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Tony Pi

"The Dynamics of a Hanging" (2005)
Included in:
The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Inspector Patterson; Mycroft Holmes; Professor Moriarty; (Sherlock Holmes; The Moriarty Gang; Mrs Watson)
Historical Figures: Reverend Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll); Arthur Conan Doyle; Dr Reginald Hoare; (Samuel Haughton)
Other Characters: Herr Gleiwitz; (Inspector Ives; Gleiwitz's Children)
Date: Autumn, 1891 / Early Summer, 1879
Locations: Surrey; Guildford; Dodgson's House; Aston; Hoare's House; St Mary's Church; Gleiwitz's House
Dodgson sends for Watson to discuss coded documents found among Moriarty's papers, that so far even Mycroft has been unable to decode. He tells Watson of Hoare's invitation to him and Moriarty to visit him at Aston, and how they met Hoare's lodger, Doyle:

They discuss codes, and Moriarty claims that his is unbreakable. Doyle claims that with his training under the tutelage of Joseph Bell, if he got to know Moriarty well enough, he would be able to deduce the solution. Moriarty accepts the challenge, and takes Doyle under his wing. Some time later word comes that Doyle has been found hanged in a church belltower. Moriarty and Dodgson travel back to Aston to investigate. Their examination of the church leads them to reason that Doyle could not have hanged himself, nor have been hanged, and his death must have occurred elsewhere. Moriarty deduces poisoning, but Dodgson is concerned about Doyle's missing violin, a copy of Through the Looking Glass that used to be Alice In Wonderland, and a forgery of his own signature. After Moriarty has left, Dodgson visits a German family, whom Doyle has been supporting with gifts, and finds a hidden page of Moriarty's code inside the missing violin. He uses his influence to have Moriarty dismissed from his university post.

Together, Dodgson and Watson deduce the text that is the key to deciphering Moriarty's code.

Stephen E. Pierce

Sherlock Holmes and the Story for which the World is Not Yet Prepared (2002)
Story Type:
Pastiche (written in third person)
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; The Giant Rat of Sumatra; Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moran
Historical Figures: Admiral John Fisher; Lord Salisbury (Referred to only as "Prime Minister"); Mata Hari (Aielko Zijlker; Pierre Curie)
Other Characters: Batak Trader; Mooncussers (Isaac; Jerry; Mike); Lemmuel Aire; Martin Aire; Captain & Crew of the Matilda Briggs; Villagers; Madeligne Aire; Merchant at Station; Vicar; Hack Driver; Marine Guard; Downing Street Stewards; The Foreign Secretary; The Home Secretary; Forrest Hardy; Astra Moriarty; Clair Ann Passengers; Lucas Chambers; Adun; Ponikum; Chambers' Servants; Rebecca Chambers; Sir Humphrey Applegate; Hans Kroger; Joseph Nienhuey; Bataks; Batak Porters; Sabar; Francois Montsierre; Montsierre's Driver; Andre Mulsonne; Kahlid; Suroto; Donald Verbeek; Captain Robert A. McCarthy; Malay Seaman; Ramli; Boys; Coach Driver; Dining Room Servant; Sumatrans; Willis Barnaby; Peter Verulst; Abdul The Arab; Abdul's Servant; Tahi; The Raja; The Princess; Risma; Batak Guards; Batak Men; Hogar; Paima; Musicians; Lab assistants; Astra's Steward; Chinese Housekeeper; Doctors; Bakir; Morris Wilson; Naval officer; Mrs. wilson; Astra's Pirates; Armageddon Crew; Captain Douglas Avery; Midshipman Stafford; Mr. Vaughn; Captain William Grant; Datuk; Ulilga; Mr. Strouthers; Dr. McDonald; Harry; Algol Crew; Boyle; Captain Browning; Gravediggers
Date: 1889-1894
Locations: The Lizard, Cornwall; The Matilda Briggs; A Cornish Village; A Cornish Beach; Downing Street; The Royal Oak Room; The Clair Ann; Sumatra; Belawan; Medan; Astra's House; Chambers's House; A Carriage; Nienhuys' Plantation; Brastagi; The Karo Highlands; The Rat Temple; Astra's Lab; Pierre Curie's Lab; A Cemetery; Singapore Harbour; The Rasa Sayang; Harrisons & Crossfield Guest House; Barnaby's Tobacco Shop; A Batak Village; The Raja's House; HMS Armageddon; The Algol; The Diogenes Club
Story: In 1894 a group of Cornish wreckers watch the Matilda Briggs smash onto rocks off The Lizard. Boarding the wreck they discover that the crew are all dead, their bodies burned. The leader of the group rapidly falls ill, and a stranger comes to the village and takes away a box found on the ship.

Three years earlier Mycroft arranges the death of Moriarty and the assumed death of his brother, who will travel to Sumatra to investigate the behaviour of Moriarty's daughter, Astra, sent as an agent of the government to investigate the possibilities of oil being located there.

In 1889 Astra arrives in Sumatra, and is taken into the Karo Highlands, where she visits a temple which has deposits of pitchblende, and which is inhabited by rats three or four times larger than the norm. After learning of the possibilities inherent in the radium she has been working on, Astra arranges the death of Hans Kroger.

Holmes journeys to Medan, where he takes on the duties of her assistant. On an expedition to mine the last of the pitchblende from the temple, Holmes clears his assistant Ramli of the murder of a Batak princess. Returning to Medan he finds that Astra and her staff have all become ill. Holmes assists Astra in developing an infernal machine, but she learns his true identity and imprisons him before he can stop her exploding the device.

Rohase Piercy

"A Discreet Investigation" (1988)
Included in:
My Dearest Holmes (Rohase Piercy)
Story Type:
Untold Case: Mrs Cecil Forrester's Little Domestic Complication
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Mrs Cecil Forrester; Cecil Forrester)
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Other Characters: Anne D'Arcy; Hansom Driver; Hetty; John Chapman; Maurice Kirkpatrick; Kirkpatrick's Servant; Maria Kirkpatrick; Carstairs' Butler; Footman; Lord Robert Carstairs; Kettner's Clientele; (Mrs Kirkpatrick; Manservant; Cook; Mr Richardson; Young Member of Her Majesty's Government; Edward Carstairs; Lady Sylvia Carstairs; The Queen Bee; Charles Courtney)
Date: January, 1887
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Camberwell; Camberwell Grove; Kensington; Kensington Church Street; Cavendish Square; Kettner's
Story: Watson is woken from a drunken slumber by Holmes, who has himself spent the past few days in bed. He has been engaged by D'Arcy to find her missing companion, who has disappeared after receiving a telegram from her mother, whom D'Arcy had always believed to have been dead. Watson recognises the handwriting on an envelope received by Kirkpatrick, but can't place it. She has received many similar envelopes over several years, but always destroyed them and their contents.

Holmes sends Watson with her to search her companion's desk, where she has already found photos, apparently of Maria's estranged brother. As they travel to Camberwell, she reveals that she had seen Watson the previous evening in company with a young M.P., and he tells her of his unrequited feelings for Holmes. When they arrive they learn that a man has been searching through Maria's desk. Watson recognises the man from the photos in the desk, and realises his relationship to Maria. Holmes deduces that there is blackmail at the heart of the case. They call on Kirkpatrick, and meet his mother, from discussion with whom, Holmes deduces that Maurice's father is Lord Robert Carstairs, on whom they make their next call.

The blackmailer, known as the Queen Bee, has got hold of letters written to Carstairs friend, Courtney, brother of Mrs Cecil Forrester, mentioning his son. Holmes realises that the blackmailer is an adventuress he has been aware of for some time, but not yet crossed paths with. Watson visits D'Arcy and pours his heart out, but she reminds him of Section 11, and advises him to find a wife, to put himself above suspicion. He is shocked when the Queen Bee's identity is finally made clear. Holmes calls on her and arranges the return of the incriminating letters. Watson announces his decision to leave Baker Street.

