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Sam Siciliano

The Angel of the Opera (1994)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Dr Henry Vernier
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Toby; (Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; François le Villard)
Fictional Characters: Armand Moncharmin; Firmin Richard; Comte Philippe de Chagny; Vicomte Raoul de Chagny; Erik, The Phantom of the Opera; Christine Daaé; Madame Giry; The Persian; Meg Giry; Carlotta; Sorelli; The Concierge; (Monsieur Poligny; Monsieur Debienne; César; Joseph Buquet; Monsieur Mifroid)
Historical Figures: (Charles Garnier)
Other Characters: Dr Henry Vernier; Susan Lowell; Catherine; Major Lowell; Opera Attendants; Hotel Doorman; Hotel Clerk; Comte's Coachman; Chez Armand Proprietor; Chez Armand Waiter; Dog-walking Woman; Pedestrians; Hotel Bellman; Opera Performers; Pierre; Monsieur du Boeuf; Carpenters; Corps de Ballet; Piano Player; Dance Master; Monsieur Gris; Gris's Assistant; Stagehands; Diligence Driver; Setting Sun Innkeeper; Lannion Ticket Clerk; Opera Audience; Republican Guards; Conductor; Carriage Drivers; Carlos Fontana; Masked Ball Guests; Notre Dame Visitors; Priest; Gas Men; Elderly Hotel Couple; Hotel Maids; Train Guard; Opera Guard; Mifroid's Men; Fontana's Attendant; Monsieur Gérard; Jacob the Rat Catcher; Victor; Dr Michelle Doudet Vernier; (Violet Sherrinford; Sherlock Vernier; Thugs; Colonel Davidson; Colonel Broderick; Priest; Mrs Lowell; Russell; Madame Sponelli; Monsieur Bossuet; Second-Rate Poet; Police Inspector; Elderly Nobleman; Pickpocket; Carlotta's Physician; Prompter; Wardrobe Master; Holmes's Oxford Girlfriend; Young Earl; Commodore; The Sultana)
Date: July, 1939 / January-March, 1890 (?)
Locations: Wales; A Castle; France; Paris; Paris Opera House; Boulevard des Capucines; Hotel; Chez Armand; The Brittany Express; Brittany; Lannion; Perros; Inn of the Setting Sun; Cemetery; Church; Lannion Station; Notre Dame Cathedral; Louvre; Gare du Nord
Story: Vernier decides to publish his story after Holmes and Watson are both dead. He reveals that Moriarty was created by Watson so that he could "kill off" Holmes after a falling out. The events of this story took place after that.

At the home of blind pianist, Susan Lowell, and her father, Holmes wraps up a case involving Thugs and a statue of Kali. He invites his cousin Vernier, to accompany him to Paris, where he has been summoned to investigate the ghost that is haunting the Opera House. On arrival, they are told of the problems that have beset the Opera since a box, traditionally reserved for the Phantom, has been put back into use. Comte de Chagny hires Holmes to find out young singer Christine's intentions towards his brother, who also consults him over a voice he has heard in Christine's dressing-room. Holmes receives a warning note from the Phantom. He and Vernier tour the Opera, then travel to Brittany with Raoul, where Christine is visiting her father's grave. The Phantom follows.

When the Opera managers refuse to bow to the Phantom's demands that Christine should sing Marguerite in Faust, the Phantom causes the chandelier to fall into the audience during the performance. Christine disappears, but a note to Raoul promises a meeting at the Opera Masked Ball, where the Phantom makes an appearance as the Red Death. Holmes and Vernier venture from the heights of the towers of Notre Dame to the depths of the cellars beneath the Opera and up again to its rooftops in search of the Phantom. Watson sends Toby to assist in the hunt, leading to a confrontation in the Phantom's cellar home, traps, and an explosion. Holmes returns to Wales to bring a happy ending to both his cases.

The Grimswell Curse (2013)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Dr Henry Vernier
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; (Dr Watson)
Historical Figures: (Oscar Wilde; Robert Ross)
Other Characters: Dr Henry Vernier; Lord Frederick Digby; Dr Michelle Doudet Vernier; Rose Grimswell; Street Hawkers; Sandwich Board Men; Street Urchins; Geoffrey; The Honourable Alice Dobson; Dog Cart Driver; William Fitzwilliams; Constance Grimswell; George; Meg; Prudence Fitzwilliams; Dr John Hartwood; Grace Neal; Locksmith; Maria; Maid; Annie; Janie; Hansom Driver; Higgins; Dr Edward Morrissey; Jane Grimswell; Susan; (Donald Wheelwright, Jr; Violet Montague Wheelwright; James Digby, Marquess of Hampsford; Victor, Viscount Grimswell of Dartmoor; Tom Digby; Susan Rupert; Lord Rupert; Rose's Mother; Rose's Grandfather; Viscount Reginald Grimswell; Lady Catherine Grimswell; Catherine's Father; Catherine's Sons; Yeoman; Yeoman's Daughter; Earl of Chadwick; Rose; Grimpen Churchgoers; Herdsmen; Herdsman's Wife and Child; Priest; Lady Jane Rupert; Harriet; Phillip Grimswell; Cecily Lampert; Paddington Physician; Retired Colonel; Lady Rupert's Footmen; Digby's Friends; James Rigby; Groom; Dr Herbert; Ned; Agnes Grimswell; Nell; Nell's Father; Nell's Brother; Gardener; Marjorie; Nigel; Jonathan Grimswell; Annabelle Grimswell; Miss Spence / Mrs Grimswell; Lord Douglas Shamwell; Shamwell's Wife; Lady Rupert's Maid; Police Constable; Shamwell's Steward)
Date: November, one year after The Web Weaver
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Devon; Dartmoor; Grimswell Hall; Grimpen; Grimpen Church; Demon Tor; Vernier's House near Paddington; Grimpen Inn; Merriweather Farm; Marshall House Asylum
Story: Vernier is visiting Holmes in Baker Street when Lord Frederick Digby arrives. His fiancée, Rose Grimswell, has broken off their engagement, saying her father won't allow it. Her father, however, has been dead for four months. He shows them a document that tells of a curse upon the Grimswell family. After a meeting with Vernier's wife, Rose disappears back to the family home near Grimpen on Dartmoor. Holmes, Vernier and Digby follow. Holmes and Vernier witness Rose sleepwalking, and her pet dog is killed. She tells them that she has been hearing her dead father's voice. They also hear tales of a man in black and wolves on the moor.

The Moonstone's Curse (2017)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Dr Henry Vernier
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; (Mycroft Holmes)
Fictional Characters: The Moonstone; (Colonel John Herncastle; Herncastle's Cousin; Rachel Verinder; Franklin Blake; Sergeant Cuff; Godfrey Ablewhite; The Indians; Mr (Robert) Murthwaite; Brahmin Priests; Lady Julia Verinder; Sir John Verinder)
Characters based on Fictional Characters: (Adam Selton [Adam Salton])
Other Characters: Dr Henry Vernier; Charles Bromley; Hodges; Mrs Carlson; Alice Bromley; Sabine Pascal; Susan; Lady Jane Alexander; Lady Norah Bartram; Geoffrey Tyabji; Jack Murthwaite; Dr David Cowen; George; Dr Michelle Doudet Vernier; Bartholomew Harter; Nancy; Dowager Viscountess Tigleywink; James Bartram; Lord Franklin Alexander; Jasper Harrison; Florence Harrison; Matilda; Reynolds; Brown; Stevens; Mrs Bateson; Sunil; George; Constable Williams; Mrs Bartlett; Saunders; Constable Bradley; Cab Drivers; Cowen's Page; News Boys; Sandwichboard Men; Queen Anne Street Passers-by; Man with Crushed Foot; Man's Wife; Older Man in Simpson's; Little Boy; Boy's Mother; Fish Vendor; Harter & Benjamin's Guard; Fish Vendor's Customer; Michelle's Patients; Portman Square Woman & Boys; Scotland Yard Front Desk Officer; Cowen's Driver; Kensington Pedestrians; Carriage Driver; Lestrade's Constables; Vauxhall Crowds; Vauxhall Band; Conductor; Man with Moustache; Buxom Woman; South Lambeth Road Passers-by; Street Vendors; Robbers; Tyabji's Cook; Cowen's Patients; Saunders' Assistant; Saunders' Customer; (Neville Blake; James Bartram Jr; Indian; Thakur Sahib Bhagwatsimhji Sagramsimhji; Maharajah of Gondal; Charlotte Blake; Lord Robert Bromley; Ronald Bromley; Diana Marsh; Rose Grimswell; Violet Wheelwright; Rose Chadwell; Ahmad Tyabji; Amelia Tyabji; Ahmad Patel; Henry Albert; Latin Master; Huntley; Ratty; Moley; Viscount Tigleywink; Dorothea Dobson; Lady Margaret; Lord Frederick; Sir John; Georgiana; Georgiana's Aunt; Reverend Wrangles; Jane Huntley / Lady Alexander; Edward Tigleywink; Tigleywink's Mistress; Duke's Son; Parlour Maid; Amy Grant; William; Bromley's Friend; Wilkinson; Harriet; Hindu Pilgrims)
Date: July - October
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Bromley's House; Tyabji's House; Queen Anne Street; Charity Hospital 83; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; Harter & Benjamin's Jewellers Shop; Vernier's House; Portman Square; Grosvenor Square; Viscountess Tigleywink's House; The Embankment; New Scotland Yard; Kensington Road; Kensington Gardens; Kensington Road; South Lambeth Road; Vauxhall Park; Vauxhall Bridge; South Lambeth Road; Queen's Gate; Saunders Pharmacy; Hyde Park; The Serpentine; French restaurant
Story: Charles Bromley, husband of the Moonstone's current owner Alice Bromley, the grand-daughter of Franklin Blake and Rachel Verinder, consults Holmes when Alice sees an Indian face peering through their window, after Mr Tyabji has tried to buy the diamond from them to return to India. Bromley invites Holmes and Vernier to a dinner party which will be the last public appearance of the jewel before it is locked away in a bank vault.

