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This parody appeared in the Box Butte County, Nebraska Alliance Herald in 1911. As far as I am aware it has not been republished since then.




We stood outside of the door. Holmes stopped fiddling, took an injection cf bensile and after examining the doormat with a spectroscope, said: "There's been an old woman here named Jones who wore a wig and blue glasses and carried a skye terrier named Dido. She is deaf in her left ear, Watson."

"Marvelous!" I exclaimed.

"That isn't all. She has had asthma twice this year, her brother-in-law conducts a Correspondence School in Birmingham and has a note coming due on Tuesday. He is a Swede and is crosseyed, a plumber by trade but is a judge of pickles."

"You're some detective! But don't I smell smoke?"

"Yes," replied Holmes. "On closer examination I perceive the house to be on fire from cellar to garret. We must look into this, Watson! Kindly call a hansom and we will notify the fire department. There's mystery here. This fire started in the ice-box on the roof!"

The secret of Holmes' great penetration is now solved. lt has been discovered that he always had a confederate on the job. This man's name Is now known to be Conan Doyle.

The Alliance Herald, 11 May 1911


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