"The Final Problem" (1988)
Included in:
My Dearest Holmes (Rohase Piercy)
Story Type:
Canonical Revisioning
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Mary Morstan; Watson's Maid; Sherlock Holmes; Gemmi Pass Guide; Peter Steiler; Professor Moriarty; Swiss Boy; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Mrs Cecil (Isobel) Forrester; (Anstruther; Athelney Jones; Jack Douglas; Inspector Alec MacDonald; Rough with a Bludgeon; The Moriarty Gang; English Lady; Inspector Patterson; Colonel James Moriarty; Irene Adler; Grandmother Vernet; King of Scandinavia; Colonel Moran; Oscar Meunier; Dr Verner)
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle; Lord Alfred Douglas
Other Characters: Railway Guard; Strasbourg Hotel Diners; Swiss Police; Swiss Physician; Moriarty Gang Trial Crowd; Anne D'Arcy; Valentine Forrester; Café Royal Patrons; Gare du Nord Urchin; Paris Cab Driver; Deux Mondes Footman; Desk Clerks; Parisian Passers-by; Hotel Waiters
(Soldier; Ralph Spencer; Watson's Housekeeper
Date: 23rd April, 1891 - May, 1892
Locations: Watson's Paddington Practice; Railway Station; Canterbury; Newhaven; Dieppe; Brussels; Strasbourg; Hotel; Switzerland; Hotel; Gemmi Pass; Meiringen; Englischer Hof; Reichenbach Falls; Courtroom; 221B, Baker Street; Hastings; Mrs Forrester's House; Café Royal; The Continental Express; Paris; Gare du Nord; Hôtel des Deux Mondes; Boulevard St Michel; Restaurant; Banks of the Seine; Café
Story: Holmes is in France, and Mary, taking a short leave from her marriage of convenience to Watson, is off to visit Mrs Cecil Forrester in Hastings. After seeing Mary off at the station, Watson is surprised to find Holmes on his doorstep. He tells Watson of his fear of air-guns, the attempts on his life, and his plan to leave over the back wall, and of Moriarty, reminding him of his involvement in the Vermissa Valley business. Then he asks Watson to join him for a week on the Continent, to escape further attempts that he believes will be made not on his life, but on Watson's reputation.

In Strasbourg, they learn that Moriarty has escaped the police, and will almost certainly be on their trail. Holmes tries to persuade Watson to return to England, but they travel on to Meiringen, with jealousies being vented en route, and a close encounter with a faling rock in the Gemmi Pass. In Meiringen, Steiler casts aspersions on their relationship. They visit the Reichenbach Falls, but Watson is lured away, and on his return finds only a note from Holmes, his Alpine-stock and cigarette case.

Watson returns to London, attends some sessions of the Moriarty Gang trial, and meets with Mycroft at 221B. Mycroft tells him that Holmes's instructions were to keep the rooms preserved as they are. He also advises Watson that he may write up the Reichenbach affair, but should not publish accounts of any other of Holmes's cases. Shortly thereafter, Watson is laid up with brain fever, and sent to Mrs Forrester's home in Hastings to recuperate.

After his recovery, Doyle arranges the publication of The Final Problem. Watson gives up his old pleasures and commits himself to a life of retirement. Mary passes away. Mycroft gives Watson Holmes's watch and chain. Watson is sure that Holmes was wearing it when they left Meiringen, and wonders how Mycroft has come by it. It comes with a note giving the address of an hotel in Paris, and it is there that Watson travels to find that he is expected by Monsieur Sigerson. It is of course Holmes, who tells him of events at Reichenbach and since, and that Spencer and Moran are on his trail.

Tim Pigott-Smith

The Dragon Tattoo (2008)
Story Type:
Children's Novel
Canonical Characters: (Sam) Wiggins; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Billy (Chizzell); Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Irregulars; (Pat "Titch") Simpson; Inspector Lestrade; Professor Moriarty
Other Characters: Pursuer; Butcher; Night-Watchman; News Vendor; Captain; Uncle Fu; Pipe Smokers; Mrs Chang; Baby Chang; Chang Ann-Li; Mr Chang; Dooley; Colonel Edmund Maltravers; Potts; Edie McArdle; Blacksmith; Limehouse Man; Hansom Driver; Beggar-Lad; Knife-Grinder; Dockside Workers; Washerwoman; Dosser; Drunken Sailors; Crossing-Sweeper; Rag-Picker; Edie's Sisters; Mr McArdle; Policemen; (Wiggins' Father; Wiggins' Mother; Wiggins' Stepfather; Jacky Dyke; Hansom Cab Driver; Titch's Uncle; Titch's Father; Lestrade's Man)
Date: 1891 / December, 1893
Locations: Isle of Dogs; Black Lane; Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; Skittle Alley; Chang's Seamen's Hostel; Aboard the Captain's Wherry; Marylebone Road; A Warehouse; Limehouse; East India Docks; The East Indian Chief; Lisson Grove; The Rookeries; Scotland Yard; Railway Siding near Farringdon Station
1891: As Wiggins is chased through the Isle of Dogs after stealing some chestnuts he runs into Holmes and Watson.

1893: Holmes has been missing for a week, Billy decides to investigate. Wiggins takes a job looking after a wherry on the Thames. He sees his friend Ann-Li's father being threatened by Maltravers and Dooley, who say they will take Ann-Li if he does not help them kidnap children to be sold to the slave trade. A week later, after meeting 'Titch' Simpson, Wiggins sees Dooley carrying a sack in which he believes Ann-Li is being held captive. Baker Street flower girl Edie tells Billy and his friend Potts that she heard Holmes tell a hansom driver to take him to "the something chief" in Limehouse.

Wiggins and Titch rescue Billy from Maltravers, and offer to help him look for Holmes. Lestrade brings word to Watson that Moriarty is in London, and that Maltravers is one of his chiefs of command. Wiggins learns a secret about Titch. An aerial rescue of Ann-Li is attempted, during which Holmes reappears. Edie has visions of disaster. When the case is over, Holmes decides to employ the children as his Irregulars.

The Rose of Africa (2009)
Story Type:
Children's Novel
Canonical Characters: (Sam) Wiggins; (Pat "Titch") Simpson; Billy (Chizzell); Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Baker Street Irregulars; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Irene Adler; (Professor Moriarty)
Other Characters: Hansom Drivers; Eli Potts; Edie McArdle; Jeremiah 'Jem' Potts; Major Grantham; Ruben Curtis; Tender Owner; Prison Warders; Prisoners; Turnkey; Shamrock Landlord; Shamrock Customers; Lily Potts; Silken Garter Customers; Charvis; Tramp; Dubious-Looking Ladies; Man with Dog; Glass Blower; Gentleman; Fox Court Residents; Pitch and Toss Con Men; Fox Court Policemen; Fitzroy Club Doorman; Club Members; Cab Drivers; Uriah Pogue; Lord Quentin Scarsbury; Fitzroy Club Policemen; Lestrade's Cab Driver; Lestrade's Men; Edward Aston
(Chang Ann-li; Dream Pursuer; Titch's Uncle; Titch's Father; Ruritanian Client; Uncle Hector; African Diamond Shift Manager; Alf Jenx; Billy's Mother; Mr Aston; Mrs Aston; Aston's Daughter; Aston's Houseboy; Jacky Dyke; Playboy Prince; Great White Hunter; Wiggins's Mother; Colonel Maltravers; Policeman; Officer; Lady Constance Lord; South African Police; Watson's Hotel Friend; Crown Prince of Liechtenstein)
Date: Winter
Locations: Marylebone; 221B, Baker Street; Marylebone Road; Gower Street; Mayfair; African Diamond Company; Waterloo Bridge; Waterloo Station; Watson's Club; Hatton Garden; Ely Place; Curtis's Shop; Leather Lane; Chelsea Wharf; Pentonville Prison; Soho; Marylebone Station; The Shamrock Pub; The Silken Garter; Cripplegate Square; Charvis's Rooms; Kentish Town; Fox Court; King's Cross; Lisson Grove; Gray's Inn Road; Russell Square; Fitzrovia; Fitzroy Square; Conway Street; The Fitzroy Club; Conway Street Mews; Scotland Yard; Holborn; Cloak Lane; Broadwaters House; Farringdon Station; Berwick Street
The Irregulars find a new headquarters behind a false house facade, but Wiggins is still having nightmares. Pott's Uncle Hector has been accused of murder and of stealing the Rose of Africa diamond, but Holmes is leaving for the Continent and so, unable to investigate. Hector has admitted to the crimes, but Wiggins deduces that he is lying to protect a woman. They soon learn of Irene Adler's involvement in the case.

