of murder. Irene learns the truth and burgles the Montpensier household. She decides to travel to Monte Carlo, armed with society introductions from Bernhardt, to investigate Louise's father's past. Holmes travels to France to assist Le Villard in the Montpensier investigation.

On the train to Monte Carlo, Irene and her companions encounter other parties interested in Louise. In Monaco they learn that Alice Heine is being blackmailed by the same people who are involved in the Montpensier affair. When Louise's uncle arrives in Monte Carlo, Nell is sent with Louise to the village of Eze. While Irene is singing for the Prince, one of the conspirators is killed and Godfrey, in disguise, disappears. Later they hear the story of the shipwreck, a golden Minotaur, and the chain of events which have led to the present situation, and realise the importance of the Prince's upcoming oceanographic expedition to the plot. Holmes also follows the trail to Monte Carlo, and Irene and Nell join a fencing class. A wedding, a one-armed man, the arrival of Sarah Bernhardt, a duel, a treasure map and an encounter between Holmes and Bernhardt lead to the final denouement.

Irene at Large (1992)
Published in a revised edition as A Soul of Steel (2003)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Irene Adler adventure, narrated in part by Watson
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler; Elderly Woman at Briony Lodge (Penelope Huxleigh); Colonel Moran; Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Godfrey Norton; Mary Morstan; Percy 'Tadpole' Phelps; Annie Harrison; Joseph Harrison; Inspector Forbes; Lord Holdhurst; Mrs. Hudson; Watson's Maid; (Dubuque; François Le Villard; Murray; Mrs. Tangey; Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: Brigadier General George Burrows; General Nuttall; Major George Frederick Blackwood; Lt. Newton Plomer Fowell; Lieutenant Hector Maclaine; Sir Edward Leach; Sarah Bernhardt; Maurice Bernhardt; Toulouse-Lautrec; Empress Maria Feodorovna
Other Characters: Cobra; Tiger; British Soldiers; Ayub Khan's Forces; Messenger; Scout; Officer; Indian Soldiers; Afghan Villagers; Casanova the Parrot; Quentin Stanhope; Passersby; Fruit Vendor; Sable; Waiter; Sophie; Dr. Mersenné; Lucifer the Cat; André; Street Vendor; Theatre Audience; Bernhardt's Admirers; Montmartre Crowds; Coachman; Artists; Urchin; Maid; Dalip; Bernhardt's Manservant; Bernhardt's Guests; Captain Morgan; Turbaned Servants; Russian Officer; Dr. Sauveur; Carriage Driver; Hotel Clerk; Manservant; Cabman; Boy at 221B; ABC Serving Girl; Veiled Lady; Watson's Hansom Driver; Cab Driver; Waterston's Butler; Allegra Turnpenny; Mrs. Waterston; Mrs. Codwell Turnpenny; Mrs. Compton; Flower Girl; Covent Garden Crowds; Dowager; Fusiliers Doorman; Fusiliers Club Member; Beggars; Old Soldier; Hunchbacked Scholar; Museum Visitors; Museum Policeman; Four-Wheeler Driver; Fortnum & Mason's Clerk; Porters; Mrs. Bracken; Little Girl; Mrs. Fotheringay Stanhope; Quentin's Family; Nurse; Fruit Vendor; (Afghan Guards; Captured Sepoys)
Date: July 25-27, 1880; June 1889
Locations: Afghanistan; Near Sangbur; Khushk-i-Nakhud; Maiwand; 221B, Baker Street; France; Neuilly; Paris; A Café; Notre Dame Precincts; The Louvre; The Latin Quarter; Restaurant; Porte Saint Martin Theatre; Montmartre; Rue Péreire; Bernhardt's House; Cross-Channel Ferry; London; Mayfair; Brown's Hotel; Madame Tussaud's; Watson's Paddington House; Woking; Briarbrae; Baker Street; ABC Tearoom; A Cab; Grosvenor Square; Mrs. Waterston's House; Paddington; Covent Garden; Frontier Fusiliers Club; ABC Tea Shop; Kensington; Holy Trinity Church; Museum of Natural History; A Four-Wheeler; Piccadilly; Fortnum & Mason's; Houndsditch; Quentin's Rooms; The Strand; A Private Hotel; A Train; Paddington Chemists; Simpson's; A Four-wheeler; Moran's Hansom; Hyde Park; Hammersmith Bridge; (Diogenes Club; The Foreign Office)
Story: Shortly before the battle of Maiwand, Tiger tells Cobra of a traitor in the British ranks. Nine years later, Holmes deduces that Watson is thinking about Maiwand. An Oriental beggar recognises Nell in Paris and, after he collapses, Irene insists on taking him back to their cottage, where she discovers that he has been poisoned. Nell eventually recognises the man as Stanhope, the uncle of a former charge. He reveals that he is searching for the man who saved his life in Maiwand (where he was known as 'Cobra'), whose own life he now believes to be in danger. The following day he is shot at with an air rifle, after which he tells them of Tiger's treachery and that the man he is looking for is named Watson. When he disappears, Irene, Nell and Godfrey set out in search of him, encountering Bernhardt and Lautrec on the quest, and Irene and Nell are attacked by a cobra in Quentin's rooms, where they also find a dead man.

