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H.F. Heard

"The Enchanted Garden" (1949)
Included in:
The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)

Story Type:
Detectives: Mr Mycroft & Sydney Silchester
Other Characters: Hetty Hess; Bookseller; Hiram Hess, Jr.
Locations: Southern California; Mr Mycroft's Home; A Taxi; Hess's Hummingbird Gardens; A Garbage Heap
Story: Having read of the death of Hetty Hess of complications from a fall several weeks earlier in her garden, Mr Mycroft takes Silchester to the garden in question, a bird sanctuary devoted entirely to hummingbirds. During their walk round the garden Mr Mycroft takes a fall himself, and on the way home stops at a garbage heap to pick up some brightly coloured paper. The next day he insists they return to the garden where they meet Hess, the owner, who asks them to pose for a publicity photo on the bridge, Silchester in a cloak of feathers with a flower behind his ear. As he poses, something seems to flash in his face, and he falls over the bridge to be caught by the leg and hauled back by Mr Mycroft. A nest box, an absence of red flowers, a fountain, and a new strain of typhus bacteria help point towards a solution to the murder.

"Mr Montalba, Obsequist" (1945)
Included in:
The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sebastian Wolfe)
Story Type:
Detectives: Mr. Mycroft & Sydney Silchester
Other Characters: Mr Montalba; Montalba's Servant; Aristide Sibon; Junior Obsequist ; Taximan; Magnifique Reception Clerk; Sibon's Valet; Dr Armstrong; Plainclothes-man; (Hotel Chief of Staff)
Locations: Montalba's Mansion; Mycroft's Hotel; Hotel Magnifique
Story: Silchester calls on Montalba, who shows him his obsequarium, where, using the German Aeternitas technique, the dead are preserved as they were in life, only more plasticky. He asks to see the body of Mr Sibon, a criminal who had been facing extradition proceedings prior to his death, which he's shown sitting, statue-like, in a chair. He reports back to Mr Mycroft, who had been ready to bring Sibon to justice when he died. The following day Mycroft visits Montalba. He drops his glasses while viewing the body, and takes to his microscope on his return to their hotel. He makes a visit to the dead man's hotel room, chases his valet, witnesses Sibon die a second death, and reveals a plot involving catalepsy, trances and double identities.
The Notched Hairpin (1949)
Story Type:
Detectives: Mr. Mycroft & Sydney Silchester
Other Characters: Inspector Sark; Jane; Mrs Sprigg; Mr Millum; Mr Sankey; The Notting Hill Nucleus; Limey; William Crofts; Odysseus Kaled Johnstone
Farmers; Ladies of Uncertain Age; Armenian Drug Trafficker; Alsatian Arms Trafficker; Notting Hill Nucleus Secretary; Johnstone's Chauffeur; Sankey's Young Friends; Chauffeur; Footman; Art Dealer; Auctioneer; (Mr Timmins; Sankey's Doctor; Vicar; Sankey's Cook; Millum's Uncle; Sankey's Lawyer; Hotel Boots; Hotel Clerk)
Date: Spring
Locations: London; Mr Mycroft's House; A Train; Shropshire; Station; Twibury; Sankey's House; Millum's House; Chelsea; Bloomsbury; Notting Hill; Auction House
Story: Mr Mycroft receives a pocket-knife through the post, and announces to Silchester that they are going to take a holiday in one of two twin houses built in 1760 in Twibury. As they tour the property, Silchester becomes awar that the house agent is discussing a suicide or murder that occurred on the property with Mr Mycroft. The owner, Mr Sankey, died in the bower in his garden, that had recemtly been pruned by his neighbour, Mr Millum. Sankey's talkative maid claims that she heard the garden gate open just prior to the murder, but the evidence of accumulated petals and mud suggests that it cannot have been opened in some time. Mr Mycroft reveals that the murder weapon, the knife he had received that morning, was actually an ornate hairpin in the shape of halberd. He examines a copy of Suetonius, left in the house by Millum, that Sankey was eading at the time of his death, and then is given a tour of Millum's house. Mr Mycroft is quick to ascertain the "Who" and the "How" of the murder and allows the killer to explain the "Why", which hinges on the history of The Notting Hill Nucleus "a dining club for queer guests", and involvement in the slave trade, before elucidating on the "How" of bot the execution and the detection for Silchester's benefit.

Reply Paid (1942)
Story Type:
Detectives: Mr. Mycroft & Sydney Silchester
Other Characters: Thomas Intil; Miss Brown; Elsie; Mexican Worshippers; Instrument Store Customers; Miss Delamere; John Kerson; Dead Man; Red-Cap; Station Crowd; Taxi Driver; Utah Guide
(Silchester's Father; Instrument Demonstrator; Instrument Store Manager; Blue Feather; Samuel Sanderson; Dentist; Dr Innes; Intil's Doctor)
Locations: Los Angeles, Silchester's Office; Cortegna Cottage; Church of the Angels; Drugstore; Railway Station; A Train; The Desert; A Cav; Restaurant; 10272 Chellean Drive; Mycroft's House; Utah; Canyon of the Great White Throne
Story: Intil brings Silchester, now living in the United States, a message to decode. Silchester takes him to Miss Brown, a fellow decoder and medium, whose trance reveals a cage wth a thin bird in it. Some months later, Silchester runs into Mr Mycroft, who is involved in a dangerous case involving Intil, who disappeared after his meeting with Silchester. Mycroft sets Silchester the task of watching for Intil at a shop that sells scientific instruments. They spot Intil buying a superfine gravimetric detector, but lose him again. Mycroft tells Silchester about a signal received by the device, only at night, about which nothing is known except that it is a signal the device detects.
Purchasing a similar detector, they set out for the desert in pursuit of Intil.

In the desert, with the assistance of Mycroft's associate, Kerson, they follow a trail that leads to a desiccated body. A month later, Mycroft has identified the body through one of its teeth, and he and Silchester search the house of the dead man, an old prospector, with an archaeoogical library, and discover another copy of Intil's message. Silchester is surprised when Intil appears in his office again, with the rest of the message to decode, and Miss Brown gives another spiritual reading. Shortly afterwards, Silchester learns that Miss Brown, with whom Intil had corresponded by mail about a possible private reading, is dead of flu.

Silchester receives a message from Intil with a reply-paid return envelope, which Mr Mycroft prevents him from sealing. Kerson's story about a greenhorn shooting and examinig anthrax-infected ground squirrels has put Mycroft on the path to uncovering the true cause of Miss Brown's death. Kerson shows up with another copy of the message for Silchester to decrypt. Intil is struck down by his own weapon of death. Mycroft reveals that the message includes references to Stonehenge and the Number of the Beast, which lead ultimately to a location in Utah, where they find melted lumps of silica surrounding a crater, and another body.

A Taste for Honey (1941)
Story Type:
Detectives: Mr. Mycroft & Sydney Silchester
Other Characters: Mr. Heregrove; Mrs. Heregrove; Alice; Villagers; Mrs. Simpkins; Dr. Jones; Old Smith; Constable Bob Withers; Colonel Treaves; (Mrs. Brown; Dr. Able; Coroner; Alice's Young Man; Alf the Milkman)
Locations: Ashton Clearwater; The Heregrove's House; Silchester's House; Waller's Lane; Mycroft's House; Treaves' House
Story: The woman from whom Silchester buys honey, Mrs. Heregrove, is stung to death by bees. He remembers that, the first time he encountered her, he overheard her arguing with her husband, apparently over money. His search for a new honey source leads him to Mr. Mycroft, the retired detective turned beekeeper, who shows him a dead Italian bee - one of a swarm which attacked his hives and killed his dog - with an abnormally large stinger and deadly venom. He suggests that the Clearwaters had bred the bees to destroy the hives of other local beekeepers, and so corner the market in honey. He reveals that he has a way of preventing the bees from attacking, and asks to accompany Silchester on his next visit to Heregrove.
Silchester, resenting his presumption, refuses.

A month later he learns that Heregrove is producing honey again and visits him alone. While there, Heregrove asks his help in applying an antiseptic-soaked bandage to a cut finger. The following day, Silchester is attacked by the bees. He sends for Mr. Mycroft, and together they call on Heregrove. Mycroft acquires further evidence of Heregrove's schemes, but, realising that the law will not touch him, they decide that they must take justice into their own hands. After events have run their course, Mycroft tells Silchester, "Mycroft is only one of my family names...I have used [it] because my full name was once pretty widely known, and I wanted, when I retired, to be quiet and unmolested", although Silchester fails to recognise his real name.

Carl L. Heifetz

"The Adventure of the Poison Tea Epidemic" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part II: 1890-1895 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Thurston; (Mary Morstan; King of Scandinavia; Mrs Hudson; Billy; Hilton Soames; Mycroft Holmes)
Other Characters: Messenger; Club Servants; Commissionaire Bracket; Edith Bracket; Aunt Teresa; Cabbie; Bart's Doctors; Nurse; Mrs Bracket; Bracket's Son; Bracket's Daughter; Mr Singh; Mr Riley; Mr Addison; Jonathon; Train Conductor; Marble Arch Orators; Tea Room Footman; Tea Shop Little Old Ladies; Mr Brooks; Valets; John Alexander; Sir James Green; Waiter; (Bracket's Doctor; Holmes's Courier; Tea Merchant; Alexander's Cook; Mrs Alexander; Holmes's Attorney)
Date: April, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; Watson's Club; Bart's; Bracket's Rooms; University Town; A Train; Marble Arch; The West End; Paldinium Tea Room
After tending to Commissionaire Bracket's youngest daughter Edith, who has contracted pneumonia, Watson discovers that the commissionaire's wife and his other two children have also been brought to Bart's, having drunk poisoned tea. Watson summons Holmes to investigate. After carrying out an analysis of the tea, Holmes takes Watson to the university town of The Three Students, near which a field of cattle have died of ergot poisoning. Returning t London, he calls a meeting at a tea house, which leads to restitution and a family reunion.

Johan Heliot

"The Very First Affair" (2005)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Adventures (Mike Ashley & Eric Brown)
Story Type: Science Fiction
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Mycroft Holmes; Dr Watson; (Sherlock Holmes)
Fictional Characters: Passepartout; Phileas Fogg; Mr Fix; Aouda Jejeebhoy; Fantômas; Fu Manchu; Dr Arliss Loveless; (Colonel Stamp Proctor; Captain Nemo; James West; Jérôme Fandor)
Other Characters: Mongolia Captain; Captain's Guests; Rangoon Employee; Opium Den Chinese Man; Opium Smoker; Fogg's Brother; Sioux Braves; (Reform Club Members; Reform Club Servant)
Wednesday 2 October, 1872 - ?
Locations: A Train; The Mongolia; India; The Rangoon; Singapore; Hong Kong; The General Grant; Nebraska;
Story: Passepartout narrates the true events behind Around the World in Eighty Days:

Passepartout, a French Information Services operative is assigned to Fogg as his first mission. The Reform Club, from which Fogg's journey began, are involved in attempts to contact the spirit world. Aboard the train through Europe, Passepartout sees Fogg disappear into an empty compartment. Aboard the ship to Bombay, Fogg disappears from inside his own locked cabin. In a temple in Singapore, Passepartout witnesses the materialisation of Fogg's brother. After being rescued from the Sioux in Nebraska, Passepartout sees another brother appear and learns Fogg's true identity, nature and criminal intent, and the origin of his "brothers". The story ends with Passepartout's revelation of his own real identity.

O. Henry

"The Adventures of Shamrock Jolnes" (1911)
Included in:
The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye); Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches I: 1910-1914 (Bill Peschel); A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press); The Misadventures Of Sherlock Holmes (Ellery Queen)
Story Type:
Detectives: Shamrock Jolnes & Whatsup
Other Characters: Rheingelder; Women On Streetcar; Major Winfield R. Ellison
Locations: USA; New York; Headquarters; A Streetcar; A Café
Story: Jolnes deduces that Whatsup has had elecricity installed in his house, from his cigar; that he must buy flour, from a string tied around his own finger; what Rheingelder of City Hall had for breakfast, from egg on his shirt; and the background of Major Winfield R. Ellison of Fairfax County, Virginia, from the fact of his sitting on a streetcar, his boutonnire, and a smell of mint.

"The Sleuths" (1911)
Included In:
I Believe in Sherlock Holmes (Douglas G. Greene); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler); Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches I: 1910-1914 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type: Parody
Sherlockian Detective: Shamrock Jolnes
Other Characters: Mr Meeks; Policeman; Mulberry Street Police Chief; Detective Mullins; Juggins; (Mary Snyder; Clark / Kralk Family; Milkman; Grocer's Boy)
Locations: USA; New York; Tenement Block in a Crowded Neighbourhood; Police Headquarters; Mulberry Street Police Station; Waldorf Hotel; Branch Advertising Office; Jolnes's Apartment; 12 Avenue C; Juggins's Offices
Meeks comes to New York from the West to find his sister, Mary Snyder, but is told that she moved out of her apartment more than a month ago. After the police prove useless, Meeks consults Shamrock Jolnes whose deductions after examining Mary's apartment lead to a dead end at a boarding-house on Avenue C. Jolnes advises Meeks to consult Juggins, one of the modern school of detectives.

"The Last Visitor" (2017)
Included in:
Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Extra-Canonical Adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Colonel Sebastian Moran; Sherlock Holmes; (Inspector Lestrade; Dr Watson; Baker Street Irregular)
Other Characters: Edward Maturin; Angelo Lorenzoni; Lucrecia Lorenzoni; Moriarty's Carriage Driver; Stevedores; (Moriarty's Servants; Police Officers; Moriarty's Agent; Duke; Duchess)
Date: 28th September - ?
Locations: Prison; Lucrecia's Studio; Moriarty's House; House of Lorenzoni; Ottoman Quay
Story: Moriarty and Moran discover the murder of Lucrecia Lornzoni, an artist who works for Moriarty, and her art broker brother, Angelo. Moriarty sets Moran to observe Holmes's investigation of the murders so that he can exact his revenge on the killer.