Lestrade is brought into the case when Bromley's jeweller friend Harter is murdered. Later, after an outburst from Alice at the dinner party, the Moonstone disappears, and upon its return is immediately stolen again.

The Web Weaver (2012)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Dr Henry Vernier & Michelle Vernier
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; (Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; Inspector Lestrade; Baker Street Irregulars)
Fictional Characters: (Duke of Denver; Phantom of the Opera)
Other Characters: Dr Henry Vernier; Dr Michelle Doudet Vernier; Donald Wheelwright, Jr; Violet Montague Wheelwright; Collins; Michelle's Patients; Jenny Ludlow; Mr Platt; Constable Owens; Blaylock; Oswald; Simpson's Waiter; Simpson's Diners; Cabby; Lord Michael Harrington; Wheelwright's Footman; Jonathan Lovejoy; Abigail Lovejoy; Barouche Driver; King of the Gypsies; Mrs Morris / Auntie Carlson; Flora Morris; Morris's Butler; Morris's Old Man Neighbour; Harriet; Wheelwright's Guests; Dr Matthew Dyson; Emily Herbert; Margaret Dyson; Wheelwright's Servants; Donald Wheelwright, Sr; Jane Wheelwright; George Herbert; Reverend Jeremy Killington; Mrs Killington; Mrs Grady; Alice; Rose; Herbert's Footmen; Mrs Dalton; Firth; Gertrude; Opera Singers; Cab Driver; Philomena; Miss Ladell; Blunt; Rookery Residents; Bartender; Mortimer 'Ratty' Grace; Moley; Fred; Sporting Tavern Clientele; Master of Ceremonies; Curl Joe's Owner; Tiger's Owner; Jack; Madam Irene; Cab Driver; Steerford's Butler; Steerford's Housekeeper; Geoffrey Steerford; Henry's Old Lady Patient; Norfolk Servants; Telegram Boy; Daisy; Alpine Village Children; (Lady Connely; Old Thurswell; Lord Joseph Harrington; Gypsy Woman; Harrington's Servants; Harrington's Butler; Lady Harrington; Julia Wheelwright; Dr Dawson; Dr Cabot; Reverend Obadiah Dunbar; Osborne; Harrington's Coachman; Louise; Herbert's Footman; Richard Jenkins; Gwendolyn Harper; Mrs Scott; Lady Brankenbury; Signor Vitelli; Tomagno; Michael Welsley; Nurse; Miners' Hospital Patient; Lord Wilson; Lady Wilson; Cabby; Baby Gerald; Madame Irene; Jeanne du Baisers; Liverpool Police Detective; Lord Russell; Lawrence Hawke; Atherton; Lucy Jennings)
Date: 1940 / Early October - January 29th, after the Hiatus
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Michelle's Clinic; Reynolds Street; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; Paddington; Vernier's House; Wheelwright's House; Baker Street; Herbert's House; Covent Garden Opera House; Restaurant; Ladell's House; Turkish Bath; Running Fox Tavern; Underton Rookery; The Sporting Tavern; Steerford's House; Norfolk; Wheelwright's Estate; A Village in the Alps
Story: Vernier visits Holmes, his cousin, at Baker Street, where he finds him observing a spider. Holmes reveals that although Moriarty was a fiction dreamed up by Watson, he is beginning to suspect there may be a real figure controlling London's underworld. They are visited by Wheelwright, who tells them of a curse uttered by a gypsy at a ball two years previously, of the deaths associated with it, and a threatening letter recently received by his wife, who is a patient and friend of Vernier's wife, Michelle.

Violet Wheelwright volunteers at Michelle's charity clinic, and the two of them encounter Holmes and Vernier at Simpson's, where Holmes and Violet seem to be much taken with each other. After questioning Wheelwright's servants, Holmes invites Vernier to a meeting with the King of the Gypsies, and thence to a house of ill repute where they are told of a blackmail plot and the Angels of the Lord, and shown a suicide note. A dinner party is sabotaged with soap and spiders, and the following day a necklace is discovered to be a fake.

A visit to Covent Garden to see Il Trovatore confirms Holmes's suspicions about the gypsy. He and Vernier call on Wheelwright's mistress, disguised as plumbers, then attend a rat-baiting and confront a swindler. When Violet and her housekeeper are found unconscious in a locked room, the housekeeper says she saw Violet being attacked by the devil.

The White Worm (2016)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Dr Henry Vernier
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; (Dr Watson; Irene Adler)
Fictional Characters: Sir Nathaniel de Salis; Edgar Caswall
Characters based on Fictional Characters: Adam Selton (Adam Salton); Lady Arabella Verr (Lady Arabella March)
Other Characters: Dr Henry Vernier; Sir Michael; Alfred; Priestess; Votaries; Priest; Michelle Doudet Vernier; Evans; Mrs Childes; Diana Marsh; Angela; Mary Troughton; Ted; Farmer; Caswall's Butler; Richard Selton; Ann Selton; Dr Thorpe; Tobias Sloap; Annabelle Sloap; Hamswell; Barmaid; Mr Pratt; Pratt's Deputy; de Salis's Cook; Mitchell; Wagonette Driver; Caswall's Servants; Caswall's Butler's Wife; Mrs Dodd; Mr Dodd; Pratt's Police Officers; Druid Cult Members; Corchen; (Violet Wheelwright; Rose Grimswell; King of Mercia; Sir Michael's Wife; Sir Michael's Children; Lord Cyril Verr; Anne; de Salis's Sister; Mitchell; Mrs Mitchell; Old Ned; Old Farley; Garth; Old Carter; Eleanor; Sarah Guin; Robert Marsh; Jane Marsh; Herbert Marsh; Cedric Fitch; Gerald Fitch; Rebecca Marsh; Mrs Mitchell; Master Herbert)
Date: April - May 1st (A year after The Grimswell Curse)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Vernier's House; Yorkshire; Diana's Grove; Whitby; Whitby Station; Lesser Hill; Doom Tower; Micklethorpe; The White Swan; Grassy Knoll; A Beach; Thorpe's Cottage; Sloap's Cottage; Graveyard; Micklethorpe Church; Pratt's Sister's Cottage
Story: Vernier is visiting Holmes, when Adam Selton arrives. He tells them of Diana Marsh, the young woman he is in love with, and a warning he has received accompanied by a legend about one of her ancestors, Sir Michael Marsh, who slew a great white serpent. A curse is now said to rest on the daughters of the Marsh family, and sightings of white figures and green lights have been reported in the vicinity of Diana's home.

Holmes and Vernier travel to Yorkshire, where they meet Diana's aunt, Arabella Verr, who collects beetles and reptiles. They also encounter de Salis, a local naturalist, who believes the Worm to be a still-living dinosaur, and Caswell, who believes himself to be a reincarnated god.In the village, they listen to stories of disappearing livestock.

Holmes prevents a human sacrifice and Vernier gives a lesson on Onanism.

Lou Silverstone & Jack Rickard

"The Return of the Ripper" (1980)
Included in: The Mad Book of Mysteries (Lou Silverstone & Jack Rickard)
Story Type: Parody / Comic Strip
Detectives: Shamus Homes & Dr. Whatso
Fictional Characters: Mickey Mouse (cameo appearance)
Historical Figures: Jack The Ripper
Other Characters: Professor Mortuarity; Miss Bunburry; Inspector La Strada; Constable; Baskerville
Date: 1890
Locations: 221, Baker Street; London
Story: Whatso announces that Jack the Ripper has returned, and La Strada takes Homes to the scene of the Ripper's latest killing: a chocolate factory worker named Baskerville. Homes's investigations involve embarrassing encounters with Watson's patient Miss Bunburry, and lead him to believe that his old enemy Professor Mortuarity is behind the killings. Why then is he so reluctant to bring the criminal to justice?