At a soirée given by Bernhardt they encounter the hunter, Morgan, and the Czarina, Maria Feodorovna. Irene sends Nell and Godfrey to England to find Quentin and Watson. In England, Holmes and Watson are engaged in the search for the Naval Treaty. Nell and Godfrey keep watch in Baker Street and visit Quentin's sisters. In Watson's study they discover another cobra. Nell receives a message summoning her to the Natural History Museum to meet Quentin, and is shot at, but reunited with both Quentin and Irene. Quentin reveals the reason behind Morgan's pursuit of Watson. Irene believes that their case may be connected to Holmes's. Irene discovers Morgan's true identity and decides that only Holmes can bring him to justice. Quentin finally confronts Tiger on the parapet of Hammersmith Bridge.

"Parris Green" (1993)
Included in:
First Cases Volume 2 (Robert J. Randisi)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Irene Adler adventure
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler; Elderly Woman at Briony Lodge (Penelope Huxleigh)
Historical Figures: Oscar Wilde
Other Characters: Lysander Parris; Mrs. McCorkle; Amelia Parris; Lawrence Parris; Phoebe Miller
Date: November, 1886
London: Saffron Hill; A Four-Wheeler; Cheyne Place; an art gallery near the British Museum
Story: Wilde consults Irene about the artist Lysander Parris, who, he says, has gone mad. They travel to the artist's studio in Cheyne Place, where Parris has locked himself in with his latest model who, the view through the keyhole shows, appears to be dead. After examining the artist's works, and commenting on his use of colours, and interviewing his wife and son, Irene is told by his servant that Parris was having an affair with Miller, his model, and that a kitten adopted by Miller has recently died. Irene, however, seems to be showing an excessive interest in the household decorations.

Irene's Last Waltz (1994)
Published in a revised edition as Another Scandal in Bohemia
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Irene Adler adventure
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler; Elderly Woman at Briony Lodge (Penelope 'Nell' Huxleigh); Godfrey Norton; Clotilde Lothman von Saxe-Meningen; King of Bohemia; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Colonel Moran; King of Scandinavia; Mary Morstan; Mycroft Holmes)
Folkloric Characters: (The Golem)
Historical Figures: Charles Frederick Worth; Marie Worth; Baron Alphonse Rothschild; Rasputin; Antonin Dvorak; (Sarah Bernhardt; Alice Heine; Albert I of Monaco; Princess von Metternich; Pinkerton Detective Agency; Charles Lewis Tiffany; Oscar Wilde; Maria Feodorovna; Jack the Ripper; Rabbi Loew; Rudolph II)
Other Characters: André; Worth's Page Boy; Worth's Models; Worth's Shop Assistants; Worth's Clients; Worth Mannequin; Worth Vendeuse; Serafina; Gossips; Worth's Sewing & Bead Girls; Berthe Brascasat; Genevieve Pascal; Rothschild's Butler; Rothschild's Housekeeper; Rothschild's Maids; Manservant; Durfort; Marbeau; Madame Gallatin; Man with Blue-tinted Glasses; German Hotel Concierge; Fleku Customers; Waiters; Female Rothschild Agent; Mr Werner; Royal Footmen; Royal Guests; Royal Steward; Allegra Stanhope; Tatyana / Sable; Carriage Driver; Messenger; Belgrade Doormen; Belgrade Concierge; Tatyana's Maid; Europa Majordomo; Europa Maid; White-bearded Man; Tatyana's Bodyguards; Conductor; German Guard; Carriage Driver; Rudolf; Duel Crowd; Doctors Sturm & Drang; Gypsy Fortune Teller; Flower Deliveryman; Orchestra; Stagehands; Performers; Stage Man; Quentin Stanhope; Sophie; (Nathalie (cook); King of Bohemia's Father; Nathalie (bead-girl); Broderick; Duchess Hortense; Jaspar Higgenbottom; Moravian Count; Nell's Father; Lizzie Cheek; Maid; Captain of the Guard; Allegra's Aunt & Cousin)
September-October, 1889
France; Irene's Home in Neuilly; Paris; Rue de la Paix; Worth's; Ferrires; Gare du Nord; A Train; Germany; Cologne; Restaurant; Hotel; Bohemia; Prague; Europa Hotel; U Fleku Tavern; The Josef Quarter; 221B, Baker Street; Bank of Bohemia; Prague Castle; Hotel Belgrade; Holmes's Paris Hotel; Karlova Street; Jewish Cemetery; Catacombs; Vrchlickeho Park; National Theatre; Franz Josef Station; A Train
Story: Having received a parcel of Liberty gowns, Irene also receives a letter notifying her of an appointment for a personal fitting at Worth's, where she faces down a group of gossips and is summoned before the Queen of Bohemia, who tells her that the King has not consummated their marriage, and asks her help in finding out the problem. When Irene returns to Worth's some days later, she learns that a bead-girl has been murdered there.

