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The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade (1985)
(Also published as The Supreme Adventure of Inspector Lestrade)
Included in:
Constable Crime Omnibus 2 and as a novel in its own right
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector (Sholto) Lestrade; Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Athelney Jones; Tobias Gregson; A Baker Street Irregular; Professor Moriarty
Historical Figures: Sir Melville MacNaghten; Jack The Ripper; Walter Dew; Arthur Conan Doyle; Alfred, Lord Tennyson; Watts-Dunton; Algenon Swinburne; Lawrence Alma-Tadema; Inspector Abberline; Lord Rosebery; Lord Leigh; Sir Edward Bradford; Lady MacNaghten; Neill Cream; Lady Bradford; Edward VII; Albert Edward, Duke of Clarence; Lady Cardigan; General Booth; Frank Podmore; Oscar Wilde; Lord Alfred Douglas; Hiram Maxim; Mrs. Miller; Agatha (Christie) Miller
Other Characters: Scotland Yard Constable; Arabella McNaghten; Sergeant Dixon; Blacketts' Doorman; Mr. Blackett; Troopers; Sergeant Bush; Isle of Wight Constables; Workmen; Portsmouth Coroner; Mrs. Bush; Inspector of works; Spilsbury; Tennyson's Butler; Cabbie; Hussars Privates; Colonel Robert Templeton-Smythe; Miss Templeton-Smythe; Scotland Yard Forensics officer; Lord Frederick Hurstmonceux; Hurstmonceux's Butler; Hurstmonceux's Servants; Sir Henry Cattermole; Sir Bertram Cairns; Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery; Tray; Hurstmonceux's grooms; Hurstmonceux's Tenants; Hurstmonceux's Pack Handlers; Mrs. Drum; Beddoes; Inspector Swallow; Harriet Wemyss; Reverend Hector Wemyss; Dr. Marsden; Hannah; Dorothea Wemyss; Miss Spink; Marsden's Patient; Harry Bandicoot; Police Surgeon; Edward Coke-Hythe; William Spender; Arthur Fitz; Master of Magdalene College; Albino Club Doorman; Hartington-White; Albino Club Members; Albino Club Footman; Spender's Family; Coke-Hythe's Family; Atlanta Washington; Washington's Companions; Albert Mauleverer; Leamington Spa Police Sergeant; Constable Prothero; Morgue Attendant; Joseph Glover; Louisa Ellcock; Constance Mauleverer; Hamburger; Rogers; Leigh's Valet; Sergeant John Forbes; Miss Hartlepool; Inspector Beck's Youngest Daughter; Cream's Partner; A Lackey; Police Ball Guest's; officers of the 10th Hussars; Henry Onslow; Waiter; Scotland Yard Desk sergeant; Detectives; Mortician; Albert Evans; Street Urchin; Harlot; White Elephant Patrons; Sailor; Sailor's Companions; Inspector Hovey; Constable Vowles; Isaac Prendergast; Kent Constables; A Tweeny; Madame Slopesski; Members of Dymchurch Spiritualist Circle; Jemadar Karim Khan; Hasdruble Carlton; Esmerelda; Street Urchins; Philip Faye; Dr. Forecastle; Cadogan Hotel Waiter; Cadogan Hotel Clientele; Oswald McGillycuddy; John Torquil; MacNaghten's Maid; MacNaghten's Family; Street Arab; Miss August; T.A. Liesinsdad; Miss August; Ticket Man; Circus Performers; Circus Audience; Prostitute
Date: 1891-1892
Locations: Scotland Yard; McNaghten's office; Blackett's Publishers; The Isle of Wight; Shanklin Chine; Portsmouth Coroner's office; Farringford; Haverfordwest; Dublin; 13th Hussars Barracks; The Downs; Hurstmonceux House; Cheshire; Wildboarclough Vicarage; Rainow Station; 221B, Baker Street; Portman Square; Cambridge; Magdalene College; Fosdick's; The Albino Club; St. John's Wood; Alma-Tadema's Studio; Notting Hill; Washington's Hotel Room; Guy's Cliffe; Leamington Spa; Police Station; Morgue; Bubbenhall; Guy's Cliffe House; Stoneleigh Abbey; the Metropole; Highgate Cemetery; Lady Cardigan's London Home; Cannon Row Police Station; The Minories; Portsoken Street; The White Elephant; Kent; The Folded Arms; Prendergast's House; Carlton Hall; Southsea; The Sally Lunn Tearooms; The Cadogan Hotel; Bisley; Lynton; The Tors; The Valley of the Rocks; Argyle Street; Hengler's Circus
Story: Three years after the Ripper murders Lestrade is sent to Shanklin Chine, on the Isle of Wight, by Sir Melville MacNaghten, where a several-months-dead body has been found walled-up. Clues at the scene indicate that the victim may have been an officer of the 13th Hussars, named Peter. After interviewing the poet, Tennyson, a local resident, and visiting the barracks of the Hussars, Lestrade receives a note quoting a verse from "Struwwelpeter", which he believes has come from the murderer. After investigating the death of Lord Frederick Hurstmonceux, torn apart by his own hounds, Lestrade receives another verse from the poem. A third death occurs in Cheshire, Harriet Wemyss, a vicar's daughter is burned to death. Lestrade's investigations lead to his crossing paths with Swinburne the poet. As he is investigating the deaths of three men, painted black, associated with the racial harassment of Atlanta Washington, now visiting London, Lestrade is assigned a new assistant, the old Etonian Harry Bandicoot, who knows one of the dead men, Edward Coke-Hythe, a nephew of Dr. Watson. After visiting the racist Albino Club in Cambridge, Lestrade tracks down the source of the paint to Alma-Tadema's studio. More victims appear, each accompanied by a verse from "Struwwelpeter", finally recognised by Bandicoot. At the Police Ball Lestrade is challenged to a duel by the Duke of Clarence, from which he is rescued by Lady Cardigan. While he is recuperating with Constance Mauleverer, wife of the last victim, his new assistant, John Forbes, becomes the next victim. After a tenth murder, and hearing of the death of Holmes, his chief suspects become Watson & Doyle. Eventually Lestrade, realising he is to be the final victim, allows himself to be lured to Hengler's Circus, where the killer's identity, and that of the Ripper, is finally revealed.

Lestrade and the Hallowed House (1987)
Included in:
Constable Crime Omnibus 2 and as a novel in its own right
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector (Sholto) Lestrade; Dr Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Inspector (Edgar) Bradstreet; Inspector (Tom) Gregory; Mrs Hudson; Athelney Jones; Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars; Sherlock Holmes; (Professor Moriarty)
Historical Figures: Walter Dew; Rudyard Kipling; Carrie Kipling; Commissioner of Scotland Yard; Sir Frederick Ponsonby; Superintendent Frederick Abberline; Edward Henry; Edward VII; Charles Stockley Collins; Winston Churchill; Emmeline Pankhurst; Christabel Pankhurst; Sylvia Pankhurst; Alfred Harmsworth; John Redmond; Richard Bell; Keir Hardie; Andrew Bonar Law; David Lloyd George; Lord Lansdowne; William Gillette; W.L. Abingdon; Lord Esher; Queen Alexandra; Archbishop of Canterbury (Frederick Temple); (Oscar Wilde; Queen Victoria; Edward VII; William Gladstone; Joseph Chamberlain; Arthur Conan Doyle; Josephine Kipling; Lord Rosebery; Sidney Paget; Lytton Strachey; George Bernard Shaw; Lewis Casson; Arthur Balfour)
Characters Based on Historical Figures: Violet, Petronella & Agatha Lawrence (Penelope, Millicent & Dorothy Lawrence); William, Lord Dymoke (Francis Scaman Dymoke)
Other Characters: Yard Desk Sergeant; Miss Featherstonehaugh; Nimrod Frost; Eaton Square Constables; Inspector Smellie; Ralph Childers; Eaton Square Crowds; Reporters; Beales; Hungerford Carrier; Mrs Smith; Draughts Gardeners; Bert; Fifi Labedoyere; George Deering; Mr Sheraton; Major John Deering; Mourners; Sergeant; Constables; Lady Brandling; Cipher Expert; Constable Charles Boothby Dickens; Constable John Thomas Jones; Lieutenant-Colonel Gilmartin; Subaltern; Orderly; Mrs Gilmartin; Troopers; Schoolgirls; Rifle Club Members; Brighton Holiday-Makers; Private Ezekiah Williams; Diogenes Constable; Carlton Club Members; Diogenes Club Members; Waldo; Boscombe; Aumerle Holmes; Tom; Sussex Police; Inspector Daniel Clutterbuck; Annabelle; Arthur L'Estrange; Roedean Staff; Angelique D'Umfraville; Roedean Guests; Goodwood Carrier; Coroner; Mrs Frost; Funeral Crowds; Workmen; Grand Hotel Clerk; Bandicoot's Butler; Harry Bandicoot; Letitia Bandicoot; Rupert Bandicoot; Ivo Bandicoot; Emma Bandicoot-Lestrade; Auction Crowd; Christian Barrett; Auction Lackey; Mr Christie; Auctioneers; Sir Geoffrey Manners, Bart; Jermyn Street Constables; Inspector Ruxton; Manners' Man; Annie; Mrs Elkin; Members of Parliament; House of Commons Policeman; Emily Greenbush; Scotland Yard Constables; Cabbie; Sergeant Dalgliesh; Padraig O'Leary; Parliament Police; Special Branch Commander; Scotland Yard Wardress; Scotland Yard Detectives; Sergeants; Reporters; T.A. Liesinsdad; Lloyd George's Secretary; Constable Mason; Magistrate; Japanese Man; Colonel Ishiro Yamomoto; Two Samurai; Geisha; Scotland Yard Boffin; Foreign Office Constable; Gravediggers; Lyceum Actors; Audition Actors; Producer; Clarence; Coster; Second Follower; Blenkinsop; Chestnut Sellers; Braden; Chief Constable of Cornwall; Cornish Police; Tintagel Crowds; Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall; Mercy Alabaster; Marazion Brass Band; Mercy's Attendants; Mercy's Husband; Curzon Street Constable; Bloom; Ponsonby's Men; Coronation Workmen; Royal Chef's; King's Surgeon; Cabbie; Hamley's Assistant; (Coroner; Charlotte; Celeste; Tamara; Shooters; Beaters; Chief Constable; Gamekeeper; Constable Macnee; Rawlins; Redmond's People; Diogenes Club Staff; Mr Foo
; Mrs Dew; Holmes's Mourners; Retired Bishop; Stockbroker's Clerk)
Date: April, 1901- August, 1902
Locations: Scotland Yard; Belgravia; 102, Eaton Square; Berkshire; Hungerford; Ogbourne Maizey; Draughts; A Train; Greek Street Bordello; Station; Deering Hall; Brighton; Sixth Dragoon Guards HQ; The Downs; Roedean School; Rottingdean Rifle Club; Pall Mall; The Diogenes Club; Kipling's House; Clutterbuck's Office; High Holborn; St Sepulchre's Cemetery; Old Bailey; Brighton Grand Hotel; Bandicoot Hall; Christie's; 24, Jermyn Street; 221B, Baker Street; Houses of Parliament; 31, Curzon Street; Daily Mail Offices; St Thomas's Hospital; The Metropole Hotel; Strand Palace Hotel; St James's Square; Foreign Office; Cemetery; Lyceum Theatre; Cornwall; Tintagel; Curzon Street; Baker Street; Buckingham Palace; Shadwell Stair; Westminster Abbey; Hamley's
Story: Frost puts Lestrade on the case of murdered MP Childers. He finds the naked body strung upside down in a secret room walled with mirrors, and learns that the victim was a member of a revived Hell Fire Club. He visits the man's country house to find an encoded diary, at at a Greek Street bordello he is given the name of "Holmes" and the description of a thin man smoking a pipe. A second murder, that of Major Deering, speared with a cavalry lance, occurs in the woods of Deering's country estate. Lestrade is assigned two new assistants, the encyclopaedic Dickens, and Jones, son of Athelney Jones. Investigating Deering's regimental headquarters, Lestrade is attacked by a group of soldiers, a hockey-stick-wielding schoolmistress and shelled on a firing-range, where he meets Kipling, who offers to serve as his driver.

