A listing of Sherlockian Pastiche anthologies with their contents.

Charlie Adams, Gareth Hale & Norman Pace

Falsies: Forged Diaries of the Famous

Dr Watson

Victor Ambrus

Dracula's Bedtime Storybook

Humpty Dumpty: Did He Fall? Or Was He Pushed!

Kingsley Amis

Collected Short Stories

The Darkwater Hall Mystery

Poul Anderson

Earthman's Burden

The Adventure of the Misplaced Hound


Guardians of Time

Time Patrol

The Queen of Air and Darkness

The Queen of Air and Darkness

Time and Stars

Eve Times Four

Mike Ashley

The Mammoth Book of Historical Detectives

The Phantom Pistol - Jack Adrian

The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits

The Locked Tomb Mystery - Elizabeth Peters
The Case of the Deptford Horror - Adrian Conan Doyle
Five Rings in Reno - R.L. Stevens

The Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Adventures

The Very First Affair - Johan Heliot

A.A. Attanasio


Sherlock Holmes and Basho

Desmond Bagley (Introduced by)

Crime Wave

The Case of the Baker Street Dozen - Arthur Douglas

Allan Barnard

The Harlot Killer

Jack el Destripador - Anonymous (trans. Anthony Boucher)

Adrian Berry

Ice With Your Evolution

Elemental, My Dear Watson

Ruskin Bond

Rusty Goes to London

The Stolen Daffodils

Agatha Christie

Partners in Crime

The Affair of the Pink Pearl
The Case of the Missing Lady

Comic Book Artists Guild


Repercussions - Dwight Baldwin & J.M. DeSantis

Joe Cooper

The Case of the Cottingley Fairies

The Case of the Yorkshire Fairies

Arthur Byron Cover

The Platypus of Doom and Other Nihilists

The Clam of Catastrophe

David Stuart Davies

The Shadows of Sherlock Holmes

The Stolen Cigar Case - Bret Harte

Colin Dexter

Morse's Greatest Mystery

A Case of Mis-Identity

Carole Nelson Douglas

Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives

A Baker Street Irregular - Carole Nelson Douglas

F.P. Dunne

Observations by Mr Dooley

Sherlock Holmes

P.N. Elrod

Dracula in London

"Places for Act Two!" - Bradley H. Sinor

Barry Forshaw

Crime Time #26: The Sherlock Holmes Issue

Starring Sherlock Holmes - David Stuart Davies
Sherlock Holmes: The E-Tective
A Study in Scarlet: An Introduction - David Stuart Davies
The Private Files of Mycroft Holmes - Kim Newman
David Pirie: Before Sherlock Holmes - Barry Forshaw
Holmes on DVD - Barry Forshaw
Sherlock Holmes and the Modern Mystery Writer - Martin Edwards
The Adventure of the Invested Fortune - Mike Ashley
Sherlock Holmes on Television - Charles Waring
Confessions of a Holmes-Hater - Natasha Cooper
Holmes' Rivals' Arrival - Jhn Kennedy Melling

Stephen Fry


The Adventure of the Laughing Jarvey

William M. Gaines

The Brothers Mad

Shermlock Shomes in The Hound of the Basketballs - Bill Elder

Graeme Garden & Bill Oddie

I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again

Jack the Ripper

Michael Green

Don't Swing from the Balcony, Romeo

My Dear Holmes

Martin H. Greenberg

Celebrity Vampires

Dracula on the Rocks - Carole Nelson Douglas
A Singular Event on a Night in 1912 - Roman A. Ranieri

Martin H. Greenberg & John Helfers

Villains Victorious

The Specter of Tullyfane Abbey - Peter Tremayne

Leslie Halliwell

The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes

The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes

Herbert Harris

John Creasey's Crime Collection 1982

The World According to Uncle Albert - Penelope Wallace

Maxim Jakubowski

The Best British Mysteries 2006

The Lady Downstairs - Christopher Fowler
A Shambles in Belgravia - Kim Newman
The Spy's Retirement - John Courtenay Grimwood
Ten Lords A-Leaping - Jake Arnott

Crime Yellow

The Woman of Goodwill - Robert Richardson

The Mammoth Book of Comic Crime

A Double-Barreled Detective Story - Mark Twain
The Lion of Draksville - Julian Rathbone
The Great Detective (Sound Alibi) - Peter Guttridge
"It's Clever, but is it Art?" - M.J. Trow

The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper Stories

The Simple Procedure - Paul Freeman

New Crimes

"It's Clever, but is it Art?" - M.J. Trow

Miles Kington

Welcome to Kington

Twentieth Century Holmes

John Lennon

A Spaniard in the Works

The Singularge Experience of Miss Anne Duffield

J.M. & Randy Lofficier

Tales of the Shadowmen 1: The Modern Babylon

The Vanishing Devil - Win Scott Eckert
The Three Jewish Horsemen - Viviane Etrivert
The Sainte-Geneviève Caper - Alain le Bussy

