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Gillian Linscott

"The Adventure of the Late Orang Outang" (2006)
Included in:
Ghosts in Baker Street (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: St Simeon's Principal; Ancient Etruscan Expert; Man On Watson's Left; Servants; James Doughty; Peter Alderbrook; Dons; Cab Driver; Farm Labourer; College Scout; John Alderbrook; (Sir Thomas Alderbrook; George the Orang Outang; Game Keeper; Butler; Housekeeper; Sally Nebbs)
Locations: Oxford; St Simeon's College; 221B, Baker Street; Regent's Park Zoo; Nether Alderbrook
Story: At a college dinner, after solving a case in Oxford, Holmes and Watson witness a disagreement between two students, both in competition for a Fellowship at the college, and hear the tale of a ghostly orang outang said to haunt a tower of the family home of one of them. When a local girl is found dead at the base of the tower, Holmes is called back to Oxford, and stages an apparition of his own in order to bring the killer to justice.

"The Case of Colonel Crockett's Violin" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes In America (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: (Davy Crockett; Colonel William B. Travis; Louis Rose)
Other Characters: Passers-by; Benjamin Austin Barratt; Hotel Messenger Boy; Evangeline Legrange; Cowboys; Soldiers; Mexicans; Band; Singer; Juan Alvarez; Legrange's Mexican Servants; Picnic Guests; Barratt's Family; Lee Barratt; Mrs Barratt; Barratt's Doctor; Sheriff's Officer; Alvarez's Wife, Children & Grandmother; (Marianne; Mrs Legrange's Mother; Barratt's Father; Father's Servant; Legrange's Coachman; Legrange's Housekeeper; Witness; Alvarez's Grandfather; Mexican Cook)
Locations: USA; Texas; San Antonio; Menger Hotel; San Pedro Springs; The Alamo; Barratt's Home; Legrange's Home; Barratt's Club; County Jail; Alvarez's House
Story: Holmes is summoned to Texas by The Daughters of the Republic of Texas to find out which of two violins, both purporting to be the one owned by Davy Crockett, is genuine. They are invited on a picnic by Mrs Legrange, owner of one of the violins, who tells them how Crockett gave it to her grandmother. Later they learn from Barratt how his violin was given to the only man to leave the Alamo. Barratt's son is attacked, and Legrange's violin is stolen. When the culprit is caught, it is a Mexican who had tried to make an appointment with Holmes earlier, but an examination reveals the violin in his possession not to be the stolen one. Holmes traces the fate of the missing violin and the origins of the surviving one.
"A Hansom for Mr. Holmes" (2001)
Included in:
Murder in Baker Street (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Joe, the Hansom Cab Driver
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Joe; Lilac Waistcoat Man; Brougham Driver; Bert 'Slogger' Fleet; Boy; Flunkey; Garden Party Guests; His Highness; Detectives; Band; Lady Cookham; Violin Player
Locations: Camden Town; Baker Street; Celandine Square
Story: Joe, the hansom cab driving narrator, has kidnapped Hector of Hackney, a prize rat-baiting terrier, and is attempting to pass it off disguised as his own injured dog. Joe has the dog in the box of his hansom when he is flagged down for Holmes and Watson. He drives them to Mayfair where he finds himself press-ganged into their service at a garden party. A member of an Eastern European royal family is attending the party and the Foreign Office has received word that an assassination attempt is planned. The dog escapes from the cab and wreaks havoc at the party. The ensuing chaos allows Holmes to close in on the would-be assassin, and Joe finds himself rewarded for his day's work in more ways than one.
"A Scandal in Winter" (1996)
Included in:
Holmes for the Holidays (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Carol-Lynn Waugh)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Jessica
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Irene Adler {Irene McEvoy}
Other Characters: Jessica; Amanda; Franz; Eva; Mother; Father; Hotel Guests; Maid; Waiters; Father's Ski Guide; Lame Accordion Player; Skaters; Headwaiter; Porter; (Mr. McEvoy; American Lady; Housekeeper)
Date: December, 1910 (and looking back to events in December, 1909)
Locations: Switzerland; Edelweiss Hotel; Skating Rink; The Village Main Street
Story: Holmes and Watson are at a ski resort in Switzerland, where the previous year McEvoy fell from his hotel room window. It was generally assumed that he had been pushed by his wife, Irene, who has returned this year, but is being shunned by everybody as a result. The only witness was a twelve year old girl, Jessica, and from her recollections and observations, and from his own reconstruction of the man's fall, Holmes is able to prove Irene's innocence.

Laura Lippman

"The Last of Sheila-Locke Holmes" (2011)
Included in:
A Study in Sherlock (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type:
Other Characters: Sheila Locke-Weiner; Sheila's Mother; Sheila's Father; Building Superintendent; Babysitter; (Trista; Caitlin; Harmony; Doorman; Chloe Beezer)
Date: 21st Century
Locations: USA; New York; Sheila's Home; Canal Street
Aged eleven, during a bad year at school, Sheila Locke-Weiner takes to wearing a deerstalker and advertises her services as a detective under the name Sheila Locke-Holmes. She discovers a photo in her parents' closet.

Ashley Lister

"The Last Professor Moriarty Story" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Inspector (Gordon) Lestrade; Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moran; (Von Herder)
Other Characters:
Readers; Professors; Students; Lecturers; Hunt; Chancellor White; (Professor Bell; Professor Phillips; Williamson; Williamson's Father; White's Daughter)
Date: December, 1867
Locations: University; Moriarty's Office
Gordon is summoned to Moriarty's university office, accused of cheating. As they walk together to Professor Bell's office, Gordon realises how many people at the university are indebted to Moriarty.

Alison Littlewood

"The Adventure of the Avid Pupil" (2017)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes's School for Detection (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; (Inspector Lestrade; Grimesby Roylott)
Other Characters:
Simon Smedley; Academy Students; Corpse; Trammer; Cab Driver; Police Officers; Dead Woman; (Finely Dressed Man; Trawler-man; Sewer Company Representative; St Michael's Chapel Curate)
Date: 1890
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Imperial Academy of Detective Inquiry and Forensic Science; The Embankment
One of Holmes's students, Smedley, a police officer, is boasting that he will soon surpass his master. Holmes challenges Smedley to evade him in disguise. Having expressed interest in the discovery of the body of a well-dressed man on the Embankment, Holmes takes up the case when a second body, this time a woman's, is found. He sends Smedley into the sewers to investigate.

"The Mystery of the Red City" (2015)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Folkloric Characters: Ghul
Other Characters: Hansom Driver; (Lord P---; Mary Stanier; Mr Stanier; Oil Seller; Marie's Maid; Marie's Cook; Marie's Housekeeper; Hamza; Souk Crowds; Henna Painters; Hawkers; Ape Owner)
Date: On the verge of autumn
221B, Baker Street; Morocco; Marrakech; Marie's House; The Souk; Djemaa el Fna; Graveyard; Baker Street
A weakened Holmes arrives back at Baker Street after a series of cases that have taken him from France to Africa. He tells Watson of how he accompanied Lord P--- to Marrakech, where his sister's naturalist husband's grave has been desecrated and his corpse mutilated. The following evening a photograph of her was stolen from her husband's study, by a man whom she swears was her dead husband. From Marie's housekeeper's son, he hears the legend of the ghul. Another arrival at Baker Street leads Watson to ponder the veracity of the legend.

Morgan Llywelyn

"The Repulsive Story of the Red Leech" (1996)
Included in:
Resurrected Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Pastiche (in the style of Ernest Hemingway)
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Pallid Man; Much Markle Station Master; Dog-Cart Driver; Mrs Peebles; Miss Frances; Dr Horatio Floyd; Pub Customers; Dead Woman
Date: Late Summer, 1894
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Train; The Cotswolds; Much Markle; Hope Hill; The Swan & Cygnets Pub; Bart's
Story: Watson persuades Holmes to take a break in the country at his former colleague's house in the Cotswolds. Arriving at Much Markle, they discover that a man who shared their railway compartment is also a guest of Dr Floyd. When they arrive at Hope Hill they learn that their host is not present, nor is he due to be. They learn that Floyd often sends his patients there to convalesce. Another of Floyd's patients arrives and, after a few days, so does a telegram from Lestrade saying that Jack the Ripper has returned to London. Several bloodless bodies have been found around the city. Holmes claims to have already solved the mystery. The solution lays in a larder full of beef and the denouement lays at Bart's in a case of porphyria and a man who sucks the blood from leeches.

Patrick LoBrutto

"The Little Problem of the Grosvenor Square Furniture Van" (1998)
Included in:
The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Parody narrated in part by Lestrade (ascribed to Arthur Stanley Jefferson aka Stan Laurel)
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: Finlay; Cannady; Crowd; Police
Locations: 221B, Baker Street;
Story: Watson visits Holmes, despite a toothache and the tender ministrations of his new wife, to show him a manuscript written by Lestrade. It tells of Holmes and Watson's attempts to have a piano moved up to their rooms at 221B, which he witnessed, having visited to consult Holmes on the case of a missing poet. The delivery men, assisted by Holmes and Watson are less than efficient, and their efforts end in a fight between the four men and the arrival of the police. There is more disgruntled slapstick between Holmes, Watson and Mrs Hudson after the deliverymen have been arrested, and the piano ends up back out on the street, down which Holmes and Watson flee the wrathful Mrs Hudson. Lestrade agrees to suppress the manuscript for a price.

Steve Lockley

"The Persian Slipper" (2013)
Included in:
Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Iqbal; Yousef; Iqbal's Father; Lestrade's Constables; (Greek Salesman; Andreas Palandrou)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Cheapside
Story: Iqbal, the son of the Turk who gave Holmes his Persian slipper, calls at Baker Street. His father is ill, claiming that "the djinn has returned". Holmes and Watson go to Cheapside where they are greeted by Iqbal's twin brother, Yousef, but discover that the old man is already dead. Holmes experiments with candles, and returns to Cheapside to examine the old man's room and bring his killer to justice.