He returns to London to find a telegram from Watson summoning him to the Diogenes Club, where a member has been murdered. There he meets Mycroft and his cousin Aumerle Holmes, and makes a political connection between the three victims. On a return visit to Kipling, Lestrade is told of a murder at Roedean School, the shooter wearing a deerstalker. Assistant Commissioner Frost dies and is replaced by Edward Henry. Lestrade finds himself on leave, while Gregory and Bradstreet take over his case, and he visits Emma and the Bandicoots. He and Harry attend a wine auction, at which the King is present, where there is another murder of an MP. Another one is found dead at his ping-pong table after being visited by a man calling himself Sherrinford Holmes. He visits 221B, where Watson tells him that both he and Mrs Hudson have seen the supposedly dead Sherlock Holmes, and calls on Churchill to find out more about the latest victim. Sensing a possible connection to the suffragette movement, Lestrade finds himself involved with militant feminist Greenbush. Lestrade questions a Fenian, and Bradstreet dies in a bomb attack on the Houses of Parliament. Another MP is killed and Lestrade has Holmes's grave dug up. He takes tea with the Japanese military attaché, and is ticked off at the Foreign Office. He questions William Gillette and auditions for a role in a play about Holmes.

Dew and Lestrade travel to Tintagel for a pageant being attended by Watson, Aumerle's former fiancée, and no fewer than four MPs. The pageant is disrupted by a flour-throwing knight, and the death of the King's Champion. Back in London, Lestrade is followed by the Irregulars, under Holmes's instructions. It is only after he has been taken off the case, and paid a midnight visit to Buckingham Palace to be told of the kidnapping of the King two days before the coronation, that Lestrade finally confronts the familiar figure of the murderer in the Diogenes Club.

Lestrade and the Leviathan (1987)
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: Hawley Harvey Crippen; Ethel Le Neve; Leon Beron; Steinie Morrison; Frederick Seddon; Margaret Seddon; George Joseph Smith; Sarah Freeman; Alfred Bowes; Sir Edward Henry; Superintendent Frank Froest; Walter Dew; Inspector Elias Bower; Inspector Alfred Ward; Inspector John Kane; Captain Lawrence Oates; Peter Piatkow (Schtern); George Gardstein; Joseph Levi; Fritz Svaars; Luba Milstein; Eliza Barrow; Seddon's Children; Sergeant Arthur Mitchell; Cora Crippen; Bernard Spilsbury; Inspector Charles Stockley Collins; Captain Kendall; Inspector Frederick Wensley; Winston Churchill; Clementine Churchill; Superintendent Patrick Quinn; Frederick Macmillan; Maurice Macmillan; Rudyard Kipling; Hannah Williams; Ernie Grant; W.T. Stead; Arthur Conan Doyle; Robert Churchill; Baron Fisher; Mata Hari; Freda Wilkins; Lady Louisa Henry; George V; Tsar Nicholas II; Bessie Mundy; (Edward VII)
Other Characters: Chemist; Sol; Removals Men; Mary Chater; Gallery Attendant; Carriage office Clerk; Scotland Yard Constables; Sergeant Horner; Lestrade's Constable; Emma Bandicoot-Lestrade; Harry Bandicoot; Nettles; Trap Driver; Letitia Bandicoot; Ivo Bandicoot; Oilskinned Man; Lieutenant Ballard Hook; Fishermen; Deal Constable; Deal Sergeant; Deal Inspector; Chief Constable of Kent; Deal Constables; The Guild of Music Hall Ladies; Chairwoman; Captain Algy Vavasour; Sergeant Tom 'Buildings' Peabody; Sergeant Blevvins; Miss Hinchcliffe; William Percy Hinchcliffe; Equerry; Sergeant Dickens; Reverend Cuthbert Auldwinkle; Sergeant Jones; Thomas Portnoy; Bellringers; Constable Crabbe; Crippen's Patients; Fanny Berkeley; Constable Williams; Constable Glynn; Philomena Marchment; Wardresses; Isadora; Hansom Driver; Imtali; Sir Clive Marchment; Palm Court Orchestra; Bioscope Constables; Bioscope Crowd; William Hepplewhite; Miss Fitzgibbon; Constable; Man in Bioscope; Arnold Truscott; Pentonville Doctor; Warders; Quinn's Men; Lieutenant Jamie Snagge; Sidney Street Sergeant; Sidney Street Crowds; Scots Guards; Wensley's Men; Churchill's Constables; Firemen; Horse Artillery; Florence Fox; Jemima Artois; Haverstock's Staff; Junior Clerk; Chinese Men; Opium Smokers; Haverstock Irons; Greek Street Constables; Sergeant; Passers-by; Morgue Attendant; Boys; Baker Street Lady; Bognor Ladies; Bognor Constables; Sightseers; Andrew Urchfont McAbendroth; Inspector Hawkesmore; Nye Timber Waiter; Dr. Sworn; Wimbledon Plainclothes Men; Wimbledon Sergeant; Golf Club Members; Admiralty Men; Commodore Nigel Harp-Greavesley; Sailor; Ryde Cabbie; Parkhurst Warders; Endsleigh Landlord; Landlord's Wife; Hermione Henry; Henry's Chauffeur; Helen Henry; Old Sailor; Portsmouth Sightseers; The Round Tower; Naval Review Crowds; Queen Anne's Gate Guard; Petty Officer Tingle; (Binky Hobsbaum; Rupert Bandicoot; George Septimus Holliday; Mr. & Mrs. Nash)
Date: January, 1910 - April, 1912
Locations: A Park; A Bus; Lewis & Burrows Chemists; Whitechapel; Osborne Street; The Warsaw Restaurant; Tollington Park; The National Gallery; Clapham; The Public Carriage office; Scotland Yard; The Horse's Collar; Somerset; Huish Episcopi; Bandicoot Hall; Lilstock; The Parrett Estuary; Stert Flats; Taunton; Victoria Station; Kent; St. Margaret's Bay; Deal; The Bowling Green Public House; The Public Baths; Cliffe; Piccadilly; The Cavalry Club; Settles Street; Fingalsham; The Aldwych; St. Clement Danes Church; The Coal Hole Public House; Windsor; Surrey; Box Hill; Islington; Hilldrop Crescent; Albion House; SS Laurentic; The St. Lawrence Seaway; SS Montrose; Canada; the Megantic; Portman Square; The Astoria; Virginia Water; Shaftesbury Avenue; The Bioscope; Pentonville Prison; St. Paul's Cathedral; Clapham Common; Sidney Street; Hawkins Street; Martin's Mansions; St. Martin's Street; Macmillan's Publishers; Greek Street; Bow Street Morgue; Baker Street; Bognor Regis; Nye Timber Hotel; Wimbledon Golf Club; The Admiralty; Portsmouth; The Hard; Isle of Wight; Ryde; Hunnyhill; Parkhurst Prison; Endsleigh Gardens; Camden House Court; Windsor Castle; The Royal Mile; Queen Anne's Gate; HMS Victory; Southampton; The Titanic
Story: Crippen orders poison, Morrison goes to Beron for a job, Smith, alias Rose, abandons his wife in the National Gallery, Seddon advertises for a female lodger, Bowes vows vengeance on Sir Edward Henry, and Lestrade and his colleagues look forward to a peaceful year. Emma takes Lestrade to Bandicoot Hall, where Harry & Letitia are mourning the loss of their son Rupert, along with Holliday, the provost of Eton, in a boating incident. His identical twin, Ivo, survived. Lestrade nearly drowns, looking for signs of Rupert's demise, and meets Hook, who was also involved in the incident, and who Emma is evidently fond of. Some months later, when he is called to look at an unidentified body washed up on a Kent beach, he discovers that the man was shot, not drowned. He continues his investigations into Rupert's disappearance at the Cavalry Club. Miss Hinchcliffe comes to Lestrade to report her missing brother, Percy, a novelist & cross-channel swimmer, Lestrade realises that his was the body found in Kent. Two days after his death, Lestrade receives a message from the late King Edward VII asking him to 'take care of them'. Another body is found hanging from the bell rope in St. Clement Danes, later identified as Portnoy, also a writer, and a friend of Hinchcliffe. Froest asks Lestrade to look into the disappearance of Cora Crippen, Lestrade puts Dew on the case. Another body, this time a woman, is found in a car at Box Hill. Eliza Barrow moves into Seddon's house. Crippen & Le Neve disappear, and Lestrade & Dew dig up Cora's body in the cellar.

The woman in the car is identified as Marchment. Dew arrests Crippen & Le Neve aboard the SS Montrose. Lestrade learns from her companion, Isadora, that Marchment was a rumoured favourite of Edward VII and a suffragist, and he discovers love letters, signed 'J' at her cottage. The next body is found at the Bioscope cinema, identified as Truscott, yet another writer. Attending the funeral of the Houndsditch bank raid victims, Lestrade makes a connection between the bank gang and his murders. Wensley tells him about the Painter, and suggests the bank raid was a diversion for something else. Emma becomes engaged to Hook. Beron is murdered on Clapham Common, and Lestrade is brought into the case by Wensley. He is interviewing Snagge, the final witness to Rupert's disappearance, when he is summoned to the Sidney Street Siege by Churchill. At Macmillan's publishers, Lestrade learns more about the murdered authors, but when he visits Irons, one of Macmillan's readers, in an opium den, the man is murdered. When he returns to Marchment's cottage he finds Snagge there. On his way to interview W.T. Stead, he is informed of another mutilated body, found on the beach at Bognor, identified as McAbendroth, like the other victims, a member of the Peace Movement.

Dr. Watson is shot from a plane while playing golf with Doyle & Stead. Ward consults Lestrade over the death of Barrow, Seddon's lodger. Lestrade is summoned to the Admiralty, where he learns that Hook is with Naval Intelligence, and they suspect a German agent, probably the Painter, of the murders. Lestrade is photographed in a compromising position with Mata Hari. Bowes shoots Henry; Henry's daughter sees another man with a gun on the other side of the street, aiming at Lestrade. He learns from the King that the message he received from King Edward referred to an assassination attempt, by a German using the same type of gun as that used in the present series of murders. He also discovers that Tsar Nicholas is in England, and realises that an assassination is planned at the Naval Review at Portsmouth, which he must set out to stop.