As the day of Hector's trial approaches, Wiggins learns more about diamonds, Edie untakes surveillance work in an Irish pub, and an attempt is made to murder Uncle Hector in Pentonville Prison. Edie has a vision of a dead body. Titch follows a gentleman with a moustache, who might be Irene Adler, witnesses a gunfight outside the Fitzroy Club, and rescues a tied-up Wiggins. The Irregulars take care of ex-diamond trader Charvis after he is injured in an attack, but he is murdered by an intruder. Events culminate in another shootout, in the diamond district, the capture of Irene Adler, and a birthday celebration for Dr Watson.

The Shadow of Evil (2009)
Story Type:
Children's Novel
Canonical Characters: (Sam) Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars; Professor Moriarty; Billy (Chizzell); Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; ((Pat "Titch") Simpson; Mrs Hudson)
Historical Figures: Queen Victoria
Other Characters: Eli Potts; Edie McArdle; Major Sebastian 'Tiger' De Ville; James Wilson Booth Senior; Arcadia Sailors; Arcadia Captain; Constable of the Tower; Duchess of Albion; Duke of Albion; Mr Potts; Lily Potts; Silken Garter Customers; Station Hotel Doorman; Young Couple; Bellboys; Mr Chizzell; Wheel Tapper; Station Guard; Engine Driver; Fireman; Princess Alice; Cave Guards; Official; Holyhead Officer; Businessman on Train; Moriarty's Men; Bible Couple; Rookeries Girl; Mrs McArdle; O'Hare; Reilly; Mr Spooner; Osborne House Staff'; Albion's Equerry; Mr Perkins; Royal Children; Princess Eleanor; Nannies; Royal Train Guard; Prince Edward; Fisherman; Mrs Goose; Osborne House Gardener; Maid; Kitchen Staff; Royal Marines; Royal Dignitaries; Ryde Station Crowd; Ferry Passengers; Ticket-Collector; Ferry Captain; First Mate; Ryde Ticket Inspector; Giles; Prince of Saxe-Coburg; Prince's Wife; Osborne House Footman; Royal train Engine Driver; Royal Train Fireman; Mr Wickham; Equerry; Ladies-in-Waiting; Footmen; (Beggar; Pursuer; Butcher; Wiggins's Step-Father; Wiggins's Father; Night-Watchman; Edie McArdle; Jacky Dyke; Silas Holmes; Purser; Mr McArdle; Edie's Sisters; Edmund Leinster; Baker Street Decorator)
Date: December
Locations: Tower of London; Soho Square; Oxford Street; Marylebone Road; 221B, Baker Street; The Atlantic Ocean; Aboard the SS Arcadia; Soho; The Silken Garter Pub; Marylebone Station; Stokes Bay; Moriarty's Cave Base Overlooking the Solent; Holyhead; Lisson Grove Rookeries; The Duke of Albion's Residence; Scotland Yard; Isle of Wight; Osborne House; Boathouse on the Thames; Stokes Bay Station; Ryde Pier Head Station; Aboard the Royal Train; Railway Tunnel; The Isle of Wight Ferry; The Swiss Cottage
Wiggins dreams of being chased and drowning. He has been put on watch by Holmes at the Tower of London, looking out for Moriarty's henchman "Tiger" De Ville, the second most dangerous man alive. De Ville spots him and warns him off. Holmes is aboard the SS Arcadia dealing with a bomb. Queen Victoria's grand-daughter, Princess Alice, disappears. The Arcadia sinks and the Times reports Holmes's death. Watson and the Irregulars try to find the links between the many cases being referred to them during Holmes's absence.

While Watson and Wiggins travel to Holyhead, the Irregulars locate the Princess aboard a private train, but Edie is capture by De Ville before they can rescue her. Simpson rides under the train until it stops at a station in a cavern. Wiggins consults Lestrade. A lift is installed at Osborne House as a Christmas surprise for Queen Victoria, and Irish workmen O'Hare and Reilly attach a device to its workings. The artist Spooner also takes an interest in the machinery. After receiving a message via Simpson's pigeon, Beaky, Watson, Wiggins, Billy and Potts travel down to the Isle of Wight to rescue Edie and Simpson and prevent Moriarty's plan to assassinate the Queen.

Daniel Pinkwater

The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death (1982)
Included in:
5 Novels (Daniel Pinkwater) and as a novel in its own right
Story Type:
Children's Parody
Detectives: Osgood Sigerson & Dr Ormond Sacker
Other Characters: Walter Galt; Winston Bongo; Theobald Galt; Mildred Galt; Bus Passengers; Captain Shep Nesterman; Dharmawati; Snark Audience; Bus Driver; Park Speakers; Park Crowd; Hot Dog Man; Miss Sweet; Bentley Saunders Harrison Matthews / Rat; Uncle Flipping Hades Terwilliger; Heinz; Saunders Harrison Matthews II; Minna Terwilliger Matthews; Aunt Terwilliger; Truck Drivers; Workers; Blind Saxophonist; Screever; Bignose; Gypsies; Bignose's Cashier; Beanbender's Customers; Accordion Player; Ben Beanbender; Grand Shapoo of the Church of the Holy Home Run; Skinny Painter; Madame Zabonga; Paco; Mr Gutzman; The Mighty Gorilla; Roosman Brothers' Watchman; Adolph; Wallace Nussbaum; (Mrs MacMillan; Elevator Man; Winston's Sister; James Blueberry; Scallion; Rat's Grandfather; Mrs Bongo; Mr Bongo; Dr Pierre Ramakrishna; Fat Schneiderman; Mr Anolis; Shandar Eucalyptus; Howard; The Horrible Fly; Karl)
Date: April
Locations: USA; Baconburg; Genghis Khan High School; Winston's Apartment Building; Walter's Apartment Building; Snark Theater; Snark Street Bus; Snark Street; Blueberry Park; Ed & Fred's Hot Dog Stand; Old Town; Rat's House; Hasty Tasty Café; Lower North Aufzoo Street; Bignose's Cafeteria; Tintown; Scrap Ankle Road; Beanbender's Beer Garden; Roosman Brothers Storage Warehouse; Sausage Center Building; Movie Theater
Story: Bored with life at Genghis Khan High School, Winston Bongo and Walter Galt take to "snarking out" - sneaking out to late night movie double features at the Snark movie theater in a hat.

When their bus breaks down on the way home they see a political speaker in the park, eat strange hotdogs and stumble on a fascinating new neighbourhood. The following day Winston goes down with German measles and advises Walter to do some solo snarking. He decides that he will make a speech in the park, after which he meets a girl called Rat, who, he discovers, also snarks. She takes him and Winston home to experience her sound system, and meet her eccentric family. They have heard of Walter's father and his passion for avocados.

Uncle Flipping disappears and they decide to look for him at the Snark Theater the following night. Not finding him, they retire to a café, where they see the great detective Osgood Sigerson, and his assistant Dr. Ormond Sacker, who are on the trail of master villain Wallace Nussbaum, who has been after Uncle Flipping ever since his expedition to research growing conditions for avocados in Iceland.

