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Rosemary Michaud

Sherlock Holmes and the Somerset Hunt (1993)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; (Tobias Gregson)
Other Characters: East Quantock Porter; Jane Melrose; Andrew Hewitt; Heywood Melrose; Old Pratt; Ned Hewitt; Housemaids; Colonel Laurence Hewitt; David Hewitt; Dr. Hugh Farthingale; Sally Collins; Collins' Children; Servants; Superintendent Bellows; (Dixon; Mrs. Hewitt; Norah Dudley; James Collins; Police Inspector; Constable Johnson; Helena; Mr. Vickers)
Date: March, 1883
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Train; Somerset; East Quantock Station; East Quantock; Coombehill; Spring Green Cottage; Farthingale's Cottage
Story: Holmes is called to Somerset to investigate when an old client's daughter's fiancé, Andrew Hewitt, is involved in a riding accident. A stirrup gave way, but after the incident the stirrup leather disappeared. The family has a history of unusual events: an uncle killed in a riding accident thirty years previously, and a mother who disappeared three years before that. Holmes and Watson pose as a cousin and friend of the girl, and are invited to stay at the fiancé's family home. It becomes clear that relationships within the house are strained. Holmes discovers that the young couple are already married, and finds himself investigating the disappearance of the mother. To finally bring an end to the case he joins the local hunt, disguised as Hewitt.

Allan D. Mickle

The Execution of Newcome Bowles (1948)
Story Type:
Detectives: Solomon Holmes Loquot & Dr Benjamin Nicodemus Musquash
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: (Rudolph Valentino)
Other Characters: Reveller; Judge; Counsel for the Crown; Doctor; Augustus Ikonoky "Ikey" Ilks; Clerk of the Court; Mortimer "Morty" Willikins; Jury; Court Spectators; Newcome Bowles; Eulalia Musquash; Lizzie Hopkins; Bowles's Servants; Frederick Hopkins; Coroner; Black Cat Waitresses; Freezia Sniffleblossom; Coroner; Annabella "Annie" Ermyntrude Bellows; Police Officer; (Asbestos Musquash; Helmet Musquash; Hosey Musquash; Flame Musquash; Nicodemus Musquash; Phoebe Pitts Musquash; Benjamin Pitts; Elderly Widow; Widow's Family; Madeline Musquash Bowles; Blonde; Bowles's Second Wife; Alfriston "Jimmy" Bowles; "Skinny" Annie Skinner Bowles; Annie's Sister; Orchard Owner; Small Boy; Emily Cloves; Grocer's Carter; Grocer's Carter's Wife; Tom Sniffleblossom; Countess; Alphonse Holmes Loquot; Solomon's Mother; Solomon's Wife; Adrian Tonks; British Agent; British Women; Government Official's Wife; Felicité Grandressant; Professor Harricotinski; Albert Stonker; Scotland Yard Official; Forger; Governor of Dartmoor Prison; Loquot's Operatives; Spies; Rosey Adkins; Bowles's Housemaid; Euphobia Willikins; Horry Rawkins)
Date: April - July
Locations: Australia; Melbourne; Musquash's Bachelor Flat; Court House; Bowles's House; Loquot's Flat; Black Cat Café; Musquash's Surgery
When physician Benjamin Musquash reads of the tragic death of business magnate Newcome Bowles' third wife, in a fall from a third storey window, he decides that justice must be done, the deceased, Madeline Bowles, having been his cousin. Bowles is acquitted at trial, and his engagement to Freezia Snifflebottom is announced. After two of Bowles's servants are murdered, Musquash calls on his friend Solomon Holmes Loquot, grandson of Sherlock Holmes. Loquot infiltrates Bowles's staff and exacts his own form of justice on Bowles and his servant, Willikins.

Adrian Middleton

"The Kingdom of the Blind" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part I: 1881-1889 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: (Pope Leo XIII; Henry Manning, Archbishop of Westminster)
Other Characters: Brother Pius Augustus; Woodman's Butler; Dr William Woodman; Christopher; Seminarians; (Dr William Westcott; Frau Sprengel; Priest)
Date: Late Autumn of Holmes & Watson's First Year Together
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Stoke Newington; Woodson's House; South Kensington; Abingdon House
Story: Brother Pius Augustus asks Holmes to recover documents missing from the Vatican Secret Archive that he believes will be used in a Rosicrucian plot to bring down the Catholic Church. After gaiing possession of the document, and revealing the truth about his various clients, Holmes takes Watson to a seminary for the blind.

Thos. Kent Miller

Allan Quatermain at the Dawn of Time (2013)
Also published in Sherlock Holmes in the Fullness of Time (2016)
Story Type:
Biblical Characters: (Jesus Christ; The Virgin Mary; The Magi; God)
Canonical Characters: (Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes)
Fictional Characters: Allan Quatermain; Lady Luna Holmes Ragnall; Alfred; Hans the Hottentot; Zikali; Impey Barbicane
(The Atterby-Smiths; Lord Ragnall; Mr Mycroft; Sidney Silchester; Quartermain's Father; John Arkle; Professor Aronnax; Captain Nem; The Nautilus; Predicant Quartermain; Professor Challenger; Edward Malone)
Historical Figures: Thomas Kent Miller; E. Hoffmann Price; Jayne Miller; Maria Mitchell; James Clerk Maxwell; Giovanni Schiaperelli; Pope Pius IX; Julia the Elder; (Isaac Howard; Robert E. Howard; Thomas Edison; Heinrich Hertz; John Thomson; Nikola Tesla; Max Planck; Augustus Caesar; Livia; Gaius Caesar; Lucius Caesar)
Other Characters: Bayushtiak; Train Engineer; Train Passengers; Town Residents; Guards; Train Drivers; Scientists; Labourers; Messenger; Xulê; Campachix the Surgeon; Thebes Crew; Moab; Frigga; Erasmus; Livinius; Jabez; Roman Galley Crew; Persian Pirates; Children; Alberto Cardinal Cigliutti; Stenographers; Porters; (Edward Nicholson; E. Fitzgerald; Mr Webster; Anderson Mellis; Natives; Vatican Archives Assistants; Angelina DeMars; Raymond Brown; Leif Erikson Crew; Vice Admiral Robert M. Reuben; Vice Admiral Samuel Ashley; Allan Sunshine; Ashley Neville; Lloyd Overholtzer; Vice Admiral Samuel Rankin; Navy Spokesperson; Dr Bruce Edwards; Taaxipalkul Barbarian; King Ponamyak; Northwoman; Mute Women; Fishermen)
Date: 1977 / 1986 / 1987 / 2008 / 1936 / 1930 / 1905 / 1884 / 1872 / August, 1873 / 1871 / 2 B.C. / May, 1985 / 1915
Locations: USA; California; Redwood City; Emerald Lake; England; Ragnall Castle; Central Africa; Sierra Leone; Freetown; The Laboratory; Atlantis Water Temple; Yokatix-Mezel; Pandateria; Aboard the Thebes; Zululand; Mambuzo River; Ecuador
Story: Miller discovers a Quatermain memoir in a misplaced envelope passed on to him by
E. Hoffmann Price, who in turn had inherited it from Robert E. Howard. The manuscript, a diary in which Holmes's cousin Lady Ragnall relates a story told to her by Quartermain, comes with a series of letters which pay testament to its provenance.

1873: Hans and Quartermain are in Freetown, waiting to travel back to Durban, when Quartermain remembers hearing about a group of "white witch doctors" while travelling through Sierra Leone, and decides to go in search of them. Arriving at the ocean, they sight what they take to be a giant whale, then venturing inland, come upon some railroad tracks which they follow until they arrive at a mysterious industrial town in a valley by the ocean. There they meet Clerk Maxwell and Schiaperelli, who intend to turn them away until Mitchell and Barbicane arrive, and they are invited inside.

Over the next few days, Quatermain is shown the laboratory, a temple and hydro-electric system, but is kept in the dark about the true nature of the facility's work, only learning that it is concerned with the development of a highly-advanced telescope. Later, he learns that the scientists are on a quest to discover the true nature of the Star of Bethlehem.

The theories surrounding the Star are summarised in an 1871 encyclical by Pope Pius IX.

Hans discovers a great treasure, and the true nature of the whale is revealed.

A series of news clippings relate the fate of the submarine Leif Erikson and the discovery of a pre-Mayan sunken dome. The Scrolls of Xulê tell of the exile of Julia, the daughter of Augustus Caesar, and her warrior maidservant Xulê, and their rescue by Moab aboard the underwater vessel Thebes.

When the telescope is eventually activated, it has a strange effect on Hans.

NOTE: This book is currently available from www.lulu.com

The Great Detective at the Crucible of Life (2005)
Also published in Allan Quatermain at the Crucible of Life (2010) and Sherlock Holmes in the Fullness of Time (2016)
Story Type:
Biblical Characters: The Virgin Mary; (God; The Burning Bush; Gaspar; Jesus; Gabriel; St John)

Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty
Fictional Characters: Allan Quatermain; Zikali; Hans; Sergeant Cuff; Sergeant Daniel Dravot; Sergeant Peachy Carnehan; Axel Lidenbrock; Sherrinford Holmes
(Harry Quatermain)
Historical Figures: Thomas Kent Miller; Judy-Lynn Del Rey; James Turner; H.P. Lovecraft; Sonia H. Greene; Anne Tillery Renshaw; Sally Good; Louis Church; Frederick E. Church; Sir Richard Holmes; Thomas Huxley; Richard Burton; Maria Mitchell; (Gail Morgan Hickman; Clark Ashton Smith; Theodore II; Charles Darwin; Gary von Tersch; Tomasso Masini da Peretola; Leonardo da Vinci; Gian Giacomo Caprotti (Salai); St Andrew; Godfrey of Bouillon; Raymond of Toulouse; Prince Bohemond of Tarentum; Hugh of Vermandois; Peter Bartholomew; St Batholomew; Joseph of Arimethea)
Other Characters: New York Gallery Proprietor; Zikali's Guards; Quatermain's Men; Bayushtiak; Captain Endfield; Captain Joshua Baker; Alberto Cardinal Cigliutti; Piero Lorenzina; Young Florentine Couple; Carriage Passenger; Shopkeepers; Youths; Bors, Count of Mainz; Duke Stephen; Count Albert of Clermont; William of Saint-Giles; Fulcher of Tyre; Duke Stephen's Men; Thomas of Arc; Danakil Tribesmen; Priests; Tabot Haile Mariam; Villagers; Ruth; (Nicholi Lorenzo; Randy King; Maria Grazia; Duke Stephen; Corporal Saint James)
Date: October 1994 / June, 1925 / January, 1881 / December 25th, 1871-1872 / March 1870 / 1096-1097
Locations: Olana; Boston; New York; The Black Kloof; Durban; Quatermain's House; HMS Deborah; Ethiopia; Annesley Bay; The Granger; The Danakil Desert; 221B, Baker Street; A Cave; Florence; Basilica Santa Croce; Antioch; Sarras; Yemen; Hungary; Transylvania; Chapel of the Immaculate Heart; Sinai
Story: After a double biography of Quatermain and Haggard is turned down, the editor receives a call from Arkham House publisher Turner, asking him to look at a manuscript which had been found at Brown University.

It had originally been given to Lovecraft for polishing, having been found at the home of the artist Frederick Church, and was an account of Quatermain's adventures taken down by Watson, who had accompanied Quatermain to the United States after being introduced to him by his son Harry, a student at Bart's. There, they had visited Church, and one of his paintings had reminded Quatermain of the adventure he went on to recount.

Quatermain is shown a vision by Zikali which sends him in search of a goddess. Returning to Durban, he is met by a British Museum delegation (Richard Holmes, Huxley, Cuff, and a young Holmes in the persona of "Will Scott") who wish him to lead a joint expedition to investigate rumours of the continued survival of Emperor Theodore of Abyssinia, the discovery of early human fossilised remains in the same area, and the appearance of a possible lost gospel rescued from the Alexandrian Library.

Accompanied by a Zulu warrior, Bayushtiak, they set out aboard HMS Deborah, and arriving at Annesley Bay they are met by another party, comprising of Burton, Mitchell, Dravot and Carnehan, in search of meteorites, which become their first goal, taking them into the Danakil Desert, where they encounter the singing sands, the German vulcanologist, Lidenbrock, and a desert sandstorm. Huxley and Scott find a skeleton, and Scott is caught in quicksand. Cuff reveals the true nature of his group's quest, and its links to the Vatican, Leonardo da Vinci and the Holy Grail, and the First Crusade.

