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The parodies and pastiches listed below are all, as far as I know, being made available here for the first time since their original publication.


Robinson's Daughter (Anonymous)
Ally Sloper's Half Holiday, 19 March


Distinguished People Interviewed by A. Sloper - Dr. A. Conan Doyle (Anonymous)
Ally Sloper's Half Holiday, 22 July


Sherlock Holmes Again (Van Clupper)
Western Mail, 7 November


Sherlock Holmes Baffled (J.C. Ochiltree)
Indianapolis Journal, 14 April

Solved by Sherlock Holmes (Anonymous)
Evening Star, 12 October

Bearlock Bones (Anonymous)
Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail, 16 November; Hampshire Telegraph, 23 November


The Private Detective (Anonymous)
Leighton Buzzard Observer and Linslade Gazette 14 Jul 1896; Burnley Gazette 19 May 1897


Sherlock Holmes in Town (Cascarine advertisement)
The Minneapolis Journal, 2 March

A Study in Fiction (M.C. Stretch)
Daily Chieftain (Vinita, Oklahoma), 13 April

Sherlock Holmes's Latest (Anonymous)
Northampton Mercury, 15 November

Stories of the Street (Anonymous)
Saint Paul Globe, 10 December


The Great Detective Takes Up the Hayseed Clue and In the Mountains (Anonymous)
Crittenden Press (Marion, Kentucky), 16 October


Anecdotes That Might Have Been: William Gillette and Vesuvius (John Kendrick Bangs)
St Louis Republic, 3 January

Imaginary Interview with Sherlock Holmes (Guisard)
San Francisco Call, 15 March

Charlock Coombs, A London Detective in Clarksburg (John G. Gittings)
Clarksburg Daily Telegram, 5 December
(Due to the nature of the racial portrayals in this parody, I have decided not to include the text here.)


The Fatal Chord (Albert Payson Terhune)
Chapter 1: The Evening World, 4 April
Chapter 2: The Evening World, 5 April
Chapter 3: The Evening World, 6 April
Chapter 4: The Evening World, 7 April
Chapter 5: The Evening World, 8 April
Chapter 6: The Evening World, 9 April
Chapter 7: The Evening World, 11 April
Chapter 8: The Evening World, 12 April
Chapter 9: The Evening World, 13 April
Chapter 10: The Evening World, 14 April
Chapter 11: The Evening World, 15 April
Chapter 12: The Evening World, 16 April

Mrs Sherlock Holmes (John Kendrick Bangs)
from The Personal Recollections of Father Time
The St Paul Globe, 29 May

Some Sherlock Holmes Dope (Anonymous)
Arizona Republican, 9 October


Dilly and His Uncle Discuss the Sherlock Holmes Method of Detection (Campbell Mac Culloch)
Willmar Tribune, 28 February; St Tammany Farmer, 24 March; Colfax Chronicle, 7 April


Sherlock Holmes in Columbia (Herman Hoelke)
University Missourian, 17 October


Sherlock Bones, Editor (Anonymous)
New York Sun, 16 January


The Case of the Missing Name Plates (A. Donan Coyle)
University Missourian, 21 February

The Return of Sherlock Holmes (Walt McDougall)
The Alliance Herald, 11 May


The Adventure of the Lost Baby (Carolyn Wells)
The Evening Star (Washington DC), 23 February

1915 - 1917

Sheerluck Bones series, 1915-1917


The Provost's Chain (Alistair MacIan)
Montrose, Arbroath and Brechin Review, 25 February


The Mystery of the Stolen Pet (Berton Braley)
The Seattle Star, 29 September


Are You There? (Neal R. O'Hara)
New York Evening World, 19 April


The Return of Donan Coyle (Sugatel)
Belshill Speaker, 18 March


The Clue of the Six Pips (Sir A. Roastan Boil)
Lincolnshire Echo, 19 December

1900 - 1941

Jokes, Anecdotes & Short Parodies, 1900-1941