Morris Hershman

"The Adventure of the Devil's Father" (1996)
Included in:
The Great Detective: His Further Adventures (Gary Lovisi)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Colonel (Phineas) Warburton; Baker Street Page; (Mycroft Holmes)
Other Characters: Violet Warburton; (Trevor Warburton; Villagers; Principal Warder of Dartmoor)
Date: December

Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Train; Surrey; Casshire
Holmes is asked by Watson's old war colleague, Warburton, to issue a warning to his adopted son, Trevor, who is shortly to be released from Dartmoor, and whom he fears intends harm towards his extravagant wife, Violet. Holmes visits Violet, who believes that Trevor is innocent, and intends her no harm. When they hear of Trevor's release from prison, Holmes and Watson travel back to Surrey to prevent a crime.

John Heywood

"The King of Diamonds" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part I: 1881-1889 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Mrs Hudson)
Other Characters: Maria Oblonsky; Carre Castle Maid; Inspector Shaw; Shaw's Constable; Meades; Lord Henry; Walter Willoughby; Peake Aubrey; Mrs Olds; Kitchen Maid; Police Sergeant; Peter Oblonsky; Gardeners; Carre Castle Carpenter; Griggs; Truman; Trap Driver; Marquess's Man; Marquess of Ambleside; (Sir William Voigt; General Sir Arthur Lamb; General Oliphant; Police Surgeon; Sir Lumsden Grey; Hugo Mainwaring; Ralph Mainwaring; Wilkins)
Date: Early October, 1888
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Norfolk; Carre Castle; Carre; Police Station
Story: W
hen diamond mine owner Sir William Voigt is poisoned while staying at Carre Castle in Norfolk, his valet's sister, Maria Oblonsky, consults Holmes, fearing that her brother Peter will be covicted of the murder. Holmes's enquiries at Carre Castle lead him nowhere, until he talks to Oblonsky in his cell, from where he returns to the castle to lay a trap for the murderer.

Jenni Hill

"Parallels" (2014)
Included in:
Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets (David Thomas Moore)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Charlotte; Jane
Canonical Characters:
(Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; Mrs Watson; Irene Adler)
Other Characters:
Year Four Students; Eric Sadler; Sixth-Formers; (MrsWatson; TeaAndJohnlock; BakerStreetRegular; 221Baby; Ms McManus; Mr Harrison; Coffee Shop Customers; Rugby Boys; Krangon Raiders; Spaceship Ensigns)
Date: After July 2014
Locations: USA; School
Story: Jane is a schoolgirl who writes online Sherlockian fan-fiction. Her friend Charlotte is determined to discover whether and why Jane's ex, Eric Sadler, stole Jane's notebook containing her slash fiction.

Reginald Hill

"The Italian Sherlock Holmes" (1996)
Included in:
Holmes for the Holidays (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Carol-Lynn Waugh)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: Count Leonardo Montesecco; Giuseppe Strepponi; Count Bruno Montesecco; Signora Grillo; Execution Crowds; Flunkey; Montesecco's Guests; Soldiers; Judge Pinelli; Signora Masina; Mrs. Jardine; Signor Randone; Captain Zardi; Dr. Provenzale; Claudia Medioli; Violetta; Susi; Serge Rosi; Pressmen; Endo Chiari; Giulio Tebaldo; Executioner; Priest
Locations: Italy; Rome; A Pensione; A Carriage; Piazza San Cassiano; Montesecco's Palazzo; Via di Monserrato; A Train
Story: Holmes is recuperating in Rome after working on a case in Italy. He is invited by a young Italian nobleman, who has adopted Holmes's methods and styled himself "The Italian Sherlock Holmes", to the hanging of the man who killed his uncle, and thus provided his first successful case. To Watson's astonishment Holmes agrees to attend. In the house hired by the nobleman, overlooking the square where the hanging is to take place, Holmes and Watson hear how he solved the case. Holmes's comments place some doubt on his deductions, but nothing is done to prevent the hanging. On the train back to England, Holmes reveals to Watson the reason for his actions, or lack of action.

Sasscer Hill

"Colonel Warburton's Madness" (2014)
from a radio play by Anthony Boucher & Denis Green (1945)

Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #12
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Mary Morstan; Colonel Warburton; Sherlock Holmes; (Toby)
Historical Figures: (Shaka)
Other Characters: Ellen Warburton; Steamboat Passengers; Hacker; Nada; Nubian Servants; Red Lion Desk Clerk; Station Porter; Digby the Foxhound; (Professor Thompson; Nada's Father; Doctor Stiles; Taplow Huntsman)
Date: Summer, 1890
Locations: Buckinghamshire; Taplow; Park; Chevy Grange; Red Lion Inn; Taplow Station
Story: Watson and Mary are holidaying in Taplow, Buckinghamshire, where they encounter Ellen Warburton, an old friend of Mary's
, who tells them of her uncle, Colonel Warburton, whom she is convinced is going mad. They are greeted at Chevy Grange, the Colonel's home, by the sound of drums and chanting. While introducing them to Nada, the daughter of a Zulu chieftain, the Colonel complains of a strange high-pitched noise, that only he can hear, believing it to be African witchcraft. Watson summons Holmes, who expresses interest in whether the Colonel owns a dog, and who brings a dog with him to Taplow.

John Buxton Hilton

Slickensides (1987)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson)
Other Characters: Septimus Durden; Humphrey Durden; Barnard Brittlebank; Charlotte Machin; William Cartledge; Jobie Bellis; Mary Ann Durden; Buxton Station Porter; Ticket Inspector; Parsley Hay Porter; Joe Bramwell; Villagers; Inspector Tom Brunt; Ned Broomhead; Harvey Harlow; Dr Thomas Topliss; Ted Milward; Ellen Durden; Horatio Brittlebank; Frank Weston; Albert Clayton; Jethro Bretherton; Henry Drabble; Jedediah Nall; Walter Brindley; Jud Wetherall; Jack Will Harmer; Quarry Workmen; Bessie Milward; Ada Harrison; Man with Cart; Parsley Hay Signalman; Dr Hamlin; Harry Barnes; Sergeant Gutteridge; Buxton Constables; Coroner; Geologist; (Bill Cartledge; Mrs Cartledge; Old Mother Mycock; Harry Lamplough; Annie Heywood; Bert Belfield; Peter Goodwin; Matty Morgan's Wife; Matty Morgan; Wilbur Perkins; Laurie Wilde; Benjamin Stone; Mr Bailey; Maggie Thwaite; Dr Hamlin; Bily Harrison; Constable Booth; Isaac Bowran; Veterinary Surgeon; Derbyshire CID Superintendent; Miss X)
Date: March - April, 1903 / November, 1911
Locations: Derbyshire; Upper Dove Valley; Walderslow; The Pig o' Lead; Slickensides Farm; Middle Furlong; Walderslow Hall; Buxton; Midland Station; A Train; Parsley Hay; Monyash; Milward's House; Dowlow; Cotter's Piece; Lowcock's End; Nall's Stables; Sterndale Cross; Church of England School
1903: Three boys in a Derbyshire field move a large stone and descend a waterswallow shaft, but only two, Barnard Brittlebank and William Cartledge, emerge. The third, Humphrey Durden, is later brought out, badly injured, and punished by his father for taking the others down there.

1911: Two men arrive in Walderslow, claiming to be Holmes and Watson. When challenged by Inspector Brunt, they suggest that although they are not Holmes and Watson, Conan Doyle derived many of his stories, including "The Specled Band" and "The Dancing Men", from their exploits. They have come to investigate the disappearance of Brittlebank, one of the three boys from the 1903 waterswallow incident. Brunt is investigating a break-in at Durden's creamery and the death of a dog. He sees Harlow and Topliss, the pretenders, at Durden's Slickensides Farm, and learns of Durden's story of a treasure in the mines under the farm. He discovers that Durden's daughter appears to be suffering relationship problems, caught between Cartledge and Brittlebank, who is decidedly unpopular in the village.

Cotter's Spring runs dry, while Brindley's sheep pasture becomes waterlogged. When the evidence suggests the creamery break-in was connected to the old mine, Brunt insists that Durden takes him down there. They find it flooded, and Brunt suspects that a body is blocking the outflow. Before they can drain the mine they become trapped underground. Harlow and Topliss spread the story that Brittlebank has gone to Canada.

Brunt gets out of the mine, with the body, to find the village fogbound. Harlow and Topliss spend time perfecting their roulette system. Brunt interviews the villagers, and travels to Sterndale Cross, where he finds out from Cartledge what happened in the mine in 1903. From Milward he learns of Brittlebank's relationship with his father's housekeeper. He returns to the mine to lure the murderer into the open, deals with Harlow and Topliss, and brings the case to a satisfactory conclusion.

His Friend Watson

"How Holmes Tried Politics" (1904)
Included in:
My Evening with Sherlock Holmes (John Gibson & Richard Green); Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Baker Street Pageboy; (Mrs Watson)
Other Characters: (G.A. Draig)
Locations: Watson's Home; 221B, Baker Street; Scotland; Brokenfords
Story: With Holmes's drug problem becoming worse, a letter from an acquaintance inspires Watson to sent him north to contest an election in Scotland.

William Hjortsberg

Nevermore (1994)
Story Type:
Supernatural Thriller
Historical Figures: Harry Houdini; Jim Collins; Jim Vickery; Damon Runyon; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Lady Jean Conan Doyle; The Duchess of Marlborough (Consuelo Vanderbilt); Bess Houdini; Theo "Dash" Weiss (Hardeen); Bernard Ernst; Mrs. Ernst; Tad Dorgan; Mrs. Runyon; Leonora Piper; Hamlin Garland; Edgar Allan Poe; Adolph Ochs; Edward F. Albee; Melville Stone; Howard Thurston; Bernard Gimbel; Jim Vickery; Jim Collins; Denis Conan Doyle; Malcolm Conan Dyle; Jean Conan Doyle; W.C. Fields; Hype Igoe; Captain Cornelius Willemse; Nathan "Kid Dropper" Kaplan; Louis Cohen; Ed Wynn; Fanny Brice; Sid Grauman; Louis B. Mayer; Douglas Fairbanks; Mary Pickford; Charlie Chaplin; Buster Keaton; Senator James J. Walker; Ring Lardner; Gene Fowler; Jack Dempsey; Luis Firpo; Babe Ruth; Bob McGraw; Casey Stengel; Paul Whiteman; Grover A. Whalen; Mrs. Whalen; Rodman Wanamaker; Joseph "King" Oliver & his Creole Jazz Band (Baby Dodds, Honore Dutrey, Bill Johnson, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Dodds, Lil Hardin-Armstrong)
Other Characters: "Dapper Dave" Conrad; Violette Speers; Palace Stagehand; Mary; Iris; Palace Audience; Wilma; Elmer Conklin; Sergeant James Patrick Heegan; Leon Fishkin; Detective; Telephone Operator; Woman on Phone; Captain Francis Xavier Boyle; Homicide Detectives; 39th Street Crowd; Patrolmen; Police Drivers; Mrs. Esp; Esp's Neighbours; Police Photographer; Lieutenant "Bulldog" Bremmer; Miss Esp; Mauretania Passengers; Brig. Gen. Sir Nevil Soames; Frederick Randell; Mrs. Randell; V.T. Podmord; Lord Burliegh; Lady Burliegh; Mauretania Steward; Opal Crosby Fletcher; Walter Clarke Fletcher; Opal's Audience; Reporters; Cab Driver; Delmonico's Doorman; Head Waiter; Maude Marchington; Chester Marchington; Bloom; Plaza Waiter; Houdini's Servants; Librarian; Lindy's Clientele; Millicent Cooper; Cooper's Friend; Eddie Hallenbeck; Sidney Rammage; Carnegie Usher; Carnegie Audience; Old Man; Reporters; Hansom Driver; Mary Rogers; George Paterson Dobbs; Marathon Dancers; Musicians; Bus Passengers; Blair; Washington Square Crowds; Bleecker Street Passers-by; McAlpin Guests; Biltmore Crowds; Physician; Houdini's Assistants; Lifeguards; Anthony "Toot Toot" Scalisi; Deck-Hands; Albert L. Portman; Clown; Ashton; Martha; Lee; Klansmen; Essex Market Crowds; Irene Kaplan; George Katz; Lloyd; Astor's Guests; Astor's Bartender; Doyle's Billiards Partner; Dumphry, Hale & Simmons Staff; Palace House Manager; Arnold Small; Tap Dancers; Automat Customers; Zebra Doorman; Zebra Waiter; Plaza Desk Clerk; Boxing Referee; Boxing Crowds; Patrolman; Dempsey's Trainer; Doyle's Driver; Halloween Ball Guests; Laundresses; Lincoln Waiter; Chicago Cab Drivers; Charley; Ace; Ohio Crowd; Drake Hotel House Detective; Williamsport Airfield Manager; New York Cabbies; Aquitania Crowds
Date: 1923
Locations: New York; Palace Theatre; Twenty-Ninth Precinct House; Police Headquarters; Thirty-Ninth Street; The Mauretania; Liederkranz Hall; Delmonico's; Hotel Stanley, 124 West Forty-Seventh Street; Plaza Hotel; Central Park; 278, West 113th Street; Seventh Avenue; Public Library; Lindy's; Thirty-Eighth Street; Carnegie Hall; Roseland Ballroom; Broadway; Washington Square; MacDougal Street; McAlpin Hotel; Baltimore; Biltmore Hotel; New York Harbour; Atlantic City; Ambassador Hotel; Madison Avenue; Eighty-Fifth Street; Philadelphia; Bellevue Hotel; Bookbinder's Restaurant; Washington D.C.; Pennsylvania Avenue; The Mall; The Friars Club, 110, West Forty-Eighth Street; Essex Market Court; Essex Street; Hoboken; The Roosevelt Theatre; Fifth Avenue; Vincent Astor's House; Hollywood; Pine Street; Dumphry, Hale & Simmons offices; Forty-Fifth Street; Small's office; The Earl Carroll Theatre; Times Square; An Automat; Battery Park; Castle Clinton; Park Avenue; Denver; Brown Palace Hotel; West Forty-Eighth Street; The Zebra Club; Plaza Hotel; The Polo Grounds; The Bronx; Fordham; The Poe Cottage; Detroit; Statler Hotel; Yankee Stadium; Buffalo Central Station; Chicago; The Lincoln Gardens; Majestic Theatre; Skokie Airfield; Ohio; Williamsport, Pennsylvania; Thirty-First Street; Pier 56; The Aquitania;
Story: While Houdini is performing at the Palace, the 29th Precinct gets a call from a woman who claims to have seen a gorilla carrying a woman along 38th Street. Damon Runyon arrives at the scene of a brutal double murder on 39th Street which seems to replicate the events of Poe's Murders in the Rue Morgue. On board the Mauretania, Doyle holds a séance to contact the spirits of those who died in the Titanic disaster.