Having found the meteorites graveyard, they are attacked by Danakil tribesmen. One of the party is killed under suspicious circumstances. Travelling on, they come across a church in the middle of the desert. There, their wounded are tended to, and they investigate the treasures of the Chapel of the Immaculate Heart, before being taken before the Mother of God in a hidden village.

NOTE: The ships which take the various parties to Ethiopia, HMS Deborah & the Granger, are named after the stars of the 1950 film version of King Solomon's Mines, Deborah Kerr and Stewart Granger (who played Allan Quatermain). Their captains, Endfield and Baker, are named after the director and star of the 1964 film Zulu, Cy Endfield and Stanley Baker.


Sherlock Holmes on the Roof of the World, or The Adventure of the Wayfaring God (1987)
Also published in Allan Quatermain at the Crucible of Life
(2010) and Sherlock Holmes in the Fullness of Time (2016)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Leo Vincey
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes (as Sigerson)
Fictional Characters: (Foreword: Vincey); Leo Vincey; Horace Holly
Historical Figures: (Foreword: Thomas Kent Miller; Jayne Miller); The Regent (Choekyi Gyaltsen Kundeling); The 13th Dalai Lama; (The Journal of Issa: St. Issa / Jesus Christ; Thomas)
Other Characters: (Foreword: Jan Needleman); Brother Paljori; Police Monks; Monks; Wan Po; Guards; Brother Sigme; Undertaker; Brother Linga; (Brother Sun-Li)
Date: 1891
Locations: (Foreword: California); Tibet; Lhasa; The Library; Sigerson's Rooms; The Jo-Kang; The Potala; Sky Burial Site; Paljori's Rooms
Story: When a neighbour returns from a visit to Nepal she brought Miller back a package of hand-made stationery as a gift. On opening it, he discovers that it also contains a manuscript, written by Vincey.

After the events recounted in She, Vincey and Holly are in Lhasa, carrying out research to aid in their ongoing quest for Ayesha. In the library they encounter the Norwegian explorer Sigerson, who has read of their adventures, and who is admonished for smoking by the librarian, Paljori.

The following day the librarian is found murdered, and a sacred book stolen. The three are accused of the crime and brought before the Regent, who orders them imprisoned. Some days later they are brought before the Dalai Lama, who outlines the evidence aganst them. Holmes proves its unreliability, and suggests that he should take over the investigation.

He examines the murder site and the dead man's rooms, and interviews the mortician and the chief medical officer, before announcing that he will be able to offer a solution the following day. When the book is finally recovered, their granted reading of it forces them to re-evaluate all their previously held beliefs.

Larry Millett

"The Opera Thief" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part III: 1896-1929 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: (Charles & William Mayo; John J. O'Connor)
Other Characters: Watson's Physician; Shadwell Rafferty; Electa Snyder; Stagehands; Stage Manager; Barbara Majors; Peter Moore; Opera Cast; Harold Skimpton; Stage Door Guard; Rooming House Proprietress; (Mr Schiele)
Date: January - February, 1904
USA; Minnesota; Rochester; St Paul; Union Depot; Ryan Hotel; Metropolitan Opera House; Eleventh Street; Skimpton's Rooming House
Story: Holmes accompanies Watson to Minnesota, where the latter is to have his gallstones removed by the Mayo brothers. As they are about to return to England, Holmes reads of the theft of a flute from a touring production of The Magic Flute at the St Paul Metropolitan Opera House. The flute was stolen from a locked sore-room and many more valuable items were left untouched. Holmes and Watson visit the theatre for that night's performance, and when the final curtain fails to fall solve the case
The Magic Bullet (2011)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson
Historical Figures: Louis Hill; Vivian Irvin; Allen Stem; T.F. Shine; Governor J.A.A. Burnquist; (McQuillan)
Characters Based on Historical Figures: John McGruder (John McGee)
Other Characters: Artemus Dodge; Shadwell Rafferty; George Washington "Wash" Thomas; Police Officers; Chief Michael Nelligan; Peter Kretch; J.D. Carr / Dr Gideon Fell; Steven Dodge; Alan Dubois; Gertrude Schmidt; Isabel Diamond; Dr James Dahlberg; Inspector Mordecai Jones; Sergeant Francis Carroll; Elevator Operator; Dahlberg's Assistants; Amanda Dodge; Newsboy; John McGruder; John; Declan Muldowney; Telephone Operator; Harlow Secrest; Taxi Driver; Old Capitol Guard; Billy Banion; Walter Battle / Samuel Berthelson; Busy Bee Waitress; Battle's Companions; Streetcar Motormen; Idler; Prisoners; Prison Guard; Rioters;Reporters; Rafferty's Bartenders; Patrick Butler; George Marshall; Robert Hicks; Safety Commission Officers; Colonel Tom Masterson; McGuder's Clerk; Michael O'Brien; Cab Driver; Librarian; Kretch's Attacker; Dandy Jim's Clientele; Gustave Klemmer; Hobos; Giovanni Marzitelli; Train Engineer; Fireman; Taxi Driver; Hospital Patients; Yacht Club Girl & Boy; Street Urchin; Streetcar Passengers; Motorman; Otto Meyer; Saul Freeman; Arcade Boys; Danny Grimes; Statue-Razing Crowd; Captain Thomas McGuire; Henry Merrivale; Chicago Police Sergeant; Rafferty's Patrons; George Jacobson; Amanda's chauffeur; (Sidney Berthelson; Butler's Assistants; White Bear Yacht Club Ladies; Marie; Plumber; Locksmith; Firearms Examiner; Ezekiel Jones; Schmidt's Neighbours; Dodge's Servants; St Peter Street Hotel Doorman; Motorists; Walter Kleinschmitt; Col. J. R. Camp; Henry Merrivale; Kid; Western Union Boy; Wash's Chicago Friend; Hank Bencolin; Emmanuel Dodge)
Date: October 1st - December,1917
Locations: United States; Minnesota; St Paul; Dodge Tower; Ryan Hotel; Sixth Street; Old State Capitol; Summit Avenue; Hill's House; Shad's Place; Hill Street; Police Headquarters; Chestnut Street; Steven's Townhouse; Schmidt's Apartment; Merriam's Lookout; River's Edge; Mississippi River Boulevard; Holly Avenue; Dubois' Apartment; Wabasha Street; Exchange Street; Carr's Apartment; Busy Bee Café; U.S. Hotel; Frogtown; Western Avenue; Dietsch's Hall; Ramsey County Jail; Third Street; City Hall; Bench Street; Golden Rule Department Store; Seventh Street; Farrington Street; St Paul Public Library; Rosabel Street; The High Bridge; Dandy Jim's Tavern; Klemmer Lock Company; Swede Hollow; Sibley Street; Little Italy; Mill Street; Colborne Street; City Hospital; Fountain Cave; Raspberry Island; Lowertown; Morgue; Selby Avenue Tunnel; Mackubin Street; Labor Temple; Seven Corners; St Paul Cathedral; Joseph Schmidt Brewery; Freeman' Penny Arcade; House of Hope Church; Oakland Cemetery; St Paul Hotel; Train Depot; Sibley Street; Germania Life Insurance Building; Pure Oil Station
Minneapolis; Hotel Vendome; Chicago; Police Headquarters; Cicero; Ogden Avenue; Midwest Security & Locksmithing Company; Union Station
London; 221B, Baker Street
Financier Artemus Dodge is shot in his supposedly impenetrable office on the top of the thirty-storey Dodge Tower. No shot was heard and there was no smell of gunsmoke. Rafferty is called upon by Louis Hill to investigate and examines the office with Wash. He learns that stairwell alarms have been going off regularly, and finds unusual blood spray patterns, a broken piece of wood, severed window sash cords, an unlocked window and a nail hole in the wall. A squirt gun, stained red, is found in an alley by the building.

Various members of the staff and family become aware of issues in the company with regard to the Blue Sky Partnership, or become involved in bribery and blackmail. Rafferty wires Holmes for advice. Battle, a radical activist, is in town, responsible for the murder and planning further mayhem. Meanwhile, industrial unrest foments among the streetcar workers, and the Minnesota Public Safety Commission, under McGruder, know more than they're telling the police. Further murders and a kidnapping carry the case along, while Holmes refers Rafferty to an essay by Gideon Fell on locked room mysteries.

In London, Holmes examines copies of the buildings blueprints and comes to some conclusions, revealing Gideon Fell's true identity to Watson. He cables Rafferty to look for an Austrian gun, but Rafferty solves the case before Holmes's final analysis arrives.

NOTE: The character J.D. Carr is named in tribute to John Dickson Carr, author of many locked room mysteries. Dr Gideon Fell and Henry Merrivale are named after two of Carr's detectives. There is also mention of a murder at Plague Court, a reference to Carr's novel The Plague Court Murders (p.300).

Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders (1998)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: Potter Palmer; Bertha Palmer; Clifton Wooldridge; Mickey Finn; The Star Cleaners; William Best; Joseph Pyle; Jack Pine Twins (Laura Olson); Billy Bouquet; John J. O'Connor; James J. Hill; Edward Fitzgerald; Mollie Fitzgerald; (Mrs Hill; Hill's Children; Cass Gilbert; Lillie Langtry; James Hill, Jr.; Louis Hill)
Other Characters: Hill's Driver; Ice Palace Workmen; Tommy; Shadwell Rafferty; Jonathan Upton; Delivery Boy; Swedish Girl; Lars Melander; Ice Palace Crowds; Policemen; Giuseppe Dante; Hill's Servants; Laura Forbes; George; Cadwallader Forbes; Forbes's Employees; Jedediah Lapham; Mr Yates; George Upton; Rafferty's Customers; George Washington Thomas; Rafferty's Barmen; Frederick Forbes; Police Sergeant; Drunken Vagabonds; Hill's Butler; Globe Staff; Mr Peterson; Jail Guards; Prisoners; Michael Riley; Young Man; Mrs Dvorak; Mr Dvorak; Hill's Physician; Boys; (Thomas Greene; Drunks; Mrs Swanson; Mr Parry; Frederick's Friend; Bohemian Girl; Upton's Driver; Upton's Servant; Locksmith; Spider; Michael Defiel; Red Wing Judge; Dr Morrison; Captain Thomas Gray; Red Wing Police Officers; Forbes's Servant Girl; Muskrat Club Members; Sheriff of Ramsey County; Bouquet's Friends; Virginia Soldier; Apartment Superintendent; Mr Fandreau; Robert Street Irregulars; Beatrice Dante; Mother Ursula; Beatrice's Aunt; Dog Breeder)
Date: January 2nd - February 3rd, 1896
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Aboard the Campania; United States; New York; Chicago; Union Station; The Palmer Estate; The Levee; Lone Star Saloon; The Holmes House; Minnesota; St Paul; Union Depot; Hill's Mansion; Central Park; Ice Palace; Swede Hollow; Olson's House; Dante's Apartment; Police Headquarters; lowertown; Forbes's Offices; Summit Avenue; Upton Mansion; Ryan Hotel; Rafferty's Saloon; City Dump; Muskrat Club; Globe Offices; Rice Park; Ramsey County Jail; Cedar Street; Corner of Ninth & Fort Streets; St Peter Street; Wabasha Street; Bench Street; Jackson Street; The Mississippi; West Side Flats; Dvorak's Home
Story: Holmes and Watson travel to Chicago at the summons of Potter Palmer. After resolving the case, they tour the Chicago underworld, and receive a letter from Hill inviting them to St Paul to investigate the disappearance of Upton on the eve of his wedding. They arrive during the Winter Carnival, and find the city full of Ice Sculptures, including the massive domed Ice Palace in which Upton was last seen.

They first encounter Rafferty, who recognises them despite their use of aliases, at the Ice Palace. He is also investigating the disappearance. Their discovery of a decapitated head and a Muskrat Club pin turns the investigation into one of murder. From the Palace guard they learn of the presence of Upton's prosperous father and future father-in-law, and Police Chief O'Connor, on the night of the disappearance. Upton's fiancée seems unconcerned and hints at an upcoming scandal.