Alex Simmons & Bill McCay

The Raven League: Sherlock Holmes is Missing! (2006)
Story Type: Children's Extra-Canonical Adventure of Wiggins
Canonical Characters: (Archibald Francis 'Archie') Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars; Mrs Hudson; Dr Watson; Baker Street Maid (Mary); Sherlock Holmes; (Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: Queen Victoria
Other Characters: Nat Blount; Owens; Mr Shears; Mrs Wiggins; Clara James; Eugenia 'Jennie' James; Vegetable Hawker; William 'Dooley' Doolan; Jacob Geismar; Mr Geismar; Alfie Sinnott; Cab Drivers; Twitter; Mr Pilbeam; Owens' Neighbour; Mrs Owens; Limehouse Lew / Lewis Webb; His Honor's Driver; His Honor; Egyptian Servants; Egyptian Noble; Underground Attendant; Businessmen; Fleet Street Crowds; Miss McManus; Bruiser Rowley; Harry; Fire Crowd; Jubilee Crowds; Osiris Guards; Dock Workers; Sailors; Policemen; Inspector; Wagon Drivers; Tinker; Street Arab; Verger; Assassin; Soldiers; Paddington Attendant; Royal Attendant; Courtiers; (Tim Doolan; Robert Wiggins; Allen James; Wiggins's Brother; Mr Keyes; Coachmen; Three Posh Men; Copper; River Men; Maharajah of Jampur; Simon Peters; Governor-General of Australia; Duke of Steyne; Lemuel)
Locations: The East End; An Alley; Shears's Barbershop; Whitechapel Road; Wiggins's House; Geismar Tailors Shop; The Raven Pub; Upper Swandam Lane; Owens' Home; Warehouse; Limehouse's Office; Outside St Ranulph's Church; Underground Station; Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; Fleet Street; Dooley's House; Gowers Walk Warehouse; Jennie's House; Commercial Road; East India Docks; HMS Osiris; St Ranulph's Church; Paddington Station; Train
Date: The week leading up to 21st June, 1887
Story: After the murder of Baker Street irregular, Tim Doolan, Wiggins is beaten up and drummed out of the Irregulars. He is rescued by Owens. At home, his mother's old friend, Clara is visiting, with her daughter Jennie. Wiggins learns from Doolan's brother Dooley that Holmes has disappeared. Dooley believes hehas been kidnapped by the men responsible for his brother's murder. Jennie and Dooley set about prving that the deerstalker Dooley has found belongs to Holmes. In the process, they are pursued by one of the kidnappers.

Recognising the involvement of Limehouse Lew, Wiggins recruits Owens to keep watch on Lew's headquarters. Following him, they encounter an Egyptian carriage, which, the following day, they see Watson entering. The old Irregulars are now working for Limehouse Lew, and after he finds Holmes, Wiggins fights to protect his friends, free his employer, and uncovers a plot against the Queen.

Dan Simmons

The Fifth Heart (2015)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes / (Jan) Sigerson; King of Bohemia; Professor James (Nolan) Moriarty; Irene Adler; (Dr Watson; Mary Morstan; Mycroft Holmes; Colonel (John) Sebastian Moran; Yorkshire Squires; Grandmother Vernet; Mrs Hudson; Mrs Turner; Violet Hunter; Mr (Peter) Fowler; Violet Hunter; Alice Rucastle (Judy Rucastle / Alice Dawkins); Jephro Rucastle (Jethrow Dawkins, Lord Hodgkyss): Mrs Rucastle (Mrs Dawkins, Lady Hodgkyss); Edward Rucastle (Edward Dawkins); Carlo; Inspector Lestrade; Wiggins)
Fictional Characters: Billy Slow Horse / Paha Sapa; (Inspector Hanaud; Hercule Poirot; Robert Sweet Medicine)
Historical Figures: Henry James; Edward VII; John Hay; Clara Hay; Clarence King / James Todd; Ada Copeland King / Ada Todd; King's Children; Ainsworth Rand Spofford; Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain; William Dean Howells; Henry Adams; Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr; William C. Moore; William G. Brock; William Rockhill; Andrew L. Drummond; Adlai Stevenson; Henry Cabot Lodge; Adelbert "Del" Hay; Theodore Roosevelt; Helen Julia Hay; Anna "Nannie" Lodge; J. Donald Cameron; Elizabeth Sherman Cameron; Charles Ranhofer; Rudyard Kipling; Augustus Saint-Gaudens; Inspector John "Black Jack" Bonfield; Carter Henry Harrison, Sr; Superintendent Robert McClaughry; Colonel Edmund Rice; Grover Cleveland; George R. Davis; (Alice James; Katharine Loring; Constance Fenimore Woolson; William James; Henry James, Sr; Katharine "Aunt Kate" Walsh; Alice Gibbens; Bob James; Wilkie James; Elizabeth Paschal O'Connor; Aubrey Beardsley; Walter Besant; Pearl Craigie; Marie Corelli; Arthur Conan Doyle; George Bernard Shaw; Genevieve Ward; Henri-August Lozé; Louis Lépine; Edmund Gosse; Jonathan Sturges; Mary James; Edward Hooper; Marian Hooper "Clover" Adams; Sir Garnet Wolseley; Lady Louisa Wolseley; Gus Barker; Cabot Jackson Russel; William C. Russel; Minnie Temple; James Garfield; Henry Hobson Richardson; Charles F. Adams; Caroline "Aunt Carrie" Sturgis Tappan; John Nicolay; Abraham Lincoln; William Phillips; Alexander Agassiz; Charles Worth; Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming; William Melville; Lewis Carroll; Carl Auer von Welsbach; Henry Irving; Sven Hedin; 13th Dalai Lama; King Oskar II; Annie Royle Taylor; Queen Victoria; Leroy King; Ada's Aunt; Carl Gottfried Neumann; Andrew Carnegie; James W. Paige; Dr Clarence C. Rice; Harriet Beecher Stowe; John C. Day; Alice Day; Olivia Clemens; Clara Clemens; Susy Clemens; Jean Clemens; Sidney Paget; Walter Paget; Montague Druitt; Jack the Ripper; Sir Robert Anderson; Annie Chapman; Elizabeth Stride; Polly Nichols; Catherine Eddowes; Mary Kelly; Ted Dwight; Ellen Sturgis Hooper; Rudolph Schnaubelt; Alice Hay; Clarence Hay; John Singer Sargent; John La Farge; Stanford White; Smith; Mrs Smith; George Alexander; Rose Elizabeth Cleveland; Edith Roosevelt; Dr Charles E. Hagner; George Washington Ferris; Daniel Burnham; Stephen Crane)
Other Characters: Severs; Charles Macready; Finn Brothers; Murtrick; Howard Culpepper; Mr J.; Helmer Halvorsen Vollebæk; Linnea Vollebæk; Oda Vollebæk; Totty Banes; Ella Youngfeld; Daisy Miller; James A. Dismont; Andrew McWilliams; Benson; Simon; Mrs Stevens; Thomas; Terrance Gregory; The Flying Vernettis; Grogan; Napier; Dr Elias Granger; Mr Twill; Hobson; Chief Daniel O'Malley; Mrs Gaddis; Wiggins Two / Moth; Lucan Adler; Sally; Café de la Paix Diners; Maître d'; Waiters; Edward VII's Companions; Paris Captain; French Aristocrats; German Businessmen; English Dowager; Paris Passengers; Paris Sailors; Paris Porters; Colonial Express Waiters; Colonial Express Steward; Hay's Servants; Narrator; Washington Passers-by; Raggedy Children; Southwest Tough; Hay's Servant Girl; Hay's Footmen; Hay's Manservant; New York Pedestrians; Brooklyn Bridge Train Passengers; Hay's Maids; 2nd Street Workmen; Capitol Librarians; Addison; William Charles; Adams's Head Housekeeper; Adams's Servants; Adams's Grooms; New York Diners; New York Waiters; Hartford Brougham Driver; Washington Hansom Drivers; Adams's Footman; Mrs Stevens's Daughter; Messenger Boy; Western Union Boys; Hay's Stableman; Gun Shop Clerk; Lafayette Square Crowd; Telegraphist; Slum Dwellers; Moriarty's Ruffians; Warehouse Gangsters; German Socialists; Crib Doxie; Night Town Thieves; Columbus Passengers; White City Workers; Cambridge Hansom Driver; Boston Hansom Driver; North Station Crowd; North Station Porter; Train Conductor; Chicago Patrolman; Chicago Police Officers; Landau Driver; Columbian Guard Officers; Laplanders; Dahomey Cannibals; Man with Ostrich; Ferris Wheel Workmen; Algerian Women; Great Northern Clerk; Great Northern Doormen; Downtown Station Porter; Chicago Carriage Driver; Irene's Maid; Irene's Coachman; Drummond's Agents; Lodge's Servants; Albatross Crew; Ebonyville Crowds; Ebonyville Man; Café Customers; Reading Men; Trolley Driver; Trolley Conductor; Stockyard Thugs; Stockyard Policeman; Exposition Crowds; Dignitaries; Orchestra; Drummond's Men; Exposition Nurses; Exposition Doctors; Surgeon; Buffalo Valet; United States Passengers; (Chief Inspector Singh; Clover's Doctor; Henry Adams's Dentist; Rebecca Lorne; Rebecca's Brother; Holmes's American Friends; Robert Jacob Germond; Alice's Physician; Hays's Cook; Sherrinford Holmes; Ashcroft Manor Squire; Holmes's Father; Father's London Crony; Percy Alexander; Holmes's Hell's Kitchen Contacts; Dillon; Meyer; Shelton; Vicar of Wookey; Vollebæk's Uncle Halvard; Sigerson's Fellow Travellers; Mr Bell; Colonel Moran's Bastard Sons; Clifton Richards; Hay's Secretaries; Marie; Ellen; Martin; Century Proofreader; Century Publisher; Millbank Prison Guard; Prisoners; Mary O'Brian; Oliver Wendell Holmes's Cook & Valet; Sergeant O'Neil; Shakespearean Troupe; Oglala Sioux; Cigar Shop Proprietor; Kirkwood House Manager; Manager's Son; Moving Men; Boarding-House Guests; Holmes's Messenger Boy; Lieutenant Hammond; Mrs Soames; Mrs Ryan; Holmes's Fingerprinting Assistant; Twain's Doctors; Great Northern Bellboy; Great Northern Porter: Baines; Mr Higgens; Great Northern Concierge)
Locations: London; 364 De Vere Gardens; France; Cherbourg; Paris; Rue de la Paix; Westminster Hotel; Jardin de Tuileries; Seine Esplanade; Avenue de l'Opéra; Café de la Paix; A Train; Aboard the Paris; USA; New York Harbor; Aboard the Colonial Express; Philadelphia; Washington DC; Union Station; H Street; Hay's House; Clarkson Scientific Apparatus and Photographic Materials Shop; Foggy Bottom; Abandoned Hotel; Casey's Alley; Abandoned Blacksmith's Shop; Pennsylvania Avenue; 15th Street N.W.; Constitution Avenue; 2nd Street; East Capitol Street; Capitol Building; Library of Congress; Delicatessen; Lafayette Square; Adams's House; Lafayette Park; Mrs Stevens' Boarding House; Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters; Maltby Building; 14th Street N.W.; Harvard Street; Sherman Avenue; New Hampshire Avenue; Allison Street; Rock Creek Cemetery; Kirkwood House Hotel; Gun Shop; Steamship Company Headquarters; Telegraph Office; Chicken Warehouse; Night Town; Irene's House; Dupont Circle; Trains; New York; Grand Central Depot; Park Avenue; 4th Avenue; Lafayette Street; Brooklyn Bridge; Brooklyn; Flatbush Avenue; Hudson Street; Broadway; Hotel Glenham; Connecticut; Hartford; Farmington Avenue; Nook Farm; Dakota; Deadwood; Massachusetts; Cambridge; Cambridge Cemetery; Boston; Beacon Hill; 426½ Beacon Hill; North Union Station; A Train; Illinois; Chicago; Lake Michigan; Aboard the Columbus; Desplaines Street; Haymarket Square; Michigan Avenue; Lexington Hotel; Great Northern Hotel; White City; Avenue of Nations; Administration Building; Machinery Hall; Agriculture Building; Peristyle Promenade; Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building; Electricity Building; Downtown Station; North Station; Chicago Pier; Aboard the Albatross; Ebonyville; Stockyards; Exposition Infirmary; Buffalo; Albany; Aboard SS United States
Date: March - May, 1893
Story: Henry James's suicide attempt in Paris is forestalled by the appearance of Sigerson, whom he immediately recognises to be Sherlock Holmes, and who was also planning to throw himself in the Seine. Holmes tells James the truth about Reichenbach, and that his reason for being on the banks of the Seine that night was his deduction that he was in fact only a fictional character. He then announces that he is taking James to Washington to solve the seven-year-old murder of Clover Adams.