Lestrade and the Brother of Death (1988)
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade; Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; (Mrs Hudson; Tobias Gregson)
Fictional Characters: The old bird lady on the steps of St Paul's
Historical Figures:
W.T. Stead; Walter Dew; William Palmer; Benjamin Disraeli; John Kane; William Ewart Gladstone; Catherine Gladstone; Colonel Valentine Baker; Hannah Dickinson; Clergyman; Samuel Baker; Alexander Fleming; Adolphus Williamson; Nat Druscovich; John Meiklejohn; Harry Benson; Frank Hornby; Inspector Frederick Abberline; George Leybourne; Alfred Peck Stevens (The Great Vance); Vesta Tilley; Charles Swinscow; Henry Newlove; Sir Dighton Probyn; Sir Francis Knollys; Margaret Murray; Mr Abrahams; (Sir Edward Henry; Roger Casement; William Kurr; Comtesse de Goncourt; Howard Vincent; Lord Arthur Somerset; The Duke of Clarence)
Other Characters: Sergeant Ned Blevvins; Emma Bandicoot-Lestrade; Harry Bandicoot; Letitia Bandicoot; Fanny Berkeley; Nurses; Old Man in Hospital; Tom Berkeley; Berkeley's Driver; Berkeley's Tweenie; Mrs M'Travers; M'Travers; Chrissie; Constable Stalker; Berkeley's Gardeners; Reverend Norman Penhaligon; Funeral Mourners; Blake the Sexton; Sergeant 'Buildings' Peabody; Constable Percival Dew; Sergeant Charles Dickens; Sergeant Jones; Bert; Florrie;J
ennie; Florrie's Client; Kate; George Claverhouse; Claverhouse's Secretary; The Apostles Club; Lucas's Nurse; Patrick Matthews; Abelard Johns; William Marks; Mrs Runcie; Rutland Inspector; Gramophone Boy; Gordon Ushant; Rutland Constable; St Paul's Crowd; Herbert Uriah Hesketh; St Paul's Constables; St Paul's Sergeant; Morley; Counsel for the Prosecution; Chief Justice Firkett; Counsel for the Defense; Mrs Hesketh; Jane Penhaligon; Victoria Guard; Hugh N. Crigh; Lady Davinia Cruise; Ethel Hinch; Ben; Barracks Orderly; Duke Street Maid; Auguste; Warwick; Rough; Cab Driver; St James's Passers-by; Growler; Sergeant Dixon; Constable Green; Gertie Clinker; St Mary's Nurse; Bishop of the Indian Ocean; Fanny's Doctor; Abberline's Women; Jonas King; Ben Battle; Ivo Bandicoot; Paul Dacres; Marjoribanks; Constable Luke Hanks; Growler; Cleveland Street Doorman; Army & Navy Lackey; Captain Wesley Willoughby; Ardens-Grafton; Army & Navy Orderly; Reverend Dunstan; Charlie Reader; Miss Trenchard; Constable Bill Anderton; Miss Newington; Sir Richard Ferrers; Thomas Reader; Maiden's Lap Host; Yokel; Horatius Rivers; St Anselm's Choir; (Dr Edmund Lucas; Yeats the butler; Woman in Black; Mr Larchlap; Mayor of Chertsey; Willoughby's Batman; Norbert Parker; Miss Palmer)
Date: April 1912 - Spring 1913 / 1873 / April 1874 / June 1875 / December 1876 - February 1877 / 1882 / 1889 / Summer 1898
Locations: Southampton; The Titanic; Hospital; Petersfield; Virginia Water; The Berkeley Residence; Graveyard; Scotland Yard; Flower & Dean Street Brothel; Portland Place; Harley Street; The Portland Club; Windsor; Burton Coggles, Rutland; Ludgate Hill; St Paul's Cathedral; The Temple; The Central Criminal Court; Seven Dials; Victoria Station; Duke of York's Barracks; 32, Duke Street; St James's; Greycoats Hospital; St Mary's Hospital, Paddington; The Clarence; The Strand; Whitehall Place; Carlton Terrace; Mogul Theatre, Drury Lane; Huish Episcopi; Bandicoot Hall; 19, Cleveland Street; Army & Navy Club; Berkeley Square; Banbury Station; Great Tew; St Michel & All Angels Church; The Maiden's Lap Pub; Lower Ludgates; The Rollright Stones; Church of St Anselm
Story: Lestrade falls off the Titanic before she sails and breaks his leg. He is recuperating at his future father-in-law, Berkeley's home where the butler is killed by an exploding shotgun. Lestrade who believes that Berkeley was the intended victim receives a cryptic note via the Yard referring to the Gospel-makers. Lestrade recalls investigating the death of the Bishop of Durham in a Flower and Dean Street brothel with William Palmer, and his first hearing of the Apostles Club. A second note, referring to the Rivals arrives, and Dew calls Lestrade in to investigate the death of a Harley Street doctor, which leads him to interview the man's three bridge partners and learn that the man was a colleague of Watson's, with whose service revolver he had been shot. A month later Lestrade is in Lincolnshire investigating the death of a police officer. Lestrade is reminded of the trial surrounding a supposed assassination attempt on Gladstone. He believes that a letter he received at the time is linked to the current murders. A meeting with the vicar's wife reminds Lestrade of Valentine Baker, his first arrest, and how he acquired his brass knuckles. While walking with his daughter he breaks his leg again, and while recuperating under the care of Alexander Fleming he reminisces about the trial of the detectives and the de Goncourt affair, and then receives news that Berkeley is dead. He tells Bandicoot of his first encounter with Watson and Holmes, and a theatrical ghost. At Christmas he tells Blevvins of the Cleveland Street incident, and the Bandicoots a ghost story about the death of an Oxfordshire shepherd. A choir and a collapsing church roof bring the case to its conclusion.

Lestrade and the Ripper (1988)
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector (Sholto) Lestrade; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Tobias Gregson; Athelney Jones; (Baker Street Irregulars)
Historical Figures: James Monro; Douglas Blackburn; Kate Gurney; Gurney's Daughter & Brother; Eleanor Sidgwick; Constable John Neil; Mary Ann Nichols; Constable John Thain {Bill}; Constable Jonas Mizen {George}; Dr Rees Llewelyn; Frederick Abberline; Inspector John Spratling; Annie Chapman; Frederick Wensley; John Pizer; Walter Dew; John Richardson; Charles Bradlaugh; Elizabeth Stride; Jack the Ripper; George Lusk; Constable William Smith; Constable Edward Watkins; Constable Alfred Long; Sir Charles Warren; Queen Victoria; Barnaby & Burgho; Dr Thomas Openshaw; Aaron Kosminski {Tadeusz}; Michael Ostrog; Annie Crook; Lionel Druitt; Major Henry Smith; Sidney Paget; Mary Kelly; George Hutchinson; Sergeant Thicke; James Kenneth Stephen; Robert Lees; Lady Gull; Sir William Gull; Montague John Druitt; Lord Salisbury; John Netley; Melville McNaghten; (Martha Tabram; Howard Vincent; Edmund Gurney; G.A. Smith; Henry Sidgwick; Louis Diemschutz; Alice Crooks; George Chapman/Severin Klosowski; Joseph Lawende; Wynne Baxter; Joseph Barnett; Thomas Bowyer; Dr Roderick MacDonald; Duke of Clarence; Walter Sickert)
Other Characters: Constable William Derry; Constable Toms; Royal Albion Manager; Old Dears; Dora; Middle Street Landlady; Mercer; Cherak Singh Minor; Reverend Algernon Spooner; Mrs Shuttlecomb; Maggie Hollis; Carters; Abberline's Woman; Constable; Desk Sergeant; Dr Theophilus Nails; Sergeant George George; Hanbury Street Crowds; Hanbury Street Constables; Stillwell & Co Nightwatchman; Strand Constable; Royal Sussex Sentry; Sergeant-Major; Captain Wedgwood; Hetty; Fred Diggles; Inspector Pearcey; Pearcey's Constables; Saunders-Foote; Cabbie; Anthony Denton; Matron Madeleine; Spencer Minor; Gwendoline Nails; Lady Passer-by; Denton's Grandfather; The Warden of All Souls; Berners Street Policemen; Hardman; Channing-Lover; Cherak Singh Major; Carstairs; Major Bracegirdle; Students; Dollery; Ruffage; Eaden; Ovett; Victoria's Indian Servants; Karim; Isaiah Honeybun; Gregson's Constables; Boffin; Montgomery; Carman; Gainsborough; Honeycombe; Rutherford; Partridge; Peartree; Beaumont; Assistant Commissioner Rodney; Sergeant Woodhouse; Cabbie; Chubb Rupasobly; Rupasobly's Lackeys; Dick; Bethlehem Inmates; Dr McGregor; Harry; Bert; Tom; Tea-making Constable; Language Master; Coroner; Railway Employee; City Constable; Lichfield; Redhead; Madame; Truss & Ratchet Landlord; Thrawl Street Bobbies; Lusk's Men; Growler Driver; Bow Street Desk Sergeant; Peggy; Freemason Doctors; Undertakers; Flower Seller; Leman Street Desk Sergeant; Salisbury's Men; Railway Employees; Sleeping Policeman; Vagrant; Train Passengers; McNaghten's Constable; Arabella McNaghten; (Morley; Gable; Kent; Adelstrop; Martha Mercer)
Date: August - November 1888
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Scotland Yard; Brighton; Royal Albion Hotel; Brighton Gazette Offices; 56, Middle Street; Pimlico; Sidgwick Residence; Northamptonshire; Rhadegund Hall; Bucks Row; Hanbury Street; Stillwell & Co.; Charing Cross Infirmary; The Strand; Hounslow; Royal Sussex Regiment Barracks; Leman Street Police Station; Bradlaugh's Residence; Maidstone; Oxford; Berners Street; Mitre Square; Goulston Street; The Nag's Head; Buckingham Palace; Hyde Park; Alderney Street; London Hospital Pathological Museum; Spitalfields Market; The Britannia Pub; Puma Court; Kosminski's Residence; Bethlehem Hospital; A Train; Peterborough; Liverpool Street Station; Miller's Court; Dorset Street; Cleveland Street; The Truss & Ratchet; Thrawl Street; Bow Street Nick; Peckham; Spritualist Centre; Mayfair; 74, Brook Street; The Minories; Lionel Druitt's Surgery; Tenter Street; Hatfield House; Railway Station; Thorpe Station; Killington Tunnel; A Train; King's Cross Station; Denmark Street Clothing Warehouse
Story: Holmes reads of the Tabram murder and sets out to investigate. Lestrade inherits the Edmund Gurney case, and Constables Derry & Toms from the late Inspector Morley. He travels to Brighton to learn the facts about Gurney's death at the Royal Albion Hotel and learns that he was a psychic investigator. His investigations take him to Rhadegund Hall School where another murder occurs. Mary Ann Nichols is murdered and Lestrade is called back to London. A clue found at the site of the next murder, Annie Chapman, takes him to the Royal Sussex Regiment barracks. Holmes is on the same track. Abberline arrests Pizer, and Lestrade questions him and finds him innocent.

MP Bradlaugh puts Lestrade back on the Rhadegund Hall case. He arrives at the school in time to find another murder waiting for him. Holmes continues his investigations in a variety of disguises. After the double murder, Warren orders Lestrade off the Ripper case. He returns to Rhadegund Hall and another murder, and is put back on the Ripper case by order of the Queen. A letter is received from the Ripper, analysis of which suggests to Lestrade that there may be a link with the Rhadegund Hall case. At the school the last victim's brother has disappeared, and a fire in the library claims another victim, while another death occurs in the aftermath. Lestrade is shown a book that suggests a thuggee connection to the murders, is attacked in the gym and gains an ally.
Back in London Lestrade follows a number of false leads to some familiar suspects. He is called back to Rhadegund when more murders are committed. Holmes and Watson are taken on as teachers at the school after learning that Montague Druitt had taught there for a term. Guy Fawkes celebrations at the school herald another tragedy.

Lestrade and Holmes head back to London after the murder of Mary Kelly. While on the train Lestrade serves as the model for Watson for Sidney Paget. Lestrade finds himself embroiled in the Duke of Clarence's affairs. Another murder is discovered by Watson, while Holmes is locked up in Bow Street and Lestrade is sent to the psychic, Lees. Lees leads him to Sir William Gull, who dies before Lestrade can properly question him. After a visit to Druitt's surgery, Lestrade begins to see the light in one of his cases, but finds himself abducted, along with Holmes, and brought before one of the highest in the land. Returning to Rhadegund, Lestrade faces a murderer on a train, and learns how all his cases are linked.