She and Nell return home to find that they, and Godfrey, have been summoned by Baron Rothschild, who asks them to investigate rumours that the Golem has returned to Prague. While they prepare for departure, Nell is installed in the workrooms at Maison Worth, but is dismissed before she can learn anything. She travels to Bohemia as Godfrey's secretary, while Irene is to follow after, accompanied by Nell's former charge, Allegra. In Germany, Nell begins to suspect that she and Godfrey are being followed by a man in blue-tinted glasses. They make contact with Rothschild agents in Prague and are taken into the Josef Quarter where they see the Golem.

Holmes and Watson are called to Paris by Worth, after a second seamstress is murdered. Holmes accepts the case, having deduced the involvement of Irene from news reports.
Godfrey and Nell attend a royal reception, at which Irene arrives in disguise, and where they first encounter Tatyana. Irene arranges an audience with the Queen, finding her alone, the King's family having been sent away from Prague. They encounter the King with Tatyana, whom Irene recognises as the Russian spy 'Sable', an associate of Colonel Moran's. Godfrey attends dinner with the King, as emissary of the Rothschilds: Tatyana is present again. Irene sends Godfrey and Nell to interview Tatyana, while she and Allegra take the Queen on a tour of the city.
Holmes believes that the Worth murders are somehow linked to Queen Clotilde, and he and Watson set out for Prague.

Godfrey receives flowers from Tatyana, the Queen's Worth mannequins are taken away by the King, and Irene, Godfrey and Nell break into a rabbi's tomb. The following night, Nell spots Watson at a royal ball, and Godfrey is challenged to a duel by the King. Watson and a man who is possibly Holmes in disguise agree to stand as seconds. A journey into the tunnels beneath the city discovers the secret of the Golem and provides solutions to both Godfrey's and the Queen's problems, and enables Irene to return to the stage. Holmes and Watson serve as the clean-up squad. Nell has an unexpected encounter on the train home.

NOTE: The blue-eyed man in Tatyana's hotel room is Rasputin (see Castle Rouge)

"Dracula on the Rocks" (1995)
Included in:
Celebrity Vampires (Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Irene Adler adventure
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler; The King of Bohemia; (Elderly Woman at Briony Lodge (Penelope Huxtable))
Fictional Characters: Dracula
Historical Figures: Bram Stoker; (Charles Lewis Tiffany)
Other Characters: Penelope Huxleigh; Marylka; Lucinda; Henri; Horst; Violetta; Two Pinkertons Agents
Date: March 3 - May 4, 1886
Warsaw: The Imperial Opera House; Irene's Hotel Room; Lucinda's Dressing Room
Story: In a series of letters to her companion Penelope Huxleigh, Irene tells how as prima donna at the Imperial Opera, Warsaw, she has made friends with an old cleaning woman, Marylka, and the English ingenue, Lucinda, who is in love with the French tenor, Henri; the Crown Prince of Bohemia is her constant escort. Henri asks Irene for help, he feels that Lucinda is being drawn away from him by a foreign nobleman. Later that day, Marylka seems distressed, and gives Irene a rosary and tin crucifix to wear at night, along with some strings of garlic. Irene steps in to try to smooth things over between Lucinda and Henri, but in so doing makes an enemy of Count Dracula.