In Washington, they stay at the home of John and Clara Hay, and Holmes has a battle with drug-peddling gang members while searching for Moriarty. James read the Adventures and deduces that Holmes is an impostor; Holmes tells him the true story of the Copper Beeches. After revealing his identity to Hay and King, he tells them of his pursuit of and by Colonel Moran and Lucan Adler, who are part of an assassination conspiracy aimed at leading world figures, and of Irene Adler's involvement in the affair.

James discovers that Moriarty is real. Holmes's investigations reveal Mark Twain as a possible link in his chain, and James and Holmes accompany Twain to Hartford to view his typewriter. Adams returns to Washington, and challenges Holmes to discover and solve a mystery he has set, or leave Washington and his investigation into Clover's death.

Holmes and James go their separate ways, but James finds himself in an encounter with Moriarty after being disturbed by two acrobatic chimney sweeps. The two regroup and travel, with Wiggins's brother, to the Chicago World's Fair to prevent an assassination.

NOTE: Norwegian Ambassador Helmer Halvorsen Vollebaek's name is derived from two real Norwegian Ambassadors to the United States: Helmer Halvorsen Bachke (1927-34) and Knut Vollebaek (2001-07).

NOTE 2: Although Holmes says that he toured the United States with a "mostly" Shakespearean acting troupe (P.327), it is not stated whether this is Baring-Gould's Sasanoff company.

NOTE 3: Much of the Sherlockian background for this novel is derived from Nick Rennison's Sherlock Holmes: The Unauthorized Biography.

Shane Simmons

"The Song of the Mudlark" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part I: 1881-1889 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Wiggins
Canonical Characters: Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars; Mrs Hudson; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mr Sherman; Toby
Other Characters: Beth Ewart; Embankment Crowd; Police; Albert Ewart; Hansom Driver; Barkeep; Edward Seaver; Flophouse Tenants; Mullin; (Cabin Boy; Mrs Ewart)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Embankment; 3, Pinchin Lane; East End Pub; Flophouse; The Sewers; The Thames
Story: Wiggins brings a young mudlark, Beth, to Baker Street.
She tells Holmes that her father has been killed, and that his body bled money. After viewing the body on the Thames shore, Holmes sends Wiggins to fetch Toby. The trail leads to the east End and down into the sewers.

Janni Lee Simner

"Illusions" (1995)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type: Fantasy Homage
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle; Lily Loder-Symonds; Richard Doyle
Other Characters: Joshua Wentworth; Doctor; Doctor's Wife
Locations: London
Story: At a séance, and concentrating on his next historical novel, Doyle receives a visitation from the spirit of his uncle, Richard Doyle, who brings a strange request.

Michael Sims

"The Memoirs of Silver Blaze" (2014)
Included in:
In the Company of Sherlock Holmes (Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger)
Story Type:
Canonical Re-telling
Canonical Characters: Silver Blaze; Ned Hunter; Bayard; The Dog in the Nighttime (Sharp); Edith Baxter; Silas Brown; John Straker; Stable Lads; Desborough; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Dawson; Colonel Ross; The Negro; Pugilist; Isis; Rasper; (Isonomy; Gypsies; Lord Backwater; Inspector Gregory; Mr Heath Newton; Colonel Wardlaw; Duke of Balmoral; Lord Singleford)
Other Characters: Winchester Race Crowd; (Thistle; Black Simon; Stable Boys; Bayard; Plym; Meavy; Major Ignatius; Gregory's Constable; The Negro's Jockey)
Locations: King's Pyland; Dartmoor; Capleton; Winchester
"Silver Blaze" retold by the horse. Nuff said.

Ruth Sims

"Whom God Destroys" (2011)
Included In:
A Study in Lavender (Joseph R.G. DeMarco)
Story Type: Homage

Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle; Louise Hawkins Doyle; Kingsley Conan Doyle; Mary Louise Conan Doyle
Other Characters: Sebastian MacKay; Michael; David Neesom; Schoolboys; House Master; Seamstress; Milliner; Shoemaker; Lodgers; Sailor; Fast Goose Manager; Stage Manager; Ian Conner; Conner's Butler; Police
Date: Years leading up to 23rd September, 1902 & Christmas, 1903
Locations: Greystone Young Men's Preparatory School; Surrey; Hindhead; Undershaw; London Lodging House; Abandoned Doss House; Fast Goose Music Hall; Conner's Home; A Boat on the English Channel; France; Paris
In the ruins of an old school, a serial killer writes his memoirs. His career begins with the murders of boys at school, and continues throughout the country and across the continent. He becomes a fan of the Holmes stories and ends up working as secretary to Conan Doyle. He decides that his crimes will rival Jack the Ripper's, and takes to carrying them out disguised in woman's clothing, and finally sets out for revenge on two former schoolmates.