Charles Loomis

"A La Sherlock Holmes" (1899)
Also published as "A Trip to the Country"
Included in:
The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye); Sherlock Holmes Victorian Parodies and Pastiches: 1888-1899 (Bill Peschel); A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press)
Story Type:
Detectives: Jones
Other Characters: Narrator; Farmer Phelps
Locations: Upper Connecticut
Story: Driving through Connecticut, Jones and the narrator are discussing Sherlock Holmes. Jones announces he can give a practical demonstration of the powers of observation and deduction. He makes a series of deductions about the weather and a poultry farm from a number of cakes of ice. Farmer Phelps is able to tell the true story.

"The Adventure of the Child's Perambulator" (1899)
Included in:
A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press); Sherlock Holmes Victorian Parodies and Pastiches: 1888-1899 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Watson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Sir Edward Percyvale Vere Bermondsey-on-Trent Boggs; Cabman; Hogg & Chichester Foreman; Workman; (Watson's Patients; Boggs's Wife; People with Perambulators; Miss Saunders)
Locations: Watson's House; 221B, Baker Street; 27, Henrietta Street; Hogg & Chichester's Warehouse; Restaurant
Story: Watson is summoned to Baker Street by a postcard bearing the single word "Come!". They are visited by Sir Edward Boggs whose sick wife has been disturbed at their home by the arrival of of dozens of people with perambulators, since an advertisement was placed in the Times, in their name, reporting one missing. They travel in disguise to the leading perambulator manufacturers, Hogg & Chichester's, but before they can move their investigation to the Isle of Wight, Sir Edward makes a surprise revelation.

Simon Louvish

Your Monkey's Shmuck (1990)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; (Moriarty Gang; Inspector Lestrade)
Fictional Characters: (Carl Denham; King Kong; Godzilla)
Characters Based on Fictional Characters: (Captain Gurk; Captain Berk; Winnie the Poof; Faglet; Eyesore; Cheshire Bat; Tweedledumb; Tweedledeaf; The White Rabbi)
Historical Figures: (Abraham Lincoln; Groucho Marx; Bashful-Stinger)
Characters Based on Historical Figures: Jake Akimbo; (Shark Bagle; Gerta Grabbo; Lawerence Parve; Elizabeth Failyor; Mumblon Drabno; Brute Miscaster; Roger Boor; Robert Dinero; Bob Dope; Bing Frisbee; John Drain; Telisuk Fallus; William Shitner; President Fard; Dean Fartin; Geriatric Lewis)
Other Characters: Danny H-
; Ben Tishman / Benjamin Mishman; Doorman; Doris; Restaurant Customers; Restaurant Cashier; Ellie; Vince Epiglotis; Fat Lady; Jack Pritchard; Jerry; Burger Waiters; Burger Woman; Beggars; Thomas the Investigative Journalist; Little Nel; Big Tim; Giovinezza; Trish; Prish; Knish; Franz the Gorilla; Angel; Adelia; Paula; Frank Zagdanovitch; Rudolph Fihser; Harry; Barking Man; 52nd Street Doorman; Akram; Jesus; Fireman; Cops; Fire Crowd; Policeman; Touts; Nabih; Manhattan Waitress; Jake Mishkin / Danny Hohenlohe / Zack Armitage / Pedro Rojas / Maria Papadopoulos / Don Krankman; Doctor Houseman; Conway Stebbins / Haile Mengistu Sion Mariam; Van Gardner / Ivan Gargarin; Bloomingdales Store Detective; Delaney; Glib Gormenghast; Art Lovers; Ambulance Men; Cab Driver; Bums; Bagwoman; (Lewis Kwame Owusu; Geoffrey Edwards; Editors; Fred the Giant Ape; Vampire; Vampire's Friend; Miss Dahrendorf; Vampire Victim; Vicki; Elizabeth; Long Island Man; Doris's Mother; Professor D'Pouf; Globbles; Globble Judge; Egbert J. Fudd; Soldiers; Doctors; Journalist; Tapeworm; Doc Stebbins; Wo So Fat; Chemist; Muggers; Working Girl; Cab Driver; Tishman's Cousin; Hell's Angel; R.E. Masters; Midget; Electric Company Man; Job Applicants; Miss Nin; Jack Geddes; Maisie M'Gee; Ralph Merridew Geddes; Chives Bermondsey; Coot; Sadie; Grwwlf; Angel; Bobby; Drunk Gentleman; Mortimer; Mortimer's Dad; Robies; Greyhound Driver; S. Barthelme; Biscuit Tin; Ellie's Colleague; Doctors; Nurses; Zeldeh; Feigeh; Shloimeh; Roiseh; Justice of the Peace; Yoineh; Egg; Henry; Henry's Wife; Al J-; Broadway Mental Case; Martha; Stewardess; Bonzo Hackitt; Princess Bopi; Koshr; Dee Dee Grant; Bernardo Pratt; Grun; Cash; Thirgo Aargh; Ssringh X. Zopi; Thnida Bopi; Spaceship Passengers; Professor Wheeg; Professor Jeeb; Ms Thinga Mabob; Hvulvian Doctor; Professor Sorn Plattvogel; Moishe; Emperor-in-Exile; Tralfamadorian; Vug Vugs; Barsoomian Pilgrims; Admiral Cornelius Noodle; Professor Pescus; Mildred; Mildred's Husband; Grumpy Blintsies; The Ombudsman; Adam; Eve; Madame Clara; Mrs Blighton; C. Highton; Siegfried von Schmeck; E; Reporter; Toyota Kid; Elena; Flower Belle Lee; Paul Tallow; Mildred; Fay Chaffee; Karl Burns; Flipper Froth; Pippa Dong; Boss Legree; Tom Knish; Jon Downhill; Lou Cleaver; French Postman; Kathleen Zeus; Cornelius 'Cracker' O'Shea; O'Shea's Wif; Knut Fornicutt; Shady Gertie; Mishkin's Parents; Bust; Sagass; Gasket)
Date: 1981
USA; New York; Manhattan; 78th Street; Manhattan Restaurant; Ninth Avenue; 76th & Broadway Burger Joint; Regency Cinema; Broadway; Upways; Park Avenue North; Port Authority Station; 112th Street;Times Square; 8th Avenue & 42nd; Expedition Films; 110th Street; Tom's Restaurant; Paula's Cafe; East 52nd Street; 11th Avenue; Souvlaki Stall; Bryant Park; Bellevue; Bloomingdales; Bagel Nosh; Avenue A; Kenya; Ogalu Mental Hospital; Globble Village; London; South Kensington; Wo So Fat's Chinese Emporium; 221B, Baker Street; Barthelme's Shop; Kennington Oval; San Francisco; Gettysburg
Story: Deluged with rejection letters, illegal Englishman in New York, author Danny H-, struggles to write a story about an African vet 's encounter with a giant ape, set in the Kenyan bush. In a nearby restaurant he re-reads his Jewish vampire story, Drekula, and recalls other stories about a village of globbles, and talking turds.

His landlord, independent film-maker Ben Tishman, disappears on a trip to Long Island to meet with a financier. Tishman's girlfriend, Ellie, asks Dany to help find him, which reminds him of a San Francisco P.I. story he had written about a chicken, and a Sherlock Holmes story, The Screaming Biscuit Tin Strikes Again, in which Holmes teams up with Moriarty against a world domination conspiracy of material objects led by a biscuit tin. The disappearance may be linked to Tishman's sighting of a UFO over the Natural History Museum, and Danny decides to search through Tishman's thirty hours of film footage of New York city, pausing only to pen a story about Godzilla's mother-in-law, while a story narrated by an egg comes to mind as he builds up to his search.

He hears Vince Epiglotis banging on the pipes, and discovers that some of the film, concerning the "Mad Bomber", is missing. Danny tries to meet the Mad Bomber and becomes involved with a waitress while writing a new story as an act of revenge against Jake Akimbo. Other rejected manuscripts are revisited, the Mad Bomber's apartment building burns down, and Danny meets figments of his imagination.

Reporter Jake Mishkin is assigned investigates a series of writers' brains being wiped of ideas. He discovers that his twin brother has disappeared.

James Lovegrove

"The Adventure of the Botanist's Glove" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part III: 1896-1929 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Billy)
Other Characters: Mary Smith; Mrs Frensham; Cecil Harrison; Geraint Cramb; Hospital Orderly; Sir Peregrine Carruthers; Police Officers; (Lady Jane Carruthers; Sir Peregrine's Gardeners; African Tribesman)
Date: September, 1903
221B, Baker Street; Sussex; Bridlinghall Place; Haywards Heath; Hotel; Cramb's Office; Hospital; A Train
Story: Orphaned servant-girl Mary Smith consults Holmes when her master, the botanist Sir Peregrine Carruthers, dies of an allergic reaction to a bee-sting. Holmes and Watson accompany her to Sir Peregrine's home in Sussex, where they learn that changes made to his will after his wife's death might prove a motive for murder. Examination of the body reveals how his death was arranged.