Rafferty is called off the investigation by his client, Upton's father, but saves Holmes from an attack by the cross-dressing footpad, Bouquet. Upton's fiancee's brother receives a threatening letter, similar to one he says Upton received before his death, and Upton's body is found, but his father and fiancée both disappear.

Discovery of Upton's diary reveals sexual misconduct and blackmail, and an account book shows irregularities in the finances of the Ice Palace Committee. Another body is discovered, by the Fitzgeralds, at the Ice Palace, and an arrest is made, but Holmes believes the wrong man has been convicted. Further threats are made, Rafferty's dog is killed, Holmes faces death and muskrats on the frozen Mississippi, and a jailbreak occurs, but the case is concluded in the melting Ice Palace.

Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon (1996)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Colonel Moran; Lomax; Mary Morstan; Willoughby Smith)
Historical Figures: Larry Millett; Joseph G. Pyle; James J. Hill; William Best; Angus Hay; Mary Robinson; Jack Pine Twins (Laura & Dora Olson); Boston Corbett; Nellie Bly; (Mary Mehegan Hill; Gertrude Hill; Dr D.W. Cowan; Edward Barry)
Other Characters: James Parkins;
Mr Thomas; Ilsa; Benjamin Cain; William"Big Billy" Thompson; Bob; One-Eye Johnson; Bartlett Chalmers; Jean Baptiste LeGrande; Jake O'Connell; Johnny Dokes; Matty Swenson; James Morton; George Grady; Jorgenson; Hill Mansion Administrator; Minnesota Historical Society Experts; Locksmith; Sherlockian Experts; Jersey Railroad Agent; St Paul Depot Porter; Depot Crowds; Drummers; Hackmen; Swedish Immigrants; Hill's Carriage Driver; Shoppers; Injured Girl; Girl's Mother; Accident Crowd; Doctor; Hinckley Station Porter; Morrison House Clerk; Hinckley Citizens; Bearded Man; Lumberjacks; Swede's Customers; Morrison House Diners; Railroad Conductors; Young Doctor; Sawyers; Swampers; Mechanic; Morrison House Waiters; Mother Mary's Customers; Bank Chief Cashier; Train Passengers; Mrs Robinson's Carriage Driver; Old Man; Newspaper Boy; Driver; St Paul & Duluth Station Agent; Pine City Station Agent; High School Clerk; Duluth Businessmen; Train Conductors; Duluth Travellers; Railside Townspeople; Quarry Workers; No. 4 Train Crew; Morrison House Clerk; Sandstone Residents; Bridge Watchman; Hinckley Excursionists; Mary Robinson's Girls; (St Paul Police; Thomas John Mortimer; Prominent London Mercantile Man; Hill's Servant Girl; Hinckley Firemen; Pinkerton Agents; Huddleston; Pine City Courthouse Clerk; LeGrande's Girl; Sheriff O'Rourke; John Anderson; Bradford Cornell; Donald Jackson; Mrs Cornell; Duluth Physicians; Cornell Jury; Eastern Minnesota Attorneys; Grady's Mother; Anderson; Mrs Mortimer; Mortimer's Children)
Date: August - Early November, 1894
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Atlantic Ocean; Aboard the Lucania; USA; New York; Hudson River Ferry; Jersey City; Ferry Station; Philadelphia; Pennsylvania; Alleghenny Mountains; Horseshoe Curve; Chicago; Union Station; Illinois; Minnesota; St Paul; Union Depot; Summit Avenue; James J. Hill Mansion; Sixth Street; Schuneman's Dry Goods; Ryan Hotel; Minneapolis; Union Depot; Anoka; Milaca; Hinckley; Eastern Minnesota Depot; Morrison House Hotel; The Eating House; Swede's Saloon; A Shed; Hinckley Enterprise Offices; Mother Mary's Bordello; St Paul & Duluth Depot; The Pineries; Big Pine Lake; Big Pine Camp; First State Bank; Thompson's House; Gravel Pit; Grindstone River; Cabin; A Train; Pine City; Pine City Depot; Brackett House; Wisconsin; Superior; Douglas County Courthouse; Duluth; Duluth Union Depot; Duluth High School; Spalding Hotel; Funicular Station; Grady's House; Sandstone; Kettle River Bridge; Duluth Hospital; Spooner
Story: In 1994, a Holmesian manuscript is discovered in a concealed safe in the James J. Hill mansion in St Paul, Minnesota.

Holmes is roused from his post-hiatus torpor by the arrival of Pyle, who has been sent by James J. Hill to invite Holmes to Minnesota to investigate a series of threats, and incidences of arson, made against his railroad by the so-called Red Demon. They travel to America aboard the Lucania, and then by train to St Paul to meet with Hill. He tells them the impact that a fire in the pineries would have during the current dry weather, and sends him to Hinckley, where Mortimer, a railroad detective, disappeared while investigating the arson attempts. Holmes carries out some research into perfumes before leaving St Paul.

Arriving in Hinckley, they soon realise that they are being followed. They visit the rail depot and the local newspaper offices, and talk with the town's crooked marshal, before traveling out of town to Mary Robinson's bordello, where Watson faces the Jack Pine twins. During a visit to a lumber camp, they are saved from death by Boston Corbett. After, a murder, disappearances and surviving a fire, they relocate to Pine City, and after further investigations in Duluth, they race back to Hinckley on Best's locomotive, to find the town ablaze.

Sherlock Holmes and the Rune Stone Mystery (1999)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Charles Augustus Milverton; Professor Moriarty; Lomax)
Historical Figures: Joseph Pyle; James J. Hill; Mrs Hill; Hill's Children; Mary Robinson (Mrs Comstock); Sinclair (Harry) Lewis; (Oskar II; Albert Carlson; Clifton Wooldridge; Harry M. Pope; Calamity Jane; Wild Bill Hickock; William & Charles Mayo)
Other Characters: Professor Erik Ohman; Hill's Female Servant; George Kensington; Sheriff Gustavus Boehm; Curiousity Seekers; Douglas House Waiters; Elsie Kensington; Moira 'Moony' Wahlgren; Douglas House Night Clerk; Shadwell Rafferty; Railway Porter; Billy Swift; Douglas House Desk Clerk; Majestic Customers; Magnus Larson; Ericson; Nels Fogelblad; Train Conductor; Courthouse Crowd; Einar Blegen; County Commissioner; Jack Christianson; Bellboys; Edvard Olson; Holandberg Residents; John Anderson; Holandberg Station Agent; Thomas Amdahl; Hardware Store Owner; Telegraph Clerk; Bank Teller; Linda's Patrons; Arne; Peterson; Peterson's Customer; Drummer; (Olaf Wahlgren; Professor George Hagen; Viking Explorers; Frank Comstock; Mrs Comstock's Lawyer; Mrs Wahlgren; Olaf Wahlgren, Jr.; Lars Olson; Dr William Barton; Rafferty's Fishing Friend; Karl Lund; Ticket Agent; Fogelblad's Mother; County Commissioners; Great Northern Railroad Detectives; Train Passengers; Conductor; Kensington's Neighbours; Farmers; Mr Peck; Hardware Store Owner; Christianson's Stand-in; Telephone Operator; Ticket Agent; Alexandria Police Chief; Moorhead Porter; Great Northern Clerk; Fairview Worker; Rafferty's Moorhead Driver; Moorhead Police; Old-Timer; Robinson's Servant Girl; Farm Boy; Clay County Sheriff; Fargo Businessman)
Date: March 15th, 1899 - April, 1899 / December, 1899
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; United States; Minnesota; St Paul; Hill's Mansion; Train Depot; Trains; Alexandria; Wahlgren's Farm; The Douglas House Hotel; Kensington's House; Majestic Tavern; Broadway; Sauk Centre; Douglas County Courthouse; Fogelblad's Farm; Cafe; Great Northern Depot; Holandberg; Blegen's Apartment; Honest Ed's Saloon; Stables; Holandberg Railway Depot; Merchants National Bank; Lakeside Inn; Linda's Home-Cooke Food Restaurant; Red River Valley; Moorhead; Moorhead Station; Red River Inn; Fairview Farms
Story: On the same day that he reads of the discovery of a Viking rune stone in Minnesota, Holmes is visited by Professor Ohman who brings a commission from the King of Sweden for Holmes to travel to Minnesota and discover whether the stone is a genuine Viking artefact.

Arriving in Minnesota, he and Watson are greeted by Pyle who takes them to Hill, who has been information-gathering for them. They travel to Alexandria where they learn that the farmer who found the stone has been murdered, and the stone disappeared. They visit the sites of the murder and the stone's discovery, interview Wahlgren's daughter, Moony, and re-encounter Shadwell Rafferty. Together they search for the stone and the mysterious Rochester, mentioned by Moony.

An old adversary, Mary Robinson arrives in town, having attempted to buy the stone from Wahlgren. Holmes engages in a drinking contest with Larson, the man responsible for the King's interest in the stone, and champion of its genuineness, and learns of the "Match King's" interest in buying it. En route to intercept Fogelblad, Wahlgren's neighbour, who knows where the stone is hidden, they encounter Sinclair Lewis.

When Fogelblad attempts to recover the stone it is discovered to have disappeared again, and in its place is a piece of wood carved with a mocking runic inscription. Moony's room is broken into, and Rafferty learns that she knows where the stone is. Holmes and Watson discover another murder, burgle a safety deposit box, and discovers the identity of Rochester, which leads Holmes to fear for Moony's safety, particularly when the girl disappears. They follow the trail of Moony and the stone to Robinson's farm, where Holmes leads them, along with Rafferty, into a trap laid in a grain elevator.

The Disappearance of Sherlock Holmes (2002)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Watson & in third person
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Abe Slaney; Wilson Hargreave; Mrs. Hudson; Elsie Cubitt; Inspector Martin
Historical Figures: Clifton Wooldridge; General Richard Montgomery; William Devery; Bathhouse John Coughlin; James J. Hill; Joseph Pyle; John R. Tanner; Minna Everleigh
Other Characters: The Conspirator; Hargreave's Men; North Walsham Carriage Driver; Agnes; Two Stable Boys; Chief Groom; Martin's Men; Ridling Thorpe Servants; Butler; Elsie's Banker; Peter Smythe; Carriage Driver; Deputy Chief Inspector David Butler; Rector; North Walsham Station Ticket Agent; Walter Pashley; St. Pancras Crowds; Porter; St. Pancras Hotel Desk Clerk; Liverpool Cab Driver; Cunard Passengers; Cunard Ticket Agent; North Western Hotel Desk Clerk; Unremarkable Man Following Holmes & Watson; North Western Hotel Guests; Hansom Driver; Matron; New York Police officer; Policemen; Taxi Driver; American Line Clerk; Cabman; Astor House Clerk; Mr. Morgan; St. Paul Steward; Hackman; Ambulance Attendants; Grocer; Coach Driver; Shadwell Rafferty; Rafferty's Clientele; George Washington Thomas; Telephone Operator; Policeman At Gay Street; Messenger; Two Detectives; Cab Driver; Astor's Servant; DuBois's Cabman; John Coffin; Hotel Albert Doorman; Hargreave's Driver; Union Square Strollers; Patrolman; Shabbily Dressed Man; Bearded Cab Driver; Gatemen; Coach Driver; Walter Smith; Tall Man; Urchin; Irish Detective; El Passengers; Warren Street Station Attendant; Well Dressed Gentlemen; Two Detectives; Lieutenant Michael Bissen; Mrs. Mortimer; Detective James Hurley; Four Pregnant Women; Belgian Jack Flannery; Little Pete O'Riley; Boy; Devery's Men; Charlie; Jenny Bissen; Pennsylvania Limited Porter; Altoona Policeman; Altoona Pickpocket Victims; Altoona Ticket Agent; Bellboy; Billy Wainwright; Concierge; Brawlers; Jacque LeClair; Bang-Bang Billy Perdue; Timothy Van Ness; Union Station Doorman; Men Following Rafferty; Danny Banion; Joe; Cadets; Man With Pistol; Everleigh Girls; Everleigh Customers; Paulie; Stable Hand; Mary Robinson; G. Hargens
Date: July 3 - August 6, 1900
Locations: London: 221B, Baker Street; St. Pancras Station; St. Pancras Hotel; The Liverpool Train
Norfolk: North Walsham; A Carriage; Ridling Thorpe Manor; Another Carriage; Smythe's Inn; A Church Army Wagon; Another Carriage; Church Army Wagon Shed; North Walsham Station; Worstead Station; The London Express; Liverpool: Lime Street Station; A Cab; Trials Hotel; Cunard offices, Strand Street; North Western Hotel; Criterion Restaurant; A Hansom Cab; S.S.Oceania; S.S.St. Paul; S.S.Lucania; New York: St. Paul's Chapel; Broadway; Chelsea Piers; New York Harbour; Gansevoort Pier; freight office; A Taxi; American Line Terminal; A Hansom Cab; An Ambulance; Slaney's Apartment; The Astor House Hotel; Greenwich Village; Gay Street; Hotel Albert; Madison Avenue; Hotel Manhattan; A Cab; Fifth Avenue; Brooklyn; Orange Street; A Hansom; Union Square; 17th Street; Another Cab; Times Square; Columbus Circle; Eighth Avenue; A Courtyard; A Small Coach; Riverside Drive; Grant's Tomb; 110th Street & 9th Avenue Intersection; 104th Street El Station; An El Train; Warren Street El Station; Hargreave's House; Miss Parry's House, Joralemon Street; Henry Street; The Brooklyn Bridge; Devlin's Clothing Store; Park Row; City Hall Park; Warren Street; Pneumatic Railway Tunnel; Tavern in the Bowery; Chelsea; Bissen's Apartment, West 23rd Street; Pennsylvania Railroad Ferry; St. Paul, Minnesota: Rafferty's Saloon; Aberdeen Hotel; The Pennsylvania Limited; Jersey City; Altoona, Pennsylvania; Horseshoe Curve; Train From Minneapolis; A Freight Train; Chicago: Potomac Apartments; Dearborn Street Tavern; The Sherman House; Randolph Street; Michigan Avenue; Washington Street; Wells Street; Union Station; Sons of Hibernia Hall; The El; Dearborn Street; Springfield; The Everleigh Club; State Street; A Paddy Wagon; 21st Street; Murran's Livery Yard; Clark Street; The Chicago River
Story: Holmes is waiting outside a church in New York, laying a trap for a kidnapper, but disappears after being enticed inside. The next morning's newspapers contain headlines implicating him in murder and kidnapping.