Bradley H. Sinor

"The Adventure of the Other Detective" (2001)
Included in: Dark and Stormy Nights (Bradley H. Sinor); The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams)
Story Type: Fantasy Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Professor Moriarty; Murray; Inspector Lestrade; Mary Morstan; Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes; Colonel Moran
Fictional Characters: Arthur Pym
Historical Figures: Edward VII; Prince Albert
Other Characters: Mr. Harris; Mr. Hobbs; Constable; Cab Driver; Butler; Dr. R.A. Throckmorton; Train Passengers; Porter; Conductor
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Delvechio's Warehouse; A Cab; 10, Cudugan Square; Druid's Hill Asylum
Date: 13th October, 1894 & 1889 (in another dimension)
Story: Watson is summoned to tend to an accident victim in a warehouse, but when he arrives the man is already dead. After experiencing a spell of nausea on the way home, he arrives at Baker Street to find not Holmes, but Moriarty and Murray in residence, who claim to have been sharing the rooms since 1885. Moriarty theorises that there exist many parallel worlds and Watson has passed from one to another.

Lestrade arrives with the news that Moran has escaped from Dartmoor Prison. Moriarty takes Watson to a meeting of the highest in the land, where he reveals his belief that Moran and Holmes plan to free Jack the Ripper from the asylum where he is being held, a plan that could spell ruin for the monarchy. Moriarty and Watson journey to the asylum accompanied by Doctor Mary Morstan, but find that Holmes and Moran are already there. They make off with the Ripper and Mary, and it is up to Moriarty and Watson to stop them. Eventually the real Holmes arrives in the other dimension and the question of their return to their own world arises.


"Places for Act Two!" (2001)
Included in: Dracula in London (P.N. Elrod)
Story Type: Fantasy Homage
Canonical Characters: Mycroft Holmes; (Dr. Watson)
Fictional Characters: Dracula; (A.J. Raffles)
Historical Figures: William Schwenck Gilbert; Edward VII; Princess Alexandra
Other Characters: Liam Gideon; Muggers; Alexander Bunberry; Effie Ferguson; Stagehands; Royal Stand-ins; Assistant Stage Manager (Everett; Doctor; Gene Yearson)
Locations: An Alley; Strand Theatre
Story: Gideon, an actor in The Pirates of Penzance, assists Dracula when he is the victim of an alley mugging. Dracula accompanies him back to the theatre. Gideon sees Bunberry talking to a stranger, a fat man, and learns that the Prince of Wales will be attending the opening night performance. When the star is incapacitated, Dracula takes on the role of Pirate King. During the performance a shot is fired at the Prince. Dracula and Gideon set off in pursuit of the shooter. With the assassin captured, they are congratulated by the fat man, who reveals that he is Mycroft Holmes. Watson is sent for to attend to injuries received during the chase.

Brenda Sivers

Count Dobermann of Pinscher (1981)
Story Type:
Children's Story
Sherlockian Detectives: Sherlock Hound & Dr Winston
Characters based on Canonical Characters: Billy; Mrs Basset
Characters based of Fictional Characters: (Prince Dracula)
Historical Figures: (Mme Tussaud)
Other Characters: Rottweiler Cart Driver; Nicolae Florescu; Citizens of Turgavo; Pug Innkeeper; Vlad, Count Dobermann of Pinscher; Pomeranian Postmaster; Mongrel Messenger; Dachshund Museum Curator; Carriage Driver; Vasile Dragut; Police Officers; (Constantin Dobermann; Stefan Dobermann; Prince Dracula's Wife; Countess Constanza; Innkeeper's Wife; Sir Herbert "Hyena" Hound; Vlad's Parents; Vlad's Puppies; Papillon; Mademoiselle Antoinette de Pompadour)
Date: About 1895
Locations: 221B, Barker Street; The Boat Train; Transylvania; Carpathian Alps; Turgavo; Turgavo Station; Castle Dracul; The Velcome Inn; Dobermann Graveyard; Dragut's House; Post Office
Hound receives an invitation from his old schoolfriend Count Dobermann, a descendant of Prince Dracula, to his home at Castle Dracul in Transylvania. He and Dr Winston arrive in Transylvania to fnd that the castle is a ruin, and the Count and Countess have both been dead for many years. They put up at the Velcome Inn, which has not had a guest in twenty years, and learn from the innkeeper that the castle was destroyed in an explosion.

Hound decides to dig up Vlad's grave but as he does so, Vlad appears in the graveyard. He tells them of his elder brother's death, and his missing younger brother's threats to kill him for the inheritance. He had changed his identity and gone to live in Spain, but the threatening letters have begun arriving again.

Attempts are made on Hound's life and they are stopped from exploring the catle ruins by the caretaker, who tells them it is haunted by the spirit of Prince Dracula. Hound pretends to leave for London, but with the aid of a wax dummy, lays a trap for the villain. The case ends with Winston announcing his impending marriage.

William Henry Siviter

"Another Victory for Herlock Shomes" (1896)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Victorian Parodies and Pastiches: 1888-1899 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives:
Herlock Shomes
Other Characters: Holmes's Companion; Bearded Lady
Locations: Outside a Shop
Story: Shomes and his companion argue over whether they are looking at a fine-looking man or a fine-looking woman in man's clothing.

Herbert Skimpole

"The Bounder of Camberville" (1921)
Included in: As It Might Have Been (Robert C.S. Adey)
Story Type: Parody
Detectives: Horlock Shem & Dr Westcott
Other Characters: Professor Carson
Locations: Shem's Rooms
Story: Westcott returns from an all-night dance at the Camberville Club which was disrupted by the appearance of an ancient mummy. Shem argues against Carson's contention that the same thing must be beautiful to everyone and under all circumstances. Carson arrives and says that the events at the dance refute his claims. Shem reveals the origins of the mummy.

Kathleen Sky

Death's Angel (1981)
Story Type: Science Fiction with Sherlockian references (Star Trek tie-in novel)
Fictional Characters: Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy; Captain James T. Kirk; Nurse Christine Chapel; Mr. Spock; Lt. Cdr. Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott; Mr. Sulu; Mr. Chekov; Lt. Uhura; Sarek
Folkloric Characters: The Angel of Death
Other Characters: Security Officer Jamison; Security Officer Matthews; Medical Technician 2nd Miriam Raymond; Dr. M'benga; Dr. Jeff Carter; Security Officer Bobby Robinson; Grace Temple; Dr. Ruth Rigel; Lt. Cdr. Greg Collier; Ambassador Telson; Ambassador Neko; Ambassador Sirenia; Marmeluke of Antares; Ambassador Agnatha; Ambassador Karhu; Ambassador Damu; Ambassador Spiracles; Ambassador Hotep; Ambassador Si-s-s-s(click); Ambassador Rovar; Ambassador Edentata; Ambassador Naja; Ensign; Enterprise Security Officers; Colonel Elizabeth Schaeffer; Colonel Alexis Schaeffer; Lt. Col. Derek Gleason; Détente Station Security Officer; Engineers; Lt. Kyle
Date: Stardate 6914.6 - Stardate 6982.3
Locations: Starship Enterprise; Delta Gamma Four; Star Base Seven; Federation Embassy; Détente Station One; The Neutral Zone
Story: Spock and Kirk are in a coma, along with several other members of a landing party after their bodies have been invaded by spores from an alien lifeform, usually spread by telepathic rodents. When they finally awaken there appear to be no ill effects, except for eccentric sleep patterns and evidence, though no memory, of intense dreaming. A few weeks later, the Enterprise is ordered to transport a group of ambassadors to the Neutral Zone for détente talks with the Romulans. The atmosphere aboard the ship becomes very tense, among the crew and the ambassadors, and one of the ambassadors is found dead.

After a second ambassador is found dead, Kirk is informed that the Angel of Death has been seen aboard the ship. Special Security Division officer Elizabeth Schaeffer is sent out to the Enterprise to investigate. She orders the ship brought to a standstill and placed under quarantine while she investigates. A third ambassador dies of a stroke while Schaeffer is watching over him. When she sets out to interview the remaining ambassadors (after finding herself falling for Kirk) she encounters Si-s-s-s(click) a giant blue alligator-like alien, dressed in Inverness cloak and deerstalker and smoking a calabash pipe. He has decided to investigate the deaths and asks her to be his Watson. She allows him to assist in her investigations. The angel appears to another ambassador, warning him to vote in favour of the détente.

As her investigations proceed, Si-s-s-s(click) drops the Sherlockian image in favour of Sam Spade, and they get roaringly drunk together, during which process another ambassador is hideously mutilated. Further investigations reveal that Kirk's dreams may be turning into reality, and Schaeffer begins to wonder if the spores on Delta Gamma Four have something to do with events on the ship.

When she learns that Spock, too, has been dreaming, she questions him, and learns of his dark side. After the ship's quarantine is lifted prematurely by Schaeffer's jealous husband, a meeting of the ambassadors and crew is called. After an anti-Romulan outburst by McCoy, she realises that he may become the next victim and resolves to lie in wait in his room to face the Angel of Death.