Rat takes them to Lower North Aufzoo Street - the city beneath the city - and out to Tintown where they meet even more eccentric characters, and hear a singing chicken. They receive a mysterious summons, face a hooded figure and are recruited by Sigerson - who also feeds them avocado pie - to rescue Uncle Flipping from Nussbaum. First stop is a warehouse where they discover a giant avocado computer. The following day, Rat's butler and Sacker both disappear, and they confront Nussbaum and his kidnapped orangutan in the movie theatre at the Sausage Center Building.

The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror (1985)
Included in:
4 Fantastic Novels (Daniel Pinkwater) and as a novel in its own right
Story Type:
Children's Parody
Detectives: Osgood Sigerson & Dr Ormond Sacker
Fictional Characters: The Marifesa Plant
Other Characters: Walter Galt; Winston Bongo; Bentley Saunders Harrison Matthews / Rat; Jonathan Quicksilver; Mildred Galt; Theobald Galt; Heinz; The Honorable Lama Lumpo Smythe-Finkel; Howling Frog; Scott Feldman; Milton Papescu; Bob Pontoon; Police Chief Cloney; Dr Bogenswerfer; Mayor Lance Beesley; Agent A. Platt Fleischkopf; Bignose; K.E. Kelman, PH.; Mrs Lydia L. Kelman / Lydia LaZonga; Phelps Feldman; Gus Bowlingpin; Wallace Nussbaum; The Mighty Gorilla; Mrs Starkley; Heinrich Nussbaum; Mr Starkley; Flipping Hades Terwilliger; Ignatz the Igniter; Werewolf; Dharma Buns Customers; Waitress; Folksinger; Ms Doughnut Customers; Grand Mall Shoppers; Storekeepers; Interviewer; City Council; Military Representatives; FBI Agent; Government Representatives; Deadly Nightshade Customers; Deadly Nightshade Kitchen Helper; Drive-in Customers; Ignatz's Mother; Drive-in Ticket Taker; Security Guards; Romanians; Fire Brigade; (Phineas Frog; Yellow Dog Howling Frog; Yowling Howling Frog; Lord Buckley; Blind Lemon; Devil's Island Guards; Captain De Boldieu; Hubertus Baolungpinski; Larry & Jerry, The Bloomsbury Burglars; Mommy Nussbaum; Moriarty Nussbaum; Fu Man Nussbaum; Tesev Nussbaumscu; Louis Grotshkie)
Locations: USA; Baconburg; The Snark Theater; Dharma Buns Coffee House; Rat's House; Walter's House; Grand Avenue; Hamfat; Ms Doughnut; The Grand Mall; Howling Frog - Books of the Weird; Outside Scott's House; Baconburg City Hall; lower Aufzoo Street; Bignose's Cafeteria; Lama's Yurt; Deadly Nightshade Diner; Devil's Island; Route 9R; Garden of Earthly Bliss Drive-in and Pizzeria; Ignatz's House
Story: Rat takes Winston and Walter to the Dharma Buns Coffee House, where they meet the poet Jonathan Quicksilver, but leave when a werewolf runs through the kitchen. Through Quicksilver, they encounter the Honorable Lama Lumpo Smythe-Finkel at the Howling Frog bookstore in Hamfat's Grand Mall. He tells them that he is psychically receiving werewolf signals. They also meet Rat's classmate the neat creep Scott Feldman. When the werewolf appears in Rat's soundproof room, they track down werewolf expert Kelman, who gets his mother to werewolf-proof the room. Howling Frog and the Lama hire Sigerson and Sacker to track down the beast. Meanwhile, the Napoleon of Crime, Wallace Nussbaum, has escaped from Devil's Island. They must all work together to stop Nussbaum from using Uncle Flipping's work on Marifesa plants to take control of the world. Sigerson chooses a drive-in movie theater for the final showdown.

Captain Daniel M. Pinkwater

"Journal of a Ghurka Physician" (1994)
Included in:
The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Detectives: Holmbjorn Sigerson & Pangdatsang Gompa, B.Sc.
Other Characters: Gompa's Father; Surkhang Rampa; Singh Nain; British officers; Soldiers; Brigands; Lopseng; Dzasa; Mrs. Mookerjee; Sitar Instructor
Date: Between 1890 & 1894
Locations: Tibet; Chagpori School of Medicine; Lhasa; Nepal; Kathmandu; India; Darjeeling; The Queen's Hotel; A Lamasery; Dhamma Street
Story: Injured in a battle with brigands, from which he is rescued by his Sherpa orderly Lopseng, Gompa is invalided out of the Royal Ghurka Regiment. He makes his way to Darjeeling, where on the verandah of the Queen's Hotel he encounters an old friend, Dzasa, who introduces him to the European, Holmbjorn Sigerson. As the two are both looking for rooms, they end up sharing accomodation rented from Mrs Mookerjee in Dhamma Street. Every day, Sigerson gives a detailed account of Gompa's activities, which Gompa tries, out of politeness not to comment on, until Sigerson finally becomes enraged by his attitude.

Daniel & Jill Pinkwater

The Werewolf Club Meets Oliver Twit (2002)
Story Type:
Children's Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Fictional Characters: Larry Talbot
Historical Figures: Queen Victoria
Other Characters: Billy Furball; Lucy Fang; Henry Count Dorkula; Ralf Alfa; Carla Lola Carolina; Norman Gnormal; Lord William Talbot; Simms; Lord William's Cook; Jack the Schlepper; Policemen; Queen's Flunkeys; Mrs. Talbot; Lord William's Driver
Date: 2001 & 1890
Locations: Honest Tom's Tibetan-American Restaurant; Mr. Talbot's House; A Time Machine; A London Rooftop; A London Street; Lord William's House; Lord William's Carriage; 221B, Baker Street; The Tower of London; Buckingham Palace
Story: The Watson Elementary School Werewolf Club travel back in time to London, 1890, in their teacher Mr. Talbot's inflatable time machine. They meet the pickpocket, Oliver Twit, and track down Talbot's Great-Great-Uncle, Sir William Talbot. When they realise that they cannot buy the batteries they need to return home, Twit suggests they seek the help of Sherlock Holmes. Holmes agrees to help them if they assist him in preventing the notorious Jack the Schlepper from stealing the Crown Jewels. After they have captured the Schlepper and been thanked by the Queen, Mr. Talbot's mother arrives to help them get home, but they have forgotten where they left the Time Machine. Twit helps them find it and, with Mrs. Talbot's help, they return home.

The Werewolf Club Meets the Hound of the Basketballs (2001)
Story Type:
Children's Parody
Fictional Characters: Larry Talbot
Other Characters: Billy Furball; Lucy Fang; Henry Count Dorkula; Ralf Alfa; Norman Gnormal; Local W. Yokel; Sir Hugo Basketball; Miss Glucinda; Barry Barrymore; Mary Barrymore; Sir Lugo Basketball; (The First Sir Hugo)
Date: 2001
Locations: Honest Tom's Tibetan-American Restaurant; Principal Pantaloni's Van; The Local Yokel Diner; Basketball Hall; The Moor
Story: The Watson Elementary School Werewolf Club travel to Basketball Hall to visit Mr. Talbot's uncle, Sir Hugo Basketball. There they meet screaming cousin Glucinda, and Sir Lugo Basketball, Sir Hugo's father, who has been scared into hiding in a cupboard. The footprints of a gigantic hound were found beside him.

Sir Hugo tells them of the legend of the Hound of the Basketballs, dating from the time of the first Sir Hugo, and asks them to help capture the beast. Sir Hugo arranges for his servants, the Barrymores, to be away on the night of the hunt, stating that they always seem to interfere when it comes to matters concerning the Hound. The Werewolves eventually find the Hound on the Moor, and uncover the secret of the Barrymores' trips to the Local Yokel Diner.