After using a trick to reveal medium, Opal Crosby Fletcher, as a fraud, Houdini is invited, by her, to a séance. At the Hotel Stanley a woman is found dead, walled up in a closet with a black cat. Doyle sees an apparition of Poe in his hotel room. Houdini announces to the press that Doyle will solve the "Poe Murders". A further murder, of Mary Rogers, a showgirl, occurs. Doyle discovers that Poe can also see him, as an apparition, in his own time. Houdini realises that all the murders are linked to him in some way. Houdini's mother speaks to him at Fletcher's séance.

Doyle convinces Poe to assist in his investigation. One of Houdini's assistants becomes the killer's next victim. Houdini and Doyle fall out over a séance at which Lady Jean claims to have transmitted a message from Houdini's mother. Fletcher's attentions towards Houdini increase in their fervour, and Houdini's suspicions of her increase likewise. As investigations continue, Doyle and Houdini both find themselves lured into traps. Houdini is finally able to identify the killer and they race to prevent further deaths.

Edward D. Hoch

Steve Hockensmith

"Excerpts from an Unpublished Memoir Found In the Basement of the Home for Retired Actors" (2009)
Included In:
Sherlock Holmes In America (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type: Comic Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes (The Whelp)
Fictional Characters: Michael Sasanoff; The Sasanoff Shakespearean Company
Historical Figures: Horace Tabor; Baby Doe Tabor
Other Characters: Narrator; Drivers; Bar Patrons; Miner; Town Notables; Constable; Mr Lonnegan; Lonnegan's Patrons; Mr Goodfellow; (Mike Whelan; Ike Whelan; Spike Whelan; Dudley Whelan)
Date: November
Locations: USA; Missouri; St Louis; Colorado; Leadville; Tavern; Clarendon Hotel; Tabor Opera House; Lonnegan's Bar
Holmes is in St Louis, on tour with the Sasanoff Shakespearean Company, when the troupe is diverted to Leadville, Colorado, to play in Tabor's new opera house. Holmes takes to frequenting the town's lowest dives, a habit the narrator draws to Sasanoff's attention. Feeling slighted by Holmes's attitude to their craft, Sasanoff and the narrator lay a plot against him. Holmes and the narrator are approached by the hunch-backed mine guard, Goodfellow, who tells them of a hidden hoard of silver. Sasanoff and the narrator lay the foundations for their plot, but it is Holmes who has the last laugh.

Holmes on the Range (2006)
Story Type:
Western Homage
Detectives: Gustav "Old Red" Amlingmeyer & Otto "Big Red" Amlingmeyer
Canonical Characters: Duke of Balmoral (Richard Brackenstall de Vere St. Simon); Lady Clara St Simon; (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Silver Blaze; Earl of Blackwater; Lord Robert St Simon; Hatty Doran; Sir Charles Appledore)
Other Characters: Uly McPherson; Ambrose "Spider" McPherson; Tall John Harrington; Hornet's Nest Customers; Bartender; Pinky Harris; Swivel-Eye Smyth; Crazymouth Nick Dury; Anytime McCoy; Perkins; Drovers; The Peacock; Curly; The Swede; Jack Martin
; Stage Driver; George Edwards; William Brackwell; Shotgun Rider; Emily; Wagon Crew; Hungry Bob Tracy; Nathaniel Horne; (Blacksmith; Langer; Sheriff Staples; Franklin Dammers; Dr Edwards; Mrs Edwards; Mule Skinner)
Date: Spring, 1893
Locations: Montana; The Bar QV Ranch / Cantlemere Ranche; Miles City; The Hornet's Nest
Story: The Amlingmeyers, Montana ranch hands, discover the remains of a body, apparently trampled to death by cattle. Having read "The Red-Headed League" a year earlier, Old Red fancies himself a detective. On arriving at the Cantlemere Ranche three months earlier, they had their guns taken away, were told to stay away from any parts of the ranch they had not been told to go to, and were allowed no visitors.

A deputy marshal brings news of an escaped lunatic, and old Red finds tracks of a man, but is warned off following them. The dead man is ranch manager, Perkins. Spider brands and fires one of the other men. Old Red draws his brother's attention to the fact that the dead man's horse is missing, suggests there is a spy in their bunkhouse, and gets hold of three new Holmes stories. Their boss, Uly McPherson, splits the Amlingmeyers up.

Balmoral, the ranch owner arrives, along with two other stockholders, including Brackwell, son of the Earl of Blackwater, and his daughter, Lady Clara St Simon. Shortly after, a body turns up in the privy, and on a wager, the Duke has the Amlingmeyers investigate the murder. Old Red makes a shocking discovery in the dead man's Levi's. After enraging the Duke by referring to Holmes's involvement with his family, Old Red is shocked to learn of Holmes's death in Switzerland. The Amlingmeyers set out to explore those parts of the range they have been warned to stay away from, discovering the secrets of the ranch, and encountering some strange beasts and a bounty hunter, before heading back to the ranch house where Old Red presents the local deputy with a solution to the mystery.

"The Old Senator" (2010)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The American Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by William Gillette
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes (William Escott)
Historical Figures: William Gillette; Elisabeth (Eliza) Gillette; Elisabeth Daggett Hooker (Gillette); Francis Gillette; Governor Charles Andrews; (Edward Gillette; Mark Twain)
Fictional Characters: The Sasanoff Shakespeare Company; Michael Sasanoff
Other Characters: Dr Dahlinger; Jason; Theatre Patrons; Horace Turnbull; Eleanor Turnbull; Turnbull's Guests
Date: September, 1879
Locations: USA; Connecticut; Hartford; National Theater; The Turnbull Residence
Story: Gillette and his ailing father attend a performance of Twelfth Night by the Sasanoff Company. He is unimpressed by all but Escott, the actor playing Malvolio. After the performance, they are invited to a reception for the company, hosted by the Turnbulls. After offending Sasanoff, Gillette is expounding on acting to Escott, when it is announced that a robbery has taken place in the house. Gillette's father leads the investigation into the theft of Mrs Turnbull's jewellery, accompanied by his son, Escott and Sasanoff. It is Escott who recovers the jewellery, but he and Senator Gillette have both reached the same conclusion about the theft.

On the Wrong Track (2007)
Story Type:
Western Homage
Detectives: Gustav "Old Red" Amlingmeyer & Otto "Big Red" Amlingmeyer
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Irene Adler; Indian Swamp Adder)
Other Characters:
Burl Lockhart; Ogden Bartender; Pinkerton Agent; Southern Pacific Clerk; Colonel C. Kermit Crowe; Shopgirls; Union Station Ticket Clerk; Pacific Express Engineer; Joe Pezullo; Wiltrout; Passengers; Samuel; Chester Q. Horner; Mrs C.J. Foreman; Marlin Foreman; Harlan Foreman; Diana Caveo / Diana Corvus; Dr Gee Woo Chan; Kip Hickey; Ida Kier; Presbyterians; Porters; Milford Morrison; Bedford; El Numero Uno; Gunnar; Mike Barson; Augie Welsh; The Give-'em-Hell Boys; Carlin Stationmaster; Constable Leck Reeves; Railroaders; Pat; Thornton; Kitchen Workers; Stewards; Waiters; Summit Yardmen; Jefferson Powless; Johnny Schramm; Replacement Fireman; Southern Pacific Officials; (Trail Boss; Ogden Head Pinkerton Agent; Pinkertons Agents; Mrs Amlingmeyer; Mr Amlingmeyer; Amlingmeyer Brothers and Sisters; Uncle Franz; Union Station Porter; Msr Philippe; Dan Woodgate; Greta Amlingmeyer; Ilse Amlingmeyer; Fisherman)
Date: July, 1893
Locations: USA; Utah; Ogden; Saloon; Union Station; Boardinghouse; Aboard the Pacific Express; The Great Alkali Plain; Nevada; Susie Creek; Carlin Station; Thornton's Boiler #2 Saloon; Sierra Nevada Mountains; California; Summit; Summit House; Cisco; Oakland; Boardinghouse
Story: After unsuccessfully seeking employment as detectives, the Amlingmeyers are approached by the legendary cowboy detective Burl Lockhart, and sent with a note of recommendation to the Southern Pacific Railroad. They are hired by Colonel Crowe and sent to San Francisco, aboard the Pacific Express, for training. The journey is disrupted when the beheaded body of the baggageman is thrown off the train. The only witness is a hobo who was riding under the baggage carriage when the body fell.

Soon, after the brothers discover the attacker's hiding place, the train is held up by the Give-'em-Hell Boys outlaw gang, their witness is killed and their evidence disappears. A wig and a bowl found in the desert provide new clues, and a snake in the bathroom provides new danger. At Summit, California, the Chinese physician whom Lockhart is escorting to San Francisco disappears. The murderer is revealed, but the Amlingmeyers find themselves fallen off the train and, needing to prevent a further murder, chasing it on a handcar with no brakes.

Mark Hodder

"The Loss of Chapter Twenty-One" (2013)
Included in:
Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs Hudson; (Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: Algernon Swinburne; Isabel Burton; Thomas Bendyshe; Dr F. Grenfell Baker; Sir Richard Francis Burton; (Blanche Arundell; Edward Avery)
Other Characters: Carriage Driver; St James Concierge; Hotel Constables; Joseph McGarrigle; Coroner; (Algerian Book Dealer)
Date: 1888, Shortly after The Greek Interpreter / July, 1891
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; St James Hotel; Athenaeum Club
Story: Watson is remonstrating with Holmes over his withholding the information that he had a brother, when they are interrupted by the arrival of the excitable Swinburne. He takes them to the St James Hotel where Bendyshe, a friend of Sir Richard Burton has been murdered, and the manuscript of the newly-translated notorious chapter twenty-one of The Perfumed Garden stolen. Swinburne suspects the erotic book dealer, Avery. At the hotel, where they encounter Lestrade, Watson accompanies Swinburne into Burton's bedroom, and returns to find Holmes dangling out of the window. After examining the body, and claiming to be at a loss, Holmes invites Lady Burton to call on him at Baker Street the following day, where he reveals the truth about the events at the hotel.

Michael P. Hodel & Sean M. Wright

Enter The Lion (1979)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Mycroft Holmes
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes; Victor Trevor; Dr. Moore Agar; Inspector Lestrade; Professor Moriarty; Colonel James Moriarty

Historical Figures: Robert Cumming Schenck; William Ewart Gladstone; Benjamin Disraeli; (James D. Bulloch; James I. Waddell)
Other Characters: Sylvanus Griffin; Colonel Mordecai Leland; Captain Samuel Ravenswood; Tyler Carteret; William Bankhead; Pickpocket; Man with Parcels; Pub Clientele; Barmaid; Alfie; Policemen; Goldini's Waiters; Goldini's Diners; Headwaiter; Landau Driver; Rachel Leland; Millicent Deane; Langham Doorman; Carriage Driver; The Rt. Hon. Jerrold Moriarty; Captain Jericho; Simpson's Headwaiter; Senior Clerk or Draughtsman; Hansom Driver in the Strand; Housewife and Child; Lamplighter; Hansom Driver outside Simpson's; Tom; Tom's Partner; Hank; Calvin Trent; Moriarty's Driver; Foreign Office Messenger; Hansom Driver; Lord & Lady Tarleton; Admiralty Ball Guests; Doorman; Waiters; Sir Rodney Stevain Ploveson Fairndales; Arabella Fitzwalter; Professor Moriarty's French Creole Companion; Colonel Moriarty's Companion; Major Eggleston; Major-domo; Admiralty Lord and his Wife; Billiard Room Attendants; Langham Commissionaire; Dawes; Hansom Driver; Downing Street Policeman; Downing Street Butler; Alexander Stafford Clark; Hansom Drivers; Raspberry Mitre Barmaid; Constable; Disraeli's Messenger; Jericho's Driver; Anchor Clientele; Publican; Jim; Duke; Dock Worker; Langham Desk Clerk; Page; Disraeli's Special Messenger; Soldiers; Colonel; Stokers; Police; Civilian Politicos; (Ames; The Rt. Hon. Cyril P. Harvey; Langham Hotel Desk Clerk; Langham Hotel Messenger; Foreign Office Porter; Rachel's Hansom Driver; Locksley Street Housemaid; Dr. Fordyce; Sir Robert Hyde; Mrs. Crosse; Paul Terhune; Phineas Tourney; Army-Navy Club Chamberlain; Ostlers, Grooms & Farriers; Foreign Office Special Messenger; Sir Edmund Darlington; Commissionaire; William H. Phillips)
Date: May, 1934 (introduction) / Late November, 1875
Locations: The Foreign Office; A London Street; A Pub; Goldini's; Gloucester Road; A Landau; The Langham Hotel; Holmes's Montague Street Rooms; A Hansom; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; The Strand; Mycroft's Rooms at 42, St. Chad's Street; The American Embassy, Grosvenor Square; Moriarty's Carriage; The Army-Navy Club; Moriarty's Kensington House, 10, Downing Street; St Martin's-in-the-Fields; British Museum; The Raspberry Mitre Pub; Jericho's Carriage; Bankside; The Anchor Pub; Waterloo Station; A Train; Salisbury Station; Salisbury Plain; A Balloon; (Regent Street; Southwark)
Story: Mycroft receives a trade delegation from Alabama in his office at the Foreign Office. A coded phrase tells him that actually they have come with important military information for his superior, Jerrold Moriarty. While dining at Goldini's with his brother and Victor Trevor, Mycroft receives word that Leland, the leader of the delegation has been shot. Ravenswood, one of the delegation is hostile towards the Holmes brothers being brought into the affair.