The story flashes back to Baker Street, where Holmes receives a letter in the dancing men code, apparently from Abe Slaney, who is supposed to have died while escaping from prison, although his body was never found. He travels to Ridling Thorpe Manor to see Elsie Cubitt, to whom he has become quite attached since the murder of her husband, only to find that she has been kidnapped. He meets a bogus spiritualist who has recently become Elsie's closest confidante, and with Watson follows a trail of clues, which he believes to have been deliberately planted, to London, Liverpool, and then aboard the liner, Oceania, to New York, but not before his adversary has placed the body of his murdered female accomplice, who has been impersonating Elsie, in Holmes's hotel room in Liverpool.

Arriving in New York, they are met by Wilson Hargreave, ostensibly to take Holmes into custody, who agrees to assist them. They receive a ransom demand from the kidnapper and Watson follows a trail of messages around Manhattan, finally arriving back at St. Paul's Chapel in time to witness Holmes's disappearance. Holmes manages to escape his kidnappers on board a train heading to Chicago, and it is in Chicago that Holmes, Watson and Shadwell Rafferty eventually converge to solve the crime and reveal the deep-seated web of revenge lying beneath it.

Paul Minett & Brian Leveson

"Barrett Holmes and the Red-Headed Mystery" (1990)
Included in:
Russ Abbott's Fun Book (Peter Vincent & Barry Cryer)
Story Type:
Comic Strip Parody
Sherlockian Detectives:
Barrett Holmes & Dr Wimpey
Historical Figures: (W.G. Grace; Benjamin Disraeli; Henri Toulouse-Lautrec; Queen Victoria)
Other Characters: Ticket Collector; Carriage Driver; Lord Elpus; Elpus's Guests
Locations: Railway Station; Surleigh Manor
Story: Barrett Holmes is summoned to Surleigh Manor by Lord Elpus after a series of eight attacks in which the victims have been tied up and had their hair painted red.
They arrive at the manor to find everyone wearing red wigs.

Austin Mitchelson & Nicholas Utechin

Hellbirds (1976)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Wiggins; Mycroft Holmes; Von Bork; Count von und zu Grafenstein
Historical Figures: Adolph Hitler {Corporal Schickelgruber}; Manfred Von Richthofen; Kaiser Wilhelm II; Herbert Asquith; Lord Kitchener; (Sir Francis Bertie)
Other Characters: Polly Dempster; Ezekial Sloe; Mrs. Gamadge; Mycroft's Chauffeur; Tower Warder; Colonel Briland MacWyre; Tower Soldiers; Tower Sentries; Tower Sergeant; Diogenes Attendants; Naval Ratings; Orderly; Army Sergeant; Constables; Train Driver; Dover Police Sergeant; Soldiers; Dover Constable; Police Driver; Von Bork's Men; Dover Police officers; Harbour-Master; Launch Captain; Sailors; Calais Gendarme; Cab Driver Station official; Paris Crowds; Wagram Commisionaire; Monsieur Dalmy; French Soldiers; Guillaume Lamartine Palmier; Henri La Falliere; La Falliere's Men; Gendarme; Cab Driver; Lubin; Police Surgeon; Roisterers; La Falliere's Driver; Bookseller; Eiffel Tower Attendants, Gendarmes & Passersby; Barman; Waiter; Station Crowds; Captain Lockyer; Corporal; Soldiers; Medical Orderly; Major; Sharpshooters; Private Dorling; Colonel; Two Lieutenants; Corporal; Lieutenant; Sergeant; German Soldiers; British officer; German officer; Chateau Sentries; Flunkeys; Maidservants; Drivers; French Servants; Nina Vassilievna; Inn Landlord; Count Hantelmann; Heinrich; German Infantrymen; Kaiser's Aide; Lombez Guards; Airfield Guard; German Pilots; Royal Flying Corps officer; British Soldiers; Major James Lawson; Orderly; Ground Crewman; Royal Scots officer; Albert Hall Crowds; Attendant; Cabinet Members; Usher; Belgian Orchestra; Conductor; German Agents
Date: 18th December, 1914 - 1st January, 1915
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; Oxford Street; Oxford Circus; Marylebone Road; Ludgate Circus; Liverpool Street Station; The Great Eastern Hotel; A Four-wheeler; Bishopsgate; Tower Bridge; The Tower of London; Diogenes Club; Heaven's Portal; Victoria Station; A Special Train; Dover; A Steam Launch; France; Calais; A Train; Paris; Gare du Nord; Taxi Cab (Rue Lafayette; Avenue de l'Opera); Hotel Wagram; Rue de Rivoli; Ile de la Cité; Notre Dame Cathedral; Prefecture de Police; Le Faliere's Car; The Latin Quarter; The Sorbonne; Rue Valette; The Eiffel Tower; A Cab; A Troop Train; Arras; An Ambulance; Fleurbaix; The Front; A Dug-out; No Man's Land; The German Trenches; A Charcoal Burner's Hut; Von Richthofen's Car; Lombez; An Inn; Chateau Lombez; German Airfield; A German Plane; British Airfield; Airfield Near London; The Royal Albert Hall
Story: After bemoaning their lack of contribution to the war effort, and a walk along Oxford Street, during which Holmes deduces the nature of the owner of a misplaced parasol, Holmes and Watson are asked by Polly Dempster to look for her uncle, Ezekial Sloe, who has vanished from the coastal East Anglian village of Heaven's Portal. She tells them of the legend of the Hell Birds, sent by the Devil to rule over the village, which have been seen many times recently. Holmes refuses to accept the case, believing that it has a mundane, rather than supernatural solution. However, the following day they read of the discovery of Sloe's body and are visited by Wiggins, now a detective inspector with Scotland Yard, who tells them that the body was covered in tiny scratches as if it had been pecked to death by a giant bird.

Holmes and Watson are prevented from travelling to Heaven's Portal by Mycroft who catches them at Liverpool Street station with the news that Von Bork has disappeared from the Tower of London. At the Tower, Holmes quickly deduces the means of escape, and learns that Von Bork is fleeing back to Germany, taking British secrets to the Kaiser, aboard the steam yacht Ariadne. Mycroft takes them to the secret government war room under the Diogenes Club, from where the plan to intercept the yacht is launched.

The Ariadne is destroyed, but Von Bork escapes, coming ashore at Heaven's Portal. Holmes, Watson and Wiggins pursue him to Dover, and thence Holmes and Watson continue the pursuit to Paris where Von Bork is to make contact with the German agent, Lubin. Circumstances are against them and, unable to discover if Von Bork's information has been transmitted, Holmes decides that they must cross the front lines and seek out the Kaiser himself. They cross the lines during a Christmas Day soccer match played in No Man's Land by British and German soldiers.

After a brief encounter with Corporal Schickelgruber, Holmes and Watson are taken to Lombez by von Richthofen, who invites Holmes to a dinner to be attended by the Kaiser. There they learn that the British Agent is Irene Adler's daughter, Nina Vassilievna, and arouse the suspicions of Von Richthofen and the secret police.

Nina tells them of a plan, already afoot, to assassinate members of the British government, and of German advances in air warfare. Captured by the Germans, they are interviewed by the Kaiser, and encounter the Count von und zu Grafenstein. Holmes resolves to escape and take the German secrets and Nina back to London. Back in England they must thwart the assassination attempt, and clear up the mystery of Heaven's Portal. Events come to a head at a concert at the Royal Albert Hall attended by Asquith and Kitchener.

Sherlock Holmes and the Earthquake Machine (1976)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Fitzroy McPherson; Colonel Moran (G. Garstin); Baker Street Irregulars; Klopman; Count von und zu Grafenstein; Professor Moriarty (Tremaris / Timothy Soames); Baker Street Page (Tommy); (Assistant Commissioner) Stanley Hopkins; (Inspector Peter) Wiggins; (Harold Stackhurst; Dr Moore Agar; Irene Adler; King of Bohemia; Godfrey Norton; Shinwell Johnson)
Historical Figures: Sara Trassjonsky / Sara Trassky; Tsar Nicholas II; Tsarina Alexandra; Stephan Beletsky; Rasputin; Prince Felix Yussoupov; Tsarevich Alexei; Vladimir Sukhomlinov; Sir Edward Grey; Herbert Gladstone; Herbert Asquith; Richard Haldane; Lord Tweedmouth; Sir John Walton; Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman; Winston Churchill; Thomas Pierrepoint; Edward VII; Arthur Conan Doyle; (King of Italy; Peter Schtern; Fritz Svaars / Joseph Levi; Paul Hefeldt; Luba Milstein; Kaiser Wilhelm II; William Crookes; Henri Becquerel; Pierre Curie; Marie Curie)
Other Characters: Cabby; Diogenes Attendant; Young Widow; Farthing; Silas Wheatley; Moran's Men; Drayman; Policemen; Hansom Driver; Jeremiah Bullfinch; Tremaris's Servant; Beggar; Railwayman; Constable Pargeter; Gig Driver; Inspector Burton; Falmouth Booking-Clerk; Collins; Victoria Porter; St Petersburg Crowds; Hotel Porter; Nina Vassilievna; Drinking Hall Crowd; Waiter; Carriage Driver; Winter Palace Crowds; Cossack Officer; Winter Palace Servants; Banquet Guests; Royal Attendants; Imperial Guard Soldiers; Imperial Guard Commander; Ladies of the Court; Footman; Doctor; General's Staff; Cossacks; Soldiers; Villagers; Pentonville Policeman; Prison Officers; Prison Governor; Chaplain; Pierrepoint's Assistant; Cabby; Baker Street Constable; Moriarty's Man; Small Boy; Telephone Operator; Bannerman's Secretary; London Refugees; Police Officers; Churchill's Driver; Army Officer; (Emperor; Telegram Boy; Sussex Villa Owner; Mrs Bullfinch; Mrs Parsons; Mr Parsons; Vicar; Mr Parsons; Jacob Welsby; Lighterman; Nina's Informants; Russian Villa Owner & Family; Nun; Swiss Peasants; Swiss Physician; Inspexctor Macauley; Barton West; Gunman; Reporter; Woman from Mycroft's Department; Looters)
Date: October, 1906
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Oxford Street; Pall Mall; Diogenes Club; Fulworth; Inn; Holmes's Sussex Villa; Scotland Yard; The Embankment; Whitechapel Road; The East End; Jubilee Street; The Anarchists' Club; 62, Roylott Place, Maida Vale; Train; Cornwall; Helston; The Falmouth Arms; The Old Trelawney Farm; Falmouth Station; Paddington Station; Victoria Station; Russia; St Petersburg; Nevsky Prospekt; Hotel; Drinking Hall; Railway Station; Winter Palace; Royal Train; Villa; Rybinsk; 10, Downing Street; Whitehall; Pentonville Gaol; Bond Street; Marylebone Road; King's Cross Station
Story: Holmes is summoned to the Diogenes Club, where Mycroft tells him of a global criminal organisation fomenting disorder around the world. A plan is made for Holmes to "retire" to Sussex and attempt to infiltrate the group. Watson tracks down a suitable retirement villa for Holmes in Fulworth, and notifies the press of Holmes's retirement, while Holmes takes on the persona of Joseph Altamont, infiltrates one of the organisation's cells, discovering that it's leader is Moran, and participates in a bank robbery and a bomb attack on Scotland Yard.