H. Beam Piper & John J. McGuire

"The Return" (1953)
Included in:
The Science-Fictional Sherlock Holmes (Robert C. Peterson)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Homage
Main Characters: "Monty" Altamont & Jim Loudons
Other Characters: Murray Hughes; Verner Hughes; Hector Hughes; The Scowrers; Alex Barrett; Reader Stamford Rawson; Tenant Mycroft Jones; The Irregulars; Sholto Jiminez; Birdy Edwards; Atherton; Stanley Markovitch; Irene Klein; Mordecai Ricci; Jefferson Burns; Murdo Olsen; Villagers
Date: circa 2193

Locations: A Helicopter; The Toon; Pittsburgh; The Carnegie Library
Story: After a nuclear holocaust has ravaged the planet, Altamont and Loudons are flying in a helicopter over the former United States, looking for signs of civilisation. In the settlement known as the Toon, which is suffering attacks from the Scowrers, Murray and his father Verner witness the approaching helicopter and alert the village.

Altamont and Loudons are welcomed to the village, and after explaining their mission to unite all holocaust survivors, shown its manufactories and resources, and Altamont gives the villagers a ride in the helicopter. They learn that the Toon are the descendants of a military platoon, that they worship a god known as "the slain and risen one" in a religion based on logic derived from "The Books". They suspect that the villagers believe Altamont to be the risen one returned. The villagers believe that he has come as a test.

They carry out the main purpose of their expedition - to locate and open a vault at the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, where microfilm versions of books have been stored, but are attacked by the cannibalistic Scowrers. Back in the Toon, Loudons reveals that he has finally been shown "The Books" and now understands the roots of the societal structure of the Toon.

David Pirie

The Dark Water (2002)
Story Type:
Pseudo-Pastiche / Revisioning
Historical Figures: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Neill Cream; Joseph Bell
Other Characters: Two Village Men; Lucas Weltham; Policeman; Stephen Middleton; Mrs. Herne; John Herne; Stable Boy; York Porter; Mother & Child; Edinburgh University Porter; Sir Henry Carlisle; Rose; Locksmith; Salisbury Cabby; Policemen; Inspector Randall; Mr. Hodder; Inspector Ian Yates; Peggy; Cabman; Farmer; Morland's Maid; Sally Morland; Sally's Sister; Sally's Children; Post Office Clerk; Hotel Waiters; Burn; Harbour Inn Clientele; Maid; Boy; Ship Inn Maid; Brooks; Dr. James Bulweather; Inspector Derry Langton; Mrs. Harvey; Angus Hare; Leonora Marner; Monk's Manservant; Sir Walter Monk; Colin Harding; Tommy Norman; Edward Norman; Charlotte Jefford; Balneil; Cab Driver; Ellie Barnes; Constable John Wallace; Monk's Servants; Roger Cornelius; Westleton Nurses; Fisherman; Laing; Hepton; Leonora Marner's Sister; Two Village Women; Monk's Guests; Danny Morton; Constable; Oliver Jefford; Bank Officials; Fisherman; Fisherman's Wife; (Mr. Andrews; Mary Goddard; George Crome; The "Wylde Hunt"; Matthew Snell; William Bowker; Stage Manager; Morton's Cab Driver)
Date: December, 1883 / October, 1898 (Epilogue)
Locations: Wiltshire; Lucas's Cottage; Middleton's House; The Quarter Moon Inn; Salisbury; York; A Train; Edinburgh; Waverley Station; Edinburgh University; Princes Street; Carlisle's House; Rosebank Cemetery; Bell's Rooms; Hotel; Train; Northampton; Hotel; London; Esher Street; Morland's House; Hotel; Charing Cross; Post Office; The Strand; Train; Southwold; The Harbour Inn; Dunwich; The Ship Inn / The Barn Arms; Churchyard; The Witch's Pool; The Glebe; Bulweather's House; Greyfriars House; Westleton House; Marner's House; Harding's Cottage; Norman's House; The Beach; Lowestoft; Southwold Bank
Story: Having been drugged by Cream, Doyle awakens in a dark room in a cottage in Wiltshire. Escaping, he finds the cottage owner's body, and is pursued by the local police, mistaken for the murderer. With the help of a local lawyer he makes his way to Edinburgh to find Bell, but finds himself in the home of Sir Henry Carlisle, who appears to believe that Doyle has some sort of guilty secret. When Bell returns he takes Doyle back to Wiltshire.

In the inn near the cottage, they find themselves once again involved in Cream's schemes, and learn of another of his victims. They return to London, where Doyle makes efforts to ensure The Morlands, his former landlords' safety. From London, they trace Cream to Dunwich, and Bell gives Doyle items to read on the Witch of Dunwich and the disappearance of a local writer, Jefford. Together with Langton, a local police officer, they examine the bloodstains found in Jenner's house.

Interviewing the locals, they learn of a howling man seen in the woods and a stranger at the Witch's Pool. A dead man is found in the woods, but a post mortem reveals that his death was impossible. After visiting an asylum and hearing that the dead man may be still alive, the body of a pig is found and more murders take place. After the discovery of a runic code Bell tries his hand at dowsing. Events culminate in Cream's reappearance and his announcement of Bell's death.

The Night Calls (2002)
Story Type:
Pseudo-Pastiche / Revisioning
Historical Figures: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Louise Hawkins Doyle; Joseph Bell; Mary Doyle; Innes Doyle; Charles Doyle; Dr. Waller; Neill Cream
Other Characters: Samuel; Stallholder; Prostitutes; Amputation Patient; Students; Macfarlane; Colin Stark; Gordon Crawford; Crawford's Gang; Female Students; Sophia; Elsbeth Scott; Hansom Driver; Davey; Davey's Grandmother; Policemen; Inspector Beecher; Professor Neil Latimer; Waverley Hotel Owner; Hotel Owner's Daughter; Dancers; Katherine Morrison; Katherine's Friend; Katherine's Brother; Waiter; Chambermaid; Sir Henry Carlisle; Dr. Gillespie; Lady Sarah Carlisle; Fullback; Traders; Doctor; Street Urchins; Old Detective; Robber; Porter; Madame Rose's Housemaid; French Prostitute; Crowd; Beggar With A Twisted Lip; Summers; Madame Rose; Night-Clerk; Labman; Lettie Maitland; Short-Sighted Night-Clerk; University Porters; Watt; Rugby Players; Cullingworth; Amelia; Drummond; Kitchen Maid; Miss Maitland's Sister; Cab Driver; Gordon Crawford, sr.; Crawford's Household; Housekeeper; Ellie Carswell; Dunbar Porters; Fly Driver; Family On Beach; Cab Driver; Marie; Madame Rose's Doorkeeper; Agnes Walsh; Mrs. Henderson; Kate; Kate's Friends; Carlisle's Footman; Footmen; Gravediggers; Summers; Dr. Gillespie; Dr. Small; Martin Morland; Sally Morland; Lucy Morland; William Morland; Morland's Cook; Doorman; Old Man With Crutch; Men In Shad Thames; Opium Den Woman; Foreign Seaman; Opium Den Customer; Opium Den Owner; Lord Lovat Clientele; Charles Hanbury; Dr. Baird; Mortuary Clerk; Inspector Miller; Lowther's Neighbours; Children; Loungers; Butcher; Elsie Farr; Women In House; Jenny Galton; Hotel Porter; League Dignitaries; Riverman; Jim; Polytechnic Crowds; Shad Thames Crowds; Shopkeeper; Landlord; Lord Lovat Landlord; Tallowman; Middle-Aged Woman; Hettie; Attacker; Miller's Men; Horse Dealer; Cab Driver; Ben; Macandrews' Maid
Date: 14 October 1898 (Prologue) / 1878-1881 / Late Autumn, 1883
Locations: Doyle's House; Edinburgh; The Doyle Home; Edinburgh University; Bell's Rooms; Lecture Hall; A Hansom; A House of Assignation Near The Docks; Waverley House; Gillespie's office; Police Station; Rutherford's Bar; Jack's Lane; Madame Rose's; A Cab; Seaview; Rugby Field; Carlisle's House; Medical Library; Holy Well House; Hotel; Dunbar; Elsbeth's Cottage; Surgeon's Square; Kate's House; A Graveyard; North Bank Street; Guthrie Street; Cream's Rooms; Victoria Dock; Granton Pier; A Train; The Tay Bridge; Montrose; Fordoun House; London; Esher Street; Madame Tussaud's; Bell's Hotel; Macandrew's House; Shad Thames; Ah Sing's Opium Den; Upper Thames Street; Vauxhall Bridge; A Morgue; Queen Elizabeth Street; Lowther's Rooms; Jones Street; The Strand; Wych Street; A Hansom; Vauxhall Bridge Road; Chapter Street; Grosvenor Road; A Church; The Royal Polytechnic Exhibition; Landell's Wharf; Hanbury's Boatyard; A Public House; The Lord Lovat Public House; Cole Lane; Page Street; Charles Street; Norfolk Street Coffee House
Story: Amid protests from staff and students over the admission of women medical students to Edinburgh University, and problems at home, Doyle teams up once again with Bell, who takes him to a deserted house of assignation. The previous night the police had been called by the women who work there regarding a man who tried to force them to eat grapes and drink brandy, although tests revealed nothing wrong with these. Another strange assault occurs at a medical ball which Doyle and his friends are attending. Bell believes it to have been the same man. A street musician is also found dead, the police believe it to be a result of drinking, but Doyle knows the man was a virtual abstainer.