"It's Clever, But Is It Art?" (1989)
Included in:
New Crimes (Maxim Jakubowski); The Mammoth Book Of Comic Crime (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector (Sholto) Lestrade
Historical Figures: Edward Lutyens; Kate Greenaway; Lady Butler; Walter Dew
Other Characters: Livingstone; Daniel Solomon; Old Lady; Harry Bandicoot; Married Woman; Lady Throckmorton; Letitia Bandicoot
The National Gallery; The Coal Hole pub; the Throckmorton residence
Story: Con-men Livingstone & Solomon are disturbed to see that Lestrade is also visiting the National Gallery on the day they plan to pull a job. However, assuring themselves that he is not on duty, they proceed with their plan to dupe Lady Throckmorton. Things come to a head when they arrive at the Throckmorton house the following day.

Lestrade and the Guardian Angel (1990)
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector (Sholto) Lestrade; Athelney Jones; Dr Watson
Historical Figures: William Ewart Gladstone; Queen Victoria; Queen Alexandra; Sergeant Oswald Ames; Walter Dew; Arthur Bulleid; Frederick Abberline; Herbert E. Balch; Sir William Boyd Dawkins; Lady Jennie Churchill; Consuelo, Duchess of Marlborough; Lord Bolton; Archbishop of York; Sir George Wombwell; Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree; Sir Garnet Wolseley; Arthur Liberty; (Keir Hardie; Edward VII; Winston Churchill; Thomas Norton Longman; Frank Egerton, Earl of Ellesmere; Arthur Conan Doyle; William Terriss; Richard Prince)
Characters Based On Fictional Characters: Sergeant Dixon; Soulou; Blakey
Other Characters: Harry Bandicoot; Bandicoot's Tenants; Jack; Jem; Tom Wyatt; Groom; Maisie; Miss Balsam; Letitia Bandicoot; Old Wiggins; Servants; Ivo Lestrade; Rupert Lestrade; Emma Bandicoot-Lestrade; Pickpocket; Assistant Commissioner Nimrod Frost; Constable Lilley; Jones's Constables; Captain Archibald Anstruther Fellowes; Mortuary Attendant; Cab Driver; Mr Bush; Constable Leonard Skinner; Old Spiggot; Old Mrs Spiggot; Hickok; Richard Tetley; Chief Inspector Guthrie; Constable Cherill; Inspector Arnold Boreham; Arnold's Men; Marigold de Lacy; Liz; Subaltern; War Office Clerk; Manfred; Howard Luneberg de Lacy; Valentina Truefitt; Guthrie's Constables; Dr Higgs; Hospital Patients; Nurse; Abberline's "Auntie"; Admiral; Footmen; Chief Inspector Boyd Blue; Tea Room Waitress; Miss Hardcastle; Yorkshire Hussars; Officers; Sergeant Major; Lieutenant Percival Daubney; Corporal; Private Robbin; Major Alfred Myndup; Lieutenant George Blisworth Hardinge; Captain Kilcommons; Dr Fyler; Elsie Hardinge; Elsie's Nanny; Chepstow; Café Waitress; Mrs Beeton; Wheel of Fortune Club Cyclists; Long Arm Landlord; Miss Trelawney; Cecil; Oxford Street Constables; Desk Sergeant; Cab Driver; Inspector Failsworth; Failsworth's Men; Sergeant; Gerald Mander; Hearse Driver; The Honourable Charles Davenport; Royal Engineers; Cuthbert "Sally" Mander; South Downs Men; Sexton; Engineers Corporal; Hansom Driver; Ratcliffe Highway Police; Rupasobly's Gang; Maguire's Gang; Bus Driver; Passenger; Cosh Maguire; Chubb Rupasobly; Turk; Tom "The Sheep" le Mouton; Grand Hotel Waiter; Cheltenham Citizens; Sybil Lytton; Cleopatra Lytton; Faith Lytton; Hope Lytton; Charity Lytton; Lytton's Gardener; Mr Lytton; Ulrica Lytton; Mortimer "Coquette" Lytton; Pump Room Attendant; Myra; Alice; George Lazenby; W.J. Howe; Malcolm Chesney; Grand Hotel Bell-boy; Julian Hamilton; Albert Memorial Couples; Girls; Albert Memorial Constable; Scotland Yard Constable; Miss Shadbolt; Nettles; Sergeant Poulteney; Guthrie's Men; (Bandicoot's Cook; Jones's Son; Coroner; Mrs Dew; Oscar Myron Jones III; Hely; Crystal Palace Groundsman; Glastonbury Clerk of Works; Mrs Lemonofides; Mrs Flanagan; Alan Flanagan; Beatrice; Lady Davinia Harcourt; Scargill; Sir William Hellerslyke; York Coroner; Henrietta Barlow; Victoria Hardinge; Ladies Day Guests; Monsieur Lamartine; Mrs Hallett; Dr Wyatt; Hughie Ralph; Ralph's Doctor; Welwyn Police; Henry Parmenter; Trapeze Artiste; George Hypericum Elliott / Lawrenson; Mrs Maguire; Padraig Maguire; Roger Lytton; Gimlet; Clementine; Clementine's Maid; Nanny Hardinge)
Date: July-Winter, 1897
Locations: Somerset; Huish Episcopi; Bandicoot Hall; Whitehall; Gladstone's Office; New Scotland Yard; Shadwell; The Thames; Aboard the Calliphora Vomitoria; Branch Road Mortuary; Kew Gardens; Wookey Hole; Spiggot's Cottage; Bandicoot Estate Dower House; Sydenham; Crystal Palace Park; Knightsbridge Barracks; War Office; 43, Mawson Gardens; Glastonbury Abbey; The George; Wells; St Wifrid's Hospital; Blenheim Palace; Yorkshire; York; Tea Room; Bolton's Office; York Minster; Hardinge's House; The Shambles; Rowntrees' Shop; Euston Station; Café; Tottenham Court Road; Lemsford; The Long Arm Pub; Oxford Street; Police Cells; Epping Forest; Theydon Bois; Farnborough; A Hot Air Balloon; South Downs; Church Crookham Churchyard; Grand Hotel; Ratcliffe Highway; cheltenham; Fleece Hotel; Montpelier Walk; The Rotunda; Queen's Parade; 13, Parabola Road; Pittville Pump Room; East India House; Liberty's; Albert Memorial
Story: Letitia Bandicoot gives birth to twins, while Harry is ordered to stay outside by Nanny Balsam. After a fracas at the Jubilee celebrations, Lestrade is visited by Ames, the Life Guard whose horse he ran into. Ames puts him on the case of the murder of fellow soldier Fellowes, whose body was found in the Thames. He makes a deal with Athelney Jones and views the body, which was found with an Ashanti medal in its mouth and seeds in his pocket. After visiting Kew Gardens, Lestrade takes a break from the case to aid Bandicoot by investigating the death of Tetley, an Egyptologist, at Wookey Hole, found with a scarab in his mouth. Frost assigns Constable Skinner to assist him. A woman is found dead in the grounds of the Crystal Palace, but her husband tells Lestrade that she was visiting the Bandicoots. He goes undercover as an archaeologist at Wookey Hole, and ends up in hospital after a cave-diving incident. The husband of the last victim dies, and Lestrade is suspended by Frost.

After consulting and consorting with Lady Churchill and the Duchess of Marlborough at Blenheim Palace, Lestrade travels to Yorkshire to go undercover as a soldier and investigate the death of Sir William Helerslyke of the Yorkshire Hussars, found with a locket in his teeth. He attends a funeral and defends the accused at a military court hearing, and discovers the poison may have been in a box of chocolates sent by "Coquette". On his return to London, Watson consults him over the death of a member of his cycling club, The Wheel of Fortune. After a bicycle race, he spends the night in the police cells, before being called to another murder in Epping Forest. His investigations lead to him finding himself adrift in a hot air balloon over the South Downs, and in the middle of a gang war on the Ratcliffe Highway. Further investigations take him to the home of the Lyttons, and the Pump Rooms at Cheltenham. Back in London, he is called to a murder at Liberty's, and meets a blackmail victim at the Albert Memorial. A reference to "Perameles" finally leads him to the truth in time to prevent Bandicoot's arrest for the murders.

Lestrade and the Magpie (1991)
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade
Historical Figures: Frederick Wensley; John Kane; Edward Greeno; Frederick Cherrill; Ebenezer Howard; C.B. Purdom; F.J. Osborn; George Bernard Shaw; Robert Churchill; Elias Bower; Sir Basil Thomson; Sir Patrick Quinn; Queen Mary; Viscount Allenby; Kate Meyrick; Lord Curzon; Sir Leo George Chiozza; Captain Vernon Kell; Michael Collins; Anastasia; Havelock Ellis; (Winston Churchill; Douglas Bader; Walter Dew; Sir Nevil Macready; Douglas Fairbanks; Nicholas II; Alexandra; Tsarevich Alexei; Nicholas & Alexandra's Daughters; Sidney Reilly; Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart)
Other Characters: Paul Dacres; Flight-Sergeant; Ground Crew; Tom Hutchings; Scotland Yard Desk Sergeant; Inspector Ned Blevvins; Fanny Lestrade; Cedar Hotel Clerk; Constable 341D; Emma Bandicoot-Lestrade; Ivo Bandicoot; Squadron Leader Humphrey Boumphrey; Harry Bandicoot; Letitia Bandicoot; St. Anselm's Vicar; Squadron Leader Leonard; Madison; Hertfordshire Constables; Inspector Mulloch; Romilly Mulloch; Fallabella Shaw; Davinia Troop; Horse Rider; Jean-Cocteau Euperry; Sergeant Norroy Macclesfield; Hercules Lapotaire; Nurse; Mortuary Attendant; Gideon; Palace Sentries; Equerry; Sir Eustace Bishop; Queen's Equerries; Ex-Serviceman Beggar; Constable George Marks; Constable Wallace; Sergei Varushkin; Superintendent Mungo Hyde; Detective Constable Spencer; Superintendent Gerald Hobhouse; Rating; Captain Reynolds; Archie le Fanu; Colonel Glass; Warmby; Soheiya Al Haroun; Hampstead Constable; Allenby's Servants; Allenby's Driver; Major Publisher; Fitzwilliam Curator; Russian Embassy Doorman; Dr. George Alexander; Jonquil de Ville; Claude; Petronella; Beerbohm; Make-up Lady; William Barnstaple; Lighting Technician; Lackey; Kenneth; Clinton; Script-writers; Truman; 43 Club Doorman; Coutesans; Miss Dominatrix; Beat Copper; Park Policeman; Foreign Office Constable; Cabman; Cleaners; Stanley Accrington; Gallery Desk Clerk; Tramp; Maze Gateman; Two Seamuses; Sean ; Two Padraics; Detective-Sergeant Charlie Dickens; Mounted Policemen; Carshalton Policeman; Scottish Nurse; Sister Clarissa; Sister Eunice; Kane's Constables; Constable Philby; Constable Vassal; Hymie Ibizit; Bert Philpotts; Strogovitch; Cab Driver; Postman; Chertsey Doorman; Cossacks; Special Branch Constable; IRA Men; (Lieutenant Neville; River Policeman; Charlie Cadbury; First Mate Ibbotson; Mrs. Coniston; Emile Vavasour; Smithers; Inspector Qualtrough; Eric Cameron)