A clue found in Moran's lodgings takes them to Cornwall in search of the mysterious mechanical-handed Tremaris. A search of his house reveals a laboratory containing a Crookes tube and samples of pitch-blende, along with many dead animals and a dead man. They are also faced with the locked-room murder of their landlord.

Returning to London, Holmes sets the Irregulars to find a crate shipped by Tremaris, and follows it all the way to St Petersburg, leaving Watson in London, and travelling as Captain Basil. In Russia, Holmes teams up with the daughter of an old acquaintance, and learns that his adversary is yet another old acquaintance. He thwarts an attack on the Tsar and Von und Zu Grafenstein by Klopman, and is invited to a demonstration of a weapon invented by Soames, whom he believes to be Tremaris.

During the train journey he encounters Rasputin. A train crash delays the demonstration, which the Tsar refuses to believe is anything but an earthquake when it eventually takes place. Moriarty tells Holmes of his escape from Reichenbach, the development of the uranium bomb, and that there is still another device, with which he holds London to ransom.

Gwen Moffat

"The Adventure in Border Country" (1996)
Included in:
Holmes for the Holidays (Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg & Carol-Lynn Waugh)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Billy
Other Characters: Clement Daw; Miles Aubrey; Helen Aubrey; Minnie; Rosie Yewdale; Salkeld; Village Children; Daw's Manservant; Aubrey's Maid; Aubrey's Coachman; Aubrey's Grooms; Stableboy; Butler; Minnie's Nurse; Daw's Servants Families
Date: The days leading up to Christmas
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Train; Cumberland; The Lake District; Daw's House; Swithins Hall; The Shooting Cabin; Rosie's Cottage
Story: Holmes is visited by Clement Daw, a Cumberland tobacco importer, on behalf of his neighbour, Helen Aubrey, whose husband has disappeared. Holmes and Watson travel up to Cumberland, where they meet Aubrey's wife and step-daughter, Minnie, and are shown a shooting cabin where Aubrey obviously held an assignation on the night of his disappearance, its table laid with a meal and champagne.

They interview Rosie Yewdale who was known to be seeing Aubrey, but she has an alibi for the night of his disappearance. On their way back to Daw's house, alerted by a flock of ravens, they discover Aubrey's body, where it has fallen from a cliff. Holmes is worried that the knapsack that he must have been carrying is missing. Eventually Holmes learns of Aubrey's secret predilections, and is inclined to leave a verdict of accidental death, whatever the truth of the matter.

Sue Mongredien

"The Case of the Alien Abductions" (1998)
Based on an Adventures of Shirley Holmes screenplay by Elizabeth Stewart
Story Type:
Children's Homage
Detectives: Shirley Holmes; Bo Sawchuk
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes)
Other Characters: Alan Brooks; Daisy the Pig; Shirley's Grandmother; Shirley's Father (Robert Holmes); News Reporter; Female Student; Mike Halsey; Arthur Howie; Bartholomew "Bart"James III; Shirley's Classmates; Alicia Gianelli; Ms Stratmann; Mrs Fish; Hotel Guests; Security Guards; Doctor Mirabella Stavko; Peace Delegates; Waiters; Waitresses; Ambassador; (Shirley's Grandfather; Alan's Father)
Date: 1990s
Locations: Canada; Redington; Shirley's House; Redington University Bus Station; The Woods; Sussex Academy; Bart's House; Redington Hotel
Story:Shirley Holmes discovers a chest containing artefacts left by her great-great-uncle Sherlock Holmes.

A student in a pig costume has a strange encounter in the woods near the university. Shirley practises tai chi, while her diplomat father is engaged in peace talks. She hears about the incident in the woods, the latest in a series which have left their victims unconscious, but otherwise unharmed. After checking the woods for footprints, Shirley enlists the aid of her classmate Bart, a UFO freak, and discovers that the victims, including her History teacher, all have a red mark on the back of their necks. Shirley and Bo race to prevent a bombing at the peace talks.

James J. Montague

"Dr Watson Gets Peevish" (1908)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in America (Bill Blackbeard)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
221B, Baker Street
Story: Watson gets annoyed with Holmes because he no longer makes startlingly detailed deductions about his clients. Holmes explains why.

David Moody

"A Concurrence of Coincidences" (2015)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Other Characters: Steamer Crew; Steamer Passengers; Steamer Captain; Steamer Steward; Inuit Guide; Crewman; Mortimer Jennings; Professor Stanley Darrington; Inuit Woman Cook; Clara Darrington; Alvis Matheson; George Eyre; Older Inuit Man; Inuit Workers
Date: February, 1899
Canada; Quebec; Aboard a Steamer; Atlantic Ocean; Greenland; Nuuk; Darrington's Base Camp
Holmes and Watson are sailing home from Canada when their ship is struck by ice in a fogbank and has to put in for repairs in Greenland. There they encounter an expeditionary party from Oxford University. When one of the party is witnessed killing another with a harpoon, Holmes and Watson venture out into the Arctic night to uncover the truth.

Michael Moorcock

"The Adventure of the Dorset Street Lodger" (1993)
Included in:
The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams); The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (Mike Ashley); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler)

Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Mrs. Ackroyd; James Mackelworth; Sir Geoffrey Mackelworth; Mrs. Beck; Jean 'Petit Pierre' Fromental
221B, Baker Street; 2, Dorset Street; Madame Tussaud's; 18, Dahlia Gardens, Willesden Green; A Train; South Leigh Station; A Pony Cart; High Cogges; Cogges Old Manor; High Cogges Post office
Date: September, 1894
Story: While 221B is being redecorated, Holmes and Watson take up lodgings with Mrs Hudson's sister-in-law, Mrs Ackroyd. Returning from a visit to the Kinema, Holmes notices an American carrying a heavy Gladstone bag. The bag contains a silver statuette, the Fellini Perseus, and the American is James Mackelworth. He has been contacted by an English cousin, of whom he was formerly unaware, Sir Geoffrey Mackelworth, and asked, in the event of him hearing of Sir Geoffrey's death, to come to England and report to an address in Willesden Green. He did so, having learnt of Sir Geoffrey's suicide, and was met by Sir Geoffrey's housekeeper, Mrs. Gallibasta, who presented him with the statuette to take back to America. At first it seems like a simple case of insurance fraud - the statuette had been reported stolen some years earlier, but Holmes's researches uncover evidence of murder and the involvement of a New Orleans gangster.

Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume II (2003)
Story Type:
Fantasy Graphic Novel
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Sherlock Holmes; Colonel Moran; Mycroft Holmes; (The English Woman; Dr Watson; The Moriarty Gang)
Fictional Characters: Mina (Harker) Murray; Allan Quatermain; The Nautilus; Captain Nemo; C. Auguste Dupin; Mr Hyde; Dr Jekyll; Dick Donovan; Rosa Coote; Olive Chancellor; Katy Carr; Rebecca Randall; Pollyanna; Professor Cavor; Fu Manchu; Quong Lee; Shanghai Charlie / Shen Yan; Ho Ling; Broad-Arrow Jack; Ishmael; The Artful Dodger; The Victoria; Ally Sloper; Weary Willy; Tired Tim; The Huge Hunter; Martians; (M; Umslopogaas; Madame L'Espanaye; Camille L'Espanaye; Rue Morgue Orangutan; Sailor; Nana Coupeau; Hetty Duncan; Robur; Plantaganet Palliser; Lavelle; Septimus Harding; Miss Flaybum; Lord & Lady Pokingham; Ayesha; Brobdingnagian; Yahoo; Lilliputians; Arne Saknussemm; Otto Lidenbrock; Captain Mors; Lemuel Gulliver; The Scarlet Pimpernel; Marguerite Blakeney; Dr Syn; Fanny Hill; Natty Bumppo; Marie Quatermain; Sexton Blake; Klimo; Dr Nikola; Phileas Fogg; Dr Samuel Ferguson; Baron Munchhausen)
Folkloric Characters: Fairy
Historical Figures: (Jack the Ripper; Arthur Conan Doyle; H. Rider Haggard; Edgar Allan Poe; Sax Rohmer; Robert Louis Stevenson; Bram Stoker; Jules Verne; H.G. Wells; Napoleon)
Other Characters: Campion Bond; Coachman; Various Crowds & Bystanders; Egyptian Guides; French Streetwalker; Nautilus Crew; Policemen; Schoolgirls; Poorhouse Proprietor; Inmates; Chinese Guards; PC 813; Cabby; Sergeant; Moriarty's Men; Dodger's Boys; Firemen; Mitchell; Watts;
Locations: Dover; Cairo; Paris; Rue Morgue; Quartier St Roche; London; Edmonton; Rosa Cootes' Academy; British Museum; Limehouse; Quong Lee's; Rotherhithe Bridge; Shanghai Charlie's; Poorhouse; Rotherhithe Tunnel; Wapping; MI5 Building; Reichenbach Falls; Vauxhall; St Paul's; Moriarty's Airship
Date: May - July, 1898 / May 4th, 1891
Story: With Nemo already on board, Bond sends Mina to recruit Quatermain, Hyde and Griffin to the League at the behest of the mysterious 'M', whom she suspects is Mycroft Holmes. She finds Quatermain in an opium den in Cairo, Hyde terrorising the Rue Morgue, and Griffin haunting a girls' school. Bond reveals that their task is to retrieve stolen Cavorite from Fu Manchu, whom they trace to the uncompleted Rotherhithe tunnel beneath the Thames, where they find an airship under construction. A flashback shows events at Reichenbach and Moriarty's rescue. Griffin learns that 'M' who is now in possession of the Cavorite is Moriarty, who plans to use it to bomb Limehouse from the air as part of his war against Fu Manchu. The League take to the air by balloon to battle Moriarty.

NOTE: Pagination for this story in the character index section is taken from the omnibus edition in which pages are not numbered. I have taken the first page of story images ("Dover. May, 1898": Campion Bond waiting for Mina) as page 1. Page numbers run to 144.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume II (2003)
Story Type:
Fantasy Graphic Novel
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; (Professor Moriarty; Sherlock Holmes)
Fictional Characters: Gullivar Jones; Martians (Burroughs version); John Carter; Thoats; Martians (Wells version); Sorns; Hither People; The Crystal Egg; Mina (Harker) Murray; Alan Quatermain; Captain Nemo; Dr Jekyll; Griffin, The Invisible Man; War of the Worlds Narrator; Narrator's Neighbour; Septimus Harding; Mr Hyde; Colonel (Major) Blimp; The Nautilus; Broad-Arrow Jack; Ishmael; Professor Gray (Jimmy Grey); Teddy Prendick; Rupert Bear; Jumbo Elephant; Tiger Tim; Mr Badger; Ally Sloper; Weary Willy; Mr Toad; Dr Moreau; Algy Pug; Jemima Puddleduck; Puss in Boots; Mole; Ratty; Peter Rabbit; Jacko Monkey; Toby Twirl; Georgie Giraffe; Bonzo; (Hither People; Michael Kane; The Sorns; Dejah Thoris; M; Dr Nikola; Jonathan Harker; Baron Münchhausen; W.C. Cording; Dorian Gray; Dr Syn; The Scarlet Pimpernel; Tom Sawyer; Dr Omega; Old Man of Coblenz; José de Silvestra; The Beetle; Brobdingnagian; Fu Manchu; Stella Quatermain; Gipsy Granny; Nemo's Wife; Nemo's Child)
Folkloric Characters: Centaur
Historical Figures: Nipper; (Queen Victoria; The Mad Mahdi; Jean-Marc Lofficier; Robert Louis Stevenson; Gustave Moreau)
Other Characters: Various Crowds & Bystanders; Policemen; Campion Bond; Soldiers; William Samson, Sr.; Miss Mopp; Nautilus Crew; Animals; Train Crew
Locations: Mars; Horsell Common; The Bleak House; Maybury; Museum Street; British Museum; Wapping; Victoria Station; Barnes; Aboard the Nautilus; The South Downs; Bell End; The Olde Stump; Wildwood Station; London Bridge; Serpentine Park
Date: July - August, 1898 / September, 30th, 1898
Story: After a battle against Gullivar, Carter and their allies on Mars, the Martian molluscs start leaving for Earth. The League meet Bond at the site of the first Martian cylinder's landing, witness the first use of the heat ray, and are left by Bond to keep watch. Griffin makes contact with the Martians. The League return to London to receive orders from Mycroft. Griffin attacks Mina, stealing military plans to take to the invaders. Mycroft suggests the League splits up and leaves London: Hyde and Nemo aboard the Nautilus to defend the Thames, and Quatermain and Mina to contact Moreau. The Nautilus is stranded by the red weed, and Quatermain and Mina are captured by Moreau's creatures. Hyde goes after Griffin. Quatermain and Mina return with one of Moreau's creations.