"The Thief of Twelfth Night" (1996)
Included in:
Holmes for the Holidays (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Carol-Lynn Waugh)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Irene Adler; Elderly Woman at Briony Lodge (Penelope Huxleigh)
Other Characters: Viola DeVere; Sebastian Oliver; Antonia Oliver; Barnaby Oliver; Mrs. Oliver; Olivia Feste; Valentine Feste; Grandmother Oliver; Andrew Oliver; Curio; Maria Fabian
Date: January 5th, 1903 & January 6th, 1883
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Belleforest
Story: Holmes and Watson reminisce about a Christmas spent at Belleforest, home of the Oliver family. During the festivities a jewel, the Epiphany Emerald, disappeared from the partridge's beak where it was displayed. Holmes's investigations among the family members turn up a variety of motives, hidden Christmas cake and stolen items, but there is an altogether more innocent reason for the jewel's disappearance.

NOTE: Most of the characters in this story are named after characters in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

"Mesmerizing Bertie" (1998)
Included in:
Crime Through Time II (Miriam Grace Monfredo & Sharan Newman)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Irene Adler adventure
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler; Elderly Woman at Briony Lodge (Penelope Huxleigh); (Sherlock Holmes; Godfrey Norton; The King of Bohemia; Jefferson Hope)
Historical Figures: W.S. Gilbert ; Edward VII
Other Characters: Penelope Huxleigh; Casanova the Parrot; Christine; Un-named Peer
Autumn, 1882
Irene's Home in Neuilly, France; The Savoy Theatre; Gilbert's Kensington House
Story: Irene tells Nell of her first D'Oyly Carte engagement. At a dinner thrown for the Prince of Wales, Gilbert demonstrates his new telephone by phoning the Savoy Theatre and allowing his guests to listen in to a rehearsal. At the theatre, a chorus member, Christine, is struck over the head with a lead fly-weight and killed - the only witness is Prince Edward who was listening on the telephone at the time the murder occurred. It is up to Irene to try any method she can to get the prince to remember exactly what he heard, and bring the murderer to justice.
"A Baker Street Irregular" (1998)
Included in:
Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives (Carole Nelson Douglas)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by a cat
Canonical Characters: Wiggins; Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Irene Adler; Elderly Woman at Briony Lodge (Penelope Huxtable)
Historical Figures: Sarah Bernhardt
Other Characters: Street Arabs; Midnight the Cat; Otto the Boa Constrictor; Guillotine the Black Panther; Melange & Fifi the Dogs; Absinthe & Malice the Snakes; Pocahontas the Opossum; Charlie Olson
Locations: A London Alley; 221B, Baker Street; Bernhardt's Hotel Room
Story: Wiggins rescues a tormented cat from a gang of street arabs and takes it to Baker Street to see if Holmes and Watson would like to keep it. Sarah Bernhardt arrives, as the cat is being taken to Mrs. Hudson, to consult Holmes about some diamonds, missing from her room. Bernhardt takes the cat, named "Midnight" by Watson, home with her. It is down to the cat to investigate Bernhardt's menagerie and give Holmes a nudge in the direction of the criminal.