Date: January, 1917 / January - May, 1920
Locations: France; An Air-field; Scotland Yard; Lestrade's House; Connaught Street; The Cedar Hotel; Biggin Hill; St. Anselm's Churchyard; Hertfordshire; Lemsford; Stanborough; Welwyn; White Hart Inn; Ayot St. Lawrence; Shaw's House; Police Station; Tittenhanger; Owls' Roost; Orange Street; Churchill's Office; Hyde Park; The Serpentine; The Belgian Embassy; St. George's Hospital; Constitution Hill; Buckingham Palace; Bermondsey, Greasy Chip Café; Limehouse Pier; Fanmet Street; Rotherhithe Street Morgue; Balham; Dockyard Police Headquarters; SS Motley; The War Office; Carshalton; The Oaks; Tea Shop; Hampstead; Hampstead Heath; Jack Straw's Castle; Allenby's House; Allenby's Daimler; Downing Street; Cambridge; Fitzwilliam Museum; Russian Embassy; Boreham Wood; The Best Boy Pub; The 43 Club; The Foreign Office; The National Portrait Gallery; Hampton Court Maze; Imber Court; The St. Ignatius Loyola Home for Only Partially Responsible Officers; Highgate Cemetery; The Tollgate Inn; The Wayzgoose; British Museum Reading Room; Chertsey; Primrose Hill
Story: Emma Lestrade's fiancé reappears three years after having apparently deserted during the First World War. When Lestrade goes to see him he finds him dead and learns that he has been visited by a man in a fedora. At Biggin Hill, Lestrade learns of a suspicious wound Dacres received during the war. When he examines the body he finds no trace of a wound. On the day of Dacre's funeral Kane calls Lestrade out to Hertfordshire where a woman's body has been found. On the woman, a cousin of George Bernard Shaw, was a lighter that was a gift from Dacres. Lestrade discovers that she worked as a War Office typist and that there is something strange about the bullet that killed her. A Belgian translator, Euperry, is the next victim, his body found in the frozen Serpentine. Special Branch warns John Kane off the case. A visit to the Keeper of the King's Paintings reveals that Euperry was interested in the theft of the Mona Lisa, and sees Lestrade arrested by Special Branch. Another body is found in the Thames. Lestrade discovers it to be a recently arrived Russian sailor. He finds a silver icon in the man's bunk. Emma goes undercover as a typist at the War Office. She learns that Dacres and Shaw worked for special unit A.T. One. The body of an Arab is found in Hampstead. Viscount Allenby links the man to the stolen sword of St. Louis. Lestrade's home is broken into and he and Fanny knocked unconscious. Another death occurs, a French historian, and Lestrade poses as a movie actor to investigate. Emma comes to the conclusion that all the victims, none of whom were what they appeared to be were secret agents. Lestrade's further investigations take him to a society brothel, while Emma gets another job, at the Foreign Office, and disappears at the National Gallery. Lestrade finds himself facing MI5 and the IRA. Another body is found on the grave of Karl Marx. Lestrade encounters a Russian Grand Duchess before he comes face to face with the killer in his own home.

Lestrade and the Dead Man's Hand (1992)
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade; (Dr Watson)
Historical Figures: Christian de Wet; Leander Starr Jameson; Frederick Abberline; Walter Dew; Edward Marshall Hall; Arizona John Burke; Detective Inspector Thicke; W.G. Grace; The Bishop of Bath & Wells; Prince Ranjitsinhji; Frederick Hitch; Marie-François Goron; H.G. Wells; Jane Robbins; Jerome K. Jerome; Squire Bancroft Bancroft; Mrs Bancroft; Johnston Forbes-Robertson; Francis Galton; Sir Basil Mott; C.E. Spagnoletti; Marquess of Queensberry; Aubrey Beardsley; (General Roberts; Friedrich Schiess; George Arliss; C. Aubrey Smith)
Other Characters: Lieutenant John Sleigh; Men of the 32nd Pioneers; Sanji; Gupta; Lieutenant Hay-Winthrop; William Sleigh; Croajingolong; Tom; Mr Dundee; Arthur Sleigh; Farmers; Mine Workers; Rifleman; Mr Whitecross; Mr Tait; Bantu Telegram Delivery Boy; Ermintrude Abberline; Postman; Constable Lordjohn Russell; Coonstable Bromley; Wormwood Scrubs Warder; George Culdrose; Igor; Jane Hollander (Jane Hauptmann / Mrs Sun That Warms The Mountains); Sergeant William 'Old Birdie' Bird; Comte de la Warre (Pierre La Touche; Henri Chauvon; The Abbé Fiennes; The Monster of Montparnasse); Hauptmann Wolfgang Bruno; Michail Bogdanovitch; Sun That Warms The Mountains; Superintendent Prufrock Tomelty; Melville Lavender; Sergeant Dixon; Nimrod Frost; Growler; Lift Attendant; Emily Bellamy; Commuters; Ticket Inspector; Clergyman & Wife; Cabman; Bandicoot & Piglet Landlord; Yokels; Bandicoot's Servants; Cricket Crowd; Harry Bandicoot; Emma Bandicoot-Lestrade; Letitia Bandicoot; Nanny Balsam; Ivo Bandicoot; Rupert Bandicoot; William Bellamy; John Arslightly; Cricketers; Hooch; Gotham; Scratting; Cower; Umpire; T.A. Liesinsdad; David Newman; Ezekiel Ledbetter; Barry Bucknell; Albert Wedgewood; Monthly Exposure Photographer; Constable Corkindale; Edward Bayreuth; Horse and Collar Landlord; Verity True; Miss Dalrymple; Agnes 'Trottie' True; Mr Hathersuch; Readers; Orchestra; George Cross; Clarence Holdsworth; Chorus Line; Hospital Patients; Stanley; Blackfriars Cleaner; Henrietta Fordingbridge; Surbiton Doctor; Coachman; Prince of Wales Ticket Seller; Paid Clapper; Kennedy; Garrick Members; Flunkey; Fanny Chattox; Stockwell Station Supervisor; Hecuba; Sir Roger Foulsham; Fortinbras; Boxing Crowd; Boxers; Maurice "The Masher" Melhuish; Master of Ceremonies; Policeman; Villiers Street Urchins; Georgina; Clarence; Lucky Heather Seller; Gannet's Waitress; Ex-Inspector Ivan Corner; Doctor McKechnie; Asylum Inmates; Hephzibah; Daniel Sleigh; Serpentine Boys; Blackfriars Cleaner; Stockwell Liftman; Rev. Bartholomew Dutts; Hanbury; Sidney Hubbard; Robinson; Charles Grenfell; (Mr Wu; Inspector Julius Greatorex; Sarah Culdrose; Amelia; Sarah Culdrose's Mother; Old Gonad; Mr Hollander; Inspector "Fairy" Cottingley; Mrs Dunnose; Railway Guard; PC Dogberry; PC Verges; 'Legbreaker' Lawson; Litchfield; Morag Finisterre; Friedrich Schiess; Emma Hitch; Mrs Cadogan; Captain Penn-Symons; Examining Magistrate; Quincey; Constable Hockney; Train Guard; David Appleyard; Constable McIntyre; Constable Burgess)
Date: March - July, 1895
Locations: India; The Hindu Kush; Gilgit; Australia; The Dandenong; Melbourne; South Africa; The Abberline Residence; Scotland Yard; Wormwood Scrubs; Old Montague Street Mortuary; Earls Court; 31, Quex Road, Kilburn; Finchley Central; Railway Police Headquarters; Maiden Lane; Melville's Museum
; Elephant & Castle Station; Paddington Station; Bath; Huish Episcopi; The Bandicoot & Piglet; Bandicoot Hall; Whitehall; The Horse and Collar; Stockwell Station; Camberwell Library; Theatre; Hospital; The Black Museum; Edmonton Street; Charing Cross Station; Blackfriars Station; The Thames; Surbiton General Hospital; Walworth Road; Prince of Wales Theatre; Garrick Street; The Garrick Club; Stockwell; The Embankment; 35, Duke Street; The Pelican Club; Villiers Street; The Gaiety; Royal Arcade; Gannet's Tea Rooms; Sandwich; Asylum; Hephzibah's Tea Rooms; Hyde Park
Story: The repercussions of an article in the Times send three men, all named Sleigh, rushing back to England from locations all over the Empire. After a second body is found on a London Train, Commissioner Frost sends Lestrade to question the husband of the first victim, arrested by Abberline and now in Wormwood Scrubs. The second victim's complex domestic arrangements lead Lestrade to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. After Lestrade begins directing his attentions towards the railway aspects of the murders, a third victim is found. Following up a lead, Lestrade finds himself playing in a cricket match facing W.G. Grace and Ranjitsinhji. A fourth murder takes him to the library (where he first encounters "Trottie" True who is to join him in the investigation) and the ballet, while another lead seems to point back to the defence of Rorke's Drift. Meanwhile, Goron, head of the Sûreté, arrives in England seeking the Monster of Montparnasse, who has already featured in Lestrade's investigations. Lestrade also learns that one of his suspects has been dead for eleven years, and is swept over a weir with H.G. Wells before auditioning for Hamlet. After another murder, Lestrade discovers that a replacement guard was working on three of the murder nights, but after Frost receives a deputation from the railways, he is suspended from duty and Abberline put in charge of the case. Continuing his investigations privately, he finds himself forced into the boxing ring by the Marquess of Queensberry, and entering London's shady underworld, while a series of men with foreign accents continue to identify successive victims. An old colleague of Lestrade's father claims that the murderer is "Blackfriars Dan", the only man he never caught, recently escaped from the sanatorium his wife had committed him to. But it is only after Trottie disappears that Lestrade comes face to face with the killer on an out of control underground train.

NOTE: Detective Inspector Thicke is here named "Johnnie", the real Thicke, who was involved in the Ripper investigations, was "William".