The following day Mycroft is visited by Rachel who tells of her suspicions of Ravenswood and his involvement in something to do with the War between the States. He also receives a visit from Captain Jericho, a former slave with a derringer. Later he is attacked by two thugs in Leland's suite at the Langham. Returning home he is again confronted by Jericho, who says that Leland's party are planning a deal that will lead to the return of slavery in the United States and return the country to the British. Mycroft and Moriarty are called to account by Schenck, the American Ambassador, and Mycroft is visited by the American Secret Service, and learns of the presence of a valuable diamond necklace as a complication in the situation.

Moriarty attends the Admiralty ball, with the Americans and two of his three sons, where he has arranged a meeting in the billiards room with a number of well-placed ministry figures. Sherlock is also there in disguise. Mycroft accompanies Rachel Leland back to the Langham, where they find her father murdered and Millicent Deane missing. Sherlock learns of the rebels' plans to use auto-gyros in their attack on America's chief cities. Mycroft attempts to alert Disraeli, but is turned away by his secretary, and is also refused help by Gladstone. Later, however, he finds himself summoned into the presence of the two men.

Returning home, he is kidnapped by Captain Jericho, ending up in Bankside in company with Sherlock, Lestrade and Trevor. After freeing Deane, the Holmeses return to the Langham to find the remaining Americans gone. A confrontation with Moriarty ends in tragedy. The final showdown comes at a military demonstration of the autogyro on Salisbury Plain and in a balloon above the Plain.


"A Ballad of the White Plague" (1998)
Included in:
The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mycroft Holmes
Other Characters: Blanche Vernet; Irisa; Siger Holmes; Holmes's Mother (Dr. Charles Vernet; Alice Vernet; Alyse Vernet)
Date: August, 1902 (Framing Story)
Locations: Sussex; Morthill Manor; Bagshot; A Train
Story: Holmes and Watson are driving a pony trap through Surrey, and are apparently lost, when Holmes directs Watson to turn into the driveway of Morthill Manor. As they explore the house, Holmes reveals that it was the home of his Vernet cousins, and goes on to tell Watson of his mother's cousin's affair with his father, and the cousin's father's role in the death of his twin daughters. Their story bears disturbing similarities to the story told in the folk song "The Mistletoe Bough".

Mike Hogan

"The Lady on the Bridge" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part II: 1890-1895 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Billy; (Baker Street Irregulars; Wiggins)
Other Characters: Waiter; Maître d'Hôtel; Elderly Couple; Young Ladies; Lecturer; Exhibit Attendant; Newspaper Boy; Young Couples; Crystal Palace Crowd; Police Constable; Flower Seller; Miss Berthoud / Daisy Watts; Cab Drivers; Reverend Murchison / Ajax; Mr Willis; Schoolboys; Schoolmaster; Waterloo Platform Attendant; Railway Guard; Lieutenant Lord Alfred 'Alfie' Bartholomew; Railway Hotel Waiters; Wedding Guests; Cricketers; (Miss Berthoud's Mother; English Lady; Mme Berthoud's Lodgers; Monsieur Sublier; Mme Sublier; Lord Muntley; Lady Muntley; Muntley's Children; Muntley's Physician; HMS Atropos Officers; Admiral Lord Charles Bartholomew; Lady Bartholomew; Pickpockets; Hotel Door Boy; Hotel Boot Boy; Madame La Rout; Uncle Silas; Apostolic Nuncio; Ship's Chaplain; Boot Boy)
Date: 1895
Locations: Sydenham; Crystal Palace; French Restaurant; Regent Street; Portland Place; Langham Hotel; Waterloo Station; Hampshire; Rowland's Castle; Church; Village Green; Railway Hotel
Holmes prevents Watson from being shot on the model of Tower Bridge at Crystal Palace. The following day the would-be assassin, Miss Berthoud, comes to Baker Street. Murchison, a retired English clergyman, who stayed at her mother's lodging-house in Boulogne, has pursued her from France to England with the intent of marrying her. He has threatened to bring an end to her plans to marry Lord Alfred Bartholomew. With only days to go before the wedding, which any hint of scandal could lead to the cancelling of, Holmes, in a series of disguises, puts in place a plan to prevent Murchison making contact with Alfred's father, Lord Charles. It is only after the wedding that Watson learns the truth of the affair.

Nancy Holder

"The Adventure of My Ignoble Ancestress" (2014)
Included in:
In the Company of Sherlock Holmes (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type
: Homage / Canonical Sequel
Canonical Characters: Mary Holder; Alexander Holder; Sir George Burnwell; Arthur Holder; Lucy Parr; Francis Prosper; (The Highest in the Land)
Historical Figures: Nancy Holder
Other Characters: Fairbank Security Guard; Blackfield Carpenter Lawyer; Charles George Alexander Burnwell; Kim Jones; The Holmes Trust Employees; Will Shipley; Nancy's Editor; (Nancy's Parents; Nancy's Agent; Ferryman; Ferryman's Wife; Mrs Able Brown; Rome Police)
Date: Early 21st Century / April - May, 1890
Locations: Italy; Rome; England; London; Streatham; Fairbank; Burnwell's House; Holmes Trust Office; British Museum
In the aftermath of her parents' murder in Rome, Nancy Holder learns that she is a descendant of Alexander Holder, and that she has inherited his home, Fairbank. After disputes between a property developer who wanted to demolish it, and the Holmes Trust who fight for the preservation of Sherlockian buildings, the building is fire-damaged and in need of restoration. A ghostly experience in the house leads to the discovery of a box of letters from Mary Holder telling of her experiences after the theft of the Beryl Coronet.

Tom Holland

Supping with Panthers (1996)
Story Type:
Horror Novel with Sherlockian overtones
Sherlockian Hero: Dr. John Eliot
Fictional Characters: Lord Ruthven; Haidée
Folkloric Characters: Circe; Lilith
Historical Figures: Bram Stoker; Henry Irving; Oscar Wilde; Mary Jane Kelly; Florence Stoker; Lord Byron; Inspector Stephen White; Jack the Ripper; Polly Nichols; Dr. Rees Ralph Llewellyn; Elizabeth Stride; Catherine Eddowes; (Dr. Joseph Bell; Joseph Barnett)
Other Characters: Colonel Sir William Moorfield; Colonel Rawlinson; Colonel Arthur 'Pumper' Paxton; Huree Jyoti Navalkar; Mrs. Paxton; Timothy Paxton; Moorfield's Men; Brahmin; Russian Soldiers; Private Haggard; Woman Captive; Private Compton; Sergeant-Major Cuff; Hillsmen; Prisoners; Sri Sinh; Paxton's Men; Guardians of Kali's Shrine; European Man; Tonga Driver; Arthur Ruthven; Lucy Ruthven; Sir George Mowberley; Lady Rosamund Mowberley; Eliot's Nurse; Eliot's Patients; Rosamund's Maid; Edward Westcote; Ruthven's Coachman; Mr. Headley; Lyceum Actors; Lyceum Audiences; Rajah of Kalikshutra; Cab Drivers; Streetwalker; Riverman; Rajah's Boatman; Old Malay Woman; Opium Smokers; Musicians; Suzette; Stumps; Lilah; Rotherhithe Crowd; Policeman; Whitechapel Policemen; Arthur Westcote; Westcote's Housemaid; Blonde Woman; Policeman; Surgery Attendants; Civil Servant; Ruthven's Servant Girl; Ruthven's Companions; Commercial Street Drunks; Streetwalkers; Dr. Renfield; Lizzie Seward; Asylum Orderlies; Rotherhithe Drinkers; Mowberley's Butler; Stoker's Guests; Sarmistha; Eliot's Orderly; Cab Company Doorman; King's Cross Guards; Holidaymakers; Harcourt Housekeeper; Mrs. Harcourt; Rosamund Harcourt; Charlotte Westcote; Westcote's Maid; White's Men; Sallow Man; Whitechapel Crowds; Nichols' Man; Señora Susanna Celestina del Tolosa
; Streetwalker; Aldgate Policemen; (Jyoti's Brother; Lady Westcote; Mowberley's Servants; Policeman; Coin Dealer; Sailor; Black Woman; Lilah's Servants; Subaltern)
Date: 15th December, 1897 (prologue) / June-July, 1887 / January-November, 1888 / October, 1897 / August, 1895
Locations: India; Simla: The Himalayas; The Kalibari Pass; Kalikshutra; Whitechapel; Hanbury Street; Surgeon's Court; Mayfair; Grosvenor Street; The Lyceum Theatre; Drury Lane; Floral Street; Bond Street; Covent Garden; The East End; The Thames; Rotherhithe; Coldlair Lane; Clerkenwell; Liverpool Street; Bishopsgate Whitechapel Road; Whitehall; Rotherhithe High Street; Highgate; Commercial Street; New Cross; Waterloo Bridge; Chelsea; House of Commons; Myddleton Street; British Library; Farringdon Road; National Portrait Gallery; Bloomsbury; Piccadilly Circus; King's Cross Station; Whitby; Harcourt Hall; St. Mary's Church; York; Bloomsbury Square; Calcutta; Whitechapel Street; Simpson's; Aldgate; Mitre Street; The Jack Straw's Castle; Highgate Cemetery; Highgate Hill; Miller's Court; Dorset Street; Brushfield Street
Story: Part One: Moorfield is sent into the Indian mountains, to Kalikshutra, sacred to the goddess Kali, to investigate sightings of Russians there. En route he meets Dr. John Eliot (a former student of Dr. Joseph Bell) who is working in the area. They are attacked by the Russians who appear to be vampires, although Eliot says they are suffering from a rare blood disease. In Kalikshutra they witness a human sacrifice and are taken prisoner, but Jyoti is able to rescue them, and Paxton's troops take them back to Simla, where Paxton's son becomes the final victim of the disease.

Part Two: Eliot returns to London, where his friend Arthur Ruthven is murdered, and another, Mowberley, goes missing. Mowberley's wife, Rosamund, asks Eliot to investigate. Eliot notices marks on her neck. Both Arthur and Mowberley were working on a Parliamentary bill regarding the Indian frontier. Arthur received a strange message before his death, Lady Mowbray before her husband's disappearance. She tells Eliot also of a bearded foreigner and a woman who burgled her husband's study. Bram Stoker is visited by Eliot at the Lyceum. He wants to interview Mowberley's ward, and Arthur's sister, Lucy, an actress there. In her dressing room they find her cousin, Lord Ruthven, who has just returned from overseas, and seems to take a strange interest in her. Lucy tells Eliot how she believes she has seen Mowberley murdered, but on entering the building with a policeman, encountered the man and woman Rosamund had seen at her house; they had also been at the theatre for that night's performance - their box was booked in the name of the Rajah of Kalikshutra.

It transpires that Lucy is now married to Westcote, whose mother was killed, and sister disappeared, in Kalikshutra. Eliot and Stoker visit the rooms where Lucy saw Mowberley, and his investigations lead Eliot to believe that Mowberley, too, is a victim of the disease. Further investigations lead to the discovery that both men had been lured to Rotherhithe by Polidori. They follow the Rajah to Polidori's shop, which they discover is a front for an opium den, from where they gain access to a strangely-furnished warehouse where they find a little girl who directs them to Mowberley. On their return they come across a crowd surrounding a prostitute who has been attacked, Eliot takes her to his surgery for treatment, Stoker later learns that her name is Mary Kelly. Mowberley tells Eliot of Lilah, the woman he has become enraptured with. Ruthven pays Eliot to discover a cure for the blood disease he is suffering from.

Eliot follows Mowberley back to Lilah's warehouse, whose interior seems to defy logic, where the child, Suzette, is reading A Study In Scarlet. Kelly is obsessed with the idea that her blood has been stolen and attacks a dog. Later, Mowberley. Eliot and Stoker visit Renfield's asylum, where Seward displays similar behaviour to Kelly, while also demonstrating the urge to consume living creatures. Eliot returns to the warehouse and finds himself falling under Lilah's spell. Westcote receives word that his missing sister, Charlotte, has been seen in the Kalikshutra region.

Eliot reads A Study In Scarlet (Doyle is an old university friend); Suzette seems intrigued with the idea of situations in which reason does not work. Mowberley becomes increasingly jealous of Eliot over Lilah. Conversation at a dinner at Stoker's turns to eternal youth, Oscar Wilde is a leading contributor. Huree arrives in London to assist Eliot. Lucy shows increasing signs of illness, and Eliot loses increasing amounts of time in Rotherhithe. Huree realises Lucy is being visited by a vampire and sets up defenses in her room, he is also able to explain the link between her and Lord Ruthven, and Ruthven and Polidori, and reveals Ruthven's true identity. Huree learns Lilah's origins and identity, as Eliot learns who Suzette's nurse, Sarmistha, really is.

They, along with Stoker, pursue Lucy's attacker, who has abducted Lucy's child, to Whitby. Their quarry isn't there, but they must face a vampire in Lady Mowberley's family tomb. Returning to London they find that Charlotte has returned and is with Lucy. Lucy's condition worsens, she is abducted and Westcote is killed, after which Eliot, too, disappears. Meanwhile, the Ripper killings are taking place in Whitechapel.

Part Three: Eliot returns to Rotherhithe, where he saves Mary Kelly from being sacrificed, but, himself undergoes a transformation under Lilah's powers, and becomes involved in the Ripper murders. He learns that the events he hs been through have been a game inspired by A Study In Scarlet. Suzette induces him to take a seven-per-cent solution of cocaine. He eventually escapes, and, with Huree, sets out to rescue Lucy, bring the Ripper's crimes to an end, and joins with Lord Byron in an attempt to destroy Lilah.