Henry Slesar

"The Case of the Notorious Canary Trainer" (1996)
Included in: Resurrected Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Pertwee (in the style of W. Somerset Maugham)
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Wilson the Canary Trainer
Other Characters: Lord William D.Pertwee; Club Members; Muggeridge; Mrs Moulton; Hugh; Arno; Club Secretary; (Street Urchin)
Locations: The Hippocratic Club; Pertwee's Residence
Story: Pertwee meets Watson at his club and falls out with him immediately after questioning Holmes's reputation and abilities. Pertwee receives a box at the club containing a dead canary. The following night he receives a similar package. After another bird arrives, Pertwee asks Watson to enlist Holmes's help.Holmes shows no interest in the case. A further bird turns up in an unlikely location. Pertwee resigns from the club and resolves to solve the case himself. On his last night at the club Holmes arrives just in time to save his life.

"The Darlington Substitution Scandal" (1998)
Included in: The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: Institute Doorman; Stokes; Matron; Lady Emma Jane Darlington; (Carlton Paige; Mrs Paige; Lord Rufus Darlington; Darlington's Butler; Dr Hugo Blevin)
Date: January, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Institute for the Criminally Insane
Story: Lestrade visits a bronchial Holmes and reminisces over the Darlington affair:

A woman imprisoned a year earlier for murdering her abusive husband, is now claiming to be the wife of Lord Darlington. After a visit from Darlington and his wife, which he felt might help the situation, she has tried to burn down the institution in which she was incarcerated. When Holmes makes inquiries he learns that Darlington and his wife have departed on a world tour. A visit to Darlington's doctor and to the institution, and knowledge of a birthmark, lead to the uncovering of true identities and the true events of the earlier case.

Maurice Smiley

"How Sherlock Holmes Caught Raffles" (1907)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches II: 1905-1909 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade
Fictional Characters: A.J. Raffles; Bunny Manders
Other Characters: (Mrs Leeper; Head Constable Brigham; Mrs Leeper's Maid)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Lestrade arrives at Baker Street with the news that Holmes has been the victim of
a string of robberies, but is unable to say what has been stolen, or by whom. He reveals that a raid is planned on the Bank of England by a criminal who has developed a substance that will weaken steel, and an advert has appeared in the newspapers requesting people to bring jaybirds to Baker Street.

Aaron Smith

"The Massachusetts Affair" (2009)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Volume One (Ron Fortier)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Mycroft Holmes)
Other Characters: Hansom Driver; Lieutenant David Sutherland; Coach Driver; Sailors; Captain Abraham Holt; Dr Christopher MacFarlane; Edmund Gibbs; Yeoman; First Officer; Second Officer; Chief Engineer; Gunnery Officer; Madeleine Dale; (Watson's Patient; Crewman; Petty Officer; Holt's First Wife; Holt's Sister; Rebecca Holt)
Date: Winter
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Coach; Docks; Aboard the Massachusetts; New York
Story: Holmes is called on by Sutherland, an American naval lieutenant, third officer aboard the battleship Massachusetts. He has been sent by his uncle, Holt, the captain, after an unknown man has been found dead aboard the ship. Holmes and Watson are taken aboard the ship, where they examine the body and the cabin it was found in. They are able to ascertain the cause of death and the man's identity, and although the Captain claims not to know him, Holmes believes he is lying, and that his life is in danger. Holt tells him of his marriage, and of a dream in which he smelled jasmine. He deduces that the killer is a woman, but the quest to locate her ends in a shooting.

Season of Madness (2009)
Story Type: Extracanonical Supernatural Adventure of Dr Watson
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade; Mrs Hudson; Dr. Watson; Baker Street Irregulars; Irene Adler; Mycroft Holmes; (Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty; King of Bohemia; Godfrey Norton)
Fictional Characters: Dr John Seward; (Dracula's Gypsies; Jonathan Harker; Mina Harker; Abraham Van Helsing; Quincy Morris; Arthur Holmwood; Dracula; Renfield; Lucy Westenra)
Folkloric Characters: Baalzephon
Historic Figures: Countess Elizabeth Bathory; (Jack the Ripper; Queen Victoria)
Other Characters: London Crowds; Edwin Cooper; Young Man; Woman; Police Officers; Alexander Bird; Clarice Bird; Dorothea Bird; Sullivan; Abner Cromwell; Jacob Morse; Mary Harper; Cab Drivers; Percival; Bess Fletcher; Bess's Client; Newspaper Men; Long; Charlie; Chief Inspector Terence Hendricks; Prostitutes; Asylum Cook; Prisoners; Lestrade's Superiors; The Birds' Visitors; Percival's Companion; Kellington Doorman; Gypsy Servants; Gregor; Big Ben Guards; (Shop Clerk; Constable Paddington; Freemason; Hooded Man; Messenger; Parisian Antiquities Dealer; Monks; Captain of HMS Victorious)
Date: Autumn, A Decade after the Ripper Murders
Locations: Bird's House; Carfax Asylum; 221B, Baker Street; Morse's Home; Flower Shop; Whitechapel; Osborn Street; Scotland Yard; Hendricks' House; Police Station; Kellington Manor; Library; Castle Dracula; Big Ben; Mycroft's Office; London Docks
Story: A man rushes violently through a London crowd, a young girl, Clarice Bird, plays beautiful piano music in the middle of the night. Seward dreams of the final battle with Dracula. The following day, Lestrade brings him a shopkeeper who has cut off his own fingers. Over the next few days he reads many newspaper reports of more cases of madness in the city. Lestrade refers him to Holmes, but as he is away, Seward finds himself conferring his suspicions on Watson.

Morse is convinced by the demon Baalzephon to attack a young florist's assistant. Watson and Seward discover copies of The Book of the Howling Eyes containing invocations to demons, in the possessions of two of the victims, and a further copy of the book is delivered to Watson at Baker Street. The effects of the powder released when they open it on Watson and Seward include a distorted vision of reality.

A murder redolent of those committed by Jack the Ripper takes place in Whitechapel. Watson and Seward learn of the Navigators of the Inner Planes. They help Lestrade catch the copycat Ripper. Clarice is abducted. After investigating the site of the Navigators' rituals, Seward and Watson follow the trail to Kellington Manor, to rescue Clarice from Elizabeth Bathory and the woman who controls her, and prevent the destruction of London.

David N. Smith & Violet Addison

"A Problem of Numbers" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical Adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty
Other Characters:
Irving Beck / Isaac Brewer; Nora Crogan / Emma Bennett; RMS Heroic Captain; Major-General Fitzwilliam; Estelle Lloyd-Trefusis; Farmhands; Passengers; Hotel Serving Girl; (Nora's Daughter)
Date: After 1883 (reference to Karl Marx "spinning in his grave")
High Street; Alleyway; A Train; Dockyard; Aboard RMSHeroic; Aboard a Lifeboat; Hotel
Street thief Irving Beck is recruited by Moriarty to assist in a robbery aboard RMS Heroic. The plan is to sink the ship, and trade food and water for valuables aboard the lifeboats.

Dean Wesley Smith

"Two Roads, No Choices" (1995)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type: Science Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Historical Figures: Frederick Fleet; James Moody; (William Murdock)
Other Characters: Dr Carl Frederick; Dr Henry Serling; Titanic Passengers; (Man on Telegraph)
Date: June, 1912 / April, 1912
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Aboard the Titanic
Story: Holmes wakes Watson, to meet two visitors, Frederick and Serling, who tell them that the Titanic should have sunk on its maiden voyage, two months previously. They want Holmes to find out why it didn't. Holmes has already deduced that his visitors are from the future. They had travelled back in time to observe the sinking, but it didn't happen, and now, with their history altered, they are unable to return to their own time as it was when they departed. They travel back in time and find themselves aboard the Titanic, revisiting the time of the collision four times and viewing events from different locations before returning to Baker Street. Holmes faces the choice between setting history straight or saving hundreds of lives.

Denis O. Smith

Edgar W. Smith

"Murder at the Murray Hill" (1957)
Included in: Leaves from the Copper Beeches (The Sons of the Copper Beeches)
Story Type: Homage
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: Christopher Morley; Fletcher Pratt; Leslie Marshall; James Montgomery; H.W. Starr; Theodore Hunt; Elmer Davis; Rex Stout; Robert Keith Leavitt; William Baring-Gould; P.M. Stone; William S. Hall; Allen Robertson; C.R. Andrew; Earle Walbridge; Howard Haycraft; Roland Hammond; Milton Lang; Julian Wolff; Richard Horace Hoffmann; Charles Goodman; Wilbur K. McKee; Rufus Tucker; Page Heldenbrand; Frederick Dannay; Anthony Boucher; Morris Rosenblum; Felix Morley; Nathan Bengis
Other Characters: Hat-Check Girl; Dora; Fred Van Bibber; Aloysius Moriarty
Locations: The Murray Hill Hotel, New York
Date: 1945
Story: The Baker Street Irregulars are holding their final meeting at the Murray Hill Hotel before it is torn down. One of the guests, Fred Van Bibber, is found dead, but when the body is examined it is discovered not to be Van Bibber at all. The doctors present suggest that he has been injected with cocaine, so Christopher Morley resolves that the Irregulars should solve the case before calling the police. The dead man's apparent age suggests his year of birth as 1891, and as Morley reaches a hideous realisation an old man appears in the doorway to reveal the victim's true identity.