NOTE: Pagination for this story in the character index section is taken from the omnibus edition in which pages are not numbered. I have taken the first page of story images ("July, 1898": Gullivar on flying carpet sequence) as page 1. Page numbers run to 146.

Graham Moore

The Holmes Affair (2010)
Also published as The Sherlockian
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle; Silas Hocking; E.F. (Edward) Benson; The Baker Street Irregulars; Kingsley Doyle; Bram Stoker; Ellen Terry; Millicent Fawcett; Edward Henry; Louise Hawkins Doyle; (The Curious Collectors of Baker Street)
Characters derived from Historical Figures: Alexander Cale (Richard Lancelyn Green); Lady Harriet Conan Doyle (Dame Jean Conan Doyle)
Other Characters: Harold White; Jeffrey Engels; Kathleen; Roger Doyle; Algonquin Concierge; One-Legged News Vendor; Page Boys; Old Lady in the Strand; Strand Crowd; Strand Constable; Sarah Lindsay / Sarah Conan Doyle; Satoru Ishii; Jim Harriman; Algonquin Bartender; New York Police; Inspector Eddie Miller; Ron Rosenberg; Sebastian Conan Doyle; York Street Woman; Salmon Street Landlord; Jennifer Peters; Friars; Marriage Desk Friar; Young Couple; Frank Binns; Watney Street Charwoman; Needling's Servant; Bertrand Needling; Clara Needling; Heavyset Man; Cab Driver; Aldgate Boys; Aldgate Beggars; Chinese Spice Merchant; Carriage Driver; Oriental Shopkeeper; Asian Sailors; Perry; Japanese Tattooist; Smithy; Suffragists; Caxton Hall Ticket Girl; Reporters; Arabella Raines; Emily Davison;
Cab Driver; Mrs Lansing; Constable Billings; Teenage Boy; Clerkenwell Police; Prison Guards; Prison Governor; Doyle's Servants; Barrow; Janet Fry; Dr Gwen Garber; Library Attendant; Stoker's Butler; Bobby Stegler; Penelope Higgins; Scotland Yard Constable; Tobias Stegler; Melinda Stegler; Museum Guards; Eric; Swiss Police; Workmen; (Morgan Nemain / Anna; Hattie Stark; Slavey Girl; Morgan's Man; Sally Needling)
Date: August 9th, 1893 - August 11th, 1901 / January 5th - 17th, 2010
Locations: Switzerland; Reichenbach Falls; Lucerne; Sherlock Holmes Museum; USA; New York; Algonquin Hotel; South Norwood; Doyle's Home; Charing Cross Station; The Strand; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; Lyceum Theatre; Hindhead; Undershaw; New Scotland Yard; Stepney; York Street; Salmon Street; Waterloo Station; Westminster Bridge; Kensington; Lambeth Road; Vicar-General's Office; Phillimore Street; Jennifer's Home; Cale's Flat; West Hampstead; Millhead; Kensington Road; Fulham Street; Aldgate Station; Aldgate High Street; Tang Spice Shop; St George Street; Wellclose Square; Sailors' Boarding-house; Kensington Internet Café; Westminster; Palmer Street; Caxton Hall; Holland Park; Abbotsbury Road; Sebastian's House; Notting Hill; Bayswater; Clerkenwell; Aylesbury Street; St Pancras; British Library; Newgate Prison; 18, St Leonard's Terrace; Stegler & Sons Printing House;
Victoria Street; Bridge Street; Baker Street; Cambridge; St John's College; Magdalene Street; The Pickerel;
1893: Doyle, visiting Reichenbach Falls, decides to kill off Holmes. He is accosted in the Strand by angry crowds after "The Final Problem" is published.

2010: Harold White is inducted into the Baker Street Irregulars. Alex Cale, an English Sherlockian who has located a lost Conan Doyle diary, is found dead in his ransacked hotel room. The diary is missing and the word "Elementary" is scrawled on the wall in blood. Harold finds himself investigating and, when Doyle's great-grandson Sebastian, who regards the diary as his property, becomes involved, flying to London with reporter Sarah Lindsay as his Watson to talk to Cale's sister.

1900: A letter bomb is delivered to Doyle's home, Undershaw. It is accompanied by an envelope bearing the word "Elementary" and containing a newspaper clipping about a young woman drowned in a bathtub. He begins investigating, with Stoker's assistance. After visiting the murder site and checking the marriage records, he realises that this is not the first murder. A three-headed crow image appears to be a clue, and leads him and Stoker to a sailors' boarding-house and a Japanese tattooist.

2010: After Cale's office is ransacked, White and Lindsay realise they are being followed. White gradually becomes aware that he is investigating something other than murder. The trail takes them to the Stoker archive in Cambridge and then to Conan Doyle's Undershaw, finally ending back at the Reichenbach Falls.

1900: Doyle and Stoker attend a suffragist meeting and find themselves held at gunpoint. Doyle finds himself arrested for murder. He gives up on the case, before finally learning the truth.

James A. Moore

"Emily's Kiss" (2009)
Included in:
Gaslight Grotesque (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; (Mary Morstan)
Other Characters: Hugh Corin; Corin's Maid; Sanatorium Matron; Rupert Corin; Emily Elizabeth Corin; (Horatio Corin; Roderick Corin; Groundkeeper)
Date: December
Locations: Battersea Wharf; 221B, Baker Street; Corin's House; Lourne Sanatorium
Holmes is consulted by Hugh Corin over the abduction of his family. After the attack he had woken to find himself on Battersea Wharf, where Holmes discovers strange tracks leading to the river, and other marks high on a wall. At Corin's home, he examines medical books, and sculptures and carvings of tentacled creatures collected on their travels to be studied by Corin's family. Watson learns of a medical condition, involving mould-like skin growths, afflicting Corin's sister, Emily, and his explorer uncle, Rupert, who has been missing since he departed on his last expedition. Corin's doctor father, Roderick, had been working on a cure. Roderick's journals suggest that Emily is also possessed of strange powers. When Corin is also abducted, Holmes and Watson set off in pursuit, but it is Emily whom they encounter, and the meeting has a lasting impact on Watson.

Leah Moore, John Reppion, Chris Doherty & Adam Cadwell

"The Problem of the Empty Slipper" (2014)
Included in:
In the Company of Sherlock Holmes (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type
: Comic Strip Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Mr Vilmaz; Gusan; Russian Ambassador's Daughter; Shell Game Man; Shell Game Players; Young Woman; Married Man; Pickpocket; Pivkpocket's Victim; Nanny; Piano Mover; Passers-by
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; Park; Vilmaz's Shop; Kidnapper
Holmes's delivery of shag leads to the rescue of the Russian Ambassador's daughter, and the resolution of a number of more minor problems.

Keith Moray

"The Fulham Strangler" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Third-person Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Billy; Baker Street Irregulars; Wiggins; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: Marquess of Salisbury
Other Characters:
Joshua; Inspector Alistair Munro; Constable Grimes; Liam O'Donahue; Alfie Decker; Munro's Men; Elliot Sanderson; (Watson's Uncle; Fulham Constable; Fusilier's Club Cleaner; Jack Lonsdale; Dixie Heaton; Fulham Road Police Inspector; Scotland Yard Superintendent; Rossetti; Collingwood)
Date: 1888
Moriarty's House; 221B, Baker Street; Mortuary; Bethnal Green; St Barnabus Church
Moriarty and Holmes both have dealings with spiders in their respective rooms. Inspector Munro consults Holmes over the strangling of a Putney pawnbroker at a gambling club-brothel in Fulham. The dead man also happens to be Moriarty's quartermaster. Three pairs of dice, wrapped in sacking are found lodged in the dead man's throat. A plot to assassinate the Prime Minister is averted and Holmes learns Munro's secret.

Eric Morecambe & Ernie Wise

"The Whitechapel Murders" (1978)
Included in:
The Morecambe & Wise Special (Eric Morecambe & Ernie Wise)
Story Type
: Parody
Sherlockian Detectives:
Sheerluck Holmes & Dr Witsend
Historical Figures: Queen Victoria; John Brown; (Edward VII)
Characters Based on Historical Figures: Jock the Ripper
Date: November 1882 or 1892
Locations: Holmes's Rooms
Queen Victoria arrives in Sheerluck Holmes's rooms and asks him to investigate the "Jock the Ripper" murders in Whitechapel. Her ghillie, John Brown, is spreading rumours that the Prince of Wales is behind the killings. No sooner has she gone than a knife-wielding Scotsman appears at the door.

Douglas Moreton

Deborah Morgan

"The Mysterious Case of the Urn of ASH; or, What Would Sherlock Do?" (2014)
Included in:
The Adventure of the Plated Spoon and Other Tales of Sherlock Holmes (Loren D. Estleman)
Story Type:
Fictional Characters: Jeff Talbot; Greer; Sheila Talbot
Historical Figures: The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Deliverymen; Michael Danville; Sharon Swan; Rose Trellis Staff; Nursing Home Housekeeper; Whitcombe; Violet "Vi" Chilson; Old Man; (Veronica "Ronnie Elder" Elder; Richard Elder; Nursing Home Receptionist; Mr Chilson; Private Eye; Ronnie's Grandmother; Victoria "Vickie" Larson; Ronnie's Parents)
Date: Early 21st Century
Locations: USA; Washington State; Seattle; Talbot's House; Rose Trellis Nursing Facility; King Street Station; A Train; Oregon; Portland; McMinnville; Violet's House
Story: Talbot is given a large trunk by a doctor friend who has inherited it from a patient. On opening it, he discovers that it is full of Sherlockian ephemera, the owner having been a member of the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes. Among the trunk's contents, Jeff and Sheila discover a funeral urn full of ashes, and knowing that the trunk's owner had no direct relatives, Jef sets out to discover whose ashes they are so that they can be properly dealt with.

Christopher Morley

"Codeine (7 Per Cent)" (1944)
Included in:
The Standard Doyle Company: Christopher Morley On Sherlock Holmes (Steven Rothman)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mycroft Holmes
Historical Figures: Henry Morgenthau, Jr; (Dwight D. Eisenhower)
Other Characters: (Commissionaire; Cambridge Economist; Typist; Tide-waiter; American Ambassador; Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs)
221B, Baker Street
Date: Spring, 1944
Story: Mycroft calls at 221B with Henry Morgenthau to request Holmes's support for te Fourth War Loan.

"Codeine (7 Per Cent)" (1945)
Included in:
The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler); The Standard Doyle Company: Christopher Morley On Sherlock Holmes (Steven Rothman)

Story Type:
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; Dr Watson; Violet Hunter; Wilson Hargreave; Conk-Singleton; The Politician; The Giant rat of Sumatra; The Matilda Briggs)
Fictional Characters: (Professor Challenger)
Historical Figures: Baker Street Irregulars; (Adolf Hitler)
Other Characters: Narrator; Dove Dulcet; (Violet Hargreave; Sibyl Holmes)
USA; New York; Murray Hill Hotel
Date: January, 1945
Story: At a meeting of the Baker Street Irregulars, Dove Dulcet proposes a toast to Sherlock's younger sister.
He later reveals to the narrator that her daughter Violet works for him in Naval Intelligence, and shows him the Sherlockian code she used to communicate from Berlin.