Emma Jane Holloway

A Study in Silks (2013)
Story Type:
Steam-Punk Fantasy
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade; Mrs Hudson; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Mycroft Holmes; Irene Adler; King of Bohemia; Mrs Watson)
Folkloric Characters: Devas; Dragon
Historical Figures: Queen Victoria; (Heinrich Schliemann; Edward VII; Prince Albert; Richard D'Oyly Carte; Joseph Swan)
Other Characters: Evelina Cooper; Dora; Imogen Roth; Nick; Maisie; Grace Child; Tobias Roth; Emerson Roth, Lord Bancroft; Buckingham "Bucky" Penner; Michael Edgerton; Captain Diogenes Smythe; Madame Margaretha; Dr Symeon Magnus; Jasper Keating, the Gold King; Alice Keating; Aragon Jackson; Striker; Robert Blount / King Coal; Blue Boys; Jane Spicer; Valerie Cutter / The Violet Queen; William Reading; Adele Roth, Lady Bancroft; Percy Hamilton; Stanford Whitlock; Bartholomew Thane; Mr Fish; Grandmamma Holmes; John Harriman; Han Zuiweng / Big Han; Applegate; Mr Markham; Grimsby; Sir Darius Thorne; Lady Liverton; Mrs Fairchild; Mr Bellamy; The Whitneys; Thaddeus Ploughman; Maximilian the Fierce; Xerxes the Lion; The Maharaja; Bessie the Elephant; Serafina; Jeanette; Duchess of Westlake; Bancroft's Grooms; Housekeeper; Police Constables; Prinkelbruch Opera Orchestra; Opera Singers; Opera Audience; Tobias's Workmen; Dressers; Understudies; Carpenters; Stagehands; Conductor; Soldiers; Streetwalkers; Drayman; Whist Players; Brothel Servant; Keating's Footman; Baker Street Boys; Keating's Groom; Keating Utilities Workmen; Alice's Maid; Keating's Coachman; Keating's Entourage; Steam Council Assistants; Steam Hawker; Old Bond Street Girl; Shoppers; Yellowbacks; Lady Bancroft's Guests; Wind Ensemble; Savoy Theatre Crowd; Young Officers; West End Shoppers; Urchins; West End Toughs; Chinese Tailors; Markham's Customers; Bakers; Tea Shop Patrons; Keating's Grooms; Dinner Party Guests; Bancroft's Servants; Metropolitan Police Commissioner; Pie Boy; Man Who Walks into Lamppost; Circus Crowd; Ice Cream Seller; Circus Riders; Juggler; Clowns; Circus Woman; Duchess of Westlake's Maid; Debutantes; Debutantes' Sponsors; Lord Chamberlain; Palace Gentlemen-in-waiting; Courtiers; Princesses; Steam Tram Passengers; Duchess of Westlake's Guests; Westlake's Footman; Westlake's Servants; Orchestra; Magnus's Neighbours; Constables; Gallery Guests; Captain Roberts; Professor Teasdale; Duke of Westlake; (Grandmother Cooper; Eleanor "Nellie" Reynolds; Poppy Roth; Imogen's Grandparents; Dr Anderson; Marianne Holmes Cooper; Evelina's Father; Bigelow; Abercrombie; Grandfather Cooper; Harter; The Scarlet King; Grandfather Holmes; Lord Bushnell; Lord Hansby; The Flying Coopers; Mrs Braithwaite; Sir Philip Amory; Pietro Costanzo, Conte del'Arco; Gardener; Chinaman; Keating's Father; Chinese Warehouse Workers; Keating's Cousin; Chinese Metal Workers; Gardener's Boy; Hampstead Farmer; Innkeeper; Evelina's Schoolmates; Wollaston Academy Headmistress; Horse Seller; Beaulieu Square Servants; Tea Shop Proprietor; Schliemann's Crew Member
; Seamstress; Italian Automaton Maker; Harriman's Guards; Duchess of Westlake's Son; Surgeon; Lord Farley)
Date: 4th-14th April, 1888
Locations: Beaulieu Square; Hilliard House; Royal Charlotte Theatre; Alley; Brothel; Ketherow Lane; Marylebone Road; Baker Street; Steam Makers' Guild Hall; The West End; Old Bond Street; Piccadilly; Swallow Street; Regent Street; The Strand; Magnus's House; The Apollonius Club; Bond Street; Harriman's Warehouse; Markham's Drapery; Tea Shop; Mayfair; Keating's House; Striker's Rooming House; Hibernia Amphitheatre; Buckingham Palace; Westlake's House; Prometheus Gallery
Story: Holmes's niece, Evelina Cooper
, is staying at Hilliard House with her schoolfriend Imogen Roth, daughter of Lord Bancroft, where she is secretly indulging in her twin fascinations of mechanics and magic. She sees Bancroft's servants moving a trunk containing a magic-powered automaton. Her old circus boyfriend, Nick, appears as if by magic in the house on the same night that a woman is murdered there. Lestrade is called to investigate the murder. An opera is disrupted by a mechanical beast.

Nick is hired by the sorcerer Dr Magnus to spy on the Bancrofts, while Evelina resolves to solve the murder to protect her friend's family name, and Lord Bancroft sets his son Tobias a task with a similar outcome. The steam baron, Jasper Keating, consults Holmes over the disappearance of Athena's casket, found by Scliemann on Rhodes, and rumours of an impending government coup, known as the Baskerville affair, are voiced at a meeting of the Steam Council, whose number is reduced by one before the meeting ends.

Bancroft has a violent encounter in an underground room, and Evelina and Imogen face the magical guardian of a warehouse. Evelina returns to the circus in which she spent her youth. Magnus gives Tobias a beautiful female automaton to repair. Evelina is presented to the Queen. A visit by Holmes to the Bancroft home is disrupted by gunfire.

A Study in Darkness (2013)
Story Type:
Steam-Punk Fantasy
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Wiggins; Mycroft Holmes; (Dr Watson; Baker Street Irregulars; Inspector Lestrade)
Folkloric Characters: Devas
Historical Figures: Martha Tabram; Jack the Ripper; Mary Ann Nichols; Mary Jane Kelly; Frederick Abberline; P.C. Henry Lamb; P.C. Albert Collins; Dr Frederick Blackwell; Eizabeth Stride; P.C. Edward Watkins; Catherine Eddowes; Inspector Walter Beck; (Constable John Neil; Annie Chapman; Inspector Joseph Chandler; Charles Warren; Wynne Baxter; Louis Diemshutz; John McCarthy )
Other Characters: Evelina Cooper; Nick; Digby; Beadle; Poole; Smith; Striker; Athena; Mr Royce; Gwilliam; Captain Hughes; Saria; Bingham; Imogen Roth; Jasper Keating, The Gold King; William Reading, The Scarlet King; Elias Jones; The Schoolmaster; Mr Jeremy; Mouse; Bird; Lady Bancroft; Alice Keating; Hieronymus Williams; Mrs Williams; Lord Bancroft; Tobias Roth; Lacey Cardew; Gareth Cardew; Mrs Earls; Mistress Skinner; Dr Symeon Magnus; Serafina; Casimir; Poppy Roth; Buckingham 'Bucky' Penner; Maggs; Great Horst; Lucy Andrews; Miss Hyacinth / The Honourable Violet Asterley-Henderson; Black George; Benjamin; Robert Blount / The Blue King / King Coal; Lieutenant Arnold Hughes; Michael Edgerton; Franco; Vitales;
Tess; Talfryn; Arnold Juniper; Anna Roth; Woman with Pug; Trackside Women & Children; Pletherow Station Porter; Carriage Driver; Bancroft's Guests; Keating's Maids; Musicians; Keating's Servants; Zephyr Captain; Zephyr Mate; Whitechapel Children; Pie Man; Man in Coveralls; Baby; Baby's Mother; Flower Seller; Magnetorium Audience; Magnetorium Employees; Cellist; Wedding Guests; Keating's Streetkeeper; Streetkeeper's Companion; Ten Bells Patrons; Baker Street Yellowjackets; Saracen's Head Patrons; Concertina Player; Drunkards; Dockland Children; Dockland Men; Charity Workers; Dockworkers; Barrowmen; Ragpickers; Whores; Mummers; Steam Car Driver; Warehouse Guards; Dockland Baker; Blount's Servants; Jeweler; Pawnbroker; Posy Street Market Crowds; Food Vendors; Indifference Device Doorman; Indifference Device Patrons; Absinthe Drinker; Blue Boys; Wraiths; Toy Factory Workers; Man with Mary Kelly; Flower Buyer; Compound Watchmen; Mary Kelly's Friends; Gareth's Friends; Mitre Square Police; Oraculars' Club Doorman; Miller's Court Constable; Dorset Street Residents; Wyvern Watchman; Communicator Operator; Wyvern Crew; Helios Crew; (The Violet Queen; Grandmamma Holmes; George Collier; Duchess of Westlake; Marianne Holmes; Captain Cooper; Vegetable Dealer; Captain Diogenes Smythe; Mrs Loren; Post Office Couple; Grace Child; Brownlee; Mr O'Neill; Dr Anderson; Dr Amiel; Bigelow; Anna's Doctors; Bancroft's Austrian Servants; Evelina's Doctor)
Date: August 1st - November 11th,1888
Locations: Aboard the Red Jack; Aboard the Leaping Hind; Scotland; Maggor's Close; 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; South Badger Tannery; A Train; Pletherow Saint Andrew's; Crowleyton; Paddington Station; Whitechapel; Bucks Row; Lodging House; Commercial Street; Fournier Street; Skinner's Trusted Elixirs; Magnetorium Theatre; Portmore Hotel; The Ten Bells; Beaulieu Square; Hilliard House; The Old Nichol Rookery; The Saracen's Head; The Docks; Tower Hamlets; Blue King's Warehouse; Posy Street Market; The Indifference Device Tavern; Threadneedle Street; Penner Toys and Games Factory; Bishopsgate; St Winifred's Church; Aboard the Wren; Blue King's Compound; Scotland Yard; Berner Street; Aldgate; Mitre Square; Duke Street; Oraculars' Club; Hyacinth's House; Dorset Street; Miller's Court; Aboard the Wyvern; (Austria)
Story: Nick has become captain of the pirate airship Red Jack, and with his crew, and the aid of the ash rooks, hijacks the Leaping Hind.
During the raid he sees giant machines in the Blue King's factory yards below. Imogen dreams of a murder in the East End, and overhears two steam barons discussing a bomb attack in London, and plans to recover Athena's Casket. Holmes's rooms are bombed by an agent of the Steam Council. The Schoolmaster hires Nick to transport the bomber to Skye. Evelina accepts an invitation to Roths' country home in the north, where preparations are underway for Tobias's upcoming marriage to Alice Keating. Keating tricks her into infiltrating the Blue King's territory, to learn his secrets and protect her uncle.

Nick hands over Elias and picks up Mycroft at Loch Ness. While Evelina tries to find the Blue King's maker, Jack the Ripper is at work in Whitechapel. She makes friends with a young boy, Gareth, when she buys medicine for his dying mother. A lead takes her to the Magnetorium puppet theatre, where she comes face to face with Dr Magnus and Serafina, and take a job working on his automatons in the hope that it will lead her closer to her goal. In the Ten Bells she meets Mary Kelly and an old acquaintance from her schooldays. The Blue King hires Holmes both to hunt down Jack the Ripper, and to find the traitor in his headquarters.

Nick helps Evelina find the information she needs. Mycroft is arrested. Tobias forces his father to reveal the secret of the automatons. Evelina has an encounter with the Ripper, and Imogen is abducted. The adventure ends in a battle in the skies.

NOTE: The Blue King's man of business, Arnold Jupiter, is revealed as Professor Moriarty in the final novel of the series, A Study in Ashes.