George H. Smith

The Second War of the Worlds (1976)
Story Type: Humorous Science Fiction Pastiche narrated in third person
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson (as Dr. W.); Sherlock Holmes (as Mr. H.)
Fictional Characters: The Martians
Historical Figures: Master Koot Hoomi
Other Characters: Dylan MacBride; Clarinda MacTague; Professor Bartolome Lombosa; Shawn MacTague; Clarinda's Brothers & Sisters; Groom; Keel Man; Thunderbolt Crew; Lady Philippa Dunnmuir; Steamer Crew; Steamer officer; Dylan's Maid; Major F. Woodrow Churchward; Philander's Guests; Cabman; Angel Annie; Professor Philander; Mrs. Vanders; Mike MacTague; A Constable; A Mounted Policeman; Noel Bran ap Lynn; Paddy MacTague; Sean O'Hara; St. John; Van Rasselway; General Horwitz; Police Sergeant; Firemen; A Death Shadow; Passers-by; Seamen; Mr. Asbury; Long-Arm Gibbon; Picts; Lieutenant Reardon; Marines; Skerling Scouts; Lean Buck; Lady Philippa's Guides; Lady Philippa's Butler; Dean Matthews; The Circle of Life; soldiers; St. Rory Refugees; Gun Crews; Avallonians; Staff officer; Lieutenant Fenshaw; Quartermaster; Chief Engineer; Bos'n; Dagda MacTague; The Great MacTague; (Bishop Tishman; Lady Alice; Baron Leofric)
Locations: Annwn; Avallon; 12, Fishmonger Row; Clarinda's Apartment; The Strandside Riding Academy; The Silver Strand; The South Canal; The Volksrend Steamship Company Dock; Aboard The Thunderbolt; Professor Philander's Town House; Paradise Gardens; South Park Lane; Koot Hoomi's Rooms; Belham Row; Imperial Services Museum; United Service Club; Arthur's Way; Lake Pegillos; Lake Camlam; Caer Kari; The Medelgo River; St. Rory; The Myrk River; Hell's Gate Canyon; The Old Deer Trail; Myrk Lake; The Circle of Life Camp; The Old South Docks; A Lorry; Greenfields
Story: On the planet Annwn (which may be reached through a mystic gateway from Earth) Dylan MacBride is planning an expedition to the Ice Caves. The incompetent Professor Lombosa offers him use of his "diving ram" Thunderbolt. He is summoned by his fiancée, Clarinda, a priestess of Keridwen, who has had a vision of tentacled creatures on the planet Thor. The test voyage of the Thunderbolt is a disaster, but Dylan meets the mysterious Lady Philippa when he stops her runaway horse. She seems to be being watched by two men, one tall and wearing a deerstalker.

Dylan is visited by Dr. W. who has travelled from Earth to warn Annwn of an impending invasion by the creatures that invaded Earth from Mars, but which are believed to have originated on Thor. They are being aided by a group known as The Circle of Life (Moriarty is a member). Lady Philippa is a leading member and W. asks Dylan to try to find out where their base is through her.

At a party thrown by Philippa's uncle, Professor Philander, Dylan meets Master Koot Hoomi, who tells him of great discoveries to be made in the Ice Caves, and that he should go there in the Thunderbolt. Philippa tells him that they were lovers in a past life. Walking home through the park he is attacked by a were-tiger, which dematerialises after a mysterious cab driver shoots it. The cabby tells Dylan that it was sent by Koot Hoomi. After Dylan searches Koot Hoomi's flat with Mr H., a meeting is called to discuss the Martian menace, and H. decides that the Thunderbolt could be a formidable weapon against the invaders.

Dylan learns the origins of the Circle of Life's pact with the invaders from Philippa, who also tells him that a death shadow has been called into being by Koot Hoomi to kill him. He is pursued by the creature, and rescued only by the timely appearance of H. & Dr W. in a newly re-outfitted Thunderbolt. They sail up the Myrk River, to where H. has deduced the Circle of Life base is, being attacked on the way by a Pictish army. They fail to find the base on the river, but their Skerling Guides tell them that a Martian flying machine has been seen. Clarinda looks into her future-seeing cauldron, and is able to see enough for them to deduce that the camp is actually on Myrk Lake, she also sees Avallon over-run by the Martians.

Travelling overland, they are taken captive by the Circle of Life, and are trying to escape as the first Martian cylinder lands. Freed through the intervention of Keridwen, they are in time to see the Martians destroy the Circle of Life. They begin their attack upon the invaders, but are unable to stop them leaving their cylinders. They journey back to Avallon to alert the population, and Dylan captains the Thunderbolt against the Martians. The Thunderbolt is sunk with Dylan aboard, and the Martians build an atomic bomb. Only Clarinda's powers can save her fiancé and the planet.

Guy N. Smith

"The Case of the Sporting Squire" (1997)
Included in: The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (Mike Ashley)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Morgan the Poisoner
Other Characters: Gloria Morgan; Squire Royston Morgan; Violet Morgan; Dr. Lambeth; Randall the Gamekeeper; Jenkins the Butler; (Eva Dann)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Train; Hampshire; Andover; Winchcombe Hall
Date: February, 1888
Story: Gloria Morgan accuses her father, a keen country sportsman, of killing her mother, whom she found dead in the locked library after dinner. The local doctor stated that death was due to lockjaw. Holmes suspects poison, but Gloria says her father fed the rest of the food to the dogs with no ill effect. Holmes travels down to Winchcombe Hall, where he draws Watson's attention to a stain on the victim's finger. Holmes is finally led to a solution by Mrs Morgan's copy of Little Dorrit and the molehills on the lawn.

P. Smith

"The Grey Nun Legacy" (1992)
Included in: Sherlock Holmes in The Loss of the British Bark Sophy Anderson and The Grey Nun Legacy (Gary Lovisi & P. Smith)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson
Other Characters: Lady Esther Somel; Lord Leslie Somel; Lord Evers; Lady Gloria Evers; Constance Wrey; Mrs. Chatsby; Maid; Butler; Housekeeper; Lady Somel's Personal Maid; Barman; Harry; Tucker; Cab Driver; Wrey's Landlady; Wrey's Employer; Mildred; Doctor; (Jeremy Caster; Lord Donald Somel; Blithe Caster; Sigmund Winter)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Offices of Somel & Evers; A Train; Surrey; Somel's House; An Inn; Evers' House; Railway Station; 31, Saghow Lane
Story: Lady Somel asks Holmes to investigate the death of her husband, who fell from a railway station platform, and the disappearance of the Grey Nun pearl from his valise. She shows Holmes a replica that has been made of the pearl. Holmes interviews her son, the new Lord Somel, and learns that the night before his father's death, his fiancée had died after falling down stairs, having been loaned the Grey Nun by his mother that evening. He also tells them of the presence of Winter, a decorator, and his assistant Wrey at the house. From the Evers, other dinner guests on the night of Blithe's death, he learns of arguments between the Somels, and the rumour that Lord Somel was having an affair with a younger woman. A night at the village inn, a visit to a London lodging house, and a telegram from New York help put the pieces in place to bring about a conclusion to the case.

Eugene Edmund Snyder

The Adventure of the Missing Brother (1994)
Story Type: Homage
Sherlockian Detectives: Professor Lockley Soames; Dr Henry Schultz
Other Characters: 221 Club Members; Chauncey 'Chip' Parry; Robin Van Gelt; Elizabeth Schultz; Horace Plim; Beatrice Plim; Homer Plim; Clara Clausen; Mr Stafford; Jack Johnson; Florice 'Flossy' Peabody-Clupper; Major Biggs; Mrs Clarey; Mr Hickens; Bill Smith; U-Name-It Counterman; Cook; Grocery Store Owners; Hospital Personnel Manager; Bank Teller; Agnes Uchov; Coin Dealer's Clerk; Lively Raisin Customers; Faculty Club Waiter; Jake Hildebrand; Mr Hoskins; Hospital Records Girl; Jail Guard; (Dr James Covert; Hospital Guard; Postman; Alexander Uchov; Mr Peabody; Mr Clupper; Dental Hygienist; Gertrude Pine; Uchov's Neighbour; Hildebrand's Associate; Dr Samson; Forensic Dentist; Philadelphia Coin Dealer; Coroner; Potts & Boffitt Clerk; Potts & Boffitt Manager; Eastman's Coffee Shop Checkout Girl; Cabman; Airline Employees; William A. Foster; Joseph D. Maxwell; Dr Anderson; Davy Jones; Mort (Mortimer) Jones; John W. Jones; Used Car Dealer; Grantchester Resident; String Quartet; Wedding Chef; Governor; Undercover Agent)
Date: September - February
Locations: USA; New Jersey; Grantchester; Schultz's House; Grantchester College; The Faculty Club; Stafford's Condominium; Pennsylvania; Philadelphia; 217 Southditch Road; U-Name-It Tavern; Grocery Store; Central City Hospital; Fourth National Penn Bank; Restaurant; 22 Lucy Lane; Coin Dealer's Shop; Lively Raisin Deli; Hildebrand's Office; Supermarket; County Jail
Story: After attending a lecture at a meeting of the Sherlockian society the 221Club, on coins and counterfeiting, Homer, the twin brother of one of Dr Schultz's neighbours, sends a gold coin for valuation. Shortly thereafter, he disappears. Lockley Soames and Schultz decide to investigate. They travel to Philadelphia, visiting Homer's lodging house, and the hospital where he worked. Further investigation by Chauncey Parry and Clara Clausen reve als that the dentist who was giving Homer free treatment has been killed in a car wreck.