Tales of the Shadowmen 2: Gentlemen of the Night

The Eye of Oran - Win Scott Eckert
Be Seeing You! - Xavier Mauméjean
The Vanishing Diamonds - Sylvie Miller & Philippe Ward
Angels of Music - Kim Newman

Tales of the Shadowmen 5: The Vampires of Paris

The Tarot of the Shadowmen - Michelle Bigot
A Matter Without Gravity - Alain le Bussy
The Most Exciting Game - Xavier Mauméjean
A Root That Beareth Gall and Worms - Jess Nevins
The Dynamics of an Asteroid - John Peel
The Milkman Cometh - Stuart Shiffman

Leonard Matthews

Thrilling Detection & Mystery Stories

Danny Jones and the Great Detective

Miriam Grace Monfredo & Sharan Newman

Crime Through Time

Mrs Hudson's Case - Laurie R. King
Exit Centre Stage - M.J. Trow

Crime Through Time II

Mesmerizing Bertie - Carole Nelson Douglas

Eric Morecambe & Ernie Wise

The Morecambe & Wise Special

The Whitechapel Murders: A Tale of Sheerluck Holmes and Dr Witsend

E.O. Parrott

How To Become Ridiculously Well-Read in One Evening

The Hell-Hound - Joyce Johnson

Imitations of Immortality

The Adventure of the Diamond Necklace - G.F. Forrest
The Adventure of the Two Collaborators - J.M. Barrie

Barry Perowne

Raffles of the Albany

The Victory Match
The Baskerville Match

Julia Remine Piggin


Sherlock Holmes Reincarnated?

Daniel Pinkwater

4 Fantastic Novels

The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror

5 Novels

The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death

Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis

Instant Library

The Adventure of 221C

Ellery Queen

The Female of the Species

Solo Job - Paul Gallico

Masks of Mystery

Give Me Lib or Give Me Death - Rod Reed

The Queen's Awards 1946

The Final Problem - Bliss Austin


A Multitude of Sins

A Story for which the World Is Now Prepared - Jacob Hay
Five Rings in Reno - R.L. Stevens

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

January 1960

My Dear Uncle Sherlock - Hugh Pentecost

February 1968

The Baker Street Irregulars Murder Case - Henry T. Parry
The Disappearance of Whistler's Mother - Robert L. Fish

July 1975

Raffles on the Trail of the Hound - Barry Perowne
The Adventure of the Odd Lotteries - Robert L. Fish
Detectiverse: On the Heel of an Archvillain - Mark Grenier

September 1977

The Landlady's Journal - Sonora Morrow
Detectiverse: Sure-Lock Holmes - Barbara Yarbury Filan

January 1982

A Case of Identity - Jack Ritchie

February 1993

The Adventure of the Solitary Bride - Norma Schier
The Adenture of the Boing! Ritual - Norma Schier

February 2000

The Adventure of the Cipher in the Sand - Edward D Hoch
Shaggy Dog - Dennis Upper

February 2001

Stately Homes and the Invisible Slasher - Arthur Porges
And Many Happy Returns, Mr. Holmes!

Robert J. Randisi

First Cases Volume 2

Parris Green - Carole Nelson Douglas

Ian Robinson

The Rupert Annual: 75th Anniversary Edition

Rubert and the Pharaoh's Treasure

Fred Saberhagen

Saberhagen: My Best

The Adventure of the Metal Murderer
From the Tree of Time

Lou Silverstone & Jack Rickard

The Mad Book of Mysteries

Shamus Homes: The Return of the Ripper

Bradley H. Sinor

Dark and Stormy Nights

The Adventure of the Other Detective

Eleanor Sullivan

Ellery Queen's Prime Crimes

The Adventure of the Oval Window - John H. Dirckx

Julian Symons

The Great Detectives

How a Hermit Was Disturbed in His Retirement

The Man Who Hated Television

Did Sherlock Holmes Meet Hercule P-----?

James Thurber

Thurber on Crime

The Case Book of James Thurber

Peter Tremayne

An Ensuing Evil

The Affray at the Kildare Street Club
The Specter of Tullyfane Abbey
The Siren of Sennen Cove
The Kidnapping of Mycroft Holmes
A Study in Orange

Peter Vincent & Barry Cryer

Russ Abbot's Fun Book

Barrett Holmes and the Red-Headed Mystery - Paul Minett & Brian Leveson
The Armchair Mystery - Joel Morris & Jason Smith
20 Things You Never Knew About Barrett Holmes

Howard Waldrop

Night of the Cooters

The Adventure of the Grinder's Whistle