A Study in Ashes (2013)
Story Type:
Steam-Punk Fantasy
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty (Arnold Juniper); Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Barrymore; Mrs Barrymore; The Hound of the Baskervilles; (Baker Street Irregulars; Mary Morstan; Sir Charles Baskerville; Sir Henry Baskerville)
Folkloric Characters: Devas; Dragon; Wraiths
Historical Figures: (Edward VII; Queen Victoria; Prince Albert)
Other Characters: Evelina Cooper
; Professor Sir John Henry Bickerton; Sir William Fillipott; Tobias Roth; Imogen Roth; Buckingham "Bucky" Penner; Deirdre Livingston; Penelope "Poppy" Roth; Lady Bancroft; Jasper Keating / The Gold King; William Reading / The Scarlet King; Lord Bancroft; Duchess of Westlake; Whitford; Jeremy Roth; Alice Keating Roth; McColl; Nick / Captain Niccolo; Keeler; Commander Rose; Ambling; The Schoolmaster / Edmond Baskerville; Mrs Pennyfeather; Emily Barnes / Madame Thalassa; Mrs Phillips; Leonidas Wood; Anna Roth; Gwilliam; Mrs Smith / Nellie Reynolds; Michael Edgerton; Captain Diogenes Smythe; Bigelow; Lady Bancroft; Dr Magnus Striker; Digby; Captain Roberts; Lord Elford; General Fortman; Sir Simon Yates; Dora; Robert Blount / The Blue King / King Coal; Valerie Cutter / The Violet Queen; Jane Spicer / The Green Queen; Mrs Polwarren; Miss Hyacinth; Han Lo; Talfryn; Gareth; Tigress; Mr Tunbridge; Moore; Corporal Yelland; Poole; Captain Lucas; Captain Pinkwell; Captain Laforge; Saria; Lord Fawkes; Black King
Faculty Members; Vice-Chancellor's Secretary; Helios Crew; Helios Captain; Red Jack Crewman; Bond Street Passersby; Steamer Riders; Bond Street Policemen; Students; Hilliard House Orchestra; Hilliard House Guests; Hillard House Footmen; Drunken Young Men; Diogenes Footmen; Diogenes Waiter; Gold King's Workers; Workshop Doctor; Manufactory Prisoners; Manufactory Guards; Manufactory Drivers; Airmen; Train Guards; Train Passengers; Victoria Carriage Driver; Séance Guests; Duquesne's Maître d'Hôtel; Duquesne's Waiters; Duquesne's Diners; Government Official; Ladies' College Matron; Keating's Man; Guildhall Armed Servants; Evelina's Lady's Maid; Parapsychological Institute Members; Laboratory Guards; Dairy Boy; Laboratory Subjects; Magnus's Servants; Ash Rooks; Killincairn Barmaid's Boy; Athena Crew; East Dart Barkeep; East Dart Customers; Blue Boys; Guildhall Servants; Nursemaid; Black Kingdom Girl; Black Kingdom Boy; Keating' Soldiers; Pair of Older Ladies; Cavendish Square Footman; Cavendish Square Housemaids; Cavendish Square Crowd; Cavendish Square Servants; Yellowbacks; Soldiers; Police; Violet Queen's Serving Man; Underground Train Man; Newspaper Boys; Barrowmen; Soap Box Speakers; Han Lo's Daughter; Cornish Fisherman; The Others; Looters; Mercenaries; Threadneedle Street Army; Soho Loiterers; Foundling Hospital Woman; Lime Pit Diggers; Baskerville's Army; Red Airmen; London Crowds; Beryl Lane Woman; Cavalrymen; Palace Crowds; Cider Woman; Royal Guardsmen
(Marianne Holmes; Captain Cooper; Gran Cooper; Thaddeus Ploughman; Helios Surgeon; Serafina; Edgerton's Father; Penner's Father; Edward Pringle; Hedgely; Aunt Tabitha; Grandmamma Holmes; Athena; Soldiers; The Gray King; Evelina's Father; Velda the Glorious; John Harriman; Chinese Goldsmiths; Han Zuiweng; Scientists; Jeremy's Nursemaid; Nurse May; Coal Merchants; Mr Fish; Beadle; Royce; Knaur; Smith; Roberts's Crew; Harvey; Portuguese Trader; Mr Blind; Mrs Loren; Duke of Morton; Elias Jones; Bingham; Monsieur Dubois; Lady Christopher; Sarah Makepeace; Beatrice Keating; Grace Child; Imogen's Doctors)
Date: September 16th - November 2nd, 1889 / November, 1888
Locations: University of Camelin; Sir Henry John Bickerton Laboratory; Ladies College of London; New Hall; Mayfair; Hilliard House; Aboard the Helios; SPIE Headquarters; Bond Street; Big Ben; Hilliard House; Woodland; Diogenes Club; Cavendish Square; Tobias's House; Gold King's Workshop; Manufactory Three; Church of St Margaret & St Anne; Paddington Station; Russell Square; Schoolmaster's Rooming-House; Emily's House; Duquesne's Restaurant; Inn; Train Station; Steam Makers' Guild Hall; Devon; Dartmoor; Baskerville Hall: Her Majesty's Scientific Laboratories; Cornwall; Magnus's Balloon; Siabartha Castle; Killincairn; Tavern at the East Dart; Park near Cavendish Square; Threadneedle Street; Penner Toy & Games Workshop; Violet Queen's Residence; Underground Train; East End; Mercantile Fellowship of the Black Dragons of the Hidden Sea; Aboard the Athena; Beach; Miss Hyacinth's House of Pleasure; Bath; Soho; Marlborough Street; Poland Street; Beatrice Keating Memorial Foundling Hospital; Regent Street; Covent Garden; Beryl Lane; The Strand; Embankment Gardens; Waterloo Bridge; Rotherhithe; Thames Tunnel; The Black Kingdom; Grand Caliphate Hotel; Harriman's Warehouse; Austria; Castle; Portmore Hotel; 221B, Baker Street
Story: After causing a laboratory explosion, Evelina faces expulsion from the Ladies College, but is forcibly confined to the College grounds until the decision is made, and finds herself supported by the young professor Moriarty.
Imogen Hilliard has been in a coma-like state for nearly a year. A mysterious airship launches an attack on Big Ben. The Prince of Wales, the Queen's only surviving child, falls ill, raising questions about who the heir would be should he die, and the Gold King orders a doubling of weapons production, suggesting a coming conflict. Poppy Roth asks Holmes to investigate Imogen's illness, but he suggests that Madame Thalassa would be a more appropriate investigator. Nick, presumed dead, escapes from Manufactory Three and returns to London. Evelina and Tobias attend a séance, and Imogen comes face to face with her dead twin. Holmes asks Watson to create a story about a phantom hound on Dartmoor.

After the Scarlet King is killed, Holmes, Watson, Evelina and Tobias travel to Dartmoor, while Mouse and Bird attempt to save Imogen. The Baskerville Rebellion forces gather, and an old adversary reappears when Eveline leads an assault on Her Majesty's Laboratories. War beaks out between the Steam Barons, and Tobias's son is taken hostage. As civil war rages, Evelina and her friends face a dragon in the Black Kingdom below London.

Jeremy Branton Holstein

"The Adventure of the Sleeping Cardinal or The Doctor's Case" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part II: 1890-1895 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Dr Watson
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; James Ryder; Mary Morstan; (Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes)
Other Characters: Metropole Constable; Lady Margaret; Patrick Pardman; Jones; (Henry Tuttle; Watson's Patient; Hotel Porter; Flemming; Hotel Cosmopolitan Manager; Zacharias Saul; Bookies)
Date: Summer, 1899 / Summer, 1892
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Covent Garden; St Martin's Lane; The Strand; Hotel Metropole; Watson's House; Pub; Scotland Yard; Pardman's Rooms
Story: 1899: Holmes asks Watson to tell him about his involvement in the Sleeping Cardinal case.

1892: Watson bumps into Lestrade near Covent Garden, who is investigating the theft of Lady Margaret's painting, The Sleeping Cardinal, from a safe at the Hotel Metropole. The hotel desk clerk on duty at the time of the theft was James Ryder. Watson accompanies Lestrade to the Metropole to question those involved, and recognising Ryder, has him arrested. A telegram from Mycroft sets Watson on the track of the painting's location and the truth.

Tom Holt

My Hero (1996)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; The Hound of the Baskervilles; Professor Moriarty; (Mrs Hudson)
Biblical Characters: God / The Burning Bush; The Devil; Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; The Antichrist
Fictional Characters: Hamlet; King Lear; Mr Darcy; Lydia Bennet; Oberon; Puck; Fairies; Titania; Peaseblossom; Moth; Mustardseed; The White Rabbit; Mole; Yorick; Hamlet's Ghost; Ratty; Superman; Mad Hatter; March Hare; Dormouse; Alice; Captain James T. Kirk; Polonius; Piglet; Hercule Poirot; Miss Marple; Dracula; Nick Bottom; Curly; (Goneril; Regan; Cordelia; Macbeth; Claudius; Gertrude; William Collins; Mr Bennet; Mr Bingley; Mr Derwent; Bottom; Mr Toad; Mr Badger; Winnie the Pooh; Eeyore; Philip Marlowe; Dr Haydock; Mickey Mouse; Tom & Jerry; Rosencrantz & Guildenstern; Mr Magoo)
Historical Figures: Wild Bill Hickock; (Doc Holliday; Wyatt Earp)
Other Characters: Regalian of Perimadeia / George; Gordian of Saressus/ Neville; Emperor Maxen / Max; Perimadeia Globe Correspondent; Jane Armitage; Dave; Doris; Linda / Lady Helionassa; Albert Skinner / Carson Montague; Jonah LaForce; Posse; Scholfield; Pub Landlord; Alf / Jotapian the High Priest; Norman Frankenbotham; Stanley Earnshaw; Mr Stein; Mr Kraftig; Central Casting; Blackfoot Warriors; Dances With Pigeons; Chief Three Blind Mice; Cheryl; Regalian's Landlady; Man In A Black Hat; Child & Mother; Actor Playing Polonius; Cheadle Bookshop Customer; Trish; Mr Shark; Shark's Assistant; Mr Prosser; Tall Man; Man in Red Shirt; Third Man; Bartender; Slim O'Shea / Max; O'Shea's Heavies; Dr Sebastian Rossfleisch; Tracy; Desk Sergeant; Rossfleisch's Assistants; Robot; Schoolgirl; Continuity Girl; Danny Bennet; Man in Dungarees; Claudia Van Sittaert; French Soldiers; Police; Moriarty's Companion; Igor Braithwaite; Stanley Earnshaw #2; Dead Man; Skinner's House; Marlowe's Office; Butler; Barman; Slushpile Characters; Comic Irishman; Blonde; Policemen; Accident Crowd; Ambulanceman; Nurses; Goblins; Lin; George; Non-Fiction Man; Goblin Captain; Consultant; Native Americans; Take Forty-Two; Umpire; Children; Poker Players; Sarah; Mummy; Daddy; Kieron; Julie; Christine; Hogan; Remington; Webley; Scorpion; Cindy; (Maldezar; Dunthor; Ragged Bear; Miss Withers; Chalkie Wainwright's Dad; Maybury; Stein; Pedersen; Michaels; Gobler; Shaftberg; Hellman; Thelma; Chase Pavlinski)
Locations: Arena; Jane's House; Pub; Street; Canyon; Dewsbury; Kraftig & Stein's Office; Central Casting Office; Wild West Town; Barn; Blackfoot Village; Regalian's Flat; Bookshop; Stockport; Chicopee Falls, Mass.; Skinner's House; Main Street; Stratford-On-Avon; Cheadle; Saloon Bar; Shark's Office; Prosser's Funeral Parlour; Lucky Strike Saloon; Longbourn; A Wood Near Athens; Rossfleisch's Lab; Police Station; Rabbit Hole; Mole End; River Bank; Post Office; TV Studio; Wonderland; 221B, Baker Street; Library of Congress; Battlefield; Hundred Acre Wood; Piglet's House; Rotherhithe; Moriarty's Lair; The Slushpile; Sorting Office; Crypt; Non-Fiction; Hill Overlooking Jerusalem; Hospital; Central Casting; Dodge City; Hogan's Ironmongery
Story: Facing writer's block, Jane Armitage is visited by fellow-author Skinner in a dream. He has been stuck in a fictional world for thirty-six years, with a talking gun, and is being hunted by one of his cowboy characters and needs her to help him escape by rewriting the book he's stuck in. Jane's charcter, Regalian, tries to organise his fictional character-playing colleagues to take greater autonomy over their plots. Hamlet communicates with Jane through her computer, asking if she has any work for him. Frankenbotham creates an invincible cricketer named Stanley Earnshaw, brought to life by lightning. God gets public relations advice. Jane tells Skinner she can't do pastiche, so he tells her to send her hero, who will be able to take him into one of her books from which she can write him home, instead. Hamlet finds himself playing Frankenbotham's creature. He seeks out Jane to help get him out of the real world and back into fiction. Regalian's love of country music finally convinces him to take the job. King Lear's lawyer persuades him to give his kingdom to his daughters. Regalian finds Skinner, and suggests that he may be able to get back to the real world via Alice in Wonderland and Pride and Prejudice. Bounty hunter O'Shea, meanwhile, is on their trail, and a gunfire ensues at the Bennet house.

An accident with a first folio Shakespeare finds Skinner and Reg in a wood near Athens encountering Shakespeare's fairies and the bounty hunter. Hamlet is abducted and undergoes an overhaul as part of a plan to rule the world, and with a bomb inside his chest set to explode to the tune of "Buffalo Girl". Having fallen in love with the now donkey-eared Skinner, Titania insists on tagging along. Hamlet's revamp causes a personality change for the worse. A wrong turn down the rabbit hole fetches Reg, Titania and Skinner up in Wind in the Willows, prisoners of Mr Mole, and they become drug mules for Ratty as a way of getting to Wonderland where they disrupt the Mad Hatter's tea party.

Jane rushes to help Hamlet who finds himself transported to 221B, Baker Street, while Regalian finds himself transported through the looking glass into the real world. Jane visits the Library of Congress where there is said to be a breach between fiction and reality, and finds herself in War and Peace. Titania and Skinner take Piglet hostage. Hamlet digs his way out of 221B. Polonius sets superagent Claudia the task of finding Hamlet, and she enlists Holmes to help. Moriarty is given a free holiday in Switzerland. Frankenbotham makes another creature, which becomes occupied by O'Shea, and the laws of fiction propel Titania and Skinner into a Poirot story where they drink drugged cocktails. Hamlet ends up back at 221B.

Jane is rescued by an emergency-plot dog, ending up in Marlowe's office. Regalian builds a character bomb, and is attacked by O'Shea in his new body. Claudia reunites everyone at 221B and announces that she has bought the rights to all of them and that they are to star in the end of the world. Dracula is delivered, by mistake to Frankenbotham. Jane and friends are thrown on the slushpile and must find a way to escape and save the world, with Dracula's help, but not before they all become vampires.

Howard Hopkins

"The Haunted Manor" (2012)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook (Howard Hopkins)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: Calamity Jane / Martha Jane Cannary
Other Characters: Sarah Bickford; Doorman; Lady Crownshield; Nellie Green / Nellie Crownshield; Zephren Crownshield; (Lydell Crownshield)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Crownshield Manor
Story: Holmes and Watson are called upon by Calamity Jane who has come to parley with a local celebrity and see how English detectives work. While she is visiting, their client, Sarah Bickford, a servant at Crownshield Manor, arrives. She has been sent by Lady Crownshield after appearances by the ghost of her late husband and the arrival of a letter threatening her son's death. They travel to Crownshield Manor where Master Crownshield expires while drinking almond tea. Calamity Jane offers her solution to the mystery, but it is Holmes who gives the full answer.