That night, Doyle and his friends Stark and Neill are held up and robbed, and see university patron Sir Henry Carlisle entering Madame Rose's, a house of ill repute. Several days later, Bell takes Doyle to Madame Rose's, where a woman has been attacked while sleeping, but not injured. Searching the house, Doyle comes across a man in a dark cloak, and pursues him to the street, but loses him. Further searching reveals a room full of blood, but no body. After a pile of coins in the room reminds him of a pile beside the dead musician, Doyle begins to suspect Crawford, the leader of the campaign against the women students.

While this has been going on, Doyle has been helping a female student, Elsbeth, sister-in-law of Carlisle, to gain access to the dissection rooms, from which women are still banned. Bell takes Doyle on a consultation to examine Carlisle's wife, whom Doyle realises has syphilis. Elsbeth discovers a pile of coins in her room, placed there while she slept. Later, she receives a cardboard box containing two human ears. Crawford is found hanged. Elsbeth is sent away from Edinburgh as a precaution, and Doyle and his friends begin searching for the woman whose clothes were found in the blood-filled room.

On one expedition, he is called to the room of a prostitute who has been given poison pills by one of her clients. Doyle recognises the pillbox as similar to one shown to him by Lady Sarah. Eventually the truth behind Lady Sarah's malady becomes clear, but only brings them closer to apprehending their man through the elimination of another possible suspect. Eventually, they catch their man red-handed, but he escapes and flees to America, although not before one final crime aimed directly at Doyle. He continues to taunt them from overseas, and Bell attempts to keep tabs on him through his contacts in the US.

Two years later later, Doyle is working as a locum in London. He sees a poster about a murder which he is convinced is his old adversary's work. He learns that the couple he is staying with, the Morlands, are in debt when the wife asks him to go to an opium den to bring her husband home. Bell takes him to a dead woman's rooms, he sees a card bearing the name of the same benevolent society to which Morland is in debt.

A letter from Cream, detailing new crimes, lures him to a house of assignation, and sets in course a search for another woman. Bell and Doyle follow Morland to a meeting of the League and bring an end to its activities. He traces the League's card to a scientific exhibit given by Morland's friend Macandrew, and attending it with Bell, sees a man he had previously seen at the opium den.

Throughout his investigations, Doyle hears of a mysterious disembodied head, said to grant eternal life or instant death. Doyle and Bell eventually encounter the head at the opium den, where Bell must face its sting. Taunts continue to arrive from the old adversary, and after bringing the London affair to an end in a subterranean chamber, Doyle encounters him again in an unexpected place.

Saviour Pirotta

"The Pressed Carnation (or A Scandal in London)" (2017)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes's School for Detection (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Knife-grinder (Scissors-grinder); (King of Bohemia; Mary Morstan)
Other Characters:
Carol Singers; Prince Vaclav Alfons Antonin von Ormstein; Cab Driver; Police Officers; Old Bailey Loiterers; Hawkers; Posy-seller; Chestnut-seller; Doctor; Lestrade's Cab Driver; Waterloo Bridge Crowd; Bride Diver; Patterson; Piter Banks; Hospital Orderlies; Mistletoe Seller; (Banks's Parents; Banks's Grandmother; Vaclav's Father; Vaclav's Family Friend; Watson's Patients; Vaclav's Scottish Friends)
Date: December, 1893
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Mayfair; Vicarage Lane; Marylebone; Old Bailey; Williams's Boiled-Beef House; Waterloo Bridge; Belvederer Road; St Thomas's Hospital; The Thames; Vaclav's Club
Holmes invites one of his overseas students, Vaclav, nephew of the King of Bohemia, to Baker Street for a Christmas tea. With the usual observations, he deduces that Vaclav's valet has disappeared, and learns that the man, Banks, has knowledge of Vaclav that could cause a family scandal if revealed. A pressed carnation leads Holmes and the prince to the murder and a final confrontation on the Thames.

Zasu Pitts

"Mrs. Hudson Speaks" (1947)
Included in:
The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Speech by Mrs. Hudson
Canonical Characters: Mrs. Hudson / Martha; Sherlock Holmes; Stanley Hopkins; Mrs. Turner; Wiggins; Dr. Watson; Mary Morstan
Other Characters: Dr. Stamford
Locations: Eastbourne
Story: Mrs. Hudson brings her audience up to date on the present condition of Holmes and Watson, Hopkins' O.B.E., Wiggins's business, the truth about Mrs. Turner, Watson's wives and his bereavement, and denies any relationship with Hudson of the Gloria Scott.

Frank Place

"Bibliographic Bones" (1915)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches II: 1915-1919 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives:
Fetlock Jones; Swatson
Historical Figures: (J.W. Ballantyne; Cesare Taruffi; A. Mercer Adam; J. Martin; J.V. Hjelmman; Otto Lubarsch; Robert von Ostertag; Mieczlaw Gantz; Semon; M.R. Leriche; Berger; Wolff)
Locations: Jones's Rooms
Story: Jones and Swatson swap stories on the vagaries of bibliographic referencing in medical texts.

W. Carter Platts

"Mr Sherlock Holmes Tuttlebury" (1902)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel); A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press); The Whims of Erasmus (W. Carter Platts)
Story Type: Parody
Other Characters: Erasmus Tuttlebury; Maria Tuttlebury; Tuttlebury's Servant; Jim; (Johnson; Johnson's Son; Mrs Johnson; Farmer Gosenford; Jim's Daughter; Jim's Wife)
Locations: The Tuttlebury Household
Story: After reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Tuttlebury attempts to explain the science of deduction to his wife. When a farmworker's daughter has a guart of beer she is taking to her father stolen, Tuttlebury decides to investigate.


Van Allen Plexico

"The Problem at Stamford Bridge" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Volume One (Ron Fortier)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Inspector Lestrade;
(Mrs Watson)

Other Characters: John Cole; Brian Dempsey; Football Players; Referee; Sir Stephen Wyatt; Police Officers; Abel Farnsworth; Sir Adam Johnson; (Victoria Stationery Shop Owner)
Date: April
Locations: Watson's Home; Hammersmith & Fulham; Stamford Bridge Stadium; 221B, Baker Street; Police Station; Fulham; Craven Cottage Stadium
Watson receives a ticket to a soccer match at Chelsea's new Stamford Bridge stadium, from a former patient. Two players involved in a scuffle during the match are later found in the changing rooms, one unconscious, and the other dead. Watson fetches Holmes to the stadium, where they learn that Lestrade has arrested Dempsey, the player found unconscious. A note from the dead man is not all it seems to be, and investigations at the Fulham stadium set Holmes on the trail of the killer.