Lestrade and the Sign of Nine (1992)
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector (Sholto) Lestrade; Mrs Hudson()
Historical Figures: Richard Norman Shaw; James Monro; Elizabeth Graves; Wilkie Collins; Harry Bull; Reverend Henry Bull; Millie Bull; Ethel Bull; Marie Lairre; Jane Morris; William Morris; Sir Hugh Childers; Henry Matthews; Chief Inspector John Littlechild; Charles Warren; Lady Warren; (Daniel B. Wesson; Colonel Henderson; Arthur Conan Doyle; Walter Dew; Caroline Graves; Sunex Amures)
Other Characters: Clarence; Arthur; Workman; Cabbie 443; Protestors; Policemen; Sergeant Regan; Constable Carter; Count Ortega Y Gomez; Assistant Commissioner Rodney; Sergeant George George; Constable Launcelot Tyrrell; Constable Godolphin 'Pad' Green; Lemuel Austin; Jack; Passers-by; Constable Tom Widger; Sergeant Smith; Chief Inspector Edward Towgrass; South Mimms Constables; Burden; Fussock; Squire Osbaldeston Ralston; Ian Ralston; Kelvin Ralston; Lammergeyer's Caretaker; Mrs Fussock; Constable Matthew Spatchcock; Jane Ratcliffe; Marylebone Constables; Inspector Tom Berkeley; Dickson; Constable Albert 'Nutty' Slack; Byngham Batchelor; Senor Alfonso; Henry Archer; Ambrose Matters; Welsh Driver; Inquest Crowd; Detective-Inspector Mortimer; Mr Pryce; Mr Jenkins; Constable Myrddin Williams; Ranulf Guest; Will Dodd; Galamorgan Yeomanry Men; Captain Gerontius Dance; Isaac 'Happy' Lewis; Miners; Sergeant Harris; Hettie; Dr Trefussis; Amos Flower / Levi 'Pretty Boy' Partridge; Inspector Flannel; Constable 'Topsy' Turvey; Little Old Lady; Chop House Waiter; Fournier Street Prostitute; Nichol Thugs; Ezra; Chiv Eagle; Hymie; Sir Anthony Rivers; Foskett; Roger Derringham, QC; Evelyn Ruggles-Brise; George Dixon; Hounslow Policemen; Sergeant Pentridge; Constable Head; Constable Bolger; Dr Willie; Hounslow Bodies; Baker Street Toff; Baker Street Neighbour; Constable Huxtable; Police Revue Performers; Master of Ceremonies; Police Revue Audience; Constable Joe Tinker; The Amazing Armbrusters; Constable Elton; Culpepper's Crooning Chocolate Coloured Coons; Prestidge the Prestidigitator / Inspector Reid; Mr Memory Maurice / Sergeant Spettigue; Constable Runciman; Sergeant Whitman; Norman Shaw's Foreman; (Reverend Hereward Rodney; Hubert Gordon, The Bishop of Exeter; Truro Chorister; Mevagissey Verger; Boy; Mrs Riviera; Daisy Porthluney; Hannah Tresilian; Emily Carrick; Daisy's Relative; Mr Porthluney; Mr Tresilian; Mrs Tresilian; Mevagissey Fishermen; Mrs Bunn; Lord Verulam; Reverend Litchen; Davy; Bishop of Llandaff; Squire Cotterell; Mr Hands; Tyndall; Benson Lammergeyer; Will Tattenham; Mrs Spatchcock; Old Mellors; Mildred Berkeley; Henry Blenkinsop; Mr & Mrs Carrick; Carricks' Neighbour; John Nathaniel Wallace Lionel Guest; Dai Evans; Sergeant Owen; Courting Couple; Mrs Leyshon; Fanny Bull; Mrs Shubunkin; Petronella Beatrice Partridge; Partridge's Maid; PC Corbutt; Bickerstaff; Inspector Bernard Brownlow; Sergeant Routledge; Inspector Arbalest; Inspector Walter Andrews; Mrs Andrews; Trumpeter Caedmon Armstrong; Bagster)
Date: 1885 / February 8th - April, 1886
Locations: New Scotland Yard Worksite; Hanover Square; Scotland Yard; Train; Cornwall; Swindon; The Bell; Swindon Central Station; Exeter; Mevagissey; The Happy Traveller; Rectory; 221B, Baker Street; South Mimms; Ralston Hall; St Albans; Lammergeyer's Office; The Pea-Hen; Fishpool Street; Romeland; Marylebone; Lisson Grove; The King Arthur; 89, The Minories; Fleet Street; Quiver Offices; 38, Blandford Square; Cardiff; The Angel; Blaenllechau; Blaenllechau Working Men's Club; Quarry; Guest's House; Pant-y-Girdl; Police Station; Borley Rectory; Sudbury; Market Hill; International Tea Company; Train; Hammersmith; Upper Mall; Chop House; The Nichol; Fournier Street; Nichol Street; Court off Jacob Street; The Temple; King's Bench Walk; Derringham's Chambers; Leman Street Police Station; The Home Office; Hounslow; The Last Post; Baker Street; Conduit Street; Nestling Hall
Story: A headless, armless torso is found in the foundations of New Scotland Yard. Holmes and Watson lie in wait for Count Gomez, when they find themselves surrounded by protesting workers. Lestrade quells the riot by shooting himself in the leg. Warren orders him suspended, but Monro sends him to traffic, where assistant commissioner Rodney sends him to Cornwall to investigate his cousin, Reverend Hereward Rodney's murder. In the local rectory he discovers lewd photos of local girls taken by the Reverend. The curate claims to have seen the Bishop of Exeter fleeing the scene.
Holmes links Rodney's murder to the death of Squire Ralston in South Mimms. Lestrade travels to Ralston Hall, where he learns that the Squire had given the first party since the death of Palmerston twenty-one years earlier. The five guests were the Squire's sons (who have hired Holmes and Watson), two of his bitter enemies and the daughter of another, Admiral Ratcliffe, who died days earlier aboard his ship. The Squire had a violent row with her. Another body turns up in Marylebone, Batchelor, an editor, with a drawing showing a series of squares tucked inside its dentures and a ticket to the Lyceum. Lestrade recalls seeing a similar drawing in the possession of Ralston's butler. His investigations result in the bnurning down of a barber's shop. Tyrrell and Green discover that Emily Carrick, one of the gorls photographed by Rodney, was pregnant and has been taken away by force to Colney Hatch Asylum. Lestrade visits Wilkie Collins, whom Batchelor had called on before his death. Collins suggests that numbers are important in the case, and that the diagram is a maze.
Another murder, of Guest, a mine owner, takes Lestrade to Wales, where he is tied up and has to escape to prevent the slaughter of a group of miners. A copy of the diagram is chalked on the quarry wall near where the body was found. The next one turns up at Borley Rectory, the most haunted house in Britain, where the gardener has been murdered, and Lestrade has a ghostly encounter. An old lady on a train identifies the diagram as a Nine Men's Morris game, which leads Lestrade to call on William Morris. Having identified the gardener as the 'Napoleon of Crime', Pretty Boy Partridge, Lestrade ventures into the Nichol to find his gang rival Chiv Eagle. While he is there, Sir Anthony Rivers is murdered nearby, and Holmes and Watson are spotted fleeing the crime scene.
Lestrade is summoned to the Home Office, and his office is ransacked. Shortly after, there are a pair of killings at the Last Post Hotel in Hounslow, of the landlord and landlady. The police dig up a further nine garrotted bodies in the garden. Again, Holmes and Watson have been seen in the area, so Lestrade sets a watch on Baker Street, and he and Sergeant George break into 221B. He gives his Sarah Bernhardt in the Police Revue, and it is there, after the performance, that he rounds off the case with the aid of Holmes, Watson and Mrs Hudson.

Lestrade and the Kiss of Horus (1995)
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade;
Historical Figures: Tutankhamun; Ankhasenamun; Ay; Chief Constable Fred Wensley; C.K. Simpson; Robert Fabian; Walter Hambrook; Evelyn Herbert; Lord Carnarvon; Lady Carnarvon; Dr. Johnson; Teddy Porchester; Susie; Benito Mussolini; Lee Stack; Aubrey Herbert; Howard Carter; Sidney Smith; Arthur Cruttendon Mace; Alfred Lucas; Henry Burton; Arthur Callender; Alan Henderson Gardiner; Lindsley Foote Hall; Richard Adamson; Arthur Sidney Merton (as Percy Merton); Arthur Weigall; Zagloul Pasha; PC George Storey; Marie Corelli; Suzanne Lenglen; Kathleen McKane; Prince Ali Kemal Fahmy Bey; Marguerite Fahmy Bey; Sir Edward Marshall Hall; (Horemheb)
Characters Based On Historical Figures: Alain Le Clerk (Georges Benedite); Aaron G. String the Third (Jay Gould)
Other Characters: Kat; Haph; Kat's Servants; The Nameless One; Emma Bandicoote-Lestrade; Inspector Norroy Macclesfield; Inspector Gerald McNulty; Albert Weez; McNulty's Constable; William Pargetter; Grinder; Hoof; Methuselah; Dimples; Constable Rockliffe; Edward Jones; Jacob Hoare; Colin Smedley; Dicky Tickner; Greenham Women; Flunkey at Highclere; Jack Holinshed; Tilly Holinshed; Researcher; Floozy; Old Woman; Veronica; Captain Guy Mainwaring; Paris Airport officials; Italian Paparazzi; Cairo Customs officials; Kalil; Hassim; Mubarak; Mahmoud; Alain Le Clerk; Carter's Fellahin; Shepheard's Waiters; Tom Guest; Reginald Keen; Pomeroy Nettlefold; Dead Prostitute; Mustapha; Street Urchins; Bedouins; Clifford Hanger; Winter Palace Maître d'Hôtel; Carter's Waiters; Aaron G. String the Third; String's Fellah; Emil Lamartine; Mrs. Ralph; Steamer Captain; Cairo Crowds; Ghaffirs; Ghaffir Sergeant; Shepheard's Major Domo; German Guest; Shepheard's Guests; Zagloul's Men; Blind Beggar; The Hussain Brothers; Ahmed; Airport Mob; Fanny Lestrade; Madison; Wembley Crowd; Wembley Policemen; Wembley officials; Wembley Chief Superintendant; The Band of the Coldstream Guards; Mounted Policemen; Bolton Wanderers Captain; Bolton Wanderers Vice-Captain; Algie; Algie's Mother; Davies; Lift Operator; Fat Lady in Lift; Linklater; Canteen Assistant; Canteen Customers; Lady Policemen; Miss Pargetter; Scotland Yard Switchboard Operator; Police Guards; Savoy Guards; Savoy Flunkies; Savoy Maître d'Hôtel; Police at The Savoy; Arthur Mariani; Cabin; Costa; French Maid; Said Ernani; Sylvester Alexander; Dr. Gordon; Eddie; Spotty Youth; Trixie Dilnot; K Division Constable; Signor Esparto; Smenkhare; Horemheb; The Holinsheds' Son; (Hortense Weigall; Corinna Smith)
Date: 1323BC & 17th March - July, 1923
Locations: Thebes; Virginia Water; Lestrade's House; Bart's; Scotland Yard; Emma's Austin Seven; Newbury; Greenham Common; Highclere; The British Museum; Croydon Airport; A De Havilland DH66 Hercules; Paris; Lyons; L'Aviateur Fatigué Hotel, Rue De La Guillotire; Rome; Cairo; Sharia El-Kubri; Museum of Egyptian Antiquities; Luxor; Netherby & Netherby, Rue Nueve; Shepheard's Hotel; Beni Suef; Abu Qurgas; Winter Palace Hotel; Valley of the Kings; Tutankhamun Excavation Site; Tutankhamun's Tomb; A Nile Steamer; Cairo Airport; Palermo; Carter's Mother's House; Wembley Stadium; Wimbledon; The Strand; The Savoy Hotel; The Coal Hole Pub; Fleet Street; Daily Mail offices; Greek Street, Soho; Ships In the Night Agency; Stratford-At-Bow; Stratford-On-Avon; Mason Croft; A Gondola on the Avon; The Grand Hotel
Story: Tutankhamun is concerned about the advance of Horemheb's armies, worried that the general intends to kill him. His wife is giving him trouble, and having an affair with his adviser, Ay. Ay kills Tutankhamun, who is embalmed by Kat.

Lestrade, now retired is called by Fred Wensley, to look into the murder of Weez, a night watchman at Bart's. The young Simpson tells Lestrade that Weez was killed in the pharmacy next to the poisons cupboard. The pharmacist says that a bottle of potassium cyanide is missing. At Scotland Yard, Wensley tells Lestrade that this is the third similar murder, and that he believes that someone on the force is involved, hence Lestrade's involvement. Emma gets a telegram from Evelyn Herbert. When she & Lestrade arrive at Highclere they meet the Holinsheds who tell them that the telegram was from them, that Evelyn is in Cairo, and explain the strange incidents after the opening of Tutankhamun's tomb, including the death of Evelyn's father, Lord Carnarvon. They ask Lestrade to fly out with them to investigate. Lestrade tells Wensley that he will take three of the suspect policemen, Macclesfield, Fabian & Hambrook, with him.

The first death after Lestrade's arrival is French Archaeologist Alain Le Clerk, apparently of a broken neck after a fall from his horse, after visiting the Tutankhamun dig. Pathologist Sidney Smith, however, tells Lestrade that he was poisoned with henbane. Lestrade & Holinshed travel towards Luxor by camel before being picked up by publicist Hanger, who tells them of the events of the night of Carnarvon's death. Journeying on they arrive at Carter's excavation site. As Lestrade questions his team, new arrivals show up including the American millionaire, String, and Lamartine of the Surêté. Lestrade has Carnarvon's razor checked for poison, and Burton finds traces of henbane. String goes on a shooting spree, firing at Lestrade, then killing himself. Again henbane seems to be the cause. Weigall, the reporter tells Lestrade of a tablet found in the tomb bearing a curse.