John Soanes

"Everything Flows and Nothing Stays" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty
Other Characters: Schoolboys; Mathematics Tutor; School Groundskeeper; London Crowds; Martin / Smiler; Card Players; (Moriarty's Family; Norwood Builder)
Date: 1850
Locations: Moriarty's School; London; Hyde Park; Serpentine Bridge; Hyde Park Corner; Green Park; Piccadilly; Trafalgar Square; Whitehall; The Strand; Temple Bar; Fleet Street; Farringdon Road; Tunnels; River Fleet
Excluded from a school trip, the young Moriarty sneaks into London. He soon realises that he is being followed, and finds himsef involved in a card-counting scheme.

E.H. Soans

"The Model T Mystery" (1916)
Included in:
A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press); Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches II: 1915-1919 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Detectives: Sheerluck Jones & What's On
Historical Figures:
Other Characters: Piccadilly Policeman; Alice Nosegay
Locations: Piccadilly; Butcher Street; Jones's Rooms; Cafe
Story: What's On meets Jones outside a tube station. Together they investigate the disappearance of Alice Nosegay, the only woman for Jones has ever betrayed any affection. After an armour-clad encounter in a café, What's On drives Jones into Surrey, where they find Alice and the object of her affections.

Jô Soares

A Samba for Sherlock (1995 - Translated 1997)
Story Type: Parody
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson
Historical Figures: Jack The Ripper; Sarah Bernhardt; Maurice Grau; Artur Azevedo; Emperor Pedro II; Baroness of Avaré; Pardal Mallet; Guimarães Passos; Belmiro de Almeida; Angelo Agostini; Aurélio Vidal; Maurice Bernhardt; Olavo Bilac; Empress Teresa Maria; Sizenando Nabuco; Edward Jarrett; Philippe Garnier; Coelho Neto; Paula Nei; Aluísio Azevedo; José do Patrocínio; Chiquinha Gonzaga; José White; Princess Isabel; Princess Leopoldina; Artur Napoleão
Other Characters: Slaves; Prostitute; Audience; Boys In Livery; Actors; Interpreter; Hotel Staff; Vidal's Guests; Múcio Prado; Eduardo Joaquim Correa; Alberto Fazelli; Miguel Solera de Lara; Marquis of Salles; Salomão Calif; Roland Blanchard; Inspector Mello Pimenta; Dr. Saraiva; Broom Vendor; Baroness's Housemaid; Vendors; Students; Francisca Meireles; Coachmen; Policemen; Aquitania Passengers; Shark Fishermen; Steward; Rowers; Martha Noirment; Marie Jullien; Berthier; Bookstore Customers; Peddlers; Mercedes Leal; Laurindo; German Bar Owner; Morgue Watchman; Gervásio; Boatman; Coachman; Hotel Porters; Inojozas; Liveried Slave; Mukumbe; Viscount of Ibituaçu; Anna Candelária; Isidoro; Father Marcial Fiúza; Giacomo Peruggio; Amorim; Sarmento; Pipoca; Haraldo Borges; Ibituaçu's Servants; Ibituaçu's Guests; Santana Doormen; J.R. Macedo; Fernando "Sorrel" Limeira; Streetcar Owner; waiters; Albion Doorman; Carolina De Lourdes; Coachman; Bar Proprietor; Bar Employee; Josué Calixto; Antônio Belmonte; Dona Paciênca; Dr. Hélio Pedregal Noronha; Dr. Aderbal Câmara; White's Audience; Race Crowd; Calif's Family; Stableman; Policeman; Prisoners; Guards; Afrânio
Date: May - June, 1886
Locations: Rio De Janeiro; Regente Street; Imperial Theatre; Grande Hotel; Morgue of the Third Order of Penitents; Empress's Chamber; Baroness's House; Guarda Velha Street; Carioca Square; Carioca Fountain; Police Station; Aphrodite's Retreat Bookstore; The Morgue Bar; Pharoux Quay; De Salles' Landau; Hotel Albion; Boa Vista Palace; Isidoro's Kiosk; Fresca Street; Campo dos Frados Passageway; Lavradio Street; Nora dos Arcos Street; National Library; The Viola D'Ouro; Amorim's Café; Santana Theatre; Restaurant De La Terrasse; Ibituaçu's Mansion; Canstituiçâo Square; Calif's Tailor Shop; Effantin's Barber Shop; Public Promenade; Fifth District Police Station; Jail; Gamboa Hill; Lacombe Restaurant; Cosme Velh; National Imperial Museum
221B, Baker Street; The Aquitania; Recife; The Kaikoura
Story: A prostitute is murdered on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, her throat cut and a violin string left on the body, from which a flap of skin has been removed. The Emperor Pedro II visits Sarah Bernhardt's dressing room after a performance and tells her of a stolen Stradivarius, a gift from him to the Baroness of Avaré. Bernhardt recommends her friend Holmes to investigate the theft. A second victim, a maid at the royal palace is murdered after receiving Bernhardt's autograph. Bernhardt is later called to the police station to make a statement, as a fellow actress has accused her of assault. Inspector Pimento shows her the card bearing her autograph found in the second victim's hand. She recommends Holmes to him, too. Arriving in Rio, Holmes learns the history of the violin from the Emperor, and questions the Countess.

When the killer strikes a third time, Holmes is luckily on hand to answer the victim's cries for help. He pursues the killer into the National Library, where he escapes by leaping through a window. Holmes falls for the woman he has saved, Anna Candelária, and traces her to the Santana Theatre where she is performing in the revue The Woman-Man. Another victim is butchered, and Holmes and Pimento visit the Dom Pedro II Asylum, where they are taken to see the cannibal, Dr. Aderbal Câmara, who points them towards the city of Petrópolis, where they attend a concert, Holmes entering into a violin duel with the Marquis of Salles. A further, misguided search for clues leads them to the racecourse, but the murderer is already focusing in on his final victim.

En route to Bernhardt's final performance in Rio, Holmes and Watson are called to a Yoruba ritual, where Watson, possessed by a female demon, reveals that they already know the murderer. The demon, however, refuses to reveal his identity. The murderer claims his final victim, the Countess of Alvaré, but remains uncaught, sailing to England on the same ship as Holmes and Watson, there to become Jack The Ripper. Dom Pedro II presents Holmes with the stolen Stradivarius, which has been left by the murderer in Holmes's hotel room.

NOTE: Some of the characters I have listed under "Other Characters" may be historical figures I have been unable to track down.

NOTE 2: The tarot-reading character, Mercedes Leal, is named after Soares' mother.

NOTE 3: The character Dr. Aderbal Câmara ("Aderbal the Cannibal") is a parody of Hannibal Lecter.

J.W. Sovine

"The Adventure of the Command Performance" (1958)
Included in: Baker Street Journal, January 1958
Story Type: Homage
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs. Cecil Forrester; Colonel Warburton; James Phillimore; Baker Street Irregulars; Wiggins; Dr. Leslie Oakshott; Professor Presbury; Sir Henry Baskerville; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Watson; Mary Morstan; Mrs. Etherege; Mary Sutherland; James McCarthy; Neville St. Claire; Mrs. Hudson; Helen Stoner; Victor Hatherley; Lord Robert St. Simon; Violet Hunter; Colonel Ross; The Illustrious Client; Cardinal Tosca; Professor Moriarty
Biblical Characters: Adam & Eve; St. Luke; God
Other Characters: Cabbie; Alicia Crewman; Saints
Date: August
Locations: Oxford Circus; Cavendish Square; Wigmore Street; Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; Heaven
Story: Holmes is picked up by a strange cabbie and taken to 221B, where he is met by Inspector (now Saint) Lestrade, and put on heavenly trial by a large gathering of old acquaintances. Permitted to enter heaven, he deduces the nature of the deaths of Watson and his wife, and inquires into the colour-coding of haloes. Moved on to the Higher Court, he finds himself once more face to face with Moriarty. The Higher Court cannot reach a decision and he is passed on to a Higher Authority for final judgement.