L.C. Hopkins

"The Weirdly Thrilling Adventure of the Lost Bathing Suit" (1908)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches II: 1905-1909 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Herlock Shomes; Dr Rotson
Other Characters: Laundress;
Miss Blank; (Jones; Brother Simpkins; Quaker Street Arabs)
USA; Shomes's Quaker Street Rooms; Beach; Hotel
Story: Shomes investigates the theft of Miss Blank's bathing costume, stolen after she took it off at the seashore. Tracks on the beach and a yellow thread in the sea provide the first clues, and the Sign of the Thirteen leads him to the missing bathing suit.

Anthony Horowitz

The House of Silk (2011)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Irregulars; Wiggins; Inspector (George) Lestrade; Mycroft Holmes; Professor Moriarty; Dr Percy Trevelyan; Mary Morstan; ((Jack) Murray; Young (Henry) Stamford; Inspector Morton; Mrs Cecil Forrester; Earl of Blackwater)
Fictional Characters:
Historical Figures: (Edward VII; John Constable)
Other Characters: Edmund Carstairs; Mr Kirby; Catherine Carstairs / Keelan O'Donaghue / Catherine Masrryat / Catherine O'Donaghue; Eliza Carstairs; Ross Dixon; Italian Organ Grider; Wimpole Street Crowd; Café Waiter; Tobias Finch; Four-Wheeler Driver; Benjamin Harrison; Mrs Oldmore's Boots; Mrs Oldmore; Chorley Grange Boys; Mr Vosper; Reverend Charles Fitzsimmons; Joanna Fitzsimmons; Robert Weeks; Harry; Daniel; Cab Driver; Shoreditch Landlord; Ephraim Hardcastle; Police Constable; Southwark Bridge Policemen; Russell Johnson; Lord Alec Ravenshaw; Finch's Coachman; Ravenshaw's Footman; Bluegate Fields Woman; Rose & Crown Patrons; Piano Woman; Bartender; Opium Smokers; Isaiah Creer; Inspector J. Harriman; Dr Thomas Ackland; Constable Stanley Perkins; Bluegate Fields Crowd; Magistrate; Courtroom Crowd; Forger; Burglar; Magsman; Apprentice; Child Beggars; Court Police; Court Clerks; Usher; Mr Edwards; Lord Horace Blackwater; Margaret Kirby; Patrick; Elsie; Underwood; Moriarty's Coachman; Coachman; Prison Officers; Chief Warder Hawkins; Prisoners; Rivers; Collins; Labourers; Jonathan Wood; Holborn Crowds; Brougham Driver; Dr Asmodeus Silkin; Black Dwarf; Twin Jugglers; Fire Eater; Gypsy Fortune-teller; Magician; Fair Crowd; Fat Lady; Dwarf Woman; Man with Monkey; Tattooed Man; Jason Bratby; Lestrade's Men; Ravenshaw's Coachman; House Steward; House of Silk Members; Bill McParland; Watson's Nurse; (Watson's Cousin Arthur; Euston Road Stockbroker; Watson's Nurses; Richard Forrester; Carstairs' Accountant; Cornelius Stillman; James Devoy; Rourke O'Donaghue; "The Ghost"; Frank "Mad Dog" Kelly; Patrick "Razors" Maclean; Train Driver; Brakeman; Flat Caps Gang; Train Passengers; Security Guard; Mrs Devoy; Devoy's Son; Stillman's Servants; Pinkerton's Agents; McParland's Informant; Newsboy; Catherine's Sailing Companion; Marryat; Catherine's Sisters-in-Law; Carstairs' Coachman; Carstairs' Groom; Carstairs' Parents; Bermondsey Constables; Associate of the Prime Minister; Creer's Boys; Jacks; Watson's Daughters; Watson's Grandchildren; Sherlock)
Date: During World War I / November 1890 - January 1891
Locations: Watson's Nursing Home; 221B, Baker Street; Wimbledon; Ridgeway Hall; St Mary's Church; USA; Connecticut; Pittsfield; New York; Rhode Island, Providence, Shepherd's Point; Massachusetts; Boston; School Street; The South End; Aboard SS Catalonia; Wimpole Street; Haymarket; Café de l'Europe; Mayfair; Albemarle Street; Carstairs & Finch Gallery; Blackfriars Bridge; Bermondsey; Mrs Oldmore's Private Hotel; Hamworth; Chorley Grange Home for Boys; Shoreditch; Edge Lane; The Bag of Nails; Lambeth; Southwark Bridge; Bridge Lane; Pawnbroker's Shop; Gloucestershire; Coln St Aldwyn; Inn; Ravenshaw's Manor House; Diogenes Club; Limehouse; Bluegate Fields; Milward Street; Creer's Opium Den; The Rose and Crown; Coppergate Square; Bow Street Police Court; Moriarty's House; Camden Road; Holloway; Holborn Viaduct Station; The Strand; Watson's Kensington House; Whitechapel; Jackdaw Lane; Dr Silkin's House of Wonders
Story: A year after Holmes's death, Watson decides to set down an untold story, with instructions that it not be opened for a hundred years:

While his wife is away, Watson goes to stay with Holmes, who deduces that Mary is visiting Mrs Cecil Forrester's sick son, Richard. They are called on by Edmund Carstairs, a fine art dealer, who is being watched by a man he believes to be an American. He tells them of his encounter with the American millionaire Cornelius Stillman, and his visit to Boston. He believes that the man watching him is Keelan O'Donaghue, an Irish gangster, leader of the Flat Cap Gang, and recounts how, along with Stillman and the Pinkertons, he brought about the gang's downfall and the death of O'Donaghue's brother.

Holmes says there is little he can do unless the man returns, but the next day Carstairs' safe is broken into. At Ridgeway Hall, they meet Carstairs' sister Eliza, who tells them of the family's troubles, and his American wife, Catherine. Back in London, the Irregulars track down the man responsible, but he is killed before Holmes can talk to him, and Ross, the boy who spotted him, disappears. Their search for the missing boy takes them to Chorley Grange Home for Boys, and they hear of the House of Silk from a girl who stabs Watson. When the boy's body is found, Holmes links a white silk ribbon, found on it, to a similar one he received during the Red-Headed League investigation.

After visiting a pawnbroker and the son of a former Foreign Secretary, Holmes is warned off the case by Mycroft. Ignoring the warning, he learns that the House of Silk is a great criminal organisation with friends in the police and government, but on following a lead, he is framed for murder. While Holmes is in prison, Watson revisits Carstairs, whose sister believes she is being poisoned, and is taken to the home of a mysterious man who refuses to give his name, but provides Watson with the means of Holmes's escape. Arriving at the prison, Watson encounters a face from the past, but finds that Holmes has disappeared. After they are reunited, they visit a fair before uncovering the truth about the House of Silk.

Moriarty (2014)
Story Type:
Extra-Canonical Adventure of Athelney Jones / Canonical re-visioning
Canonical Characters: Athelney Jones; Professor Moriarty; Inspector Lestrade; Tobias Gregson; Inspector Youghal; Alec MacDonald; Inspector Bradstreet; Inspector Forrester; Peter Jones; Inspector Lanner; Inspector Patterson; Inspector Barton; Stanley Hopkins; Duncan Ross (Archie Cooke); John Clay; Swiss Boy; Colonel Sebastian Moran; (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Rough with a Bludgeon; Victoria Station Porter; Moriarty Gang; Mrs (Abigail) Stewart of Lauder; Gemmi Pass Guide; Peter Steiler; Watson's Following; Bartholomew Sholto; Thaddeus Sholto; Major Sholto; McMurdo; Abernetty Family; Moriarty Gang; John Horner; Duke of Lomond; Baker Street Irregulars)
Historical Figures: Robert Todd Lincoln; Mary E. Lincoln; Henry White; Charles Isham; (Thomas Piper; William Orton; Robert Pinkerton; Lord Salisbury)
Other Characters: Frederick Chase; Sergeant Gessner; Greta Steiler; Perry; Peter Clayton; Scotchy Lavelle; Thomas Jerrold; Henrietta Barlowe; Mary Stagg; Lucy Winters; Edgar Mortlake; Leland Mortlake; Silas Beckett; Mr Guthrie; Colman De Vriess / Clarence Devereux; Robbie; Maria Jackson
Meiringen Police Station Officer; Englischer Hoff Boy; Englischer Hof Diners; Meiringen Residents; Train Passengers; Charing Cross Crowds; Hexam's Maid; Hexam's Boots; Regent Street Crowds; Café Royal Customers; Café Royal Waiters; Highgate Police Officers; Mortlake's Boys; Embankment Strollers; Coughing Man; Scotland Yard Officers; Scotland Yard Staff; Police Inspectors; Lestrade's Constables; Bostonian Club Members; Bostonian Club Pianist; Bostonian Club Barman; Cab Drivers; Omnibus Driver; Omnibus Passengers; Whitehall Pedestrians; Scotland Yard Visitors; Firemen; Elspeth Jones; Beatrice Jones; Camberwell Commuters; Jones's Maid; Piccadilly Circus Constable; Legation Guests; Legation Footmen; Legation Pianist; Legation Waiters; Jones's Constables; Street Urchin; Dock Workers; Sailors; Butcher; Ragamuffins; Jew; Brougham Attendants; Bostonian Club Waiter; Bostonian Club Lackey; Carpenter; Cemetery Roughs; Devereux's Coachman; Smithfield Workers; Smithfield Policeman; Legation Officials; Legation Police Officers; Shop Woman; Victoria Street Pedestrians; (Jonathan Pilgrim; Steiler's Wife; Meiringen Police Officers; Franz Hirzel; Hirzel's Mother; Chase's Father; Tilly; Arthur Chase; Chase's Mother; Colorado Mining Company President; Clarence Devereux; Chase's Team; Bishopsgate Jewel Thief; Norwood Housemaid; Scotland Yard Messenger; George Bladeston; Annie Stagg; Mrs Bladeston; Bladeston's Cook; Mr Sykes; Charlie; Man in Alleyway; Mrs Horner; Albert Horner; Stevens; Mrs Mills; Jones's Doctor; Police Commissioner; Scotchy's Men; Fitzroy Smith; Safe Deposit Clients; Chiltern Street Landlord; Elderly Woman; Roger Pilgrim; Mrs Pilgrim)
Date: May, 1891
Locations: Switzerland; Reichenbach Falls; Meiringen; St Michael's Church; Police Station; Englischer Hof; A Train; Bern; France; Paris; Charing Cross Station; Northumberland Avenue; The Embankment; Hexam's Hotel; Regent Street; Café Royal; Highgate; Highgate Hill; Bladeston House; Whitehall Place; Scotland Yard; Trebeck Street; Bostonian Club; Chancery Lane; Horner's Barber Shop; Holborn Viaduct; Camberwell; Camberwell Station; Jones's House; Victoria Street; American Legation; Chancery Lane Safe Deposit Company; Chiltern Street; Petticoat Lane; The Docks; Blackwall Basin; Warehouse 17; Shepherd's Market; The Grapes; Southwark; Dead Man's Walk Cemetery; Smithfield Market; Denmark Hill; Chelsea; Fulham; Richmond Park; (Welbeck Street; Vere Street; Victoria Station; France; Strasbourg; Geneva; Rhône Valley; Gemmi Pass; Meiringen; USA; New York; Oxford Circus; Tottenham Court Road; Archway Tavern; Merton Lane; Southampton Estate; Myatt's Fields; 221B, Baker Street)
Story: Frederick Chase, a Pinkertons agent, doubts the veracity of the official reports on the final encounter between Holmes and Moriarty. Five days after the events at the Reichenbach Falls, he meets Athelney Jones in Meiringen, where the body of a man answering Moriarty's description has been pulled from the water below the Falls. Chase is looking for a message sent by an American criminal, Clarence Devereux, to Moriarty, but a search of the body only turns up a paper bearing a passage from A Study in Scarlet. After Jones deciphers the code, they hatch a plan to trap Devereux by concealing the fact of Moriarty's death. They are led to Bladeston House in Highgate, where the following day all the occupants are found dead.

A meeting of Scotland Yard's finest inspectors is held, and the decision is made for Lestrade to lead a raid the Bostonian Club in Mayfair. Chase has dinner with the Joneses and learns of Jones's strong connection to Sherlock Holmes. Together, Chase and Jones infiltrate a reception at the American Legation, given by Robert Todd Lincoln, and have an encounter with John Clay. An expedition, in disguise, to the Docks ends in murder, and their enemies strike at Jones's family in retaliation. The case comes to a close in the back of a Black Maria.

"The Three Monarchs" (2014)
Included in:
Moriarty (Anthony Horowitz)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Mary Morstan; Boy in Buttons; Sherlock Holmes; Athelney Jones; Mrs Hudson; Abernetty Family (Harold Abernetty; Emilia Abernetty); (Watson's Brother (Henry); Watson's Maid)
Historical Figures: (Queen Victoria)
Other Characters: Dancing Dog Owner; Baker Street Crowd; Michael Snowden; Cordelia Webster; (Watson's Patients; Matilda Briggs; The Dunstables; Mr Webster; Mr Briggs; Matilda's Sister; Pentonville Prison Warder)
Date: A year after Watson's marriage
Locations: Watson's Paddington Practice; Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; St Thomas's Hospital Mortuary; Hamworth Hill; 1, Hamworth Hill; 6, Hamworth Hill
Story: Mary suggests that Watson should visit Holmes. He arrives to find Athelney Jones present. Holmes makes a deduction about Mrs Hudson from the parsley on the butter. Jones tells them about Harold Abernetty who has shot a burglar in his home in Hamworth Hill (inherited by his wife from Mrs Matilda Briggs). The only things found in the burglar's bag were three Golden Jubilee statuettes of the Queen, stolen from three different houses. After viewing the body, they call on one the other burglary victims, Mrs Webster, who tells them about Matilda Briggs's family, before visiting the Abernettys.