Emma & Macclesfield arrive to take the wounded Lestrade, and String's body, back to Cairo on a Nile steamer (apparently the one from Christie's Death On the Nile). When they arrive the city is in turmoil, and they are given an armed guard. Hanger is acting morosely, Lestrade is delirious, both recover after vomiting. At Shepheard's they receive notice that Fabian & Hambrook have been kidnapped by Zagloul, who demands that Lestrade & Carter come to the Mosque El-Muayyad. Carter refuses to go, so Lestrade goes in his place, with Macclesfield pretending to be Lestrade. The men are freed, but Hanger is shot by one of Zagloul's men. Zagloul is wounded and put under house arrest for transportation to England. Lestrade's party, Zagloul & Carter flee an angry mob at the airport and face engine failure over the Nile Delta before making it back to England, where they discover that the engines were sabotaged.

Lestrade decides that the murders are being carried out to prevent Egypt's treasures from being taken out of the country. He believes that Lady Carnarvon & Carter are still at risk, and travels to Wembley with Emma. Lestrade helps quell the crowds in an over-packed stadium, but Emma is stabbed in the back by a foreign woman. There is another death at Bart's, this time Pargetter, the pharmacist, and Lestrade realises that this and the former one are related to the Egypt murders, not the "old fogey" case. Later there is a shooting at the Savoy Hotel, the Holinsheds' friend Prince Fahmy has been killed by his wife. Weigall was with them on the evening of the shooting. Finally after a visit from Marshall Hall, and a visit to Marie Corelli, Lestrade finds that the solution lies right back in Tutankhamun's brief reign.

Lestrade and the Devil's Own (1996)
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade
Fictional Characters: Miss Froy
Historical Figures: John Ellis; Inspector John Kane; Edward Henry; Frank Froest; Walter Dew; Emmeline Pankhurst; Colonel G. Glyn; General Kitchener; Montague Summers; Julius Drewe; Mary "Daisy" Drewe; W.O. Bentley; Sir Rufus Isaacs; David Lloyd George; Sir Henry Curtis Bennett; Reginald McKenna; (Emily Wilding Davison; Herbert Jones; George V; Queen Mary; Adrian Drewe; Bernard Spilsbury)
Other Characters: Judge; Harry Bandicoot; Fanny Lestrade; Prison Warders; Tom; Clippie; Detective-Sergeant Ned Blevvins; Constable Gregory Lyall; Constable Arnold / Nathan Tait; Sergeant "Buildings" Peabody; Tom Bayard Allardyce; Count Vladimir Sonofavitch Varutchin; Alexandra Larbalestier; Gerald Larbalestier; Cuthbertson; Worsthorne Griffin; Photographer; Alaric Bligh; Raleigh Harman Staff; Inspector Francis Dimsdale; Police Canteen Worker; Policemen; Suffragettes; Sergeant Douglas; Constables; Cabbies; Boadicea; Esmerelda; Godiva; Tom Eldridge; Francis; Emily Greenbush; Andrew Salway; Jessica; Mr. Middlemass; Sam Cody; Old Hatfield; Murchison; Constable; Constable Dangerfield; Old Glich; Delilah; Edith Allardyce; Detective-Constable Abel Jenkins; Emma Bandicoot-Lestrade; Naval Officer; Dick Auger; Anton L Grand; Herbert Wilson; Hector McGregor; Effie Howard; Orchestra; Stockbrokers; Hounslow Cabbie; Bruce Devonshire; Cyclist Sergeant; Private Grenville Nadger; Private Tarleton Ogg; General Lovell; Lieutenant Danby Withers; Charles "Broker" Morant; Toussaint; Soldiers; Inspector James Whistler; Gervaise; Quentin; Piers; Mansell; Jack Fordingbury; De Lorean; Embassy Usher; Varutchin's Companions; Natasha; Nikolai; Maisie; Letitia Bandicoot; Brooklands Crowds; Brooklands Constable; Mechanics; Burner Fryer; (Dr, Benjamin Wentworth; Constable Tressider; George Potter; Albert Weston; Archie Emblin; Weston's Mother; Mrs. Verricker; Robert Peel; Constable Smith; Dame Vera Krupskaya; George Griffin; Sergeant Malleson; Billy Armstrong; Constable Clements; Man at the Derby; Dr. Cole; Sam Weatherley; Fryer; Inspector Day; Coroner; Claude Beaufort)
Date: January-December, 1913
Locations: The Old Bailey; Pentonville Prison; A Tram; Piccadilly Circus; Oxford Street; Scotland Yard; Mortuary; Hyde Park Corner; Chiswick; Larbalestier's House; Lombard Street; Raleigh Harman Offices; Birdcage Walk; Eaton Square; House in Eaton Mews; Epsom; Greenbush's House; Lestrade's House; Orange Street; Constable & Co. Offices; Twinings Offices; Farnborough; Watling Park; Allardyce's House; His Majesty's Theatre; Effie Howard's House; Wormwood Scrubs; The Stock Exchange; Hounslow Heath; Stanmore, Whimbrill Avenue, The Retreat; Morant's House; Paddington Station; A Train; Castle Drogo; Bentley's Garage; Russian Embassy; Isaacs' House; 11, Downing Street; McKenna's House; Brooklands;
(Krupskaya's House; The Embankment; The Derby)
Story: Lestrade is accused of the murder of Millicent Millichip, a publican. She had been stabbed in Oxford Street, after getting off a tram in Piccadilly Circus, Lestrade was the first to come across her as she was dying. Kane narrows the field of suspects down to the woman's three suitors, Potter, Weston & Emblin. The murder weapon was a blade similar to the one in Lestrade's brass knuckles, which have recently been lost. A man, Peel was also killed, in a hit and run accident, on the same day and Lestrade is put on the case. He discovers that the only witness, Allardyce's alibi appears to be false, after Blevvins terrorises a Russian Dame. He visits Peel's fiancé, and follows a lead to a City brokerage, but finds the man he intended to interview dead, next to him is a card with a devil on it and the number 14. He learns from that the man's son killed himself five year's previously, and, from Dew, that Mrs. Millichip was a witness to his death. Blevvins faces an army of suffragettes outside Scotland Yard, is kidnapped, and Lestrade is sent for to get him back. In return for Blevvins' release, Lestrade is asked to investigate the death of Emily Wilding Davison at the Derby. He learns that her injuries were not serious enough to lead to death, and the doctor who took her from the course cannot be found. Watching the fiilm of the Derby he notices that the King's horse was also number 14 and the doctor drove a Mephisto Fiat. Allardyce is poisoned after Lestrade visits his office where later Kane finds a rejected manuscript by Lestrade. Sam Cody finds a devil card in his airplane cockpit shortly before crashing. Kane discovers that Cody knew Millichip. The next victim is Wilson, an actor shot onstage with a prop gun, and then a soldier is shot in the presence of General Kitchener. Lestrade falls victim to a voodoo drug. Dimsdale of the Serious Fraud Squad is found dead at Castle Drogo. Involvement of persons in high positions eventually results in Lestrade's imprisonment, and Harry Bandicoot does some breaking and entering in an attempt to secure his release before the mystery is solved at Brooklands racetrack.
"Exit Centre Stage" (1997)
Included in:
Crime Through Time (Miriam Grace Monfredo & Sharyn Newman)
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector (Sholto) Lestrade
Historical Figures: W.S. Gilbert; Sir Arthur Sullivan; Oscar Wilde
Other Characters: Trevelyan Cavendish; Lady Augustine Ferrers; Harry Bandicoot; Letitia Bandicoot; Lord Ferrers; Mr. Dysart; Dame Ellen Rowborough
Date: July, 1893
Locations: The Adelphi Theatre
Story: At a party at the Adelphi Theatre, after a charity gala performance of Patience, leading man Trevelyan Cavendish is poisoned. Luckily Lestrade is on hand to investigate, but it does not help matters that everyone present, including Oscar Wilde, Gilbert & Sullivan, and Lestrade's old friend Harry Bandicoot, seems to have a motive for killing the actor.

Lestrade and the Mirror of Murder (2001)
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade
Characters Based On Fictional Characters: (Sergeant Pepper; Derbyshire)
Historical Figures: Emperor Tewodros (Theodore) II; Lord Napier; Sir Charles Staveley; Walter Dew; Major E.F. Wodehouse; Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman; Edward VII; Princess Beatrice; Princess Victoria Eugenie; Charles Stockley Collins; Arthur Conan Doyle; Oliver Lodge; John Buchan; Lady Staveley; Tristram "Charlie" Speedy;
(Frederick Abberline; Alfonso XIII; Noel Coward; Muschik; Shanker Abaji Bhisey; Adelaide Turner; Mary Fava Pollock; General Herbert Gough; General Alexander Badcock; Prince Albert; Raku Uyenishi; Raymond Lodge; Louise Doyle; George Edalji; John Huston; Sidney Rowlatt)
Characters Based On Historical Figures: "Phil the Greek" Philips (Prince Philip); Constable Beaton (Cecil Beaton); (Mellor (David Mellor); Mr Piggott (Lester Piggott); Sergeant Clary (Julian Clary); PC Henry "Steamhammer" Cooper (Henry Cooper); Mr Bristow (Eric Bristow))
Other Characters: Charles Tenterden; 4th Foot Regiment; Abyssinian Warriors; Mr Poulson; Matron Gladys; Constable Bee; Constable Queux; Sergeant Benjamin Harry Adams; Sir Willoughby d'Eresby; Inspector Tatum; Maid; Captain William Orange; Ellen Caterham; Victoria Caterham; Daisy Caterham; Mr Wilkinson; Kenrick; Harriman; Barney Clough; Hotel Lackey; Janet Calthrop; King's College Flunkey; Dean of King's College; Professor Blasius; Doctor Fellowes; Librarian; Library Readers; James Camargue Sparrow; Cab Driver; Downing Street Door Constable; Downing Street Flunkey; David Laurence Runton; Inspector Padstow; Juan Tomas de Jesus-Lopez; Captain Fannin; Lieutenant Harkness; Archie Bandicoot; George "Tippy" Hedron; Sixteenth Lancers; Marsh; Toffs; King's Driver; Parasolled Ladies; Sir Daniel Whiddon; Oadby; Elvira Whiddon; Matilda Whiddon; Henrietta Whiddon; Dierdre; Marjorie; Monica; George; Mr Hunter; Inspector Lovell; Sergeant Gerald; Eastbourne Cabbie; Chief Constable of Sussex; Russell's & Mordecai's Retainer; Will; George Grendell Russell; Brewery Staff; Old Mr Russell; Ellen Russell; Jane Russell; Henry Mordecai; Constable "Ears" McMullen; Store Detective; Knightsbridge Cab Driver; Cotterell; Peta Gurney; Abraham "Opportunity" Knox; Alexandra Palace Crowd; Balloon Crew; Letitia Bandicoot; Harry Bandicoot; Stewards; Gladys Cooper; Queenie Blow; Clement; Albert Spivey; Emily Adams; Adams's Children; Freddie; Tram Accident Witnmenesses; Work; Constable "Juggernaut" Jenkins; Atlas; Slammer; Pectorals; Killer; Gertrude; Old Lady; Arnold Howard; Mr Frazer; Chief Inspector Rattray; Bloomsbury Square Constable; Harriet Qualtrough
(Lestrade's Father; Lestrade's Mother; Professor Taylor; Mr Pritchard; Miss Raverat; Mayor of Blackheath; Mr Montfitchett; Mr Chubb; Mr Martinet; Mrs Poulson; Chief Inspector Ned Marrion; Mrs Dew; Sergeant Charlie Dickens; Mr Justice Swindlehurst; Constable Meadowsweet; Mavis Adams; Doris Kenrick; Harry Nurdin; Susie Dew; Police Surgeon; Emma Bandicoot-Lestrade; Reggie; Nanny Dumplings; Ermintrude Abberline; Padstow's Men; Friday; Telephone Operator; Pedro Alvarez; Badcock's Officers; Constable Waters; Michael Appleby; George Carson; John Moulscombe; Runton's Friend; Abednego Mordecai; Old Droop; Sanderson; Maitland; Constable "The Shadow" Royal; Cotterell's Landlord; José Alvarez; Geronimo Alvarez; Miguel Alvarez; Inspector "Toffeenose" Penrose; Inspector "Snotnose" Penrose; Underwood; Justice Wunce; Mrs Wuncy; Patsy Montague; London Pavilion Policeman; Gaiety Girls; Lucky Larry of Lashbrooke; Blodwen; Oxfordshire Doctor; Courting Couple; Punter; Cyclist; Howard's Brother; Sister-in-Law; Sister; Sister's Young Man; Choirmaster; Vicar; Nanny; Window Cleaner; Fox Court Residents; Street Urchins; Hermione Wentworth; Anthea Birley; Lyall Whiddon)
Date: 1868 / April- August, 1906
Locations: Abyssinia; Magdala; Blackheath; Mr Poulson's Academy for the Sons of Nearly Respectable Gentlefolk; New Scotland Yard; Devon; Tavistock; Tavistock Guildhall; The Queen's Head; Kelly Street; Mr Wilkinson's Emporium For The Recently Departed; Peter Tavy; Dartmoor; Orange's House; Tenterden's House; Montague Street Mortuary; The Strand; King's College; 10, Downing Street; Sussex; Beachy Head; Eastbourne Police Station; Duntourin' Hotel; Belle Tout Lighthouse; Duke of York's Barracks; Chelsea; 61, Deluge Street; Buckinghamshire; Burford; The All And Sundry Inn; Bladon; Marsh Gibbon; Southampton Buildings; Patent Office; Chelsea; Chiswick; Russell's & Mordecai's Brewery; Bayswater; Ossington Street; The Granary; Harrods; Knightsbridge; 28, Manchester Street; Alexandra Palace; Grand Hotel; Morgue; Finsbury; North Metropolitan Tramways Yard; Adams's House; Bart's; The Temple; Chancery Lane, 16, Fox Court; Oxfordshire; Mapledurham; Sonning Eye; Fighting Cocks; Henley-on-Thames; Henley Mortuary; A Train; Bloomsbury Square
Story: After the capture of Magdala, British agent Charlie Speedy disappears. Sholto Lestrade is expelled from Mr Poulson's Academy for the Sons of Nearly Respectable Gentlefolk.