"The Fallen Financier" (2013)
Included in:
Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: (H. Greenhough Smith)
Other Characters: Young Couple; Elderly Gentleman; Well-to-do Family; Bathers; Nanny; Thisbe Markinswell; Country Squire; Cicero the Labrador; Conjuror; Spirit Medium; Singers; Dog Trainer; Jenny Volteface; Stagehand; Jack / Jacob Markinswell; (Young Lady; Farmer; Hikers)
Date: After Holmes's Retirement
Locations: Eastbourne; The Promenade; Beachy Head; The Meads; Markinswell's House; Seaside Road, Hippodrome Theatre
Story: While strolling along the prom at Eastbourne, Holmes and Watson are approached by Thisbe Markinswell, whose London financier husband Jacob, a successful financier, has gone missing. He is believed to have killed himself, after acting erratically for several weeks, but she believes he is still alive. They visit Beachy Head, where Markinswell was last seen, and meet a dog walker who witnessed his disappearance. After searching Markinswell's home, they visit the theatre and pay a backstage visit to the quick-change artist Jenny Volteface.

Gods of War (2014)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Holmes's Sussex Housekeeper (Hettie Tuppen); (Mary Morstan; Second Mrs Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars; Colonel Moran; Watson's Housemaid (Jemima))
Fictional Characters: (C. Auguste Dupin; Sir Nigel Loring)Folkloric Characters: (Horus; Thor; Ares; Huitzilopochtli; Kali)
Historical Figures: (Duchess of Devonshire; Joseph Merrick, The Elephant Man; Duke of Devonshire; Sidney Paget; Aleister Crowley; Prince Serge Vincent de Bolotoff)
Other Characters: Llewellyn; Terminus Road Crowds; Circus Ragamuffin; Gervaise Barraclough; Hubert Searle; Circus Audience; Strongman; Clown; Tattooed Man; Giganta; Bearded Woman; Rhinoceros Man; Reptilio the Human Cobra / Caleb Smith; Roustabouts; Circus Orchestra; Mr McMahon; Tiger Inn Patron's; Milkman; Dead Body; Winnick Fisher Folk; Patrick Mallinson; Tom Enwright; Davey; Constable Pumphrey; Constable Ayers; Inspector George Tasker; Craig Mallinson; Elizabeth Vandenbergh; Jenks; Sir Josiah Partlin-Gray; Police Constables; Eastbourne Promenaders; Swimmers;Morris Oxford Owner; Fire Onlookers; Firemen; Lamplighters; Tramp; Cab Driver; Albert Tuppen; Angel the Dog; Victor Anstruther; Lord Eustace Harington; Mallinson's Servants; (Barraclough's Messenger; Jeremy Tremlett; Tremlett's Landlady; Tremlett's Acquaintances; Mrs Searle; Searle's Twin Daughters; Watson's Stillborn Child; McMahon; Blacksmith; Blacksmith's Father; Jenny Fitch; Kidnapped Baby; Kidnapper; Baby's Parents; Clive Mallinson; Jocelyn Mallinson; Mallinson's Servants; Mallinson's Butler; Roderick Tripp; Tea-Planter's Wife; Nawab's Son; Tea-Planter; Coroner; Ayub Khan's Man; Sikh; Inga Partlin-Gray; Billy Tuppen; Tiger Inn Barmaid; Butcher; Butcher's Errand Boy; Drunk Sailor; Counting House Landlord; Charlie Nine-Fingers; Mr Daykin; Fanny; Builder from the Midlands; Builder's Assistant; Colonial and Overseas Club Lobby Clerk; Watson's Next-Door-Neighbour; Fowlkes; Harington's Father; Dr Wilcox; Harold Anstruther; Brooklands Pilots; Farnwell)
Date: 1923 / Late September, 1913
Locations: Sussex; Eastbourne Station; Terminus Road; Barraclough's Jewellers; Gilbert's Recreation Ground; McMahon's Freak Show Tent; East Dean; The Tiger Inn; Holmes's Cottage; Village Green; Birling Gap; Little Chelsea; Tripp's Costumiers; Eastbourne Police Station; Meads Road; Forest; Settleholm Manor; The Promenade; Shop; Eastbourne Pier; Tearoom; Duke's Drive; Grand Parade; Lower Parade; Willingdon Road; Cuckmere River; The Seven Sisters; London, Pall Mall; Colonial and Overseas Club; British Library; Surrey; Brooklands Aerodrome; The Long Man of Wilmington
Story: Watson arrives in Eastbourne only to be immediately dragged by Holmes to Barraclough's jewellers, where a thousand pounds worth of jewellery has been stolen. The case takes them on a visit to the circus freak show. The following day, the body of Patrick Mallinson, son of a local big-wig aviator, is found on the beach at Beachy Head. They visit Elizabeth Vandenbergh, who has recently broken up with Patrick Mallinson, and she tells them of strange hieroglyphic markings she had seen on his body. Holmes leads a night-time foray to examine Mallinson's father's biplane.

Watson is attacked on Eastbourne Pier, and is left to investigate alone when Homes goes undercover. The death seems to be the latest in a series linked to astronomical events and an Egyptian cult. Holmes has a flying lesson, and after a siege at his cottage, he and Watson find themselves reluctant participants in a ritual on the Long Man of Wilmington.

"The Innocent Icarus" (2014)
Included in:
Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets (David Thomas Moore)
Story Type:
Fantasy Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Basker Street Irregulars; Wiggins; (Mycroft Holmes)
Other Characters: Baker Street Vendors; Rickshaw Strongmen; Lady Arabella Lanchester; Mercuries; Lanchester's Butler; Charlie Gartside; Mercury Messenger; Algernon Roxton; (Sir Hugh Lanchester; Lady Arabella's Maid; Lanchester's Mercury; Richmond Constables; Amos Pilkington; Loom Operators; Lady Arabella's Chelsea Friends; Actress; Hercules Stagehand; Earl of Bracewell; Crown Court Jury; Albert Filey; Coroner; Filey's Political Opponent; Cecil Filey; Bracewell's Club Fellows)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Richmond Hill; Lanchester's Mansion; Bethnal Green; The Mason's Rest; Shadwell; Roxton's Workshop
Story: Holmes, one of the few "Standard" people remaining in a world where everyone has special powers, is called on by Lady Arabella Lanchester, whose industralist husband has died in a fall from a balcony, which she believes was murder. She suspects Pilkington, whom her husband had fired from the board of his cotton mill company, or Gartside, an "Icarus" steeplejack, who had been fired for carelessness. Lady Arabella, who is an "Olfactory", noticed a curious odour at the scene of her husband's death. Holmes sees this as the latest in a series of similarly patterned deaths.

"The Noble Burglar" (2014)
Included in:
Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Toby
Canonical Characters: Toby; Old Sherman; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; (Mrs Watson)
Other Characters: Farnaby-Coutt's Manservant; The Honourable Jeremy Farnaby-Coutt; Lestrade's Constables; Bill Jervis; (Viscount Harrington; Sir Reginald Theakswood; Lady Angela Theakswood; Police; Farnaby-Coutt's Friends)
Locations: Lambeth; 3, Pinchin Lane; Park Street; Sumner Street; Tabard Street; Stamford Street; Waterloo Station; Kensington; Westminster Bridge; Victoria Embankment; Albert Bridge; Upper Thames Street; Southwark Bridge Road; Chelsea; Farnaby-Coutt's House; Southwark Bridge
Story: Toby joins Holmes and Watson on their mission to apprehend the womanising aristocratic burglar, Jeremy Farnaby-Coutt. Farnaby-Coutt has been shot, during a burglary by Sir Reginald Theakswood, but when the police arrest him, he shows no sign of wounds.

Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows (2016)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche / Canonical Re-visioning
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Young (Valentine) Stamford; Mrs Hudson; Tobias Gregson; Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers; Professor Moriarty; Inspector (Gabriel) Lestrade; (Athelney Jones; Victor Trevor; Mycroft Holmes; Mrs Farintosh; Ronald Adair; Colonel Moran)
Fictional Characters: Great Old Ones; Cthulhu; Elder Gods; Outer Gods; The Necronomicon; Nyarlathotep; (Lobon; Ludwig Prinn; Hastur the Unspeakable; Friedrich Wilhelm von Junzt; Abdul Alhazred)
Historical Figures: James Lovegrove; (H.P. Lovecraft; Helena Blavatsky)
Other Characters: Mason K. Jacobs III; Li Guiying; Zhang; Gong-Fen Shou; Captain Roderick Harrowby; Private Edginton; Lockwood; Private Smythe; Private O'Connor; Lance Corporal Fielding; Chastity Tasker; Whitworth; Nap Players; Lascars; Prostitute; Pub Patrons; Publican; Old Yorkshireman; Scotland Yard Prisoners; Scotland Yard Officer; Oxford Street Crowds; Brass Band; Liberal Peer; Old Chinese Woman; Opium Smokers; Golden Lotus Staff; Thacker; Surrey Shepherd; Celtic Chieftain; Surrey Cottager; Cottager's Wife; Train Passengers; Afghanistan Relief Force; Harrowby's Men; Goatherd; Lizard Men; Afghan Villagers; Morgue Attendants; Bishopsgate Onlookers; Bishopsgate Police Officers; Mrs Hudson's Friends; Tobacconist's Delivery Boy; Telegram Messenger; Diogenes Club Footman; Pall Mall Page; New Year's Revellers; Sailor Zuvembies; Snake Men; (Henry Prothero Lovecraft; Rhonda Lachaise; Peshawar Surgeons; Simple Simeon; Jewish Baker; Spice Pedlar; Crossing Sweeper; Match Girl; Harley Street Clinician; St Thomas's Surgeon; St Brigid's Nurse; York Road Tenants; Police Constables; St Bride's Crypt Keeper; Stevedores; Mile End Road Constable; University of London Dons; King's College Chair of Political Economy; Mr Farintosh; Lestrade's Constable; Gregson's Neighbours; Diogenes Club Members; Diogenes Serving Staff; Segeant Major; American Antiquarian; Sikh Lieutenant)
Date: Spring, 2014 / 1928 / Autumn, 1880 - January, 1881
Locations: Afghanistan; Arghandab Valley; Peshawar; Kokeran; Ta'aa; Pub off the Commercial Road; 221B, Baker Street; Scotland Yard; The Embankment; Oxford Street; Marylebone; Limehouse; Golden Lotus Opium Den; Surrey; Dorking; North Downs; Box Hill; The Pacific Ocean; Antarctica; USA; Louisiana; Greenland; New England; Whitechapel Road; London Hospital; Bishopsgate; British Museum; Great Russell Street; Coffee House; Moorgate; Moriarty's House; Pall Mall; Diogenes Club; Mycroft's Rooms; Shadwell; St Paul's Church
Story: Lovegrove inherits three Watsonian manuscripts from a very distant relative, and discovers a familial link to H.P. Lovecraft.