Joel Morris & Jason Smith

"The Armchair Mystery" (1990)
Included in:
Russ Abbott's Fun Book (Peter Vincent & Barry Cryer)
Story Type:
Puzzle Parody
Canonical Characters:
Professor Moriarty; (Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade)
Sherlockian Detective:
Barrett Holmes
Other Characters: Lord Armchair; Scrivens; Fiona Pinchpenny; Nimmo; (Lestrade's Sergeant)
Locations: Armchair Towers
Story: At Armchair Towers, the body of Lord Armchair's gardener, Scrivens, is found in the privet hedge.
A broken antler and the footprints of a deer have been found nearby. Barrett Holmes investigates, and a collection of false teeth provides a motive.

Mark Morris

"The Affair of the Heart" (2009)
Included in:
Gaslight Grotesque (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: William Boulting; Joe Boulting; (Lady Miriam Allcott; Earl of Salisbury; Charles Boulting)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Shoreditch; Joe Boulting's Shop
Holmes receives a box containing a human heart and a warning message. The heart is wrapped in a sheet of newspaper bearing the following day's date. He believes that it is the work of the Boultings, brothers of a murderer whose capture he had effected some six years previously and who has recently died in jail. He and Watson enter one of the brother's shops in Shoreditch, where they discover the corpse of a man identical to Holmes in every way. Holmes realises that somehow they have travelled forward in time and that he must now work to prevent his own murder.

"The Crimson Devil" (2015)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Sir Henry Baskerville; (Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes)
Other Characters: Ship's Crew; Train Passengers; Joseph Villiers; Indian Plantation Workers; Karamchand; Zulu Villagers; Zulu Chief; Diggers; Boers; Native Children; (Housemaid; Villiers's Parents; Constance Baskerville; Sir Henry's Children)
Date: 1897
221B, Baker Street; Aboard a Trading Vessel; South Africa; Durban; Natal; Railway Station; Baskerville's Plantation; Zulu Village; Jungle
Story: After receiving a telegram from Sir Henry Baskerville, Holmes and Watson sail to South Africa. Arriving at Sir Henry's sugar plantation in Natal, they are told of a series of appearances by a creature that has come to be known as the Crimson Devil, and which is terrorising the plantation workers. In recent weeks, one of the workers has been killed by the beast, and another death occurs on the night of their arrival. A series of deep pits, associated with the creature, have also been appearing around the plantation.

Sonora Morrow

"The Landlady's Journal" (1977)
Included in:
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (Sept 1977)
Story Type:
Pastiche (Narrated by Mrs. Hudson)
Canonical Characters: Mrs Hudson; Lestrade; (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson)
Other Characters: Jeremy Coggins; Mr Courtney Beggs; Mrs Beggs; Constable; (John & Alfred Wembly)
Date: April 7, 1883
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Insurance salesman Jeremy Coggins calls at Baker Street, only to find that Holmes is out on a case. He tells Mrs Hudson of a client, Mr Beggs, whom he suspects of trying to poison his wife for the insurance money. Now, a fire at the Beggs' house has claimed Mrs Beggs's life. Mrs Hudson travels to the scene of the fire with Coggins, and then on to Scotland Yard to report her suspicions to Lestrade.

Steve Mountain

"The Ululation of Wolves" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part I: 1881-1889 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade
Other Characters: Mr Reynolds; Maddison; Mr Turner; Mr Graham; Mr Wilson; Wolfe's Cook; Lady Elizabeth Wolfe; Sarah Wolfe; Young Policeman; (Sir Cedric Wolfe; Thomas Wolfe; Colonel Sir Jerome Russett; Lady Wolfe's Maid)
Date: 24th March, 1888
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Buckinghamshire; Ellington House
Story: When bank director Sir Cedric Wolfe is murdered in his home, Ellington House, the grounds of which are patrolled by a pack of wolves, his valet, Reynolds, consults Holmes.
Whe they visit Ellington House, one of the guests tells them about a ghost he swa in the grounds on the night of the murder.

Mark Mower

"The Strange Missive of Germaine Wilkes" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part I: 1881-1889 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Alec MacDonald; (Mary Morstan; Professor Moriarty)
Historical Figures: (Herbert Druce; Inspector Thomas Byrnes)
Other Characters: (Germaine Wilkes; Westminster Police Officer; Augustus Waldringfield; Typewriter Sales Assistant; Wilkes's Prison Visitor; Scotland Yard Officer)
Date: Saturday in August, 1887 / Monday 25th May, 1891
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: MacDonald brings Holmes a coded message found on the person of Germaine Wilkes, an American forger who has been apprehended by the police in Westminster.
Holmes deuces the presence of Moriarty in the case, and his purchase of a typewriter leads to the uncovering of the truth about the recent death of the MP for Chippenham East.

Pat Mullen

"The Case of the Woman in the Cellar" (1998)
Included in:
The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Sir Henry Baskerville; Jack Stapleton; Mrs Watson; Dr James Mortimer; Beryl Stapleton; (Sherlock Holmes; Sir Charles Baskerville)
Other Characters: Club Servants; Warrington; Abigail Ferncliffe; Baronet Ferncliffe; Mrs Agrafe; Landlady; Constables; (Lester Stanley; Anthony)
Date: May 1-26, 1893
Locations: The Continental Club; The Ferncliffe Residence; Woman's Room
Story: Lestrade is attacked near a theatre. Sir Henry Baskerville is due to marry Abigail Ferncliffe, and Watson visits him at the Continental Club and tells him about a coach which recently almost ran him down. After dinner at the Ferncliffe house, during which Sir Henry's character seems to change, he calls Watson to a house in a poor part of London where he finds a badly scarred woman. The woman disappears and the recently arrived Mortimer is murdered. When Watson realises who the woman was, Lestrade accuses Sir Henry both of her murder and of the death of Sir Charles. Another death, a revelation of identity, and Watson's reinterpretation of the events on Dartmoor precede the capture of the villain.

Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini

The Bughouse Affair (2012)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures:
Charles Ackerman; (Ambrose Bierce)
Other Characters: John Quincannon; Sabina Carpenter; Callie French; Chutes Crowds; Vendors; Test Your Strength Barker; Ticket Collector; Lester Sweeney; Clara Wilds; Cab Driver; Montgomery Street Crowds; Hezekiah Gabriel "Dodger" Brown; Samuel Truesdale; Mrs Truesdale; Dr Caleb Axminster; Margaret Axminster; Andrew Costain; Penelope Costain; Foyles' Customers; Foyles' Porters; Galway; Luther James; Breezy Ned; Slewfoot; Ezra Bluefield; Buchanan's Maid; Hansom Drivers; John Greenway; Mrs Greenway; Ellen Anderson; Anderson's Housekeeper; Bazaar Crowds; Bazaar Vendors; Dancer; Freak Show Proprietor; Temperance Speakers; Salvation Army Band; Citywide Messenger Boy; Hack Drivers; Lodging House Landlady; California Market Crowds; California Market Vendor's; Antonelli's Employees; Tony Antonell; Sally "Dippin' Sal" Tatum; Victor Pope; North Beach Vendors; Wendell Reilly; Ackerman's Clerk; Jessie Street Boys; Ben Joyce; Police Officers; Reporters; Inspector Kleinhoffer; Sergeant Mahoney; Wilds' Neighbours; Mrs Anthony Marcus; Washington Square Flower Seller; Luther Duff; Sailors; Skiff Owner; Salty Jim O'Bannon; Tea Shop Proprietress; Fiddle Dee Dee Maid; Lettie Carew; Ming Toy; Senator; Mexican Girl; Plainclothesman; Sergeant Percy; Axminster's Housekeeper; Cobweb Palace Customers; (Jackson Pollard; Stephen Carpenter; Frieda Gosling; Fanny Spigott; Joe Spigott; Lily Hamlin; Jane O'Leary; Myra McCoy; Lovely Lena; The Sanctimonious Kid; James; William Buchanan; Mrs Buchanan; George Anderson; Mrs Anderson; Henry Holbrooke; Mrs Holbrooke; Holbrooke's Doctor; R.W. Jackson; Lonesome Jack Vereen; The Nevada Kid; Aunt Bess; Katherine Bennett; Charles Riley; Hostler)
Date: Autumn, 1894
Locations: USA; California; San Francisco; Market Street; Carpenter & Quincannon's Office; The Sun Dial; Haight Street; Chutes Amusement Park; Montgomery Street; Kearney Street; Russian Hill; The Barbary Coast; Stockton Street; Jack Foyles'; Boarding House; The Embarcadero; Foghorn Annie's; Pacific Avenue; Scarlet Lady Saloon; Green Street; Webster Street; Jessie Street; Washington Street; California Market; Mission Street; Jersey Street; Pope's Hardware Store; North Beach; Washington Square; Union Street; Parsons' Rooming House; Geary Street; Costain's Office; Miner's Bank; Montgomery Block; Battery Street; H. Wendell & Sons, Silversmiths' Shop; Second Street; Hoolihan's Saloon; Rincon Hill; Leavenworth Street; McAllister Street; Duff's Curio Shop; The Ferry Building; Oakland City Wharf; Davis Wharf; Aboard the Oyster Catcher; Federal Street; Tea Shop; Uptown Tenderloin; O'Farrell Street; Fiddle Dee Dee Brothel; Hall of Justice; The Cobweb Palace
Quincannon is working on a series of burglaries at the homes of prominent San Francisco citizens, all Great Western Insurance Company policy holders, while his partner Carpenter takes on the case of a female pickpocket at the Haight Street Amusement Park. They read in Bierce's newspaper column that Sherlock Holmes is said to be in the city, having survived Reichenbach. Carpenter follows the pickpocket but loses her on Kearney Street. Quincannon lays in wait for the burglar, but after chasing and losing him, finds himself at the mercy of the man who claims to be Sherlock Holmes. He has, however, been able to identify the burglar and sets about tracking him down in the Barbary Coast district.

Carpenter visits the pickpocket's victims, deduces her method and discovers that she has also caused the death of one of the men she has robbed. She almost captures the woman at the Market Street night bazaar, and succeeds in identifying her as an associate of Quincannon's burglary suspect. By the time she finally tracks her down, the woman has been murdered.

Holmes visits their offices and persuades Carpenter to take him on a tour of the Barbary Coast in return for assisting in a stakeout at Costain's house, but Costain is murdered while they are on watch. The trail leads Quincannon to an oyster sloop before he collars his suspect in a brothel. Holmes tells Carpenter that he has solved the case. Quincannon resolves to present his own solution in advance of Holmes. At a gathering of the principals at the insurance company's offices, Carpenter, Quincannon and Holmes present their joint solution.

NOTE: Sections of this novel were previously published as "The Bughouse Caper".

R.K. Munkittrick

"The Sign of the '400' " by Roy L. McCardell

Will Murray

"The Adventure of the Imaginary Nihilist" (2012)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook (Howard Hopkins)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Fictional Characters: (Helene Marie Vanderbilt-Astor Gaines)
Historical Figures: Colonel Richard Henry Savage
Other Characters: Four-wheeler Driver; Ruddy Fox Innkeeper; Helene's Brother; Brother's Confederates; (Hotel Clerk)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Charing Cross Station; Crowborough; Blackness; The Ruddy Fox; Ashdown Forest
Story: Holmes is visited by Savage who has received a message telling him that the woman on whom he based the title character of his novel My Official Wife, and whom he has not seen since their adventures in St Petersburg, is in London. He asks for Holmes's help in finding her. They investigate the spot at which Savage caught a glimpse of the woman, from where a clue leads them to the village of Blackness and a trail of the woman's personal effects through Ashdown Forest.