"The Adventure of the Tuvan Delegate" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Volume One (Ron Fortier)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Bradstreet; Mycroft Holmes; Moriarty Gang; (Professor Moriarty)
Other Characters: Bradstreet's Constables; Solchak; Diogenes Secretary; Plainclothes Officers; Young Man; Delegates & Wives; Hotel Police; Toka; False Delegate; (Joseph Corran; Translator)
Date: Autumn, well into Watson's association with Holmes
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Pall Mall; Diogenes Club; Foreign Ministry Building; Blackmoor Hotel
Story: Watson is visiting Holmes when Bradstreet arrives with an Asian man who speaks no English and was found naked, running frantically through the streets. Holmes deduces that the man had been kidnapped in order that someone might impersonate him. He decides to consult Mycroft on the matter, who tells them of a peace conference involving Russia and China at which one of the delegates has been murdered.

They arrive at the Blackmoor Hotel in time to hear of more murders and witness a bomb blast. While Holmes is searching one of the hotel rooms for evidence, another bomb is discovered. With the surviving delegates gathered, Holmes reveals the traitor in the room and lays the blame at the feet of an old adversary.

Robert Pohle

"The Flowers of Utah" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes In America (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Daniel Stashower)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Wiggins; Mrs Sawyer / Tom Dennis; Lucy Ferrier; (Jefferson Hope; Enoch Drebber; Joseph Stangerson; Sally Sawyer; Baker Street Irregulars; Simpson; Inspector Lestrade; Tobias Gregson)
Fictional Characters: (Elizabeth 'Bess' Erne)
Other Characters: Deputy Marshal Ames; Lodging House Desk Clerk; Edgar Smith; Club Man; (Superintendent Schmitt; Mrs Ponsonby-Mallalieu; 7 Mormon Women - including 4 named Violet)
Date: 1881
Locations: USA; Utah; 221B, Baker Street; Lodging House; Salt Lake City; Robertson's Club
Holmes and Watson are in Utah on the trail of Jefferson Hope's accomplice who had posed as Mrs Sawyer. The Irregulars had tracked the man down, but he fled to America, where the police failed to detain him. Under retainer from a wealthy lady member of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, Holmes and Watson set off to finally close the case. They join up with Deputy Marshal Ames, who tells them that their man, Dennis, is running contraband to Wyoming. Ames is bitten by a rattlesnake, leaving Holmes and Watson to continue the pursuit alone. Watson wounds Dennis in a gunfight in the mountains, and makes an unexpected acquaintance with his companion, learning the truth about the deaths of Drebber, Stangerson and Hope, and the nature of the contraband Dennis is running.

Steve Poling

"The Aristotelian" (2011)
Format: e-book
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Mycroft Holmes
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; (Dr Watson)
Fictional Characters: (Duke of Denver)
Historical Figures:
(Charles Babbage; Alfred Saker)

Other Characters: Holmes's Father; Mrs Brainerd; Reverend Ripley; Spotted Mare Barman; Lord Gerald C. Cruikshank; Mr Reynolds; Sam; Penelope Grosvenor; Village Constable; Magistrate; Bailiff; Auctioneer; Richard M. "Dicky" Smythe; Neighbour Lad; Sally Cholmondley; Doctor; Vicarage Crowd; (Rachel Holmes; Mrs Taylor; Lance Corporal James "Jimmy" Whitney Smythe; Sarah Kolopatra Smythe; Florence Smythe; Agatha Percy; Julia Smythe)
Locations: The Holmes House; Mrs Brainerd's Cottage; The Spotted Mare; Magistrates Court; Market; The Vicarage
Story: A
month after his mother's funeral, Mycroft is summoned home from university by his father who is concerned about Sherlock's "Aristotelianism" - he has been collecting and categorising things, and running with an "unsavoury crowd" of both policemen and criminals. He asks Mycroft to try to divert Holmes's interests towards the sciences. Mycroft finds Holmes examining horse manure, and questioning him on his recent behaviour, is told that Holmes intends to solve his mother's murder. He finds himself agreeing to help in the investigation.

He begins by questioning his mother's friend, Mrs Brainerd, who tells him of the attentions Lord Cruikshank had been paying his mother. Cruikshank had previously denied a meeting with his mother on the day she died. He overhears Cruikshank and his banker discussing finances in the local inn. After an encounter with Cruikshank in the pub, Mycroft returns home and meets actress Penelope Grosvenor who is enquiring into Sherlock's activities in the village. Cruikshank has Sherlock arrested.

Mycroft's investigations turn up a missing orphan named Smythe, and an accounts book. Sherlock's case is heard, and Mycroft observes events at an auction. Discussions with Sherlock put Mycroft on the trail of a blackmailer, and another death and a marriage take place before their own family tragedy reaches its conclusion.

Nick Pollotta

"The Really Final Solution" (1994)
Included in:
The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; (Inspector Lestrade)
Other Characters: Rupert Jameson
Locations: Hofnagel Mansion
Story: After watching Watson shoot, drown, burn and blow-up Jameson, the mad builder, Holmes wonders if he has found a new opponent worthy of his efforts.

Arthur Porges

"Stately Homes and the Invisible Slasher" (2001)
Included in:
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (Feb 2001)
Story Type:
Detectives: Stately Homes (of England) & Sun Wat
Fictional Characters: Tiny Tim Cratchit; (Ebenezer Scrooge)
Other Characters: Scrooge; Mrs. Hutsut; Myalgia Homes
Locations: Homes' Rooms; (Scrooge's Office; The Diogenes Club)
Story: Tiny Tim, now six foot four, twenty-four stone, and a circus performer, is accused of the murder of the son of a nephew of Ebenezer Scrooge, whom even more avaricious than the original, he claims has fleeced him out of five thousand pounds. The body has been found in a fifth floor room with no other means of entry, no weapon was found, and Cratchit was in the room at the time of death. Homes learns from his brother Myalgia at the Diogenes Club some details of Tiny Tim's background which enable him to solve the mystery.

Christine Poulson

"The Mystery of the Missing Child" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Baker Street Maid (Maisie); Inspector Lestrade; Professor Moriarty; Mrs Hudson; (Baker Street Irregulars; Moriarty Gang)
Other Characters:
Lamplighter; Cabbie; Mrs Armstrong; Rufus Armstrong; Police Constables; Mrs Armstrong's Maid; Mortuary Attendant; Mrs Shaughnessy; Nanny; Moriarty's Housekeeper; Auction Crowd; Paris Cabbie; Yvette's Maid; Yvette Pujol; Grand Midland Manager; Mr Brown; Foundlings; (Harold 'Harry' Armstrong; Arthur Armstrong; Alicia Armstrong; Midland Hotel Staff; Chestnut Seller; Haberdasher; Mrs Brown; Parlour Maid)
Date: Late November, 1890
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; St Pancras; Midland Grand Hotel; Mortuary; Kew; Moriarty's House; France; Calais; Paris; Faubourg Saint Honoré; Auction Room; Telegraph Office; Place des Vosges; The Foundling Hospital
Mrs Armstrong calls at Baker Street to ask Holmes to investigate the disappearance of her son and his nanny. When the nanny is found dead and Mrs Armstrong's step-son also disappears, Holmes discovers the presence of Moriarty in the case, and the trail leads to Paris, where Watson meets Holmes's aunt, who sends them back to London with some pointers, but it is Mrs Hudson who solves the case.