After returning from Afghanistan, Watson encounters Stamford in an East End pub, where he becomes involved in an altercation with a pair of lascars, which leads to his first encounter with Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes is investigating a string of deaths, and reports of strange moving shadows in the Shadwell area and believes that Stamford is involved. Holmes takes Watson to a Limehouse opium den, and is himself taken on a dream-quest by a Chinese crime lord. Watson tells him of the events that occurred when he accompanied Captain Harrowby on an archaeological side-trip, after the retreat from Maiwand, to the ancient underground city of Ta'aa. Together they face the shadows in London.

Their researches at the British Museum reveal that the museum's copy of the Necronomicon has disappeared, which puts them on the trail of Moriarty. The disappearance of Gregson and Mycroft accelerates events to their conclusion in the crypt of St Paul's Church.

The Stuff of Nightmares (2013)
Story Type:
Steampunk Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Baker Street Irregulars; Inspector Lestrade; Mary Morstan; Colonel Sebastian Moran; Professor Moriarty; (Giant Rat of Sumatra)
Fictional Characters: (Professor Challenger)
Historical Figures: (Queen Victoria; Sir William Melville; Jack the Ripper; Sir Edward Bradford; William Waddington; Mary Alsop King Waddington)
Other Characters: Waterloo Bomb Victims; Sailor-Suited Child; Bookstall Owner; Nanny; Widow; Mother & Baby; Policemen; Telegram Delivery Boy; London Crowds; Diogenes Club Members; Diogenes Club Attendant; Waterloo Onlookers; Grimsdyke; Grout; Bottomless Tankard Patrons; Piano Player; Pub Singer; Barkeep; Abednego 'One Arm' Torrance; Merchant Navy Rating; Bill 'The Bull' Sinnott, Jasper Creevy; Clipper Captain; Chinese Women; Baron Cauchemar; Police Constable; The Abbess; Harlot; Pearl; Benoît; Thibault, Viscomte de Villegrand; Aurélie; Newspaper Sellers; Primrose Hill Protestors; Policemen; Waterloo Navvies; Sergeant Bryant; Coffee House Serving Girl; Courier; Gedge; Kaylock; Stepney Residents; Spaniel Walker; Baker's Boy; Constable Mitchell; Scotland Yard Prisoners; Country Locals; (Mary Morstan's Cousin; Uncle Bart; Abbess's Clients; St James's Park Groundskeeper; Politicians; Mr O'Flannery; Mrs O'Flannery; Monsieur Pelletier; Pelletier's Customers; De Villegrand's Friends; Delphine Pelletier; Madame Pelletier; Marquis; Les Hériteurs de Chauvin; Doctor)
Date: Autumn, 1890
Locations: Waterloo Station; 221B, Baker Street; Pall Mall; Diogenes Club; Watson's Paddington Practice; Shadwell; The Bottomless Tankard; A Sewer; Moorgate; The Abbess's Brothel; Hampstead; Villa de Villegrand; Primrose Hill; Kent; Ramsgate; St James's Park; Coffee House; Stepney; Graveyard; Bloomsbury; Victoria Embankment; New Scotland Yard; Aboard the Airship Delphine's Revenge; France; Paris; Pelletier's Workshop; Marquis's House; Jardin du Luxembourg; Hôtel-Dieu Hospital; Dover; The Midlands
Story: Watson is caught up in a bomb attack on Waterloo Station, the third such attack in London. He calls on Holmes, and accompanies him to the Diogenes Club to meet with Mycroft, who wants Holmes to investigate the bombings. Holmes is more interested in reports in the news of Baron Cauchemar, a character similar to an armour-plated Spring-heeled Jack, whom he believes is connected to the terror attacks. The following day, Holmes sets Watson the task of shadowing the people trafficker, "One Arm" Torrance. Watson is captured by Torrance, but is rescued by the nightmarish Cauchemar. Holmes and Watson pursue Cauchemar into the sewers. A visit to a brothel leads them to a dissolute French diplomat.

A fourth bomb attack, this time in St James's Park, leads to outbreaks of rioting across London, and draws Moriarty's attention. Holmes is rescued from a collapsing church, and he and Watson take a trip in Cauchemar's underground vehicle, the Subterrene, and visit his subterranean workshop. After almost losing their lives in a trap, Holmes sets in place a plan to draw Cauchemar in to assist in saving the Queen from certain death, and they set out by air to prevent an attack on the royal train.

The Thinking Engine (2015)
Story Type:
Steampunk Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Colonel Sebastian Moran; Professor Moriarty; (Mary Morstan; Inspector Lestrade; Mycroft Holmes; Baker Street Irregulars; Colonel James Moriarty / Stationmaster Moriarty; Hilton Soames; Giles Gilchrist)
Fictional Characters: John Vansittart Smith; (Sosra; Atma)
Historical Figures: Harry Houdini; Marquess of Salisbury; John Seary;Sir william Thomson; Colonel Sir Edward Bradford; H.H. Asquith; Professor Edward Caird; (Djedhor; Sir Edward Maunde Thompson; Thomas Herbert Warren; Duke of Marlborough; William Kissam Vanderbilt; Alva Vanderbilt; Consuelo Vanderbilt; Lewis Carroll; Sarah Hounslow; George Newnes; Benjamin Jowett; Elias Ashmole)
Other Characters: Inspector Eden Tomlinson; Constable Briggs; Hercules; Mrs Judd; Archie Slater; Lord Knaresfield; Professor Malcolm Quantock; Nahum Grainger; Dr Mukherjee; Dr Merriweather; The Hon. Aubrey Bancroft; Coggins; Stanway; Stevens; Mr Gill; Preston; Hugh Llewellyn; Allardyce; Jenkins; Knight; Mrs Bruell; Grimsdyke; Gasparini; Museum Visitors; Randolph MaƮtre d'; Gallery Audience; Journalists; Oxford Policemen; Angler; Magdalen Porter; Swimmers; Physician; Rowing Crew; Oriel College 1st VIII Rowing Team; Special Branch Officer; Bruell's Lodgers; Brush Salesman; Merton Groundsmen; Turf Landlord; Oxford Times Editor; London Newspapermen; Gallery Watchman; Sunday Promenaders; (Wallace Rubenstein; Museum Night Watchmen; Watson's Child; Duchess of Milnthorpe; Sir Edward Beechworth; Austro Hungarian Ambassador; Housemaid; Merchant Sailor; Ealing Anarchists; Mrs Tomlinson; High Street Onlookers; Oxford Police Sergeant; Tabitha Grainger; Elsie Grainger; Flora Grainger; Tobias Judd; Oxford Constable; Judd's Elderly Woman Neighbour; Judd's Next-door Neighbours; Grainger's Employer; Coroner; Slater's Mother; Slater's Bookmaker; Epsom Stable Hands; Mrs Slater; West End Actress; Slater's Father-in-law; Illustrated London News Editor; Charles, Thirteenth Earl of Shiplea; Moran's Police Guards; St Edmund Hall Students; Trenchard; Hargreaves; Mr Bruell; Hotel Boots; Forger; Mrs Rubenstein; Goatherd; Goatherd's Wife; Swiss Doctors)
Date: January - March, 1895
Locations: British Museum; 221B, Baker Street; Temple Lane; Public House; Oxford; Randolph Hotel; Police Station; Jericho; Grainger's House; Judd's House; University Galleries; Beaumont Street; Walton Street; Port Meadow; The Isis; St Giles Street; The Eagle & Child; Magdalen College; Parson's Pleasure; Radcliffe Infirmary; Oriel Boathouse; Folly Bridge; Summertown, Bruell's Guesthouse; Botanic Garden; Blackwell's; Catte Street; Turf Tavern; Oxford Times Offices; Bodleian Library; Balliol College; Bodleian Librarian; High Street; Mitre Inn; St Giles Street; Martyrs; Memorial
Story: Holmes and Watson face a reanimated mummy at the British Museum. Two months later, Holmes reads of the development of a Thinking Engine, which its inventor, Malcolm Quantock, has also challenged Holmes, in the pages of the Times, to beat at solving a series of murders in Oxford.

Watson accompanies Holmes to Oxford, where Inspector Tomlinson tells them about Quantock's recent strange behaviour. He also provides them with the details of the murders in the Jericho district of a bricklayer's family, and the unbreakable alibi of Grainger the bricklayer, provided by a dog that did nothing in the night-time. At a demonstration the following day, the Thinking Engine's solution replicate's Holmes's, but when Grainger is found dead, Holmes decides there is more to the case than meets the eye.

A blackmail case and a poisoning bring Holmes up against the machine again, and Holmes takes a naked dip. A missing rowing team member provides the impetus for another investigation. Holmes consults the Thinking Machine, and falls victim to addiction, before reaching the conclusion that he is facing an old adversary.