Vasudev Murthy

Sherlock Holmes in Japan (2013)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mary Morstan; Mycroft Holmes; Professor Moriarty; Colonel Sebastian Moran; (Inspector Lestrade; Inspector Patterson; Moriarty Gang; Dubuque; François Le Villard; Charles Augustus Milverton)
Fictional Characters:
Historical Figures: Jagdish Chandra Bose; Emperor Meiji; (Masataka Kawase)
Characters Derived from Historical Figures: (Shinobu Tsukasa)
Other Characters: Hideo; Kazushi Hashimoto; Samuel Groves; Edith Andrews; Colonel James Burrowe; Shamsher Singh; Clara Bryant; Simon Fletcher; Inspector David Joyce; Dr James Israel; Inspector Baynes; Mr Andrews; Hiroshi Sugiyama; Babineaux; Ambassador Toyoda; DRT33; Jiro Hamada; Shigeo Oshima; Suzuki; Honda; Kazuo Nohara; Kobayashi; Uchiyama; Kiyono; Takada; Murakami; Itoh; Sasaki; Charles Atwood; Rahman Khan; Hiroshi Ota; Akira Fujimoto; Abel Petrosian; Shyam Chundur Mookerjee; Debnath Chatterjee; U. Mya Sein; Suvann Chea; Mr Yamamoto; Akira Arima; Nara; Shinji Kurosawa; Shimuza; Saito; Akira Otawa; Yoshio Yoshida; Hajime Sasaki; Seiichiro Kasama; Kazuo Takenaka; D'Silva; Sequeira; De Groot; Herr zSchmidt; Senor Cruz; Markevich; Cosgrove
Liverpool Dock Crowds; Japanese Passengers; North Star Steward; Alexandria Police Constables; British Consular Official; British Police Inspector; Egyptian Physician; Alexandrian Vendors; Beggars; Alexandria Crowds; Elderly Egyptian; Egyptian Boy; Old Lady with Bernese Dog; French Couple; Teenage Boys; Loquacious Englishman; Rough-Looking Train Passenger; Trans-Siberian Train Staff; Russian Plainclothesman; Russian Policemen; Waiter; Oshima's Attendants; Shopkeeper; Yakuza Members; Bombay Dock Workers; Watson's Hotel Waiter; Hoel Staff; Hotel Guests; Indian Musicians; Chowpatty Vendors; Bombay Coachman; Tonga-Wallah; Bombay Residents; Terminus Beggars; Train Attendants; Ticket Collector; Train Passengers; Sadhoos; Mughal Sarai Englishmen; Buddhist Pilgrims; Calcutta Residents; Urchins; Beggars; Priests of Kali; Mill Protestors; Coach Driver; Chatterjee's Servants; Isabella Passengers; Rangoon Englishmen; Myeik Porters; Myeik Port Official; Burmese Guide; Cambodian Coachmen; Tek Hwa Seng Passengers; Kinkaku-ji Monks; Priests; Kyoto Police Officers; Kurosawa's Aide; Tokyo Policemen; Doctor; Tokyo Coachman; Palace Guards; Shanghai Europeans; Japanese Diplomats
(Walter Campbell; Watson's Editor; Llewellyn, Harwood & Fox; Durban Army Colonel; Santiago Ship's Captain; English Ambassador's Wife; Japanese Consul; Maharajah of Patiala; Masataka Kawase; LeFevre; Mary Smith; WRT77; Tsong Wang: Japanese Policeman; Isamu Nishikawa; Masako Nohara; Masako's Parents; Watanabe; Shirahata; Marquis of Kintyre; Duke of Roxburghe's Secretary; Son of the Ambassador of Slovenia; Bombay Police; Korean Court Official; Japanese Government Official; Junior Diplomat; French Governor-General; Mr Sen; Shyamal Chatterjee; Sir George Hastings; Swedish Naval Attaché; Norwich Family; Cook; Cambodian Boy; Nagasaki Gentleman; Ataru Hayashi; Yatsuhashi Miyagi; Miyagi's Father; Hayashi's Mother; Emiko; Concert Witnesses; Emiko's Father; Prince of Bavaria; Mr Takada; Admiral Santiago; Heir to the Throne of Schleswig-Holstein; Berlin Japanese Attaché; Lestrade's Agent; Irish Horse-Master's Daughter; Emperor's Emissaries; Yakuza Diplomats)
Date: June, 1909 / June - July, 1893 / May, 1891
Locations: Watson's Country Home; Natural History Museum; Liverpool; Langton Dock; Aboard the North Star; Mediterranean Sea; France; Marseilles; Paris; Gare du Nord; Café Le Petit Château d’Eau; Japanese Embassy; The Louvre; Egypt; Alexandria; Jewish Quarter; Suez Canal; Red Sea; Jeddah; Yemen; Aden; Arabian Sea; Switzerland; Reichenbach Falls; Farm Hut; Meiringen; Hotel; Lausanne; Meiringen Railway Station; Berne; Japanese Embassy; Russia; Moscow; Japanese Embassy; Minsk; Trans-Siberian Train; Gostovskoya Station; Austria; Vienna; Poland; WarsawIndia; Bombay; Watson's Hotel; Juhu Beach; Mumba Devi Temple; Haji Ali Mosque; Chowpatty Beach; Chor Bazaar; Victoria Terminus; The Bombay-Calcutta Mail Train; Mughal Sarai; Mughal Sarai Station; Patna; Bodh Gaya; Dhanbad; Calcutta; Howrah Station; Armenian Street; Rose Lodge; European Quarter; College Street; Mookerjee's Bookstore; Kali Temple; Jorasanko; Chatterjee's House; Aboard the Isabella; Burma; Rangoon; Myeik; Jungle; Siam; Bangkok; Post Office; Cambodia; Siem Reap; Angkor Wat; Vietnam; Saigon; Guesthouse; Aboard the Tek Hwa Seng; South China Sea; Shanghai; Japan; Sagami Bay; Yokohama; Nagasaki; Hotel; Meganabashi Bridge; Post Office; Telegraph Office; Kyoto; Kinkaku-ji Temple; Tokyo; Adachi-ku; Intelligence Office; Ameya-Okocho; Tokyo Central Station; Guest House; Imperial Palace
Story: The vagrant poet, Hideo, finds a body in the sea at Sagami Bay.

In 1893, Watson receives a note from Holmes summoning him to Yokohama. He sails from Liverpool aboard the North Star, but his voyage is disrupted in the Mediterranean by the death of his Japanese cabin-mate. He survives an attack in Alexandria, another passenger disappears as they cross the Arabian Sea, and Holmes makes an unexpected appearance.

Holmes tells of the events at Reichenbach and his subsequent encounter with Sugiyama, the Japanese ambassador to Switzerland. Moriarty recounts his escape. Official documents relate Holmes's passage through Russia to Japan, where he becomes involved in Operation Kobe55, the battle against the Yakuza and the opium trade, and learns of Moriarty's Japanese connections.

Holmes and Watson come under attack in Bombay, and they decide to change their travel plans for the remainder of the journey to Japan. They journey across India, in disguise, by train, but Holmes is recognised in Calcutta, which leads to a meeting with Chandra Bose. They face deadly wildlife in the jungles of Burma, and a murderous attack at Angkor Wat.

Arriving in Japan, they investigate a death at the Kinkaku-ji temple in Kyoto. In Tokyo, they meet with the Emperor, and reveal a traitor.

NOTE: Many of the character names are lifted from historical, contemporary and fictional figures, sometimes directly (e.g. Shinobu Tsukasa), sometimes split between two characters (e.g. Akira Arima & Shinji Kurosawa), and sometimes combined into one character name (e.g. Yatsuhashi Miyagi).

Amy Myers

"The Adventure of the Faithful Retainer" (1997)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (Mike Ashley)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Lord Bellinger; Sir George Lewis; Inspector Lestrade; Adolph Meyer; (Dr. Moore Agar)
Historical Figures: Queen Victoria {Lady X}; (John Brown {as The Faithful Retainer}; Edward VII}
Other Characters: Robert Mannering; Baroness Pilski; Driver; Cook-Housekeeper; Von Holbach; Meyer's Servants; Crowds in St. James's Park; Ice Cream Vendor; Bandstand Audience; German Band; Young Lady; Colonial Troops; Royal Procession; Jubilee Crowds
Date: 1911 & February - June, 1897
Locations: Holmes's Sussex Villa; 221B, Baker Street; The Diogenes Club; Cornwall; An Inn; A Cottage near Poldhu Bay; A Train; Blackheath; Blackheath Station; The Dover Road; Shooter's Hill; A Villa on Shooter's Hill; Birdcage Walk; St. James's Park; Whitehall
Story: A compromising letter to Lady X from her faithful retainer is being used to blackmail the government. Mycroft summons Holmes to the Diogenes Club, where Lord Bellinger, Sir George Lewis and Mannering ask him to recover it. He reasons that the letter is in the possession of Baroness Pilski.

A cryptic clue takes him to Cornwall, but after two months of inactivity, he realises that he has been duped by Adolph Meyer and returns to London, where a further set of clues in the agony columns lead him to a villa in Blackheath where the Baroness was to auction off the letter. He arrives too late, however, and finds her murdered by Meyer. Events come to a head during Jubilee week, when Holmes uses his knowledge of Meyer's enthusiasms to deduce the location in which he will hand over the papers to his boss, Von Holbach.

"The Affair of the 46th Birthday" (2009)
Included in:
The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Lord Holdhurst; Inspector Lestrade; (Mrs Watson)
Historical Figures: (Umberto I of Italy; Prime Minister (Lord Salisbury); Queen Victoria)
Other Characters: Count Panelli; Coachman; Surrey Police; Carlo Mandesi; Michael Anthony; Guests; (Count Litvov; Giuseppe Rupallo; Phelps; Carriage Driver; Servants)
Date: 14th March, 1891
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Surrey; Chartham Beeches
King Humbert is celebrating his 46th birthday in England. Holdhurst brings Panelli, the Italian ambassador to Baker Street. A party is being thrown by Holdhurst at his home, Chartham Beeches in Surrey, to be attended by a number of foreign emissaries, but a threatening note has been received. The anarchist, Rupallo is believed to be behind the threat. Holmes and Watson travel to Surrey, where Lestrade is already present, and an attempt on the life of Humbert has resulted in the death of his secretary. A Medici portrait and Queen Victoria's gift of a ring enable Holmes to see through the plot and ensure the ongoing safety of the King.

"The Importance of Porlock" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Porlock
Canonical Characters: Fred Porlock; Colonel Moran; Professor Moriarty; Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: Queen Victoria; Edward VII; Frederick III; Wilhelm II; (Mahomet) Mohammed Buksh; Abdul Karim "The Munshi"
Other Characters: Elsie Bracken; Beadle; Covent Garden Crowd; Police Constable; Porlock's Link; Barmaid; Moran's Valet; Shoeblacker; Hansom Driver; Albion Club Doorman; Shoeblack Customers; Regent Street; Queen's Guards; Crowds; Jubilee Crowds; Palace Guards; Palace Police; (Bill Butcher; Jesse Bracken; Indian Assassins; Abdul Karim Mahomet)
Date: 20th - 21st June, 1887
Locations: Covent Garden; The Strand; Temple Bar; Fleet Street; Tavern in the Strand; Tavern near Eaton Square; Pall Mall; Albion Club; St James's Street; Post Office; St James's Park; Regent Street; The Mall; Hyde Park Corner; Constitution Hill; Buckingham Palace; Buckingham Palace Police
On the eve of the Queen's Golden Jubilee, Porlock comes across flower-seller Elsie Bracken dying in Covent Garden. Knowing that her husband Jesse was a link in the chain of messages he passes, he vows to hunt down her killer. He makes contact with other links in the message-relaying chain that he is part of. He comes to realise that a plot is afoot against the Queen and alerts Holmes.

Aline Myette-Volsky

"The Woman" (1998)
Included in:
The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Irene Adler
Historical Figures: (Edward VII)
Other Characters: Hotel Clerk; Cleaning Woman; Hotel Guests; Ex-officer; Jeweller; Street Arabs; Lady Fitzbarry; (Irene's Maids; Fitzbarry's Coachman; Lord Fitzbarry)
Date: Winter
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Irene's Hotel; Jewellery Store; Coffeehouse; Park
Story: Holmes is visited by Irene Adler (now Norton) who tells him that she has been subjected to a series of physical attacks and thefts. Holmes believes she is keeping something back from him. He and Watson set up watch in Irene's hotel lobby and identify a man watching Irene, but are unable to discover who employed him; they also trace some of her jewellery, but are again unable to discover who sold it to the jeweller. Holmes eventually identifies a royal connection in the case, and must negotiate to maintain the reputations of all involved and save Irene's career. Irene eventually departs England, taking a new lover with her.