Dew is assigned two new constables, Bee and Queux. Lestrade is sent to Devon to investigate the deaths of Captain Orange and his nieces in a carriage accident. Retired journalist, Tenterden, tells him that on the morning of his death, Orange had a visit from the tallest man you've ever seen. He also learns that a broken mirror was found in the Captain's pocket. Dew summons him back to investigate the murder of a nineteen-year-old heiress at King's College in the Strand, also found with a broken mirror. Tenterden suggests that the mirrors are linked to events in Abyssinia. Lestrade is summoned to Downing Street when a Spanish nobleman disappears. A birdwatcher claims he jumped off Beachy Head, and another mirror is found in his discarded uniform. His death leads to a potential royal scandal involving the King's niece, Victoria.

Sir Daniel Whiddon is killed by a therapeutic device. Visiting Whiddon's maiden aunts, Lestrade learns of a Whiddon cousin who was at Magdala, and first hears of Captain Speedy, whom he learns more about from Tenterden. A cross-dressing brewer who could possibly identify the killer is drowned in one of his own vats. After a visit to Harrods, Lestrade has a run-in with a professional murderer. He hears of the theft of four Abyssinian mirrors from the Horniman Museum, and remembers an old song. At Alexandra Palace, the Bandicoots witness a paracuting Gaiety Girl meet a deadly end, and Oliver Lodge and Conan Doyle hold a seance to contact her spirit. One of Lestrade's men is killed after learning about the legend of Prester John from John Buchan.

Lestrade and the Giant Rat of Sumatra (2014)
Story Type:
Parody / Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade; Giant rat of Sumatra; (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson)
Characters Derived from Fictional Characters: (Sergeant Dixon; Sergeant Bill 'Wall' Pepper)
Historical Figures: Walter Dew; Ethel Martin / Ethel Dew; Albert Martin; Major Frederick Wodehouse; Sir Edward Henry; Bernard Spilsbury; Frederick Abberline; Sir Clement Markham; Herbert Gladstone; Stockley Collins; Charles Fort; Anna Fort; Mr Justice Darling; Arthur Conan Doyle; Harry Brodribb Irving; A.E.W. Mason; Arthur Diosy; S. Ingleby Oddie; Robert Churchill; (Florence Idle / Florence Dew; Kate Dew; Agatha Christie; George Gutteridge; Frederick Browne; William Kennedy; Dr A.J. Pepper; Henry Campbell-Bannerman; George V; Edward VII; Lillie Langtry; Sir Henry Irving; Dew's Mother; Sarah Penfold; Thomas Daley; Daley's Neighbour; Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman)
Characters Derived from Historical Figures: Constable Picasso (Pablo Picasso); (Sergeant Redgrave (Steve Redgrave); Dr Shipman (Harold Shipman))
Other Characters:
Detective Constable Arnold Bang; Detective Constable Sven Olufsen; Gran Daley; Willie Daley; Mary Daley; Thomas Daley; Norman Eccles; Horse & Collar Landlord; Professor Auchinleck; Badger; Alan Northfield; Constable Smith; Constable Wesson; Inspector Jack Doggett; James Tooke; Erasmus Whelan; Graphic Sub-editor; Dan McDaid; Abberline's Girl; Mrs Leatherbarrow; George Leatherbarrow; Mark Lane, Lord Westonbirt; Geoffrey Kay; Herbert Lutterworth; Maybelle; Wilfred 'Patent' Madison; Pentridge; Superintendent Mortimer Tomelty; Harry Bandicoot; Michael Rafferty; Rachel Bunting; Sir Charles Fortyodd; Dives Club Major Domo; Annie Addington; Maids Are Us Clerk; Hester Lane; Seamus Mullarkey; Throat; Foote Club Major Domo; Folkestone Morgue Attendant; Captain Hugo Vickers; Folkestone Matron; Sergeant Insole; Henrietta Kesteven; Grand Hotel Desk Man; Hotel Employee; Ernest Mitchell; Mary Logan; John Reginald Thomas; Constable Richards; Constable 'Nosey' Parker; Riverside Café Clergyman; Signor Giuseppe; Constable Bertram Mulgrew; Baliol's Cox; Bicycle Boy; Sergeant Laughlin; Sergeant George; Clough; Embankment Cabbie; Adelphi Theatre Flunkey; British Museum Librarian; Beggar; Young Man in Rouge; Brighton Constable; Ex-Detective Inspector 'Gobber' Britland; Ex-Inspector William Crowther; Ben Arrowsmith; Mr Bang; Mrs Bang; Arthur Chortlebury; Dr Peter Buckmaster; Zoo Turnstile Keeper; Dr Hoo; Sister Micheldever; Emily; Mr Day; Ivan Cussiter; Constable Williams; Clarence Dole; Pilgrim; Fortyodd's Girl; Tarquin; Wriothesley; Jeremiah 'Winding' Lane, Lord Westonbirt; Scotland Yard Desk Man; Scotland Yard Officers; Growlers; Crossing Sweepers; Strand Pedestrians; Horse & Collar Patrons; Hammersmith Bridge Onlookers; Graphic Journalists; Wayzgoose Patrons; Madison's Flunkies; Victoria Station Porter; Turk's Row Urchins; Turk's Row Lodgers; Dives Club Members; Dives Club Waiters; Madison's Heavies; Kent Police Officers; Folkestone Witnesses; Railway Police Officers; Embankment Gardens Strollers; Riverside Café Customers; Baliol Boat Team; Monument Commuters; Carlton Club Members; Adelphi Audience; Arches Residents; Turkish Bath Customers; Temple Barristers; City Gents; Growlers; St Thomas's Nurses
(Arrested Vicar; Desk-Sergeant McNair; Miss Westinghouse; Mr Godfrey; Evangeline Cornish; Mendelssohn the Baker; Paperboy; Ebury Lane Pathologist; Fleet Street Crowds; Lady Dunn-Knightley; Constable Wainwright; Letitia Bandicoot; Ivo Bandicoot; Rupert Bandicoot; Emma Bandicoot-Lestrade; Doc Entwhistle; Kay & Lutterworth's Clients; Dr Spencer Bunting; Dr Stephen Hawkesmoore; Hawkesmoore's Secretary; Congo Missionary; Bunting's Maid; Mrs Gambeson-Morillier; Tilly; Maggie Nunn; Clarence; Foote Club Members; Squire Trelawney; Vickers' Support Boat Crew; Chief Constable of Kent; Mayor of Folkestone; Henrietta's Nephew; Tavistock Square Concierge; Inspector Tachbrooke; Mrs Mulgrew; Jacob Slibowitz; Reverend Otto Kratt; Effie; 'Aristotle' Miltiades; Daley's Doctor; Chief Constable; Milkmaid; 'Shady' Lane; Dr Proctor; Mr Dawson; Dives Club Doorman; Lord Hartington; Jem)
Date: 1936 / June-September, 1905
Locations: Croydon; Scotland Yard; The Daley House; The Strand; The Horse and Collar; Royal Geographical Society; Colney Hatch Asylum; Paddington; St Mary's Hospital; Hammersmith; Fleet Street; Graphic Office; The Wayzgoose; Penge; 23, Ambrosia Gardens; Charing Cross; Kay & Lutterworth Photographers; Blackfriars Station; Bow Street Police Station; Victoria Station; The Savoy; Chelsea; Turk's Row; Jermyn Street; Bloomsbury; Gordon Square; Maids Are Us Offices; Lane, Chortlebury & Lane Offices; 71, Old Pie Street; Madison's Hideout; Foote Club; Folkestone Morgue; Church Hall; Grand Hotel; 1, Savile Row; The Home Office; Battersea; St Thomas's Hospital; Railway Police Station House; Temple Underground Station; Embankment Gardens; Riverside Café; The Embankment; Battersea Park; Monument Underground Station; The Monument; Cleopatra's Needle; Parliament Square; Broad Sanctuary; Great Smith Street; Carlton Club; Adelphi Theatre; British Museum Reading Room; Lower Robert Street; Shaftesbury Avenue; Golden Lane Mortuary; Wapping River Police Headquarters; Turkish Baths; Harley Street; Buckmaster's Surgery; The Middle Temple; Shepherd's Bush; Brighton Pier; The Sewers; The Fleet River; London Zoo; Westminster; The Nag's Head; St Bartholomew's Hospital; Orange Street; Churchill's Shop; Knight & Day's Offices; Essex Marshes; The Black Deepes; Ludgate Circus
Story: Walter Dew tells his daughter Ethel about one of his cases with Lestrade.

Constables Bang and Olufsen arrive to take up duties at Scotland Yard. Thomas Daley, supposedly hanged for murder in 1898 turns up alive and well on his family's doorstep. A shabby, lice-infested man is arrested in the Strand and Lestrade and Dew feel the effects of an earthquake. A series of arsenic murders leads Lestrade and Dew from Fleet Street to Penge, and on the trail of some dodgy postcards, from the dens of organised crime to the dining rooms of Clubland and an attempted cross-channel swim.

Matters escalate when Dew is abducted, and the case leads them into the tunnels beneath the city and a society of literary crime solvers. The body of a giant Sumatran rat proves to be the decisive clue to unravelling the mystery.