Marc Lovell

The Spy Who Fell Off the Back of a Bus (1988)
Story Type:
Homage / Spy Parody
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Other Characters: Appleton Porter; Albert; Dead-Battery; Angus Watkin; Agnes; Marie; Shoe Shop Man; Wig Woman; Warehouse Man; Library Browsers; Library Staff; Hotel Maid; Mérimée Policeman; Carlton Girls; Carlton Waiters; Carlton Patrons; Brit Agent; Wiley; Falcon; Boules Players; Susan; Italian Waiter; Mérimée Owner; Denver Campbell; Bullybeef; Carl Schmidt; Lincoln Headwaiter; Lincoln Guests; Tilda; Hattie; Waiter; Grim-faced Couple; Hindi Cook; Baldy; Pedestrians; Punk Girls; Mimi; Sailor; Priest; Finnish Couple; Spanish Waiter; Greek Pressmen; Linda Dexter; Waiter; Small Girl; Girl's Mother; Cabbie; Angler; Reginald; Percy; Falcon's Steward; Tall Trio; Policewoman; Shoppers; Stallholders; Wheelchair Man; Chiropodist's Patients; Nurse; Bar Customers; English Waitress; Tourist Couples; Gallery Crowd; Shoestore Salesgirl; Manager; Teenagers; Auctioneer; Auction Girl; Auction Guards; Bicycle Owner; Pre-teen Girl; Policemen on Bus; Bus Passengers; Marcel; Bus Driver; (Walter Brent)
Locations: Harlequin Mansions, Bloomsbury; Junk Shop; Suburban House; Shoe-repair Shop; Wigmaker's; East End Warehouse; Public Library; France; Cannes; Hotel Mérimée; The Croisette; The Carlton; Italian Restaurant; Railway Station; Hotel Lincoln; Indian Restaurant; The Bunker; Spanish Restaurant; Sidewalk Café; Rue d'Antibes; Linda's Hotel; Café; Falcon's Yacht; Café; Store; Market; Chiropodist's Waiting Room; Wiley's Hotel; Bar; John Bull's Pantry; Gallerie Centrale; Shoestore
Story: British spy Appleton Porter is given the job of impersonating a Canadian billionaire at a bibliophile convention in Cannes in order to retrieve a manuscript on account of which two people have already died. The manuscript is an attack on Sherlock Holmes written by Arthur Conan Doyle revealing the despicable truth behind the character. It is vital for to the honour of the nation that it should not fall into the wrong hands but that it should be destroyed.

It soon becomes apparent that Cannes is full of agents of many different countries and Apple is kept guessing whether they are goodies or baddies, while trying to discover who is selling the manuscript and who is trying to buy it. He anonymously receives a photocopied page of the manuscript, has his identity tested, and keeps losing girls. He finds himself abducted in a taxi, and pursuing a car on a motorcycle with two Finns.

When a fourth girl is abducted, he follows her abductor to a yacht where he sees a double of himself before being taken prisoner, and is rescued just as he is about to free himself. When he learns that the manuscript has been left for safety at an auction house he has to outbid the others to get hold of it, despite having been offered it for free. When the manuscript is stolen, a bicycle and bus chase ensues, the agents congregate and each nation makes its claim on Holmes's origins. Finally, the manuscript is rescued and Apple has to make a decision between the demands of espionage and the needs of literature.

Peter Lovesey

"The Curious Computer " (1987)
Included in:
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Martin H. Greenberg, Carol-Lynn Rössel Waugh & Jon L. Lellenberg)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes (Professor Moriarty; Irene Adler)
Other Characters: "Grievous" George Harmer; Lilian 'Silicon Lil' Norton; Crime Bosses; Porno Sullivan; 'Hash' Brown
Locations: Belgravia; Victoria Station
Story: Crime boss Harmer is concerned about Holmes (Home Office Large Major Enquiry System), Scotland Yard's new computer system. He confesses his fears to stripper Silicon Lil, who suggests he convene a gathering of British crime bosses, and introduces him to 'The Professor', the only man capable of defeating 'Holmes'. The Professor tells them of his mathematical expertise, his treatise on the binomial theorem, a climbing accident in Switzerland, and his computer hacking skills. When he succeeds in cracking the computer with his own system, Moriarty (Microcomputer Output Rendered Impotent And Rot The Yard), Harmer gathers the nation's crime bosses together, and only then does he learn about Lil's great-grandmother, her relationship with the Professor, and the Professor's true identity.

"The Four Wise Men" (1999)
Included in:
More Holmes for the Holidays (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Carol-Lynn Waugh)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: Colonel Sloane; Ruff; Andrew Hall; Alison Pugh; Cicely Dawson; Cicely's Sister; Mr & Mrs Dawson; Congregation; Two Policemen; Jeb Wiggs; Rector; Church Wardens; Ticket Collector; Elderly Couple; Young Woman & Child
Date: December, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Train; Taunton; Bullpen; The Feathers Inn; Bullpen Church; Taunton Station
Story: Watson receives an invitation from Sloane, his old commanding officer, to spend Christmas in Bullpen, near Taunton, and play the role of Joseph in the local Christmas masque, simultaneously helping guard the Star, one of the most valuable medieval treasures in England, traditionally used in the pageant. After the church service Holmes reveals that the star is a fake and sets out to recover the real one before the last train leaves Taunton.

Gary Lovisi

"The Adventure of the Missing Detective" (2004)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Fantasy / Canonical Revisioning narrated by Holmes
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Tobias Gregson; Colonel Sebastian Moran; Professor Moriarty; (Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: 13th Dalai Lama; (Albert Edward Victor (Eddy), Duke of Clarence; Queen Victoria; Edward VII)
Other Characters: Hans; Gerda; Baker Street Neighbour; Diogenes Butler; Cock & Crow Barman; Hyde Park Crowds; Police Captain; Bobbies; Household Guardsmen; Grand Hotel Majordomo; Tibetan Monks; (Old Man; Reynolds)
Date: May, 1891-1894?
Locations: Switzerland; Reichenbach Falls; Hans & Gerda's Farm; Village Inn; Cemetery; London; Victoria Station; Baker Street; Diogenes Club; Pall Mall; The Cock & Crow; Watson's Lodgings at the Whistle & Thump; Great Russell Street; Lestrade's Flat; Hyde Park; Grand Hotel
Story: After falling after Moriarty at Reichenbach, Holmes is nursed through a coma by a farming couple, who found him at the bottom of a ravine, miraculously uninjured. Months later, in a copy of the Times, he reads that Eddy, the Duke of Clarence, is King of England after the deaths of Victoria and Edward, and that he is awarding a knighthood to Moriarty, who apparently has not died at Reichenbach. He also reads of strange political turmoils all over the world.

He disinters Moriarty and finds what appears to be his own body in the grave. Fearing for the future of the world he heads back to London where he finds 221B has been destroyed by a fire, and that Mycroft has been assassinated. He finds Watson, taken to drink, in an East End pub. Holmes comes to the conclusion that he has somehow been transported to a parallel world. A visit to Scotland Yard by Watson reveals that Lestrade and Gregson have been dismissed and that Moran is now in control. Holmes enlists Lestrade and Gregson's aid, witnesses a riot in Hyde Park and visits the Dalai Lama in order to bring the reign of terror to an end and return to his own world.

"The American Adventure" (2010)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The American Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
3rd Person Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; (Professor Moriarty)
Historical Figures: Joseph Bell
Other Characters: Pensioned Soldier; Mr Thorson; Captain Charles Morrow; John Martin; Mr Jackson; Diana Strickland; Stage Door Johnnies; Actresses; Stage-Door Boy; Hotel Bellboy; Rupert Strickland; Detectives; Stagehands; (Strickland's Family; Mrs Shay; Mr Jacobs; Professor; Mrs Abernathy)
Date: 1876 / October, 1911
Locations: Diogenes Club; On Board the Oceanic; USA; New York; Union Square Hotel; Criterion Theater; 221B, Baker Street
Story: Mycroft summons Holmes to the Diogenes Club where he meets Bell. Bell requests him to accompany him to New York, where his actress sister, Diana Strickland, is in trouble. On the voyage out, Bell gives the young Holmes a lesson in detection, and Holmes works with him to investigate the death of an American passenger. In New York, Diana tells them that her husband Rupert has suddenly become hostile towards her, and she believes he is trying to kill her.

Holmes finds himself romantically entangled with Diana and hears about a professor, while Bell sees her in a loving goodbye with her husband, who is later found dead, shot in self defence by Diana. Holmes learns the facts behind the situation, and many years later receives a letter from Bell, bringing the case to a close

The Baron's Revenge (2012)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Sherlock Holmes
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Shinwell Johnson; Kitty Winter; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Mycroft Holmes; Baron Adelbert Gruner; (Violet de Merville; General de Merville; The Illustrious Client; Gruner's First Wife; Gruner's Toughs; Baker Street Irregulars; Professor Moriarty; The Moriarty Gang; Watson's Father; Mary Morstan; The Second Mrs Watson; Colonel Sebastian Moran)
Historical Figures: (Kaiser Wilhelm II)
Other Characters: Constable Jenkins; Scotland Yard Prisoners; Quimby; Scotland Yard Guards; Mycroft's Men; Limehouse Pub Patrons; Shank Frobish; Lestrade's Men; Dead Man; Mycroft's Attorneys; Tidwell; Sergey; Gruner's Men; Trap Driver; (Simon Germain; Charlotte Booth; Charlotte's Family; Night Nurse; Billy Somerset; Holmes's Agents; Countess Alexa Von Huenfeld; Watson's Family; Reverend Winslow; Press Critics; Morgan; Countess's Relatives; Countess's Servants; Countess's Nephew; Sergeant Jones)
Date: 1926 / 1905
Locations: Kitty's Room at No. 26; 221B, Baker Street; Whitechapel; No. 111; Scotland Yard; Limehouse; Limehouse Pub; No. 349; Kent; Countess's Palace; Train Station
Story: In 1926 Holmes writes up a case, the events of which occured three years after the case of the Illustrious Client.