Chapel Noir (2001)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Irene Adler adventure, narrated in part by Watson
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler; Elderly Woman at Briony Lodge (Penelope Huxtable); François le Villard; Sherlock Holmes; (Godfrey Norton)
Historical Figures: Jack the Ripper; Nellie Bly {Pink}; Bram Stoker; Baron Alphonse de Rothschild; Edward VII; Baroness Leonora de Rothschild; Buffalo Bill; Red Tomahawk
Other Characters: Yellow Book Narrator; Narrator's Charge; Prefect of Police; Carriage Driver; Man at Brothel; Gendarmes; Prostitutes; Madame Portiere; Brothel Servants; Rothschild's Footmen; Rothschild's Butler; Sophie; Gypsies; Tasarla; Laundryman's Son; Andre; Workmen; Eiffel Gendarmes; Catacombs Victim; Hotel Bristol Footman; Hotel du Louvre Porter; Stoker's Messenger Boy; Booksellers; Children; English Nannies; Morgue Crowds; Charles; Satanists; Morgue Guard; Morgue official; Hotel Bristol Elevator Operator; Bordello Doorman; Hotel du Louvre Chambermaid; Hotel du Louvre Footman; Cab Driver; Cabinetmaker's Assistant; Durand; Passersby; Loungers; Priest; James Kelly; Kelly's Concierge; Cab Driver; Ill-Dressed Man; Waiter; Exposition Crowds; Gypsy Fiddlers; Gypsy Dancers
Date: May 18th, 1889 -
Locations: France; Neuilly-sur-Seine; A Four-Wheeler; Paris; A Brothel in the Rue des Moulins; Rothschild's Carriage; Rue de Saint-Florentin; Champs de Mars; The Eiffel Tower; The Catacombs; Hotel Bristol; Hotel du Louvre; Banks of the Seine; Notre Dame Precincts; The Paris Morgue; A Chapel Beneath Notre Dame; Notre Dame Cathedral; An Omnibus; The Paris Exposition; Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show; A Cab; Durand Frres Cabinetmakers; Kelly's Rooms; A Cab; A Street near the Parc Monceau; A Cellar; A Sewer; Boulevard Montmartre; The Musée Grévin; A Cavern; The Panorama Building; A Carriage; (A Train; The Alps; Prague)
Story: Irene and Nell are summoned to Paris by Le Villard and the Prefect of Police, to question the young American girl, Pink, a witness to a double murder in a bordello. On inspecting the scene of the crime, Irene is reminded of the Ripper murders. Among the bordello clientele, and hence a suspect, is Bram Stoker. Upon leaving the bordello they travel to Rothschild's home where it is revealed that the Prince of Wales was also involved in the incident.

Later, they are summoned back to the bordello by Pink, where an exploration of the cellars reveals, among other clues, that they connect up to the Paris sewers. A further call to Paris by Le Villard reveals another victim in the catacombs below the Eiffel Tower. They are summoned to Holmes's hotel room where he attempts to warn Irene off the case. Irene visits the Paris Morgue with Nell and Bram Stoker, and returns at night with Pink to view the bodies of the three victims. On their return, they are shot at and retreat into the cathedral where they stumble upon a crypt in which dark ceremonies have taken place. Nell is sent to share information with Holmes. A letter arrives from Godfrey in Prague, where there are rumours that the Golem has risen again.

Nell returns to investigate the bordello with Holmes, while Irene and Pink visit Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show at the Paris Exposition to investigate a possible native American connection with the murders. From the bordello they track down James Kelly, a suspect in the original Ripper murders, now in Paris. Irene remains uncertain of Kelly's role in events, and the three women go out in male dress to investigate Paris under ground. What they find there bears marks of the Whitechapel Ripper case, and leads Irene to a wax museum and another body. After learning from Holmes that Kelly has escaped, but still uncertain of his part in the murders, Irene and her companions join Buffalo Bill and Red Tomahawk at the Exposition to hunt down the villains - a hunt that will leave their numbers diminished. Further horror awaits when those remaining return to their hotel.

(The un-named characters in the "From a Yellow Book" chapters are revealed to be Rasputin & Sable / Tatyana in Douglas's sequel, Castle Rouge.)