Orville Horwitz & H.A. Schroeder

"The Giant Rat of Sumatra" (1976)
Included in:
More Leaves from the Copper Beeches (The Sons of the Copper Beeches)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Professor Moriarty; The Giant Rat of Sumatra; Mycroft Holmes; Violet Hunter
Other Characters: Stage Coach Driver; Rickshaw Driver; Magnamus Porter; Navy Officer; Bosun Manners; Palembang Natives; (Osler)
Date: 1891
Locations: Reichenbach Falls; Amsterdam; A Holland-India Mailship; Sumatra; Bangka; Palembang; Diogenes Club; The Empress of India; Singapore; Magnamus Hotel; A Navy Cutter
Story: A few months after Reichenbach, Watson receives a letter from Holmes, who has journeyed to Sumatra with Moriarty, who has bred a strain of giant rats there, which he plans to unleash on the world. Holmes was able to defeat Moriarty, but needs Watson to meet him in Singapore so that together they can deal with the rats. Watson collects some items from Mycroft before he departs. A month of scientific research and a night-time jungle stake-out are in order before the menace can be stopped.

Sydney Hosier

Elementary, Mrs Hudson (1996)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Mrs Hudson
Canonical Characters: Mrs (Emma) Hudson; (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson)
Other Characters: Violet Warner; Farmer; Hogarth; Sir Charles St Clair; Lady Margaret St Clair; Inspector Jonas Thackeray; Squire Henry St Clair; Colonel Wyndgate; Dr Thomas Morley; Constable McHeath; Will Tadlock; Mary O'Connell; Ben; Nora Adams; Boy at Level Crossing
(Captain & Mrs Roger Abernathy; William Hudson; Malay Pirates; Arnold Warner; Lady Agatha St Clair; Duke of Norwall; Cook; Molly Dwyer)
Date: October 8-9, 1898
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Twillings; Haddley Hall; Twillings Police Station; (Portsmouth; An Island off Malaya; Warner's Chandlery; Porter Street)
Story: Mrs Hudson recounts her life history, then tells of an investigation that began with the delivery of a telegram from her old friend Violet Warner asking her to persuade Holmes to go to Haddley Hall. As Holmes and Watson are away on holiday, she goes herself. Violet believes that her employer, Lady Agatha, has been murdered. They overhear her son and daughter-in-law discussing something that happened in the old lady's bedchamber on the night of her death, and resolve to investigate her death. Violet reveals that she has the power to make her spirit body leave her physical body, and on the night of the murder she had astrally projected herself into Lady Agatha's bedroom and seen a figure holding a cloth over her face.

That night, Mrs Hudson hears crying and the sound of a body falling. The police arrive the following day, investigating the murder of a young woman whose body has been found on the estate. Mrs Hudson views the body and searches for a missing ear-ring, but the police believe they already have the murderer. Exploring the house, Mrs Hudson finds signs of habitation in a supposedly unoccupied room, and the murder weapon. She also has Violet astrally eavesdrop on the other inhabitants of the house. Further exploring the house, Mrs Hudson finds herself under attack and rescued by an apparition. A song reminds Mrs Hudson of where she has seen the murdered girl, who she has learned was pregnant, before. While one of those involved takes his own life, Mrs Hudson arranges another apparition to flush out the girl's murderer.

Murder, Mrs Hudson (1997)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Mrs Hudson
Canonical Characters: Mrs (Emma) Hudson; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: Winston Churchill; Lord Salisbury; (Lord Randolph Churchill; Queen Victoria)
Other Characters: Violet Warner; Cab Driver; Wapping Residents; Boy; Constable; Shandling's Customers; Waiter; Paddy O'Ryan; Marcos; Charles Ritter; Simpson's Waiter; String Quartet; Maitre D'; Simpson's Customers; Cabbies; Miles Henten; Morning Post Employees; M.P.s; Deputy Prime Minister; Marcos's Neighbours; Blue Goose Patrons; Archie; Blue Boar Patrons; Billy Burgoyne; Blue Boar Waiter; Ragamuffins; Mr Farnsworth; Daisy Whyte; Constable Hurley; Baker Street Crowd; House of Commons Page; The Speaker; Sergeant Royce; Lady in Large Blue Hat; Jenkins; (Mrs Armitedge; Henry Armitedge; Dolly Hepplewhite; Belgian Constable; Scotland Yard Official; Wapping Publicans; Pub Customers; Murder Victim; Wallace Walgreen; Uncle Wilbur; Aunt Jane; The Van Rijks)
Date: October-November, 1899 / July, 1900
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Wapping; London Dock; J. Shandling's Lodging House; Tench Street; Empty Shop; Simpson's; Outside the Morning Post Office; Trafalgar Square; House of Commons; National Gallery; Marcos's Lodgings; The Blue Goose; The Blue Boar; Scotland Yard
Story: Unable to take on his case, Holmes sends Churchill to see Mrs Hudson. He asks her and Vi to follow and report on the mysterious Marcos, responsible for a series of bombings and assassinations, which he will carry out for the highest bidder, and who is now in London. His mission may be connected to the Boer War. Enquiries in the London Dock area reveal nothing until they meet O'Ryan, an old colleague of Vi's husband, who tells them where Marcos is staying. They set up watch, along with O'Ryan, on his lodgings.

When Churchill sails to South Africa, he passes responsibility for the investigation to reporter, Henten, who meets Mrs Hudson outside the Morning Post offices. They continue to follow Marcos, who appears merely to be sight-seeing, and after three weeks, Henten suggest the case be closed. Before giving up, they search Marcos's room, finding a note about an up-coming rendezvous. O'Ryan is attacked after hearing Marcos complain that he has waited too long, and that a house on the Thames will go boom. Churchill is captured by the Boers, and a dead man is found in the Thames.

Unconvinced of Henten's commitment to the case, Mrs Hudson decides to report her findings to Lestrade. Marcos checks out of his lodgings. Mrs Hudson learns that Henten has been missing from work for several days. Vi begins to have doubts about O'Ryan. Daisy Whyte is murdered while wearing Mrs Hudson's coat. They finally deduce that Marcos is planning an attack on the House of Commons and the Prime Minister. Violet astrally projects herself to the House of Commons, and they race, with Lestrade's help, to save the Prime Minister. The case is wound up in Lestrade's office, and summed up on Churchill's return the following year.

Most Baffling, Mrs Hudson (1997)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Mrs Hudson
Canonical Characters: Mrs (Emma) Hudson; Inspector Alec MacDonald; (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson)
Other Characters: Violet Warner; Mayfair Passers-by; Mayfair Policeman; Peter Martin; Jane Bramwell; Dorothy Bramwell; Mavis Birdie; Cabbies; Arthur Moore; Prudence Armstrong-Jones; David MacPhail; Patricia MacPhail; Roger Burke; Peter Wooley; Messenger Boy; Mrs Smollett; Rose Tuttle; Baker Street Passers-by; Bessie Smith; Chorus Girls; Stage Doorkeeper; The Great Zambini / Max Oliver; Zambini's Matronly Visitors; Call Boy; Mr Dibley; Constable Higgins; Sergeant Formby
(Corgi Owner; Edgar Bramwell; Bramwell's Father; Violet's Dentist; Rose Tuttle; Prudence's Father; Arab Slave Dealer; Millie Wooley; Mr Muir; William Hudson; Albert Warner; Alhambra Theatre Man; Mr Hawkins; Mrs Hamilton; Member of Burke's Club; Mrs Macdonald; Old Man Who Confessed to the Murder; Mrs Gormley; Muir's Secretary)
Date: The 18th-19th
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Mayfair; Bramwell's House; Baker Street; Mrs Hamilton's House; Alhambra Theatre; Waverly Hotel
Story: Mrs Hudson and Violet argue about the correct way to make toad-in-the-hole. Thy receive a letter, in response to an advertisement Vi has placed in the Times, from Jane Bramwell, asking them to investigate the murder of her husband, shot by an "Invisible Man" during a game of charades. They interview those present, learning that no one heard the shot, and discover a range of motives, from company firings and extra-marital liaisons, to lost diamond mines.
A meeting with Peter Wooley, a former vaudeville hypnotist, reminds Mrs Hudson of Violet's dentist's suggestion that she be hypnotised against pain when she has a tooth extracted.

Violet goes to the Alhambra Theatre to interview the Great Zambini, a professional hypnotist, to see if there could be an hypnotic angle to the case, but when she returns, she can't remember the interview. Wooley helps Vi recover her missing memories. Macdonald closes the case, viewing the death of one of the suspects as a guilt-driven suicide. Mrs Hudson and Vi find Zambini stabbed and dying in his hotel room. With Mr Wooley's assistance, Mrs Hudson gathers the suspects together, reveals the murderer, and resolves the toad-in-the-hole argument.

The Game's Afoot, Mrs Hudson (1998)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Mrs Hudson
Canonical Characters: Mrs (Emma) Hudson; Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; (Inspector Lestrade)
Historical Figures: (Lillie Langtry)
Other Characters: Violet Warner; Samuel Burbage; Mr Latham; Harold Trefann; Hattie Trefann; Bill Christie; Liza Christie / Annie Potter; Dora Burbage; Peter Jones; Captain John Hammond; Inspector Radcliffe; Sergeant Styles; Constables; Coroner; Sarah Hammond
; Chip Shop Boy; Chip Shop Man; Restaurant Waitress; Dog-Walker; Coach Driver; Mr McGuire; Madame Zerina; Cathie Jones; (Inspector Grimes; Police Constables; Charlie Allbright / Mr Smith; Mr Findlay; Jones's Great-Aunt Gwen; Jones's Mother; Jones's Four Brothers; Hotel Cook; Mr Christie; Lord Ashcroft; Lady Ashcroft; Eddie Dobbs; Publican; Pub Staff; Styles's Aunt; William Hudson; Albert Warner; Styles's Sister; Mr Tumpane; Ashcroft's Staff; Mrs Hudson's Maiden Aunt; Mrs Hudson's Mother; Brighton Stationmaster)
Date: May (After 1887 / Before 1902)
Locations: Brighton; The Burbage House; 221B, Baker Street; North Street; Queens Road; West Street; Western Road; New Road; Promenade; Christie's Fish & Chip Shop; Restaurant; Windermere Estate; Police Station; Brighton Herald Offices; Madame Zerina's Tea Shop
Story: Mrs Hudson and Violet are on holiday at the Burbage House hotel in Brighton.
The owner, Sam Burbage, tells them of the arrest of Charlie Allbright, the jewel thief, in his dining room, ten or twelve years previously. Vi sees the ghost of a one-armed sea captain in the hotel. One of the other guests is found dead in the attic.

More guests, including Mrs Hudson, see the ghosts of the captain and his wife. Inspector Radcliffe tells them the full story of Allbright's arrest for theft of Lady Ashcroft's ring, made from the Star of Hyderabad diamond, which was never recovered, and his dying word: "haddock". After an abortive late night vigil, an attempt is made on their lives, and Mrs Hudson receives further warnings before bringing the culprit to justice.

Colin Howard

"As It Might Have Been" (1939)
Included in:
As It Might Have Been (Robert C.S. Adey)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Inspector Lestrade)
Other Characters: Lord F---; Lady F---; (The Hon. C---)
Date: June
Locations: Watson's Home; Tooting Bec
Story: Holmes calls on Watson, who deduces he has recovered from an attack of rheumatism. Watson invites Holmes to accompany him to Tooting Bec on a case, Holmes agrees to accompany him, saying that Lestrade can take care of his current workload. They visit Lady F---, who has an unseasonal cold which has baffled Harley Street. Watson astonishes them all by tracing the cause to a bunch of flowers.

George Howe

"Sketches" (1904)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Enormous Man
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Holmes subdues a revolver-wielding thug who bursts into his rooms.

Boothcut Hoyle

"The Cat of the Bunkervilles" (1902)
Included in:
My Evening with Sherlock Holmes (John Gibson & Richard Green); Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Fictional Characters: Captain Kettle; (Dr Nikola)

Other Characters: (The Bunkervilles)
Locations: A Moor
Story: Holmes and Watson lie in wait as a great beast, property of Dr Nikola, pads over the foggy moor towards Captain Kettle.

Jerry Huang

GPS Primer: Sherlock Holmes' Guide to the Global Positioning System (1997)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detective: Mr Sherlock Holmes III

Other Characters: Vickie; Vickie's Parents; Kidnappers
Locations: London
Story: Vickie is kidnapped, blindfolded and taken to the tenth floor of an old building. The kidnappers turn on the radio, which broadcasts Big Ben's chimes. Vickie counts thirteen chimes.
Sherlock Holmes III, grandson of Sherlock Holmes, uses Vickie's mention of the thirteen chimes in a recorded message sent to her parents to deduce where she is being held captive.

NOTE: The Sherlockian story takes up only five of the book's pages. The remainder is a non-Sherlockian explanation of how the Global Positioning System works.

Ned Hubbell

Dorothy B. Hughes

"Sherlock Holmes and the Muffin" (1987)
Included in:
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Martin H. Greenberg, Carol-Lynn Rössel Waugh & Jon L. Lellenberg); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Baker Street Maid (Muffin); Mrs Hudson; (Inspector Lestrade; Baker Street Cook; Baker Street Irregulars)
Other Characters: Jacky; Little Jemmy; Fireboy; Hansom Driver; Jicky Tar; Tar's Men; Policemen; Signor Antonelli; (Prince of Poona Captain; Viceroy; Gaekwar of Baroda)
Date: December
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Ironmonger's Lane
Story: After an encounter with the new maid, Muffin, Holmes tells Watson of the theft of an Indian chest of jewels, in search of which he visits the docks disguised as a lascar. Muffin asks for his discarded boots for her mother. The following day she is followed by two boys who she believes mean harm to Holmes, but who instead bring him a box of rocks. Jicky Tar tries to gain possession of the box. The diamonds are recovered and Holmes considers the merits of playing Father Christmas.

Rhys Hughes

"The Skeleton of Contention" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-Canonical Adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty
Other Characters: The Bone of Contention; Doctors of Progress
Locations: Chaud-Mellé; Prison; Cinema; University
Moriarty comes to the University with a big dog and explains why a time machine won't work very well. He does an eye transplant because dogs can see the past. Some other stuff happens.