Out of prison, Kitty Winter is being taken care of by Shinwell Johnson, who is serving as her pimp. Lestrade consults Holmes over a murdered prostitute, believing that Jack the Ripper has returned. When he identifies the victim, on whom vitriol has been poured, as Kitty, Holmes realises that her killer must have been Baron Gruner, but Lestrade arrests Johnson. A visit to a pub in Limehouse run by a former associate of Moriarty, leads Holmes to a connection to the Countes Von Huenfeld, but on returning home, he finds himself arrested for murder.

Imprisoned in Scotland Yard, alongside Johnson, Holmes eventually realises that the murder may not be all it appeared, and enlists Mycroft's aid in proving his theory. Released, along with Johnson, Holmes sets out for the Countess's palace in Kent.

NOTE: The cover illustration is derived from Claude Rains's version of the Phantom of the Opera in the 1943 film version, and poster artwork of Basil Rathbone and Ida Lupino for the 1939 film The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

"Challenger's Titanic Challenge" (2014)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, Issue #12 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Mycroft Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Professor Moriarty)
Fictional Characters: Edward Malone; Professor Challenger; Jessie Challenger; (Mr McArdle; Professor Summerlee; Lord John Roxton)
Historical Figures: (The Titanic; American President; Captain Edward John Smith)
Other Characters: Trap Driver; Serbian Assassin
Date: 1913
Locations: Enmore Park; 221B, Baker Street
Story: To commemorate the first anniversary of the Titanic tragedy, McArdle sends Malone to ask Challenger for his scientific theory upon the scientific reason behind the sinking. Because he is being sent to America, and Summerlee and Roxton are overseas, Malone arranges for Holmes, Watson and Mycroft to assist Challenger. Mycroft alerts Holmes that an assassination attempt is to be made on Challenger. Challenger's researches help avert the assassin's attack.
"Happy Birthday, Mr Holmes!" (2014)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #15 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Tobias Gregson; Alec MacDonald; Stanley Hopkins; Inspector MacKinnon; Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars; Reginald Musgrave; Young Stamford; Archie Stamford; Shinwell Johnson; (Mary Morstan)
Other Characters: Party Guests; Member of the Royal Family; French Ambassador; Jack Thomas; Rafferty; Young Ladies; Prime Minister; Reverend Mathias James; Common Labourer; Colonel Sir Ralph Richards; Miles Abercrombie; Bobbies; (Mary's Mother; The Young and Lovely Lucille)
Date: Late 1903 - January, 1904
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street
Story:Watson decides to plan a fiftieth birthday party for Holmes, despite Holmes's wishes to the contrary. As the party commences, Mycroft suggests that Holmes is present in disguise, and Watson sets about deducing which of the guests is really his friend. Things grow desperate when Wiggins reveals that Abercrombie, a dangerous escaped convict, may also be among the guests.

"The Loss of the British Bark Sophy Anderson" (1992)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in The Loss of the British Bark Sophy Anderson and The Grey Nun Legacy (Gary Lovisi & P. Smith)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade; Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs. Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Tobias Gregson; (Baker Street Irregulars)
Other Characters: Alfie Graham; Woman in Limehouse; The Sons of the Pharoah Cult; Patrolman Smithfield; Man from the Morgue; Harry; Lady Susan Copely; Sir William 'Black Johnny' Copely; Diogenes Butler; Two Constables; Baker Street Bobbies; (Beer Wagon Driver; Ellen Kent; Lord Cumberland; Captain Simon MacCormic; Sophy Anderson Crew; McCreedy; Kent's Sons; Dolores Kent; Derek Johnson; Alexander Kent; Lord Cumberland)
Date: 1887
Locations: Limehouse; 221B, Baker Street; Diogenes Club; (Christopher Street; Copely's House; Aboard the Sophy Anderson; A Lifeboat)
Story: After a sailor is lured into an ambush by a leopardskin-clad woman, a chewed up human body is found in Limehouse. Susan Copely consults Holmes over threatening letters she has received, followed by two attempts on her life. Holmes believes the events may be connected to the sinking of the Sophy Anderson twenty years previously, which only Copely's father, Sir William, survived.

A bomb is thrown into the Baker Street rooms, and Sir William attacks Watson. He tells Holmes and Watson of the last voyage of the Sophy Anderson and of the theft of the Bagdah Emerald, a stone said to have belonged to Moses. Holmes seems defeated, and Watson calls on Mycroft for assistance, but he only advises that Holmes should not get involved. Holmes disappears and Watson learns of the Sons of the Pharoah cult before events reach their conclusion.

"Mycroft's Great Game" (2003)
Included in:
My Sherlock Holmes (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Pastiche / Revisioning of the Canon narrated by Mycroft Holmes
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty; Dr. Watson; Colonel Moran; Inspector Lestrade; (Ronald Adair; Mrs. Hudson)
Other Characters: Alexander Burbage, Wilson; Captain Hargrove; Special Branch Agents; Jamison; Connor; Lestrade's Men
Date: 1891-1894
Locations: Mycroft's Pall Mall Rooms; A Cab Stand; Mycroft's Hansom; Victoria station; The Diogenes Club; Reichenbach Falls; Camden House; 221B, Baker Street
Story: Mycroft reveals the true nature of his role in the government, and his part in the establishment of the Moriarty gang. He goes on to tell how he manipulated Holmes's journey to Europe in 1891, and of the actual events at the Reichenbach Falls, which happened while Moriarty was still in England. Learning from Mycroft's associate of his brother's involvement, Holmes vows never to return to England. In 1894, Moriarty starts to move more strongly against Mycroft's agents and Holmes returns, ultimately saving Mycroft's life when he is captured by Moriarty and Moran in Camden House.

The Mystery Surrounding Watson's Lost Dispatch Box (2014)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: (Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Irene Adler)
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Other Characters: Professor Thomas Jones; Joseph (Joe) Adler, Jr; Juan Marcano; Fat Jose; Enrique; Pedro; Bookshop Customers; Herman Adler; Amelia Adler; Dr Theodore 'Ted' Williams; Andrea Tatos; St Simon's Men; Reggie; Tyrone; Bikini Girls; Armed Waiters; St Simon's Guests; Ahmad; Charles St Simon; Detective Mallory; Detective Johnson; Barry Zaruba; Herman Zaruba; Media People; Clarissa MacDougal; Police Commissioner Rogers; Mayor Jameson; Cops; Bookstore Fire Onlookers; Firemen; Medics; Humphrey; (Joe's Mother; Jack Adler; Joseph Adler, Sr; Juan's Parents; Juan's Sister; The 8th Street Locos; Robert X; Green Hill Gang; Crazy Zee; Dollarz Boyz; Riomondo; Dr Towbridge; Alberto Marcano; Bill; Shorty; SWAT Team)
Date: October
Locations: USA; New England; Dorchester; Dorchester Street; The Rare Book Shop; Rutherford Street; Jones's Apartment; Herman Adler's House; City Morgue; Drummond Avenue; Andrea's Hous; East River Bridge; The East Side; Tumar Street; St Simon's Estate; Police Headquarters; Jones & Marcano Bookstore
Story: A young man brings a copy of the Strand into Jones's used book store. Having bought it, Jones finds a tormn page, apparently from Watson's journals inside. He tries to find the young man, Joe, but learns the following day that he is dead of a heroin overdose. He enlists the aid of school dropout Juan Marcano, who takes him to see Joe's grandparents, Herman and Amelia Adler, from whom they learn that Herman is Irene Adler's grandson. They also discover that a tin box, which they believe is Watson's dispatch box, has disappeared from the Adlers' attic.

After Juan decides that Joe was murdered, they receive a warning to stay off the case, but continue with their investigations nonetheless. Their investigation takes them into a world of gangs and drugs in Dorchester's East Side and up against the crime boss Charles St Simon. They face disappointment and danger when the contents of the box are revealed.

"Sherlock Holmes - Stymied" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, Issue #5 (Marvin Kaye); The Great Detective: His Further Adventures (Gary Lovisi)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: Old Tom Morris
Other Characters: Daniel Roberts; Mrs Roberts
Date: 1903 or 1904
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Scotland; St Andrews; The Royal and Ancient Golf Club; Roberts's House
Story: Watson, who has taken to playing golf, calls on Holmes at Baker Street. He tells Holmes that the Claret Cup, the trophy at the British Open, has gone missing, and one of the caddies has gone sick. He and Holmes travel to St Andrews, where Watson diagnoses that the caddy is not sick but stricken with terror. After solving the mystery, Holmes and Watson play a round of golf.
"A Study in Evil" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, Issue #2 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; (Mary Morstan; Mary's Aunt)
Other Characters: Cabby; James; Gloria; Ricardo; (Lord Albert Wilfrey; Wilfrey's Servant; Ronald Wilfrey; John Maulin Morrow; Morrow's Parents; Pimp; Lady of the Evening; Prison Warden)
Date: After the advent of Watson's marriage
Locations: Watson's House; Scotland Yard; Wilfrey's House
Story: Mrs Hudson calls on Watson and sends him to Scotland Yard where Lestrade tells him that Holmes has been arrested for murder, having admitted to killing Lord Albert Wilfrey. Holmes explains how he was called to Wilfrey's home and after an argument and a struggle, Wilfrey fell, hitting his head, and died. Holmes refuses a lawyer. Deciding to investigate, Watson visits the Wilfrey estate, where he is astonished by what he learns from the servants. Returning to Scotland Yard, he learns from Holmes his reasons for taking the blame and his plan for the immediate future.