Castle Rouge (2002)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Irene Adler adventure, narrated in part by Watson
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler; Elderly Woman at Briony Lodge (Penelope Huxtable); François Le Villard; Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mary Morstan; Mrs. Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; King of Bohemia; Clotilde Von Saxe-Meiningen; Colonel Moran
Historical Figures: Jack The Ripper; Nellie Bly; Edward VII; Sarah Bernhardt; Baron de Rothschild; Bram Stoker; Buffalo Bill; Rasputin (Elizabeth Stride; Israel Schwartz; Charles Preston; Catharine Lane; Matthew Packer; William Marshall; PC William Smith; Morris Eagle; Fanny Mortimer; James Brown; Louis Diemschutz)
Other Characters: Red Tomahawk; Rabbi Barshevich; Leska; Mr. Finn; Quentin Stanhope; Liesl; Yuri Chernyshev; Tatyana (Sable); Mignon; Medved; Count Lupescu; Baron Brezová; Tabek, the Laundryman; Father Lupescu; Un-named Woman; Woman in Whitechapel; Men in Whitechapel; Whitechapel Bobby; St. Sulpice's Matron; Working Men's Educational Club Steward; Chernyshev's Victim; Waiter; Train Passengers; Urchin With Newspaper; German Police official; Neukirchen Ticket Seller; Two Bobbies; Ambulance Men; Magyar Horsemen; Gypsies At Castle; Band; Footmen; Fortune Teller; Gypsy Girls; Hotel Waiters; Dwarf; Tatyana's Gypsies; Liveried Serving Man; Chef; Violinists; Brothel Concierge; Madam; Prostitutes; Ticket Taker; Station Guards; Villagers; Worshippers; Accordion Player (Camilla; Soldiers; Baby; Mother)
Date: June, 1889
Locations: Paris: Irene's Hotel Room; Exposition Grounds; Buffalo Bill's Tent; St. Sulpice's Hospital; Notre Dame; Gare Du Nord; A Train.
London: Watson's Paddington House; 221B, Baker Street; Whitechapel; Junction of Fairclough & Berner Streets; The International Working Men's Educational Club; The Briar & Thistle; Berner Street.
Neunkirchen; A Castle in Transylvania
Prague: Railway Station; A Carriage; St. Vitus' Cathedral; An Inn; Fortune Teller's Shop; Irene's Hotel Room; Jewish Cemetary; Rabbi Loew's Tomb; Catacombs; Another Carriage; Prague Castle; A Brothel
Story: With Nell Huxleigh kidnapped by Ripper suspect James Kelly, and her husband Godfrey Norton missing in Prague, Irene starts investigations, with the assistance of reporter, Nellie Bly, to track all three down. Holmes, meanwhile, is reinvestigating the Ripper murders of the previous Autumn in London. During a visit to Whitechapel he tells Watson of his involvement in the murder of Liz Stride.
In Paris Irene hypnotises Leska, a survivor of the black mass witnessed in Chapel Noir, and learns of the involvement of a holy man.

In Whitechapel Holmes tracks down the location of similar underground ceremonies, outside of which they stumble across a victim of a Ripperlike attack. Holmes is able to apprehend the attacker, and Watson to save the victim. Pursuing Kelly across Europe, Irene is not so lucky, and is summoned to the site of another apparent Ripper murder in Neunkirchen, from where she travels on to Prague, joined by Nell's admirer, secret agent Quentin Stanhope. Meanwhile, Nell and Godfrey have been imprisoned in the same unoccupied castle, where Godfrey tells Nell of atrocities in Prague, including the mutilation of a baby.

Bram Stoker arrives in Prague, once again appearing on the scene of a Ripperlike murder, and Godfrey and Nell discover that they are being held captive by Tatyana, the Russian spy also known as 'Sable', who is soon joined by "Tiger" Moran. After Sherlock Holmes refuses to journey to Prague, and the King of Bohemia and a representative of the Rothschilds try to stop her investigations, Irene sets off for Transylvania on horseback. It is Bram Stoker, however, who is first to discover Nell and Godfrey's whereabouts, and after he too is made captive, the three put their escape plan into action. Nell is attacked by Kelly on the way out, but rescue comes from a surprising quarter. They are recaptured and must watch a blasphemous ceremony before their eventual escape.