James Powell

"Death in the Christmas Hour" (1982)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Space (Isaac Asimov, Martin Harry Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh)
Story Type:
Homage / Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Irene Adler
Fictional Characters: Punch & Judy; Little Bo Peep
Historical Figures: Amelia Earhart
Other Characters: Owen Glendower; Austin W. Metcalfe; Allegretta; Jack in the Box; Captain Rataplan; Toy Soldiers; Teddy Bear; Ivy Tinker; Mr. Jacoby; Cat
Date: Christmas
Locations: McTammany's Department Store Window; The Metropolitan Museum of Toys;
Story: On Christmas Eve each year the toys come alive and celebrate. Last year, during a raid by the alligators, the dollshouse mistress, Lady Gwendolyn, was eaten. This year, Judy is discovered dead with an icepick through her heart. Both women had helped Jack in the Box conceal the fact that he was unable to open his box himself, a fact about which he was deeply ashamed. The Sherlock Holmes doll breaks off his reunion with the Irene Adler doll, the new mistress of the dollshouse, to discover that the two deaths are related. Holmes pursues the murderer up the Christmas tree, but it is the Amelia Earhart Christmas angel that saves the day.

Martin Powell

"Sherlock Holmes in the Lost World" (2008)
Included in:
Gaslight Grimoire (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec); Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook (Howard Hopkins)
Story Type:
Fantasy Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes; Colonel Sebastian Moran
Fictional Characters: Mrs Challenger; Professor Challenger; Lord John Roxton; (Challenger's Pterodactyl; Professor Summerlee; Edward Malone)
Historical Figures: The Prime Minister (David Lloyd George)
Other Characters: Diogenes Club Butler; Professor Jessica Cuvier Challenger; Ape-Men; Moran's Men; (Richard Roxton; Challenger's Companions)
Date: During the First World War
Locations: The Lost World; The Diogenes Club; South America; A Hot Air Balloon; The Zoological Institute
A cave man survives a creodont attack. Watson is summoned to the Diogenes Club, where he finds Mycroft, along with the Prime Minister and Mrs Challenger waiting for him, and where Holmes arrives shortly thereafter. He and Watson are sent to search for the missing Professor Challenger in South America, where he has returned to prove the existence of the Lost World. The government are keen to obtain details of a steel formula he has developed as a defence against German arms advances.

They travel to the plateau by balloon, with Roxton and Challenger's daughter, Jessica. On their arrival, they discover old evidence of Challenger's presence. They are saved from an attack by ape-men by mysterious silent bullets, but two of their saviours are in turn despatched by the cave man. Examining their tracks, Holmes links them to the men who had been following them in London. They face more of the plateau's monsters and an old enemy before discovering Challenger's fate.

Bill Pronzini

"The Bughouse Caper" (2004)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: John Quincannon; Sabina Carpenter; Dogwalker; Dodger Brown; Elmer (or Samuel) Truesdale; Mrs Truesdale; Dr Caleb Axminster; Margaret Axminster; Andrew Costain; Penelope Costain; Messenger; Foyles's Customers; Porters; Galway; Ezra Bluefield; Ben Joyce; Journalists; Captain Kleinhoffer; Sergeant Mahoney; Luther Duff; Wharf Men; Sailor; Salty Jim O'Bannon; Youth; Fiddle Dee Dee Doorwoman; Lettie Carew; Ming Toy; Desk Sergeant; Hack Driver; Axminster's Housekeeper; Jackson Pollard
(Judge Adam Winthrop)
Date: 1894
Locations: San Francisco; Russian Hill; The Truesdale Residence; The Axminster Residence; Quincannon & Carpenter Office; Jack Foyles's Wine Dump; The Barbary Coasty; Lodging House; The Embarcadero; Foghorn Annie's; Pacific Avenue / Terrific Street; Scarlet Lady Saloon; Geary Street; Costain's Offices; Hoolihan's Saloon; The Costain Residence; McAllister Street; Duff's Curio Shop; Oakland City Wharf; Davis Wharf; The Oyster Catcher; Uptown Tenderloin; O'Farrell Street; Fiddle Dee Dee; City Prison; The Montgomery Block; Great Western Insurance Offices; The Cobweb Palace
Story: On stakeout outside banker Truesdale's house, Quincannon hears a violin being played. He fails to capture a burglar, instead finding himself captured by Holmes. Quincannon recognises the burglar as Dodger Brown and sets out the next day to track him down. Holmes offers his assistance and Quincannon sets him up on surveillance on another potential victim's house. Their stakeout is interrupted by a shooting and they discover a body in a locked room in a locked house, but with no sign of the murderer. His eventual capture of the thief leaves the murder unexplained. Quincannon gathers the principals together to explain his theories, but in the end is trumped by Holmes.

NOTE: This story was later incorporated into the novel The Bughouse Affair.

Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis

"The Adventure of 221C by Sir Arthur Conan Doily" (1993)
Included in:
The Punt & Dennis Instant Library (Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: Marilyn Worstenholme; Babette's Visitor; Minister of the Crown
Date: Winter 1893
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: A young woman moves into 221C Baker Street. That night, Holmes and Watson hear cries of pain from the rooms above. Holmes becomes interested in rumours reported in the press about a Minister of the Crown who later arrives in Baker Street but passes Holmes's door. More strange noises are heard from upstairs and Holmes and Watson rush to intervene.

Philip Purser-Hallard

"The Adventure of the Professor's Bequest" (2014)
Included in:
Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Colonel James Moriarty (James Madison Moriarty / Jimmy Moriarty); Inspector Lestrade; (Professor Moriarty; Stationmaster Moriarty (Thomas Jefferson Moriarty); Colonel Sebastian Moran; Mycroft Holmes; The Moriarty Gang)
Other Characters: Banister's Servant; Professor Redmond Banister; Abigail Moriarty / Abigail Banister; V.K. Chakraborty; Messenger; Police Constables; Anarchists; Cabman; (Mr Burrows; Mrs Burrows; Chaplain Smithson; Socialist Student; Nihilist Go-Between; Swedish Professor; Russian Professor; American Professor)
Date: Late 1894
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Northern City; Banister's House; The Crown Inn; College; Blackfriars Bridge
Story: Holmes receives a telegram from Professor Banister, who is married to the late Professor Moriarty's sister, Abigail
. A package of papers, left to them by Moriarty has been stolen. Although they have been forbidden from reading them, an accompanying letter said that the contents could lead to the fall of Cristendom. Travelling to the northern town where Moriarty once held the chair of mathematics, and where the Banisters live, Holmes examines the scene of the crime, and has a run-in with Colonel Moriarty, before travelling off to interview Stationmaster Moriarty, leaving Watson to learn about Professor Moriarty's past from a former student.

"The Second Mask" (2014)
Included in:
Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical adventure of Lucy Hebron
Canonical Characters: Lucy Hebron; Sherlock Holmes; Stanley Hopkins; Billy; (John Hebron; Grant Munro; Effie Munro; Dr Watson)
Other Characters: Elizabeth Goodge; Maud Stokes; Annabel Finch; Harriet Youngblood; Detective Inspector Critchley; Mr Singleton; (Charles Goodge; Pentecostal Minister; Chutrch Members; Peter Finch; Gerald Finch)
Date: 1950s
Locations: Norbury
Story: Lucy Hebrons neighbours complain after she allows a Pentecostal church to hold a picnic in her garden. Later, her house is broken into, and her mother's locket, containing a photo of her father, is stolen. Harriet, a young West Indian girl whom she is tutoring comes under suspicion of abetting the burglars. She is woke from a nap to hear voices outside discussing the case.

Shirley Purves

"The Heavenly Taxi" (1998)
Included in:
Serpentine Muse-ings - Volume One (Susan Z. Diamond & Marilynne McKay)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Cab Driver; Traffic Cop
Date: Late March
Locations: Sydney, Australia; Sydney Opera House
Story: An elderly Watson takes a landau ride to Sydney Opera House to attend a Wagnerian opera. Outside the Opera House, he has an unexpected encounter.