A.J. Low

Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong (2012)
Story Type:
Children's Story

Detectives: Samuel "Sherlock Sam" Tan Cher Lock & Watson
Other Characters: Sam's Father; Sam's Mother; Wendy Tan; Jimmy; Auntie Kim Lian; Chin Mee Chin Customers; Photographer; Auntie Gina; Rose; Martha; Donna; Amy; Antique House Ladies; Jane; Librarian; Restaurant Customers; Cooks; Waiters; Angie Lim; (Marie-Anne Lim)
Locations: Singapore; Katong; East Coast Road; Chin Mee Chin Confectionery; Kim Lian's Bungalow; Katong Antique House; Marine Parade Road; Marine Parade Community Club; Marine Parade Library; Joo Chiat Road; The New Peranakan Place Restaurant
Story: Sherlock Sam builds a robot, which comes to be called Watson
. Sam wants to be a great detective like Sherlock Holmes. After eating at Chin Mee Chin's, Sam goes to play with his friend Jimmy at Jimmy's grandmother Auntie Kim Lian's bungalow. When she tries to cook ayam buah keluak, Kim Lian discovers that her recipe book, an heirloom handed down from her grandmother is missing. Sam decides to search for the book, beginning at the Katong Antique House where it was taken to be photographed by a young man doing a project on Peranakan heirlooms. The subsequent trail of deductions leads Sam and his friends to the community club and the library. The following day, to add to the mystery, Jimmy's hamster disappears. After solving this case, Sam continues his search for the recipe book.

Sherlock Sam and the Ghostly Moans in Fort Canning (2013)
Story Type:
Children's Story

Detectives: Samuel "Sherlock Sam" Tan Cher Lock & Watson
Other Characters: Sam's Father; Sam's Mother; Wendy Tan; Jimmy; Teachers; Schoolchildren; Nazhar; Eliza; Eliza's Friends; Mrs Lim; DVD Pirates; Policemen; Officer Siva; (Nazhar's Father; Hotel Concierge; Hotel Guests)
Locations: Singapore; Katong; Sam's House; Fort Canning Park; The Battle Box; Fort Canning Green; The Spice Garden; Cemetery; School; Park Mall Sakae Sushi
Story: Sherlock Sam installs a voice recorder in his robot, Watson. The following day, Sherlock's school go on a trip to Fort Canning Park, and visit the Second World War underground bunker known as the Battle Box. Sherlock's sister, Wendy, is looking after Nazhar, a new student, who is also a Sherlock Holmes fan. Sherlock and his friends discover a hidden sally-port to the Fort, and hear ghostly moans coming from inside. That evening, Sherlock persuades his father to take him back to the Fort to use science to prove that there are no such things as ghosts. At school the follow day, Nazhar loses his father's Japanese occupation banknotes, giving Sherlock another mystery to solve.

Sherlock Sam and the Sinister Letters in Bras Basah (2013)
Story Type:
Children's Story

Detectives: Samuel "Sherlock Sam" Tan Cher Lock & Watson
Other Characters: Wendy Tan; Sam's Mother; Sam's Father;
Officer Siva; Hawker; Jimmy; International School Children; Nazhar; Eliza; Mrs Chi; Alejandro; Elena; Yae Lynn; Rachel; Joseph; Marissa; Nathan; Hana; Vineesha; Simon; Hannah; Tehillah; Luis Alvarado; Mr Johnson; Cafe Auntie; Fidel Alvarado; Maria Olga Alvarado; Eliza's Family Helper; Art Shop Assistant; Awards Ceremony Guests; Yvonne Zhang; Reporters; Photographer

(Michael Yeo; John Halson; Mrs Alvarado; The Physician's Companion)
Locations: Singapore; Katong; Sam's House; Queen Street; Albert Centre; Enterprise International School; Middle Road; L.E. Cafe; Niven Road; Luis's Condominium; Bras Basah; Victoria Street; National Library
Story: S
herlock Sam installs a holographic projector in Watson. A chain letter "experiment" has been happening in Singapore, and Luis Alvarado, son of a Mexican children's author has been receiving threatening letters at school addressed to his father. Luis attends Enterprise International School, which Sam and Wendy, where Sam and Wendy are spending a week as exchange students. They visit an art supplies shop at the Bras Basah shopping complex in search of the supplier of the paper the letters are written on. Sam reveals the culprit at the Asian Children's Literature Prize ceremony.

James Lowder

"The Weeping Masks" (2003)
Included in:
Shadows Over Baker Street (Michael Reaves & John Pelan)
Story Type:
Canonical Revisioning
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Murray
Fictional Characters: He Who Is Not To Be Named
Other Characters: Wounded Soldier; The Berkshires; The Ghazis; Dying Soldiers; Afghan Soldier; Afghan Villagers; Village Elder; Boy; Masked Priests; Women; Head Priest; Ghurkas
Date: July, 1880
Locations: Afghanistan; Maiwand; An Afghan Village; A Cave; Peshawar
Story: Watson tells of his time in Maiwand: his injury, and rescue by Murray. They find themselves sheltering in an Afghan village, where many of the villagers have been afflicted with a mysterious disease. After some days the sick room is visited by the masked priests, The Weeping Ones. Watson observes them bending over the sick villagers. As one bends over him he sees the tears that give them their name, and which seem about to fall on him, until Murray interrupts. The following morning the villagers are dead, and Murray gone. Believing that he has gone to face the priests, Watson sets off for the priests' cave to help him. There he witnesses their rites and learns the truth about the plague.

Tony Lumb

"Sherlock Holmes and the White Lady of Featherstone" (1995)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Mycroft Holmes)
Other Characters: Flying Scotsman Passengers; Waiter; Head Waiter; Stout Gentleman; Pickpocket; Train Constable; Featherstone Railway Porters; Charles Thompson; Ticket Collector; Sergeant Joseph Sparrow; Shopkeepers; Barrow Owner; Trolley Owner; Urchins; Featherstone Residents; PC Nicholson; PC Windmill; PC Whittacker; Annie Sparrow; Charles Sparrow; Emily Roberts; Mr Holiday; Coach Driver; Mrs Roberts; Enoch Roberts; Mr Umpleby; Mr Arundle; Dr Steven; Mr Deckler / Joshua DeKlerk; Paperboy; Young Boy; Sergeant Thurlwell; (John Lewis; Faubert; Maxwell; Hoyles; Asquith; Caley; Ramsden; Hargreaves; Mr Gledhill; Danny Oldroyd; Reporter; Conrad Holiday; John Morris; David Roberts; Chief Constable; Witnesses; Lord Lister; Roslyn Holiday; Mr Hickman; Night Constable; James Gibbs; Young Lad; Cadman)
Date: The End of July, 1904
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; King's Cross Station; Aboard the Flying Scotsman; Lincolnshire; Grantham; Yorkshire; York Station; Featherstone; Featherstone Station; Station Lane; Station Road; Wakefield Turnpike; Sparrow's House; Green Lane; Featherstone Hall; Scarborough Terrace; Enoch's House; Police Station
Story: Holmes and Watson
travel on the Flying Scotsman to Yorkshire to visit Sergeant Sparrow in Featherstone. On his arrival, Holmes deduces that there have been two deaths and a robbery in the town. Sparrow tells them of the theft of a South African diamond, the White Lady, and the murder of the man who was bringing it from London to Mr Holiday, the manager of the local mine. The suspected thief was killed in an accident on the station, and his brother, who was also present, has been arrested. There has a been a spate of break-ins in local shops since the robbery occurred. A fish dinner leads to an unsuspected solution.

Catherine Lundoff

"A Scandalous Calculation" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Irene Adler; Moriarty Gang; Colonel Moran; King of Bohemia; Godfrey Norton; Mycroft Holmes; (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson)
Other Characters: Whitechapel Crowds; Coach Driver; Boys; Moriarty's Valet; Footman; Reception Guests; King's Guards; Young Man; Servant; Waiter; Scotland Yard Men; (Chilton; Master Carragher)
Date: After FINA
Locations: Whitechapel; Warehouse; Reception House
Holding Godfrey Norton hostage to ensure her compliance, Moriarty plucks a disguised Irene Adler off the streets of Whitechapel, and orders her to sing for the King of Bohemia. His scheme to steal the King's signet ring, however does not go according to plan.

Richard A. Lupoff

"The Adventure of the Boulevard Assassin" (1996)
Included in:
Resurrected Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Parody in the style of Jack Kerouac
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Mary Morstan
Other Characters: Female Client; Cab Driver 1; Cab Driver 2; Gertrude Kaye; Fred Westcott; Whitechapel Drab; Her Patron de Nuit; Dead Body; Belgravia Servants; Party Guests; Maids; Butlers; Undercover Men; Maid; Kashmiri Rajah; Brigadier; Musicians; Fraulein Von Trepow; Von Trepow
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Cab; Whitechapel; Music Hall; Belgravia
Story: There is a knock on the door and Watson wonders who it is. A female client enters and asks Holmes to find her missing husband. After Watson makes a series of deductions regarding the woman, he and Holmes travel to Whitechapel, visit a Music Hall and meet Mrs Hudson who is hiding something. They carry on to a party in Belgravia where a Kashmiri rajah has his true identity revealed when his jewels are stolen. Watson discovers their client's unexpected actual identity. The following day he encounters a Prussian officer and two Mrs Hudsons at Baker Street.

"The Adventure of the Impecunious Chevalier" (2003)
Included in:
My Sherlock Holmes (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Dupin's Biographer & Dupin
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Fictional Characters: Dupin's Biographer; C. Auguste Dupin; The Maltese Falcon; (Konstantinides; Dracula)
Historical Figures: (Ramón Cabrera; Isabella II of Spain)
Other Characters: Urchin; Cab Driver; Konstantinides; Dead Servants; Duc de Lagny; Duchesse du Lagny; Mayor of Lagny; Chef des Gendarmes of Lagny; Konstantinides' Nephew
Locations: Paris; Dupin's Biographer's Lodgings; A Cab; Faubourg St-Germain; 33, Rue Dunôt; Konstantinides' Apothecary; A Hackney Carriage; An Inn; Lagny; Château de Lagny
Story: Dupin is outraged at Holmes's comments in A Study In Scarlet. He summons his biographer and tells him of the time when the young Holmes visited him in Paris to learn his techniques and to ask his assistance in searching for the Maltese Falcon. The two journeyed to the village of Lagny, where Dupin's friend, the duke, was holding the bird for Cabrera; At the château they find the duke and all his servants murdered, but are convinced that the bird must still be there. Dupin instructs Holmes to use his powers of observation to locate it.