Femme Fatale (2003)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Irene Adler adventure, narrated in part by Watson & Holmes
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler; Elderly Woman at Briony Lodge (Penelope Huxleigh); Sherlock Holmes; Godfrey Norton; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson
Fictional Characters: (Svengali)
Historical Figures: Nellie Bly; Mary Jane Kennedy; Bram Stoker; Oscar Wilde; John Philip Sousa; (Washington Irving Bishop; Madame Restell)
Other Characters: Madam Zenobia / Sophie Dixon; Mrs. Beale; Timothy "Tiny Tim" Flynn; Phineas LaMar / Professor Marvel; Gordon Evers; Conroy; Carriage Driver; Mrs. Titus; Hansom Driver; Mrs. McGillicuddy; Pickpocket; Pickpocket's Victim; Man in Theatre; Madame Salamandra; Vaudeville Performers; Audience; Irish Policeman; Messenger Boy; Coachman; Mr. Fisher; Ticket-taker; Firemen; Astor House Doorman; Coachman; Gilfoyle's Valet; Gilfoyle's Butler ; Wilhemina Gilfoyle / Wilhelmina Hermann; Phoebe Thumbelina Cummings; Records Clerk; Bill Heron; Daisy; Hansom Drivers; Delmonico's Maitre d'; Delmonico's Waiter; Quentin Stanhope; Astor Bellman; Anna Bryant, the Pig Lady; Edith; Feltman's Waiter; Ferris Wheel Operator; Hansom Driver; Alhambra Audience; Alhambra Orchestra; The Maestro / Dieter Stubben; Delmonico's Waiter; Hansom Driver; Astor House Page Boy; Delmonico's Serving Staff; Mr. Holly; Carriage Driver; (Nell Nelson; Henry Dixey; Sidney Drew; Lambs Club Members; Clay Green; Dr. John Irwin; Dr. Charles C. Lee; Augustus Thomas; Mrs. Bishop; Eleanor Fletcher Bishop; Dr. Ferguson; Dr. Hance; Joseph Rinn; Abyssinia; The Woman in Black; Eliza Gilbert)
Date: August, 1889
Locations: New York; Neuilly-sur-Seine; 221B, Baker Street; A Transatlantic Liner; The Astor House Hotel; 12, West 35th Street; Union Square; A Wharf in New York Harbour; Flynn's Boarding House; The New 14th Street Theatre; Marvel's Rooms; Gilfoyle's Mansion on Fifth Avenue & 51st Street; Thumbelina's Rooms; Registry Office; Holmes's 14th Street Boarding House; Fifth Avenue & 26th Street; Delmonico's; Fifth Avenue; Hoboken; Bryant's House; Brooklyn; Coney Island; New York City Library; A Park; Alhambra Theatre; Green-Wood Cemetery; (The Lambs Club; Hawkes Funeral Parlour, Sixth Avenue)
Story: A medium is killed at a séance attended by Nellie Bly. Irene receives a visit from Sherlock Holmes, and word comes from Nellie Bly that someone is trying to kill Irene's mother, although Irene denies having a mother.

Nell and Irene travel to New York to investigate, visiting the scene of the séance murder. Bly also brings Holmes to New York to investigate. Attending a performance by the dead woman's sister in a vaudeville theatre, Irene and Nell save her from burning to death. Nell learns that Irene spent her childhood years as a vaudeville performer. They learn details of a previous death, and are unable to save Salamandra from a second attempt on her life. Irene begins interviewing the vaudeville performers with whom she spent her childhood, and learns of a woman in black who was frequently seen around the theatres, paying special attention to the children.

Further investigation reveals the woman may have been Madame Restell, the notorious abortionist. Eventually Irene locates the Maestro, the man responsible for training her as a singer, and begins to relearn the forgotten secrets of her past, and unravel the links to the New York murderer.

Spider Dance (2004)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Irene Adler adventure, narrated by Lola Montez; Penelope Huxleigh; Nellie Bly & Sherlock Holmes
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler; Elderly Woman at Briony Lodge (Penelope Huxleigh); Sherlock Holmes; Godfrey Norton
Historical Figures: Lola Montez; Nellie Bly; Alva Vanderbilt; William K. Vanderbilt; James Gordon Bennett, Jr.; Bishop Henry Potter; August Belmont; Lotta Crabtree; Joseph Pulitzer; Mary Donnelly; Mary Jane Cochrane; Consuelo Vanderbilt; (Joseph Pulitzer; Ludwig I of Bavaria; Alexandre Dujarier; Prince Jung Bahadoor; Victor Mabille; M. Roux; George Heald; Susanna Heald; William Bennett; James Gordon Bennett; Michael 'Miska' Hauser; Patrick Hull; Robert Roy Hamilton; Eva Hamilton; Baby
; Joshua Mann; Mrs T. Anna Swinton; Rev. Francis L. Hawks; Bishop Horatio Potter; Mary Ann Crabtree; John Crabtree; Frank Folland; Junius Booth; William Walker; Alexandre Dumas, pre; Alexandre Dumas, fils)
Other Characters: New York World Staff; Walters; Broadhurst; Charles Wilson; Quentin Stanhope; Astor House Waiter; Vanderbilt's Maid; Vanderbilt's Footman; Astor House Serving Man; Vanderbilt's Carriage Driver; Bellevue Guide; Herald Reporter; Davis; Mr Wheems; Hansom Driver; Cab Driver; Professor Marvel; Edith; Urchins; Margaret; Lord Courtenay; Hungry Joe; Archie; Vanderbilt Mansion Watcher; Man Outside Episcopal Club; Brentano's Clerk; Cab Driver; Astor House Doorman; Episcopal Butler; Episcopal Maid; Father Edmonds; Mrs Kelly; Astor House Messenger Boy; Episcopal Club Lounger's & Peddler's; Episcopal Club Trio; Prisoner; Delmonico's Mâitre d'hôtel; Waiter; Bellevue Nurse; Youth; Boys; Woman; Cab Driver; Fifth Avenue Desk Clerk; Hack Driver; Holmes's Hotel Elevator Operator; Holmes's Neighbour; Hotel Staff; Hotel Guest; Cab Driver; Gurney Driver; Bellevue Day Nurse; Fifth Avenue Elevator Operator; Astor Messenger Boy; Gurney Driver; Miss Bristol; Reede; Hansom Driver; Reisling; Mr Mayberry; Gurney Driver; Woodcutter; Baker; Doctor; Baby; Orphanage Woman; Pinkertons Agents; Anna, the Pig Lady; Street Thieves; Rescuers; Hansom Driver; (Mr. Belmont; Munich Mob; Alemannia; Würtz; Chief Light in the Clouds; Gold Miners; Aspinwall Hotel Manager; Newspaper Men; Mr Middleton; Mr Milne; Hamilton's Guests; Waiter; W.H. Flippens)
Date: 1847 / August 1889 / Winter 1860
Locations: New York; Astor House Hotel; New York World Offices; Holmes's Hotel; Vanderbilt's Carriage; 660, Fifth Avenue; Bellevue Hospital; Herald Square; New York Herald Offices; Tearoom; Park Row; Marvel's Rooms; The Episcopal Club; The Rialto; Brentano's Literary Emporium; 194, West Seventeenth Street; Theatre; Delmonico's; Warehouse; Saloon; Mother Hubbard's Home; Bly's Eighty-Sixth Street Brownstone; Fifth Avenue Hotel; The Battery; Broadway; Abattoir; Maison d'Orée; Staten Island; Vanderbilt Mausoleum; Aboard the Alsatia; (Munich; Philadelphia; Paris; New Orleans; Aboard the Philadelphia; Aspinwall; Gorgona; Panama City; Cocoa Grove Hotel; San Francisco; American Theatre; Atlantic City; Noll Cottage; Grass Valley; Rabbit Creek; Australia; Aboard the June A. Falkenberg; Sacramento; Nicaragua)
Story: Irene resolves to stay in America to investigate further the identity of her mother. Holmes is summoned to the Vanderbilt mansion, where a stranger has been crucified on the billiard table, with no footprints in the room to indicate how he got there. Vanderbilt has received several threatening letters demanding restitution for some unexplained trespass. Irene, following Holmes, hoping for a clue to her parentage, also sees the body. Irene looks for an obituary of the woman Holmes has hinted is her mother in the New York Herald's archives, but fails to find one. From Professor Marvel she learns that the woman was Lola Montez (whose memoirs appear throughout the novel).

Holmes sets up a network of street urchins to assist in watching the Vanderbilt Mansion, and follows a man to the Episcopal Club. Nell sets to decoding Madame Restell's book detailing abortions and adoptions, and worries about Quentin's association with Bly who is investigating a scandal in Atlantic City. Irene's researches into Lola's background reveal that the man on Vanderbilt's billiard table was Father Hawks, Lola's confessor, who believed her jewels had been stolen after her death.

In a room once lived in by Lola, Irene and Nell make a discovery, but learn that they are not the first to have looked for it. They learn more of Lola's past from Lotta Crabtree. Holmes rescues a second victim. Bly inveigles Quentin to pose as her husband while she investigates a baby-selling ring. Irene disappears while on a stakeout and Nell joins with Holmes to search for her. Godfrey arrives from Bavaria where he has carried out his own researches into Montez after receiving a telegram from Irene. He, Holmes and Nell pool their information and realise that the roots of the case may lie in the politics of Bavaria. Holmes agrees to set himself up as bait to draw out the villains, but a kidnapping at the Vanderbilt mansion forestalls the plan. After an escape from a slaughterhouse, it becomes a race between Holmes and Irene to bring the case to its conclusion.