"The Adventure of the Voorish Sign" (2003)
Included in:
Shadows Over Baker Street (Michael Reaves & John Pelan)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson
Other Characters: Lady Fairclough; Waiter; Trap Driver; Anthracite Palace Servants; Anastasia Romelly; Bishop Vladimira Petrovna Ludmilla Romanova; Philip Llewellyn; (Lord Fairclough; Chef; Dark Man; Mrs. Morrissey)
Date: Winter (1899)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Claridge's; A Train; Wales; Marthyr Tydhl; Anthracite Palace; (Llewellyn Hall, Pontefract, Canada)
Story: Lady Fairclough travels from Canada to consult Holmes over the disappearance of her brother in Wales. Previously he had been in correspondence with her husband, who has also disappeared in Canada when their house was swallowed by the great Pontefract earthquake. Both men had built sealed square featureless rooms in their homes. She also tells them of the disappearance of a man at her brother's wedding. They travel to Wales where, at her brother's home, in company of his wife, who denies his disappearance, they take part in a strange ceremony.

"God of the Naked Unicorn" (1976)
Lupoff wrote this story as "Ova Hamlet"
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Space (Isaac Asimov, Martin Harry Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh); Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Irene Adler; Sherlock Holmes
Fictional Characters: Doc Savage; Patricia Savage; The Avenger; The Shadow; Flash Gordon; Captain Future; John Carter; David Innes; The Spider; The Green Lama; Tarzan; The League's Assistants
Other Characters: Watson's Landlord; Cab Drivers; Mariners; Mechanician; Albert Payson Agricola
Locations: Limehouse; 221B, Baker Street; Watson's Rooms; West India Dock Road; A Cab; Ladbroke Grove Underground Station; An Underground Train; Irene's Autogyro; The Arctic; The Fortress of Solitude; Savage's Autogyro; Angkor Wat; The Temple of the Sun; Easter Island; Peoria; New York; Lower Seventh Avenue
Story: After Holmes's retirement to Sussex, Watson, finding himself in straitened circumstances, is forced to take inferior lodgings in Limehouse. There he is visited by Irene, now married to the King of Bohemia, who wishes him to investigate the disappearance of the statue of the God of the Naked Unicorn. Instead of taking him to Bohemia as expected, Irene flies Watson in an autogyro to Doc Savage's Fortress of Solitude, where he is introduced to a number of other heroes, the League of Protectors, and where it is revealed that the theft of the statue is part of a much larger plot. He also learns that Irene is Savage's cousin.

Savage tells him that Holmes and Tarzan have been kidnapped, shrunk to the size of pygmies by a device wielded by their captor. Watson and Savage track the villain around the world, finally running him to earth in London, at a familiar address, where he is using his insidious machine to control Holmes and Tarzan's actions and to shrink them smaller and smaller in stature. As Savage, too, comes under his control it is left to Watson to save the day.

Note: This story is a biting attack on Philip José Farmer's pairing of Tarzan and Holmes in THE ADVENTURE OF THE PEERLESS PEER. The character Albert Payson Agricola represents Farmer ("Agricola"), accused of diminishing or trivialising the two characters. The name is also derived from the author Albert Payson Terhune, famous for his dog stories.

"Inga Sigerson Weds" (2010)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The American Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Elisabeth Holmes
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes
Historical Figures: Captain Robert Halpin; Jessica Munn Halpin; Ethel Halpin; Belle Halpin; Edith Halpin; Harold; Edward VII
Other Characters: Elisabeth Inga Holmes; Mr Tolliver; Clement Ziegfried; Great Eastern Officers; Clement Ziegfried; Crewman; Orchestra; Albert Saxe; Passengers; Mr Jenkins; Waiters; Bertram Boatwright; Bonnie Boatwright; John Gaunt Beaufort; A Leading Beauty of the London Stage; (Reginald Beasley Holmes; Mrs Holmes; Inga Elisabeth Sigerson; Jorgen Sigerson; Mrs Sigerson / Miss Tanner; Jonathan Van Hopkins; Clarissa MacDougald; Clarissa's Brother)
Date: 1875
Locations: Old Romilly Street; Holmes Family Bakery; Southampton; Aboard the Great Eastern
Sherlock and his sister Elisabeth (disguised as a boy, Ellery), sail to America, as musicians in Ziegfried's orchestra, aboard the Great Eastern, to attend the wedding of their cousin, Inga Sigerson. They learn that one of the other passengers is claiming to be the rightful King of England, a descendant of the Plantagenets. When he draws a gun on the final night of the voyage, Holmes's scientific experimentation comes to the rescue and prevents a royal murder.

John Lutz

"The Infernal Machine" (1987)
Included in:
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Martin H. Greenberg, Carol-Lynn Rössel Waugh & Jon L. Lellenberg); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)

Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: Wilson Edgewick; King's Knave Patrons; Beech; Annie; Robby Smythe; Eames; Millicent Oldsbolt; Phoebe Oldsbolt; Major Ardmont; Coachman; Landen Edgewick; (Sir Clive Oldsbolt; Doctor; Ingraham Codder; Chief Constable Roberts)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Alverston; King's Knave Inn; The Oldsbolt House
Story: Wilson Edgewick consults Holmes after the father of his brother's fiancée, a munitions manufacturer, is shot dead, apparently with a Gatling gun, for which the two brothers are the sole British agents. His brother Landen has been arrested for the murder. In Alverston, Holmes meets witnesses who heard the gun, the only one in England, being fired, and at the Oldsbolt house encounters the dead man's daughters and his old military friend. Holmes discovers the source of the noises heard and a missing pillow, and tinkers with a car to solve the crime and bring the killer to justice.

Miriam Lynch

Creighton's Castle (1975)
Story Type:
Homage / Gothic Mystery
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Irene Adler; Mrs Hudson)
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Other Characters: Judith Devereaux; Michael Creighton; Taxi Driver; Mother Superior; Billy Devoe; Eva Hudson; Roger Creighton; Chickie Landell; Margaret Halliday; Charles Alvin; Storm Kingsley; Hal Chisholm; Cigar Smoking Train Passenger; Conductor; Maurice Todhunter "Toddy" Halliday; Williams; Theatre-Goers
(Sister Eulalia; Brother Matthew; Sister Melitas; News Broadcaster; Little Edna Barlett; Louise Devereaux; Doctor; Police)
Date: November, mid-1970s / November, 1926 / November, 1918
Locations: A Theatre; Connecticut; Creighton's Castle; St Monica's Academy; New York; Amsterdam Avenue; Trains; Station; West Sixty-Sixth Street
Story: Attending a performance of 221B, Baker Street, in the 1970s, Judith is reminded of events in 1926: She arrives at Creighton's Castle, home of actor Roger Creighton, noted for his performance as Sherlock Holmes in the self-penned 221B, Baker Street, sent by her father, the comedian, Billy Devoe, to deliver a letter. She recalls the death of Charles Alvin during her previous visit in 1918, and discovers that the same houseguests are present again, that Creighton is planning a revival of the play, and that she is forced to stay the night. She recalls Creighton's apparent infatuation with her, and its abrupt ending, and her fondness for his son, Michael.

She is waiting to meet Creighton outside when a falling rock barely misses her, and she spots a deerstalker-clad head peering over the roof. She becomes increasingly aware of the tensions between Creighton and his guests. A séance is organised at which a "spirit" makes accusations against the host, and later, Judith is attacked again. Michael tells her about his mother and about Creighton's past in the circus. Before she can leave, the following morning, another of the guests, Chisholm, is murdered. Judith begins to suspect Michael may be involved, and that her father might be blackmailing Creighton.

She returns to New York, but is soon on her way back to Connecticut, following her father, who has gone to confront Creighton. There, she finds herself locked in Creighton's private museum, and realises that the murder has been covered up, and Michael has gone away, only to reappear with a strange young boy who tells her that the Castle residents plan to kill both of them. Michael tells her who the boy really is, and Judith realises who the murderer must be, but when she and the rest of the castle guests are held at gunpoint she learns her mistake, and discovers that the roots of the murders lie even further back in time than she suspected, and more people are to die before things come to a close.

NOTE: Roger Creighton is modelled on William Gillette.

Gayle Lynds & John Sheldon

"A Triumph of Logic" (2011)
Included in:
A Study in Sherlock (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type:
Other Characters: Judge Linwood Boothby; Artie Morey; Emmy Holcrofts; Judge Gibson Watts; Watts' Guests; Julia Austrian; Court Clerk; (Ina Lederer; Harold Doak; Federal Drug Enforcement Investigator; Ina's Brothers; Watts's Law Clerk; Piano Tuner; Watts's Law School Classmate)
Date: Early 21st Century
Locations: USA; Maine; Franklin County Courthouse; Muscongus Bay; Watts' Home; Lewiston; Ina's Apartment
Hollcrofts approaches Judge Boothby with concerns about the apparent suicide of his niece, Ina, a court stenographer. She has found a large sum of money among her possessions and fears it may have been come by illegally, and when she is looking for transcripts relating to Harold Doak, she is approached by a drug enforcement officer asking about Ina's dealings with Doak. The piano wire used to hang Ina provides the vital clue.